9 Best Double Ovens – Cook All Dishes at Once

If you love cooking, and you are someone who would like to cook more than one dish at the same time, then you need the best double oven for optimum assistance and convenience.

Basically, double oven ranges enable you to cook two distinct dishes at the same time using dissimilar temperature modes. Better still, you can decide to use one oven for prompt preheating, instead of preheating the entire oven space.

There is a good number of various double ovens available on the market, which come in both freestanding and slide-in styles, hence, there is a wide list to select from. Now, asides the exterior design, you can choose from any of the top fuel types which are: Gas, electric, induction and dual fuel.

A good number of double ovens usually come with a large oven at the bottom and a smaller one at the top. For some models, they come with two ovens that have the same size. In a good number of cases, the ovens contain the whole range case, thereby eliminating the space of a storage drawer, but most prospective customers do not mind.

If you are someone who cooks regularly, and you have enough storage in your kitchen, getting a double oven which has no storage will not be a problem for you. Double oven ranges come with increased convenience, as you are able to prepare two meals at once with different temperatures.

Overview Table

In this best double oven review, we carried out a thorough inquiry into various double ovens which are available on the market. We are aware of the fact that a good number of people do not have the time to carry out in-depth research all by themselves. Hence, we bridged this gap by making various studies and coming out with the best eight double ovens which you would enjoy using.

Editor choice 1 GE CT9550SHSS
(Best Convection Double Oven)

Top-notch double oven which ensures convenience when cooking. With this product at hand, you have total control over your cooking options in the oven. You can also set various cooking instructions to the oven with your smartphone.

2 Frigidaire FGMC2765PF
Frigidaire FGMC2765PF
(Best Double Oven with Microwave )

Need more versatility? Check out this microwave combination oven. This model offers an extra-large microwave, which sits right on the easy-to-operate convection oven.

3 Verona VEFSGE365NDSS
(Best Dual-Fuel Double Oven)

When it comes to a double oven range which can either use electric or gas, the Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36” Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range is your best bet. This double oven has a nice design and it is also very durable. In addition, it comes with the latest convection cooking technology.

4 Kenmore Elite 76033
Kenmore Elite 76033
(Best Designed Double Oven)

Some homeowners love products which have a stylish design and structure, and this is what the Kenmore Elite 76033 Double Oven brings. In addition, the ovens are very spacious. It also has the self-clean feature which saves time and prevents you from being stressed.

5 Samsung NE59M6850SS
Samsung NE59M6850SS
(Best Electric Double Oven)

Simply the best when it comes to ample electric charge delivered. It would also interest you to know that this double oven range supports WiFi connection which ensures that you can control the oven, and give it various cooking instructions.

6 Frigidaire FGET3065PF
Frigidaire FGET3065PF
(Best Double Oven for Temperature Probe)

This model from Frigidaire is versatile and spacious. It features the Power Broil function that is efficient in cooking large dishes. In addition, it is made with smudge-resistant stainless steel which prevents blemish.

7 Thor Kitchen HRG4804U
Thor Kitchen HRG4804U
(Best Multi Burners Double Oven)

Features six burners which ensure cooking various food simultaneously. They are highly powered, and this suggests that your food gets ready in no time. In addition, there is a reignition system that revives the burners once they go off mistakenly.

8 LG LDE4415ST
(Best Double Oven for Baking)

If you need a double oven range that comes with large oven cavities, then you should lay your hands on the LG LDE4415ST Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range. This double oven also features the unique convection system for ideal baking and various modes for different cooking experiences.

9 Café 30” DA Slide-In
Café 30” DA Slide-In
(Best Automated Double Oven)

The best when it comes to automation. All cooking functions can be done with your smartphone. In addition, this double oven range ensures that food can be prepared for large groups of people.


1 Editor choice

GE CT9550SHSS – Best Convection Double Oven


  • Dimensions: 26.8 × 29.8 × 53.1 inches
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Wall Oven
  • Power source: Electric
  • Cooktop: Not available
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: Brillion- Enabled Wireless control

In terms of technology, the GE 30” electric double wall oven stands out. It comes with a proficient WiFi connect technology, which gives you full control over the oven, with just the use of your smartphone. All you need is to install the application and fix the voice commands, and you are good to go.

