9 Best Ductless Range Hoods – Undemanding and Indispensable

Unless you are a bachelor that gives no hoot about nutritious and delicious home-cooked meals, it is inevitable that you will spend some time in the kitchen honing your culinary skills. Irrespective of your building structure, ventilation of your kitchen should be your priority. Smoke, fumes, steam, and heat produced during cooking can affect the quality of the air you breathe, which, in turn, may have a significant negative impact on your health. A safe and secure environment is non-negotiable, which makes a beautifully designed, well-constructed, and easy to use ductless range hoods a necessity for every home. It will help you to eliminate contaminants from your surrounding air and give you a safer breath.

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There are several recirculating hoods in the market that you can choose based on the structure of your home, your unique needs, and your financial capability.

Overview table

Check out a table showing an overview of the key advantages of each product from our favorite brands and their appearance, perhaps you’re looking for a particular design.


Editor choice 1 Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED
Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED
(Best high-quality range hood)

Highly convertible range hood with high-end features at a competitive price. Overall best high-quality range hood: a class above the rest!

Best value 2 Broan 413004
Broan 413004
(Best cost-effective ductless range hood)

Best value for money ductless range hood. Looking for the best value for money? You get it in Broan 413004: highly efficient and affordable.

Best price 3 Air King AD1306
Air King AD1306
(Best affordable ductless range hood)

Simple, but sleek design with high effectiveness. Tight on budget? This range hood offers quality service without you breaking the bank.

4 AKDY New 30″ European Style
AKDY New 30″ European Style
(Best stylish ductless range hood)

Most stylish and highly functional range hood. Beat your imagination, a leap into the future of unlimited intuitive ductless range hood!

5 Zuhne Ventus
Zuhne Ventus
(Best large ductless range hood)

Giant ultra-premium range hood with energy-saving touch control. Big, bold and smart: handles demanding tasks seamlessly.

Best seller 6 Cosmo 5MU30
Cosmo 5MU30
(Best quiet ductless range hood)

Best Noiseless Range Hood with a slim space-saving feature. Why contend with noise when you can go quiet with Cosmo 5MU30?

7 Z Line KB-30
Z Line KB-30
(Best narrow ductless range hood)

Extremely rugged, highly durable with elegant design. Portable, a perfect fit into any kitchen, saving you valuable space without sacrificing efficiency.

8 Broan F403011
Broan F403011
(Best convertible range hood)

Top-performing four-way convertible range hood with reasonable price. Designed for dual purposes; get the value of two for the price of one.

9 Cosmo UC30
Cosmo UC30
(Best illuminated ductless range hood)

Powerful with a low noise level. Elegant, stylish and glamorous: a true beauty to behold.



1 Editor choice

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED – Best high-quality range hood


  • Offers three times brightness of the closest rival owing to the high-end LED lights
  • Comes with touch screen control panel for easy navigation
  • Reasonable suction capacity of 700 cubic meters per hour (412 CFM)
  • Requires no additional kit to carry out ventilation installation
  • Works on three-speed settings with carbon charcoal filter
  • A two-piece adjustable chimney without visible welded seams on any sides
  • Squirrel cage blower type

Ranking at the top of our list is the Kitchen Bath Collection ST75-LED. If your dream of a quality ductless range hood, this is the one that offers excellent visibility while using your stove. Consider this convertible ductless range hood.

Spotting a suction capacity of nearly 412 CFM, the highly-rated STL75 is integrated with sufficient power to seamlessly rid your kitchen of smoke, heat, and odor. It has a uniquely designed filtration system made from the combination of charcoal carbon filters and an aluminum micro-cell grease filter. Additionally, if you care so much about durability, you might need to look no further as STL75 was built from anti-corrosive stainless steel that makes it outlast many of its competitors despite the heavy usage.

Want something more for your money?

Only a few ductless range hoods like STL75 are flexible enough to be used as a ducted or ductless range hood although it’s not entirely quiet during operation. However, with a maximum sound level of 58 dB(A) and a minimum of 48 dB(A), STL75 is arguably the number one ductless range hood when it comes to offering the best value for money. The overall performance of STL75 is second to none as it delivers high-end looks, a convertible option, and ample power without having to break the bank.


