12 Best Heaters For Baby Room – Your Little Kid Needs This Comfort

Adults need to be kept warm. However, it is essential for a baby’s room to be warm! That is why it’s wise to purchase the best heater for baby room, in case central heating stop functioning!

There are people who live in apartments where the heating system works perfectly in every part of the house. While this is a pleasant situation to be in, not everyone can boast of living in an apartment where they enjoy a functioning heating system.

If you do not fall into the class of people that live in near perfect apartments, you are probably concerned with keeping your baby’s room warm. This concern becomes a source of worry as winter approaches.

If you are worried about keeping your baby warm through winter, worry no more as we have taken the pain of coming up with a heating solution for your baby. Unlike regular heaters, baby heaters were designed to be super safe and can be trusted to keep babies very comfortable.

Our Top 12 Heaters For Baby Room 2019

Since we care about you, your baby, and your precious time, we have made a list of the best heaters for your baby room; with the best as the first on our list. There is no better time to buy a baby heater than the winter period. Take a look at the best heaters you can find and their best features. 


Editor choice 1 Dyson HP02
Dyson HP02
(Best Heater Overnight in Baby Room)

The Dyson heater might have a lot in common with other heaters. It, however, is one of the few heaters that is famous for being asthma-friendly and it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa.

2 Honeywell HCE840B
Honeywell HCE840B
(Best Space Heater for Baby Room)

If you are a tech lover, then you will love this Honeywell heater. It comes with digital control that allows you to operate the heater without leaving your resting position. Plus, you can enjoy its quiet mode.

3 Vornadobaby Tempa
Vornadobaby Tempa
(Best Nursery Heater)

This nursery heater features cool-touch exterior and child lock switch for maximum safety. You can place it in any part of your room and still feel its effect thanks to the most efficient air circulation this model provides.

Best value 4 Dr Infrared DR-968H
Dr Infrared DR-968H
(Best Heater/Humidifier Combo for Baby Room)

If your baby is uncomfortable with sleeping on cold beds and under cold sheets, this heater is one you should consider purchasing as it heats the objects in a room and not just the air in the room. Plus, it will help to maintain the healthy level of humidity.

5 DeLonghi EW7707CM
DeLonghi EW7707CM
(Best Oil-filled Radiator Heater for Baby Room)

This heater is particularly great for saving energy and one you should consider purchasing if you are looking to cut down the amount you spend on your electricity bill.

6 Lasko 100 MyHeat
Lasko 100 MyHeat
(Best Law-power Heater for Small Baby Room)

If you need a heater that will fit into any space irrespective of how small, you want to purchase the Lasko 100 MyHeat as it is quite portable and can stay on any surface.

Best seller 7 Lasko 5790
Lasko 5790
(Best Slim Heater for Larger Baby Room)

Controlling the level of heat or coolness of your baby room from your room is a convenience most parents would love to take advantage of. You do not have to shuffle between your room and your child’s as you can operate the heater with the remote control.

8 Honeywell HCE100G Heat Bud
Honeywell HCE100G Heat Bud
(Best Small Space Heater for Nursery)

This Honeywell is energy efficient and helps you maximize your energy level to the fullest. It comes with 2 settings that help with some cold spots in your house.

9 Brighttown
(Best Wall-Outlet Heater for Nursery)

It is the ideal heater for people that live in small apartments that have no space to accommodate bigger heaters.

(Portable Heater for Baby Room)

The Trustech 2 in 1 heater is a great option suitable for your desk, your bedroom, nursery, and everywhere indoor. It can drive away chill from your home, heating up space in seconds with its strong power. While in summer it ensures better air circulation.

(Best Versatile Heater for Baby Room)

Nothing can be as annoying as the noise of a heater when you are attempting to sleep. The Keynice heater can produce an ample amount of heat and still remain quiet. If you are irritated by noisy environments, then it is a perfect heater for you.

(Best Cute Heater for Girl’s Room)

Beyond being an effective heater, XPRIT is cute. It makes it perfect for people that are concerned about the appearance of their homes. Also, its pink color makes it ideal for your daughter’s room.



1 Editor choice

Dyson HP02 – Best Heater Overnight in Baby Room


  • Cooling fan and heater combo
  • HEPA filter for air purification
  • Auto mode, night-time mode and sleep timer
  • Amazon Alexa compatibility
  • Dyson link app for monitoring
  • Comes with a remote control

The Dyson HP02 comes with triple functionality; it cools your baby’s room in the summer, heats it during the winter and purifies air all year-round – it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa – what more could you ask for?

