5 Best 30” Gas Cooktops with Downdraft – Enjoy Smokeless Cooking

As great and functional as gas cooktops are, they do not but leave residues like smoke, odor, steam. Downdrafts have been designed to solve that problem! The attachment of downdrafts to gas cooktops is an excellent idea due to the effects of smoke, steam, or odor of cooking. It can be very annoying to see smoke or steam circulating the whole kitchen, and it can even go as far as the sitting room or the entire house.

Imagine planning a surprise food for friends or family, and then the odor immediately gives you away. Gas cooktop with downdrafts has come to take that away as it is designed to eliminate all kinds of aroma, steam, and smoke. This is through a unique method by which the downdraft redirects this stuff downwards when you are cooking and later on expelled to the outer space of your home.

The use of regular cooktops is not wrong or outdated at all but they do not manage the amount of stuff that goes out when cooking like the best gas cooktops with downdraft do. Less smoke, odor, steam equals a cleaner and less stuffy kitchen, and it even helps you reduce the number of times you have to repaint the kitchen.

5 Best 30” Gas Cooktops with Downdraft – Enjoy smokeless cooking

Overview Table

As a result of our commitment to providing you with detailed information about products, we have come up with this overview table for our busy readers to find the outstanding features of each product if you are perhaps pressed with time.

Editor choice 1 GE PGP9830DJBB
(Best durable 30” gas cooktop with downdraft)

Comes with four multi-purpose burners that aid rapid cooking.

2 GE PGP9830
GE PGP9830
(Best easy-to-clean 30” gas cooktop with downdraft)

Made with a glass ceramic surface which ensures the cooktop is easier to clean.

3 Frigidaire RC30DG60PS
Frigidaire RC30DG60PS
(Best easy-to-use 30” gas cooktop with downdraft)

Designed with continuous grate for efficiency and convenient use.

4 KitchenAid KCGD500GSS
KitchenAid KCGD500GSS
(Best multi-purpose 30” gas cooktop with downdraft)

Features a fan control mechanism that removes grease, steam, and odors.

(Best sleek 30” gas cooktop with downdraft)

Comes with dual flow burners for enhanced heating power.


1 Editor choice

GE PGP9830DJBB – Best durable 30” gas cooktop with downdraft


  • Can contain spillovers
  • Easy to clean
  • Glass Ceramic Surface
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Downdraft exhaust system

Are you in need of a Built-in Gas cooktop with downdraft that comes with four burners? Whether you need a more prominent cooking corridor or looking to perform a complete makeover for your kitchen, this cooktop would give you room to prepare enjoyable dishes. The GE PGP9830DJBB cooktop is indeed a highly efficient product that can be recommended to simply anyone.

This product has been able to meet up with the quality standard and is highly guaranteed to be made of a trustworthy quality. The majority of the customers who purchased the GE PGP9830DJBB cooktop have indeed been well satisfied with the product. The product features an incredibly efficient exhaust system which is downdraft, of course. This feature enables it to pull steam and smoke away from the kitchen. This in-built gas cooktop can perform different cooking tasks.

The GE FITS feature it comes with ensures that you have an exact fit to replace easily. The four multi-purpose burners ensure that your food is cooked evenly and quickly. These burners allow for an extensive range of output to meet most of your cooking needs. The classy gas on the glass frame is an addition to this fantastic product. The cooktop burners that are sealed ensure that spillovers are contained adequately, which makes cleaning much more comfortable. The 11,500 BTU multi-purpose burners improve on heat output, which primarily aids your cooking needs. The dishwasher can safely clean your knobs and safe grates as well.

The design makes it easily accessible and also more comfortable to use. It is also important to note that this product meets up with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which stipulates different accessibility guidelines for various products. Good news for prospective customers – this product really meets up with all the requirements mentioned above.

