9 Best Baby Breathing Monitors that Save Lives

When it comes to our babies, a parent has to do everything to keep their young ones safe. In many situations  this  means being proactive, so many parents opt to purchase baby breathing monitors. These monitors are designed to prevent the occurrence of SIDs in children, and they are instrumental if your child has a chronic ailment. In this guide, we will review nine distinct baby breathing monitor products so that you, as the parent, will know your options.

Comparison Table

Before we begin  the review section, let’s take a look at some of the products that will be featuring. Our readers are critical to us and we understand how important your child is to you,  that is why we would like to present these products to make you more well-informed.

Editor choice 1 New Babysense 7
New Babysense 7
(The Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Reliability)

The New Babysense 7 is a highly sensitive device which provides accurate information about the wellbeing of your child.

2 Snuza Portable
Snuza Portable
(Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Ease of Use)

The Snuza Portable has a useful design that allows you to clip it directly onto your baby’s diaper.

3 Snuza Go!
Snuza Go!
(Best Baby Breathing Monitor for LED-lights)

The Snuza Go! is a relatively simple baby monitor with the additional green, orange and red LED lights that indicate the movements of your child.

4 HelloBaby 2.4inch
HelloBaby 2.4inch
(Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Compact Design)

The HelloBaby 2.4inch is a baby monitor that features two primary components such as HelloBaby camera system and HelloBaby parent monitor unit, providing a more active version of baby monitoring.

5 HelloBaby 3.2inch
HelloBaby 3.2inch
(Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Field of View)

The HelloBaby 3.2inch is a baby breathing monitor with an expandable camera system and a parent display unit that allow you to keep up with what is going on in your baby’s room.

6 Angelcare
(Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Overall Convenience)

The Angelcare is designed specifically to determine your child’s movements using a sensor pad, which is placed underneath the mattress of the child’s bedding.

(The Best Under-mattress Baby Breathing Monitor)

The NANNY is a very sensitive product with a wired connection between the sensor pad and the control unit.

8 Levana Oma Snuza
Levana Oma Snuza
(Best Baby Breathing Monitor for a Secure Fit)

The Levana Oma Snuza is a very sensitive clip-on product that functions even if your child sleeps on his or her stomach.

9 MonBaby
(Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Smartphone Integration)

The MonBaby is very useful for parents because it broadcasts information directly to your smartphone or tablet via push notifications. Moreover it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.  



1 Editor choice

New Babysense 7 – The Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Reliability


  • Weight: 2.31 pounds
  • 2 sensitive sensor pads
  • Alert after 20 sec. without movement
  • Highly sensitive device
  • Hidden connecting wires
  • 4 AA batteries
  • One-button activation

The first product in our guide is the new Babysense 7. This product is the latest iteration of the Babysense baby monitor product line, and it utilizes two large pads to provide accurate information about the wellbeing of your child. The pads are very sensitive, so even the slightest movement of your baby is detected. These pads are placed underneath the mattress so that it doesn’t disturb your little one’s sleep.

If no movement is detected for a full 20 seconds, the system is designed to alert you via the control unit. This system takes into account micro movements so that there are fewer false alarms received throughout the night. This system also utilizes a control unit letting you know what’s happening, which is very convenient.

Overall, this is a beneficial system for keeping your child’s health under constant care. The sensor unit  is designed to provide a relatively high tech solution that will keep you up-to-date should the status of your child begin to change. For this reason, it is a very recommended product.


  • The sensor pads are very accurate.
  • Your baby won’t notice the presence of the pads.
  • The sensitivity of the pad is entirely adjustable.
  • There’s no smartphone integration.
  • In the unlikely event of a false alarm, the alarm will wake the baby.

Snuza Portable – Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Ease of Use


  • Weight:1.12 ounces
  • Fits onto baby’s diaper
  • Alert after 15, 18 or 20 sec. without movement
  • Battery life: 2000 hours
  • Color display
  • Easy-to-use

The Snuza alarm has a useful design that allows you to clip it directly onto your baby’s diaper. While this is slightly unconventional, it is very effective at detecting any irregularities with your child’s sleep pattern. Like the first product in our guide, an audible alarm is emitted after 15, 18, or 20 seconds have elapsed without movement. While this device has an excellent overall battery life, it’s also advantageous that you can quickly change the battery with just a single finger.

