8 Best American Standard Toilets – Setting The Standard

With a name like American Standard, how could you possibly go wrong? This premier plumbing products manufacturer has been setting the golden standard for North American-made plumbing solutions for over 140 years. Their line of world-class toilets is the best in their class, offering sublime performance that can turn any tired bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

So, whether you’re in the middle of construction or bathroom remodeling, or if you’re just sick of that problematic porcelain nightmare in your bathroom that’s always backed up and clogged, it’s time to make an investment in the best American Standard toilet.

With a wide selection of porcelain sanitary ware products under their belt, the brand makes sure that every discriminating taste gets a model to satisfy their unique needs and preferences. The only question now is, which model will meet your unique standards?

We took the time to check out American Standard’s most impressive toilets, and here are the 8 best picks we found, tested and reviewed.

Overview table

The American Standard brand is the pinnacle of premium North American-made sanitary ware. Their toilets come equipped with a wide range of features – from effortless models incorporating the latest intelligence tech, to more traditional toilets that maximize comfort and efficiency.

To help narrow down your options, we looked into some of the most popular American Standard toilets presently on the market. Each model was weighed using our own specific criteria including comfort, water efficiency, ease of use, ease of maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and overall value. And here are our top 8 choices:


Editor choice 1 American Standard Boulevard FloWise
American Standard Boulevard FloWise
(Best Luxury American Standard Toilet)

Sleek and sophisticated, the Boulevard FloWise toilet is as decorative as it is efficient. Its excellent engineering and impeccable design demonstrate the perfect marriage of comfort and convenience for a world-class bathroom experience.

2 American Standard H2Option
American Standard H2Option
(Best Dual Flush American Standard Toilet)

Straightforward and robust, the H2Option is a toilet that was built for efficiency. Using a dual flush system, this model maximizes water savings while promising a complete bowl evacuation that keeps your toilet clean for longer.

Best seller 3 American Standard Cadet 2467016.020
American Standard Cadet 2467016.020
(Best Pressure Assisted American Standard Toilet)

Say goodbye to your plunger and hello to the powerful Cadet toilet from American Standard. With an aggressive pressure-assisted flush system, this toilet can evacuate even the most substantial waste, letting you enjoy a clog-free toilet for decades to come.

4 American Standard Champion-4
American Standard Champion-4
(Best Low Profile American Standard Toilet)

The Champion-4’s lower silhouette can be a total treat for the eyes, but what really makes it a champion is its excellent flush that might just put plunger manufacturers out of business.

Best value 5 American Standard Cadet 3
American Standard Cadet 3
(Best Gravity Fed American Standard Toilet)

The Cadet 3 is proof that gravity-fed toilets are here to stay. Using a slightly taller tank, this toilet promises a vigorous flush that competes closely with the power of even the most aggressive pressure-assisted models.

6 American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle
American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle
(Best Space Saving American Standard Toilet)

The Cadet 3 Triangle features a smart silhouette that was designed to fit into the tiniest of bathroom spaces. Combined with its powerful gravity flush, this toilet is any space-conscious buyers dream-come-true.

Best price 7 American Standard H2Optimum Siphon
American Standard H2Optimum Siphon
(Best Water Efficient American Standard Toilet)

The H2Optimum is the ultimate high-efficiency toilet, boasting an incredibly low 1.1 GPF flush that doesn’t sacrifice cleanliness. And at an insanely low price that’s barely half of the others on our list, this contender makes the perfect pick for practical buyers.

8 American Standard Baby Devoro
American Standard Baby Devoro
(Best American Standard Toilet for Kids)

Get rid of the stepstool and make kids feel right at home with the Baby Devoro. This miniature toilet makes the ideal choice for little people, providing both comfort and flushing power in a compact size.



1 Editor choice

American Standard Boulevard FloWise – Best Luxury American Standard Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.28
  • One-piece: Yes
  • Toilet seat included: Yes
  • EverClean treatment: Yes
  • Other features: PowerWash Rim, Slow-Close Lid, Easy Lift Off Seat

The symmetrical, angular silhouette of the Boulevard FloWise Right Height American Standard toilet sets it apart at a glance. The mid-century design is sleek, sophisticated, and elegant, commanding attention and creating an inviting atmosphere inside your bathroom space. But there’s a whole lot more to this porcelain throne than just it’s impressive good looks.

