10 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters – Much Better than Old Radiator

Imagine you are in the middle of a very chilly winter when it’s freezing both outside and inside the room. You want to take a little nap, but the weather is damn freezing. You want to turn on the central heating system, but you are scared to do so because you have exceeded your electricity budget already. To worsen it, you are on a tight budget as a student or a family person going through hard times. 

That doesn’t feel good, right? Well, that could be scary, but it happens. To prevent this issue, we have curated the best electric baseboard heaters you should consider investing in. Not only will they keep your room warm during the winter, but they will also help you to cut the cost of electricity accrued in heating your home as well as prevent you from the adverse effects of extreme cold.

While electric baseboard heaters come with several benefits, however, the challenges many buyers face is how to identify the best electric baseboard heaters that give them the best value for money. In this present digital age where every electric baseboard heater manufacturer, and supplier claims to be the real deal, having access to an honest review of the top brands is the safest way to avoid falling for well-packaged overrated brands with poor quality.

best electric baseboard heaters review

Here, we have curated the 10 best electric baseboard heaters, highlighting their features, functionality, benefits, and demerits. 

Overview table

Before we dive deeper into our reviews and product description, let’s give you a sneak peek of our 10 best electric baseboard heaters. Although you may have your preferences before you begin your search for the most efficient baseboard heater or launch query about electric baseboard heaters efficiency, however, you will be surprised that the perfect electric baseboard heater for you may be right in this list.

Editor choice 1 King Electric 8CB2415BW CB
King Electric 8CB2415BW CB
(Best Powerful Baseboard Heater with Maxim Safety Guaranteed)

A sturdy design and high performing convection heater. Possessing the best qualities you could ever find in a home heater: you might be right in choosing this!

2 Fahrenheat FHP1500TA
Fahrenheat FHP1500TA
(Best Portable Baseboard Heater)

A hydronic-powered portable heater with great capacity in heat retention that is beyond imagination.

3 Lasko 5624
Lasko 5624
(Best Silent Baseboard Heater)

Easy-to-install, noiseless convection heater. This would definitely be your pick if you are not a fan of technicality.

4 Cadet 2F350W
Cadet 2F350W
(Best Budget Baseboard Heater)

Complex and cost-effective heater: a nice addition to saving your budget.

5 Marley HBB750
Marley HBB750
(Best 34-Inch Baseboard Heater)

Dual power source with an excellent design. This is a terrific convection heater that might interest you.

6 Marley HBB504
Marley HBB504
(Best 28-Inch Baseboard Heater)

Exquisite design with a strong heat utilization capacity. Its operation is almost silent.

7 Dimplex LC5020W21
Dimplex LC5020W21
(Best Draft Barrier Baseboard Heater)

Dimplex LC5020W21 is a powerful design that fulfills more than the purpose of an average heater. A technical know-how persona will love this best.

8 Heat-Wave
(Best Portable Convection Baseboard Heater with Maximum Safety)

A combination of excellent performance with maximum safety: this portable convection heater guarantees an all-round safety.

9 Optimus H-3603
Optimus H-3603
(Best Baseboard Heater for Automatic Control)

Highly efficient home heater with preference for safety, beauty and comfort. Talk about comfort being your priority? This is your go-to.

10 Holmes HLH4422EE-WM
Holmes HLH4422EE-WM
(Best Electric Baseboard Heater for a Trailer)

Economic and portable convection heater. Why choose between temperature and finance when you can have it all with the Holmes 25-Inch heater?



1 Editor choice

King Electric 8CB2415BW CB – Best Powerful Baseboard Heater with Maxim Safety Guaranteed


  • Supplies convection heat
  • Made from the ceramic element that prevents burning
  • Quiet running with less noise during operation
  • Low-density heat from built-in wire way for a neat installation
  • 8-foot, 1500 watt, and 240 V capacity

Designed with over 55 years of quality production and performance, this premium ceramic baseboard heater tops the list of our 10 best electric heaters, thanks to its superior designs and outstanding efficiency.