  • The glass top is easy to clean
  • Detailed instructions in the owner’s manual
  • Cooks very efficiently and fast
  • Has a rather sleek design
  • The glass is made from cheap materials
  • The downdraft exhaust can be too powerful at times
  • It is quite noisy

GE PGP9830 – Best easy-to-clean 30” gas cooktop with downdraft


  • No need for an overhead ventilation system
  • 4 sealed burners
  • 3 ducting options
  • Safe dishwasher filter
  • Continuous grates
  • PowerPlus boil feature

This product has been observed to cook food fast and in an even manner as well. This is well attributed to the burners that can serve all purposes. It also provides for a large tray of options of heat production to meet your cooking desires. The cooktop helps ensure that spillovers are contained effectively. This, in turn, makes the cleaning process very fast, easy, and efficient. The cooking burner comes with four burners which cook food at a rapid rate. The highly efficient downdraft exhaust system the cooktop comes with ensures you can get rid of excess steam and smoke from your kitchen.

The glass cooktop is observed to be quite straightforward to clean. What this means that you don’t have to break a sweat in a bid to clean this product. It has been adjudged as safe to wash in the dishwasher. Its overall features enable it to be compliant with ADA. The GE PGP9830 cooktop has also been designed to require little effort to open while still making it very easy to access. Again, its Glass Ceramic Surface feature ensures that your cooktop is easier to clean and quite classy to look at. Above all, this cooktop is sure to add a look of class and refinement to your kitchen.

  • Compliant with ADA
  • The surface is made with glass ceramic
  • Spillovers can be contained easily
  • No risk of excess steam and smoke
  • Knobs are flimsy and plastic
  • Difficult to install
  • Not exact fit for downdraft ducting

Frigidaire RC30DG60PS – Best easy-to-use 30” gas cooktop with downdraft


  • Downdraft exhaust system
  • Classy gas on glass frame
  • 11,500 BTU multi-purpose burners
  • ADA compliant
  • Easily accessible

The RC30DG60PS Downdraft is a 30-inch gas cooktop, which is another impressive addition from Frigidaire which allows for the removal of smoke and odors through its downdraft system. What this means is that you do not need overhead ventilation. The cooktop comes with 4 burners, which means you are given the room to cook 4 different meals at the same time. The continuous grates it comes with makes it effortless and easy to exchange heavy pans and pots between the burners without having to lift. This sure gives room for more efficiency.

This is also due to the continuous grates this cooktop is designed with. The 17,000 BTU built-in burner helps to boil water at a faster rate due to its PowerPlus Boil specs. Also, it has an incredible heating power of 17,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 9,500 BTU, and 5,000 BTU, which gives options for different levels of heating.

The Pro-Select function allows you to be in full charge of the heat toggling to your preferred specification. It offers precise and accurate control at your beck and call. Plus its low simmer burner is ideal for very delicate sauces and foods.

It is important to note that the cooktop is made of stainless steel as well. There are also three ducting options available to prospective buyers. It comes with a safe dishwasher filter. What this means is that you can clean at a faster and natural rate. Finally, there is a need to mention that there are 4 sealed burners and 3 Ducting options.

All these features help to ensure that this cooktop is a must-buy for every household.

  • The dishwasher-safe filter makes cleaning more efficient
  • It is enabled to use an LP gas conversion feature
  • It has a sturdy and robust build
  • It has an incredible heating power with different options
  • The PowerPlus Boil feature ensures water can boil faster
  • It is deemed as a bit expensive

KitchenAid KCGD500GSS – Best multi-purpose 30” gas cooktop with downdraft


  • 17K BTU professional burners
  • 5K BTU Even-Heat Simmer burner
  • 300 CFM exhaust rating
  • Diffuser plate
  • Full-width Cast Iron Grates

This 30” gas cooktop from KitchenAid comes with Downdraft, which has a ventilation system that doesn’t exactly need a different hood. This amazing cooktop comes with a 17K BTU professional burner that will help you attain the high level of heat required for any food you choose. It does this by providing you with the ability to enjoy high-temperature methods of cooking such as stir-frying, searing, and so on.