You can instruct the oven to preheat, you can equally set the cooking temperature based on your preference. There is also a timer which helps you keep track of the cooking process, irrespective of your location. It would interest homeowners to know that, the technology which this double wall oven comes with, is well-suited with other smart home systems which include Nest, Google Home, and Alexa.

GE PT9550SFSS -5

If you’re worried that it’s not spacious enough for all those dishes you may want to cook, keep calm! This model features 3 upper oven racks and 2 lower oven racks that can be placed in 6 different positions to accommodate various dishes of all sizes.

In addition, busy cooks will love this double oven because they can pre-heat it, before going to get groceries, thereby saving them ample time. You are also relieved of thinking that you forgot to turn off the oven after leaving home. In this case, all you need do is use the app, and turn it off.

Also, if you want to prevent your food from getting overly roasted, you can set a timer on the app, which would inform you when dinner is ready, even though you are busy with other activities.
Furthermore, this double oven has a stylish design. It comes with a stainless-steel finish alongside with digital controls. The GE 30” electric double wall oven also has convection cooking, and in its top and bottom ovens, there are food temperature probes. Additionally, this double oven comes with self-cleaning capability, and a steam clean control.

  • It has a proficient WiFi technology
  • There is a timer available
  • You can control the oven from your phone
  • It ensures convenience
  • Dual Broil and Bake elements ensure even cooking
  • Easy to clean with smart features for cleaning
  • Poor customer service

Frigidaire FGMC2765PF – Best Double Oven with Microwave


  • Dimensions: 42,75 x 27 x 24,5 inches
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Wall
  • Power source: Electric
  • Cooktop: Not available
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: True convection, delay start, extra-large microwave

How much versatility can you get from a double oven? Well, Frigidaire FGMC2765PF offers you a microwave and an oven in one package. Both are spacious, easy to operate and fast-cooking.

Let’s start with the oven. Featuring True convection technology, this one ensures even hot air distribution which makes it ideal for backing and multi-rack cooking. The effortless convection alongside under-6-minute preheating gives you fast and consistent results. Moreover, you can program a delay start and it’ll start by itself in 1 to 24 hours. And if the dish is cold by the time your guests arrive, you can reheat it quickly with a push of just one button.

Moving on to the microwave functions, you’ll notice that it’s more spacious than the one you had before, with its 16-inch turntable. Apart from that, you can make use of its 28 different settings and 10 power options.

Frigidaire FGMC2765PF 3

Keeping it clean is as simple as it can possibly be with smudge-proof stainless-steel front and a 2-hour self-clean cycle.

In all, this is an outstanding versatile double-oven, which requires minimum control from your side. The only thing that you may not like is its low alarm sound, which can become an advantage for families with little kids.

  • It’s highly versatile
  • Both ovens are spacious
  • Convection technology ensures best result in the shortest time
  • It comes with a self-clean feature which helps to save time
  • Delay start and reheat for convenience
  • Low alarm sounds

Verona VEFSGE365NDSS – Best Dual-Fuel Double Oven


  • Dimensions: 24 × 35.9× 36.2 inches
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Floor
  • Power source: Dual-fuel (Electric and Gas)
  • Cooktop: Five-burner cooktop
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: Storage drawer and digital clock

This double wall oven comes with an uncommon design. It is not stacked, but the ovens are placed side by side. The Verona double oven comes with a five-burner cooktop which is very powerful. There are various color options to fit your kitchen, depending on what you want, and it also has a two-year warranty.

The ovens are not too large, but it provides ample space for cooking a large chicken or turkey. The left oven is bigger than the right oven. In addition, the Verona 36” pro-style double oven comes with convection cooking technology, which makes it a huge benefit.

There is a small fan which is found inside the oven, which helps it to circulate the hot air all through the interior. With this feature, food gets ready at a quicker rate. The five burners have a wide power range, thus allowing you to either simmer your food or sear it.

This double oven also has knobs which are fixed on the Verona thereby allowing you to control the cooktop and the double ovens. With the front placement, you are safe when you want to lean over the hot burners during cooking.

For those who like touch controls, this dual-fuel double oven is the best choice. There is a 60-minute timer which might not suffice for all foods, but it works equally great. Basically, considering the features and settings, it is a good conventional double oven.

