12 Best Mattresses for Murphy Beds – Better Comfort You Deserve

Murphy beds are the perfect antidote to limited space and the best mattress for Murphy beds allows them to compete with the usual beds!

Invented by William Lawrence Murphy in 1900, the Murphy bed is named after its inventor but is also known as a fold-down bed, a pull-down bed or a wall bed.

Murphy beds are used for space-saving reasons and are usually hinged on one end to store vertically inside a cabinet or closet, or against the wall. For this reason, the wall bed is popular where floor space is limited, such as mobile homes, hotels, college dormitories, small homes, and apartments. Unlike other beds, this type of bed does not come with extra cushioning, so you will have to ensure your mattress meets your comfort and support needs. Mattresses for Murphy beds come in various styles and sizes. Therefore, it is prudent that one confirms the requirements of their wall bed to get the perfect fit.

Mattresses for Murphy beds are also made using various materials. They may be filled with natural fibers, such as bamboo and futons or man-made materials. These mattresses are made with a lifespan which depends on several factors, mostly the materials used. Most people do well with a medium-density mattress as it is firm enough for the back and soft enough to cushion pressure points. However, some people may need different types of mattresses depending on their health requirements, firmness preference and the type of their Murphy bed.

This review covers the best mattresses for Murphy beds and what to look in a mattress. Read on!


Editor choice 1 BedStory Bamboo
BedStory Bamboo
(Best Queen Mattress for Murphy Bed)

Sleep cooler and more relaxed on the 12” Bedstory mattress for murphy beds. This high-quality breathable mattress contours to your body giving you the ultimate sleep support you need.

(Best Balanced Mattress for Murphy Bed)

The Tuft and Needle memory foam mattress for murphy beds feature a proprietary adaptive foam to give you ultimate comfort and support. No hot or cold feelings.

3 Warm Harbor
Warm Harbor
(Best Breathable Mattress for Murphy Bed)

Get the Warm Harbor mattress that keeps you warm during cool nights and cool on hot nights with its multi-layer design. The premium mattress features 12 inches of foam promising the ultimate sleeping experience.

Best seller 4 Signature Sleep Flex
Signature Sleep Flex
(Best Gel-Infused Mattress for Murphy bed)

Boasting one of the best gel foam, this full-size mattress is the perfect addition to any room. Get the four-layer, 10-inch mattress for a full night’s rest.

5 Zinus AZ-CMM-800T
Zinus AZ-CMM-800T
(Best Memory Foam Mattress for Murphy Bed)

The Zinus memory foam promises you cloud-like sleep and delivers just that in an ergonomic, safe and CertiPUR-US certified design.

6 Early Bird
Early Bird
(Best Mattress for Couple’s Murphy Bed)

Designed with couples in mind, this medium density Murphy bed mattress is made to absorb body movements ensuring sound sleep for both partners.

Best value 7 Perfect Cloud 
Perfect Cloud 
(Best Lavender Mattress for Murphy Bed)

Eliminate nervous tension caused by common head, neck, and shoulder pains with the ergonomic Lavender Bliss memory foam mattress from Perfect Cloud.

8 Sleep Innovations Shiloh
Sleep Innovations Shiloh
(Best Durable Mattress for Murphy Bed)

The Sleep Innovation Shiloh mattress brings elegance and comfort to your Murphy bed. Enjoy 12 inches of pure bliss on a sturdy mattress with a memory foam layer.

9 Classic Brands Cool Gel
Classic Brands Cool Gel
(Best Thin Mattress for Murphy Bed)

Ideal for dorms, school beds, bunk beds and kid’s rooms, the Classic Brands 8-inch mattress is easy to clean, breathable and comfortable.

10 Olee Sleep
Olee Sleep
(Best Murphy Bed Mattress for Chronic Back Pain)

The best-ventilated memory foam mattress, the Olee Sleep mattress provides the ultimate comfort for all kinds of sleepers. Rest assured with the ergonomic Oleesleep mattress for Murphy beds.

Best price 11 Zinus SM-SC-BTCM-8F
(Best Affordable Mattress for Murphy Bed)

Get rid of muscle aches and pains with the ergonomic Zinus mattress for Murphy beds. This quality addition promises all-night rest for more productive days.

