8 Best Espresso Machines Under $200 — Everyone deserves a cup of good espresso

There are days when taking time out of our schedule to visit a coffee shop is just impossible. This is why you are not alone if you are thinking of buying an espresso machine for personal use.

If it looks like you may need to break the bank, that is true to an extent but not always. By the time you finish reading this article on our review of the best espresso machine under $200, you will know why.

Espresso gives that caffeine boost we all don’t want to miss. And with the right guidance and recommendation, you can get a budget-friendly espresso machine such as those we will be reviewing in this article.

Why would anyone want to miss a health benefit packed morning espresso shot, tasty latte or cappuccino? A Swedish study revealed it could reduce the risk of stroke. A Harvard publication detailed how it could help reduce the risk of diabetes by 11 percent. It can also help lose weight and reduce muscular pain, especially after exercise.

With an espresso machine at your reach, you can prepare your shot just as you like it, there is no more missing the memory boost and other health beneficial effects offered by caffeine which is the main constituent of the espresso drink.

best espresso machines under 200 review

In case you are still wondering why you need to read our article on the best espresso machine. A simple search of espresso machine under the $200 budget will give numerous results that can get you confused about which to go for. To save you from the headache and purchasing a substandard product that does not worth the value, we decided to do a compilation of the best and affordable espresso machines in the market today.

The reviewed products are not only useful at home, but they can also handle a bulky demand for espresso in an office or mini café. Who knows, you may be thinking of starting a new coffee shop down the street. We would have just saved you chunks of startup costs!

Overview table

We understand there are many espresso machines out there you can choose from. But we care about you and want to help you make the best choice. You deserve getting the best value for your money. The overview table is to provide you with a common vision of the best models under $200 available.

Editor choice 1 Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1102
Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1102
(Best Machine for Espresso + Cappuccino + Latte)

One of the fastest machines in Mr. Coffee lines, although being semi-automatic. It’s compact but still can hold up to 55 oz of water.

2 DeLonghi EC702
DeLonghi EC702
(Best Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Made of Stainless-steel)

One of those great machines that are built to last. Moreover, it gives you the option to control water temperatures and make 2 espresso cups at a time.

3 Nespresso Pixie EN125S
Nespresso Pixie EN125S
(Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under $200)

Quick and compact machine that needs only 30 seconds to make you a cup of the most delicious espresso. You don’t need to do anything manually, just purchase capsules, put one inside and push the button.

4 Breville ESP8XL
Breville ESP8XL
(Best Espresso Machine for Crema)

This machine comes with all the complementary accessories you may need for usage and maintenance, while its 15-bar pressure makes the coffee as aromatic as possible.

5 Cuisinart EM-200
Cuisinart EM-200
(Best Programmable Espresso Machine Under $200)

Great programmable option for those on a budget. You can easily make small espressos or any large latte or cappuccino.

6 Capresso 124.01 Ultima Pro
Capresso 124.01 Ultima Pro
(Best Espresso Machine for Cappuccinos)

With this Capresso model, you can make a large cappuccino or latter with just the right frothing in a matter of a couple of minutes max.

7 Hamilton Beach Espresso
Hamilton Beach Espresso
(Best Espresso Machine Inspired by European Cafés)

Enjoy top-quality drinks made by the machine that does not need much attention. Featuring 3 buttons this model gives just enough functions at a reasonable price.

8 Mueller Espresso Machine
Mueller Espresso Machine
(Best Compact Espresso Machine under $200)

The machine is compatible with different Nespresso capsules and capable of making outstanding drinks thanks to its patented barcode technology.


1 Editor choice

Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1102 – Best Machine for Espresso + Cappuccino + Latte


  • Easy selection of drink type (espresso, cappuccino, and latte) using a one-touch control panel
  • 15-bar pump system that delivers high pressure for quality brewing
  • Automatic milk frother for rich crema and frothed milk
  • Adjustable cup tray for different espresso sizes
  • Removable water and milk reservoirs for easy clean and fill
  • Recipe book for different coffee ideas

Mr. Coffee is a household name when it comes to espresso machines (since 1970). They are not just popular because their brand name sounds like coffee but because of their product quality.

The machine is easy to operate ― it is semi-automatic ― drinks selection can be done with the touch of a button. This model is one of the fastest Mr. Coffee machines out there. The beverage processing time is faster than the Steam and Pump espresso from the same manufacturer.

