12 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers – Water Can Be Tasty

Despite the numerous benefits of water consumption, keeping our water safe and free of contaminants has always been a big significant global challenge. Toxins in water exist in different forms such as fluorine, chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria.
Mineralized water has been declared as a great alternative to tap water due to many alkaline water benefits.

However, the hurdle to cross remains how to get the best alkaline water pitchers for home use since the industrially made bottled alkaline water are quite expensive and often deliver less of what they promise.

As part of our commitment to guide you on how to make your purchase decision, we have undergone intensive research and followed the exhaustive selection and critical review process to curate the 12 best Alkaline Water Pitchers dominating the market presently.

This in-depth assessment of different brands should assist you in choosing the best product that fits into your unique needs and budget.

Also, you can navigate into our ultimate buyers’ guide to check the factors you must consider before making your buying decision.

Overview table

Here, we have provided a quick overview for the twelve featured alkaline water pitcher brands:


Editor choice 1 Aquagear
(Best Certified Alkaline Water Pitcher)

Rigorously tested, aesthetically designed, and hygienically superior. The most efficient in removing water contaminants.

(Best High-Quality Alkaline Water Pitcher)

NSF-Certified Alkaline Jug Filter with proven quality and safety effectively alkalizes water and adds antioxidant properties.

3 EHM ULTRA Premium
(Best Alkaline Water Pitcher for High Capacity)

Premium-quality design with composite 6 stage filter cartridge for highly improved hydration; water just got a whole lot better!

4 Invigorated water PH VITALITY
Invigorated water PH VITALITY
(Best Stylish Alkaline Water Pitcher)

Super-modern design with huge filter capacity, get rid of boring, plastic water pitchers and adopt the stylish stainless steel design.

5 Invigorated Water FBA COMINHKG056108
Invigorated Water FBA COMINHKG056108
(Best Alkaline Water Pitcher with Ionization)

Newly enhanced filter design for the multi-stage filter. Seamlessly filter water for improved alkalinity and ionization.

6 Lake Industries 7000
Lake Industries 7000
(Best Portable Water Filter Pitcher)

Economical and eco-friendly designed effectively removes free radicals and eliminates toxins

7 Seychelle pH2O
Seychelle pH2O
(Best Advanced Alkaline Water Pitcher)

Sleek and fridge-friendly built, ISO certified for hydration and healthy mineral.

8 DRAGONN pH Restore
DRAGONN pH Restore
(Best Large Capacity Water Alkaline Pitcher)

Superior cartridge filter for fresh instant filtered alkaline water with high negative ORP.

(Best Budget Alkaline Water Pitcher)

Industrially designed for ultra-maximum capacity with advanced filter technology.

10 Naples Naturals
Naples Naturals
(Best Anti-Microbial Alkaline Water Pitcher)

Exquisite pitcher with 6 Layer Filtering System Cartridge for toxin-free mineralized water.

11 Reshape Water
Reshape Water
(Best Premium Alkaline Water Filter with 2 Long-lasting Filters)

SGS Certified and patented 6-stage deluxe filters. Offers more than water purification!

12 Wamery Alkaline
Wamery Alkaline
(Best Alkaline Water Pitcher for Long-lasting Filters)

NSF/ANSI Standard Water Pitcher for maximum body reinvigoration. Purposely built for convenience and vitality.



1 Editor choice

Aquagear – Best Certified Alkaline Water Pitcher


  • Triple Capacity Filter to produce 150 gallons each
  • Premium design for health and sustainability
  • 100% FDA-approved, recyclable, vegan and BPA-free
  • Eliminates 2000% contaminants more than Brita
  • Pour spout for hands-free water filling

Did you know what it takes for any product to top our list? That means it has many unique features over even its closest competitor. If you are looking for a perfect definition of safety in the water, Aquagear will fit in seamlessly!

Aquagear didn’t just meet the NSF Standards; it surpasses it for contaminant and water reduction. The USA-made water pitcher with its triple filter capacity effortlessly filter 150 gallons of water, thanks to its high-quality filters.

Unmatchable attributes, a shoulder above the rest!