When you make use of the Dyson HP02 heater, you do not only succeed in keeping your baby from being down with a cold, but you also eliminate up to 99.97% allergens present in a room. That’s not all; it will also successfully eliminate bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, and pollen.

Dyson HP02 -1

Asthmatic patients cannot use certain baby heaters. This heater is not one of them. While being asthma-friendly which lets this heater stand out from lots of other baby heaters, there is more to this model. When used, you do not have to monitor how it works.

You can take advantage of the Dyson Link app in tracking how the heater works. Also, it comes with a remote control you can use to change the settings. Some of the settings on this machine are night-time, sleep-timer, and auto mode. More so, you do not have to worry about your kid getting injured as this device does not work with rapidly spinning blades.

  • Durable
  • Made from top quality materials
  • Light
  • Good value for your mfoney
  • Properly packaged
  • Helps with Asthma allergies
  • Some users have problems with remote control

Honeywell HCE840B – Best Space Heater for Baby Room


  • Ceramic fan heater
  • 6 heat settings
  • Programmable thermostat
  • 1500 watts maximum energy
  • Digital controls

Featuring six customized heat settings, this baby heater is one that keeps your baby’s room warm and comfortable all through winter. The fact that it features all those settings means you can stay in control of the heat level in your baby’s room without any issues. The intelligent heater has the ability to heat you, your baby and your floor area – how awesome!

The heater is easy to use and provides you with maximum safety for your child. It is easily controlled, has a two-hour auto-off heat phase timer, protection from overheat and tip-over and has a quiet mode setting.

Honeywell HCE840B -3

Another advantage you will enjoy from buying this heater is its smart savings; the heater will reduce your electricity bill by turning down all the thermostats in your house to a few degrees and heating only the room you are currently in.

With the Honeywell heater, you can increase the comfort of your home, while supplementing your home heating needs considering Honeywell offers heaters for personal and family use.

  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to adjust
  • Convenient floor area heat setting
  • Smart timer
  • Plastic construction is not sturdy

Vornadobaby Tempa – Best Nursery Heater


  • 2 heat + 2 fan settings
  • Cool-touch case
  • Hidden cord storage
  • Child lock switch
  • Smooth exterior
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Covered cord storage
  • 900 watts

This baby heater is one that can best be described as being in a class of its own. Although popularly known as a baby heater, it does not only meet the needs of babies. It also meets the needs of parents as well. When you make use of Vornadobaby Tempa, you are sure of getting an adequate heat circulation.

The heat circulation provided by this heater is very effective yet so gentle. The implication of this is that you do not have to keep this heater in a particular part of the room to be able to enjoy excellent and effective heating. You can keep it on whatever part of the room you please, and you will enjoy excellent heat circulation.

Vornadobaby Tempa -4

Vornadobaby Tempa features two settings. These settings are ‘auto’ and ‘continuous.’ When it operates in the auto setting, the fan only functions when it is heating the room to the preferred temperature. However, when it works in a continuous setting, there is a constant circulation of air.

This baby heater does not just function. It is one that has safety in mind. Its unique safety feature is one reason its cord is adequately managed and kept out of harm with a stretchable cover. You do not need to worry about them being burnt. It is because it always stays cool when touched. Also, when it begins to get too hot, it shuts down automatically. That’s not all. Due to its cord storage system, you do not have to worry about your baby kicking its cords.

Finally, this model features a child lock stitch that won’t allow a curious toddler to operate the heater.

  • Lightweight
  • Lots of safety features
  • Comfortable
  • Great value for money
  • Efficient for small room
  • Packaging can be sometimes faulty
  • Plastic case is not that sturdy
4 Best value

Dr Infrared DR-968H – Best Heater/Humidifier Combo for Baby Room


  • Dual heating system: convection + infrared heating
  • 1500-watt maximum energy / 5200 BTU
  • Adjustable temperature range of 50 – 80 degree
  • In-built humidifier
  • Automatic thermostat
  • Remote control

With this product in your possession, you do not have to worry about the winter season as you can go through winter feeling very warm. The good thing is you can achieve this without drilling a hole in your pocket.

This baby heater functions very effectively and makes use of a system that is a perfect blend of infrared and convection heating. It comes with a Dual Heating system and a high-velocity blower that ensures heat is distributed to every part of your room quickly.

