15 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200 – Good Music Makes You Happy

Music is an indisputable source of entertainment. Additionally, it literally soothes many people’s nerves, especially in periods of emotional instability. We can’t help but concur with the assertion that music is a “universal language” that doesn’t have racist tendencies. Listen to it through the best bookshelf speakers under 200.

Whether you’re from the third world countries or a citizen of the largest economical developing country in the world, you wouldn’t mind playing and listening to songs of artists from the other side. That unification is the best that music brings to us.

relax music

It might interest you that the reception of music differs despite the massive acceptance it gets among different classes of people. Yet, playing music doesn’t come or flow as smooth as the lyrics. You would need an efficient system to get the beats and pick out the lyrics from your favorite songs. You can try this by playing your favorite songs at the same volume in low-entry speakers and hi-fi ones. Certainly, the sounds wouldn’t be the same! Hence, it’s clear that the overall entertainment that comes from music goes a notch higher when going along with a speaker/sound system that brings out the rumble, bump, and thump that ate inherent in it.

This now brings us to another hurdle in the choice of an efficient sound system. The choice of a speaker differs from different classes of music lovers. To some, a hi-fi system is the definition of a good speaker while some other school of thought suggests the use of a bookshelf speaker. Whether you go along with the hi-fi proposal or considering the latter option of a bookshelf speaker, the fact is that having compact speakers in your home or any place you love enjoying music would do a world of good.

As the name already suggests, the speaker is intended to be on a “bookshelf”. While this has a literal meaning and doesn’t necessarily imply placing the speaker on the aforementioned surface, it’s worth mentioning that the primary point of placement is on a raised surface. It is now up to you to decide on a suitable place where you can stage your bookshelf speaker. With the convenient design that makes it an easy fit in medium-sized spaces, you may want to place it on a table, a shelf, or on a raised floor stand. Enhance your listening experience even more with our Best Speaker Stands guide. 

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There’s no doubt about the all-around entertainment that is exclusive to a definitive bookshelf speaker. From blaring out the lyrics in a sensual state with the rhythm of your favorite song backing it up in soft tempos at the background, you are sure that the speaker would take your music listening to the next level. However, you need to do your research well enough to arrive at the best bookshelf speakers that would not only fit into your budget and specifications but would also help you to maximize sound from medium-sized spaces.

Now, you need to realize that the sensational thrills you stand to enjoy from the speaker may not be forthcoming if you don’t take many important factors into consideration. With many bookshelf speakers available in the market, we came up with a precise guideline and compilation of the best portable speakers that you would find intriguing. Thus, you can now port to your favorite shopping platform to place an order for any of the speakers that catch your fancy.

It’s a fact that many music lovers and prospective audio speaker owners are content in the meantime with their earbuds and the built-in speakers in their television sets and laptops. If you’re now considering taking your musical enjoyment to the next level, you would need the detailed bookshelf speakers helpful buying guide we offer below.

Overview Table

It’s an established fact that many people around the world love music for different reasons. While some want to literally lose themselves in the sonority of the rhythm and get inspiration from the lyrics, some others consider music as a medium of entertainment. Whether you belong to the first school of thought or the former, having a bookshelf speaker guarantees maximum pleasure and thrills from your favorite tracks. Now that you’re about to go shopping for one, you may be wondering about the best bookshelf speaker to purchase.

Most times, music lovers and indeed individuals that want to have a sound system in their homes are at a loss on the right speaker to go for. The task of choosing one doesn’t present many problems as the availability of the speaker that fits into your specifications.

You may be looking to purchase a bookshelf speaker that is pocket-friendly but would be losing out quality and durability at that expense. In the same regard, your choice may be on a bookshelf speaker that music maestros would recommend but would have feet of clay to continue with the purchase because of the price. You are not alone on this, as hundreds of buyers face the same rigorous decision-making process.