This product, which falls under the Snuza Go! line of products is also great for babies that may have irregular sleep patterns as a result of a pre-existing condition. One of the most useful features of this product is the fact that the alarm isn’t overly loud, which means that if a false alarm happens, it won’t necessarily wake the baby.

  • It has a unique design.
  • It’s effortless to clip onto a baby’s diaper.
  • It’s so small that your baby won’t even notice it.
  • If your baby likes to roll, they can accidentally dislodge the monitor which causes the alarm to go off.
  • This is not a fully waterproof product.

Snuza Go! – Best Baby Breathing Monitor for LED-lights


  • Additional LED lights
  • At-a-glance updates since your last check
  • Simple product
  • Easy to change batteries
  • Batteries last for up to six months
  • Clips easily onto baby’s diaper
  • Soft clicking sound lets you know the product is working

This variant of the Snuza Go! baby monitor has additional  LED lights. They are designed to give you at-a-glance updates indicating any events since your last check. How does it work? Well, this product uses a sensor that rests against your baby’s tummy. During use, the product monitors each movement to determine your child’s state.

For example, when the LED is green, this means that there are no problems noticed by the device. If the indicator shines orange, it says that there have been some weak movements of your baby. Red indicates that there haven’t been any movements in the last 20 seconds.

This is a relatively simple product that can be invaluable. The onboard batteries last for up to six months, but like the other models, these batteries are very easy to change. Also, like the other version of the product, the Snuza Go! clips easily onto your baby’s diaper waistband. Additionally, the device also emits a soft clicking sound that lets you know the product is working.

  • Easy-to-use device
  • Most babies won’t even notice its presence.
  • The LEDs quickly provide you with a visual update of your baby’s state.
  • Can be dislodged by the baby.
  • These have been known to be delivered with faulty batteries.

HelloBaby 2.4inch – Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Compact Design


  • Color LCD screen
  • HelloBaby camera system (allows you to zoom, pan, pivot and tilt)
  • HelloBaby parent monitor unit (has an onboard mic: an expanded view of the room)
  • Long-range, stable signal strength
  • Feeding Alarm
  • Lullaby Player

Unlike the previous products that have been reviewed so far, the HelloBaby 2.4 inch digital color LCD screen is designed to provide a more active version of baby monitoring. It also features two primary components. The first and maybe the most essential element is the HelloBaby camera system which is designed to provide a live feed to your baby’s sleeping area so that you can quickly see if anything is up. You can expand the range of view by adding up to four cameras so that you can have a higher degree of coverage. Each camera allows you to zoom, pan, pivot  and tilt so you can get a reasonably complete control package.

The second primary component of the HelloBaby monitor system is the HelloBaby parent monitor unit. This monitor allows you to quickly view what’s going on in the baby’s room via a small screen. The monitor also has a future like an onboard mic, which will allow you to sing lullabies to your baby, even when you are away. It’s also straightforward to cycle through cameras so that you can have an expanded view of the room.

With a superb 960 ft outdoor receiving distance, this Video and camera for monitoring babies offer you the perfect long-range, stable signal strength.

Another useful feature of this HelloBaby monitor is its rest mode. During rest mode, the product will remain in a dormant state until sound and movement in the room are detected. When this happens, the product will spring back to life in a few seconds and provide you with a live feed. You can also have the device enable an alarm that will remind you when it’s time to change or feed your child.

  • You can receive video on the monitor up to 900 feet away.
  • The video signal is entirely encrypted.
  • The device also comes with built-in lullabies for your baby.
  • The product even has a night vision mode.
  • This product has no built-in alarm system should your baby stop moving/breathing.

HelloBaby 3.2inch – Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Field of View


  • Parent display unit
  • 3.2 in LCD screen
  • Zoom, tilt and pan camera
  • Night vision mode (black and white)
  • Built-in microphones (960 feet transmission range)
  • Two-Way Audio System

Sometimes, a broader range of views is preferable, and this version of the HelloBaby improves on the 2.4-inch one by increasing screen size. Just like the other variation, this product incorporates an expandable camera system and a parent display unit. In fact, this product has a 3.2 in LCD screen that has a high definition resolution and a high frame rate so that you can keep up with what is going on in your baby’s room.