The one-piece toilet is seamless, with all of its surfaces blending together to create a streamlined body that’s limits the areas for bacteria and grime to thrive. It comes with a Duroplast slow-close lid that features the brand’s easy lift-off latch, letting you remove the seat effortlessly for a complete clean. Inside, the bowl itself is treated with American Standard’s iconic EverClean surface coating, allowing waste to slide off of the china for a clean look and zero odor after each use.

American Standard Boulevard FloWise -4

To make doubly sure that your toilet stays cleaner for longer, the Boulevard FloWise toilet goes the extra mile with a PowerWash rim that scrubs the toilet sides with several strong jets of water that gush out from the seat rim with each flush. This works wonders to prevent the development of water stains, mold, and mildew, extending the time between each manual toilet cleaning.

Water-efficient at just 1.28 GPF, the Boulevard FloWise toilet combines all of the features you would ever want in a toilet. Comfortable, easy to maintain, and exceptionally elegant, the only problem you might run into with this luxury model is that it might not be compatible with store-bought toilet seats from other manufacturers.

  • Seamless one-piece construction means there aren’t a lot of nooks and crannies for grime or bacteria to grow
  • EverClean treatment and PowerWash rim work together to ensure a complete rinse and evacuation
  • Easy lift-off toilet seat lets you completely remove the seat and lid for a more intensive cleaning
  • FloWise technology maximize flush strength for the complete bowl evacuation without using more than 1.28 GPF
  • Eye-popping aesthetic adds a touch of mid-century modern flair to make your bathroom space more inviting
  • Not compatible with most toilet seats from other manufacturers

American Standard H2Option – Best Dual Flush American Standard Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.28 full flush; 0.92 partial flush
  • One-piece: No
  • Toilet seat included: No
  • EverClean treatment: Yes
  • Other features: PowerWash Rim, Dual Flush system

Using a gravity-fed flush system, the H2Option American Standard toilet features the brand’s ultra-efficient dual-flush mechanism. This gives you the choice between a full or partial flush, helping you fine-tune each flushing to minimize water use (to cut down on your water waste also check our guide – 9 Best Flushing Toilets).  The high-efficiency toilet lets you clear away liquid waste with as little as 0.92 GPF or solid waste with 1.28 GPF.

American Standard H2Option

To help completely evacuate your toilet with such a small amount of water, the H2Option uses American Standard’s EverClean surface treatment. Around the edges of the bowl, the PowerWash rim system releases powerful jets of water that efficiently clear away waste from all sides of the bowl. Together, these features also help maintain your toilet in pristine conditions, slowing down the development of stains, grime, mold, and mildew.

Able to flush up to 1,000 grams of waste with its full flush function, the H2Option is a modest-looking toilet that delivers excellent flushing performance. Of course, its slightly utilitarian aesthetic might not rub off well on buyers who want something a little more decorative. But if you can forgive that, it makes a smart bathroom investment for a clog-free future.

  • High-efficiency toilet design minimizes water usage without leaving any remnants of your trip to the bathroom
  • Dual-flush system gives you the option to shave down water consumption even further, especially for fluid waste
  • EverClean treatment and PowerWash rim ensure excellent bowl cleaning with each flush
  • Robust gravity flush can eliminate up to 1,000 grams of waste in one go
  • Compact footprint takes up a limited space in your bathroom
  • Not exactly the best-looking toilet, featuring a utilitarian aesthetic that might not add much of a decorative touch to your space
3 Best seller

American Standard Cadet 2467016.020 – Best Pressure Assisted American Standard Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.6
  • One-piece: No
  • Toilet seat included: No
  • EverClean treatment: Yes
  • Other features: PowerWash Rim, Pressure Assisted Flush system

If clogging is an issue in your household, then the Cadet American Standard toilet is here to change that. This premier toilet features the brand’s powerful pressure-assisted flush system, ensuring a complete evacuation with every flush. It achieves this with a separate air compartment inside the tank. As you press the flush actuator, pressurized air is released with the water, creating a vigorous gush that pushes down even the most substantial waste

American Standard Cadet 2467016.020

As with most of American Standard’s contemporary releases, the Cadet features the EverClean glaze that creates a mirror-like finish on the bowl surface. This works wonders with the pressurized flush and PowerWash rim, ensuring excellent flush performance for zero residual waste and no stains.