What this means is that by buying the Dr Infrared DR968H baby heater, you can enjoy the energy efficiency that is associated with infrared heating and the high level of comfort that is associated with this type of heating device.

Dr Infrared DR-968H is not the only available heater, but It has the edge over lots of other heaters. Its first advantage over other baby heaters stems is that it makes use of infrared heating. Infrared heating does not just get a room warm but also heats the objects within the room.

A user can choose between low and high temperature settings that range from 50° to 85° F. Additionally, this Dr Infrared features a humidifier that help against dry winter air. The level of humidity is very important for baby rooms as breathing too dry air can lead to respiratory diseases and cause various skin irritations.

When you make use of Dr Infrared baby heater, you do not have to worry about safety as well. There are several reasons for this. First, the heater is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.). The certification goes a long way in ensuring you have no problems with security.

This baby heater was designed in the United States. It is, therefore, a product that you can trust. Dr Infrared can get your room heated to a comfortable temperature a lot faster than you expect. Second, this model features tip-over and overheat switch as well as an automatic 12-hour shut-off timer to eliminate any risks oа short circuit or fire.

  • Durable
  • Cleaned very easily
  • Made from quality materials
  • Lots of safety features
  • Useful humidifier
  • The temperature is easy and fast to adjust
  • The humidifier bottle is quite small and needs to be refilled frequently
  • Its front gets hot, so there is a risk to get burnt

DeLonghi EW7707CM – Best Oil-filled Radiator Heater for Baby Room


  • Oil-filled radiator
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Thermal cut-off + anti-freeze function
  • 700-1500 Watts
  • 6-foot cord
  • Comes fully assembled

Are you interested in keeping your baby’s room or even the whole house warm and cosy but worried about constantly increasing electricity bills? If yes, then you can always depend on the DeLonghi EW7707CM heater to get your home warm without needing to spend much.

The heater is very useful, efficient, and also portable. When it heats your room, it gets it to an optimum temperature and keeps it that way. The energy-saving feature ‘ComforTemp’ on the button will help you save a lot on the electricity bill.

This heater comes with three heat settings and a thermostat that can be adjusted. It is easy to personalize its settings to meet your baby needs. Plus, it will never wake your kids up as it’s virtually silent.

You do not have worry that this radiator could overheat as it comes with the thermal cut-off function for your safety. The thermal cut-off function ensures that the heater is turned off as soon as overheating begins to set in. However, when the temperature drops below 44° F, the heater will also turn on automatically thanks to the anti-freeze function. Furthermore, if you are not so good at assembling devices, you should not worry. This baby heater does not need to be assembled. Even the wheels are already installed.

  • Silent, so will never wake your baby up
  • Saves energy (can be adjusted to use 700, 800 and 1500 watts)
  • Lots of flexible features
  • Durable and doesn’t need to be refilled
  • Can heat up larger rooms
  • Gets hot to touch
  • No tip-over protection
  • Takes up more space than most heaters for baby room

Lasko 100 MyHeat – Best Law-power Heater for Small Baby Room


  • Ceramic fan heater
  • 200 Watts / 682 BTUs
  • 6-foot cord
  • On/Off positions only
  • Available in four colors (black, purple, blue, white)

If you are looking to get a tiny space warm, Lasko heater is one you can always depend on. It is a low wattage heater that you can make use of in heating your changing table or crib area. The fact that it’s a low wattage heater means you will not have any challenges with affecting the circuit breaker once you turn it on.

This heater was designed to heat small spaces; it is very portable and does not take up much space. To make use of it, you do not need to assemble as it comes preassembled. Once you purchase, unpack, and connect to a 120v power source, and you can begin enjoying all that it has to offer.

Lasko 100 MyHeat

Lasko 100 MyHeat is energy efficient, portable, and compact. With this heater in your possession, you are covered for a long time. It is durable and can be trusted to keep your baby room warm for a very long time. While this heater is not absolutely quiet, the noise it produces is almost insignificant, and your little kid will not be disturbed while sleeping. Irrespective of how long the heater works for, its exterior does not become hot. This prevents you from getting burnt if you or your children accidently touch it.

  • Quite operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact
  • Lit on/off switch
  • Cool to touch
  • No temperature controls
  • For small spaces only
7 Best seller

Lasko 5790 – Best Slim Heater for Larger Baby Room


  • Oscillating ceramic heater
  • 1500/900 Watts
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Remote control
  • 8-hour timer and auto shut-off

This grey-bodied heater is characterized by a slim design and is 22.25″ tall. It does come preassembled so can be used out of the box. Furthermore, this heater takes up very little space on your floor, as it measures 7.3″ by 7.3″.

