11 Best Built-In Grills – Key Element Of Outdoor Kitchens

Way back when backyard barbecues were reserved for celebrations. But these days, most households have adapted a regular, routine barbecue schedule, utilizing their grill at least once a week even without an occasion. Expanding your household cuisine’s horizons and mixing up that monotonous weekly menu, a grill can be a great way to enjoy family meals even more.

If you’re hoping to spend more time in your backyard, grilling and chilling with family and friends, then maybe it’s high time you invest in the best built-in grill. Stand-alone grills are all well and good, but a built-in design provides wider possibilities and easier maintenance for homeowners who use their outdoor kitchen more often.

Now, you’ve probably done a little window shopping for a built-in grill only to be confronted by a selection that’s way too wide and overwhelming. And that’s likely the reason why you’ve found yourself here. If you’re in search of the ultimate backyard barbecue set-up, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive built-in grill review and buying guide.

Our Top 11 Best Built-In Grills 

Grills come with a wide range of functions and features, making every distinct choice vastly different from the next. That said, you might say that not every grill will match your need, preference, and standards. To help narrow down your options and bring you to a grill that will truly satisfy, we scouted the market to shortlist the top-performing built-in grills. Then, using our own set of criteria, we ranked each one.

We took several considerations into account including versatility, fuel requirements, ease of use, ease of maintenance, provision for upgrades, availability of accessories, warranty, and overall value to bring you this list of the 11 top performers:


Editor choice 1 Lion Premium Grills L75623
Lion Premium Grills L75623
(Best Built-In Grill for the Money)

Everything about the Lion Premium Grills L75623 – from its sturdy build to its versatile functioning, to its reasonable price – make it nothing short of a grilling fanatic’s dream-come-true.

2 Memphis Grills Elite VGB0002S
Memphis Grills Elite VGB0002S
(Best Built-In Grill for Outdoor Kitchen)

The Memphis Grills Elite VGB0002S was designed for those who just need to have a smokey slab of meat twice or thrice a week. Robust and high-tech, this premiere built-in grill makes the entire process effortless.

Best value 3 Kenyon B70400
Kenyon B70400
(Best Built-In Electric Grill)

The Kenyon B70400S proves that electric grills can be just as efficient as any other. Able to produce that premium smokey flavor, this ultra-safe grill makes a wonderful choice for indoor spaces.

4 Napoleon BIPRO825RBINSS-2 Prestige PRO

The robust Napoleon BIPRO825RBIBSS-2 Prestige PRO comes with everything you could ever need from a grill, including an oversized cooking area and a wealth of features that let you prepare any meal in your outdoor kitchen.

5 Blaze Grills BLZ-5-LP
Blaze Grills BLZ-5-LP
(Best Built-In Propane Grill)

Versatile and reliable, the BLZ-6-LP from Blaze Grills is your quintessential propane grill, boasting convenience and performance that can easily satisfy both pros and novice grillers.

Best seller 6 Bull Outdoor Products 26039
Bull Outdoor Products 26039
(Best Built-In Grill Under $1500)

Built for an even burn, the Bull Outdoor Products 26309 promises to optimize heat distribution so you can use every single inch of its 810 square inch surface to achieve perfectly cooked food no matter where you put it on the grill.

7 EVO Affinity 10-0055-NG
EVO Affinity 10-0055-NG
(Best Solid Cooktop Built-In Grill)

Sleek and simple, the EVO Affinity 10-0055-NG works to extend your grilling horizons with its solid griddle cooktop and simple operation that combines the functions of an outdoor grill and a standard stove.

8 Weber Summit S-460
Weber Summit S-460
(Best Roll-In Built-In Grill)

No need to go through that expensive outdoor kitchen remodel with the Webster Summit S-460 – just roll it in place and hook it up to natural gas for a fully equipped built-in grill minus the renovation.

9 Napoleon Grills Prestige 500
Napoleon Grills Prestige 500
(Best Built-In Grill with Cast Iron Grates)

Equipped with cast iron grates straight out of the box, this pick from Napoleon promises a long lifespan and beautifully seared food that’s infused with potent flavor.