More than an average electric baseboard heater:

There are hundreds of baseboard heater in the market, but none comes close to this reliable home-heating gadget with proven heat transfer efficiency. It packs a high mass ceramic element for optimum heat transfer compared to thermal ceramic core found in the other standard baseboards. If your goal is to buy a stylishly designed baseboard that outperforms its rivals that only rely on heat transfer from oversized aluminum fins, you may have found what you are looking for in King Electric Ceramic Core Baseboard.

best electric baseboard heaters2

When you prioritize your safety!

Beyond its sturdy design with ceramic core, King Electric Baseboard pays close attention to the safety of its user. It offers lower surface temperature complemented with reduced watt density to achieve the utmost safety. Unlike the conventional heater that gets too hot and burns anything that gets close, this premium baseboard heater provides subtle heating with fewer on/off cycles from the nichrome wire element.

You can enjoy longer heat retention and better efficiency, thanks to the thick ceramic element. It has an added advantage on hydronic baseboard heater as it has a superior design with no fluid leakages. With a full-length cut-out system, you can relax as this baseboard heater will never overheat.


King Electric 8CB2415BW Ceramic Baseboard is an excellent choice for anyone that desires stylish design, efficient performance, and maximum safety. It assures even heat distribution and longer retention for extended usage in driving away cold.

The only drawback is that it can be a bit noisy and relatively demanding in maintenance in terms of electricity costs.

If you want optimum performance and you don’t fancy sacrificing your comfort and safety because of money, this might be the best product for you.

  • Sturdily built heater with crush-proof for outstanding durability
  • Convectional heat transfer for optimum efficiency
  • Maximum safety, designed with children in mind
  • Easy installation with the dual-feed option
  • Internal wire-way for a tidy setup
  • A little bit noisy during use
  • The high-power draw can incur more expenses on electricity charges

Fahrenheat FHP1500TA – Best Portable Baseboard Heater


  • Portable
  • Weights20 pounds only
  • Easy to install with 120 V plug outlet
  • 1500 wattage for efficient heat distribution
  • Hydronic design with fanless operation

If you so much care about space, this hydronic baseboard heater might be the best for you. Weighing just 20 pounds, this heater can fit perfectly into any room size while efficiently handling what it was designed for, keeping your room warm, particularly during chilly weather. It is powered by a standard 120-volt plug which guarantees easy installation with no need for employing the service of a technician.

Noiseless with hydronic design for uniform heat distribution. Unlike the other conventional baseboard heaters that can produce irritating noise while working, this hydronic heater maintains a fanless operation.

As such, it fits into any settings, whether bedroom, boardroom, or living room. The hydronic design prevents particle and dust from being distributed, which implies that your room will be free of contaminants that may be circulated from traditional baseboard heaters with fans.

However, unlike King Ceramic Core Baseboard Heater that guides against burn, Farenheat FHP1500TA surface may be too risky to touch during operation.

It is advisable to keep kids away while in use. There is nothing like low or high setting in this hydronic heater as it only comes with on and off switch.

best electric baseboard heaters3

With the heating element enclosed in a fluid, you can enjoy extended heat even when the heater has been powered off, thanks to excellent heat retention capacity.


Besides the temporary smell and likelihood to cause a burn, this product has enough quality features including hydroponic design, portability, and exceptional performance that perfectly compensate for its downsides. If you can secure your heater away from children, and your room capacity is not too huge, Fahrenheat FHP1500TA may be an excellent option for you.


  • 120 V for easy installation
  • Portable and seamlessly fit into any space
  • Excellent heating and even heat distribution with hydronic design
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Noiseless as there is no fan operation
  • It smells a little bit during the first usage
  • No protection, it can burn when working

Lasko 5624 – Best Silent Baseboard Heater


  • 1500 wattage for efficient heat distribution
  • Lightweight with a carrier
  • Tip-over switch and overheat protection for safety measure
  • Natural convection for even air circulation
  • 1 -8 hours programmable timer with thermostat
  • 120-volt with digital display

More than being silent:

Lasko 5624 Space Heater gained prominence owing to its noiseless operation with a sound as quiet as a whisper. However, there is more to this baseboard heater beyond what appeals to the ears. It’s a product of innovative thinking with superior technology design. It boasts of a natural convection heat distribution mechanism that ensures that you have access to comfort and warmth during use. This makes it suitable for the bedroom and the other parts of your home.

