10 Best Industrial Sewing Machines – Let Your Hobby Become Profitable

Our review of the best industrial sewing machines is not by accident. For one, we’ve seen that the fashion industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, all thanks to the ever-changing fashion trends. We have also seen that sewing machines have proven to be useful tools in the hands of sewers and, like never before, more people are now making use of garment making machines. Due to this, there are always new trending styles created by fashion professionals and hobbyists.

Moreover, whether you’re into the fabric sewing business or just an enthusiast, there will be a time you will need to acquire a sewing machine that will make you start(if you’re a beginner) or continue(if you’re an expert) to make masterpiece garments for your kids at home or clients in your workshops. When that time comes, you need to choose a sewing machine that you will enjoy working with; one that will be your wonderful partner in the job of making beautiful clothing styles.

To ensure this, you not only need to put some factors into consideration, but you also need to really know the distinct features among the numerous brands and models of sewing machines you will find on the market before making a choice. It is in this aspect that we believe that this review of the best industrial sewing machines will come in handy. Additionally, you will be able to see, towards the end of this review, an evaluation of the important factors to consider to ensure you choose the sewing machine that will truly serve your needs. Enjoy!

Overview table

There has been a surge in the demand for highly versatile sewing machines and this increased demand has been associated with the increasing inadequacies of conventional or domestic sewing machines in handling the ever-growing demand of bulk sewing and stitching of heavy materials. In light of this, like we’ve always done, we’ve brought to you a compilation of the best 10 industrial sewing machines that are not only versatile with fabrics but are also ultimately strong and durable.

We know you want the best; so be sure that every model you find here will give you perfect stitches at high speeds and great value for your money. We’ve got your back!

Editor choice 1 Yamata FY-8700
Yamata FY-8700
(Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Clothing)

If what you need is a sewing machine that is capable of completing many of your moderately thick clothing materials with ease and at great speed, then the Yamata Machine is a feature-packed lock stitching machine that will be a good companion in your home or clothing factory.

2 Juki HZL-DX7
Juki HZL-DX7
(Best Automated Sewing and Quilting Machine Combo)

Offers modern design and features that make it capable of handling light, moderately light, and thick fabrics. With its features fully automated, you’re sure of a flexible and versatile sewing machine that will allow you to sew your clothes the way you like.

3 Consew 206RB-5
Consew 206RB-5
(Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Upholstery)

Heavy-duty industrial sewing machine that is special for its quiet operation, large work space, durability, and the speed and accuracy with which it sews through light and heavy fabrics. It is a good buy for both home use and factories.

4 JUKI DDL-8700
(Best Sewing Machine with Servo Motor)

Single-stitch, single-needle, and straight-stitch sewing machine that is capable of handling soft, light and moderately thick garments. The JUKI DDL-8700 is fast, durable and strong: adequate for both home and large-scale industrial use. With its all-metal gears, it was truly made to work for decades.

5 SINGER 191D-30
SINGER 191D-30
(Best Sewing Machine for Designers)

Provides consistently strong and quality stitches for medium weight upholstery, multiple denim layers, and other heavy fabrics. It is a top-notch sewing machine with good reputation durability and versatility, with advanced features that increase your creative possibilities.

Best seller 6 JUKI TL-2000Qi
JUKI TL-2000Qi
(Best Sewing Machine for Home Use)

Remains the best bet of professional sewers looking for single and perfect stitches super-fast and heavy-duty. This is a strong and long-lasting, simple and easy-to-use sewing quilting machine. The Juki TL-2000Qi will surely pay-back every penny of its cost.

7 Janome MB-4S
Janome MB-4S
(Best Industrial Embroidery Machine)

Being the first 4 needles embroidery machine and manufactured by a brand that has been associated with many innovative “firsts” for the very big in-home sewing industry, the Janome MB-4S lives up to high expectations. Combining a vast array of automated options with an easy-to-use interface, it embroiders any fabric very quickly and smoothly.

Best price 8 REX RX-607
REX RX-607
(Best Sewing Machine for Thick Leather)

Apart from being very compact, the RX-607 is also very versatile. Stitching through thick materials (including leather) with great speed, this machine is truly a workhorse.

