11 Best Carpet Sweepers – Take You Back to the Future

Carpet Sweepers are mechanical devices that make cleaning your rugs and carpets much easier.  The best carpet sweepers are useful in homes and commercial areas because on one hand, unlike manual brushes, they are mechanical and do not need much labor to operate and also unlike Vacuum cleaners, they are light and quiet and do not need electricity to operate them. Carpet sweepers can be used without disturbing children, visitors or pets!

Carpet sweepers were first patented in 1876 by Melville R. Bissell of Michigan. They went on sale as alternatives to vacuum cleaners in 1883. The early versions of the product were manual sweepers, but as more brands joined in the carpet sweeper market, technology finally started to ensure that motorized sweepers began to appear.

best carpet sweepers review

Overview table

There are many carpet sweeper brands in the market these days, but to help the buyer who is wondering about the best brand of sweeper to buy, here are 11 best and most quality carpet sweepers in the market.

Look over the table and reed into the reviews you like:

Editor choice 1 Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max
Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max
(Best Automatic Carpet Sweeper)

Most powerful automatic sweeper, that excellently collects dirt due to its modern technology.

2 Bissell 92N0A
Bissell 92N0A
(Best Manual Carpet Sweeper)

Cordless, manual sweeper designed to give your carpets a good clean. It is compact, lightweight and very eco-friendly.

3 Shark V2950
Shark V2950
(Best Versatile Carpet Sweeper)

Cordless batterie-powered carpet sweeper that is very versatile and helps you clean thoroughly all kinds of carpet floors. Its swivel steering makes it easily maneuverable.

4 Fuller Brush Electrostatic 17042
Fuller Brush Electrostatic 17042
(Best Carpet Sweeper for Wet Messes)

Perfect for not just the soft dry messes like dust and hair, but also the wet messes like pet droppings and food stains. It is even able to clean the hard messes like shards of glass.

Best value 5 HOKY PR3000
(Best Thorough Carpet Sweeper)

Cordless sweeper requires no batteries to run. With its patented Rotoblade and its easy-open dustbins, this is one of the most convenient on the market.

6 Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo 28806
Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo 28806
(Best Carpet Sweeper for Long-lasting Battery)

Motorized carpet sweeper that is guaranteed to reduce your carpet cleaning time. With its easy to empty dirt cup and easy to glide rubber wheels, it is one of the most powerful yet noiseless models.

Best price 7 Bissell 21012
Bissell 21012
(Best Budget Carpet Sweeper)

Noiseless, small, dustpan-free, very compact and light sweeper, that is easily stored and maintained.

8 3M 4500
3M 4500
(Best Heavy-Duty Carpet Sweeper)

Versatile carpet sweeper that is useful for sweeping large as well as tiny dirt and debris from a variety of surfaces.

9 Sagler Electrostatic
Sagler Electrostatic
(Best Compact Carpet Sweeper)

Small and extremely lightweight model of a reliable brand, great for long hair and convenient to store.

10 Leifheit 11410 Classic Rotaro
Leifheit 11410 Classic Rotaro
(Best Carpet Sweeper for Corner Brushes)

User-friendly model, thanks to its adjustability and amazing natural brushes, that do not get tangled and reach all corners.

11 Ewbank 525
Ewbank 525
(Best Carpet Sweeper for Quick Cleaning)

Featuring an underside waste emptying, and it is light, compact and easy to operate.


1 Editor choice

Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max – Best Automatic Carpet Sweeper


  • Dual-action
  • Quad-Brush Technology
  • Cordless swivel sweeper
  • 7.2V rechargeable battery
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Flat surface, a low-profile design
  • Removable, cleanable and reusable brushes

The Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max is a four-sided versatile and Powerful Sweeper which can fit in hard to clean areas like couches, tables and other hard to clean areas that your vacuum cleaner or hand brush cannot clean.

This is also a cordless model, powered by a 7.2V rechargeable battery. With its Quad-Brush technology, the machine can pick up dirt so efficiently, since it has brushes on all its four sides spinning at a high speed.

The swivel sweeper has 33 percent more power than previous versions of the product. Plus, the cleaner’s flat surface and low profile allow it to reach almost all areas. Its removable brush makes it easy for the users to remove tangles from the sweeper.