The low simmer feature would also ensure that your food is cooked to your taste and preference. This is because the 5K BTU Even-Heat™ Simmer Burner is designed to provide you with precise and accurate simmering and melting. The 300 CFM exhaust rating this cooktop has meant that there is a capable venting that can handle all. The fan control mechanism helps you to effectively remove grease, steam, and odors that often saturate the air. A downdraft cooktop can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen by using a duct-free conversion pack. This serves the sole purpose of filtering the air and also ensuring the air is recirculated without running ductwork.

Best 30” Gas Cooktops with Downdraft 2

Furthermore, a diffuser plate is used to allow more control over the flame when it is at the lowest setting. Last but not least, there is a feature of automatic re-ignition as well as full-width Cast Iron Grates. Even when the fan is on low mode, it still blows quite strongly.

This system has been observed to be very much perfect for kitchens with ducting limitations or installations restrictions. A duct-free package can be purchased separately.

  • Perfect installation procedure
  • Has a classy look
  • Incredible downdraft replacement
  • The finishing is excellent and sleek
  • It is less noisy
  • Easy and nice to clean
  • More substantial grates
  • Comes with an additional burner cover
  • Downdraft is sold separately
  • Fan settings can be improved on

DCS CDV304N – Best sleek 30” gas cooktop with downdraft


  • Dual flow burners
  • 15,000 BTU heating power
  • Sleek design and Stainless finish
  • Auto-ignite feature
  • Easy to control

The DCS is a 30” gas cooktop which comes with dual flow burners that can be found only on DCS Units. These units provide the cooktop with about 15,000 BTU heating power. This heating power can be found at the front-left burner, which serves to ensure that there is fast and effective cooking. But if you want to simmer sauces, this has been made possible on all the burners, and this can also be done at 3,000BTU.

It comes with sealed burners that have been placed in an enclosed surface which aids the cooking process. This sleek design, alongside a stainless finish, enables you to quickly and easily clean the surfaces meant for cooking. The grates have been designed to come in a deep coverage style, and they allow you to slide between larger pots and pans quite easily. It comes in a portable size, and this makes it perfect for the counter surface of almost any and every kitchen.

All these ultimately aids in projecting an outstanding and pleasant appeal. To achieve absolute control, the dials are specially designed to equip you with every bit of that. You are also allowed to measure and check the temperature of the cooktop by just taking a look at the metal dials. It is noteworthy also to state that the unit comes with an auto ignite feature. This means that it can reignite itself if the flames go out or peradventure water gets in contact with them.

  • It can be cleaned with relative ease
  • It also comes with 4 sealed burners
  • It comes embedded with an auto-ignite feature
  • Complete control with metal control knobs
  • Downdraft is sold separately

Buyer’s Guide

Why gas 30” cooktops with downdraft?

Find the answer and a lot more in our thoroughly written buying guide.

It is no longer a secret that 30” gas cooktops with downdraft are fast becoming a more preferred means of cooking because they are practical and quite powerful. These gas cooktops have become the choice for most professional chefs and are quickly becoming an enduring favorite which can be found in America, Canada, and Australia’s home kitchens. These products have some advantages and disadvantages as they will be listed below:


  • There’s no such thing as waiting for the ‘heat-up’ period. This means that as soon as you switch the cooktop on, then it’s on. Various users have observed that the flame helps in providing a useful visual aid. This way, you can check at a glance to see whether the heat level is what you want.
  • Gas is a very cost-effective option.
  • It is also noted to be an environment-friendly source of energy.
  • Gas can be used with virtually all types of cookware.
  • Some people at times prefer to go with the manual knob controls that can be found on gas cooktops, which is different from the electronic touch controls.