9 JUKI MO-6714S
(Best Overlock Sewing Machine)

Unique sewing machine that perfectly hems or edges two or more layers of any type of fabric with an overlock stitch that leaves the garment with a superb touch of professionalism, perfection, and quality.

10 Toyota Super Jeans J34
Toyota Super Jeans J34
(Best Sewing Machine for Denim)

One of the most versatile sewing machines on the market and by one of the most trusted brands in the world, the Toyota Super Jeans J34 will make you glide over several layers of very thick materials with ease and unparalleled satisfaction. It is as heavy-duty as any sewing machine can get.



1 Editor choice

Yamata FY-8700 – Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Clothing


  • Clutch servo motor 1/2 horsepower,550 Watts, 110 Volt
  • 5mm long stitches
  • 6 stitches
  • Reverse sewing capable
  • Needle size (DBx1) 16×257
  • Pressure foot pedal for controlling motor speed
  • Comes with: 5 extra Bobbins, 10 extra needles, Bobbin winder, a screw driver, drawer, belt, thread stand, oil pan, tools, and instruction manual
  • 6 months warranty for the head and 1-year warranty for the motor

Surely one of the best sewing machines on the market, the Yamata Industrial Sewing Machine FY-8700 is a feature-packed lock stitching machine that makes every stitch perfect. Yamata Industrial Sewing Machine FY-8700 is not only of industrial size, but it is also endowed with industrial sewing features that make every cloth sewing project very easy, no matter the volume and complexity.
Being unassembled from the manufacturer, it comes with a manual that will guide you through a DIY assembly process. Its very large sewing machine table (of dimension 7″ x 18-7/8″) which features an expansive metallic surface with a wooden center supporting the head of the machine provides great and convenient workspace.

Its maintenance routine is hassle-free, featuring an automatic lubrication system that keeps the different parts in efficient movement and performance. Additionally, it comes with an LED light that provides extra illumination that could make a huge difference when operating the machine at night or in a dark room.

The nucleus of this sewing machine is the Clutch Motor 1/2 horsepower that is capable of a maximum speed of 1,725 rotations per minute to give a maximum stitching speed of 5,500 stitches per minute. The high speed is one, but the ease with which it slides the needle through fabrics with the help of its 13mm Knee Presser Foot Lift and 5mm Hand Presser Foot Lift is also amazing: allowing it to conveniently stitch through silk, fleece, denim, and moderately thick cotton materials. The clutch motor also features a noise-reducing technology for a peaceful sewing process.

  • Solidly built
  • Powerful
  • Great stitching speed
  • Relatively quiet for an industrial machine
  • Good lighting
  • The package comes with numerous useful accessories
  • You enjoy an expansive workspace
  • It is relatively expensive
  • Some users may have difficulty with the initial assembling process
  • It is not a walking foot sewing machine, therefore it is not adequate for quilting and other heavy materials

Juki HZL-DX7 – Best Automated Sewing and Quilting Machine Combo


  • Juki industrial Box Feed Technology
  • Maximum straight sewing speed of 1,050 stitches/minute
  • Bobbin winder with independent motor
  • Foot switch function
  • Presser foot pivot function
  • Adjustable Starting or Reverse stitch speed to Fast/Normal/Slow
  • Comes with: Different Presser feet, Bobbins, Screwdriver, Ripper, Cleaning brush, Spool caps, Needle set, Walking foot, Auxiliary spool pin, Quilt presser foot, Quilt guide, Twin needle, Instruction manual, Power cord, and many more!

Feature-packed, this is an awesome automated sewing machine with a simple design and light weight (weighing about 24 pounds). The head features easy-to-use control buttons through which you give instructions to this computerized machine and an accessories storage compartment that makes sure some useful accessories are always at your fingertips.

Its easy-to-use quick select buttons include the Start/Stop button that let you tell the sewing machine to fire-up; the Needle up/down button that let you decide where the needle stops on the clothing; the automatic Needle Threader and automatic Thread Cutter save you the stress of manually threading the needle and cutting the thread respectively; and the Knee Lifting Lever that allows you to keep your hands on the fabric to ensure the fit you desire without being distracted by the Presser Foot.

