8 Best Macerating Toilets – Install It Wherever You Want

Do you want to install a toilet in a bathroom location that is far below the main sanitary line, lacking the necessary plumbing pipes and fixtures? Just imagine the high costs of paying high plumber fees just to get a proper drain line in such a location. In scenarios like this, the best macerating toilet seems like the ideal option, as they do not demand a major plumbing overhaul. What may get your eyebrow up at first is the “strange” name – macerating. What does it mean and how does it relate to toilets?

Also dubbed as upflush toilets, these toilets are an excellent choice for areas with low water pressure or limited water supply. Despite its strange-sounding name, macerating toilets are a godsend. They defy one of the most significant world forces – gravity, by allowing you to put up a toilet below the drain line. This makes them the best toilets for basement-like locations.

Perhaps you need an additional toilet to ease the bathroom rush in the morning or for use when guests come. Or you plan to install one in your cabin, RV, basement bathroom, or even workshop, upflush toilets work in unusual locations. Upflush toilets are an excellent fit for traditional homes, which require the toilet to be situated far away from the main drain line. Not only do they save you from high plumbing costs, but you can also easily install it singlehandedly.

So, if you are in the market for the best macerating toilet, you will get more useful information from the reviews below. We’ve rounded up some of the top best upflush toilets on the market today for you to assess. We have also included a buying guide and answered some FAQs; this way, you can knowledgeably evaluate the options and select the most suitable macerating toilet.

Overview table

Macerating toilets come with many benefits. They save time and money. You can install a macerating toilet in a bathroom without existing pipes, so you don’t have to rip floorboards and deal with expensive construction and installation of a new drainage system.

Not sure which upflush toilet system to purchase? It is quite natural if you remain confused about what you should look for when investing in a macerating toilet system. The number of brands and products with different features can further make it difficult to select one that meets your needs and requirements. Even if you have purchased a standard toilet before, you will most likely experience this confusion. Well, don’t panic!

To make it easy to select an ideal macerating toilet from the numbers on the market, we are happy to present eight of the best upflush toilets on the market today. We’ve reviewed these toilets in detail, examining their features, pros, and cons in a bid to help you make a perfect choice. These eight macerating toilet systems are famous for their quality, durability, reliability, effectiveness, and convenience (how easy is it to install). This overview underscored the highpoints of each of the itemized macerating toilet.


Editor choice 1 Saniflo 023
Saniflo 023
(Best Value Macerating Toilet)

Saniflo 023 SaniCompact model is a self-contained model that offers you high value for your money. You can set up this toilet anywhere – garage, attic, basement, upper floor, and even under-stairway bathroom.

2 Jabsco 37010
Jabsco 37010
(Best Marine Macerating Toilet)

The Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine is a top marine toilet that makes it easy to answer nature calls while on a boat or ship.

3 Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW
Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW
(Best Budget-Conscious Macerating Toilet)

Renowned for its incredible RazorCut technology, the Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW is a highly-rated upflush toilet with excellent water efficiency and top-quality waste maceration.

4 Saniflo SaniPLUS
Saniflo SaniPLUS
(Best Efficient Macerating Toilet)

The Saniflo SaniPLUS is an excellent upflush toilet that allows users to install up to 150 feet away from a soil stack and 15 feet below a sewer line. Plus, it enables users to process greywater from any sink, shower or bath.

5 TMC Electric Marine Toilet
TMC Electric Marine Toilet
(Best Heavy-Duty Marine Macerating Toilet)

TMC Electric Marine Toilet is a heavy-duty macerating toilet with a scavenger pump that ensures that no waste bit is left behind. This marine toilet provides maximum comfort and fits into small spaces.

6 Saniflo SaniAccess 2
Saniflo SaniAccess 2
(Best Budget-Friendly Macerating Toilet)

Saniflo SaniAccess is a cost-effective, easy-to-install, and efficient upflush toilet. It boasts a high-quality macerating system that works wonders to remove all forms of waste.