STL750 installation is a seamless process that can be handled by a single person. Overall, the performance is topnotch, and it handles the task of eliminating heat, fume, steam, odor, and smoke efficiently.

The only concern is the extremely bright light, which is a turn-off for some buyers. Also, at maximum operation, the fan can make a moderately high noise.

Besides the two, STL750 might be the best ductless range hood you can invest in terms of the overall performance and value for money.

  • Easy to install
  • Excellent ventilation capabilities
  • Moderate noise level
  • Touch screen control, perfect for modern kitchen
  • The sheet metal is not thick enough
  • LED light might be too bright
2 Best value

Broan 413004 – Best cost-effective ductless range hood


  • Ductless installation only with charcoal filter
  • Protective lamp lens for even distribution of light over the cook-top
  • Can accept up to 75W bulb (bulb not included)
  • Works in an ADA-compliant application
  • Effective ductless filter for efficient filtration

Made from 30-inch stainless steel, Broan 413004 is one of the leading range hoods currently available in the market. The whole unit is built with a stainless sheet, which gives it sturdiness and durability that put rival brands on their toes. Broan 43004 ductless range hood spots a rocker-type fan, mitered sides and hemmed bottom. Operating the unit is quite easy, thanks to the central front control panel. This 30-inch ductless range hood makes use of a grease-charcoal filter with high effectiveness in ventilating the air and getting rid of all contaminants, including steam, odor, and smoke.

Looking for the best value for money?

At a reasonable price, Broan 413004 is a steal buy. It is our featured ductless range hood product with the best value for money. Although it may not be as strong as the other high-end product, I bet it will serve you far longer than expected with a good maintenance practice.

What can be the problem?

Unlike in STL75-LED Stainless Steel where customers complain that the bulb is too bright, Broan 413004 doesn’t come with a light bulb despite that it has an over the range lamp. However, the lamp can accommodate up to 75-watt bulb with the protective lens to guide against grease and the other contaminants that may damage the light.


Broan 413004 advantages far outweigh its cons. With its durability, easy installation, and top-notch filtration system, this ductless range hood gets our approval any day, any time. It seamlessly handles the ventilation of kitchen air eliminating steam, smoke, heat, and odor. All at a very reasonable price.

  • Seamless Installation
  • Sturdily built and very durable
  • The highly efficient filtration system
  • Relatively noiseless
  • Protective lamp cover for light bulb damage prevention
  • Seamless Installation
  • Sturdily built and very durable
  • The highly efficient filtration system
  • Relatively noiseless
  • Protective lamp cover for light bulb damage prevention
3 Best price

Air King AD1306 – Best affordable ductless range hood


  • Two-speed motor with on/off lighting control
  • 23-gauge cold-rolled steel with black finish
  • Non-convertible, ductless operation only
  • 180 CMF integrated with charcoal and grease odor filter
  • Basic design, black steel for powerful ventilation

Coming third in our ranking list is the Air King AD1306 ductless range hood model. This budget-friendly kitchen garden is one of the most affordable range hood in the market today. You may be making a costly assumption that the performance will be poor due to its low price. Although Air King AD1306 won’t break your bank, there is more to this model than the low price.

Simple, yet classic design

There is nothing glamorous about AD1306 design; just a sleek, low profile contemporary home that blends seamlessly into any home décor. Despite its fair price, it boasts of reasonably solid construction, thanks to the 23-gauge stainless steel. For its price, the built quality is excellent, and so is the performance by maintaining clean air. AD1306 is definitely not the most powerful ductless range hood in the market, but the 180 CFM gives you a decent output.


If you want something that gets the work done without the glamorous appeal, you may consider The Air King AD1306. Don’t look for the heavy-duty performance like in high-end models. However, it will perform the tasks of keeping your kitchen clean and free from odors.