In addition, it features an LCD screen that guides you through every operation process – displaying different options available to you such as the different stitches, stitch length and width, stitching speed, needle position, and so on. It’s truly the centerpiece of this automated machine.

Juki HZL-DX7 -4-min

Interestingly, it features 287 stitches that include 4 font stitches and 16 buttonhole stitches; a single individual may never fully explore them all. Some parts of this feature are also automated as there are 10 different stitches that only require you to press appropriate buttons to use at any time.

This sewing machine offers reliability, which is shown by the different levels of warranties given by the manufacturer. Its mechanical parts are covered for 5 years; its electronic parts are covered for 2 years. Also, any defect noticed at delivery, probably due to the manufacturing process, are covered for 90 days, allowing you to be referred to an authorized Juki specialist that will solve the problem for you. However, you have to pay for the workmanship, but not for any parts replaced in the process, in as much as the defect is not due to misuse of the machine on your part.

It also features a drop-in Bobbin that you will find easier to use than the usual front-loading Bobbin in similar products. Included with this sewing machine is an extension table that suits the kind of heavy materials and the volume of projects this machine was made for.

  • It is relatively quiet
  • Convenient LCD screen
  • It handles every type of fabric with ease including thick denim and multiple layers
  • Good for quilting
  • It offers a lot of alternatives for every feature
  • Being automated, it is one of the most easy-to-use sewing machines on the market
  • Some customers have complained about bad customer service on the part of the manufacturer
  • Check all parts at the point of delivery, a few customers have complained about broken parts at delivery

Consew 206RB-5 – Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Upholstery


  • Walking foot feeding
  • Centralized Arm Lubrication and Reservoir-Oiled Hook with Micrometric Control Valve
  • Single needle (size 135 x 17)
  • Stitch Length: 2 1/2 s.p.i. (10mm)
  • Straight stitch only
  • Changeable needle plate and feed dog
  • Adjustable Forward and Reverse Feed
  • Locking Stitch Regulator
  • Drop Feed
  • Safety Clutch
  • Comes with: extra needles, presser feet, extra bobbins, oil dispenser, 3 screwdrivers, 2 double-headed wrenches, 1 spool pin, 2 kinds of hex keys, 1 knee lifter, extra screws, and instructions manual

From threading to bobbin winding, although a manual sewing machine, most people will find it easy to operate the Consew 206RB-5. With a maximum sewing speed of 3300 stitches per minute, its speed through light and heavyweight materials are excellent. Work is even done faster with the extra-large bobbin, and the close proximity between the bobbin storage and bobbin winder.

One would expect this type of heavy-duty machine to be slow, noisy, and be hard to maintain; but the reverse is the case with the Consew 206RB-5. Very similar to the portable Consew 206R, its differentiating features are majorly based on its table mounting attribute that enables it to provide a considerable amount of working area (258mm) and extra features than its smaller version.

Its large table surface features an LED lamp that illuminates the whole working area, making works done during the night as hassle-free as those done during the day. Other things on the same table include a cone-shaped thread stand that can hold two large cones of thread at a time, bobbin winder and bobbin storage compartment, as well as a ruler.

Consew 206RB-5 -3-min

Although some modern-day sewing machines still use a clutch motor, the servo motor engine of the Consew 206RB-5 makes it durable and strong and you may never find any wear and tear in the motor after several years of usage. Additionally, the servo motor makes it super-quiet for an industrial sewing machine when in operation and another advantage is that the servo motor requires 90% less power and quite lighter in weight than a clutch motor.

Both beginners and experienced users will find the use of this sewing machine very easy. The servo motor automatically limits the stitching speed of the machine to always suit any initial configuration you will make and the direction of motor rotation can be changed with no difficulty.