The search for a high-quality alkaline water pitcher requires a lot of comparisons. With its premium design for health and sustainability, no other pitcher comes close to Aquagear in terms of its water contaminant reduction ability. This top-rated water pitcher removes 2000% contaminants more than Brita!

Think that’s all? I bet you are wrong. Despite its substantial daily water production, this product filters lasts three times longer Brita’s and stay four times longer than ZeroWater in terms of maximum lifetime savings.
Want more value for your money?

You sure do! Not only will Aquagear pitcher keep your water clean and safe for drinking, but it also hydrated, satisfied and healthy! On top of that, you have access to a lifetime guarantee on all your purchases. The setup is fast and easy. Within three minutes, it’s ready to use! It also allows pouring spout with the hands-free feature.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher-4


It’s always hard to discover a product with no downside, but Aquagear is almost perfect. From its premium design to the high level of effectiveness in eliminating nearly 100% of contaminants including chlorine, chromium, mercury, trihalomethanes, fluoride, and lead, this pitcher is a fair deal for what it delivers. If you’re highly conscious of the level of safety of the water you drink, and you have no interest in wasting money on bottled water that promises much and delivers less, Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher might be your best choice!

  • Premium design and quality build
  • Removes over 90% of various water contaminants and retains healthy trace elements
  • Hand-free filling of water ensures users convenience
  • Lifetime guarantee and same-day customer support
  • The flow rate is pretty low
  • Chlorine taste might still be felt

BIOCERA – Best High-Quality Alkaline Water Pitcher


  • Mineralized water filtration ability rich in essential mineral
  • Elegant body design built with Tritan, a blend of glass and plastic
  • BPA-free and NSF certified
  • It contains a bio-ceramic ball that enhances natural mineralization process
  • The purchase comes with two extra cartridge

If you are looking for something different to merely filter water for contaminants, you might be checking the right product already. Developed with a combination of intense research and Korean technology, this exquisite-looking jug does more than the orthodox water pitcher. Biocera Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Jug effectively mineralizes water, removes acidity and gives you alkaline water rich in hydrogen.

Why wait when you can transform your water into mineral? Biocera through innovative technology makes use of natural bioceramics in filtering water through the cartridge. It doesn’t stop at that! It systematically raises water pH to 8.5 – 9.5 and also alters the oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) for safety and healthy drinking.

With Biocera Anti-oxidant jug, you can say goodbye to expensive water ionizer all in a bid to derive alkaline water. This premium water pitcher just doesn’t make a bogus claim; it has NSF certification to back it up.

You can also expect to get beneficial alkaline mineral including calcium, sodium, and potassium that will boost your health and keep acid away from your body system.



Are you in need of an elegant water pitcher with the capacity to produce mineralized water as well as enhance your kitchen appearance? Your search might be over with Biocera Anti-Oxidant Jug Filter. For what it delivers, including the increased pH level, normal ORP, and optimized hydrogen and mineral, this product definitely gets our approval.

  • Effectively increases water pH level to between 8.5 and 9.5
  • Stylish design to enhance the kitchen’s appearance
  • Reputable pitcher with NSF certification and BPA-free
  • Not designed to replace the filter
  • The filtration rate is low
  • It’s on the high end

EHM ULTRA Premium – Best Alkaline Water Pitcher for High Capacity


  • 3.5L Capacity – suitable for a large family
  • Composite 6 stage filter cartridge
  • Exquisite design with the ultra-modern feel and look
  • Highly effective in water filtration and mineralization within minutes
  • Improved durability of up to 80 gallons or 300L of water

Enjoy the very best of water filtration and mineralization with the ultra-modern EHM Premium alkaline water pitcher. Designed with the most innovative technology, this exquisite water cleanser does more than adding beauty to your kitchen. Beyond giving you delicious tasting water, this premium alkaline pitcher filters all contaminants including chlorine, leads and other pollutants.
Stay healthy and refreshed all year round!

With its 6-stage filter cartridge and massive 3.5L capacity, your household will never run out of sparkling and ionized water. Your body system will be void of free radicals that could attack your immunity and energy level!