The Ontel Swivel Sweeper is a very valuable mechanical sweeper to have if you have a laminate and carpet floors, but it is not particularly useful for the fur carpets. Steel it satisfies the requirements that sweeper needs. It offers value for money, it is to some extent versatile (its perceived cons are offset by its price and its versatility).

  • More powerful than previous versions of the product
  • Fits in hard to clean areas
  • Easy to clean
  • Effective dirt collection
  • Fills with hair quickly, so it needs to be continually emptied
  • The brushes tend to get tangled in hair a lot and it can increase cleaning time in houses where there are pets and fur carpets

Bissell 92N0A – Best Manual Carpet Sweeper


  • Cordless, manual sweeper
  • Dual rotating brush roll and four corner brushes
  • Twin dirt pans
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • 9.5-inch cleaning path
  • No batteries
  • Lifetime warranty

The Bissell 92N0A is a plastic, cordless, manual sweeper that has a dual rotating brush roll and four corner brushes. It weighs 4.2 lbs and has a 9.5-inch cleaning path.

It is for sweeping only, but one that is useful for sweeping and cleaning a variety of surfaces. The sweeper is great for cleaning the messes that occur in the average household, like pet hair, cereal crumbs, and dirt.

It requires no batteries and comes with a lifetime warranty. Its design is compact and lightweight (only 4.2lb and thus it is very easy to use and store it).

Its twin dirt pans are very easy to empty and its cleaning path is wide, so it ensures quite a fast cleaning.

This model is also eco-friendly. Its parts are made from recycled plastics and it requires no waste or energy use what so ever.


The Bissel 92NOA carpet is highly recommended because it is recyclable plastic. Plastic is easy to clean and is not likely to rust. It is also more durable and can be used long term with proper recycling.

  • Great for cleaning pet hair, cereal crumbs
  • Compact and lightweight and thus it is easy to store and use
  • Easy to empty pans
  • Eco-friendly
  • Mostly works on wool and fur carpets and rugs, not so much or hard floor carpets
  • Little tanks are too little to hold the dirt in an area that has plenty of dirt

Shark V2950 – Best Versatile Carpet Sweeper


  • Cordless Ni-MH durable battery-powered carpet sweeper
  • 18-volt model
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • 13-inch motorized brush
  • 2-speed brush roll
  • Folding back saver handle
  • 1.8-quart container capacity

The carpet sweeper also known as the Shark Backsaver wand is a cordless carpet sweeper that is suitable for cleaning both fur carpets and hard floor carpets. Thanks to the machine’s foldable handle that allows the user to get to hard-to-reach areas. It is great for people with back pain or who are too old to bend.

It is an 18-volt model, which weighs 7 pounds and is powered by a rechargeable, Ni-MH durable battery.

It has a 13-inch motorized brush with optimized floor and carpet settings, which is made for great and easier maneuvering. The Shark V2950 is also quite light compared to other carpet sweepers of its type and is thus easy to carry around. Plus, a 1.8-quart cleaning container helps the user clean longer.


Its multi-surface abilities make the Shark V2950 Cordless Carpet Sweeper a very useful carpet sweeper to have around and its power means it reduces less stress on the user’s part. It also has a wide clearance which means that anybody can use it even kids. However, battery-powered carpet sweepers have a few problems, especially when compared to non-battery powered ones.

  • Backsaver handle is comfortable
  • Easier maneuvering
  • Optimized settings
  • Large capacity cleaning container
  • Extremely durable battery for its size
  • Does not have much suction power
  • Does not have the spinning corner brush
  • Narrow cleaning path compared to others

Fuller Brush Electrostatic 17042 – Best Carpet Sweeper for Wet Messes


  • Electrostatic charge technology
  • Vinyl blade rotor and soft vinyl bumper
  • 9-inch cleaning path
  • Weight: 3.45 pounds
  • Four-section metal handle
  • Indestructible metal housing

The Fuller Brush Electrostatic 17042 is a sweeper that uses electrostatic charge technology to clean all kinds of messes. An extra vinyl blade rotor and that helps it, in particular, to clean wet messes like pet droppings and food stains.