  • High-quality materials
  • Heavy-duty
  • Extra-large bobbin
  • Very fast
  • Its use of servo motor makes it super-quiet when in operation
  • Good lighting
  • The machine should not be used on knits, fine fabrics, and synthetic fabrics
  • The instructions manual is difficult to understand and may not offer much help to the user for assembling and maintaining the sewing machine

JUKI DDL-8700 – Best Sewing Machine with Servo Motor


  • Servo motor
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Max. Speed: 5500 stitches/minute
  • 5mm long stitches
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Comes with: a machine head, a wide machine table, thread stand, sewing light, drawers, knee lifter, belt guards, a V belt, a bobbin winder, 6 bobbins, 10 extra needles, lubricating oil pan, and an instruction manual

This Juki garment sewing machine is powered by a 110V Servo Motor that imparts it with as much quietness as any sewing machine can get, a maximum stitching speed of 5500 stitches per minute that is made flexible by its adjustable RPMs.

Its flexibility also extends to its needle compatibility – it uses the Organ DBx1 of sizes 9-18, allowing it stitch effectively through numerous types of clothing materials. It also features a knob at the back that can be used to regulate the needle speed according to convenience.

JUKI DDL-8700 -2-min

Although some users are successfully using it for heavy materials such as furniture and automobile upholstery fabrics, vinyl, leather, and even heavier fabrics through the use of compatible Presser Feet and needles, a proof of its extra-normal strength and quality, it was not made for such heavy materials.

The JUKI DDL-8700 is not so lightweight, the complete package weighs 125 pounds; and since it comes well-assembled, it may require two or more individuals to carry it on delivery. It is reasonable to find a suitably convenient location to install such a heavy machine in the house or workshop to prevent having to go through the stress of moving it frequently.
This sewing machine is suitable for use by all categories of sewers- professionals and enthusiasts alike. It is also adequate for garment making learning.

  • Gives excellently straight stitches
  • Affordable for a machine with a table
  • Great speed
  • Quiet operation
  • Compatible with a wide range of fabrics
  • It is only suitable for straight stitches
  • It is difficult to move, quite heavy and large, the head alone weighs 62 pounds

SINGER 191D-30 – Best Sewing Machine for Designers


  • Clutch motor
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5mm
  • Adjustable Stitch Length
  • Table Top Bobbin Winder using the Second Spool Pin
  • Self-Lubrication system
  • Adjustable H-Leg Stand Height
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
  • Reverse Lever for stitch reinforcement
  • Comes with: Pack of Needles, Screwdrivers, Bobbins, Oil Container, and Straight Stitch Foot

The Singer brand has been associated with unparalleled innovations and quality in the sewing machine manufacturing industry since 1851. However, the SINGER 191D-30 offers more than its manufacturer’s name. Being feature-studded, its use is absolutely stress-free. Its sewing speed is incredibly fast and it gives impeccably straight stitches. No doubt, the SINGER 191D-30 is the perfect sewing machine for every garment maker.

It features both the Knee Lifter and the traditional Presser Foot Lifter. Using either of them will allow a sewer to concentrate on the fabric being made, especially when a perfect fit is important or multiple layers are being handled. No need of using the hand to raise and lower the presser foot. The Knee Lifter allows a 13mm lift while the traditional Presser Foot Lifter allows a 5.5mm lift.

SINGER 191D-30 -3

The versatility of this sewing machine is enhanced by its industrial-grade motor that provides extra-power (up to 1/2 horsepower) that makes the machine continue functioning for decades, maintain high stitching speed on multiple layers (up to 4,000 stitches per minute). It will help you to complete bulky projects in record time and allow the adjustment of the stitch length for making strong seams.

Installing this machine is easy since it comes well-assembled. The only itch is its 210 pounds weight which will require a number of people to convey it to the intended final location in the house, workshops, or factory when delivered. To avoid complications, empty the Singer Industrial Grade Oil included in the package into the machine’s oil pan before the first use after installation.