Lasko heater is sleek and has a perfectly sized fan that blows across a big room. The fan serves as a means of remaining warm if you live in a house that lacks central A.C. and heating. The fan does a better job of moving air around and allows an excellent heat circulation.

This heater comes with the exact size that you need to heat one end of the room from another, although it is not quiet. The type of noise it creates is not one that will cause any form of disturbance but one that you and your baby can sleep through conveniently. In fact, the kind of white noise this unit creates can calm down and help your baby fall asleep easily. Just set up needed temperature and worry not your child get cold at night.

While the breeze created by this fan is powerful, it does not drown the sound of your television; you can hear your T.V. even with the fan on. It is easy to assemble and also operate. It has a built-in carry handle that allows you to move it around easily.  If you always get exhausted by the time you come into the house, you can always depend on the remote control that comes with this fan.

  • Durable
  • Made from good quality materials
  • Efficient heat distribution
  • Affordable
  • Self-regulation
  • Can get hot to touch
  • No cool fan option

Honeywell HCE100G Heat Bud – Best Small Space Heater for Nursery


  • Two heat settings
  • 250 Watts
  • Overheat protection
  • Tip-over switch
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Available in 3 colors

There are various products that can be trusted to provide your kid’s room with just the right level of heat. While lots of these heaters are very effective, not all of them are energy efficient.

Going by this, if you are looking to get a heater that is very effective and energy-efficient, the Honeywell is one you should consider. It is a device designed in such a manner that can best be described as compact. It offers its user 250 watt of heat, which is enough for most tiny baby’s rooms or areas where you bath your little ones.

Honeywell HCE100G Heat Bud -2

You don’t necessarily need to be tech-savvy to make use of this device effectively. It is easy to use and can be used by virtually everyone. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on where to place it. You might choose to position it on the floor or top of a changing table.

When you make use of Heat Bud, you do not have to worry about safety as its housing is always cool to touch and it features Overheat and tip-over protection.

  • Easy to use
  • Light and portable
  • Lots of safety features
  • Energy efficient
  • Cannot be left unattended
  • Plastic housing is not that sturdy

Brighttown – Best Wall-Outlet Heater for Nursery


  • Mini wall-outlet ceramic heater
  • Features two heat settings
  • 1-12-hour programmable timer
  • Adjustable temperature of 60-90-degree F
  • 350-Watt

This heater is one that is great for a home filled with children. The reason for this is it comes with an effective overheat protection feature. The implication of this is you do not have to worry about your kids or pets being hurt by the heat it produces.

It is not out of place for this heater to get very hot; however, when it gets to a specific temperature, the heater shuts off on its own. The heater comes with a unique feature that allows you program it and make it function as you want it to.

By taking advantage of up to 12 hours timer feature, you can make this heater operate at a temperature that you are comfortable with. Once programmed to function at a certain temperature, the heater will come on and go off all by itself. You can also alter its settings to a temperature that you are comfortable with; this is done by pressing the “Temp+/-“buttons.

Brighttown is an energy-smart heater. It can keep your room warm with just 350 watts of energy. Furthermore, you do not need ample space to use it. All you need is an outlet and a very little space to help your baby stay warm for as long as you want.

While making use of this heater, always note that you should avoid using it in wet and damp areas such as bathrooms. If you make use of it in wet and damp areas, it will corrode and stop working.

  • Easy to use
  • Good safety features
  • Takes up almost no space
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to regulate
  • It gets really hot when used for a while
  • For smaller space only

TRUSTECH SFH-181TP – Portable Heater for Baby Room


  • 2 in 1: heater + fan
  • Ceramic fan
  • 750/1500-Watt
  • Adjustable angle
  • Tip-over and overheat protection
  • ETL-certified

This portable heater is one that can comfortably carry out two functions. It can play the role of a heater and can also be used in making the house cooler. This means you have a heater that can serve you all year round. It gets your kids’ room warm during winter and cools during summer. Going by this, you do not have to pack it up as soon as summer comes knocking. To make use of the device heating or cooling features, you need to alter its modes.

The quiet and portable device can be trusted to get your home warm or cold in the shortest time possible because it comes with a tilting feature. It moves the warmth to various parts of your room in the shortest possible time.

Aside from being able to cool most smaller rooms and also make them warm, the heater is always very quiet. It means you can have it on while your baby sleeps, or while you carry out other activities that are best carried out in a quiet environment.