How would you love to have an independent party to make background researches on your behalf and suggest the best bookshelf speaker that would offer amazing sounds at your budget? We understand the pains of buyers, which is the reason why we went into the market to pick out the best sound systems that would offer you unlimited and quality sound. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first bookshelf speaker or want to get another, you can be sure that the ones we discussed won’t fall short of your expectations.

So, let’s set the ball rolling. Below is an overview of fifteen bookshelf speakers you can get out there at the best price and with assurances of high quality.

Editor choice 1 Mica PB42X
Mica PB42X
(Best Optimal Bookshelf Speakers)

Tops on our list because of the unique features it packs, which guarantee you maximum music playing. Coming as a pair of Silk Dome Tweeter and a 4-inch Carbon Fiber Woofer, there’s no doubt that you would derive smooth treble and impactful bass from your favorite tracks.

2 Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000
Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000
(Best Designed Bookshelf Speakers)

The definition of class in a compact size. From the single speaker that boasts of built-in dome tweeter and basket bass, this bookshelf speaker ensures that you would get high-quality sound even without using a subwoofer.

3 Edifier R1700BT
Edifier R1700BT
(Best Wireless Connectivity Bookshelf Speakers)

Features a wooden enclosure to keep the beats at a minimal tempo while supplying enough bass. The highpoint is the Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to play favorite tracks from your mobile device.

4 Edifier R1280T
Edifier R1280T
(Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers)

Do not only make use of efficient Near-Field Monitors but also facilitates the connection of two devices through AUX.

5 Polk Audio T15
Polk Audio T15
(Best Surround Sound Bookshelf Speakers)

A pair of a sound system specifically designed for “big boys” that want to keep the bass down. Featuring DTS and Dolby Surround, it boasts of premium sound and can be mounted on the wall or any other compact space in the home.

6 BIC America DV62si
BIC America DV62si
(Best Vocal Clarity Bookshelf Speakers)

Offer an impressive sound quality that is buoyed by the 75-inch poly dome tweeter on each of the speakers and a 6-inch poly/graphite woofer.

7 Pioneer SP-BS22-LR
Pioneer SP-BS22-LR
(Best Lightweight Bookshelf Speakers)

Suitable for music lovers that have few spaces to spare in their homes. With the compact size that facilities movement, you wouldn’t have trouble moving it from your bedroom to any other part of the home you enjoy playing music.

8 Sony SSCS5
Sony SSCS5
(Best Frequency Bookshelf Speakers)

Your one-stop source of versatility in sound quality. Equipped with a 3-way driver, it has the capacity to deliver a clear audio path.

9 M-Audio AV42
M-Audio AV42
(Best Amplifier Wattage Bookshelf Speakers)

Ideal for the home with the 4-inch woofer supplying an improved sound quality. Definitely worth every penny.

10 Klipsch R-15M
Klipsch R-15M
(Best Sensitive Bookshelf Speakers)

Comes with a sensitive woofer, which joins forces with the bass reflex to deliver a mean audio punch.

11 Yamaha NS-6490
Yamaha NS-6490
(Best Equipped Bookshelf Speakers)

3-Way speakers that can fit into a range of occasions, such as functioning as an auxiliary speaker, a front or rear speaker.

12 Fluance SX6W High Definition
Fluance SX6W High Definition
(Best Durable Bookshelf Speakers)

Not only pocket-friendly but also offer an impressive natural sound quality. Good music shouldn’t cost a fortune!

13 Bose 161
Bose 161
(Best Versatile Bookshelf Speakers)

A pair you can’t afford to highlight in your list of potential bookshelf speakers. It is reputed for its superior sound quality and custom mounting brackets that make the task of placing it in proximity to your television.

14 Cerwin-Vega SL-5M
Cerwin-Vega SL-5M
(Best Crisp High Bookshelf Speaker)

Combines unique styling with amazing bass and excellent sound quality for crisp and punchy rhythm from your favorite songs. The 2-Way system design, efficient frequency, and lightweight make it a good sound system option for your home.