  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Great speed
  • Strong seams are possible with its reverse lever
  • It is able to handle fabrics of various thicknesses
  • Large working space
  • Some buyers found the instructions manual that came with machine useless as it is too complicated
  • The use of a clutch motor instead of a servo motor results in much noise
6 Best seller

JUKI TL-2000Qi – Best Sewing Machine for Home Use


  • 1500 SPM for quilting
  • Straight stitching only
  • 12mm foot lifter
  • LED lights
  • Foot Pedal control
  • Aluminum die-cast arm and bed for low vibration operation
  • 5-year warranty
  • Extension table

Completely made of aluminum, the JUKI TL-2000Qi is a sewing and quilting machine that will continue functioning long after similar products have packed up. Apart from being durable, it beautifully and neatly quilts most fabrics (if you’re interested in quilting you can also read our guide – 10 Best Irons For Quilting).

It features two presser feet, a 1/5-inch quilting foot, and an even-feed foot. To ensure even stitching, the machine has an automatic up and down needle control that allows you to choose where you wish the needle to be when you want to end the seams or turn corners. Beside the machine, there is the stitch length control dial, you can choose anything that falls on or between 1mm and 6mm.
It has both an automatic Needle Threader and an Automatic Thread Cutter. The former saves you the stress of manually threading the needle while the later helps you cut the thread from the fabric when you’re satisfied with the stitches.

The head of the machine offers 23 inches workspace and a flat-bed extension table also comes with the package to give an extra-large area that can conveniently handle bulky projects. Its Knee Lever is synonymous to the Presser Foot Lifter in some sewing machines, allowing you to raise or lower Presser Foot hands-free so that your hands are used in holding the fabric to achieve what you intend to.

  • Durable construction
  • Low vibration
  • Great speed makes it adequate for professional sewers
  • It gives quality stitches
  • It has a large working area, making it convenient for handling big projects
  • It has only straight stitch, great for those that handle a single type of fabric
  • It is quite heavy and it is advised to be installed in a convenient location to limit movement

Janome MB-4S – Best Industrial Embroidery Machine


  • 4-needle machine
  • 3 MB storage memory which can store up to 1,500,000 stitches or 100 additional designs
  • My SET screen controls for customizations
  • Stitch-out time indicator and stitch counter
  • Upper thread and Presser Foot sensors
  • Manual thread tension control
  • Ball bearing precision
  • USB Ports and ATA PC card port
  • Hat hoops rounds lettering hoops included

At a maximum of 800 stitches per minute, the Janome MB-4S incorporates beautiful ornaments into fabrics at great speed. Featuring 50 built-in designs, you are able to make your own designs to use on-the-go or store on its memory for future use.

With its Remote Computer Screen(RCS) through which you have total control of the setup and 65.536 colors, coupled with your chosen four needles on standby, all you have to do is to set up your desired embroidery design and leave the rest of the job to the MB-4S while you attend to other projects. There is no limit to the number of projects you can attend to at a time: one RCS can take control of multiple sewing machines, making a good fit for both in-house and commercial use.

Janome MB-4S -4

With its 5.7 inches RCS, editing the built-in designs is easy. You can resize embroidery design between 80% – 120% by 1% and you’re able to the design in 1°- and 90°-degree increments either clock-wisely or counter clock-wisely. Additionally, you can choose to flip designs vertically or horizontally, so any position you like is possible.

Like many sewing machines in this review, it features automatic Thread Cutter that also works between letters, automatic Needle Threader that saves you the stress associated with manual threading, and an automatic bobbin winder that works while the machine embroiders making sure there are always extra bobbins.  Moreover, it features four LED lights that effectively cover the needle area to ensure adequate illumination when working.

  • Extremely fast
  • Offers great flexibility in choosing built-in designs and unlimited on-spot options
  • Large storage memory
  • Its flexibility is also enhanced by its compatibility with four-sized Janome hoops and six industry-level Tajima hoops
  • It is quite expensive
  • Many users have complained about the bad quality of the included needles
8 Best price

REX RX-607 – Best Sewing Machine for Thick Leather


  • 900RPM motor
  • Maximum stitch length is 5mm
  • Foot pedal control
  • Reverse lever
  • Walking foot
  • Straight stitches for canvas and zigzag stitches for sails

The REX brand is known for producing very rugged and strong industrial sewing machines that can withstand as many fabrics thrown at them. The all cast iron REX 607 also lives up this REX reputation. It breezes, with unparalleled speed for a sewing machine with such a conventional design, through all sorts of sewing materials – jeans, canvas, leathers, and auto fabrics. It’s also effective in quilting.