The TRUSTECH heater is quite portable and comes with a carrying handle which makes it easy for you to move around in your home. Two major safety features come with this device. They will prevent it from overheating and tipping-over. Plus, the unit is ETL-certified. As a result of this, you do not have to worry about children or pets playing around it.

  • Portable as it features lightweight and carry handle
  • Can be used all year round to warm and cool a baby’s room
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Does not last long
  • Gives off a bad smell

KEYNICE KN-ON02U-BK – Best Versatile Heater for Baby Room


  • Ceramic fan heater
  • 450/950 Watts
  • Cooling fan (200 Watts)
  • Overheating protection
  • Wide-angle rotation
  • 12 months warranty

This heater is one that gives you the freedom to select the heating mode you want. You can always choose between a high heating mode (950 Watts) and a low heating mode (450 Watts). Additionally, you can use it as a cooling fan in hot summer nights.

In addition to having the option of choosing between two heating modes, regardless of the mode you select, you can always have the temperature you desire in just 3 seconds. When you use the unit, you do not have to worry about it overheating; it is designed to cut off power when it gets to a certain temperature.

This heater is one that can easily circulate the heat it produces because of its rotation feature. It features a rotation button on its panel. When you press this button, it causes the heater to rotate. This action might seem very simple, however, it makes the air in a given space warm very evenly.

This heater functions very efficiently without making any disturbing sounds. The implication of this is you can turn it on when you and your baby are sleeping, reading, and carrying out other activities that need an intense level of concentration. There might be other heaters with similar features, but the Keynice heater is one that carries out its job perfectly without any radiation.

  • Heater / fan combo
  • Quiet
  • No harmful radiation
  • Does not overheat
  • Moderate energy consumption
  • Off strong plastic smell during the 1st use
  • Fragile housing

XPRIT – Best Cute Heater for Girl’s Room


  • Ceramic heater
  • 500 Watts
  • A maximum range angle of 55 degrees
  • 45 dB (white noise0
  • Safety features which prevent overheating
  • Sleek pink design (also available in devil black and white)

There are lots of effective heaters. However, not many heaters can be easily described as cute. Going by this, if you want to buy a heater that is both efficient and able to blend in a room décor, this is your best alternative. This pink heater was designed to be used in a girls’ rooms. It has a very cute appearance, a compact size, and is very energy efficient.


When you purchase this heater, you are certain you are purchasing quality as it can heat up a small room heated in 3 seconds. This is in addition to the fact that it does not overheat. As it begins to get very hot of if it accidentally falls, its tip-over auto power-off feature comes into play. This prevents it from overheating. The heater is perfect for use in your personal space, living room, bedroom, offices and your baby’s room; it helps you to maintain a low electricity bill as it has energy-saving features.

  • Beautifully designed
  • Quiet white noise
  • Energy efficient and powerful for its size
  • Portable
  • Offers good value for money
  • No temperature control
  • Prone to tip over due to the design

Buyer’s Guide

The baby heaters already mentioned in this article are some of the best available. They, however, are not the only baby heaters in the market. Just in case you would rather make your choice, we recommend to read through a few basic features every well-made heater should possess.

That being said, here is a buyer’s guide, which will help you make the right choice when shopping for an excellent heater for baby room.

Honeywell HCE100G Heat Bud -5

You should Know How Baby Heaters Work

All things being equal, space heaters are usually powered by electricity. While a lot of them need 1500 watts of power to function, some do not need as much electricity. Space heaters have various designs and maximum heat-up space. It’s advisable you get an idea about how space heaters heat-up the space they are in, as this will help you buy the most ideal for your baby.

Some of the methods space heaters heat a room with are:

    • Through the use of infrared radiation:

Infrared heaters are popular and function by moving electricity to a wire. Once this is done, the wire gets the space around warm by making use of radiant heating. Infrared heaters do not necessarily heat the air around them. They heat materials and bodies in the surrounding area. It is because the materials in the space absorb the warm infrared waves released by the heater.

This heater is suitable for virtually everyone; it is even better for people that have sensitive skin. Infrared heaters have a reputation for being energy efficient. It, however, takes place at a price.

    • Through the use of convection:

Convection heaters make use of the distribution of convection currents in getting a room warm. They do this by distributing convection currents through an element that comes with the heater. This element could be a coil or a ceramic plate. When this is done, the air in the space being heated warms up.