Its indestructible metal housing and a soft vinyl bumper make it extremely useful and versatile. The vinyl bumper ensures that no nicks or scratches will be left on your furniture and the housing allows you to remove old stains.

The machine is even able to clean the hard messes like woodchips and shards of glass.

Apart from its versatility, it is durable, lightweight and easy to assemble. It is also highly maneuverable, with its 9-inch cleaning path and a 4-section metal handle it is every-user-friendly and time-saving.


The fact that the Fuller Brush Electrostatic 17042 carpet sweeper clean wet messes makes it a valuable sweeper to have. It reduces stress and cleaning time. What makes the sweeper even more useful is a no-scratch feature. The fact that it does not operate on batteries means it is also noiseless and can be used at any time of the day. In terms of the three requirements of a carpet sweeper, this is a highly recommended carpet sweeper to have.

  • Suitable for all kinds of messes (dry messes like dust and hair, wet messes and hard messes)
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Durable
  • Leaves no scratches on furniture and carpets
  • Easy to clean
  • Small size
  • It doesn’t always clean deep, so you will inevitably need a Vacuum cleaner for deeper cleaning chores
  • Despite its versatility, it does not work perfectly on hard floor carpets
5 Best value

HOKY PR3000 – Best Thorough Carpet Sweeper


  • Rotoblade technology
  • 12.5 cleaning path
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • No batteries or cords
  • Satisfies the frustration-free certification
  • No-scratch vinyl bumper

The Hoky 3000 is a cordless sweeper that doesn’t need batteries to run. With its patented Rotoblade and its easy-open dustbins, it is one of the best sweepers in the market for cleaning carpets.

The Rotoblade technology is designed to pick up dirt where others cannot. In unison with a 12.5 cleaning path, it allows faster and easier cleaning.

Easy-open dustbins stay secure while brushing and make it great for children who are learning to clean. The high impact ABS body wipes clean all dirty hardwood floor carpets while a soft vinyl bumper protects all your walls and furniture from scratches.

The product fully satisfies the frustration-free certification.


The Hoky PR 3000 carpet sweeper is one of the most highly recommended of the reviewed products so far. It is not only light, but it is also noiseless. Furthermore, it offers great value for money with its large sweeping path which makes it great for large houses. This sweeper is so efficient that it might as well be a vacuum cleaner.

  • Protects walls and furniture from nicks
  • Easy to open and clean out dustbins
  • Cleans all carpets thoroughly
  • Safe for children
  • It is most effective on low pile carpets, and it doesn’t do so well on laminate hardwood flooring
  • It also does not pick up carpet lint as well as it picks up hair and pet droppings

Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo 28806 – Best Carpet Sweeper for Long-lasting Battery


  • Cordless multi-surface motorized carpet sweeper
  • Built-in NiCd battery is capable of running for an hour per charge
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • A cleaning path of 9 inches
  • 7.2-volt power
  • Powered brush
  • Glide rubber wheels

The Bissel Perfect Sweep Turbo 28806 is a motorized carpet sweeper that reduces the time you spend on carpet cleaning. Offering a cleaning path of 9 inches and 7.2-volt power it’s comfortable and efficient as well.

It has Easy to glide rubber wheels which ensures that there are no nicks left on your floors and rugs. It is also lightweight and versatile which means it can reach the otherwise hard to reach nooks and crannies of your house.

The endless recharging will not bother you with this model. Powered by a built-in NiCd battery it is capable of running for an hour per charge, that’s usually enough for cleaning the whole house.

Its easy-to-empty dirt cup and easy to glide rubber wheels, make this sweeper one of the most noiseless carpet cleaners to use. It doesn’t disturb, sleeping children, visitors or pets.


There is always a ready market for carpet sweepers which can clean not just lint, hair and dust, but even bigger debris. This is one more thing that makes the Bissel Perfect Sweep Turbo 28806 a winner. Perhaps the thing that makes us biased towards this carpet sweeper is that your children can absolutely use it.