15 JBL Arena 120 Black
JBL Arena 120 Black
(Best Wall-Mountable Bookshelf Speakers)

Doubles as a surround sound system and woofer. Packed with a sophisticated look, it has a portable outlook that makes it easier to set up in any place at home, including mounting it on a wall.


1 Editor choice

Mica PB42X – Best Optimal Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 5 x 5.8 x 9.5 inches
  • The frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz
  • Excellent vocal clarity
  • Sensitivity rate of 85dB 1W/1M
  • Compact design

Have you always longed to play that favorite song you heard from the radio or came across at the club? Things could really get sour when the audio quality you expect doesn’t come close to the wacko beats that emanate from your speaker. If you have been in that situation or do not want to experience it, it would benefit you greatly to get your hands on the Mica PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers.

Featuring a 4-inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter assures you of an impactful bass and smooth treble that would transport into the world of bliss that is synonymous with uplifting tracks.

What’s more? It doesn’t stop at having an excellent vocal clarity that produces the best bangs for your ears but also has a compact design that makes it easy to place at any corner of the room that catches your fancy.

The Mica PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers are recommended because of the low distortion when playing music, the affordability, and of course, the vocal clarity, and compact design.

  • The ported enclosure delivers an extended bass response
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for use alongside a computer system
  • Easily portable
  • You may need to get EQ to help with the frequency response

Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 – Best Designed Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 5 x 6.3 x 10.9 inches
  • The frequency response of 47Hz-30kHz
  • Sensitivity rate of 91dB
  • Compact size
  • Available in gloss white and gloss black
  • Features a 1-inch pure aluminum dome tweeter

One may be forced to overlook the Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Bookshelf Speaker because of the mono sound system. However, if you can forget the numbers and focus on the quality, you would be amazed at the range of impressive features that make it a tower of sorts among other bookshelf speakers.

Featuring 5.2-inch cast basket bass and midrange drivers, the speaker also combines a ProMonitor 1000 satellite to deliver superior audio quality. While the bass radiators enhance the performance of the low frequency, the compact size and built-in keyhole mount also facilitate the placement of the speaker in a range of places, including walls and on the shelf.

We recommend the Technology ProMonitor because of the full-range speaker that is compatible with center channels and matching subwoofers. You may also want to mount it on the wall using the built-in keyhole.

Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 review 2

  • Presents a home theater sound quality using the mid/bass radiators
  • Compact
  • Surround sound
  • Front L/R Speakers
  • Rubber tipped-tripod stand
  • The price is a bit high

Edifier R1700BT – Best Wireless Connectivity Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 4 x 9.1 x 9.9 inches
  • 2 x AUX Input
  • Sensitivity rate of 85dB
  • Built-in Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • The frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz
  • Remote-controlled

Have you always been on the lookout for a bookshelf speaker that won’t embarrass you and your friends with an awful sound? Then the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are the perfect choice for a music lover that wants to spice up his music playing.

Featuring Active Near-Field Studio Monitors, the speakers come with a compact remote control that you can use even from the comfort of your bed. What’s more, you can pair your mobile phone via the Bluetooth connectivity for a hassle-free wireless connection.

We recommend the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker because of the high-quality walnut wood finish that makes it a great compliment to any type of décor in the home. You may want to connect two devices at a time. While this may prove difficult with other Bluetooth speakers, the 2 x AUX Input in this speaker makes it easier to connect two devices at a time without switching.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable bass and treble for smooth audio transitioning
  • Sensitivity rate of 85dB
  • Features a back panel
  • Classic wood finish
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Some users reported difficulty with turning off the Bluetooth
  • The price is a bit high

Edifier R1280T – Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 9 x 9.5 x 5.8 inches
  • Compact
  • Sensitivity rate of 85dB
  • Remote-controlled
  • Studio sound quality
  • 2x AUX Input
  • 2-Year Warranty

Setting up a studio won’t cost much when one of the most important components (sound system) is available. It’s interesting to note that you needn’t envy the robust audio quality that blasts out of the DJ’s turntable or the studio because you can replicate the same in your home with the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers. Featuring a 4-inch full-range input and 13mm silk dome tweeter, the speakers offer you a natural and robust sound quality.