The parent unit also grants you a high level of control over the connected cameras. Using the on-device controls, you can zoom, tilt and pan to see your child. When it is dark, you can also angle the infrared night vision mode which will display what’s happening in black and white. This black and white video feed has a high degree of crispness, which allows you to see all the details.

The connected cameras have high definition capability and can be daisy-chained so that you can have a more complete image of what’s happening around your baby. These camera units also have built-in microphones the can pick up sounds within 960 feet. These microphones provide a means of two-way communication, so if you want to speak with someone in the baby’s room or sing a lullaby, then this product is ideal.

  • The audio and video quality are very high definition.
  • The cameras have an extensive range of view.
  • All aspects of the baby monitoring system are plug and play.
  • The larger screen makes it easier to keep an eye on your child.
  • Despite a lengthy charge period, the cameras can run out of power quickly.
  • The sound is very loud.

Angelcare – Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Overall Convenience


  • Alarm tone after 20 sec. without movement
  • Easy-to-read screen
  • Displays room temperature
  • Soft night light

Like the first product in our guide, the Angelcare movement and sound monitor is designed specifically to determine your child’s movements using a sensor pad. This large sensor pad is explicitly designed to be placed underneath the mattress of the child’s bedding, and as a result, your infant will not even notice that it’s there.

If the sensor pad notices a lack of movement for more than 20 seconds, the control unit, which has a digital display, will emit an alarm tone. When operating under standard functionality, the control unit also provides vital statistics about the conditions inside the nursery. These include nursery temperatures so that you can be 100 percent sure that your child is comfortable and safe.

When it’s time to check on your little one, the control unit also allows you to turn on a night light that’ll let you see what’s going on in the nursery. This light is very soft so that it doesn’t disturb your child.

  • The parent unit is very portable.
  • A full-color digital display
  • The night-light is a very useful feature.
  • The single pad design of the sensor is very convenient.
  • The product only has an 820-foot range.
  • The battery life on the parent unit can run down quickly.
  • The sensor pad will not work with hollow frame and memory foam mattresses

NANNY – The Best Under-mattress Baby Breathing Monitor


  • Alert after a 20-second pause
  • Very sensitive product
  • Wired connection between the sensor pad and the control unit
  • Few false alarms

The Nanny Baby Movement European monitor is another sensor pad product that can provide you some peace of mind. This device’s primary sensor pad picks up the regular breathing patterns of your child, even though the mattress. If for any reason, the device notices a 20-second pause in these micromovements, it will emit a telltale alarm. When a product works this way, it’s very advantageous because it can serve as an early warning should something be wrong.

Unlike other products, this Nanny product utilizes a wired connection between the sensor pad and the control unit. You can hang the control unit over the edge of the crib, and since the pad goes under the mattress; it is very safe for the baby. Additionally, this is a product that won’t get a lot of false alarms, so if you hear an alarm, you know to go check on your child.

This is a very sensitive product.

  • The wired nature of the product makes it very reliable.
  • Since it goes underneath the mattress, your baby will not be disturbed by its
  • In addition to the alarm, the lights on the control unit will also shine.
  • The sensing pad is the largest in the market and reliably cover the whole sleeping area.
  • When a false alarm does occur, it will wake up your baby.

Levana Oma Snuza – Best Baby Breathing Monitor for a Secure Fit


  • Alert after 15 sec. pause
  • Detects weak or infrequent movement
  • Very well-designed clip
  • Has no external wires or cords
  • Very sensitive

The Levana Oma is a clip-on product that fastens securely to your child’s diaper. When it’s attached to your child’s diaper, it is designed to rest flush against your child’s skin so that it can determine if there is any abdominal movement. Should the device not detect any movement after 15 seconds, it will immediately create an alarm sound. Also, there is a setting that allows it to take note of weak or infrequent movement as well and emit an alarm if needed.