Apart from its versatility with fabrics and great speed, its compacted structure, and its 37.3 pounds weight also make it relatively portable and suitable for both in-home and commercial use. Additionally, its great speed and the way the speed can be effectively regulated through the Foot Pedal are some of what differentiates it from many conventional sewing machines. On delivery, the package will include a sewn leather sample with which it was pre-tested before shipping. The machine is also pre-oiled prior to delivery, giving you a ready-to-go sewing machine.

  • Compact, yet powerful
  • It is adequate for all types of fabrics
  • Its cast-iron body makes it very strong
  • It is relatively cheap and its parts are affordable
  • Maintenance is difficult, oiling the internal parts is tedious because the machine doesn’t have open holes
  • It may also be difficult to use at the initial stage, but you start enjoying it with consistent usage
  • It may not be the best choice for beginners

JUKI MO-6714S – Best Overlock Sewing Machine


  • 110V industrial clutch motor
  • Two overlock stitch needles
  • 514 stitch styles
  • Needle: DC X 27
  • Number of threads: 4
  • Over edging width: 4mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 24.5mm
  • Inclination angle of the needle: 20 degrees
  • Upper knife: Flat knife
  • Optional Shirring Attachment
  • Standard Micro-lifter

Although it is an overlock stitch only machine that is not meant for conventional stitching, the Juki MO-6714DA is easily the fastest sewing machine in this review, making 7,000 stitches per minute. And with its 514 stitch styles, you have a lot of options to choose from.

The machine also has a control button through which the stitch length (that ranges from 0.8mm to 4mm) can be adjusted. Also, the Presser Foot that holds the fabric flat has a maximum lift of 7mm when it exerts a maximum force of 63.7N.

Maintaining the sewing machine is easy and it is self-lubricating, using either JUKI Machine Oil 18 or equivalent lubricating oil. With its differential-feed micro-adjustment lever, the Juki MO-6714DA is suitable for hemming or edging a wide range of materials from light to moderately heavy fabrics. On delivery, the complete package includes the machine head, table, stand, motor, LED light, drawer, and other necessary components already installed and ready to sew.

  • Extremely fast
  • It gives perfect overlock stitches that make fabrics neat and great
  • It is able to stitch through many types of fabrics without hassle
  • Numerous stitching styles
  • The clutch motor makes it noisy
  • With a weight of about 250 pounds, it is really heavy

Toyota Super Jeans J34 – Best Sewing Machine for Denim


  • 34 Built-In Stitches 
  • Top-Loading Drop-In Bobbin System
  • Built-in Needle threader
  • Built-in Quick Adviser
  • Comes with: Zipper Foot, Overcasting Foot, Zigzag Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Quick Advisor Guide, 3 Packs of Needles, Quilt Guide, Spool Cap, Felt, Screwdriver, Bobbins, Spool Pin, Soft Cover, Seam Ripper, Foot Control, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card

Most people know the “Toyota brand” but a very large percentage of these people only picture quality cars whenever they see, hear or remember the name. Well, Toyota has been in the sewing machine manufacturing business since 1946 and the company has been able to leave its mark on the industry through innovative garment making technologies over the years.

Able to sew up to 9 layers of hard denim or an equivalent weight of other fabrics with incredible ease without missing a single stitch; the Toyota Super Jeans J34 sewing machine is, no doubt, one of the strongest machines you will find on the market. It is able to glide over several layers of hard materials, including leather, due to its unique Gliding Foot feature that you won’t find in similar products.


It is also unique with its 34 Built-In Stitches that gives both hobbyists and professionals a lot of alternatives in stitches of different types (straight, zigzag, buttonhole, and overlock stitches) to choose from. You’re able to select your desired stitches with great convenience using the stitch panel at the front of the machine.