If you don’t want to only focus on sounds, you may want to take advantage of the 2 x AUX input to connect two devices at the same time provided they have a dual RCA or 3.55mm headphone output.

On this note, we recommend the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers because of the robust sound quality that helps you to get the best out of your music play.

Edifier R1280T review 2

  • High-quality MDL wood finish
  • Robust rich bass notes
  • Precise control using the treble, bass, and volume dials
  • Dual RCA Input
  • Affordable
  • Good Warranty
  • Tend to reproduce lows at lower volumes
  • The weight is a bit heavy

Polk Audio T15 – Best Surround Sound Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 3 x 6.5 x 10.7 inches
  • 100 Amplifier Wattage
  • Frequency of 60Hz-24kHz
  • Sensitivity rate of 89dB
  • Doubles as a rear speaker and surrounds
  • Compatible with most home theatre AV receivers
  • Portable

It’s a fact that home theatres have been in the game of producing amazing audio quality. Although they have not really had much of competition over the years, Polk Audio T15 100-Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers are here to fight for its place.

Featuring an impressive 100-Watts Peak Power Handling, it goes the extra mile of replicating the sound quality of a traditional home theatre using the dual Tweeter and Dynamic Balance Driver.

Whether you love to enjoy music at high volumes or chose to keep it on the low, you’re sure that these speakers would meet your needs by leveraging the compatibility with home theatre AV receivers.

Our recommendation of the Polk Audio T15 100-Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers is based on the range of sound systems, including the T-series speakers that create an atmosphere charged with clear vocals.

  • Immersive surround sound
  • Very affordable
  • Compact
  • Front ported
  • Vented enclosure
  • The soundstage is a little on the crisp side
  • Users suggest using them as surrounds rather than mains

BIC America DV62si – Best Vocal Clarity Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 12.4 x 17.5 inches
  • Sensitivity rate of 90 dB
  • Tuned-vent bookshelf speakers
  • Black laminate finish
  • 43 Hz – 20,000 kHz frequency response

Today you can pick from many great bookshelf speakers and the BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers are definitely one of them. Being a must-have for any bass lover, they produce lively and deep sounds of drums and guitars.

Designed as 2-Way Venturi-tuned bookshelf speakers, they feature a 6.5-inch poly graphite woofer and a 0.75 soft dome tweeter. The speakers also have an impressive 90 dB sensitivity that combines with the distortion-free capability to prop up your music game.

We recommend the BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers because of the versatility that makes them a perfect fit for a range of occasions, including surrounds, main speakers, and front or rear center.

  • Magnetically shielded for distortion-free placements
  • Efficient for surround and stereo applications
  • Deliver clear and punchy sound
  • Feature soft dome tweeter and poly graphite woofer
  • Some users classify it as mid/high speakers that cannot produce very deep base
  • The tweeters sound harsh at very loud volumes

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR – Best Lightweight Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 4 x 7.1 x 12.6 inches
  • 80-Watt Power Handling
  • Sensitivity rate of 85dB
  • Features a 6 Element Complex Crossover
  • Mountable on walls
  • Authentic audio reproduction

The Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Speakers could be all you need to derive maximum pleasure when playing your favorite tracks. Featuring a 4-inch Structured Surface Woofer that produces an efficient bass quality, it goes the extra mile to utilize a 6-element, high-quality crossover for enhanced audio quality.

It might interest you to know that our recommendation of the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Speakers is not only because of the lightweight that makes their movement to be hassle-free. It also comes from the well-tailored highly efficient Soft Dome tweeter and high-frequency audio reproduction that make the task of producing high-quality sound less laborious.