  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Basic design that blend with any kitchen
  • Durable construction
  • Low suction
  • Lighting bulb is not included
  • Requires regular filter replacement

AKDY New 30″ European Style – Best stylish ductless range hood


  • 400 CMF motor for seamless removal of smoke, grease, and odor
  • 3 speed level for the different suction amount
  • Advanced and elegant touch screen control for fans and lights
  • Convertible wall range hood featuring decorative chimney suitable for 8 – 8.5 ft. ceilings
  • Extra-large mesh aluminum mesh
  • Top vertical exhaust connected to ductwork with a duct pipe

If you are looking for stylish and elegant design in the ductless range hood, hardly can any model come close to the AKDY New 30″ European Style Wall Mount Stainless Steel. It has a futuristic, aerodynamic ultra-thin design that suits contemporary and modern kitchens. You may be left breathless if you focus too much on its extraordinary design. However, beyond its aesthetic appeal, the AKDY New 30” range hood spots a large mesh panel that traps and whisk contaminants away from the air to give you the highest purity in your kitchen. You don’t need to worry about the external light source; the LED energy-saving bulb gives you quality visibility during cooking.

More than the design

The performance of AKDY New 30″ is highly rated with a quiet operation even at full speed. It is made from easy to clean stainless steel with high resistance to dent, scratch, and heat. This wall mount range hood can be used as convertible whether as ducted or ductless with carbon filter kit (sold separately). You can use the stylish AKDY New 30″ for any kitchen type and decoration.


AKDY New 30″ enables you to effortlessly enjoy any style hood without sacrificing functionality or complicated home remodeling. If you love the sleek design and you don’t mind the high price, this high-end range hood may be your best option.

Note that for ductless installation you’ll need to order carbon filters separately. We suggest AKDY Carbon Filtersas they are easy to install.

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Easy installation
  • Convertible for both ducted and ductless installation
  • Sturdy structure and modern look
  • The cost is on the high side
  • The system is loud at full operation

Zuhne Ventus – Best large ductless range hood


  • Weld-Free, Safe & Aesthetic construction
  • High lumen LED lights
  • Charcoal filters for ductless installation
  • telescopic chimney, baffle filters
  • 450 CFM and noise control
  • Anti-backflow flap adapter

Crafted in one of the world’s most advanced facilities, Zuhne Ventus 30-inch range hood combines artistry and cutting-edge design for optimum performance. It features a scratch-resistant premium satin finish that glitters with use. With the twin 3W LED lighting, the brightness is of high visibility and at the same time saves energy. This ductless range hood also has stylish and dishwasher friendly filters that make it more stylish (to make the process of cleaning your filter a pleasure read our guide about the best dishwashers under $300). You can’t see any sign of joints in the chimney, thanks to the zero-welding that gives it superior aesthetic look from all angles.


Zuhne Ventus 30-inch has a high-quality performance with aesthetic design. It is a sizeable ductless range hood with high efficiency. We would recommend this model to anyone who wants optimum performance.

  • Premium baffle filters
  • Scratch-resistant premium satin finish
  • Elegant soft-touch control panel
  • High air flow with low noise
  • It’s relatively expensive
6 Best seller

Cosmo 5MU30 – Best quiet ductless range hood


  • Exhaust fan with three-speed
  • High lumen LED light for excellent visibility
  • Low Velocity of 200CMF
  • Multilayer mesh filter
  • Ductless Conversion

Have you ever considered upgrading to a ductless range hood? The new Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet range hood might be just what you need. It comes with a ducted/ductless convertible top. Thus it provides dynamism and ease of use. You surely deserve a vent hood with quality lighting such as the 30-inch Cosmo 5MU30. It is endowed with a quality vent with LED light.

Still, contemplating if it’s a good buy? You need to see this!

Cosmo 5MU30 is powered by a three-speed exhaust fan. That implies that you are in for a spick and span kitchen with extreme comfort. Also, it is built with a reusable filter fashioned in stainless steel. Hence proper filtration is guaranteed.

Why would anyone recommend this to you? Are you in any doubt? You might want to check out the slim kitchen stove it comes with. This powerful ductless range hood promises you easy cleaning and maintenance. What about its rear duct that helps to maintain the proper circulation of air and ventilation? It’s something you might want to consider too.