7 Saniflo Sanibest Pro
Saniflo Sanibest Pro
(Best Easy-to-Install Macerating Toilet)

If you need a toilet that can flush waste into bits at a fast rate and flush it vertically up to 25 feet below the sewerage line, then this Saniflo Sanibest Pro is a great choice. It features a remarkable macerator chamber and toilet combination and is highly efficient.

8 Thetford Marine 38983
Thetford Marine 38983
(Best Water-Efficient Macerating Toilet)

The Thetford Marine Nano ECO Macerating Toilet is another superior upflush toilet with topnotch features. Plus, you can be sure of the sturdiness of this unit; it offers ease of use for several years.

1 Editor choice

Saniflo 023 – Best Value Macerating Toilet


  • Self-contained One-Piece macerating toilet
  • 3600 Motor RPM
  • 1.3 US gallon water consumption
  • 95 F. maximum temperature
  • 100 feet horizontal discharge, 9 feet vertical discharge
  • 110-115V; 60 Hz; 15 Amps Electrical Supply
  • 10 – 15 Normal running time
  • Elongated Shape
  • CSA certification
  • Floor Mount Technology

When it comes to making upflush toilets, Saniflo is a top brand, known for their values of innovation and excellence. The brand is known for designing high-tech products that strictly comply with environmental and technological standards. And the 023 SaniCompact model comes first as one of the best macerating toilets you will ever find.

At its core, this Saniflo 023 SaniCompact unit is a toilet with an inbuilt mini sewage grinder pump. Unlike most other upflush systems, you can operate this unit without using the conventional method. All you need to do is click on the flush button, and the bowl will fill itself automatically with the right amount of water for pushing the waste towards the macerating blades and then pumped out through the waste pipe. Seeing as the macerating pump cycle and flush action is automatic with the push of a button, this unit doesn’t need a toilet tank, and it can handle waste from both the toilet and sink.


If you have been on the lookout for the best toilet to install in your basement, garage, attic/loft, ground floor or upper floor, this Saniflo 023 is an excellent choice. This unit does not come with a water tank, and this saves a whole lot of space. Thanks to this specific design, this unit is an incredible toilet choice for compact bathrooms where space is an issue. Plus, the grinder and the pump are covered under the base of the toilet. Thus, your bathroom will be free of unsightly items. Even more, this unit pumps waste horizontally up to 100 feet and vertically up to 9 feet.

Made with porcelain material, this unit is designed with effective trap ways and valves that do not clog or block. Plus, its smooth surface is straightforward to clean, and the water pumped through the system guarantees that the macerating blades are free of any waste material. If you reside in a place where only hard water is available, you can use a decalcifying agent to clean the toilet. If water is scarce in the area where you want a toilet installed, this unit is an excellent choice as it uses only 1 – 1.6 gallons of water. Even better, this low water consumption also works to preserve the environment. The flushing mechanism is timed electronically to pass about 1 gallon of water through the toilet.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Small design
  • Low water consumption
  • Very easy to clean
  • Can be installed in areas such as garages and basement
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Not EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified

Jabsco 37010 – Best Marine Macerating Toilet


  • Marine Macerating System
  • Push-Button Operation
  • Bowl is made from white vitreous china; seat and cover are made from baked enamel.
  • Bowl scavenger pump and high capacity moderator
  • Comes with inbuilt backflow preventer
  • Stainless steel shaft

Sea transportation is a popular method of moving from one location to another. It is a fun-packed and adventurous means of transportation, but answering nature calls can become quite challenging. Thankfully, marine toilets provide a way out. These toilets are used in ships (without standard toilets), boats, and other sea transportation means.

Jabsco is the largest and one of the most recognized producers of small craft marine toilets. We consider the Jabsco 37010 as the best electric marine toilet. It uses 12 or 24 volts with a strong water flush and a high rate of macerator capacity. Plus, this capacity is activated automatically with the push of a button. What’s more, this push button also makes it very easy to operate this marine macerating toilet. There is a small amount of water at the bottom of the toilet.