From its design to its delivery, EHM alkaline water pitcher is a product of extensive research and mastery of technology to deliver a masterpiece. You can get as high as 10 pH from a single-use. Beyond that, this device also adds essential nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and antioxidants to improve the taste of water and also curb excessive dehydration. Furthermore, it reduces the ORP of your water and sets it between -100 and -200 mv.

However, the 3.5L capacity appears too bulky to fit into every refrigerator and the lid doesn’t always sit perfectly and usually needs readjustment. But a spillover can be avoided by holding the lid while pouring.

EHM ULTRA Premium -2


This premium water pitcher is a good bargain for all the quality and aesthetic design embedded into the device. You can rest assured of contaminant-free water that helps you to quench your thirst and stay hydrated all day. If you need a big jug of high-quality water, go for this model!

  • Maximum filtration of water eliminates all contaminants
  • Improvement of water taste and reduction of ORP
  • Beautiful design with superior materials
  • High durability with excellent value for money
  • Suitable for large families
  • Imperfect designs with minor faults, especially the lid instability
  • Absence of time indicator for filter replacement

Invigorated water PH VITALITY – Best Stylish Alkaline Water Pitcher


  • Unique and aesthetic designs with a curved and stylish finish
  • Built with stainless steel for an anti-corrosive capability for hygienic use
  • High versatility with the addition of ice guard making it suitable for fruit infusion
  • Huge filter capacity

It’s not surprising that this product is dubbed as the most stylish in our rank. With its aesthetic and visually appealing designs, this pitcher truly lives up to its billing. The stainless steel build ensures durability as it prevents corrosion. Why don’t you get rid of the dull plastic and embrace the world of shiny steel?

If you are searching for ‘pH on-the-go’, then your search is over with Vitality Water Pitcher. It follows a multi-stage process for triple water filtration. This alkaline pitcher effectively eliminates heavy metals, and replace them with essential minerals.

Want something big for the family use? Imagine being able to filter 105 gallons of water with a single water pitcher! Vitality Water Pitcher has a huge with each lasting an incredible 106 days. Whether you want a pitcher that suits your large family or you need to serve your guest alkaline water at your party, you need not worry about it with the Vitality Alkaline Water Pitcher.

Invigorated water PH VITALITY -1


With its sleek design, this pitcher is definitely a beauty to behold! However, beyond its superior visual appeals, Vitality makes water safe. Increases pH level and eliminate heavy metals.
However, some customers complain about the handle requiring adjustment every time, this model is really worth given a shot!

  • Improves the taste and smell of water
  • It seamlessly removes heavy metals including fluoride, zinc, aluminum, mercury and many more
  • Enables mineralization by adding essential elements
  • Lower (ORP) level with increased neutralization of free radicals
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • The handle needs to be adjusted from time to time
  • Cover plate can leave rust on a mark on the pitcher

Invigorated Water FBA COMINHKG056108 – Best Alkaline Water Pitcher with Ionization


  • Modern design with digital gauge and easy-to-fill lid system
  • Multi-stage filter and re-mineralization ability
  • Ultra-filtration with newly enhanced filter design
  • Fully certified by multiple standard organizations.

One more ultra-modern product by Invigorated Water. This exquisitely designed alkaline water pitcher is built on innovative technologies. It comes with a digital gauge complemented by an anti-block feature.  The pitcher features a multi-stage filter that is capable of eliminating many contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, lead, aluminum and even harmful bacteria. Not only does Invigorate Water Pitcher Ionizer remove heavy metals, but it also supplements your water with essential trace elements such as calcium and selenium.

The product is genuinely modern as it’s clad in all white that gives it a stylish look. There is a rubber base that secures the vessel firmly and makes it convenient for use across all surfaces.
Worried about Certification? Relax, no fuss!

Invigorated Water Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer has no shortage of certification with six different standard organizations including FDA, BSI, TUV, SGS, RoHS, and ISO endorsing this product for quality water filtration and safety. It proofs that, filtration from this pitcher is very high with some tests resulting in a pH level of more than 10.

Want to get your pitcher automated? This pitcher prioritizes the comfort of its users with an easy-to-fill and use mechanism. You can always set the timer while filling the cartridge to keep track of the next refill date. However, you might need to shake up the filter occasionally to speed up the process.