It features many things you will not find in most under $200 budget espresso machines. The one-touch button, for instance, can be selected to either produce a single or double shot and at the same time gives different espresso type based on your preference.

There is no need for operating a manual lever or wand to prepare your espresso. Its semi-automatic feature takes care of it all and delivers the creamiest froths similar to what an expert coffee maker will offer in a café. You also don’t have to repeatedly refill the water tank except you are having a coffee party. It can hold up to 55 ounces of water, enough for considerable rounds of coffee. Depending on your consumption volume.

Above all other espresso machines on our list, we recommend the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker for anyone who wants less stress while preparing espresso at home. Plus, it also gives a wide variation of coffee type choices without occupying much space in your home.

  • Compact size
  • Large water tank
  • Allows brewing different coffee
  • Perfect for making espresso, cappuccino, and latte
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Allows choosing between ground, pods or beans
  • Have to deal with deciding on coffee beans grind size
  • Cleaning coffee portafilter is quite stressful

DeLonghi EC702 – Best Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Made of Stainless-steel


  • Water level indicator to alert when it is time to refill
  • Adjustable 15-bar pump to produce high-quality espresso shots
  • Manual frother for steaming milk or froth
  • Removable tank that can hold up to 44 ounces of water. The removable feature also allows for easy cleaning
  • Rapid Cappuccino System to maintain optimal temperature
  • Adjustable 3-in-1 filter holder for your preference

Most budget-friendly espresso machines under $200 are made of plastic but the DeLonghi EC702 goes against the norm. The manufacturer decided to make this with stainless-steel and yet stuffed it with great features for making one of the best espressos.

Irrespective of how many cups of coffee you are planning to make, there is no need for waiting between successive cups. This espresso machine has a technology that helps to maintain the temperature. Therefore, makes it easy to produce coffee cups repeatedly.

The water tank and drip tray are also removable. Good! If you have a dishwasher, they are compatible. Easily clean with no stress or use your sink.

You can also dispense the required amount of coffee with no stress. The Automatic Flow Stop feature of the machine is designed to dispense set amount and at the ideal brewing temperature.

It also features two different thermostats for controlling the water and steam pressure. Wondering what this can do? It can be used to make your favorite espresso and cappuccino at your preferred temperature.

When you notice the machine pump is making a sound that differs from normal, it may be because the water tank is empty. You can solve this by simply refilling. The machine water level indicator also comes in handy to help prevent such from happening. You only need to always check it.

The DeLonghi EC702 is recommended for its high-quality espresso and cappuccino and also because of its optimal temperature maintenance. Perfect for an office, small party, or coffee shop usage.

  • Automatically self-prime
  • Great customer service
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • Heated cup trays keep mug warm
  • Automatic self-priming
  • Alerts when water tank is empty
  • Cannot be used in the environment with temperature of 0°C (32°F) or lower
  • Quite loud while in operation

Nespresso Pixie EN125S – Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under $200


  • 19-bar high pressure for making good tasting espresso
  • Red backlight for empty water alert
  • Two one-touch buttons for making espresso of different sizes
  • 16 Nespresso capsules for different aroma
  • Energy saving heats up within 25 minutes automatically turns off after 9 minutes of being inactive

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine by De’Longhi does not offer much flexibility. It is solely designed for making espresso. You can worry less about your portafilters as the machine makes use of an in-house technology called Nespresso espresso capsules.

To make milk froths, purchase a milk frother along with it. A Stainless-steel Frothing Pitcher costs lesser than $5 on Amazon. With only four steps, you can get your espresso ready ― fill the water tank, load the Nespresso capsule, place your cup or mug under the sprout, and press the one-touch button.

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine comes with a 16-capsule pack. The only problem is, you will need to order a replacement directly from the company after exhausting the capsules.

It also features a heat resistant panel that allows you to be able to place the espresso machine on the pod drawer with no fear of the heat affecting the stored capsules in the water tank.

Your coffee should be ready within 30 seconds and you can be sure the espresso will be of high quality.

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to mess with grinders and portafilters. The only concern of most customers is the required constant adjustment of the grinder settings for good coarseness.

  • Compact
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Different flavor choice
  • Good tasting espresso
  • Noisy while in operation
  • Small water tank (24 ounces)
  • Can only make espresso
  • Quite expensive for its feature

Breville ESP8XL – Best Espresso Machine for Crema


  • 15-bar pump with Thermo-block system for ideal espresso temperature
  • Cup warming plate to keep up to 6 cups and/or mugs warm
  • Water window to view water level in the tank
  • Dual-wall filter for making good tasting cream
  • Water tank that can hold up to 1 liter
  • 1-year warranty

The Breville ESP8XL Café is a great choice for anyone thinking of going the minimalist way. The manufacturer (Breville) is a popular brand known for its high quality and durable products.