As soon as you press the button down, a suction action pulls the water and waste into the already activated macerator. A short while after this action, water trickles down to refill the bowl. As this toilet comes with a macerator, you can be sure not to experience issues of leaking or clogging. What’s more, this unit is constructed from white vitreous china that gives it a sleek look and makes it attractive to users.

Also, this 37010 unit comes with a scavenger pump that works to grind and flush all the waste out of the bowl entirely and at a rapid rate. Thanks to the fully enclosed motor with its stainless-steel shaft, mold mildew, bacteria, and other microorganisms cannot move around the surface of the toilet

  • Easy to Install
  • Lasts for a long period
  • Compact design
  • Zero worries about clogging, leaking or smell
  • Very easy to operate, and makes less noise
  • The bowl size is large
  • The installation procedure is a bit difficult to follow

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW – Best Budget-Conscious Macerating Toilet


  • RazorCut technology
  • 1.28 GPF water consumption
  • 920 watts power; 115 volts
  • Floor mounted
  • Removable service panel
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • Included toilet seat

Are you looking to get a top-performance macerating toilet from a famous brand? The Liberty Pumps brand is known for manufacturing pumping products for groundwater and wastewater removal, and they have been in the business for a long time. They are known for providing customers with innovation, exceptional quality, and convenience. You might want to consider this Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW unit, as one of the brand’s best, which offers quality and efficiency.

This unit is an excellent option if you’re considering water conservation as it is EPA WaterSense certified. It uses only 1.28 GPF (gallons of water per flush), consumes only 920 watts of power, and the impelling motion doesn’t place extra water demands. So, besides contributing to water conservation in your environment, you also get to save money on your annual water bills. It includes a lightweight, elongated seat that makes using the toilet comfortable. What’s more, the seat height is ADA compliant. The installation process of this unit is quite straightforward, seeing as you don’t have to break the floor for pipe installation. This toilet operates with 1.9-volt batteries, and they last for about three and a half hours.

The most crucial process in upflush toilets is its maceration, and this unit boasts an advanced RazorCut technology that grinds, churns, and sheds the waste into bits at a fast rate. This efficiency of this technology gives this unit an upper hand over several others on the market. With the powerful maceration of this unit, which is further complemented by its ½ running horsepower, the pipe movement of slurry will be faster and smoother. It features a removable service panel that allows you to access the cutter area easily without having to remove the plumbing. This makes it easy to carry out maintenance or repairs, and it saves effort, time, and costs.

One would think that its top performance would sacrifice looks – but it’s not so. This toilet is also a winner design-wise, giving your bathroom a modern and stylish look. You’ll even notice that the package of this Liberty Pumps toilet includes a seat – something that comes as an additional expense in most brands.

  • Clean disposal
  • Water-efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable seat
  • Efficient upflush toilet
  • Installation is pretty straightforward
  • The seat comes with the entire package
  • The toilet can be quite noisy
  • The batteries do not last long

Saniflo SaniPLUS – Best Efficient Macerating Toilet


  • 2-piece upflush toilet
  • Stainless steel macerator blades
  • Sealed motor
  • 3600 RPM
  • Single spindle for macerator and impeller
  • Pump operates at 10 PS1; pumps waste upward 150 feet horizontally/ 12 feet vertically
  • Features a micro switch

The SaniPLUS model is one of the most popular products of the Saniflo brands. It is one of the best macerating toilets, ideal for use in basements and other areas where there is a need to flush discharge upwards. It is designed with stainless steel macerating blades that break down solid waste efficiently. The high speed of the macerator blades is also impressive, delivering 3600 rpm.
Further impressive is the microswitch situated in the pressure chamber, which activates the macerating motor. The steel blades work perfectly with the high-speed sealed motor and impeller to smoothly drive effluent through the oil-filled, sealed macerating pump, and finally to a septic tank or sewage line. It supports operations up to 15 feet in depth; this is a huge plus because it covers most of the basement requirements.