  • For a motorized carpet sweeper, it is very quiet
  • Easy to glide rubber wheels which ensures that there are no nicks left
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Can reach the nooks and crannies
  • High battery power
  • Dirt cups are very easy to clean
  • With its small cleaning path, it takes more time to use to clean
7 Best price

Bissell 21012 – Best Budget Carpet Sweeper


  • No battery
  • Uses forward and return motion to clean
  • Lie-flat handle
  • No dustpan
  • It weighs 4 pounds and can be used for a variety of surfaces

The Bissell 21012 is a cordless carpet sweeper that is built for versatility and ease of brushing and sweeping all kinds of carpets. Its swivel handle allows it to be moved around easily.

It is not a battery-powered carpet sweeper, what it uses instead is a forward and return motion to clean carpets and rugs. The sweeper also features a handle that is able to lie flat in order to get underneath all the furniture.

It is light, small and very compact and can easily be packed away. What is more important, it does not have a dustpan, unlike other models. You can empty it fast with just one click. As simple as that!

Despite its low price, it can clean a variety of dirt, lint, crumbs, even birdseed. That what makes it the best value for the money.


The fact that it is not battery powered means it is noiseless, yet not so powerful and pretty useless for fur carpets. However, it’s easy to use due to the lightweight and absence of a dustpan. To cap it all, it’s very reasonably priced.

  • Slides under any kind of furniture
  • Lightweight
  • Very compact
  • Easy to empty
  • Affordable
  • It is very small so it increases the cleaning time particularly in large houses
  • Its deep cleaning ability is limited
  • The sweeper tends to get filled up fairly quickly

3M 4500 – Best Heavy-Duty Carpet Sweeper


  • 2 rubber rotor blades that turn towards each other
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: around 5.7 pounds
  • Eight-bladed rotor blades

The 3M is a versatile carpet sweeper that is useful for sweeping tiny dirt and debris from a variety of surfaces. It features eight-bladed rotor blades. They guarantee that no debris is left behind.

It is not only capable of sweeping tiny messes but also handles debris as large lint, coins straws, grass sand cigarettes, and bread crumbs. It is achieved by two rubber rotor blades that turn towards each other instead of brushes on the rollers. Additionally, the unit does not have bristles so no more clogging from hair fur or thread you are so tired of!

Finally, it has a center pivot handle, which allows the sweeper to push in either direction in order to save time and effort.


The 3M is one of the best, not just because it cleans a variety of surfaces, but because it is the latest technology in carpet cleaning. As had been mentioned, one of the most common forms of dirt in a house is big debris like food stains, pet droppings, glass shards, and wood splinters.

  • Gathers large size dirt and debris more efficient
  • Does not clogs
  • Great for a variety of surfaces
  • Its bristles can easily be cared for and rinsed clean
  • Convenient handle
  • Compact size
  • The backward sweep is not particularly effective. It works mainly as a forward sweeper instead
  • The rubber fins in the sweeper require frequent cleaning

Sagler Electrostatic – Best Compact Carpet Sweeper


  • Uses forward and returns motion
  • Dimensions: 11 by 8 by 2 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Laid-flat handle
  • Coarse plastic bristles instead of brushes
  • No dustpan

The Sagler Electro Static Sweeper is a cordless metal carpet sweeper that uses electrostatic technology to clean up all kinds of detritus from different kinds of carpets. One of the most reliable brands of carpet sweeper.

The Sagler cleans up lint crumbs and dirt. Its coarse plastic bristles make it easy to clean up hair and are less likely to get tangled. Also, it has no broom or dustpan to deal with so it is lightweight, easy to clean and easy to use.

best carpet sweepers2

As its only 11 by 8 by 2 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds it does not occupy much space and you shouldn’t worry about its storage.

Like other models, it has a handle that can be laid flat on the ground in order to get into hard to reach areas.


The Sagler Sweeper’s electrostatic technology is a new innovative technology and it is far more useful than the more old-fashioned type this is what makes this carpet sweeper a groundbreaking technology. And a must-have for every home. Based on the con though, it is not highly recommended for very dusty places. Or at least it has to be used after a vacuum cleaner. However, it is very durable and so provides plenty of value for money.