The robust Cadet makes the ideal choice if your bathroom is often subject to high traffic and constant abuse. Sure, it might not be the most discreet, generating quite a lot of noise with every flush. But with the promise to put your plunger into retirement, the Cadet’s benefits definitely outweigh the minor flaw.

  • Exceptional flushing power ensures a clean bowl with zero residue
  • EverClean toilet bowl treatment inhibits the development of bacteria, stains, and foul odors
  • Capable of performing seamlessly with heavy use in high-traffic bathrooms
  • PowerWash rim efficiently rinses the entire bowl surface for a spotless surface after every flush
  • Simple silhouette is modern yet familiar, fitting in nicely with most bathroom designs
  • Noisier than your average gravity-fed toilet

American Standard Champion-4 – Best Low Profile American Standard Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.6
  • One-piece: Yes
  • Toilet seat included: Yes
  • EverClean treatment: Yes
  • Other features: Accelerator flush valve, low profile silhouette

The Champion-4 Right Height toilet is excellently designed, boasting a seamless one-piece construction that’s sleek and low-maintenance. The gorgeous contemporary silhouette is decorative yet functional, minimizing the nooks and crannies where bacteria, grime, mold, and mildew might thrive. For you, that means putting in less effort to achieve that pristine bathroom clean.

The low-profile toilet uses the Right Height American Standard measurements but looks shorter nonetheless because of its sunken tank placement. The lower tank allows a more compact appearance which can definitely ring well with discriminating buyers who are particular about their bathroom interiors. But the Champion-4 offers far more than just decorative flair.

American Standard Champion-4

This powerful toilet combines the EverClean surface treatment with a powerful 4-inch piston action Accelerator flush valve to give you a vigorous flush that evacuates up to 70% more waste than your average residential toilet. On the downside, the actuator needs to be held down for a complete flush. And the included seat, although comfortable, might not be built to survive heavy use.

  • One-piece construction is virtually void of nooks and crannies, letting you glide a rag over the body without missing a single inch
  • Low profile aesthetic is contemporary and clean, adding a modern touch to your bathroom interior
  • EverClean surface treatment resists the cling of difficult waste for a clean, odor-free toilet after every flush
  • 4-inch piston action Accelerator flush valve produces a strong, rapid release of water that’s more aggressive than the average gravity-fed flush
  • Slow close toilet seat eliminates the loud clap of a slamming lid for silent use any time of the day
  • The actuator needs to be held down for a complete flushIncluded toilet seat might not last especially when subjected to high bathroom traffic
5 Best value

American Standard Cadet 3 – Best Gravity Fed American Standard Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.28
  • One-piece: No
  • Toilet seat included: No
  • EverClean treatment: Yes
  • Other features: High profile, oversized 3-inch flush valve

Your first impression of the Cadet 3 might be that it’s pretty tall – and it is. This model features a tank that’s slimmer and positioned higher than your average toilet. But this seemingly unimportant anatomical change is more than just an aesthetic consideration. With its tank positioned higher against the wall, the water contained inside has greater momentum. The result? A stronger rush of water for a more reliable flush.

This simple design adjustment works together with the toilet’s oversized 3-inch flush valve, allowing a faster, more aggressive water flow. Of course, the EverClean treatment compliments these features, helping to remove waste material from the toilet’s bowl surfaces for an excellent clean after every use.

Using just 1.28 GPF, this high-efficiency toilet gets the job done without having to weigh down on your water bill. Unfortunately, its two-piece build and exposed trapway might foster the growth of bacteria. That and the water level inside the bowl might be a little too low for comfort. But other than that, the Cadet 3 is a pristine investment that delivers performance deserving of its price tag.