Also, it has an in-built programmable timer from 1 – 8 hours. With that, you can program the time as desired without being afraid of incurring electricity costs from extended usage.

In addition, it has built-in safety measures, including automatic turn off tip-over switch during accidental knockoff and protection against overheating.

best electric baseboard heaters4

What if you can assemble your heater and start using it in a matter of minutes?

How does it feel when you can mount your heater in a minute and start distributing the heat in no time? That’s precisely what Lasko 5624 offers to its users.

It has a seamless installation process that requires zero technical know-how.

More than that, you can adjust the heater’s 1500-watt ceramic heating element to your desired temperature, whether in degree or Fahrenheit.


This product design is so stylish that it is everybody dreams to have it in their possession. Also, its performance is top-notch with everything built leveraging innovative technologies. However, you should consider buying from sellers with a warranty to enable you to get a cover for your hard-earned cash should any fault be developed in a short time.

  • It has an adjustable thermostat with digital temperature settings
  • Quiet operation as low as a whisper
  • It has a timer which allows you to set the time of activity of the heater
  • Ease of installation and high efficiency
  • Several reports indicate that the durability is questionable

Cadet 2F350W – Best Budget Baseboard Heater


  • Convection heating mechanism
  • Noiseless operation
  • Resistant to wears, tears, scratches, and fading due to powerful coating finish
  • 350 watts and 263 watts for 240 and 208 volts respectively, not a plug-in model

Positioned at number 4, Cadet 9800665 is our most affordable baseboard heater. Don’t be misled by its budgeted price; this cost-effective heater has something exciting about it than its low price.

Efficient heat distribution, auto power-off, and wear resistance all for such a good price?

Yes, it’s impressive that this Cadet heater will give some more expensive brands a run for their money. It produces almost zero noise during operation, keeps you save by going off after exceeding a specific temperature.

Although it doesn’t come with an in-built thermostat like many of the other costly baseboard heater, you can always get a thermostat that works perfectly for it.

The design has wear, tear and scratch resistant with quality coating finish; this makes it durable and ideal for relatively rugged use.


If you are looking for a baseboard heater for a tiny room, then Cadet 9800665 may be your best choice. It is reliable and efficient in distributing convection heat. Noiseless as there are no running parts. However, don’t expect it to compete with the more expensive models in terms of heating capacity. We would recommend this for students and singles low ob budget and in relatively small rooms.

  • Very affordable, if not cheap
  • Quality painted finish for tear, scratch, and wear-resistant
  • Safety measure in automatic power off
  • Quiet operation, ideal for bedroom
  • Not suitable for large spaces (about 6×6 room max)
  • No in-built thermostat
  • The installation procedure is a bit technical for the 240-volt model

Marley HBB750 – Best 34-Inch Baseboard Heater


  • Excellent design
  • Powered by 750 Watts
  • Possess both electric unit and hydronic unit
  • Built up with quality elements
  • Accessories for customization (not included)

The value of one for two is this great piece of innovation. Manufactured from a durable element capable of accommodating both electric-generated and hydronic-generated power.

Choice has been given to the user with this dual source of power. There are accessories to help users in their desired customization and also maintain low surface temperature. This makes it safe for living and non-living things in the home.

More than you can imagine!

The design of this piece allows even heat distribution in the room. The hydronic aspect of this product is powered by wood. The use of woods as fuel to power the hydronic part of this product reduces your bill on electricity. The other aspect is powered by electricity.

It maximizes the energy produced with its 750 Watts. The normal working Voltage is 120V 6.3 Amperes. Though its purchase is on the high side; it is reasonable for what it offers. It can retain produced heat after the device, or the thermostat of the device has been put off.


This great piece has been manufactured with a typical family in mind. This could be the best choice if you have been looking for a baseboard heater for a home rather than a room heater.