  • Lightweight
  • Mountable on walls
  • Clear audio even with high volume levels
  • RF Molded Curved Cabinets for internal standing waves reduction
  • Versatile enough to be used as part of a multi-channel home theatre system or stereo speakers
  • Play louder using less power
  • Too strong bass sound

Sony SSCS5 – Best Frequency Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 9 x 10.7 x 16.2 inches
  • Sensitivity rate of 87dB
  • The frequency response of 53 Hz – 50,000 kHz
  • 100 Watts Input Power

You needn’t look farther when considering the best bookshelf speaker, as the Sony SSCS5 Bookshelf Speaker System proves to have relevant features that would enhance your music play. It’s worth mentioning that it comes from the stables of SONY, a brand that has continuously played its card right when it comes to entertainment. Hence, you wouldn’t be disappointed with your purchase of this bookshelf speaker.

Featuring a high precision Soft Dome tweeter for amazing audio qualities, the speaker also has tapered faceplate edges that keep away diffraction and facilitates a clear and natural soundstage. While the ported, all-wood enclosures combine with the strong cabinet design to provide an elegant and high-quality structure, the Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) fiber woofers, on their part, provide undistorted audio.

Considering the above features, the compact bookshelf design, the powerful bass, super tweeters, and low-end frequencies, we don’t have any doubt about recommending the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf for you and many other music lovers.

  • Resonant acoustics
  • High-quality structure
  • Optimized Crossover components
  • Wooden finish
  • Sony Super Tweeter for immersive sound staging
  • Compact
  • Offers room-filling sound
  • Bass is lacking on the receivers
  • The price is a bit high

M-Audio AV42 – Best Amplifier Wattage Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 4 x 5.7 x 7.4 inches
  • Input sensitivity of 90 dB
  • The frequency response of 75 Hz – 20,000 kHz
  • 2-Way desktop reference speaker
  • 20 Watts per channel Amplifier

If you’re in the market looking for an excellent bookshelf-sized speaker, look no more because you have it all housed on M-Audio AV42 Monitor Speakers. With an impressive input sensitivity and frequency response, the speakers have the capacity to produce clear, pristine highs. What’s more? You would love the effortless setup and premium structure that combine with the flexible connectivity to give you the best of sounds.

Although the price may be a little bit on the high side, you may want to sacrifice those extra sums of money for an all-around sound quality characterized by a 4-inch woofer and 20 Watts per channel amplifier that is exclusive to M-Audio Monitor Speakers.

The M-Audio AV42 Monitor Speakers are recommended and would make a great pair of sound system for you because of the compatibility with a range of devices and disposition to be a small home studio.

  • RCA inputs for connecting devices like mixers, and gaming systems
  • Compatible with a range of devices
  • Compact
  • Uncovered speaker cones for an improved sound quality
  • Users complain of a low hum when the speakers are not in use
  • Tends to emit a static sound after some time
  • Seems cheaper in design when compared with the M-Audio A40

Klipsch R-15M – Best Sensitive Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimension: 8.2 x 7 x 12.5 inches
  • Sensitivity rate of 94 dB
  • High-output IMG woofers
  • 90×90 Tractrix Horn technology
  • Rear-Firing Port
  • Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) tweeter
  • Come in a pair

Look no farther for a bookshelf speaker that offers punchy and clear audio quality, as the Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker has all you need to boost your music listening session.

It comes with Spun High-Output IMG Woofers that offer a low-frequency response. The speakers also take advantage of the proprietary 90×90 Tractrix Horn technology to provide the clearest sound quality.

Coming from Klipsch, an American company notable for the production of quality sound systems, it doesn’t come as a surprise that also doubles as a monitor speaker, has the capacity to fit into a range of occasions such as surround, left, right, and center.

There’s no doubt that the Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker has captured our attention and we don’t hesitate to recommend it considering the rear-firing port that matches the black polymer veneer cabinet, and the lifelike performances produced by the horn-loaded tweeter.

  • Creates a powerful listening pleasure
  • Balanced sound
  • Versatile
  • No-hassle connection
  • The price is a bit high
  • A bit heavy
  • The bass can get a bit muddy at loud levels

Yamaha NS-6490 – Best Equipped Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 25 inches
  • 45 Hz – 23kHz frequency response
  • Each speaker has 3 drivers
  • The sensitivity of 90 dB
  • 140W Amplifier

Many music lovers tend to find themselves in a dilemma of sorts when it comes to making a choice of a bookshelf speaker. This is because of the diversified products they have to choose from. But when you have an option like the Yamaha N-6490 Bookshelf Speakers, you do not need to have second thoughts before paying the bills.