  • It has an attractive design
  • It makes cooking safe
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • It can be powered with both electric and gas
  • It has convection features
  • It’s compact being a double range
  • It is quite expensive
  • The coating scratches easily

Kenmore Elite 76033 – Best Designed Double Oven


  • Dimensions: 26.4 x 30 x 47.4 inches
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Floor standing
  • Power source: Gas
  • Cooktop: Grated cooktop with five separate gas-powered burners
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: Lo Temp Clean Technology

When it comes to convenience during cooking, you can be sure of getting the best from Kenmore Elite self-clean double oven. The Kenmore Elite makes your meals quickly without stressing you. It comes with 2 ovens which are well-spacious, alongside a broad grated cooktop, which has 5 distinct burners powered by gas.

With these features in place, this double oven allows you to prepare lots of dishes all at once. It would also interest you to know that, this double oven has a non-stick griddle accessory which allows you to prepare foods such as grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs, and pancakes, and they are made flawlessly.

In addition, it has a Lo Temp Clean technology which enables you to clean your oven effectively in 20 minutes, thereby saving you the stress of scrubbing, and giving you ample time to spend with your guests or the family. Also, this double oven comes with a Turbo Boil gas burner which allows water to get boiled at a very fast rate.

Kenmore Elite 76033

It also comes with a very proficient fan convection system, this form of cooking enables heat to be spread equally in the lower oven, thus making food cooking processes such as baking, broiling and browning to proceed smoothly. Looking for something as essential in a kitchen as a double oven check our review of the 10 Best Broiler Pans For Delicious Grilled Food.

With the self-clean feature which is in place, this double oven remains in good shape and helps you to manage your time effectively.

  • It comes with a self-clean feature which helps to save time
  • You can prepare multiple dishes at once
  • This double oven ensures convenience
  • It has a powerful fan convection system
  • The gas smell is powerful and quite offensive

Samsung NE59M6850SS – Best Electric Double Oven


  • Dimensions: 29,88 × 47,25 × 25,97 inches
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Floor standing
  • Power source: Electric
  • Cooktop: Five-burner cooktop
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: Dual power burners, warming drawer

The Samsung Flex Duo Stainless Steel Electric Range, is a unique and reliable model which you can count on. It is a free-standing range, which has two ovens, with the lower being bigger than the upper. It also comes with dual convection which implies that each section gets an even distribution of heating, and prompt cooking. It is a flexible double oven.

This double oven has a dual door fixed on the range which is flexible, thereby enabling you to either open the whole oven for the purpose of conserving heat, or just the top. It would interest prospective users to note that, the Samsung flex duo electric range comes with wifi connectivity.

When your meal is ready, but your guests are late, you can always rely on Samsung warming drawer, it helps you keep the dish warm after cooking. Additionally, you can make use of the delay start as well as protect your children from getting burnt by Child Safety Lock feature.

This double oven comes with a more complex control than other double ovens on the market. In addition, this product comes in stainless steel and it is highly durable.

  • It is highly durable
  • It has a large cooking space
  • It comes with a nice design
  • It comes with WIFI connectivity
  • Various controls
  • Safe for families with children
  • The controls are quite complex

Frigidaire FGET3065PF – Best Double Oven for Temperature Probe


  • Dimensions: 24.75 × 30 × 50.5 inches
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Wall
  • Power source: Electric
  • Cooktop: Not available
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: True Convection, Temperature probe, Power broil

The Frigidaire FGET3065PF is a double oven which comes with convection technology. For each oven, there is a cooking space of 4.6 cubic feet, and there are three color options. This oven also comes with six oven racks, steam and heat cleaning capabilities, and a temperature probe.

The temperature probe of the Frigidaire FGET3065PF enables you to assess the internal temperature of your meals, to make sure that they have attained the needed condition. Moreover, the oven allows you to cook large dishes evenly and fast with the Power Broil function. Baking is also easy with True convection that provides excellent air circulation.

There is also a preheat option which is a wonderful feature when there is an emergency. With this option, the oven attains the needed temperature faster than it would when operating with the standard option. You can also use the delayed bake settings which allows you to set the oven to cook in the future.