Invigorated Water FBA COMINHKG056108 -5


This model’s quality and excellent performance can never be underestimated. It’s money well-spent if purchased.

  • Stylish design with an ultra-modern look in all white color
  • It has a digital gauge on the lid with excellent multi-stage filter
  • This product maintains a high level of pH with records of over 10
  • Easy-to-use and fill features with refill timer
  • There are minor leakages issue sometimes
  • Clogging occurs occasionally
  • It has low water retention the capacity of just 2 liters

Lake Industries 7000 – Best Portable Water Filter Pitcher


  • Made from Premium Food Grade, sturdy, rigid and recyclable AS and ABS plastic
  • 7-stage filter cartridge for Ion exchange resin
  • Stylish and slim pitcher that easily fits in any refrigerator
  • Easy-to-fill and use lid design

Designed by Lake Industries, this 7-stage filter is a force to reckon with when it comes to the alkaline water pitcher. It is designed from food-grade robust, rigid and recyclable ABS and AS plastics with BPA-free rating. At 2.5 liter, this product is portable enough to fit into most refrigerators, thanks to its slim design.

Price is not a turn off with Lake Industries Pitcher as it costs a reasonable sum of money. However, all is not perfect with this product. The lid doesn’t really sit tight, which might be a significant concern among users. Likewise, the unfiltered water splashes out during use. This means you might need to the lid and filter before you can pour the filtered water.

Nevertheless, it handles the removal of heavy metals from water seamlessly with over 90% filtration achievable.

Lake Industries 7000-2


The decision to buy Lake Industries Water Pitcher depends on the use and your budget. If you want a portable pitcher at a budget-friendly price, you might give this product a shot.
However, you might need to deal with errors in lid design. Also, the capacity is relatively low; it is not suitable for a big family.

  • It has outstanding 7-stage filters for quality and safe water
  • It is built with compact dimensions, suitable for any refrigerator
  • The price is relatively low
  • Easy to clean and use
  • The lid has a minor design flaw
  • Filters need to be purchased separately
  • Small capacity of 2.5 liters

Seychelle pH2O – Best Advanced Alkaline Water Pitcher


  • Salient Features
  • Sleek and fridge-friendly
  • Tested and certified by 51 Different US and International Laboratories
  • Well-fitting lid that doesn’t fall off while pouring water
  • Quality filter with excellent performance

Manufactured by the California-based Company – Seychelle, pH20 Alkaline Water Filter is a high-quality alkaline water pitcher with a global reputation. As one of the most trusted names in portable water filtration, the company has designed this pitcher with the best technologies and innovations.

Tested by 51 Different US and International Laboratories, this alkaline water pitcher produces optimum performance in removing contaminants from water and making it safe for drinking. With its sturdy filters, you can easily keep impurities away, including heavy metals, and bacteria. Additionally, this alkaline pitcher can last more than three months for heavy usage.
The product comes in two various models, 1 and 2 liters. This is quite a blessing in disguise as its travel-friend and fits well in any refrigerator.

For big families, Seychelle is a relatively small-sized pitcher compared to the brands with bigger capacity. All the same, it’s somewhat expensive for its size and the refill cartridges do not come cheap either. However, what Seychelle lost in size it makes up in performance. You can reach an alkaline level of over 9.5 using this portable pitcher.



Seychelle is highly efficient in producing alkalized water with excellent pH. However, you may have to check the pH level regularly as it tends to drop when the filter sits in the water. If money is not a barrier to you, and you don’t prioritize the capacity of the filter, this product might be a great choice.

  • Trusted brand
  • Outstanding performance in filtering and mineralizing water
  • Cartridges are long-lasting for extended use
  • Portable, travel-friendly and fits in into small refrigerator
  • High pH level obtainable
  • Relatively small filter capacity
  • Requires frequent checking of pH level
  • A bit pricy for its size

DRAGONN pH Restore – Best Large Capacity Water Alkaline Pitcher


  • 3.5L filter capacity with BPA free
  • 7-stage filtration system for quality and toxin-free water
  • Antioxidants for arresting free radicals
  • Premium cartridge filter

Get high tasty premium drinkable water with DRAGONN! Owing to the importance of water in man’s life, it is imperative to have excellent potable water to have a healthy life. The product lives up to its expectation with its unique and aesthetic design which allows it to fit perfectly into any refrigerator doors.