Its thermo-block heating system is used for compressing the coffee pod or capsule at a perfect temperature. This feature is why it is ranked as one of the best espresso machines for brewing good espresso.

You don’t need to purchase complementary accessories such as tamping tools, a cleaning tool, an espresso cup, and a milk frother. They all come packaged with the machine.

Press the power button and select either steam or espresso ― that is all you need to operate this machine. It is super easy to handle!

It also features two indicator lights for power and the heating system respectively. This will help you to know when the machine is ready for brewing ― this is when the heating system light is on.

To make it last longer, always clean the removable drip tray.

The Breville ESP8XL is a good choice for you if you don’t want to think of buying additional accessories for your espresso. You should, however, avoid buying it if you can’t stand any noise. The noise made by the steam rod when turned on is a little disturbing. You may also find the foam steam pressure not effective enough.

  • Gorgeous appearance
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Steam rod is noisy when in operation

Cuisinart EM-200 – Best Programmable Espresso Machine Under $200


  • Programmable control for different cup sizes
  • Transparent water reservoir for checking water level
  • Portafilter with switch
  • Adjustable steam wand for frothing, steaming and foaming milking
  • 15-bar pressure
  • 3 years warranty

The Cuisinart EM-200 comes with both manual and programmable features. This means you can easily adjust the different settings to suit your preferred espresso choice. Easily make cappuccino, latte among other varieties of coffee with the adjustable steam wand for milk.

Before you start using the espresso machine after unpacking, make sure to prime it. The same thing should be done if you haven’t used it for a while.

You can worry less about frequent refilling. The large size 64-ounce water reservoir should be enough to make a considerable number of coffee cups. Except you will be programming it for a large cup.

The cup warming tray also ensures your cup/mugs are kept at an ideal temperature for brewing and there will be no need of waiting for successive cup refill. It also comes with a frothing cup and tamping tool so you won’t need to buy any again.

You’d better not buy this espresso machine if you do not have enough space in your room to spare. On the other side, the Cuisinart Espresso Maker is one of the best under $200 espresso machines you will find in the market with high-quality features.

  • Programmable cup size
  • Good for making espresso, latte, and cappuccino
  • Less frequent refill of the water reservoir
  • Compatible with ground or pod coffee
  • Long term warranty (3 years)
  • Good for making either single or double shots
  • Quite heavy and occupies much space
  • Grounds difficult to tamp evenly

Capresso 124.01 Ultima Pro – Best Espresso Machine for Cappuccinos


  • Warming tray for keeping cup/mug warm
  • 15 bars pressure for making good tasting espresso
  • Programmable cup sizes
  • Automatic shut off after being inactive for 30 minutes
  • Storage space for accessories
  • High performing milk frother for making latte and cappuccino
  • Automatic self-tamping portafilter

Let’s talk about the faults of this espresso before getting you all pumped up with its awesome features. The Capresso Ultima Pro Programmable is mostly made of plastic. This gives many users concerns as it raises the question of its durability. The water tank is also very possible to leak and spew from the sides of the portafilter to the counter. Aside from this, the machine is one of the finest espresso makers. A 10-year barista also confirmes this.

The programmable buttons for different cup sizes can be set for up to 6 ounces. They can be operated by simply pushing the button with ease.

You may, however, need to subsequently refill as the water tank is just 34 ounces. The water level gauge can be used to assess how much water remains and when to refill.

When you notice the light indicator is constantly blinking, it is a sign that the machine is ready to start making some nice espresso. Another sensor in the built-in will also alert when the espresso is ready. When the blinking persists with no observable progress of making good espresso, consider cleaning it. If the problem remains, that means the machine is unable to produce the required temperature and pressure for making espresso. Sometimes it might be that the sensor is faulty. A repairer should be able to handle that.

Our only concern with recommending this espresso machine for purchase is that it may leak. If you are less bothered about that, the machine is one of the best espresso makers with a programmable function in the market (under $200).