This pair of bookshelf speakers are designed to suit a range of home theatre applications and can fit into a range of occasions, including functioning as auxiliary speakers, and front or rear speakers.

It’s interesting to see a 3-way driver comprising a 0.75 tweeter, an 8 woofer, and a 4 midrange – the trio merge to provide an excellent frequency response range. Besides these, it takes advantage of the 140 Watts of power alongside the excellent sensitivity to deliver a clear, full, and tight sound audio response rate.

We recommend the Yamaha N-6490 Bookshelf Speakers because the pair is worth your money and offers a succinct and punchy sound when you need it.

  • Magnetic shielding
  • Sturdy
  • Doubles as a 3-way acoustic suspension speaker system
  • Durable
  • Quite large for bookshelf speakers
  • Black vinyl with no simulated wood grain

Fluance SX6W High Definition – Best Durable Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 5 x 9.1 x 8.3 inches
  • 30-100 Watts power handling
  • The sensitivity of 92 dB
  • 50 Hz – 50kHz frequency response
  • Uses Ferro-fluid tweeter for longer life
  • Has an 18-gauge internal lead wire to reduce degradation

Whether you have a limited budget or looking for a classy yet efficient bookshelf speaker, you are sure that the Fluance SX6W High Definition Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeakers would fit into your specifications. They do not only have excellent amplifier wattage but also make use of Butyl rubber surrounds to boost the performance.

Designed as 2-Way 2-Driver loudspeakers, they come with a 5-inch polymer woofer and 1-inch tweeter for a thrilling audio listening pleasure. You would also love the natural walnut color and wide range of use cases that cut across front main and home theater surround speakers.

We recommend the Fluance SX6W High Definition Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeakers because of the prolonged lifespan, a wide range of use cases, and clear audio quality.

  • Premium vinyl woodgrain
  • Optimum conductivity
  • 5-inch high-performance drivers
  • Great budget bookshelf speakers
  • Impressive bass
  • Some users don’t like the look of the base
  • The size is quite large

Bose 161 – Best Versatile Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 5 x 11 x 4.2 inches
  • 10-100 Watts per channel amplifier power
  • Has 2.5-inch proprietary Twiddler drivers on each speaker
  • Self-adhesive rubber feet

If you’re looking for a compact bookshelf speaker and have some money to spare on one, your choice should be the Bose 161 Speaker System. Featuring an excellent stereo system that produces a balanced stereo sound on a wide area, you are sure of deriving the best audio quality when using this speaker.

We are thrilled to have custom mounting brackets that facilitate the placement in close proximity to your television. Aside from being versatile enough to play movies and audio files, the Bose 161 Speaker System also uses an Articulated Array driver positioning and Stereo Everywhere to provide a balanced sound that is synonymous to that of bigger sound systems.

We recommend the Bose 161 Speaker System because of the diversified radiation of sound, versatility, optimum performance, and easy mounting.

  • Syncome Computer-Tested
  • Uses Articulated Array driver positioning and Stereo Everywhere technology for balanced sound
  • Supplied custom mounting brackets
  • Surround sound
  • Modern design
  • Muffled and compressed bass
  • Users complained about the lack of high-frequency clarity

Cerwin-Vega SL-5M – Best Crisp High Bookshelf Speaker


  • Power handling of up to 125W
  • The sensitivity of 85 dB
  • 2-Way bookshelf speaker
  • 58 Hz – 26 kHz frequency response
  • Bass Reflex cabinet

The Cerwin-Vega SL-5M Bookshelf Speaker may not be your definition of portable but if you’re looking for a loudspeaker that provides an extended low and audio clarity, this is the right bookshelf speaker to choose. Designed as a 2-way speaker, it has a 125W power handling that combines with the Bass Reflex cabinet to provide extended lows, punchy, and crisp highs when you need them.