10 BeefEater Signature BS19932
BeefEater Signature BS19932
(Best Built-In Grill Under $1000)

The space-saving BeefEater Signature BS19932 is modestly sized yet robustly constructed, boasting reinforced material that’s guaranteed to survive heavy abuse.

11 Black Knight 501 Brick Grill
Black Knight 501 Brick Grill
(Best DIY Charcoal Built-In Grill)

The Black Knight 501 Brick Grill is the ultimate DIY kit – giving you the essential grill parts you need to build your own quaint little brick grill.



1 Editor choice

Lion Premium Grills L75623 – Best Built-In Grill for the Money


  • Fuel type: Natural gas
  • Cooking surface: 830 square inches
  • Grates: Stainless steel
  • Other features: internal light, extra-large temperature gauge, infrared rotisserie back burner
  • Warranty: Lifetime on cast stainless burner, stainless steel frame, housing, and grids, 3 years on flame tamer, 1 year on gas valves and all other components

The Lion Premium Grills L75623 Built-In Grill is pound for pound, the best grill you’ll find in its category and price segment. The premium stainless-steel construction boasts an 830 square inch cooking surface, letting you experiment with indirect heat cooking methods as well as prepare food in bulk for parties and festivities. The robust design runs on natural gas, producing up to 75,000 BTU’s to let you work on all sorts of tough red meat.

Atop the smoker’s head is an extra-large thermometer to help you fine-tune conditions to cook your food to perfection. Upfront, 5 different knobs let you control each separate burner. This way, you can turn off specific areas and achieve the ideal heating for slow roasting with indirect heat. And if you’re cooking up a meal under the moonlit sky, the L75623 makes it easy with 2 interior lights for maximum visibility.

Durable, versatile, and user-friendly, the Lion Premium Grills L75623 can elevate your meals and make you feel like the king of the grill. Watch out for the knobs though – they tend to heat up and cause minor burns. And since we’re on the topic of downsides, it’s worth knowing that the grill’s heat distribution tends to focus more on the rear, with food cooking faster when placed towards the back of the grill surface.

  • Ability to adjust separate burners for variable heat settings across a single cooking surface
  • Large 830 square inch grill surface can accommodate bulk cooking jobs for parties and special occasions
  • Stainless steel construction is resistant to rust even when exposed to the elements
  • Fast heating system gets your grill ready to go just seconds after ignition
  • Robust warranty protects your purchase decades down the line
  • Knob assembly may heat up during use
  • Slightly warmer towards the back of the grill surface

Memphis Grills Elite VGB0002S – Best Built-In Grill for Outdoor Kitchen


  • Fuel type: Wood pellets
  • Cooking surface: 844 square inches
  • Grates: Nickel-plated steel
  • Other features: WiFi-ready, ITC temperature probe, smoker and convection oven functionality
  • Warranty: 7 years on exterior and interior grill parts, 3 years on electronic parts

With the Memphis Grills Elite VGB0002S, your grill might just become the centerpiece of the entire backyard, boasting a range of features that can make any suburban homeowner drool. This wood pellet smoker and grill is about as high-tech as they make them, touting Wi-Fi ready functionality that lets you control your grill remotely through your mobile phone.

But aside from that, the VGB0002S is a rugged high-performance grill that can cook up sumptuous meals that require bare minimum time and effort. The top-tier rig can accommodate up to 24 pounds of meat at a time on its 844 square inch cooking area.

In terms of heat, you can set it as low as 180°F or crank it up to 700°F for tougher meats. But with its dual wall firebox and oven-quality gasket, the ultra-sealed and well-insulated cooking area evenly distributes heat so you never have to set the temperature too high.

On the downside, the behemoth built-in grill requires quite a bit of space, eating up close to 4 feet of width across your outdoor kitchen. And it’s worth mentioning that the high-end grill comes with an equally high price – costing three or four times the price of other grills on our list.