Want a high pH water filter at a go? It is known to have a high rate of increasing pH levels and free radicals and toxic substances. It’s a sure way to having a crisp, refreshing, alkaline, drinkable water at any point in time. Thanks to its large 3.5L capacity, which makes it possible for a large number of people to have access to refreshing water without a hitch.

DRAGONN pH Restore


Despite not finding it easy to use for the first time, this product has proven to be one of the best water that promotes a healthier life.
Your search for a high pH water filter that fights off toxic substances is over with the advent of DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline water filter pitcher. Investing in this product might be a good choice as it instantly filters alkaline water through its premium cartridge filter.

  • Removes free radicals and eliminates toxic substance
  • Large capacity
  • Improves hydration
  • Budget-friendly water filter
  • Removes heavy metals to produce an incredibly delicious beverage
  • Lid can swing down while pouring

OXA – Best Budget Alkaline Water Pitcher


  • 2.5L capacity
  • Simple and convenient easy fill lid
  • 7-stage cartridges of ion exchange, resin, activated carbon, ion ceramic ball, far infrared ceramic ball, mineral balls, and PP pad
  • Comfort grip handle design with antioxidants capability

A 2.5L capacity water filter which helps in having more absorbable water and increase hydration. Have a high reactive body system? Oxa Alkaline water filter pitcher makes your home-made drinking water safe and hygienic from contaminations and toxins. The Puregreen’s Water Pitcher is fortified against organic, acidic and inorganic materials and adds healthy minerals such as selenium and calcium.

Germs free and refreshing drinking water: get the value of two for the price of one! Coupled with its unique design, Oxa Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is known for its ability to sieve/filter water absorbable and diseases free. It also reduces acidity and inflammation in water and increases alkalinity for suitable drinking water.  Tired of buying bottled water?

This product has a convenient and straightforward easy-fill lid cover which allows you to refill the water therein without having to remove the cover. In addition, it fits perfectly into most refrigerator doors which, in turn, aids its convenience.

It is made of thick and high-quality plastic which aids its longevity.


Aside from its expensiveness and its likelihood of having a white film at the surface of the water sometimes, Oxa alkaline water filter pitcher is an ideal machine to have at home to maintain a healthy life.

The product has some unique features such as its portability, comfortability, simple and easy fill lid, premium drinking water satisfaction, and lots more, which compensate for its downsides.

  • Prevents odors and particulates from getting into your clean water
  • Space-saving and impeccably fit into any refrigerator doors
  • Ideal for cooking healthy food
  • Increase energy level and immune system through its antioxidant features.
  • Comfort grip handle design
  • A bit expensive
  • Sometimes, a white film may appear at the surface of the water
  • May smell fishy during its first use

Naples Naturals – Best Anti-Microbial Alkaline Water Pitcher


  • 6-layer filtering system cartridge
  • Produces high pH value of (+9.5)
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) free
  • 10-cup capacity
  • NSF approved
  • Easy to set up and clean

Naples Naturals Water Pitcher is a quality ionized jug built from the finest BPA-free. Its design is easy to clean and sits perfectly in a refrigerator. This pitcher filters through its low negative ORP and high pH. Want a family-size water filter?

Each cartridge contains materials and can hold 1600 glasses of water, which makes it suitable for your large number of people to be entitled to more refreshing drinking water.
The filter features an elevated pH that contains healthy minerals such as selenium and calcium. In addition, Naples Naturals Alkaline Water Pitcher has an anti-microbial function that helps in boosting the immune system, and enhance your energy level.

It has a sleek design for clear water filtration. Also, buyers can enjoy a concise manual guide that makes it easy to clean and use.


Aside from it taking some time during the first use, it is a perfect product that is worth your money. It is suitable for any refrigerator door, and it’s designed in a way that makes it easy to use. At the same time comes at a budget-friendly price.