  • Great value for money
  • Good at removing hair and lint
  • Does not get tangled
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Its bristles mean that it only sweeps large pieces of debris, so it is not very good at picking up dust, the user has to sweep the same spot several times in order to pick dust up
  • Its sweeping path is also too small, therefore it takes a lot of time to clean a large area

Leifheit 11410 Classic Rotaro – Best Carpet Sweeper for Corner Brushes


  • No batteries
  • Weight: 5.35 pounds
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable natural bristle brushes
  • Debris tray head that can be quickly emptied
  • 2-year warranty

The Lefheit 11410 Classic Rotaro Sweeper is a sweeper that requires no electricity to use. With its classic design, it is one of the most elegant carpet sweepers.

Its handle has an adjustable knob with which its height can be adjusted, making it easy for everyone ranging from children to adults to use it easily. It also means that the handle can be adjusted all the way down to the sweeper into unreachable places.

It also has adjustable all-natural bristle brushes that can be adapted depending on the thickness of the user’s carpet. Furthermore, the brushes are so conveniently located that no mess left even in small corners.

The sweeper also has a debris tray head that can be quickly emptied as well as a thread comb that ensures that hair and lint don’t get tangled in the brushes. So, it’s doesn’t need time-consuming cleaning.

best carpet sweepers 3


The Lefheit Rotero sweeper is made by a brand with a reputation for excellence in the vacuum cleaners and carpet sweeper manufacturing and that is enough to recommend it. The fact that it is adaptable and adjustable makes it a very useful piece of equipment to have around the house. If you can afford the price than it is a very useful equipment to have.

  • Easy to clean
  • No clogging
  • Adjustable knob
  • Works great in corners
  • It does not require cords, batteries, or power supply so it can be used at any time of the day
  • A little pricy for manual sweeper

Ewbank 525 – Best Carpet Sweeper for Quick Cleaning


  • Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • 8-inch cleaning path with a single height setting
  • No batteries
  • Steel handle
  • Silent
  • Meets the frustration of free certification

The Ewbank 525 carpet sweeper is a cordless non-battery powered carpet sweeper. It has an underside waste emptying, and it is light, compact and easy to stowaway.

It picks up a variety of carpet detritus, ranging from dirt to pet hair, lint or even pet litter. Whereas its large dustpan allows the user to clean for much longer before it has to be emptied. The sweeping path is also wide. Its long coated steel handle has an easy grip and also has the capability of lying flat to clean under tables and other furniture.

best carpet sweepers 4

All these help to save much time on carpet cleaning.


The Ewbank 525 carpet sweeper is a very great sweeper to have around the house. It satisfies most of the requirements of the carpet sweeper. Easy to handle, can get into crevices that vacuum cleaners cannot get to, lightweight, and noiseless. It is a delight to use for people who have shag rugs and other kinds of rugs.

  • Picks up a variety of carpet detritus
  • Has a large dustpan
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Handle has a very good grip
  • It is only good for soft rugs and carpets
  • The dustpan is hard to open sometimes

Buyer’s Guide

Have you got any trouble making a final choice?

Stay calm, we offer you a guide that even an amateur will understand.

If you are looking to use carpet sweepers for the first time and are in the market to buy one, note 4 things that only the best carpet sweepers have:

  1. Your carpet sweeper must be as versatile as possible; it must be able to sweep soft shag rugs as well as hardwood carpets. In addition to this, if your carpet sweeper is a model that has dirt cups, then the cups must be big enough to ensure that it can go for a long time without filling up and unnecessarily extending your pick up time.
  2. If you are getting a carpet sweeper that uses batteries, then you need to pay attention to how long the battery lasts and how long it takes to charge. The speed of the equipment’s brush rotation is also very important. The ideal speed for a carpet sweeper’s brush rotation speed is 4000rpm. However, no matter how powerful your sweeper is, it must be noiseless enough not to disturb children or pets.
  3. Another thing that your carpet sweeper needs to have is a wide cleaning path. A wide cleaning path helps you to clean more in less time and is especially useful for big houses. 
  4. Finally, you must consider its weight, if your carpet sweeper is light enough for young children to use, then it is also appropriate for you.

What else you should have in mind?


A carpet sweeper typically is a small box that has rollers and brushes or blades (depending on brand and technology) as its base. The brushes are connected by a belt or by gears. Almost all brands of carpet sweepers have a long handle that ensures that the user doesn’t have to bend when he or she is operating the sweeper. The handle should be adjustable as well to ensure that the sweeper can get to hard to reach areas like under furniture.