  • Fully automatic system lets you ignite the grill and control temperature with the push of a button
  • ITC temperature probe lets you know the internal heat of your food to achieve the perfect doneness
  • Wood pellet fuel provides a tinge of smokey, wooden flavor that enhances the taste of grilled food
  • WiFi capability extends convenience and lets you operate your grill remotely with your phone
  • Large cooking surface accommodates up to 24 pounds of meat at a time, perfect for party preparations
  • Pricey rig might not be a practical choice for those working within a budget
  • Won’t fit in outdoor kitchens with modest space provision
3 Best value

Kenyon B70400 – Best Built-In Electric Grill


  • Fuel type: Electric
  • Cooking surface: 300 square inches
  • Grates: Non-stick coated stainless steel
  • Other features: Split lid, waterproof touch control panel, dual zone heat control, UL approved
  • Warranty: 3 years on parts and replacements, lifetime on rust

Designed to compete with gas and charcoal grills, the Kenyon B70400 stands as a testament to the potential of a well-designed electric grill. This premium rig uses marine-grade stainless steel that’s guaranteed to be rust-free for a lifetime. UL-approved for both indoor and outdoor use, this grill minimizes the typical hazards that are associated with traditional grills.

If you’re concerned about the lack of flavor often associated with cooking on electric grills, the B70400S has a sound solution. The grill incorporates a drip tray that evaporates sauces to circulate flavor and infuse your food with that smokey grilled taste. If you’re cooking different food at the same time, the split lid and dual-zone cooking surface let you set different temperatures for either side, saving you time on the whole process.

Easy to use, incredibly safe, and built to last, the Kenyon B70400S proves that electric grills aren’t any less efficient than more popular grill types. Nonetheless, it’s not exactly what you would call perfect. Despite being advertised as smokeless, the set-up actually produces quite a bit of smoke – enough to require robust ventilation if installed indoors. Another thing is the limited cooking surface. At just 300 square inches, there might not be a lot of room for hosting parties.

  • Safe design is UL-approved for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Split lid and dual zone cook surface let you prepare various types of food at a time
  • Quick heat-up time gets the grill ready to cook in less than 7 minutes after being turned on
  • Waterproof touch surface allows seamless controls and easy operation
  • Drip tray evaporates sauces to incorporate better flavor into your food
  • Not entirely smokeless, so you may need proper ventilation for indoor use
  • Small cooking surface at just 300 square inches

Napoleon BIPRO825RBINSS-2 Prestige PRO – Best Built-In Gas Grill


  • Fuel type: Natural gas
  • Cooking surface: 1,245 square inches
  • Grates: Stainless steel
  • Other features: Dual heads, infrared rear burner, infrared bottom burner, integrated smoker tube, compatible with charcoal, LED lighting knobs
  • Warranty: lifetime

The behemoth BIPRO825RBINSS-2 Prestige PRO is a burly built-in grill that runs on plumbed natural gas. This fuel is delivered to 9 burners that produce up to 106,000 BTU’s – distributed over the 1,245 square inch cooking area.

Designed for those who grill and dine outdoors almost every day, or for those who entertain guests regularly, this gas grill from Napoleon makes it possible to cook up close to 50 pounds of food in one go.

The dual heads let you handle various types of food all at the same time, permitting varying temperatures across the surface. Towards the back, a rear burner serves the purpose of an indirect heating option, letting you roast a whole chicken to perfection. And if you were hoping to sear the edges of a medium-rare steak, a dedicated infrared bottom burner works to help you achieve just that.

With a robust lifetime warranty, the Napoleon BIPRO825RBIBSS-2 Prestige PRO is a major investment that’s built for outdoor kitchens that often see guests. Do note however that the rig may eat up quite a bit of your space. Other than that, this grill from Napoleon doesn’t allow users to convert from natural gas to propane without voiding the warranty.