Saniflo SaniPLUS -1

One of the top advantages of this unit is that it comes with the tank, bowl, and pump, so you don’t have to purchase the components separately. Another significant advantage is that it’s pretty quiet, especially as most macerating toilets are noisy. What’s more, with this unit, you don’t have to worry about frequently replacing parts. This is because Saniflo cleverly designed this unit with minimum rotatable components. The spindle used in driving the impeller is also responsible for driving the macerator motor. This also keeps the shape and size of the SaniPlus optimized for an elegant appearance.

Users also appreciate the fact that this unit is water-efficient, consuming 1.6 gallons of water. This makes this unit an excellent choice if you live in an area with low water supply. With a 99.5 pounds weight, this unit offers convenience satisfaction. This is because you can easily transfer it anywhere and install it quickly. Plus, the standard bowl shape provides maximum comfort when you sit on the toilet. But you should know that this standard bowl unit might not be the best option for you if you have little space for your toilet. Last but in no way the least, this product doesn’t use batteries. It is directly connected to an electricity supply.

  • Has a sleek design enhances bathroom aesthetics
  • Helps with water conservation
  • Provides efficient macerating
  • Gives the bathroom a modern and classy look
  • Hushed operation
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • As a result of the standard bowl, this unit takes up space
  • There is no backup in the event of a power outage

TMC Electric Marine Toilet – Best Heavy-Duty Marine Macerating Toilet


  • Vitreous China bowl
  • 16 Amps at 12 volts amperage
  • Features a standard household bowl
  • Comes with an on-off push button
  • Scavenger pump

This is another topnotch electric marine toilet. It has a compact design that is the same as most standard toilets. This design makes it easy to fit into smaller spaces. This TMC Marine toilet bowl is designed from white vitreous China that ensures durability and elegant design. This bowl boasts of a standard seat and lid. This large bowl size ensures that you can sit on the toilet seat with maximum comfort.

With a push of a button, you activate the flush pump to rinse the bowl and macerator to churn water + waste and then pump it out. You’d appreciate that this unit is lightweight. As such, you can quickly move it from one place to another. With its stainless steel surface, you can be sure never to see microorganisms such as bacteria and mold. This stainless steel also enhances durability and promotes elegant design while making the unit odorless.

What’s more, this unit is designed with a high-capacity scavenger that works to remove waste efficiently and quickly, without leaving any bit behind. Its large bowl size ensures that you can sit with maximum comfort. One other exciting feature of this unit is that you can use both fresh and seawater with it. You can install it below or above sea level in a boat without having to use an extra macerator pump. However, to ensure that the unit keeps working in the best possible condition, ensure that the water source is close and that the water pump inlet isn’t over 25” above water level.

  • Comfortable seat
  • It is lightweight thanks to its compact design
  • Durable
  • Elegant design
  • It is easy to clean
  • A solenoid valve is needed for standard installation, and it is not included in the package
  • Some of the recommended accessories such as the inlet vented loop are not included

Saniflo SaniAccess 2 – Best Budget-Friendly Macerating Toilet


  • Upflush flushing mechanism
  • Included
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Round-shaped toilet bowl
  • Ceramic Material
  • Doesn’t use batteries

Another topnotch product from the well-renowned manufacturer, the Saniflo SaniAccess model is another impressive macerating toilet with remarkable features that have earned it a mention in this list of best upflush toilets.

Thanks to the included pump used in pulling water up effortlessly, this toilet is ideal for bathrooms with low-pressure water supply. Even more, this pump makes it possible to install the toilet drainage sewage line for better flushing. The ceramic material used in construction doesn’t allow effluent to stick, ensuring that this unit is always clean.

This SaniAccess model has a compact design which ensures that this product doesn’t occupy too much space. Plus, the toilet bowl is round-shaped – a suitable fit for all areas, including tight ones. So, if you need a compact toilet, this should correctly address your needs. Another bonus of this design is it makes maintenance a breeze. If you need to save on your monthly water bills, this SaniAccess model is an excellent choice as it uses 1.28 GPF only.