Like many sewing machines in this review, it also features automatic Needle Threader that helps prevent the stress and time wastage associated with manual needle threading and an adjustable Presser Foot Pressure that let you choose what you really need for a perfect fit. Additionally, you’re also able to ensure perfection when sewing collars, cuffs, pants legs sleeves through its Free Arms feature.

  • It can sew through about 9 layers of soft denim and 6 layers of hard denim
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • It comes with all needed accessories
  • It is very lightweight, weighing just 14.9 pounds
  • Compact
  • Not good at more than 9 layers of denim (false advertising)
  • Some users have complained about its noise
  • Its speed is relatively slow
  • It doesn’t come with a table

Buyer’s Guide

A poorly designed or overly complicated sewing machine could make the overall sewing process boring, frustrating, and demoralizing; especially for beginners. So, there is a need to shop for a suitable machine that would make your work faster and be able to inspire your creativity by its ease of use.

There a lot of reasons you may want to acquire this equipment: you may need a beginner’s sewing machine for yourself or your kid and you may need a small one to start a small fashion design business or the mega factory size sewing machines if you’re anticipating large projects. There are hundreds of brands and models of sewing machines offered by different manufacturers that are designed to serve specific purposes depending on your needs and this article would guide you through the main factors to consider when buying one.

First of all, we would like to introduce you to the three main categories of sewing machines that you’re likely to come across on the market.

10 Best Industrial Sewing Machine -2

Mechanical Sewing Machines

This is the oldest and cheapest type of sewing machines that you are probably going to find on the market. These machines are not powered electronically like the more recent ones; instead, they use dials and knobs or wheels that are operated manually by hands or a foot pedal and these often require much physical work on the part of the users. These machines are not as complicated as the modern computerized ones and this makes them ideal for beginners. Apart from their durability, another major advantage of mechanical sewing machines is the low cost of repair and maintenance. A major drawback is that they are relatively slow in comparison to the recent ones and they are only suitable for sewing light to medium weight fabrics.

Electronic Sewing Machines

They replaced the vintage mechanical sewing machines and as their name implies, they are powered electronically. They have built-in motors that control the needles and this makes it possible to attain a high sewing speed, great precision, and a much better stitch control compared to the mechanical sewing machines. These machines make sewing less stressful and fast. They are also easy to operate and maintain, offering neater stitches as well. The main drawback of these machines is that they only function in the presence of electricity, so if you stay in a place with an irregular power supply, you might want to reconsider getting an electric sewing machine except you have a portable generator.

10 Best Industrial Sewing Machine -3

Computerized Sewing Machines

These are the latest sewing machines on the market, they are an improvement on the electronic sewing machines. They contain microchips which control the motors that move the needles so that you can get more advanced stitching patterns and all these could be achieved with just a simple push of a button. These machines store hundreds of stitching and embroidery patterns, and some of them allow you to download more stitching or sewing patterns from the Internet. The computer embroidery machines create complex sewing patterns, all you have to do is load patterns from the memory and the computer does almost everything else. The expensive nature, high cost of maintenance and the electrical requirements are the hitches encountered while using such machines.

Things to consider when buying a sewing machine


There is a significant variation in the prices of sewing machines, ranging from the very expensive computerized embroidery sewing machines to the cheap mechanical ones. If you’re not able to afford the computerized machines on a limited budget, an electronic or a mechanical machine would be the next best thing. It is not advisable to go for the cheap plastic sewing machines; this is because they break down very easily and may not serve you for a long time. The ideal thing to do is to go for the best sewing machine that you can afford, there are surely the best ones within each price range, just make necessary findings. A sewing machine like the REX 607 is quite cheap, costing only a few hundred dollars. It is, however, strong and will perform greatly even dealing with thick materials and leather.

10 Best Industrial Sewing Machine -4

Nature of Projects to Undertake

A sewing machine must be able to perform the operations for which it was bought. A cheap, lightweight sewing machine might be fit for everyday household chores, but it would breakdown in no time if used for heavy commercial projects.