There are various convection heaters; some of them come with a fan that plays the role of making the circulation of air in the space to heat faster. While the two elements which are used in convection heaters work well, ceramic plate heaters are reputed for better regulating temperature. Due to this, they can be trusted to prevent overheating. In addition to preventing overheating, the body of the heater stays cool even while it gives out enough heat to get a space warmer.

    • Micathermic heaters:

These types of heaters make use of the principle of convection and radiation. They are usually less bulky than lots of other heaters.

    • Heaters that work with radiation:

Heaters that function with the radiation mechanism are known as oil-filled heaters or radiators. While they have to be filled with oil to function, they still depend on electricity as a source of power. The DeLoghi EW7707CM baby heater is a good example of this type of heater. The purpose of the electricity is to get the oil in this type of heater warm. Once this happens, the heated oil emits heat through radiation.

Dyson HP02 -2

Consider the size of the heater

The size of a heater is directly proportional to the space it can comfortably make warm. If you are looking to warm just a small spot with not more than two people around, you can purchase a small heater; a good example of a heater suitable for a small space is the Lasko 100 MyHeat. However, if you are looking to heat-up a space as large as a room, you will need a big heater.

When buying heaters, it is essential to note that bigger heaters will consume more energy as well.


There are various types of heaters. Some have timers while some others do not. If you are a busy person or are looking to spend less on electricity and still get the best out of a heater, it will be a good idea to make use of a model with a timer. By making use of a timer, you can make your heater run for a particular duration. When this duration elapses, it shuts down. This way, your room can be made warm and money saved.

Look out for a heater with a remote control

Not every heater comes with remote control. If you want to make use of a heater and alter settings without getting out of bed, you should buy Lasko T42951 heater as it comes with a remote control. This way, you will be able to change settings without needing to move an inch.

Look out for the length of the power cord

If you want to enjoy a lot of flexibility with a baby heater, the length of its power cord is something you have to give a lot of attention. When you have a baby heater with a long power cord, you will not be limited to making use of it in just a section of your home; you can always move it around and get the best out of its use.

In addition to the above, you will not need an extension when you have a heater with a long power cord. This way, you can avoid the dangers associated with the use of an extension.

Look out for automatic shutoff

A lot of modern heaters come with the ability to shut off automatically. This ability is one that can be taken advantage of by people that are very safety conscious. The Brighttown heater is one that makes safety easy. When you make use of this type of heater, you do not need to always check it now and then. It is because when the internal heating element gets very hot, it shuts down by itself.

12 Best Heaters for Baby Room

Noise Level

You do not necessarily have to pass up the serenity of your space because you want to make use of a space heater. It is one reason you should look out for the noise level of a space heater before purchasing one. Baby heaters like Honeywell HCE840B will keep your baby sleeping well as against other noisy options, while some heaters will make it difficult for your baby to sleep when they are on.

While different heaters can make various claims regarding how quiet they are, the best way to spot a quiet heater is by going through reviews.

Buy a Space Heater that has a handle

You might buy a heater simply because you want to use it in your bedroom, where you and your baby sleep, and have no plans of moving it around. Regardless, you should buy a heater that has a handle. When you feel like moving your heater, if it has a handle, you will not need to struggle. A good choice is the TRUSTECH heater – easy movement.

Material Finish

A space heater is not supposed to make your room look bad. If it must change the appearance of your room, it has to make it look good.

Always consider how presentable a space heater looks before you make a purchase; It is more important than you think. When people visit you, they will always come across your space heater. If you want a space heater that will blend in seamlessly with your home design, buy one with a great finishing and the right build.

Electronic Displays

Some heaters come with electronic displays. The electronic display feature is usually common among high-end space heaters. While this display makes a heater look better, it might not be ideal for sleeping times. If you plan to make use of a space heater that has an electronic display in your bedroom, you should decide where you’ll place it, so that it won’t disturb your baby while it’s sleeping.

12 Best Heaters for Baby Room-1


Space heaters are generally safe. However, the level of safety you get from a space heater is dependent on how you use it and the safety features like time, auto and tip-over shut-of and cool-to-touch housing.

It is not out of place for electrical equipment to catch fire, amongst other electrical equipment in the house. Space heaters are one of the easiest to go up in flames especially when they lack safety features and are left unattended for a long time.


While shopping for the best heater for baby room, you might end up buying one you are not so comfortable with. It does not matter the type of space heater you purchase; your room should begin to feel warm and cosy less than fifteen minutes after it’s turned on.

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