Are you still wondering what other ways this slim range hood can benefit your kitchen?

With a velocity of 200-CFM, Cosmo 5MU30 ensures that your kitchen remains quiet always! Now imagine, all these features are built into a compact frame of 30 inches!

Note that for ductless installation you’ll need to order filters separately. We advise Cosmo Range Hood Filters. They will fit this model perfectly.

  • Superior filtration capability
  • Slim space-saving design that gives you a spick-and-span kitchen
  • Extremely Noiseless compared to the others
  • Considerably powerful with a sleek design
  • Easy Installation
  • It doesn’t come with a charcoal filter

Z Line KB-30 – Best narrow ductless range hood


  • Up to 760 CFM
  • Recirculating with the charcoal filter
  • Four-speed powerful fan
  • 21-Gauge 430 Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Unique design that blends in with most workshop or garage settings
  • Fits ceiling heights 7 ft. to 12 ft. with optional chimney kits

Z Line KB-30 unique design makes it a highly coveted ductless range huge for every modern kitchen. Despite all its endowment, it is still fitted into just 30 inches. Hence it is portable and narrow enough to fit into your kitchen. One of the ductless range hoods with the most effortless installation; this might be just what you need for your standard kitchen.

What makes Z Line KB-30 standout?

Are you concerned about how difficult it can be to clean some kitchen range hoods? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because Z Line KB-30 comes with a 21-gauge 430 brushed stainless steel. This makes it very easy to get rid of any dirt ensuring proper filtration. It also boasts of a breathtaking suction level of 760 CFM. This exceptional airflow capacity does not only guarantee quality airflow displacement; it also provides a very low noise level.

Z Line KB-30 is configured for both vent out or recirculation with optional charcoal filtersThus, ensuring proper filtration. As an upgrade on other ductless range hoods, Z Line KB-30 packs a powerful four-speed fan.


Although it costs more than some of the featured products, when you consider the value it adds to your kitchen, you will realize it’s worth the pay. I would recommend to any buyers with a taste for quality and an eye for flawless construction and appealing designs.

  • LCD screen for easy control
  • Has automatic fan shut off option
  • Reliable suction power even when the speed is low
  • Filters clean up the air thoroughly
  • Bright Adjustable LCD light
  • It is a little bit on the high-end at over $300

Broan F403011 – Best convertible range hood


  • Dishwasher-safe aluminum grease filter
  • A protective lamp lens for even distribution over the cook-top
  • Four-way convertible with duct and ductless sold separately
  • Constructed with elegance look
  • HVI 2100 Certified

Broan F403011 is manufactured from the best non-corrosive material giving its elegance a lasting effect. It features an air suction capacity of 160 CFM. The sound produced by this model is like a mere whisper making it an excellent choice for people with a low tolerance for noise. It is a four-way convertible product giving it lots of advantages. For instance, you don’t need to worry about how the structure of your new kitchen will look like.

Whether it is a round vertical opening, or a vertical/ horizontal ducted opening or a ductless one, this product is one-fits-all.

What else does it offer?

Simply due to its two-speed exhaust, the fan is efficient in removing pollutants from the kitchen. The light produced by this model graciously illuminates the kitchen because of the protective lens placed over the light bulb(s). Both the light generated by the bulb(s) and the speed of the fan can be controlled as desired.

best ductless range hoods 3

This product is HVI 2100 certified; thus, guaranteeing its performance. A replaceable aluminum grease filter is included in this package which can easily be cleaned by the dishwasher (do your filter cleaning fast and effective with our best dishwashers under $300). The material used for this model even to the smallest part is of high durability. With this package, you will not need to make other necessary purchases.


This product is most suited to users that relocate often. It relieves you the stress of continually buying a new range hood. It will also take away the burden of fitting into the new home. It gets a nod from us!