  • It is safe for use with any floor type
  • It poses no harm to pets
  • It is safe around any age group, whether children or adults
  • It can fit any application as desired by the user
  • It’s a high-end baseboard heater
  • Extra purchase is required for customization
  • The burning of woods might not be eco-friendly

Marley HBB504 – Best 28-Inch Baseboard Heater


  • Exquisite design
  • Wattage of 500
  • Electric and hydronic units
  • Availability of accessories for personal customization

Manufactured from material that has excellent quality in heat retention. Thus, providing long-lasting comfortable warmth in the room. It saves energy with a wattage of 500 Watts. 240 Voltage is required to power this device safely. It can be powered by electricity and also by the hydronic mechanism. However, its primary source of power is electricity. It takes up a design that helps utilize produced heat through a convection flow. A thermostat is included, which allows in thermal regulation. It regulates temperature in a room.

Care for more?

This product supports customization. There are available extra gadgets to be purchased to suit the user’s application.

The purchase of this product is another way of reducing your electricity bill on home heating. Its dimensions and style are exquisite. It adds beauty to any home décor while maintaining the organization of the room. It can further warm the house for an extended period even after the thermostat has been off. This product operates in total silence. Plus, this beautiful product is sold at a reasonable price.


This might be a great heater for a lover of style with efficiency. For those who need a change or a fit for an available application, this might come in handy.

  • It supports even distribution of heat in the room
  • It reduces energy consumption
  • The presence of thermostat helps in regulating the produced heat
  • This product can fit your style of new or existing application
  • The maintenance of generated heat is high
  • For customization, the user will need extra purchase

Dimplex LC5020W21 – Best Draft Barrier Baseboard Heater


  • Sleek design
  • Rear junction box, L-slot side cover
  • Blades mimicked shark fins
  • A long, round and hollow element
  • Overheat cut-out
  • Wireless control
  • 50 Inches long

With a simple look yet efficient heater, this might be your choice. With a sleek style, this heater is real beauty at first sight. Have in-built features that help in the installation of the device with ease.

It produces a brilliant amount of heat with great silence. Safety measures have been included in this product. This makes the product safe to use. This is the best barrier baseboard heater. It’s worth more than its value. It possesses an in-built thermostat, and an external thermostat may be operated with this device.

Yes! It has more to offer:

Developed with unique element and design which supports proper heat convection. An extraordinary element used for this product provides heat with lasting warmth in the room. This is a great advancement in technology.

  • Provides quiet warmth to the room
  • This product is safe to use
  • Can be used as a supplement in any setting
  • It is affordable
  • High in energy consumption
  • Works best if installed under an aperture
  • It does not support easy installation
  • There might be an extra purchase to make

Heat-Wave – Best Portable Convection Baseboard Heater with Maximum Safety


  • Thermal cut-off protection and tip-over switch
  • Adjustable thermostat control for optimum comfort and control
  • Low and high heat settings of 500 watts and 1000 watts respectively
  • It provides supplemental heat of about 400 Sq. Ft
  • Comes in 120 V (60Hz)

In need of a portable convection baseboard heater with an excellent heating capacity for your room? Heat-Wave 1000 watts is a baseboard heater you can rely on for your small-sized room with its heat supply of up to 400 sq. ft.

The presence of control to easily switch to your desired warmth is a plus for the user.

Its heat settings (which are as low as 500 Watts and as high as 1000 Watts make it useful both in and out of seasons. The short height of this product has added to its portability. It can be placed anywhere in the room and still have a large area unoccupied.

The presence of programmed safety measures, including a thermal cut-off, makes this product more reliable to use.

It provides comfort, safety, and a cozy feeling that you will likely enjoy. The manufacturer has designed this product to fit personal use (with a supplemental heat of 400 square feet).

It might be more effective in small rooms and not suitable for larger rooms.

The exterior look of this product is a simple one. It offers a simplified look but with necessary internal complexity.

What else does it offer?

It has an internal overheat sensor that goes off when necessary. Its thermostat control has an external switch, which makes the temperature of the heat produced adjustable.