Despite its small size, this unit does not compromise on seating comfort and space. Another selling point of this toilet is its cost; it is one of the most budget-friendly macerating toilets on the market. Even better, it doesn’t use batteries, cutting down on your expenses. In addition to being highly effective, this SaniAccess toilet kit has a sleek and classy design. If you diligently follow all instructions, the installation process should be straightforward.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Can be used in small bathrooms
  • Comfortable to use
  • Impressively water efficient
  • Great choice for bathrooms with low water pressure
  • Not noisy
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty period
  • Some users reported that during installation, they had problems connecting the toilet with the vent pipe.
  • After installation, the water level in the bowl is a bit low.

Saniflo Sanibest Pro – Best Easy-to-Install Macerating Toilet


  • Delivers 3600 RPM
  • Elongated toilet bowl
  • 1.6 GPF water consumption
  • Supports maximum depth up to 18 feet below sewer line; distance up to 150 feet away from a soil stack
  • Standard spindle runs the macerator blades and impeller

This is still another excellent choice if you are looking for a top performance upflush toilet. It comes with several features that ensure you’ll enjoy owning this model. First, it comes with a sleek design in white color. With this color, it will keep making your bathroom look clean and tidy even after years of use. Another exciting thing about its features is that it comes with an elongated toilet bowl. This seat is very comfortable to sit on. Plus, it takes up less amount of space in the bathroom. Thus, this model is also ideal for compact bathrooms.

The package includes a bowl, bathroom pump, and a toilet tank, which has various UPCs. So, you have everything set up in a compact model, so you don’t have to purchase anything additional. Even more impressive is that besides the upflush toilet, the included pump can connect with any shower, sink, washing machine, or bath.

One important feature to note in upflush toilets is the water efficiency, and in this regard, this unit also fares well. Per flush, you only have to use 1.6 gallons of water, which is far lesser than some older models that could use up to double the amount. In fact, this unit is considered one of the highly-rated heavy-duty upflush toilets that do not require substantial water pressure for disposing of effluent. What’s more, this toilet works quietly. You never have to worry about loud operation while using this unit. It will silently flush out the effluent, ensuring that you remain comfortable in the bathroom. If you still looking for a suitable option, then stop! We’ve already gathered the best water-efficient commodes to meet your preference. Read our guide – 9 Best Flushing Toilets.

Meanwhile, there is a unique reason this unit has remained as one of the consumers’ best choices – its straightforward installation features. While installing, you only have to work with four connections, and the instruction manual is pretty easy to follow. This toilet can work efficiently even in those areas that are 150 feet faraway from a soil stack or 18 feet below the sewerage line. The macerator blades rotate at 3600 rpm, quickly reducing waste matter into a slurry. Users also appreciate that the motor is sealed forever in an oil-filled enclosure, guaranteeing durability.

  • Great design
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Provides a powerful flush
  • Low noise operation
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Some users complained that the included hoses developed an odor after a while and needed to be replaced

Thetford Marine 38983 – Best Water-Efficient Macerating Toilet


  • Constructed with Italian vitreous china
  • 0.7 GPF
  • 12V electric
  • 11.6” high
  • Plastic seat and lid come with a slow close feature

Do you need an upflush toilet that will work adequately on your boat? Then, the Thetford Marine Nano Eco Toilet might just be the perfect option for you.
Thetford continues to stand out in the industry for its continued dedication to innovation and to provide excellent customer service. The brand manufactures and supplies top-quality products that hold much value, and the Marine Nano Eco Macerating Toilet is one of their best yet.

One unique feature of this Thetford model is its Turbine technology, which it uses to produce a clog-resistant, powerful flush. What’s more, this technology saves water as it reduces the number of times you need to flush since your waste gets disposed of efficiently and effectively. Amazingly, this macerating toilet uses merely 0.7 gallons per flush, and you’re allowed to choose between pressure water and raw water flush. In addition, read the Best Flushing Toilets review to make your bathroom experience water-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Due to its small size, this unit is quite popular among users with small bathrooms. Just as its name “marine” suggests, this unit is suitable for installation raised platforms, such as what obtains in the head compartments of several boats. Though this unit is small, its features are just as what you’ll find in several of the larger toilets.
Even more impressive, you will get a quiet operation with this unit. Plus, this product operates with a water trap and two check valves that ensure you don’t have problems with odor.