  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Convertible range hood
  • Excellent suction power
  • There are lots of essential gadgets not included in this package (extra purchase)
  • It is not energy efficient due to the type of bulb (s) it can accommodate

Cosmo UC30 – Best illuminated ductless range hood


  • Contemporary Modern Design
  • Arc flow permanent dishwasher washable filter
  • Three-speed push-button control with 760 CFM
  • Premium 430-grade 20-gauge stainless steel
  • Bright high lumen light with 2-watt LED

With a European style which brings out the uniqueness of a kitchen, UC30 is an excellent choice. “Beauty with brains” is a description that fits this terrific model. It comes in different colors to suit your kitchen arrangement perfectly. Easy to install with or without external input. It has an unbeatable filtration capacity (760CFM) yet with a minimal level of noise. Its lighting is of 2 Watt LEDs (producing less energy but high controllable brightness).

When switched to its full capacity, it illuminates the whole kitchen, adding extra beauty through this illumination especially at night.

Care for extended usage?

The material used for this model promises lasting durability. Its filter is permanent and can easily be washed clean with less stress with the help of the dishwasher (choose the best dishwasher that makes your filter sparkling clean). The inclusion of a three-speed exhaust fan has increased its air suction capacity. It does not occupy much space and comes with a full package containing all the necessary gadgets.

If you want sophisticated and effective convertible ductless range hood, you might just have found it in Cosmo UC30!


Cosmo UC30 has an industrial look and can be loud in the third setting. Overall, it provides has remarkable ventilation performance, and the price is reasonable for its features.

Note that for ductless installation you’ll need to buy filters ceparately. The best option, that will suit this range hood is Cosmo CFK1-RS Non-Ducted Charcoal Recirculating Kit.

  • Dishwasher washable filters
  • Noiseless operation
  • Bright LED light
  • Moderately affordable with high-end features
  • Replacement parts can be expensive
  • The third setting is a little too loud

Buyer’s Guide

After having conducted in-depth research on the best ductless hoods and come up with an ultimate guide that will help you make a well-informed decision before you choose your brand.

Your needs, budget, and priorities will surely affect your choice of the ductless range hood to buy. Here, we have some of the factors you may need to consider before you make your decision. Also, we cover some of the frequently asked questions about ductless range hood.  

How much are you willing to invest?

Your budget will go a long way in determining which brand of the ductless range hood to buy. It’s imperative to state that high cost doesn’t always determine the quality of a product while a relatively cheap product is no indication of poor efficiency.

Ideally, the material, the build, the design, as well as the functionality, will determine the price of a product. From experience, the mount hood is more expensive than under cabinet vent hood. Models with additional features and more classic designs are usually on the higher end while those with contemporary design cost less. From our list, the price ranges considerably, so check it carefully.

Size of the Ductless Range Hood

You must be familiar with the size of your range top as the range hood needs to cover the entire area to capture all emission and ventilate properly effectively. Take time to measure the size of your range before you make your purchase.

You should focus on the planning of your kitchen cabinet layout. A 3” minimum width on each side of the vent hood is advised. For instance, a cooktop of 30” and a 36” range hood would overlap 3”. The overlapping is crucial due to the large hood canopy area that allows more effective trapping of heat, smoke, smell, and grease.

Type of Design

While some range hoods have contemporary and simple designs, some focus their attention on the aesthetic appeals. You must understand that the more glamorous the design of your range hood is, the higher the chances that it will be at a high-end. Whatever design you choose, base it not only on your preference and but also on your financial capability.

best ductless rangehood

Charcoal Filters and Grease Traps Types

The ductless range hood has two quality parts, which are grease trap and filter. Battle filter traps are mostly preferred because they trap more grease and do not block or reduce airflow. They are frequently selected because of their professionalism.

Mesh and Baffle are two types of grease traps that are widely used. They are created to catch the grease that is hung in the fumes going up from your cooktop. The most commonly used, which is also very effective, are stainless or aluminum steel mesh traps. Nevertheless, they are to be cleaned often to prevent clogging and not to reduce air flow. If you don’t maintain your Grease trap, it will break down. Mesh and Baffle trap can be cleaned with a dishwasher or pressure washer, which is very fast.