The ability to adjust the heat helps in providing more comfortable warmth as desired and ultimately adds to its function. Its wattage is 1000 Watts, which can still be considered reasonable.


This product might be the best go-to for those who cherish their privacy or as a student. Also, if you are an occupant of a small apartment, you might have just seen what you need.

  • Excellent in space management
  • It suits a single room
  • It provides an all-round safety
  • High durability
  • Can be shipped to anywhere in the world
  • Moving of product requires extra care
  • The rattling sound might occur during movement

Optimus H-3603 – Best Baseboard Heater for Automatic Control


  • Powered with automatic thermostat control
  • Built with durable heavy gauge sheet metal cabinet
  • Internal heat limiting thermostat with overheat alert and tip-over safety switch
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Two heat settings (750 and 1500 -watt)
  • 30 inches long

Place priority on your comfort?

Optimum H-3603 is quite a powerful heater with an automatic control that has prospects for comfort.

This product is manufactured using a heavy gauge sheet metal that is highly durable. This is a quality tested material; giving this package its lasting durability feature and effect. It has a built-in thermostat with a digital display. This makes it easier to determine the temperature degree with a control to switch it to the desired level.

Manufactured with two heat settings, it has 750 Watts as the lowest and 1500 Watts as the highest. It takes up the design of a contemporary style fitting perfectly into any room décor.

More than what meets the eye!

The safety of this product is guaranteed with some built-ins that include but not limited to: overheat alert, tip-over safety switch, etc.

The dimension of this product gives it a more comprehensive look. The presence of an internal automatic thermostat helps control the temperature in the room. The heat settings of this product have given it more capacity in home heating. It produces a quiet heat that radiates the room.

The inclusion of in-built carrying handles enables the user to move this product with ease and with maximum protection against any potential damage.

All the materials used for this product are of low-cost maintenance. Although this product has a high heat setting of 1500 Watts, its Wattage is 750 Watts. Thus, reducing the energy consumed by the product.


This might be a perfect choice for an intending user with high frequency in relocation. Also, if you are a lover of contemporary style with great ability to perform, you might like this product.

  • Supports the easy movement of product
  • It is affordable
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Installation with ease
  • There might be no control over internal regulation
  • This product can be only be shipped within the US and other selected countries

Holmes HLH4422EE-WM – Best Electric Baseboard Heater for a Trailer


  • Offers convection heating for comfortable, soothing warmth
  • LED control with 12-hour timer
  • Has auto shut-off, manual user reset and crisp touch exterior
  • 1500-watt maximum of two heat settings
  • Eco-Smart as heater cycles between wattages to save energy while providing continuous warmth

This package is an all-in-one product. It has been built to provide heat with a warmth that is comfortable and quiet. With the inclusion of user-friendly features like overheat alert, 12-hour timer, auto shut-off, etc., this product is a full package.

It has a digital control powered by LEDs, consequently saving energy. With this product, you can have it all! It enables users to reset the product manually.

Users can easily set the auto-off timer included in the package. The presence of a fan which blows across a wire helps spread the hot air produced evenly across the room.

As small as this product is, it is sturdy and of a great design. An ideal choice for any motor home!

It has been designed with luxury, and to fit whatsoever, the taste of the user might be because it offers more than it is valued.

What exactly does it economize?

As beautiful as this product is, it achieves its excellence while saving a lot of energy.

This saved energy has an ultimate influence on the cost of heating your home. It has a dimension that allows it to fit perfectly well, even in a small room. Ranging from small spaces to big ones, this product promises its effectiveness in both. It is sold at a reasonable price for these great features.


Being an Economist is not only a profession; it is also a way of life! This is the real deal for an economist with a great taste.

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Heat is spread across the room evenly
  • Maintains a cool touch on its exterior part
  • It’s auto shut-off might not be desirable
  • Not eligible for International shipping
  • Its dimensions are big and might not have the capability to manage space
  • Might not be effective in large rooms

Buyer’s Guide

Don’t know what to look for in a baseboard heater?