  • Fit perfectly into most refrigerator doors
  • Anti-microbial
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Highest pH value
  • Highly effective refreshing, healthy and safe and drinkable water
  • Takes a little time to filter during first use
  • A little bit expensive

Reshape Water – Best Premium Alkaline Water Filter with 2 Long-lasting Filters


  • Two long-lasting tested filters
  • Built-in digital timer
  • Filters heavy metals
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Quality material for durability

Reshape Alkaline Water Pitcher does not just work for filtering acidic contents from your water; it is also fortified against chlorine, lead, fluorine, and hard metals. This helps to soften hard water, improve taste, and provide smooth water that is free of contaminated substances and is absorbed better by your body.

This product is made of thick and quality high-impact plastic. So, if you have been in search of a lasting alkaline water pitcher, this might be what you need. It is thick enough to prevent unpurified water from leaking out into your purified water while using the pitcher.

What more? It contains two long-lasting filters with each able to filter about 300 liters and last for up to 75 days without any itch. Still not all! The lid comes with a built-in digital timer. This serves as a reminder for replacing your filter. All parts are easy to set up, clean, and maintains as you can easily replace any missing or broken piece from the pitcher.


If you have been in search of a quality alkaline water filter that can also handle heavy metals, this might just be perfect for you. You might also want to try out Reshape Alkaline Water Filter if you need a filter that is straightforward to use.

  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Highly effective for deriving safe, drinkable water
  • Suitable for filtration of fluoride, lead and other heavy metals
  • Durable materials
  • Requires a lot of patience as filtering is gradual
  • Might take time to get used to the instructions of use

Wamery Alkaline – Best Alkaline Water Pitcher for Long-lasting Filters


  • Potential Hydrogen (PH) level of 8.5
  • Lasts for about 42 Gallons
  • Free Cartridge for convenience
  • 2 liters (8 cups)
  • Portable and affordable
  • NSF/ANSI standard

Do you wish to have a better body hydration level? Are you aware of the recommendation by experts that about 70-80% of your diet should be from alkaline foods?
Wamery Alkaline Water Filter is an excellent product that is able to improve the quality of your tap water. It’s not only reasonably priced but also comes with a free cartridge. This might be very good for ensuring proper filtration of your water with improved taste and zero contamination.

This filter pitcher is certified to last for 42 Gallons, equating one month of use if filled thrice or 2 months if filled twice per day. It ensures about 8.5 PH levels. So, you might consider this product if you need healthy water for your home. It is built to NSF/ANSI standards as it is good enough for the reduction of heavy substances such as Chlorine, Zinc, Copper, Mercury, Cadmium, and Lead.
And design? This product is very portable. If you need a water pitcher that is convenient to make water right in your home, this might just be it!


Wamery Alkaline Water Pitcher might be a good choice for you if you are in search of a standard water pitcher that can empower your water to slow down the aging process, reduce fat cells and reduce weight. It won’t work wonders, of course, but it’ll for sure contribute to your health.

  • Quite affordable considering its effectiveness
  • Instructions are straightforward and are easily seen on the box
  • Free cartridge
  • Long-lasting filers
  • The lid appears to need a lot of care to handle
  • The process appears a little bit slow to filter hard metals

Buyer’s Guide

Are you afraid of making the wrong choice?

Find the best of the best alkaline water pitcher for your family with the help of or complete buying guide!

Choosing the best alkaline water pitcher can be quite frustrating with a lot of quality and reputable brands on the market. While they all share similar features and deliver almost the same benefits, it’s still left to you to make the bold call in buying the exact one that suits your needs.

You need not worry! Here, we have created a comprehensive buyers’ guide that will familiarize you with all you need to know before you choose your perfect alkaline water pitcher.

Factors to consider before shopping for an alkaline water pitcher:

Invigorated water PH VITALITY -4

pH Level Result

The normal pH level for tap water is around 7. However, the purpose of using an alkaline water pitcher is to increase the pH level to the maximum. While some products can achieve an average pH of 9, others perform higher than that. Aquagear and Seychelle pH2O are two of the top-performing brands on our list. Also, they help in the mineralization of water by adding essential trace elements such as potassium and calcium.

If you need exact figures and what to make sure your filter does its job well, consider buying ph level testers. The most popular and high-quality testers are 7Pros Water Quality Tester​ and SANASTEC pH Test Liquid.