  • Makes fantastic espresso
  • Programmable features
  • Space for storing accessories
  • Illuminated icon on buttons
  • Easy to operate
  • Parts are made of plastic
  • May leak
  • Small water reservoir

Hamilton Beach Espresso – Best Espresso Machine Inspired by European Cafés


  • 15 bar pressure for excellent crema
  • Swivel steam wand for frothing milk and steaming
  • Slide and lock for adjusting the filter
  • Cup warmer to keep cup/mug warm till serving
  • Removable water reservoir (40 ounces)

Inspired by the European cafés, the Hamilton Beach Machine is built to handle the preparation of espresso, latte and cappuccino drinks.  The produced espresso is as good as the one you will get in a café.

The outer design is more of plastic than other materials like steel. The water reservoir is medium. Perfect for your personal use but might be a little bit stressful if you will be having friends over.

The front design features three buttons that control the main functions of the machine. A power button (on/off), steam button and the brewing button. The steam pressure is controlled by a slide and lock filter that makes the brewing process easier. For convenient use and safety, the power button is designed with an LED light.

Cleaning the machine is nothing to worry about. The drip tray and water reservoir are removable. To maintain its elegant design, wipe the body with a cloth after making your rink.

The two main headaches you may have while using this machine is that the recovery time between each shot is slow and also, the steam time takes some time to heat up.

This is why we will not recommend the machine for a small café use or office use. If you will always have friends over at your place, making espresso, latte or cappuccino with this machine might be stressful. But on the far end, the machine offers valuable features for its price and also delivers an awesome coffee that will compete with the high-tech machines of café.

  • Compact
  • Slide and lock filter
  • Steam wand is adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows pods and ground coffee
  • Steam may take long time to heat up
  • Long recovery time

Mueller Espresso Machine – Best Compact Espresso Machine under $200


  • 20 bar pressure for making café grade espresso
  • Fast heat-up system (within 20 seconds)
  • Adjustable one-touch button function
  • Water reservoir of 27 ounces
  • Energy-saving switch off machine within 10 minutes
  • 2-year warranty

The Mueller espresso machine might not come with all the numerous features of the highly-priced espresso machines but it did come with something that cannot be take away from it. The machine makes a fantastic espresso, thanks to the manufacturer’s patented barcode technology.

It is designed to be compatible with the Nespresso capsule of different flavors. The lever will require some manual effort to obtain. But that should be less stressful.

The heat-up time is another thing you will like ― about 15 seconds ― and will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Here is something that might discourage you aside from the benefits of being able to compress coffee pods; the machine water reservoir is small. You may need to subsequently refill after making a few cups of espresso.

You can have it not too far from your sink or water source since it does not take much space. This may save your repeated journey to refill.

Our main concerns about the Mueller Espresso Machine is that it does not come with a milk frother and getting a replacement for the Nespresso capsules can be both expensive and stressful. Beyond that, the Italian designed machine makes a nice tasting espresso. It also compensates for things it lacks in price.

  • Compact
  • Makes good espresso
  • Super cheap
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Brews pod
  • Does not come with a milk frother
  • Lever may be quite stressful to operate

Buyer’s guide

What happens when you have more than one choice and can only get one espresso machine?

This is why we decided to compile a buying guide that will help you to choose the best for you among a number of choices.

We know reading through our list of the best espresso under 200 sometimes can’t help you make a final decision. The Mr. Coffee’s functionality of being able to prepare an espresso, cappuccino, and latte may be great. But the varieties of aroma presented by the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine capsule may make you consider it two.

Don’t be upset, and read on to dispel any doubts.

What You Can Make with An Espresso Machine

The first thing for any buyer to decide while considering an espresso machine is the purpose of use. When you know the type of drink you prefer, then, you can decide on the best machine in our review for your purpose.

But there is something we need to clarify before we move on. There is a difference between an espresso and coffee. Both coffee and espresso can be derived from the same coffee beans but that is where the similarities end. The processing method for each differs.

Coffee is made using a French press or drip coffee. Espresso, on the other hand, is made by passing steam or hot water through coffee pods. The caffeine and flavor in the two also differ. Coffee has more caffeine while espresso has more flavors and aroma.

Confused? If you have always been walking to a café to order drinks like steamy lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos, an espresso machine is for you. Latte, mochas, and cappuccino are just variations of an espresso drink.

Espresso Shot

This has most of the natural taste of a coffee pod or bean. It is direct from the machine. It looks similar to a black coffee but darker.


The cappuccino is a popular espresso variety with the addition of milk on top. The strong flavor and aroma of the espresso are reduced in a cappuccino drink.