Featuring an efficient 5 1/4-inch driver for punch and clarity, the speaker also has an impressive frequency response, which in our opinion, is a testament to the quality of experience you would derive from the sound it brings forth.

We recommend the Cerwin-Vega SL-5M Bookshelf Speaker because of the clarity and punchy sounds that highlight the innermost beats of your favorite tunes. This is not leaving out the Soft Dome tweeter and versatility that makes it suitable to serve as home theater main speakers or rear speakers.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Stylish
  • Powerful
  • Versatile for many audio applications
  • The size is quite large
  • A bit costly

JBL Arena 120 Black – Best Wall-Mountable Bookshelf Speakers


  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 18.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 20-125 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB
  • The frequency response of 100 Hz – 40 kHz
  • 8 Ohms Nominal Dependence

If you’re bored with the literal “sound of broken ceramics” that emanate from your old speaker, it is time to try something new.

The JBL Arena 120 Black Wall-Mountable Bookshelf Loudspeakers prove themselves an alternative to your audio needs. With versatility at the core of its features, it uses the 5-inch woofer to deliver an all-around sound for a range of occasions, including gaming systems, TV shows, and when playing your favorite tunes.

We recommend the innovative JBL Arena 120 Black Wall-Mountable Bookshelf Loudspeakers because of the powerful highs, wall-mount solutions, and simplified system configuration.

  • Sophisticated and modern look
  • Doubles as a surround speaker
  • Features a 5-inch polycellulose woofer
  • Easy to mount
  • Quite heavy
  • The price is high

Buyer’s Guide

Are you ready to buy a bookshelf speaker?

You may need to go through our buying guide to ensure that you’re not leaving out the tiniest of details while shopping for your sound system.

We believe that you now have an idea of the best bookshelf speakers you would look out for when going to the market. We strongly recommend the Mica PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers for the sound clarity, compact design, and affordability. This wouldn’t stop you from exploring other options on the list.

What can I do with a Bookshelf Speaker?

Generally, sound systems like speakers serve a range of purposes. From helping the user to play casual music on the low and bringing down the building with the excellent bass and clear sound that are tenable in an efficient bookshelf speaker, the list of possibilities with the speaker is endless.

While the range of use cases is many, it’s important that you pay attention to the immediate and probably, the future needs you intend to solve with the speaker. Hence, the functions of your preferred bookshelf speaker should be in consonance with your specifications.

Listen to music everywhereThings to Check Out Before Buying a Bookshelf Speaker

You are set to hit your favorite merchant store to buy a bookshelf speaker but before you place an order, you may want to consider the last step. Now, we are looking at the list of things you must consider to arrive at an informed decision on the best bookshelf speaker to buy. Most times, buyers hurry off to the store to get one only to get disappointed after a few months of use. We bet you don’t want such a scenario to play out in your case, especially after spending a fortune to get one.

As we highlighted above, the Mica PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers remain a good option for music lovers that want to get the punch and clarity from their favorite tunes. Even at that, you may want to explore other unique bookshelf speakers like the smooth audio transitioning of the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers or the pocket-friendly Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers.

Whatever your options are, you still need to sort through the noise to arrive at the best bookshelf speaker that rhymes with your specifications. While we enjoin you to try the Mica PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers, you may want to use the buying guide below to cut through the options to arrive at an informed buying decision.

Power Handling

There always comes a time when you would get bored with the sound system you bought years ago and hit the market for a sophisticated and modern version. With the proliferation of bookshelf speakers that offer crisp sound clarity, you may be tempted to fall for any that comes your way. However, the rule of the thumb suggests looking at the power handling or amplifier wattage. The idea here is that more wattage signifies the capacity of the speaker to produce crisp and cleat audio even when playing on a high volume. The M-Audio AV42 Monitor Speakers fall into this category.