Relax and go through the well-organized buying guide providing a checklist for the informed choice.

The hunt for the best electric baseboard heaters can take a tone from your energy. You have to put certain factors into consideration. Even at that, you may still struggle to nip down the specific one to cash in despite our in-depth and extensive reviews. It’s important to note that your choice of electric baseboard heater will be to a large extent, dependent on your personal preference and individuals home needs. 

However, these are the general factors to consider before you decide which electric baseboard to buy:

How safe is the electric baseboard heater?

Safety first is not only applicable to factories, but it is also critical to every home and office. While all appliances strive to maintain a certain level of protection, some brands pay extra attention to designing electric baseboard heaters that will never put their users at risk. Many home appliances have been reported to cause injuries and loss of life and properties due to electrical malfunctions. Thus, you should pay critical attention to the safety measures of your baseboard heater. Modern heaters come with a thermostat that enables them to make use of advanced features. This includes the regulation of heat and control output, automatic power-off when overheat, tip-over switch during accidental knock-off, and many more. Also, you should enlighten your family members on how to avoid potential hazards from electric baseboard heaters and other home gadgets. 

Although all reviewed products in this article are safe enough, Heat-Wave 1,000 Watt Convection Baseboard Heater is the best in terms of safety.

Heater Capacity and Size of the Area

Electric baseboard heaters come in a wide range of watt between 500 – 1500. The exact watt you need will be determined by the size of your room. To get the perfect wattage to heat your room effectively, multiply the size of your room in the square by 10. Also, the wattage they carry will determine the amount of voltage in which they operate. A 120-volt electric baseboard heater will require a single 20-amp. You will need a two-pole 20-amp breaker to feed your heater if it has 240 volts’ capacity. Another factor to consider is the insulation of your home. Ideally, a well-insulated room will retain more heat and does consume lesser power compared to houses with poor insulation. 

Consequently, the power supply you need will depend on the size of your room or office, the insulation materials used, as well as the capacity of your heater. Also, there are portable heaters you can just place where you need to heat at the moment. 

Installation Method

Some brands of electric baseboard heaters need no technical proficiency to be installed. With a little confidence in DIY, you can easily set them up for use. Most 120V baseboard heaters belong to this category as you only need to plug them into a wall outlet. Another plus is that most 120V will automatically prevent the flow of electric power when wrongly connected. However, it is advisable to hire a professional installer when dealing with the 240V type. Although it may incur an additional cost of set up, but remember that your safety and that of your properties should be your priority when dealing with any electrical appliances. From professional experience, you may find it more beneficial to place your baseboard heater close to the doorway, directly under a window or next to an external wall. It is usually more effective in tackling winter cold with that installation set up.

Baseboard Designs

Electric baseboard heaters come in various colors, shapes, and designs. You should consider the one that perfectly blends with your home or office theme without sacrificing the aesthetic values. Also, baseboards feature different designs, which include stand-alone and integrated. 

Stand-alone or Integrated baseboard?

Stand-alone baseboards are those that portable with the ability to exist on their own along with their thermostats. On the other hand, an integrated baseboard heater is connected with the central heating system and other home appliances. As such, they are part of the home thermostat system, and they enable you to get unlimited access to the warmth from your baseboard heater irrespective of where you are in the house. Whichever one you go for will be a function of your personal preference and what works best for you.

Cost of Purchase and Maintenance

The price of an item can be a little tricky while choosing a specific product. It has been established that cost is not the most critical factor to consider while selecting a product. While cost will in no small extent affect your purchase decision, merely focusing on the price of electric baseboard heater may mar your judgment about quality and effectiveness. Generally, the cost depends on the design, power output, and the efficiency of baseboard heaters. If you are a student or running on a low budget, you may consider buying a cheap product, and yet seamlessly handle the task of heating homes. Also, the maintenance cost is paramount as well. With the proper care, excellent handling, and high quality, you will not incur much on the maintenance cost in any of the electric baseboard brands featured in our review list.