  • Extra-large cooking surface lets you work on up to 50 pounds of meat in one go
  • Dual heads permit division of your cooking space so you can prepare different meats at the same time
  • Infrared back burner works as a rotisserie to let you roast meats and poultry to perfection
  • Dedicated bottom burner helps you achieve the perfect, golden-brown sear
  • Can use charcoal for added versatility and more cooking options
  • Particularly large – make sure you’ve got enough space for the whole rig
  • Can’t be adapted to a propane gas input without voiding your warranty

Blaze Grills BLZ-5-LP – Best Built-In Propane Grill


  • Fuel type: Propane gas
  • Cooking surface: 915 square inches
  • Grates: Stainless steel
  • Other features: infrared rear burner, flame thrower ignition system, heat zone separators, convertible to natural gas
  • Warranty: lifetime on grids, housing, and burner, 15 years on valves, 1 year all other components

Nothing beats the convenience of propane. As one of the most popular fuel choices for grills, propane doesn’t require the expensive installation of natural gas or the tedious chore of bringing coal to life. On our list, the best built-in propane grill comes in the form of the Blaze Grills BLZ-5-LP – the quintessential outdoor kitchen grill that can fit almost all needs and preferences.

Offering a 915 square inch cooking surface, the BLZ-5-LP uses a flame thrower primary ignition system. With a single turn of the ignition knob, this system brings the grill to life to achieve optimal cooking heat in record time. Inside, flame-stabilizing grids keep the heat properly distributed, reducing the risk of flare-ups and letting you achieve that nice, even doneness all around.

Sure, there’s a lot to love about the BLZ-5-LP but it’s not without a few kinks. The first thing we noticed is that it doesn’t come with a fuel gauge which can be a pretty big hassle especially if you frequently use your outdoor kitchen. Another thing is the grill’s many removable parts that tend to compound the cleaning process.

  • Can run on either propane or natural gas to give you more options for various situations
  • Sizable 915-inch cooking surface lets you cook loads of food all at the same time
  • Heat zone separators allow varied temperatures across the cooking surface so you can cook different types of food and meat in one go
  • Flame thrower ignition system reliably starts the grill and brings all burners to life without fail
  • Flame-stabilizing grids prevent flare-ups for evenly cooked outcomes every time
  • Lots of removable parts make cleaning a chore
  • Doesn’t come with a fuel gauge
6 Best seller

Bull Outdoor Products 26039 – Best Built-In Grill Under $1500


  • Fuel type: Natural gas or propane
  • Cooking surface: 810 square inches
  • Grates: Stainless steel
  • Other features: Porcelain-coated bar burner, Piezo igniters, ReliaBull technology
  • Warranty: 5 years on grates and fire box, 2 years on burners

The Bull Outdoor Products 26039 is a natural gas grill that comes in just the perfect size. Its 810 square inch cooking surface is insulated by a double-lined hood, working to trap heat and aroma to enhance the flavor of your food. Equipped with porcelain-coated burners, the Bull 26039 promises to cook your food more evenly than any other grill on the list.

The brand’s very own ReliaBull technology optimizes the grill surface so that every square inch reaches the same temperature as the rest of the cooking area. This is made possible by the improved flame tamers that sit just below the grates which work to optimize heat distribution to eliminate cold and hot spots. The result is a completely usable grill, letting you cover the entire surface without compromising results.

While the Bull Outdoor Products 26039 drop-in grill definitely gets the job done, there were a few issues we noticed with its design. For one thing, the knobs on the front that control the flames tend to heat up during use. If you’ve got little kids around, then that can be a major hazard.

Secondly, the knobs are set to move only a quarter turn at a time. If you were hoping to fine-tune the blaze, the restricted adjustment can make it hard to find that sweet spot.