  • Powerful flush
  • Stylish toilet design
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Meager water consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Highly compact
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Can only be installed on a raised platform

Buyer’s Guide

Macerating toilets make it possible to install a loo virtually anywhere you need. Plus, installing one of these toilets is easier and cheaper than remodeling the existing sewage system.

The reviews above should help you get a better understanding of what the best macerating toilet should look like and operate. However, before you select any of upflush toilets, there are some crucial factors you need to keep at the forefront of your mind to get one that best suits all your needs and requirements. Before you hand out payment, you need to consider these issues first to avoid the unpleasant experience of purchasing a toilet that fails to meet your upflush needs.

We’ve discussed some of the most important factors below.

8 Best Macerating Toilets -2

Design: Looks and Size

In addition to the quality and general functionality of an upflush toilet, you should also consider its design and looks. If you’ve spent much time making the decor of your bathroom look good, you’ll cringe at the thought of an ugly toilet. Thankfully, all of our reviewed macerating toilets have a clean and simple design that can enhance the overall décor of your bathroom.

Size is another factor you should keep at the forefront of your mind, especially if you want to install the toilet in a tight space.


One of the major selling points of macerating toilets is their easy installation. So, it would help if you took the time to check how easy or difficult it will be to install a unit before you purchase it. Some models, like the Saniflo Sanibest Pro, are straightforward to install, and you can DIY without the help of a professional.

8 Best Macerating Toilets -1

Depth and Distance of Operations

If you are to install the toilet in a basement or a bathroom below elevated sewer lines, it is best to consider the maximum depth of operations of the unit before purchase. An upflush toilet in a basement will need to flush effluent upwards (vertically). To ensure a smooth and efficient service, you should purchase a macerating toilet that supports depth. If the toilet is to be installed one level below the ground, a unit supports operations up to 15 feet in depth might be the best option. One such unit is the Saniflo SaniPLUS. Generally, an upflush toilet system, like the Saniflo Sanibest Pro, that can support up to 18 feet depth is the better option.

In addition to the depth of operations, you have to consider the distance supported by the toilet system from the ground level to the soil stack (horizontally). This horizontal distance is significant because the effluent doesn’t go up only; it has to smoothly transport across a particular range before joining the sewage line. Thus, it is necessary to select an upflush unit that supports adequate distance like the Saniflo SaniPLUS, which supports up to 150 feet discharge. If you purchase a model unable to carry waste over the distance, you’ll end up with a clogged line that reduces the efficiency of the electric pump and macerator.

8 Best Macerating Toilets


Macerating toilets come in two different designs – one-piece and two-piece toilets. It is up to you to select the one that works best for your space. The seat tank and bowl can be independently replaced in a two-piece toilet. But in a one-piece toilet, the bowl and tank are joined, and cannot be separated. If you’re working with a tight budget, two-piece upflush toilets might be a better option as they are more affordable than one-piece toilets. However, two-piece toilets are not manufactured in attractive styles like one-piece toilets. As regards maintenance and cleaning, users tend to prefer one-piece toilets because two-piece toilets are designed with intricate lines that make them prone to a build-up of bacteria and germs. You can learn more about one-piece toilets and make the right choice for yourself! 

Water Use

Another vital factor to keep track of the amount of water the toilet uses per flush. Macerating toilets do not use much water, but some are more water conservative than others. For instance, the Saniflo 023 unit is timed to flush electronically with just 1 gallon of water.