You should always consider the nature and the thickness of the fabrics and other materials which the machine is going to be sewing. Generally, most mechanical sewing machines are not supposed to be used for very heavy or thick materials, you might want to get an electronic or a computerized machine for such purposes. The Toyota Super Jeans J34 is computerized and able to glide through up to 9 layers of denim without any difficulty, it was made for that purpose. However, walking foot mechanical sewing machines like the Consew 206RB-5 will conveniently handle large projects and thick fabrics.

Frequency of Use

You must also determine how often you’re going to be using the sewing machine before making your choice. If you’re into the sewing business and would practically have to use your machine every day, I would advise that you go for a heavy-duty metallic machine that is able to work on a wide variety of materials, has a low cost of maintenance and is easily repaired when faulty. But if you just need it as a household tool that will only function occasionally, you have a host of options as you desire. The Yamata FY-8700 and the JUKI DDL-8700 are two sewing machines made to withstand as much work as are thrown at them at home or in the factory.

10 Best Industrial Sewing Machine -5

Noise level

Sewing takes a lot of planning, focus, and concentration and the last thing you want is distraction or disturbance while sewing. So, while shopping for a sewing machine, find out whether or not the noise level is tolerable. The noise level is not really a problem for commercial sewing machines, but if you desire a machine that is to be used within the house, you definitely should consider its noise level.

Sewing machines powered by Servo Motors are usually very quiet while those powered by Clutch Motors are usually noisy.


The quality of the sewing machine is generally ascribed to the quality and the type of materials that are used in making of its parts. Over the years, manufacturers like Singer, Toyota, Juki, and many more have been known to provide very high-quality sewing machines. If you are looking for a strong and reliable machine, it’s safer to buy from trusted manufacturers.


Generally, it is safe to purchase items that come with good warranties. In case any unfortunate event occurs, the machine could be repaired or swapped for another one, depending on the cause of damage and warranty policies.

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Who Would Use the Machine?

This is the first question to be answered while shopping for a sewing machine, and this goes a long way in determining the kind of machine you should acquire. A machine that is too complex would not be suitable for beginners. They may have to get a simple sewing machine with a basic stitch range. You might also want to consider the size of the machine to buy if it’s going to be used by a child or a smaller person.


Different machines come with a variety of stitch options. You may need to consider the stitching that’s available on your preferred machine before making a purchase. Ensure it has all the primary stitches – straight, zigzag, and buttonhole. Additional stitch types could be very useful too depending on the type of project you’re going to undertake. Some modern sewing machines come with hundreds of stitches. For instance, the JUKI MO-6714S has 514 stitch styles.


If the sewing machine you’re looking for is intended for commercial purposes, you might want to consider the stitching speed. Due to the fact that you may need to sew a lot of materials and you will need all the speed, you can get so as not to disappoint your customers. For very good speed, you should go for machines with very powerful motors. The JUKI MO-6714S can pull off 7,000 overlock stitches per minute while the Yamata FY-8700 can give 5,500 stitches per minute.

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Other Features

Apart from the essential features, you should always go for machines that offer additional advantages which would make your work faster, neater and easier. Example of an additional feature is the LCD screen which displays the stitch number, mostly in computerized sewing machines; Speed Control Glider which helps you monitor the speed of your machine easily; a Free Arm that enables you sew through corners faster and more effectively; a Knee Lifter that allows you to keep your hand on the fabric; an adjustable speed control for regulating speed; and a walking foot that make sewing machines stitch through thick fabrics effortlessly.

In all, choosing a suitable machine determines the outcome of your work and the reason why you should make the right choice cannot be overemphasized. Nonetheless, by duly considering the factors discussed in this guide, you should be able to make a perfect choice.

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Now that you’ve taken the time to read the whole review of our best industrial sewing machines, we’re certain that you’re closer to making the right choice.

Although it is hard to come-by a sewing machine that will combine durability, reliability, and versatility with great speeds, amazing stitches, and incredible power without sacrificing the needed workspace, the feature-packed Yamata FY-8700 can be your best bet. It is unique and recommended for both in-home sewers and commercial garment makers.

Anyway, the choice is yours to make. Just make sure you choose the sewing machine that will allow you to complete your project with the best results.

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