  • Reasonably sized, making it a fit for the average outdoor kitchen
  • Efficient heat distribution reduces cold and hot spots for even temperature across the entire cooking surface
  • Porcelain-coated burners eliminate the risk of flare-ups
  • Sizable 810 square inch cooking surface is ideal for both personal use and parties
  • Quick heating lets you get started on meal prep almost instantly after ignition
  • Knobs tend to heat up during use and may be a hazard
  • Knobs can only be moved a quarter turn, making it difficult to fine-tune temperatures

EVO Affinity 10-0055-NG – Best Solid Cooktop Built-In Grill


  • Fuel type: Natural gas
  • Cooking surface: 650 square inches
  • Grates: Solid oil-seasoned steel griddle
  • Other features: Dual circular burner, circular cooktop surface, stainless steel drip pan
  • Warranty: 1 year

The EVO Affinity 10-0055-NG sets itself apart in two ways. The first is its shape – the circular cook surface provides easy access to all the areas of the grill, and fits perfectly in outdoor kitchens with central islands. The second is its surface.

Unlike other grills that use the classic grates, the EVO Affinity uses a solid cooktop surface or griddle. The oil-seasoned cook surface expands your grilling horizons and provides exceptionally accurate heat distribution that’s less prone to hot spots.

Powered by natural gas, the 10-0055-NG provides 650 square inches of cooking area to let you work on a variety of foods at once. Two burner knobs control the inner and outer burners inside the grill, letting you fine-tune the heat across the surface for more accurate results. And all around the griddle, a steel drip pan catches any spillovers to minimize the mess.

Easy and simplified, the EVO Affinity 10-0055-NG can be a smart choice for homeowners who want a new take on a classic outdoor essential. Just make sure you double up on seasoning since the solid griddle surface can compromise that grilled, smokey flavor.

What’s more, the grill’s circular shape also means that it might be tough to fit into your outdoor kitchen if you’re fitting it retrospectively.

  • Oil-seasoned solid cooktop can grill, heat, steam, warm, and smoke foods
  • Dual circular burners can be controlled independently of one another, letting you vary the temperatures along the outside and inside of the surface
  • Steel drip pan works wonders to minimize the mess associated with grilling
  • Adjustable vent exhausts steam and vapors for safe and efficient cooking
  • Flame portals let you see into the grill to manage the flames
  • The grill’s shape can be hard to fit into a pre-existing outdoor kitchen space
  • Solid cooktop may dampen the smokey flavor that you might look for in grilled food.

Weber Summit S-460 – Best Roll-In Built-In Grill


  • Fuel type: Natural gas
  • Cooking surface: 580 square inches
  • Grates: Stainless steel
  • Other features: Built-in cabinets, roll-in design
  • Warranty: 10 years

Don’t have time or resources for expensive renovations? The Weber Summit S-460 should take care of that. This roll-in grill is about as easy as they get, letting you literally roll the grill into place using the wheels that attach to its base.

Working almost like a cart, the S-460 can be pushed into its place between two countertops or moved anywhere in your space for maximum convenience and versatility. Once you find a place for it, the grill can be secured in place with a few screws here and there.

Equipped with stainless steel flavorizer bars, the S-460 works to ensure that your food is saturated with seasoning. The secure lid keeps all the steam and smoke contained inside the grill, infusing your meat and vegetables with potent flavor that produces restaurant-quality results.

To top it all off, this grill is the only one on our list that comes with a stainless steel cabinet, perfect for storing all of your grilling accessories and utensils for easy access.

Although we do appreciate everything that the Weber Summit brings to the table, there were a few flaws that we couldn’t help but notice. The first is the lack of ventilation. Being that the hood is so tightly sealed, flare-ups may occur especially if you’re cooking with bigger flames. Another thing we noticed is that the exterior tends to stain more easily, so even a thorough wipe down might not give it that pristine polish.