The clip on the product is very well-designed; it will be challenging for an infant to dislodge the device from his or her diaper. Having said that, some children over the age of 6 months may be able to knock the device free. The device also doesn’t have any external wires or cords to get in the way or provide a danger to your child. One of the best features of the device is that it will even function if your child sleeps on his or her stomach.

  • The product is attached very securely to a diaper.
  • This is a very reliable product that will create an alarm sound if no movement is detected.
  • This product will even work if it’s damp.
  • Older children can dislodge the product.
  • The alarm isn’t as loud as it could be.

MonBaby – Best Baby Breathing Monitor for Smartphone Integration


  • Detects breathing, movement, body position
  • Push notifications directly to your smartphone
  • Clips easily onto baby’s pajamas
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Monitors baby’s breathing and sleeping position
  • Long distance range of coverage

When it comes to overall design, this MonBaby breathing monitor is somewhat different than many of the other products in this guide. This product easily snaps onto any article of a child’s clothing so that it can detect breathing, movement, body position, and even whether or not your baby is asleep. This is very useful for parents, especially considering that the device broadcasts this information directly to your smartphone or tablet via push notifications.

Even though this can be attached to your child’s pajamas, it’s tough for a child to remove, and since the product itself is very thin, your infant may not even notice it. When using this product, you can also determine which alerts you want to receive, which is very useful during your young one’s growth. When it comes to compatibility, the MonBaby breathing movement monitor is compatible with iOS and Android devices so even if you opt to upgrade, the app will still function.

  • This device makes it easy to monitor your baby’s status.
  • The Snap-on system is very intuitive and hard to remove by your baby.
  • Alerts are sent via Bluetooth.
  • The battery life only lasts about 10 days.
  • If you’re not careful, you can accidentally crack the clip.

Buyer’s Guide

When you’re on the market for a baby monitor, you’ll be bombarded with a plethora of options and features, which can make the process very daunting. Fortunately, many of these products share some key functional features. In this section of our guide, we’re going to show you some features to look out for when you’re buying one of these breathing monitors.

An Audible/Visible Alarm System

If you are purchasing a product that automatically monitors the health of your child, it’s absolutely imperative that you are quickly notified. Some Modern products can even alert you by a smartphone, but a more common feature is an alarm system that might just wake your child. While this might seem like a major annoyance, the alarm can certainly save his or her life, especially if they have a preexisting condition.

Vital Monitoring

Products with vital monitoring features can monitor various vital signs for your child in order to keep them safe. Here are a few vitals that some of the best products monitor:

  • Breathing
  • Heart Rate
  • Micro Movements in the Mattress (for sensor pad products)
  • Abdominal Movements

Smartphone Compatibility

As we move into the era of the Smart Home, it’s no surprise that some manufacturers of baby monitors incorporate internet-based systems into the design of their products. When your baby breathing monitor is designed to work with your smartphone, you will receive push notifications about the status of your child. This is very convenient, and since this is over the internet, there’s no real range limitation. Most modern products interface with both Android and iOS devices, and there are also products on the market that will even send you email notifications.

Smartphone CompatibilityFinal Thoughts

If your child has a pre-existing condition or you are simply worried about the possibility of SIDS, one of these baby breathing monitors can really grant you some peace of mind. Each of the products highlighted in our guide is designed specifically to help you keep up with the health needs of your baby, so review the article again and determine which one will fit your specific needs.

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  1. Hi! I bought the New Babysense 7 monitor and I have only one question – how can I adjust the sensitivity of this thing?? First night and I already got several false alarms.

    • The sensitivity can’t be adjusted but it’s not the problem because we had no false alarms so far.

    • You can’t change the sensitivity on this device. We ended up returning because of many false alarms. It went off always when our baby woke up and kicked it.

  2. I want to mount the New Babysense 7 on the wall next to the crib. How long is the cord that connects the monitor to the sensor pads?

    • Thank you for your question. According to the manual it can’t be mounted on the wall due to the strangualtion danger from the cords. All the cords are placed under the mattress, so your child can’t reach it. The control unit is mounted just on the side of the crib by means of special holding tool.

      Hope it helps. Ask more questions if you have any.

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