  • Efficient gravity-fed flush system uses just 1.28 GPF without compromising results
  • Oversized flush valve allows more water to exit over a shorter period of time for a fast yet powerful flush
  • EverClean bowl surface treatment works to prevent the cling of waste for a clean looking bowl that’s free of foul odors
  • Narrow body fits easily into bathroom spaces with a limited floor area
  • Comfortable seat height relieves pressure on the hips and knees
  • Two-piece construction and exposed trapway risk the growth of grime in hard-to-reach areas on the toilet’s exterior
  • Extra-low bowl water level might be a little unsettling for some users

American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle – Best Space Saving American Standard Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.6
  • One-piece: No
  • Toilet seat included: No
  • EverClean treatment: Yes
  • Other features: Triangle tank, oversized 3-inch flush valve

Space-conscious homeowners, rejoice! The Cadet 3 Triangle toilet is your solution against awkward bathroom floor areas that might not be able to accommodate a traditional back-to-wall toilet. This model features a triangular tank shape that fits seamlessly into a bathroom’s corner space. In effect, you get the opportunity to maximize your minimal floor area or make the most of an awkward bathroom layout.

American Standard Cadet 3 -1

Other than that, everything about this toilet is exactly like the standard Cadet 3. The model uses a powerful gravity flush system partnered with an oversized 3-inch flush valve. Working together with the toilet’s EverClean surface treatment, the forceful flush ensures total bowl evacuation with no need for double takes.

That said, you might expect similar issues when it comes to the Cadet 3. The two-piece construction and exposed trapway have tons of little crevices where grime and bacteria can easily thrive. But unlike the standard Cadet 3, this model seems to have a much more resistant factory flapper. This means you may have to hold the actuator down for a while if you want all of the bowl’s contents effectively cleared out.

  • Triangular tank silhouette fits seamlessly into corner spaces to maximize floor area
  • Powerful gravity flush system evacuates the whole bowl in one go
  • EverClean surface treatment helps limit the development of foul odors, stains, and bacteria
  • Extra-large flush valve permits greater water flow for a vigorous and instant flush
  • Ergonomic toilet seat height is especially comfortable and easy on the hips and knees
  • Flush actuator needs to be held down for a complete flush
  • Design has quite a few crevices that are prone to bacteria build-up, discoloration, mold, and mildew
7 Best price

American Standard H2Optimum Siphon – Best Water Efficient American Standard Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.1
  • One-piece: No
  • Toilet seat included: No
  • EverClean treatment: Yes
  • Other features: High-efficiency, PowerWash Rim

Looking for a way to cut down on water consumption even further? The H2Optimum Siphon toilet from American Standard takes high-efficiency to the next level with its incredible 1.1 GPF low-flow flush. The conservative toilet uses an optimized gravity flush system, utilizing the power of a downward force to evacuate your bowl with minimal water consumption.

Highly efficient and reliable, the H2Optimum also incorporates the EverClean glaze and the PowerWash rim to help keep your bowl cleaner for longer. The basic silhouette is simple yet contemporary, blending in effortlessly with any bathroom interior. And at just the right height, it makes a really comfortable toilet replacement as well. All of that at an incredibly low price, barely a fraction of the cost of others on our list.

It’s worth mentioning that the actuator on this thing can be pretty stubborn thanks to the sensitive flapper that seals shut almost immediately after you flush. Hold the actuator down for a few seconds if you want more water released from the tank. Also, because it’s a 1.1 GPF flush, expect a pretty low resting water level inside your bowl.

  • High-efficiency toilet uses just 1.1 gallons of water for a full flush
  • PowerWash Rim ensures that the entire bowl surface is rinsed with water during every flush
  • EverClean treatment resists stains and allows waste material to slide effortlessly off for a residue-free bowl
  • Contemporary silhouette is simple and adaptable, perfect for any bathroom interior
  • Budget-friendly toilet ideal for buyers who want a reliable model that won’t break the bank
  • Stubborn actuator may need to be held down for the duration of the flush for complete evacuation
  • Unsettlingly low water level may be bothersome for some users

American Standard Baby Devoro – Best American Standard Toilet for Kids


  • Gallons per flush: 1.28
  • One-piece: No
  • Toilet seat included: Yes
  • EverClean treatment: No
  • Other features: Crescent toilet seat, 10.25-inch height

Whether you’ve got a preschool bathroom waiting to be remodeled, or if you’re a doting grandparent hoping to make your home a little more accommodating for little feet, the Baby Devoro from American Standard can be a smart pick. This low-profile toilet features an especially short seat at just 10 and 1/4 inches in height, making it perfectly accessible for small kids.