Invigorated Water FBA COMINHKG056108 -6

Body Materials and Design

Alkaline water pitchers come in various designs and build. The primary materials used in the design include BPA-Free plastics, stainless steel, and Tritan, a blend of glass and plastic. While the designs can define the visual aesthetics, the focus should be on choosing materials that are safe and offer durability. Many of the alkaline water pitchers are made of plastic. However, if you want to explore other materials, you can try Biocera Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Jug Filter made from Tritan. pH VITALITY is also another brand that ditches the plastic body for stainless steel.

Invigorated water PH VITALITY -3

Size of the Alkaline Water Pitcher

Depending on the size of your family and the amount of your daily water consumption, the size of the water pitcher is another crucial factor to consider during your selection process. Generally, the capacity of water pitcher ranges from 1 – 3.5L which is equivalent to 0.26 – 1 gallon. With that, you can derive between 4 – 8 cups of alkalinized water. Whether small or large, both sizes have their advantages.  They are travel-friendly and portable. They fit perfectly into any refrigerator size. If you live in a big family and always want to have access to hot and chilled drinking water you can also pick one of the Best Water Coolers from our review.

On the other hand, those with large capacity are 3.5L. A perfect pick will be Dragonn pH Restore or Naples Natural Alkaline Water Pitcher. They are both suitable for large family use. If you want your alkaline water always be with you, read our guide and learn more about the Best Alkaline Water Bottles

Invigorated Water FBA COMINHKG056108 -4

Type of Filter

Filters come in various forms and multi-stages ranging from 6 to 7. Materials used in making filters include mineral balls, resins, and mineral stones. Filters serve dual purposes, which consist of eliminating contaminants and adding soluble minerals.

You should consider going for alkaline water pitchers with 7-stages of filtration. Notable examples include Oxa Large 10 Cup, Lake Industry 7000 and Dragonn pH Restore. However, you should note that not all brand filters have the capacity to filter Fluoride. You may need to pay special attention to brands with this feature. If that is your priority, Aquagear might be your best bet.

DRAGONN pH Restore-1

The durability of filters

The duration that the filter cartridge can use before you replace it matters a lot. Some products’ replacement filters can be quite expensive and fall between the region of $7-$30. As such, you must focus on choosing brands that will allow you to enjoy your pitcher as long as possible. Find a filter that can last between 1 to 3 months.

However, some brands make use of proprietary filters which denote that you can only purchase the replacement cartridge exclusively from the manufacturers.

Invigorated water PH VITALITY -2

Ease of Use

When you want to choose an alkaline water pitcher, your attention should be on the one that has ease of use and maintenance. Falling off of lids is a common problem in water filters. Finding the one that fits firmly might be a jackpot. Seychelle, pH20 Alkaline Water Filter is one of the brands with a near-perfect lid.

Extra Accessories

Some brands have useful accessories that do not exist in others. This includes features like countdown timer that notifies you when your cartridge is due for replacement. Products like Reshape Alkaline Water Pitcher comes with a built-in digital timer.


While an alkaline water pitcher prices general will not break your bank, however, some are more budget-friendly than the others. From our list, the price range from $35 – $60. It is tricky to focus on price while making a buying decision solely. That a product is the most expensive doesn’t mean it will have to deliver the best performance. The tip is to find the one that gives you the best value for none, and none compares to Aquagear when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers-1


Q: Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Really Work?

A: Yes! Alkaline water pitchers perform excellently in making water safer for drinking. When you filter your tap water with the alkaline pitcher, you stand to gain two benefits. First, it will rid your tap water of contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride. Secondly, it adds essential elements to water to give it a better taste and make it healthier for drinking. However, an alkaline water pitcher doesn’t automatically produce these minerals. It works based on the number of elements already contained in the water. Hard water already has an abundance of elements, as such, alkaline water pitcher may not be able to help much in this regard.

Q: Can All Alkaline Water Pitcher Remove Fluoride?

A: Not all alkaline water pitcher can remove fluoride from water. However, brands such as Aquagear seamlessly eliminate fluorine using activated carbon and ion exchange materials uniquely designed to filter fluoride. Some brands, including Aquagear, removes up to 90% fluoride from tap water. You need to check the company’s website to see if they truly have the test result listed on their page as a confirmation process.