  • Comes with cabinets to give you room for grilling cookware, utensils, tools, and other essentials
  • Roll-in design makes it especially easy to install
  • Stainless steel flavorizing bars help to saturate seasoning for maximum flavor
  • Infinite control burners valves turn seamlessly for accurate temperature controls
  • Front access grease tray and catch pan make clean up less taxing
  • Not enough ventilation to prevent flare-ups
  • Exterior tends to stain with grease and oil

Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 – Best Built-In Grill with Cast Iron Grates


  • Fuel type: Natural gas
  • Cooking surface: 760 square inches
  • Grates: Cast iron
  • Other features: Jetfire ignition system, integrated infrared rear burner, charcoal tray
  • Warranty: 10 years on stainless steel tube burners, 5 years on stainless steel rotisserie burner, 2 years on all other parts and components

Cast iron has become exceedingly popular for its durability, nonstick properties, and its chemical-free construction. When used for a grill, cast iron grates retain heat better than stainless steel, letting you achieve the perfect results even with less aggressive flames. The Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 is our bet for the best built-in grill with cast iron grates, and for good reasons.

This grill comes with a modest 760 square inch cooking surface that roars to life with the design’s jetfire ignition system. At the rear, an integrated infrared burner lets you cook the perfect rotisserie meals, accommodating more than just a single full chicken at a time. And for a little added versatility, the grill touts a charcoal tray that lets you cook your meals with the flavor and char of classic coal.

The Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 sets itself apart with its premium cast iron grates, but it’s not without its fair share of hiccups. We noticed that the rear burner doesn’t self-ignite and requires that the user activate the ignition switch to light it which may be a hazard if you don’t go through the entire manual. What’s more, the model isn’t the easiest to install and may require professional assistance for proper assembly.

  • Charcoal tray gives you the opportunity to mix up your fuel source for added versatility
  • Cast iron grates last longer than stainless steel and work to retain heat more efficiently
  • Continuous control knobs turn without a hitch so you can get the ideal temperature to cook your food
  • Five stainless steel tube burners can be controlled independently to let you achieve different temperatures across the surface
  • Just enough space for personal use and for special occasions
  • Rear burner doesn’t self-ignite
  • Not the easiest grill to install

BeefEater Signature BS19932 – Best Built-In Grill Under $1000


  • Fuel type: Natural gas or propane
  • Cooking surface: 530 square inches
  • Grates: Porcelain enamel coated cast iron
  • Other features: Titanium coated ignition system, built-in thermometer, viewing window, vitreous enamel coated interior
  • Warranty: 10 years

Here’s one for those on a budget. The BeefEater Signature BS19932 is a cost-effective grill that comes with all the features you’d look for in a built-in rig. The inside of the head is coated in vitreous enamel for easy cleanup and maximum stain resistance. The cooking surface – made from porcelain-coated cast iron – is especially durable, able to withstand years of use without risk of rust.

Designed for hardcore grillers, the BeefEater Signature BS19932 features a reinforced construction that can survive heavy use. Of course, it’s modest 530-square inch cooking surface might make it better suited for smaller groups. But on the other hand, its compact size makes it an ideal choice if you’re working with limited outdoor space.

The only issues we found with the BS19932 are clean up and heat consistency. The lid’s design might make it a bit of chore to get into nooks and crannies, so your grill might never be grease-free. In terms of heat consistency, the burners tend to feel a little more aggressive towards the back of the surface.

  • Vitreous enamel coating makes it easy to clean stains and grease
  • Porcelain enamel coated cast iron is particularly durable, resisting years of use without signs of rust
  • Titanium coated ignition system guarantees fool-proof start-up every time
  • Modest size gives you a spacious grill that doesn’t eat too much outdoor kitchen area
  • Extra durable rig can effortlessly survive exposure to the elements
  • Lid design makes it difficult to reach nooks and crannies
  • Heat tends to focus towards the back of the grill

Black Knight 501 Brick Grill – Best DIY Charcoal Built-In Grill


  • Fuel type: Charcoal
  • Cooking surface: 405 square inches
  • Grates: Stainless steel
  • Other features: Ember guard
  • Warranty: 5 years

The Black Knight 501 Brick Grill brings you everything you need to build your very own brick grill. The kit is an all-inclusive package that provides concise instructions for easy installation, so you can enjoy the benefits of a simplified built-in grill in the comfort of home.