This high-efficiency low-flow toilet uses just 1.28 GPF but promises complete evacuation with its effective gravity flush system. The polished vitreous china bowl also helps with waste management and removal, allowing particles to glide off easily for a clean, odor-free surface after each flush. A sanitary dam on the included toilet seat ensures that little boys with bad aim won’t spoil the seat, letting the next little user get to her business without missing a beat.

Adorably small and intuitively designed, the Baby Devoro makes the perfect choice for homes that welcome lots of small kids. Perhaps the only flaws of the design are that it doesn’t come with the American Standard EverClean treatment, and neither does it have a compatible lid to go with the seat.

  • High-efficiency gravity flush uses just 1.28 GPF and generates minimal noise
  • Perfect height for kids and little people with a seat that’s just 10 and 1/4 inches from the ground
  • Crescent toilet seat features a sanitary dam to keep the toilet hygienic even after being used by kids with poor aim
  • Speed-Connect tank and bowl allow easy, instant installation
  • Contemporary design meets a compact silhouette for an adorable bathroom addition
  • Does not come with a compatible lid
  • Lacks the American Standard EverClean surface treatment

Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot more to toilet shopping than meets the eye. With such a wide selection of models on the market, it’s not uncommon for buyers to fall into a purchase that doesn’t really meet expectations

So, to spare yourself from the (expensive) episode of buyer’s remorse, it pays to know what you’re getting into. Here are the most important factors of the modern-day toilet that you should definitely take into consideration.

American Standard Boulevard FloWise

Water Efficiency

Way back in the day, toilets could use as many 7 gallons per flush. But today, contemporary toilets are designed to use far less. The industry standard rests at an easy 1.6 GPF, but some models go as low as 1.28. The H2Optimum from American Standard takes in a notch lower with its incredible 1.1 GPF system.

A low-flow toilet could save you as much as 2,000 to 4,000 gallons of water per year, depending on how many people are in your family. Dual flush toilets – that permit even less water use for half flushes – can help you save even more on your annual water bill, using as little as 0.8GPF for a partial flush.

Keep in mind that the local governments in California, Colorado, Georgia, and Texas, limit homeowners to low flow toilets only. That means any toilet model that exceeds 1.28 GPF might not be allowed for either residential or commercial applications in any of these mentioned states.

Flush System

A toilet’s flush system will tell you a lot about how well it would be able to evacuate your bowl – no matter how much waste you dump into it. With American Standard, you can expect four different types of flushing systems, each one bringing unique performance to match your home’s needs.

The Champion 4 Flushing System is American Standard’s premier flush system. The system was designed for high to very high traffic bathrooms, and virtually phases out the need for a plunger. Able to flush up to 200 feet of toilet paper in one go, this heavy-duty system makes a smart choice for big homes with big families.

The Cadet 3 Flushing System uses similar anatomy to the Champion 4. This gravity assisted toilet can flush away up to 150 feet of toilet paper in one sitting and is equally efficient at maintaining clog-free operations. It was designed with moderate to high traffic bathrooms in mind.

The Aquaforce Flushing System is American Standard’s quintessential gravity-fed flush system. It’s relatively quiet, efficient, and perfect for the typical household with low to moderate bathroom traffic.

The Pressure Assisted System like that seen on the Cadet is a robust flushing system that incorporates a separate tank filled with compressed air. As you flush, this air acts as a spring, pushing the water for an extra vigorous evacuation. The Pressure Assisted System is often the flush of choice for homes where clogging is a routine occurrence.

The Dual Flush System used by toilets like the H2Option features a full and half flush that lets you fine-tune how much water your toilet will use to address its contents. The normal full flush uses the standard 1.6 or 1.28 GPF and is intended for solid waste, while the partial flush uses just 0.8 GPF for liquid waste.

By the way, check our 9 Best Flushing Toilets review and pick your ideal toilet that takes care of the environment! 

8 Best American Standard Toilets

Ease of Maintenance

If you’re still using a decades-old toilet, then cleaning it might be one of the biggest banes of your bathroom maintenance routine. Fortunately, modern toilet designs incorporate a wealth of features that don’t only relieve the need for constant cleaning but also keep your toilet looking fresh and new for years down the line.