Q: What are the Health Benefits of Using Alkaline Water Filters?

A: This product has a lot of health benefits on our health and body system. They include:

Better Taste for Water

Most tap water has a characteristic metallic taste when consumed directly without filtering. Apart from that, they also contain harmful bacteria that can affect our wellness. In contrast, alkalinized water tastes better because these heavy metals would have been filtered away. Conversely, using an alkaline water filter can enhance the number of essential trace elements present in water.

Improves Body pH Balance

Tap water due to the high concentration of water is often acidic. Alkaline jugs work by removing the metals and increase the water pH level. If the acid present in water is added to the ones already contained in our body system, it might create an imbalance in our body pH, level, which in turn, affects our health.

Q: Why does the alkaline level diminish in filtered water?

A: Many alkaline water pitcher users notice a reduction in the alkalinity of filtered water over time. This usually occurs when you don’t drink water that has already passed through pitcher for a long time. Water negative RedOx potential diminishes within a short time, as such, we highly recommend that you store purified water in a refrigerator for one to two nights if you know that you are not ready to drink it.

However, the best practice is always to filter the amount of water you can finish instantly.

Q: Are Alkaline Water Pitchers’ Numbers Accurate?

A: While a few product manufacturers hype the pH level you can get from their water pitcher; many brands stay true to their claim. Nevertheless, you can get yourself a pH level tester to confirm the claim. It’s available in both local stores and online.

Q: What is the best alkaline water pitcher?

A: Water pitchers exist in numerous brands with each product having its unique design, performance, and durability. However, you have to consider several factors before you can choose the best alkaline water pitcher for you. You can scroll up to check some of the factors we have listed earlier for you. From our intensive research, Aquagear outperforms even the closest competitor in terms of cost, design, efficiency, and durability. As such, we can boldly recommend it as the best alkaline water currently available in the market.

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The importance of alkaline water pitcher in every home and offices cannot be overstated. With the continuous pollution of our environment with industrial waste, it might be a near impossibility to derive water free of contaminants from tap water.

While there are hundreds of brands into the water safety industry, choosing the best alkaline water pitcher can be stressful and time-consuming with thousands of opinion-dividing reviews and ratings.

We have scoured through hundreds of reviews to bring the best twelve brands for you. Although all these brands are equally good, the one that gets our nod is Aquagear Alkaline Water Pitcher. Its laboratory fabricated with a premium design that prioritizes health and safety. Additionally, with its triple filter capacity, you can never run out of alkalinized water. On top of that, it is both FDA and NSF approved. Also, with the best alkaline water bottles, you can be sure to get nutrients and minerals that are necessary for our health. Check our guide and learn more about 11 Best Alkaline Water Bottles.

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  1. The Invigorated water PH VITALITY filter looks very attractive comparing to all those plastic pitchers. How long can I leave the pouch in it?

    • Thanks for your question, Amanda! After 3-5 minutes the water is already purified so you can remove the pouch. If you leave the pouch in your pitcher for a long time, the life of your filter may be a biit shorter.

  2. I have never had a water filter before so I decided to chose one to drink clean and purified water on a everyday basis. Does the Aquagear water pitcher is a good option? How long can it be used before I need to replace it with a new filter? Does this water pitcher come with filter?

    • Thank you for your question! Yes, the Aquagear water filter is a good option especially if we’re talking about your first ever water filter. You should change your water filter every 2 month. Yes, this model comes with a filter. Hope it helps.

  3. I have a family of 4. How often is it necessary to change the Seychelle pH2O water filters?

    • Generally it depends on the quality of water you use with your pitcher. My water is relatively hard so I change my filter after 3 month of use. After 4 month I already feel the changes in the taste of water.

  4. HI! I don’t like to drink cool water, that’s why I’ve never put my pitcher in the fridge. Should I keep my water pitcher in the fridge to keep water fresh?

    • Thank you for your question, Monica! The manufacturer always recommends to consume your filtered water as soon as possible for a better benefit. If you want your water to stay filtered as long as possible, put it in the fridge. It’ll stay filtered up to 1 week. At a room temperature its better to drink it within 24 hours. Hope it helps.

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