  • A natural gas connection might not necessarily be available in your town. To solve this problem, you probably can use LPG, or bottles of gas, the same as what you would use in setting up a BBQ). At this point, you would most likely have to obtain the services of an excellent licensed plumber to carry out the conversion.
  • Gas cooktops generally are known to emit tons of heat, and this can lead to your kitchen environment being uncomfortable and hot. However, downdraft helps with it.
  • The open flame a gas uses poses a critical safety concern. You cannot just overlook this part because there have been different horror stories of towels and napkins catching fire accidentally, or people getting their hands and clothes burnt.
  • It is more ideal for placing your investment in a gas cooktop that comes with a flame failure device which is typically fitted to each burner. The importance of this is that it would shut off the gas automatically if the flame goes off. Gas cooktops that do not come with this feature cannot be fully certified to be safe for usage.
  • These gas cooktops can sometimes be a bit difficult to clean, as food can often gather around the trivets.
  • Gas cookers tend to not fit very well in kitchens with a minimalist scheme.

Other factors to consider before buying a 30” gas cooktops with downdraft include:


When in the process of trying to obtain a gas cooktop of 30”, your first consideration would be the size. This is because the smallest of cooktops starts typically with a width of about 30cm, which can only allow for a maximum of two cooking spots. While the largest of these cooktops go up to approximately 120cm. Although all cooktops do not come the same way, the most common size you’ll see around is 60cm, which comes with about four cooking spots.

5 Best 30” Gas Cooktops with Downdraft – Enjoy smokeless cooking

If you are trying to get a replacement for an old cooktop, please do ensure that the space available on your kitchen fits the 30” cooktop. If this size is inappropriate, then you have to check carefully the dimensions of the cooktop you intend to procure. It is no longer news that cooktop sizes have evolved over the years, and it’s almost sure that you would not want to learn this lesson the hard way. By this, you can ensure that your new cooktop is not too big, nor is it too small for space you created for it.

Number of gas burners

Typically, a 60cm wide stove will allow you to have four gas burners. This feature should allow you to have extra space if you want to cook basic meals only. Wider stoves would give more room for additional burners, as the more burners you can use, the faster and easier it is to make food in large quantities.

But before you buy a 30” gas cooktop with downdraft, you have to consider what type of dishes you prefer making. This will help you a lot before you make your decision. For instance, if you prefer a lot of wok cooking, then you have to search for a gas cooktop that comes with a specialized wok burner. It has been noted that some cooktops also provide fish burners, and teppanyaki plates to achieve an improved level of versatility. A wide cooktop will be able to take in large pans and pots easily. This is particularly important and amazing if your family is growing and you have to prepare lots of food.

Cast iron trivets

Cast iron trivets are known to be generally pricier than the standard trivets, although they’re more durable and sturdier. They also aid in creating a dynamic and exciting aesthetic for your kitchen area.

5 Best 30” Gas Cooktops with Downdraft – Enjoy smokeless cooking

Enamel, glass or stainless-steel baseplates

30” gas cooktops are generally available in stainless steel, essential white enamel, or glass, which is often black. White enamel can be accessed on basic models, whereas glass and stainless steel tend to be quite expensive. In the end, your decision will be determined primarily by your budget, and your beauty taste and preferences.

Fish burner

Although standard gas burners are designed to be round, fish burners, on the other hand, are designed to take an elongated oblong shape. This makes it very easy and possible to use the rectangular-shaped cooktop or to put your roasting tray on the cooktop directly. It is expected that you would prepare a whole fish in a rectangular pan regularly, hence the coining of the name ‘fish burner.’

This feature is available on specific gas cooktops, as fish burners can be very useful for making gravy. Sure, you would know about this. After you have successfully taken the meat away from the pan, you can easily hit the pan on your fish burner, add a little water and flour, and still stir it until you can attain the preferred gravy perfection.

Griddle Plate

It is otherwise known as a ‘ Teppanyaki plate.’ This is a flat cooking surface that is metallic and can be placed on the gas burner in a bid to achieve the same cooking effect as t you would get in an outdoor barbeque. This feature is more ideal for cooking food quickly and searing meat to maintain its freshness and flavor.