12 Modway Aveline
Modway Aveline
(Best Firm Mattress for Murphy Bed)

Aveline mattress is your best bet if you are searching for a firm memory foam mattress for your Murphy bed. Get the comfortable yet stable mattress for extra cooling support.



1 Editor choice

BedStory Bamboo – Best Queen Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • Bamboo charcoal foam mattress
  • 12 inches high: 3” gel memory foam, 3” convoluted foam, 6” high-density foam
  • Spinal Support and Pressure Relief
  • Breathable absorbent material
  • Suitable for all bed frames
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial + 10-year limited warranty

For utmost comfort and cooler nights, the Bedstory memory foam mattress is your best bet. This gel memory foam mattress is designed using an innovative formula that combines bamboo charcoal and high-quality gel Visco to make it breathable and highly absorbent. Further, the spinal support and pressure relief features make it conform to your body supporting every inch of your back for a more comfortable sleeping surface.


Its 12 inches (3 inches of which is gel-infused memory foam) provide the ultimate sleeping experience as the mattress slowly adjusts to your body weight and temperature. Made of naturally healthy materials, the Bedstory mattress for murphy beds is a healthy alternative for those who suffer from allergies. This mattress is covered with a plush 3D knit fabric that adds a soft and comforting feel.

Overall, we recommend this mattress especially if you have trouble sleeping due to heat as it will cool off your body. We love the lavender-scented option, which you may not like, so be careful not to order the scented version. We also love that it supports all sleeping positions. This is the perfect buy with little to complain about.

  • Perfect sleep experience
  • Solves common sleep problems such as back pain, turning, lethargy, sagging and rolling off.
  • Made of natural materials
  • Breathable and highly absorbent
  • Gel memory foam absorbs excess heat at night for a cooling effect
  • Provides support for all sleeping positions
  • Suitable for all bed frames
  • Mattress may be a little bigger than normal bed sizes (79” x 59”), make sure it fits
  • Lavender-scented option could be overpowering for some people

TUFT & NEEDLE MAT-TN-01-Q – Best Balanced Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • 10” high
  • Proprietary adaptive, graphite and cool gel infused foam
  • Temperature control
  • Adjusts to your movements
  • Greenguard Gold, and CertiPUR certified
  • Plush, breathable cover
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial + 10 year limited warranty

The Tuft & Needle mattress provides the best support and pressure relief for all sleeping positions. This mattress features a proprietary adaptive foam that is made from freshly poured T & N Adaptive foam to give it a bouncy yet supportive feel. Sleeping can be a delicate act of balancing temperatures and lacking the right temperature may disrupt one’s rest. This mattress ensures that the temperature is just right; never too hot or too cold.


Certifications, that guarantee the highest standards are met, include Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR certifications so you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is free of prohibited chemicals and other harmful substances.

In all, this mattress is of the right firmness to give you optimal sleep experience. It responds to your movements and temperature changes, that’s why this is one of the most well-balanced options on the market.

  • Greenguard Gold, and Certi PUR certified
  • Proprietary adaptive foam for a bouncy yet supportive feel
  • Temperature control
  • Helps with back pain (if you’re used to firmer mattresses)
  • Compatible with most frames
  • Can be too firm for some users
  • The company’s flawed return process that makes it impossible to return the mattress if unhappy with your purchase
  • Not very durable

Warm Harbor – Best Breathable Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • 12 inches high
  • 4 layers: 2” air memory foam, 2” bamboo charcoal memory foam, 2” convoluted foam, 6” high-density foam
  • Plush mattress cover
  • Body temperature control for better sleep
  • CertiPUR certified

This Warm Harbor mattress features an ergonomic design with four varied layers of foam. These include 2 inches of air memory foam with holes, 2 inches of bamboo charcoal memory foam for breathability, removal of odors and temperature control, 2 inches of convoluted foam and 6 inches of a high-density supportive base for the ultimate sleep experience. The 12 inches of foam makes it ideal for all kinds of sleepers.

The premium pressure foam and bamboo charcoal foam are combined to offer crucial support and comfort ensuring deeper sleep and more productive days. The skin-friendly mattress meets the requirements of CertiPUR–US for emissions performance and durability. A beautiful cover brings you the luxury you crave.

Overall, the Warm Harbor is almost the perfect buy with very few negative reviews considering its firmness (may be too plush for some users). Anyway, it is definitely worth every coin – go for it if it is not too thick for your Murphy bed.