Just like the cappuccino, but with lesser steamed milk on the top.

best espresso machines under 200 review


Similar to a cappuccino but with more milk.


Milk is substituted with chocolate to make mochas.

These are just some of the espresso drink varieties you can make with an espresso machine. Our reviewed Mr. Coffee Café Machine comes with a recipe book for inspiration on different espresso types.

Steam-driven Vs Pump-driven Espresso Machine

The steam-driven espresso machines drive steam through the steam wand to extract the flavor of the coffee pods/beans. They are usually less expensive but makes low quality coffee. On the other hand, the pump-driven espresso machines drive hot water through the ground coffee pods or capsules.

Most coffee connoisseurs prefer pump-driven espresso machines because they make high-quality espresso with great flavor. We used this as one of the criteria in selecting our reviewed top 8 espresso machines.

Types of Espresso Machines

Espresso machines can be classified into four based on their mode of operation. Most of these types were featured in our review.

Manual Espresso Maker

Manual espresso machines make use of a lever and you will need to do most of the work. The main benefit of this kind of espresso is that it allows for full control of the result. You don’t need to punch any button to decide the amount of espresso to dispense for instance.

The quality of espresso you can make with them is dependent on how good a barista you are.

They also occupy lesser space and very affordable to purchase. You can even have them packed in your travel bags.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

The stress of the manual machines is saved in the semi-automatic via its electric pumps. The bar pumps feature is common in most of the espresso machines we reviewed. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1102 Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker machine is a typical example. You will also be able to find a product with a large water reservoir in this category.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The fully automatic espresso machine does not only make brewing espresso easier with their electric pump, but they also feature technologies that control the amount of dispense. You only need to tap on buttons to set your preferred volume to be dispensed.

best espresso machines under 200 review

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The super-automatic makes all the process of making espresso super easy. They save you lots of time especially if you need to make lots of espresso during the day. If you are planning to start a mini café, this is a choice to consider.

The only reason they are not listed among our top 8 espresso machines under 200 is because of their quite expensive price.

Things to Check Out Before Buying an Espresso Machine

Just like you won’t choose a cloth in the store because you like the color or the brand. But will also need to consider if it fits your size. That is how it is with choosing the perfect espresso machine for your purpose.

Other things to consider before settling for an espresso machine aside from the ones we have highlighted so far include;

Size and Design

You should consider the amount of space available in your home for an espresso machine. Most of our reviewed espresso machines occupy lesser space. Choosing any of them should not give you much concern with weight.

Also, the materials espresso machines are made from may determine their durability. This is why you can doubt before buying the Capresso 124.01 Ultima Pro. Yet, it made our list because of its complementary features that contribute to its great tasting espresso.

Machines made of stainless steel and aluminum tend to be more durable and have lesser breakable parts.


This is what brought us to this point in the first place. We could have listed espresso machines that cost more than $1000 but we don’t have to spend that much to start making our perfect espresso at home.

best espresso machines under 200 review

Know how much you can spare for espresso machines. Some machines come with a milk frother, grinder, and other appliances while others may need you to purchase some or all of the required accessories for making a nice espresso.

Weigh your pocket and know if you can afford those with all you need. If you can’t, it is not mandatory to possess all of these accessory tools. So far you are good with the taste of the espresso the machine is making.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are the Nespresso Capsules Recyclable?

A: Yes. The capsules are made of aluminum and the company also has a recycling program for the purpose.

Q: Why would my espresso machine make no more than an ounce at a time?

A: That must be as a result of large pods. You need to grind the pods more to allow more water to flow through.

Q: Can I Set My Espresso Maker to Make Espresso Before I Wake Up?

A: Yes. There are espresso machines that could perform such a function. But most of the under 200 espresso machines in the market including the ones we reviewed lacks such function.


The espresso machine saves the time of rushing to the café every morning. You can also be super relaxed to host an espresso party in your home without worrying about how to transport a lot of cups to your house.

Ranging from programmable espresso machine down to semi-automatic which makes brewing your espresso super easy, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Irrespective of the espresso machine you choose either due to your budget, spared space in your room or any other reason you deem, we can guarantee you will be able to make a great espresso.

Overall, we still recommend the Mr. Coffee Café among other Best espresso machine under $200 we reviewed due to its high-quality features at such an amazing price. The recipe book that also comes with it can help inspire you to try out the new espresso type.

You have read the article! Great job! Do not forget to rate the article.

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