Wok burner

This is mainly designed to imitate round-based woks, as a wok burner enables the cooktop to enjoy high-power heating to make your preferred Asian dishes. This feature is also available on selected gas cooktops.

How to Clean a 30” Gas Cooktop with Downdraft

It is important to note that the first rule that can be used to clean a gas cooktop is to ensure you clean up any spills immediately because when burners become clogged, this can cause an inadequate flow of gas and even uneven heating. It has been observed that baked-on residue can be almost impossible to clean. Maintaining and cleaning a gas cooktop can be extremely tedious because of the many parts it has. The cast iron trivets are quite weighty and embarrassing to clean in a domestic sink. The cooktop surface most times shows traces of scratches and smudges.

5 Best 30” Gas Cooktops with Downdraft – Enjoy smokeless cooking

If you prefer the stainless-steel look, then it is quite advisable to go for a fingerprint-resistant coating, because it is more likely not to show smudges, and this, in turn, makes the process of wiping away spills a better and easier one. Enamel coated surfaces have been observed to be much easier to clean as they show no smudges or finger marks. Glass surfaces at times show smudges and might require a ceramic cleaner.

A microfibre cloth and warm soapy water are basically all you need to clean most gas cooktop surfaces. The 30” cooktops are definitely no exceptions. Control knobs could be removed and cleaned in warm soapy water. You must also be very careful so as not to use or scrub using harsh chemicals when wiping off the surfaces or controls, as the ones with printed labels could rub off and fade gradually.

Cleaning the enamel trivets, cast iron trivets, and stainless-steel trivets might need soaking if the residue is baked on. You can soak the trivets in a sink using relatively hot soapy water. In case your cast iron trivets have a burnt-on spillover, use a scourer, and a grease-cutting cleaner, as they may be needed. You should, by all means, avoid putting the trivets in a dishwasher because they would most likely rust. You should be on the lookout for trivets that come with a smooth surface that creates room for efficient and effective cleaning.

Cleaning burners are also very much needed to stop the burner holes from clogging and avoid an uneven flow of gas. Burners are typically made of aluminum, so it is best to avoid cleaning them with vinegar and bicarb soda, as this might cause a discoloration of the metal. It is more ideal to soak them in warm soapy water and also using a paper clip or a soft brush to remove the food residue from little holes in the burners.

Cast-iron burner caps could probably get stained, but the residue from this would burn off gradually. Avoid using aluminum burner base, as these are virtually impossible to clean when there is baked on residue.

In conclusion, you should endeavor to dry parts thoroughly, with special effects to the burners, as the gas flame can flow in an uneven pattern otherwise. This process will also help stop the cast iron trivets from getting into a state of rust.

5 Best 30” Gas Cooktops with Downdraft – Enjoy smokeless cooking


From the reviews of the different products, we are sure you would agree with us that getting a 30” Gas Cooktop with Downdraft should be a priority for any intending family or already established family. The benefits are numerous as they show in almost every way possible that these cooktops are ideal alternatives. The advantages, features, and disadvantages have been highlighted, so it is essential to peruse this carefully before making a choice. The importance of downdrafts in a gas cooktop cannot be over-emphasized as they help remove all forms of residues, odor, and smoke.

For us, the obvious choice out of all the listed products would be the Frigidaire RC30DG60PS. This is because the Pro-Select function allows you to be in full charge of the heat toggling to your preferred specification. It offers precise and accurate control at your call and beck. The low simmer burner is more ideal for very delicate sauces and foods. It is important to note that the cooktop is made of stainless steel as well. There are three ducting options available to prospective buyers. It comes with a safe dishwasher filter. What this means is that you can clean at a faster and easy rate. Finally, there is a need to mention that there are 4 sealed burners and 3 Ducting options. All these features help to ensure that this cooktop is a must-buy for every household.

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