The use of a charcoal filter or grease traps is being recommended, but for the best recirculating range hood the ductless range hood owning both Charcoal Filters and Grease Traps, this way it’s most effective. The objective of the charcoal filter is to absorb cooking smells. Dependent on the amount of cooking you do, the charcoal filter needs to be changed regularly.

Noise Level of Your Ductless Range Hood

No matter how powerful a ductless range hood is, sounding too loud can be annoying and serve as a turn-off. Generating noise is inevitable in range hoods as they need to make use of a sturdy fan to circulate the air. The noise level is known as “Sones’’ a unit of perceived loudness. The higher the number of sones, the louder the levels of volume. For home use, the appropriate loudest sone rating is four. Sometimes, hoods with low CMF are usually less noisy. However, we would recommend that you confirm the noise level before you make a purchase.

best ductless range hoods buyer's guide2

Gauge and quality of Steel

A lot of buyers complain about the thickness of steel and ask for the best gauge range. We would recommend a gauge range of 18 -24. Most stainless-steel hoods when polished blend perfectly with different kitchen décor. For high anti-corrosive ability, Grade 304 is highly recommended as it possesses more of chromium and less of carbon content.

Other critical factors to consider include the warranty, certification, and the size of the ductless range hood. So, pay attention to them as well before buying.


These are some of the questions that buyers often find answers to while choosing a ductless range hood type.

Q: What differentiates Ductless from Ducted Range Hoods?

A: Ductless hood, also known as the recirculating hood is a system of ventilation whereby contaminated air is trapped within the home for the filtration process. In the ducted hood, on the other hand, the air is channeled outside. Homes with ducted hood already in place may not require the use of the ductless hood. However, some locations might have strict rules against ducted hoods, and homes without the external channel need a recirculating hood to purify the air.

Q: What’s the best position for a range hood?

A: The best position for a hood is usually between 18 – 32” from the cooktop to the bottom of the hood. Most hoods have the manufacturer’s guide on ways to calculate the positioning of the range needed. The type of range used in the installation plays a critical role as well. Ideally, the gas range requires extra space compared to the stove. 30-inches is the minimum average that most manufacturers recommend for gas burner hoods. It is essential that you pay keen attention to the manual’s guide while installing your ductless range hood.

Q: Does range hood CFM matter? How do I calculate it?

A: You need to understand ways to adjust the required heat for cooking for you to gauge the airflow. For many installers, one CFM is recommended for every 100 BTU produced by the range during cooking. Check the owner’s manual to check the information, but as a rule of thumb, the maximum output for each burner is usually between 7,000 – 12,000 BTU. That implies that a typical four-burner stove can generate between 24,000 – 48,000 BTU per usage. If you divide the value by 100, then you will need a range hood with 240 – 480 CFM. Check our ranking list to see the one best suited for your burner type.

Q: What maintenance is required for a ductless range hood?

A: Cleaning the filter as when needed is mandatory to prolong the use of range hood. For carbon filters, replacement should be carried out between 2 – 3 months. Although carbon filter is relatively affordable, leaving them too long before you replace can reduce their ability to filter air effectively. In metal filters, you may observe that they have been coated with grease, and thus requires regular cleaning. Most high-ranking ductless range hood models have dishwasher-friendly metal filters for seamlessly cleaning. Also, some range hood comes with a particular washing device as additional features. Check your brand to see what they have to offer you.

best ductless range hoods buyer's guide3


Whether you are an experienced range hood buyer or you are trying it out for the first, it can be a little overwhelming to select the one that offers you everything you need. However, you can relax as we have done the groundwork in reviewing the 9 best ductless range hood for you.

Each ductless range hood we feature on our list has its unique advantages. However, when it comes to the overall performances Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED edges them all. With a suction capacity of 421 CFM, STL75 packs sufficient power to keep your kitchen free of smoke, odor, heat, and steam. It gives you nothing else to desire with its sparkling stainless steel, uniquely designed charcoal carbon filters as well as aluminum micro-cell grease filter. It’s super easy to install with touch screen control for seamless operation and moderate noise level. And what about the LED light? Super bright for great visibility!

You don’t need to look further, Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED offers you everything you need in the best ductless range hood without costing you an arm and a leg.

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