The kit includes a cooking grill, warming rack, deep ash tray, Ember Guard, charcoal grid, and lifting handles which all come together to produce a 405 square inch cooking surface – perfect for personal use. The simplified design uses charcoal as its fuel source, giving your food that iconic smokey flavor. Aesthetic wise, there’s no denying that the design is particularly charming, adding undoubted decorative appeal to any outdoor space.

Being that the rig requires a bespoke brick structure, so the installation can be far more taxing than what other grills require. On top of that, the grill can be tougher to clean, not only because of the coal but also because of the brick structure that might require unique care.

  • Ember Guard protects users from falling coal debris and sparks
  • Decorative design can look particularly handsome in your outdoor kitchen
  • Durable, no-frills design minimizes the need for maintenance
  • Premium stainless-steel grates are designed to survive frequent use
  • Cost-effective choice is affordable upfront and cheap to maintain
  • Installation may require double the work
  • Tougher to clean and completely rid of coal debris

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a built-in grill is no simple task. Often relatively more expensive than your average everyday stand-alone grill, these drop-ins are a major household investment. In fact, buying the proper built-in grill is a proven method for bumping up your home’s value. So the last thing you’d want would be to go about the buying process all willy-nilly.

The ultimate challenge is determining what features will benefit you most. What size do you need? What fuel type will suit your preferences? What accessories and added functions will make your built-in grill even more satisfying to use? We answer all of that and more right here.

11 Best Built-In Grills

Grill Size

They say that bigger is better, and during your search for a built-in grill, that might have been your mantra. But don’t let the persuasive words of a pushy salesperson make you believe that you need to go big or go home. Truth is, even the biggest, state-of-the-art built-in grill might put you through an expensive episode of buyer’s remorse if it’s not the size you need.

To determine the ideal built-in grill for your home, it’s important that you consider the amount of space you have available. Outdoor kitchens are often more spacious, but depending on your layout, you may have limited countertop space. In many cases, the lack of surface area to place plates of food, uncooked meat, condiments, cooking utensils, and more can be the biggest blunder in kitchen layouting.

If a grill will inevitably eat up more than 30% of your cooking area, consider downsizing to something a little less bulky. Oversized grills might seem like the perfect solution if you plan to use it often, but you’ll soon find yourself frustrated with the lack of space to move and to place other cooking essentials.

A 500-square inch grill like the BeefEater Signature BS19932 can be a great pick if you’re the kind of cook who likes the benefits of direct heat. With a live flame directly beneath your meats, direct heat produces a gentle char and smokey flavor that grills are loved for. But, if you want to expand your horizons, a grill with enough surface area for indirect cooking should be a consideration.

Indirect grilling essentially means cooking food without direct exposure to flames. The active burners are positioned around the borders of the grill surface, leaving the central cooking area without fire directly below. This is best for cooking things like vegetables, chickens, and other sorts of roast. If that’s something you’d like to be able to do, then a grill surface of at least 700-square inches should be in order.

11 Best Built-In Grills-4

Fuel Considerations

The kind of fuel that your grill uses for firing will ultimately dictate the convenience of the grilling experience and the cost of using your rig. Considering your preferences, how often you plan to use your grill, and the kind of space you have available should shed light on the ideal fuel for your set-up.

  • Natural gas or propane

Although these grills tend to cost more up front, they’re far less expensive to maintain. Propane and natural gas are particularly affordable, providing reliable, easily accessible fuel regardless of weather conditions and electricity situations. Choosing natural gas or propane also makes your outdoor kitchen more practical especially if you find yourself in an area where power interruptions are common.

Gas grills like the top-ranking Blaze Grills BLZ-5-LP can be hooked up to a removable propane tank that you can replace once fully consumed. Alternatively, you can pay an extra fee to have your grill directly connected to an underground supply of natural gas which becomes even more affordable down the line. If you plan to use your grill often, then propane or natural gas should be the way to go.