Even more impressive, the Thetford Marine Toilet uses only 0.7 gallons of water per flush (GPF). Generally, 1.6 GPF is a good standard. A model with this GPF will effectively perform its job while consuming less amount of water. When your toilet drains less amount of water, each flush will cost you less in water bills. What’s more, less water consumption also means that you get to conserve water and protect the environment. If you are particular about this, you should check if a toilet unit is EPA WaterSense Certified before purchase. The Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW is an instance of an EPA WaterSense Certified upflush toilet.

When we buy a toilet nowadays we always think about its water-efficiency. Manufacturers create special flushing mechanisms that manage the amount of water we use in order to take care of the environment. We created the list of the Best Flushing Toilets to help you save on your water bill and choose your runaway champ among the toilets!

8 Best Macerating Toilets -4

Power Required

You should also consider the power required for the toilet’s operation. Standard toilets do not demand a power supply for service, but the spinning blades and pump of macerating toilets mean that a power supply is required. So, before you purchase an upflush toilet, you should consider how much power it needs as well as the power source. Usually, a toilet with a higher power is more equipped to get rid of waste.

Some upflush toilets like the Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW run on batteries. These toilets are usually very easy to install. Plus, they are ideal for areas with unreliable or even non-existent power supply. Meanwhile, some toilets do not use batteries; instead, they connect directly to a power source. This saves you the cost of batteries and makes it easier to maintain the toilet.


Though an essential factor, the comfort of a toilet unit is often overlooked. Remember to check for the convenience of a toilet before you purchase it. Specifically, the toilet height impacts on its usability and comfort, especially when the toilet is to be used by people of differing sizes. The type of toilet bowl also affects the convenience of the upflush toilet. There are two types of the toilet bowl – the round (standard) bowl and the elongated bowl. Elongated bowls are more comfortable to use due to their wider seating area. However, if you are working with limited space, you should opt for a standard bowl, as elongated bowls take up a bit more space. If possible, try to sit on any toilet unit you intend to purchase.

8 Best Macerating Toilets -3


Most users prefer that the engine of their macerating toilet be fully sealed. This is to avoid the stress of frequent maintenance or repair. Also, the motor should have a smooth and effortless operation, and ideally, it should have a lesser rotating part.

Every moving component in an upflush toilet system will need to be replaced after a while. But with less moving parts, the frequency of replacement will be significantly reduced, and you’ll better enjoy the toilet. The Saniflo SaniPLUS is one of such units with a lesser number of rotating parts, as its spindle works for both the macerator motor and the impeller.

Macerating Pump

One of the most crucial parts of an upflush toilet is the macerating pump. You have to make sure that the macerating pump of the toilet works. The pump should be active and durable. To ensure this, check for the material used in manufacturing the blades. This is because the blades have to work together with the impeller to efficiently move discharge to the tank or sewage line for further disposal.

Stainless steel blades like what obtains in the Saniflo SaniPLUS model is the best material because it is more effective and durable. To get an efficient macerating pump, you might have to check for toilet specifications such as voltage, horsepower, and amperage.

8 Best Macerating Toilets -5


Macerating toilets are becoming increasingly popular because they are flexible, easy to install, and affordable. Plus, they can be installed even in those areas that lack a standard plumbing system. You will also appreciate that upflush toilets are also comfortable to use, and the best among them have a sleek design. Even if you have a weak water supply or you are particular about water conservation, upflush toilets can address your need with less water consumption.

We consider the Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT unit as the best macerating toilet on the market currently. It is a self-contain one-piece toilet designed to fit into tight spaces that standard toilets can’t. It is ideal for installing in various locations – stairway, basement, attic, garage, upper floor and ground floor. Plus, it’s installation process is very simple, ensuring that you don’t have to spend money on a professional plumber.

What’s more, this electric-powered toilet comes with an inbuilt flushing mechanism, so you don’t need an external water tank. Besides disposing of toilet waste, this unit can also get rid of wastewater from your sink. Its internal mechanism delivers 3,600 rpm, ensuring that the toilet can quickly eliminate maximum waste bulk. This unit also saves you a lot on water bills as it only permits 1-gallon of water per flush.

We hope this article helped you in your search for the best macerating toilet for your needs.

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