The American Standard brand offers a range of features that are intended to achieve that end. Some include:

EverClean Surface Treatment – Using a silver-based double coat surface, the EverClean treatment inhibits the development of stains and odors. The coating is especially smooth and resistant, allowing the effortless glide of waste material for a polished bowl after every flush.

PowerWash Rim – Some of the American Standard toilets incorporate a number of small jets positioned around the rim of the bowl. These small outlets combine water with pressurized air to ‘scrub’ the bowl with each flush, resulting in a cleaner toilet free of stains and foul odors.

Easy Lift-Off Toilet Seats – The Easy Lift-Off toilet seat design from American Standard uses a unique toilet seat latch that permits effortless removal for a more intensive clean. This makes it easier to get into all those little nooks and crannies for complete, 360-degree sanitation. Do note that not all American Standard toilets come with a seat. However, the Easy-Lift Off seats can be purchased as an after-sales add-on.

Noise Level

Ever tried to flush a toilet while the rest of your house was sleeping? The roaring rush of water from a noisy toilet can wake anyone up in those wee hours, and that’s why some households even go as far as implementing rules that prohibit flushing at night. But because no one wants to wake up to the stench of last night’s bathroom episode wafting freely through the air, buying a toilet that reduces noise might be one of your top priorities. For the excellent flushing performance read our guide – 9 Best Flushing Toilets

When it comes to noise levels, you should mostly look into the flush system. As a general rule, gravity-fed toilets generate much less noise. But then again, there would be something of a trade-off, since pressure toilets are better at evacuating difficult waste.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you think is more important. If nighttime use is a frequent occurrence and you want to flush without worrying about the noise, then gravity fed might be best. But if you need the extra push and don’t mind a momentary interruption in the middle of the night, go for pressure-assisted.

8 Best American Standard Toilets-3

High vs Low Profile

Toilet height is an issue of comfort and ergonomics, and choosing between the two ultimately depends on who you expect to use the brand-new bathroom addition. Both of these toilet silhouettes bring different benefits, and understanding how they can change your experience should help you zero in on a model that truly meets your needs.

⦁ The high-profile toilet reduces pressure on the hips and knees, allowing a more relaxed, more comfortable experience. High profile toilets are better for homes with elderly users, or individuals who might have a limited range of motion with joints involving the lower extremities.

⦁ The low-profile toilet like the Baby Devoro, on the other hand, features a shorter overall height. With the seat slightly closer to the ground, these toilets are better for households with small children. In some ways, they also help promote easier bowel movements, especially for users who might often struggle with difficult stool.

In some cases, a manufacturer might describe a toilet as ‘low’ or ‘high’ profile in reference to the tank height. That means the seat itself isn’t lower or higher, but the entire toilet itself seems taller or shorter because of the tank placement. More often, this will have no impact on performance, it does change up aesthetic quite a bit.

The EverClean surface treatment is a permanent coating that’s sprayed directly onto the bowl surface. It’s guaranteed to last a lifetime with the right care. To maintain the coating, use liquid cleansers diluted in water. Avoid harsh detergents, bleaches, powder cleansers, or cleaning agents that need to be left in the toilet to soak. Do not use abrasive scouring pads or brushes, and opt for soft sponges whenever cleaning the toilet bowl surface.

No. American Standard toilets follow very specific measurements and are designed to work as a set. Combining different components from varying toilet models may result in a faulty toilet system or a toilet that won’t work at all. Always refer to the official product guide and manual to learn more about the compatibility of bowls and tanks and consult an American Standard customer support specialist for more information.

The American Standard brand recommends installing accessories from their line-up to avoid any complications or compatibility issues. In some cases, you might not be able to make a claim on your warranty if the damage was the result of a toilet accessory or add-on from a different brand or manufacturer.

Over to You

Toilets are an investment, improving your comfort and even adding value to your home. So, don’t settle for anything less than the very best American Standard toilet.

When it all comes right down to it, the Boulevard FloWise is a shining example of American Standard’s excellence. Comfortable, convenient, eco-conscious, and incredibly elegant, this toilet can easily take center stage in your bathroom space. Not quite what you’re looking for? Check out our other top recommendations to bring your bathroom up to the American Standard.

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