Frigidaire FGET3065PF -2

The ovens both come with an oven light which automatically shuts off when the oven is kept on cook mode for a while. There is also ample space to cook in the Frigidaire FGET3065PF double oven, and it comes with six oven racks for dissimilar dishes.

The Frigidaire Smudge-Proof stainless-steel exterior ensures your oven looks spic and span as it resists all stains including your fingerprints. This together with the self-cleaning function gives you hassle-free maintenance. When the self-cleaning cycles are in progress, the oven doors are automatically locked to disallow the steam or hot temperature from affecting anyone.

  • Both ovens have convection capabilities
  • Large cooking space
  • It can be preheated
  • There is the delayed bake setting
  • Efficient in cooking large dishes
  • Self-cleaning
  • No settings for defrost or dehydration
  • No cooktop
  • Atypical size

Thor Kitchen HRG4804U – Best Multi Burners Double Oven


  • Dimensions: 27.5 × 48 × 34.9 inches
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Floor standing
  • Power source: Gas
  • Cooktop: Six high powered gas burners
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: Reignition system

Some homeowners usually refer to the Thor Kitchen Gas Range as a beast machine. This product is known for its top durability and power. This double oven comes with 3 great burners, including an infrared broiler. Based on reviews of users, the Thor kitchen 6 burner gas range has exceeded the expectations of most homeowners.

This gas range comes with two ovens, a bigger one which is the convection oven that prepares food very fast, and a smaller one which can contain moderately sized pots and pans. It also comes with a manual convection control, which allows you to turn this option off and on as you like. Hence, the owner would be able to accurately control the cooking conditions and temperature within the oven.

There is also a reignition system which regenerates the burners if they are extinguished inadvertently. The infrared broiler which this double oven range comes with can ensure that your food is prepared to perfection. For total perfection check our review of the broiler pans and choose the best that meets your needs.

  • There is a manual convection control for easy operation
  • It is constructed with stainless steel
  • The double oven range is highly durable
  • The burners can be relighted when they are accidentally put off
  • 2-year warranty
  • It is quite wide and can be too big for smaller kitchens

LG LDE4415ST – Best Double Oven for Baking


  • Dimensions: 30 × 28.9 × 47.2 inches
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Floor standing
  • Power source: Electric
  • Cooktop: Four burners
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: ProBake convection system, Infrared heating

The LG LDEE4415ST double oven range comes with two oven cavities which when combined, gives one of the largest oven spaces ever seen on the market. This product also comes with speed settings which allow for the moderation of cooking times. This double oven range ensures that your food is properly prepared.

This LG model is 30-inch and it comes with a curved door handle and firmly-fixed knobs which effectively provides control to the burners. There is a back panel which has cooking models situated on the left, a digital display in the middle, and there are number pads on the ovens.

The buttons for toggling on and off, alongside the oven timers, are positioned on the right side of the display. This double oven range comes with four burners alongside with a warming space situated at the back middle of the cooking cover.

One lovely feature about this LG double oven range is, each oven cavity comes with its own features and settings which give various cooking experiences depending on the one you select. They both come with these cooking modes: Bake, Broil, Delay Bake, Delay Clean, Warm, Pizza. However, just the lower oven comes with the ProBake convection system, which features a convection fan that warms the air, making it ideal for baking.


It would also interest you to know that, you can control this double oven range on your smartphone device. However, you would need to hold your mobile device close to the oven so that it can connect. This application enables you to control the settings of the oven, like the timing amongst others.

This product also performs well when it has to do with simple tasks that an oven can carry out. For instance, looking at the boiling performance of the LG LDEE4415ST double oven range, you can boil water faster than most conventional double ovens on the market. When it also comes to cooking options such as roasting and the likes, the LG double oven does a good job.

  • It supports WiFi connection for cooking controls
  • There are various cooking modes (11)
  • It comes with large oven spaces
  • It has the ProBake convection system
  • 1-year warranty
  • It comes with many cooking accessories
  • It is expensive

Café 30” DA Slide-In – Best Automated Double Oven


  • Dimensions: 42 × 34 × 34
  • Type (Wall or floor standing): Floor standing (Slide-in)
  • Power source: Gas
  • Cooktop: Five burners
  • Unique features and additional bonuses: LED control panel, Voice control

The Café 30” DA slide-in front control gas double oven has 5 burners and huge oven capacity. This double oven range comes with an LED control panel, and it is ADA compliant. With a large number of burners in place, this double oven range provides enough ease, as it lets you be in full charge of the kitchen.