  • Certified for emissions performance and durability
  • Offers breathability, temperature control, and good support
  • Plush mattress cover and firm core combination for balance
  • Fits with all bases
  • Ensures good temperature control
  • Not suitable for people who prefer firm mattresses
4 Best seller

Signature Sleep Flex – Best Gel-Infused Mattress for Murphy bed


  • Four-layer mattress
  • 16 CFR 1633 flammability standard certified
  • 10 inches high
  • Waterfall Edge design
  • Charcoal gel memory foam technology
  • Full size (Dimensions: 75”L x 54”W x 10”H)

The Signature Sleep Flex 10-Inch charcoal gel memory foam mattress makes a great addition to full-size beds. One size really does not fit all and the manufacturer understands this creating a unique mattress for different beds. The mattress features a four-layer design that consists of charcoal gel for moisture control, body temperature regulation, and body odor control.

The Signature Sleep mattress further features an innovative waterfall edge that is a movement absorbent design that allows one to move freely without interrupting sleep between partners. This feature is provided thanks to the special convoluted foam that reduces motion disturbance and a channel cut foam layer for additional airflow.

Signature Sleep Flex -7

The Signature mattress meets the flammability standard (16 CFR 1633). Order your mattress and it comes rolled, compressed and vacuum-sealed in one box.

When it comes to sleep, your mattress is your number 1 companion. Although this mattress seems to be the perfectly designed option, some customers swear to find evidence of harmful fiberglass in this model. Our tests did not verify this information, but we’ll advise people with sensitive skin to opt for other models on our list.

  • Excellent body support
  • 10 inches of foam to provide a strong base and a soft cushion at the top
  • Made using the innovative Waterfall edge design that allows partners to move freely without disrupting sleep
  • Certified for meeting the flammability standards popularly known as 16 CFR 1633
  • A few evidence of fiberglass which can irritate the skin
  • May have an unpleasant smell sometime after unpacking
  • Not really breathable

Zinus AZ-CMM-800T – Best Memory Foam Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • 8 inches high
  • Biofoam technology
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Patented packing design
  • Jacquard Cover and Quilted Microfiber
  • Twin Size

The Zinus memory foam mattress is made to conform to the user’s sleeping style and provide maximum comfort for full night sleep. Made with foam, this mattress offers a cloud-like feel that hugs your pressure points for relief from soreness on joints and muscles. The biofoam is infused with green tea, charcoal and natural plant oil for odor control and freshness. The Zinus mattress is CertiPUR-US certified guaranteeing that it meets the stringent requirements for performance, durability, emissions, and environmental protection.

Zinus AZ-CMM-800T -1

This mattress is covered by a soft jacquard fabric and quilted microfiber cover that makes it look luxurious on your Murphy bed. The cover is OEKO-TEX Certified as it meets the requirements that ensure products are safe from harmful substances and are manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions. The company boasts patented packing technology to allow the efficient compression, rolling and shipping of the mattress in a box.

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, getting the perfect fit is a lot like a glove – one hand does not fit all. We would advise that you check out the thickness and firmness of the Zinus memory foam mattress to see if it suits your needs. Being a plush model the mattress may be too soft for some.

  • Utilizes the Biofoam technology with green tea, natural plant oil, and charcoal for breathability and odor control
  • Pressure points support
  • CERTIPUR-US Certified and OEKO-TEX Certified giving users a guarantee of safety and comfort
  • Patented compression design that allows manufacturers to compress, pack and ship the mattress in a box
  • Keeps you cool at night
  • May get firm after a few months
  • Not suitable for people who prefer firm mattresses
  • May contain unpleasant smell over some period after unpacking

Early Bird – Best Mattress for Couple’s Murphy Bed


  • Four layered mattress: Tex-Cel cover, airflow cooling foam, cooling gel memory foam and high-density support base
  • Eco-Conscious
  • King Size
  • 10 inches high

This king size memory foam mattress is comfortably cool when you need it to be. It features a temperature regulated and breathable design with the plush comfort of memory foam to soothe your aching muscles after a long day.

The Early Bird Murphy bed mattress is equipped with ergonomic support providing the proper framework for weight adjustment to eliminate pressure points and enhance comfort. Approved for couples, this mattress localizes and absorbs body movements ensuring sound sleep for both partners. The mattress does not contain harmful chemicals and is low on VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can worsen allergies or cause infections.