When the carpet sweeper is pushed along the floor the rollers turn and force the brush to rotate. It is during the rotation that the sweeping is done. The brushes/ blades sweep the dust/dirt/debris from the carpet into the sweeper bin. If the sweeper is motorized it is the motor that drives this technology, but if it is manual, the user drives the carpet him/herself, making sure not to miss any dirt or debris on the ground.


Always pay attention to the product warranty and the possibility of aftersales repair. It guarantees you don’t have to pay sky-high expensive repair bills to repair within the period stipulated. All the products that have been reviewed have at least a year’s warranty. Also, a lot of the brands have facilities for an extension for the warranty time if the user.

best carpet sweepers review

It is important to not have to run the risk of buying a product that does not have a warranty. Because sometimes carpet sweepers come defective and thus there is a possibility that you might need to send it back.

Maintain your Carpet Sweeper

Once you are a happy owner of a carpet cleaner, you need to maintain it properly to ensure its long life and efficiency.

All you need to do is to pay attention to the following:

Wash the brush (and the blades) regularly

The most important part of the carpet sweeper is the brush (for the carpet sweeper brands that use brushes) and the blade. If the brush is left unwashed, it may leave stains on your carpet at a point. Turn the device upside down to dislodge the brush/blade from the casing that holds it in place. Wash or rinse the brush thoroughly with soap and water and carefully replace it back in its casing. 

Empty the bin

Most carpet sweepers have bins, which are small boxes or containers where the dirt that the carpet sweeper picks up goes to. When the sweeper bin is full, turn the device upside down and dislodge the sweeper bin over a wastepaper basket or a dustbin.  Shake the carpet sweeper bin properly to ensure that all the contents of the bin are poured into the wastepaper basket. Ensure to remove any lint or pet hair that, due to a screen or filter trap, that may have been stuck to the machine. If you have been using the sweeper to sweep wet messes, then you may need to clean the bin of stains. Not emptying the carpet sweeper regularly reduces its capacity to pick up dirt.

Wash the sweeper

It is not just the brushes/blades that need washing, the whole device needs washing too. If your carpet sweeper has a nozzle, detach the nozzle and wash it with regular tap water. The devices should be cleaned regularly depending on usage, and all the parts should be cleaned once every two months to maintain the efficiency of the sweeper.

best carpet sweepers review

Store the sweeper properly

Ensure that the sweeper is kept in a clean place. As most brands of carpet sweepers are made of plastic, you don’t generally have to worry about corrosion, however, for the motorized brands, you must ensure not to leave the sweeper outside as the elements tend to affect the batteries and the blades. It is also not advised to keep the sweeper without use for too long, as lack of regular use often causes the device to breakdown. 

Related Questions

Q: Does a carpet sweeper work well for picking up hair?

A: Yes, we suggest The Bissell Natural Carpet and Floor Sweeper 92N0A. It works for fur and also works great for long hair.

Q: How big is the usual carpet sweeper, can I take it on vacation with me?

A: Yes, most manual sweepers and some powered fit into a suitcase, and you can travel with it to absolutely anywhere.

Q: My young children are attracted to the sweeper and want to use it. Is it a good idea?

A: Absolutely, kids as young as 4 or 5 years old can use a sweeper without stress. However, manual sweepers are considered to be safer.

Q: I have a hard floor linoleum carpet; do you think buying a carpet sweeper to clean the dust on it is a good idea?

A: We recommend The Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max’s in this case. It does work on hard floors and linoleum but it is not the first choice for cleaning dust. It is more built for sweeping larger pieces of dirt and debris.


We have looked at a range of the best carpet sweepers in our review. There is always a range of products on the market that fit into your kind of house and how frequently you love to clean. In terms of the best carpet sweeper in this review, we recommend The Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max for its reliability and power. It can clean a variety of messes super-efficiently. For its function, it is very light and modern, it can be given as a gift. 

Carpet sweepers are available for reasonable prices which make them more affordable than vacuum cleaners. In addition, they are lightweight and aren’t difficult to use like vacuum cleaners. So next time you are in the market, you should consider buying one.

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