It has an attractive appearance with a stylish design. In addition, this double oven range allows you to prepare two meals, for instance, dinner and desserts simultaneously, thus ensuring the provision of ample time for you to invest in other activities. The two ovens present are independent, and they are in conformation with the true European Convection.

In addition, the control panel disappears visually when the double oven is not in use, and when it is triggered, the visual signal comes on. You can also control the oven with your mobile device, either by using your voice or WiFi connection.

The 5 burners which this double oven comes with, ensure that you can cook for large groups of people, and it can also contain various sizes of cookware. Additionally, 9 cooking modes will help you ideally prepare certain meals.

  • You can cook for large groups of people
  • It has a nice stylish design
  • It is effortless to use and clean
  • You can control the oven with your smartphone
  • 1-year warranty
  • No drawer

Buyer’s Guide

Now, when we’ve gone through the reviews of each model, let’s consider features that make a good double oven. You may not need all of them, but they will help you to compare all the models and decide which is the best value for the money.

Best features of double ovens which you should look out for


This is one of the features which saves ample amount of time. Most owners would rather spend their time doing other activities, than cleaning their oven. However, getting a double oven like the Kenmore Elite 76033, which comes with the self-cleaning feature is a great choice. Pyrolytic ovens utilize an extreme temperature program which disintegrates grime to ash. In addition, Catalytic liners aid in disintegrating fatty spills and splashes.

Kenmore Elite 76033 -1

Digital controls

Digital controls are awesome, and they have proved to be more accurate than dials. Not all double ovens on the market come with digital controls, and as you would expect, it means that their service delivery is limited. A double oven which has digital control ensures great flexibility alongside with proper guidance. It also gives the oven a restructured look.

Programmable timer

This is one of the features of a double oven which speaks volumes of convenience. Having a double oven which has a programmable timer helps in so many ways. As a matter of fact, it can be controlled from your mobile device. This means that irrespective of your location, you can control the operation of the oven. In addition, if you are not controlling the oven from your mobile device, you can also set the oven to cook for a particular period of time. Hence, the oven can automatically switch on, cook, and go off itself thereafter. There are some double ovens like the Frigidaire FGET3065PF which save you the stress of worrying if you did not switch off after use. Some of them have been automatically programmed to go off after a particular period of inactivity.

Frigidaire FGET3065PF -1

Automated cooking regulators 9modes

This is another feature which ensures convenience as well. For double ovens just like the Café 30” DA Slide-In, which have automated cooking regulators, all you need do is choose the dish you want to cook, and the oven will select the temperature, source of heat, level of moisture and time. Then all you need do is, wait till the food is ready, and you can use the time to go about other activities.

Café 30” DA Slide-In -3

Design and structure

There are some ovens which have a sleek design; while others are bogus. Well, depending on your preference, you need to go for the oven which perfectly suits the available space you have in your kitchen.

Important considerations when choosing a double oven

Ease of use

Ease of use is essential when it comes to double ovens. You need to know if the oven can be effortlessly maintained, and you also have to be sure that it can be easily washed. If the double oven comes with a self-cleaning feature, it would be a major head start for you.

In addition, you need to confirm if the food can be easily seen when it is cooking. When it comes to changing the bulb, how hard is it? For some ovens, they come with one light fixed at the back, while others will require frequent changing. The ones which are more technologically advanced come with durable LED lights that are well positioned for enhanced visibility.


Number of supplied shelves

Less expensive double ovens do not usually come with additional shelling; hence you might have to check the number of shelves provided, especially if you need to cook multiple dishes at once.

Which is better?

Gas vs Electric Oven

There are few dissimilarities between electric and gas ovens. However, one variety of oven is not better than the other. The type of oven which you opt for needs to depend on your personal liking, and what would be the best fit for you and your cooking needs.

Normally, gas ovens are known to be more economical in the long run, although, the price of a gas oven range, can be more than the cost of an electric model. In addition, gas models usually get heated to the needed temperature, faster than electric ovens.