We love this mattress and think it is perfect for couples. Just be careful when purchasing as you have noted that there are two versions of the mattress: hybrid and memory foam.

  • Tex-Cel cover absorbs moisture
  • Ergonomic, breathable and temperature regulated design for couples
  • Four layered mattress with four varied layers for breathability, stability, and comfort
  • Contains no known harmful ingredients
  • Handcrafted in the US
  • Too soft for some people (especially for the overweight)
7 Best value

Perfect Cloud  – Best Lavender Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • Lavender scent
  • 10 inches high
  • Better sleep technology
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Designed in the USA
  • 10-year warranty

This mattress features the soft and alluring smell of lavender giving you freshness all night long. This 10-inch mattress contains plush memory foam to help you sleep all night. With its sleep technology, one can sleep through the night free of pains caused by nervous tension that may result in head, neck, and shoulder pain. Further, the durable viscoelastic memory foam construction makes this mattress hold you comfortably contouring to your body movements for ultimate comfort.

Perfect Cloud 

The mattress is designed in the USA, CertiPUR-US-certified, and backed by a 10-year warranty. This should give you peace of mind considering the quality this American manufacturer provides.
Generally, we think this is a good buy. The calming effect its scent provides coupled with adequate body support can definitely enhance your sleep quality.

  • Smells great and lavender helps one sleep better
  • The plush memory foam contours to the body alleviating body pains
  • The mattress is CertiPUR-US-certified
  • Designed in the US and backed by a 10-year warranty, you can enjoy worry-free shopping
  • The company gives a warning that all Perfect Cloud mattresses are for use on a solid deck bed or platform which means that it may not be suitable for some Murphy beds
  • The cloud-like feel may not last for very long as it is made of very soft foam

Sleep Innovations Shiloh – Best Durable Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • 12 inches high
  • Dual Layer design with firm base (9.5”) and soft memory foam layer (2.5)
  • Soft knitted cover
  • 10-year warranty
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Temperature control
  • King size

The Sleep Innovations Shiloh memory foam mattress adds sophistication to any bedroom. This 12-inch foam mattress looks good and is functional. The 12-inch mattress comes with a dual-layer consisting of a 2.5” premium Suretemp memory foam layer to cushion you and a 9.5” base foam for durability. This mattress is made in the US and certified by CertiPUR-US.

This model boasts extended durability thanks to the thicker firm base layer (9.5”). However, while this feature contributes to the longevity of the mattress, it also makes it a bit firmer than most multi-layer mattresses with medium support.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh -2

We love the Sleep Innovation mattress. It’s the perfect blend of soft and firm. We consider it to be one of the best long-lasting mattresses. Just note that the memory foam is 2.5 inches thick so don’t expect it to be too soft.

  • This mattress provides utmost comfort for all-night sleep
  • Dual-layer design allows you to have a soft, cushiony top layer and a durable base
  • 10-year guarantee gives you confidence to shop
  • Packed and delivered in a small box
  • The mattress conforms to your body shape relieving pressure points and pain for undisturbed sleep
  • The 2.5-inch top foam layer may not be enough if you need more softness and cushioning

Classic Brands Cool Gel – Best Thin Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • 8 inches memory foam mattress: 2” gel-infused memory foam and 6” high-density foam
  • Detailed cover
  • Temperature control
  • 100 Night Risk-Free Trial and 10-year warranty
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Adjustable Base Friendly
  • CertiPUR-US certified

The Classic Brands Cool Gel is a queen size solution for kid’s rooms, bunk beds, and dorms’ Murphy beds (if you looking for a mattress for your bunk bed read our guide – 10 Best Bunk Bed mattresses). The gel foam draws out heat making the body cool when it is too hot. It also relieves pressure from pressure points like the hips distributing weight evenly on the mattress for a more comfortable feel. 8 inches consists of 2 inches off gel-infused memory foam for temperature regulation and breathability and a 6-inch base for support and spinal alignment.

Classic Brands

This mattress is naturally hypoallergenic so it will not affect anyone with allergies and cause problems related to mold, bacteria, and dust mites. The cover is beautifully detailed along its edges for décor.