  • Coal

Being one of the oldest ways to cook, coal has stuck around for one very good reason – it produces the best tasting food. No doubt, it’s hard to top the grilled goodness of a slab of meat cooked over the embers of coal. Only charcoal grills like the Black Knight 501 Brick Grill can produce that smokey flavor that heightens the taste of barbecued food. Sure, you can always slather on some sauce, but it won’t offer the authentic taste of char-grilled meat.

On the other hand, cleaning a charcoal grill can be a major chore, especially as ash and dirt accumulate throughout the set-up. Finally, it also pays to consider the time it takes to start a charcoal grill. Nonetheless, they can be cheap to operate and similar to natural gas grills, they can be used in the event of a power outage.

  • Electric

You probably wouldn’t gravitate towards an electric built-in grill during your search, but there are some benefits to this less popular however equally intuitive option. Individuals with small living spaces, like apartment units with balconies, might find the electric grill similar to the Kenyon B70400 a sound choice that doesn’t pose the same fire hazard that other options come hand-in-hand with.

What’s more, an electric built-in grill can be a practical choice for those who don’t plan on using their grill very often. On the downside, electric grills aren’t exactly the best when it comes to output quality. That’s because it won’t produce any fire or smoke which contributes significantly to the flavor of the food you prepare.

  • Wood Pellets

Sometimes considered the Ferrari of built-in grills, wood pellet grills such as the Memphis Grills Elite VGB0002S combine the flavor of charcoal and the convenience of gas to come up with a truly versatile design that can handle almost every kind of cooking job. These grills use compact wood pellets that are fed automatically into the system through a built-in hopper. The ignited pellets heat up the air inside, which is then circulated to achieve a hotbox effect.

Perfect for smoking, grilling, and even baking, wood pellet grills use indirect heating to cook up your meat and other food items. Because they use wood pellets, these grills also match charcoal in terms of flavor as hints of wood and char are circulated throughout the chamber to lend a smokey flavor to cooked food. The only real downside is the cost. But with automatic temperature controls and effortless operation, these grills can be a smart investment for hardcore grillers.

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Added Features, Accessories, and Upgrades

A WiFi-capable grill? You betcha. These days, grill manufactures incorporate a wealth of features to make sure their products are as convenient as possible. Sure, extended functionality comes at a cost, but if you find that they might come in handy, then they might be worth taking a look into.

Some grills can connect to your internet – like the top of the line Memphis Grills Elite VGB0002S letting you control operations from your handheld device. Then there are those that expand cooking horizons with features like rotisseries and smoker boxes.

Of course, since your grill is going to be built into your outdoor kitchen, replacing the entire grill becomes less of an option if you’re faced with any performance hiccups. Consider the brand that you’re buying from – do they offer accessible replacement parts and upgrades or are they hard to find in the after-sales market?


That depends on the material that your grill is made of. If its exposed parts are made from 304 stainless steel, then it should hold up well versus the elements even if it’s built into an outdoor space without a protective roof. But to be doubly sure, you may want to consider buying a cover for your grill to improve its resistance to potentially damaging exposure.

The ideal cooking surface area isn’t set in stone, but there are a few guiding principles you can take into consideration to determine whether a grill is appropriate for your needs. Most experts recommend a grill surface of 450 square inches if you’re planning to use your grill for the occasional backyard party. For those who want to maximize the versatility of grill cooking or those who see lots of guests on a regular basis, a 700 square inch grill should be a better choice.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that a grill – whether built-in or stand-alone – should be placed at least 10 feet away from any sort of household structure. That includes tool sheds, garages, and any other structure that might be at risk of catching fire.

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Built-in grills aren’t a one-size-fits-all, so it pays to know what you want and need to find out which one will really serve its purpose when installed in your home. Our top choice for the best of the best built-in grills has to be the Lion Premium Grills L75623. Equipped with everything you might need from a built-in grill, this pick from Lion Premium Grills offers the ideal space for both personal use and for special occasions.

But don’t let our top recommendation limit you – check out our 10 other vetted built-in grills and expand your household menu with their versatility and convenience.

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