For the distribution of heat, an electric oven evenly dissipates heat than a gas oven, but when it comes to cooling down and heating up, the oven takes more time. Electric ovens are known to produce drier heat and this aids in roasting and the prevention of rust in the oven.


Thermal vs Convection cooking

One common feature which you will find when searching reviews on the best double ovens, is the type of cooking technology and the common ones are convection and thermal cooking. The basic difference between these two cooking technologies is the method of food treatment.

Thermal ovens utilize hot air in cooking, and the same goes for convection oven. However, there is fan inside a convection oven, which aids in proper circulation, thereby enabling the food to cook evenly.

Now, convection ovens come with lots of benefits, however, they are usually way more expensive than any thermal oven. Most double ovens on the market usually come with the two cooking methods. Sometimes, the lower oven will use thermal, while the upper oven will use convection cooking.

If an oven range makes use of convection technology, it could also come with convection modes in order to roast, broil and bake (to cook the best grilled food at home also check our review of the 10 Best Broiler Pans). The difference in these modes is the point of heat dissipation within the oven. 

For instance, in the convection bake mode, the heat is dissipated from the lower baking element within the oven. This mode is best for foods that need to be browned and properly cooked on the bottom, like pizza. The convection broil mode shares heat evenly from the upper heat element, with the convection roast emanating from both elements.


Q: Are double ovens easy to install?

A: Installation of double ovens are quite easy. However, due to the fact that not everyone is technically inclined, it is advised that you contact a professional if you are confused.

Q: Are double ovens expensive to maintain?

A: On average, a good number of double ovens do not cost much to maintain. Ovens are not appliances that consume much energy like other kitchen appliances like freezers and the likes. Hence, if you need an energy-saver double oven, you can go for the cheapest choice which still has amazing features.

Q: Can double ovens be controlled from a mobile device?

A: Yes, they can. However, not all double ovens come with this feature. Double ovens which can be regulated with a mobile device ensures convenience, as you would be able to control the oven from any given location.

GE PT9550SFSS -6


Double ovens are not for everyone, as you can still make some nice dishes with a conventional oven, and some people would not prefer to bend over to use the lower oven. However, if you long for the enhanced flexibility which comes with cooking two different dishes at the same time, then getting the best double oven on the market, is the best choice.

Due to the fact that it is more than one oven, you can expect that you would spend more. Hence, having gone through this review, we recommend the GE PT9550SFSS Profile 30” Electric Double Wall Oven because it has top-technology features and a reasonable price.

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  1. Nice review! The most attractive double oven for me is the GE PT9550SFSS. I’d like to define more exactly how to clean its control panel?

    • Thank you for your question, Debra! The first thing that can be mentioned is that the panel should be wiped after every use. You can clean the surface with a mild soap and water or vinegar and water and then polish dry with a soft cloth. Remember that abrasive cleaners can’t be used for the control panel because they will damage the finish. Let us know if we can answer any other questions.

  2. My choice is Frigidaire FGET3065PF! It is a modern-looking, huge double-oven with a lot of features. Frigidaire FGET3065PF is a high quality product at a good price. In addition to that it has a temperature probe that shows an internal food temperature and allows you to watch whether your dish have attained the necessary condition. The feature I like a lot and which turned out very convenient for me is that you can set a desired temperature and the oven alerts you when the temperature has been reached. I was pleasantly surprised that the oven wasn’t too noisy. It works great and I really happy with it.

  3. I am interested in LG LDE4415ST double-oven. It looks good and has good responds as well. Could you tell me about its EasyClean feature?

    • Thank you for your question, Jennifer! Easy Clean feature allows you to clean soils without a harsh chemicals. It is effective in removing light soils and won’t be effective with heavy, built-up soils. The main idea of this feature is to prevent heavy soils from building up in the oven.

  4. Thank you for your article! It dispelled some of my myths about double ovens. I have always thought that the double ovens are expensive to maintain, but it turned out to be that on the average the maintainence doesn’t cost much. Some ovens to my great surprise can be controlled from a mobile device! That is why GE PT9550SFSS is my choice! I can lay on my couch searching the recipe and in the same time preheat the oven with the help of Brillion app. It’s an amazing, super modern double-oven that will be a real present for every housewife!

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