Noise Level

With advanced technology, most electric baseboard heaters now run with a low sound level. That makes them ideal for a wide variety of settings including bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. However, some brands still emit a relatively high level of noise during heavy usage, which may not make them ideal for places that require total silence, such as a bedroom. Ensure to check the noise level of your favorite brand, especially if your noise tolerance is very low.

Level of Warranty

We all love it when we are sure that we have legal cover on products. You should focus on selecting a brand that offers you an extended warranty, a minimum of 10 years. The level of warranty a brand provides is in some way, a measure of their level of quality. Thus, the longer the years of warranty, the better for you. Warranty will cover expenses including replacement of spare parts as well as shipping cost.

best electric baseboard heaters review

UL Certification

UL rating is a global safety science company that conducts audits on home appliances to valid and ensure customer safety and comfort on each product. You should consider buying products with a good UL listing and in compliance with the company’s safety mark. 


As a potential buyer of an electric baseboard heater, you have a lot of questions going on in your mind about this valuable home appliance. We have highlighted some of the frequently asked questions. I believe the answer to your questions is right here.

Q: What is the best baseboard heater to buy?

A: While we cannot tell you that a specific product is the best, however, after intensive research both from online and offline buyers, we have identified King Electric 8CB2415BW CB Ceramic Core Baseboard Heater as the brand that tick virtually all the boxes on the essential features to look out for in electric baseboard heater. If you’re looking for a ceramic-style convection baseboard heater with low cabinet temperature, then King Electric 8CB2415BW may be your perfect choice. Unlike other cheap electric baseboards that heats up and burns anything that comes near them, this US-manufactured high-quality baseboard heater will distribute heat evenly without putting you or your family at risk. With a length of 8ft and 1,500 watts’ output, you can efficiently heat your room to 150 square feet with a 208-volt power supply. King Electric Ceramic is our top pick! 

Q: What is the most energy-efficient baseboard heater?

A: Although electric baseboard heater generally takes longer to heat up, however, they are more efficient compared to the other conventional methods of heating. All brands and models of electric baseboard heater featured in our ranking list offer a similar level of efficiency. You can go through the list again to identify what brand works best for the size of your room or office.

Q: How do I calculate how much electric baseboard heat I need?

A: The size of your room will determine the amount of heat you will need to keep cold away. This is a quick way to calculate the electric baseboard heat you need:

Calculate the length and width of your room in feet to get the square footage. Multiply your answer by 10, and you derive the estimate of the wattage required to heat your room. Your best option will be to go for a baseboard heater that equals or exceeds the wattage needed for your room. 

Q: Where can I Install my baseboard heater?

A: Beneath the window and close to the door are two of the best places to mount your electric baseboard heaters. This is to allow the free flow of heat throughout the room. However, ensure that no movement or interference can impede the distribution of heat. For safety purposes, it is advisable to keep furniture and other valuables at least 12 inches away from whatever location you choose as the mounting point of your heater.

best electric baseboard heaters review

Q: Which baseboard heater voltage is appropriate for my room?

A: Electric baseboard heaters exist in two types of voltage – 120-volt, and 240-volt. For a small-spaced room, you should consider a 120-volt heater. It has easy installation, and with a little attention to details, you can follow the manual for DIY setup. However, if you have large rooms, a 240-volt heater is ideal for you. The only challenge is that you may incur an extra charge for the installation process as it requires technical expertise. You should consider hiring a professional technician if you are not tech-savvy.


We have been able to go through the best baseboard electric heaters for your home. They come with various features, sizes, and different levels of efficiency. While you may have your personal preference on a specific brand, we have been able to establish that King Electric 8CB2415BW CB Ceramic Core Baseboard Heater might be the best of them all. 

It offers an effective and efficient way of generating heat. It is versatile with a quiet operation, which makes it suitable for convenient use in bedroom, lounge, office and other parts of a home. It’s lower surface temperature, and low watt density adds to its safety. Also, its high mass ceramic element design gives it superior performance to its closest rivals that can only boast of ceramic core thermal storage and those with over-sized aluminum fins.

With King Electric 8CB2415BW baseboard heater, your search for an effective solution to excess winter cold is over!

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