Note that you need to buy wire separately, as bookshelf speakers don’t come with it. We suggest purchasing AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire with Banana plugs.

Wireless Connectivity

Modern bookshelf speakers often come with wireless connections like Bluetooth. If you’re the type that loves taking things easy and wouldn’t love the inconvenience of turning the knobs on the speaker, you may want to go for one that has a wireless connection that facilitates the operation from a mobile device. Sometimes, you may be lucky to land one that has a remote control, making it all fun. If you’re looking at a bookshelf speaker with wireless connectivity, you would love the Bluetooth connectivity attached to the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers.


Bookshelf speakers are popular for their compact nature that makes it easier to store away on the shelf. However, you may need to arrange for additional space, as some of the speakers are heavier and more robust in size than others do. If you don’t have enough space in your home, it would be wise to go for a smaller size but if you do, having a bigger version wouldn’t be a bad idea. The Bose 161 speakers are a good example of a compact bookshelf speaker. To arrange the additional space properly read our guide – 12 Best Speaker Stands



While bookshelf speakers are commended for their crisp and clear audio clarity, some of them also get the knock for producing irritating sounds. This boils down to the frequency, which has to do with the range of sound the speaker can emit. The rule of the thumb is to go for one that wouldn’t saturate your ear with noise; preferably one within the 20-20,000 Hz bracket.


Energy is an important factor to consider when going for a bookshelf speaker. The formulation is that the energy of a bookshelf speaker and any other speaker, in this case, classified as Sensitivity, has to do with the use of less energy to produce high volumes. Hence, you may want to for a bookshelf speaker with high sensitivity. The Cerwin-Vega SL-5M Bookshelf Speaker falls into this category.


There’s no denying that the financial undertone plays a major role in the purchase of a bookshelf speaker. It could be saddening that you’re a few Dollars shy from going home with your favorite speaker after making frantic searches to locate them. Hence, it is important to work according to the budget and at the same time, not giving up on quality. You may want to consider the Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers because of their pocket-friendliness.

Surround Sound

It has been established that bookshelf speakers provide excellent vocal clarity. In addition to this, some of them tend to have multiple speakers that give way to surround sound. If this is what you’re looking for, then the Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Bookshelf Speaker is an option you should consider.

surround sound


Q: Does a Bookshelf Speaker improve a Home Theater System?

A: Yes, most of the speakers are compatible with home theaters, and combining the two brings about a vocal and punchy vocal clarity.

Q: Can Bookshelf Speakers be used as Front Speakers?

A: Bookshelf speakers fit into a range of use cases, including front speakers and surround sound.

Q: How far should a Bookshelf Speaker be from the Wall?

A: Walls can alter the clarity of your bookshelf speaker’s sound. Therefore, ensure that your speaker is about 2-3 feet away from the nearest wall.

Q: What is the Best Bookshelf Speaker?

A: The choice is yours to make. It is important to go for a bookshelf speaker that fits into your specifications, such as design, performance, and budget.

Q: Where should I place my Bookshelf Speaker?

A: It is important to place the speaker in a 2 o’clock or 10 o’clock position, preferably in an angling position that tilts towards your preferred listening position. Choose the best speaker stand with our guide. 

Q: What is the difference between an Active and Passive Bookshelf Speaker?

A: The active bookshelf speaker has a built-in amplifier while the passive derives power from an external amplifier and is connected to it through a speaker wire.


With a bookshelf speaker in your home, there would be no end to the surround sound and vocal clarity you would be enjoying anytime you turn on the system. In addition to the compact size and use of additional components like wireless connectivity and remote control, these speakers also have an efficient power handling and sensitivity that make the entire listening experience thrilling.

The Mica PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers tower above the others because of the extended bass response and portability. This is not to leave out the compatibility with computer systems and the pocket-friendly rate. These would help you elevate your game when playing favorite tunes.

You now have a concise list of the best bookshelf speakers. Take the cue from our list and look for the bookshelf speaker that caught your fancy in your favorite shopping center. We wish you an unlimited music play.

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