Note that the company confirms using fiberglass for the mattress flame retardancy. However, as long as you do not remove the cover, no fiberglass is let out. Anyway, the Classic Brands memory foam mattress would look great on your Murphy bed with its beautiful print, and serve you well too.

  • 8 inches memory foam mattress for maximum comfort, pressure relief, and pain alleviation
  • CertiPUR-US certified giving you peace of mind to shop
  • Backed by a solid 100 NIGHT RISK-FREE TRIAL and 10-year warranty
  • The base is adjustable so you can move it to suit your needs
  • The medium firm feel is the perfect balance for comfort and spinal alignment
  • Beautifully detailed cover
  • This mattress contains fiberglass which may cause some problems if you remove the cover

Olee Sleep – Best Murphy Bed Mattress for Chronic Back Pain


  • 10 inches high
  • Three-layered mattress: Top gel layer, HD foam in the middle and base foam
  • 10 years limited manufacturer warranty
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Full size
  • 93%polyester / 7%spandex cover

Topped with a gel layer to absorb heat, sweat and keep you cool all through the night, the mattress is designed for utmost comfort. The 2-inch gel layer further conforms to your body allowing you to sleep more soundly.

The stable mattress promises the utmost comfort for side and back sleepers as you can sleep however you like without bumps and discomfort. The mattress further consists of an HD foam in the middle (gel foam at the top, firm base at the bottom) to eliminate the deflection of memory foam. Olee Sleep mattresses conform to CertiPUS-US standards meeting their stringent requirements on safe and comfortable foam.

We love the Olee Sleep mattress as it seeks to provide the ideal sleep solution for everyday living. Just note that there is fiberglass in the mattress that is why it is not recommended to remove its cover, this way you protect yourself and the fiberglass cannot disturb you.

  • 3 layered to provide utmost comfort, dissipate heat and support the body with soft power
  • Hassle-free purchase with 10 years limited manufacturer warranty
  • Breathable outer cover allows for easy cleaning and regulates temperature
  • CertiPUS-US certified giving you an assurance that it is safe and comfortable
  • Perfectly balanced for comfort in any sleeping position
  • Contains fiberglass which can cause problems if you remove its cover
11 Best price

Zinus SM-SC-BTCM-8F – Best Affordable Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • 8-inches high
  • Gel-infused
  • 16 CFR Part 1633 and CertiPUR-US certified
  • Biofoam technology
  • Patented packing technology
  • Full size

Zinus just can’t keep off our list. The mattress is made of a patented technology that utilizes Biofoam with natural plant oils to replace traditional petroleum that keeps mattresses fresh.
Sleep peacefully with memory foam that eliminates pressure from pressure points and reduces bounce between sleepers. You can comfortably share the mattress with your partner without waking them up. This mattress further delivers welcome relief with its cooling gel that allows you to sleep without interruptions caused by high temperatures.

Zinus SM-SC-BTCM-8F -3

Zinus is made in conformity with CertiPUR-US certified which ensures that you get mattresses free of formaldehyde, mercury, ozone depleters and is low on VOC.

This model is a great buy for murphy beds. We definitely recommend this mattress but would caution those who are affected by fiberglass not to remove its cover to avoid problems.

  • Meets the 16 CFR Part 1633 standards for flame retardancy and CertiPUR-US certified to guarantee
  • Has three layers for comfort, stability and temperature control
  • Couple friendly mattress
  • Breathable and supportive
  • May contain fiberglass
  • May also reek of chemicals

Modway Aveline – Best Firm Mattress for Murphy Bed


  • 10 inches high
  • 2 layers: ventilated gel-infused memory foam and firm base foam
  • Removable stretch knit cover
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Gel-infused
  • 10-year warranty
  • Queen size

The Aveline 10 Inch mattress is made of just 2 layers. The mattress is topped with a ventilated gel-infused layer that relieves pressure points and stains while providing the utmost comfort. This dense memory is also responsible for the dissipation of excess heat and contouring the body for a snuggly sleeping position. The base is made of a responsive material for stability and durability. The Aveline queen mattress features a diamond stretch knit on the top material giving your Murphy bed some chic elegance.

Modway Aveline -3

Although the model is firm, which makes it more suitable for those suffering from back pain after sleeping on plush mattresses, the memory foam makes it comfortable enough even for overweight people and pregnant women with pressure point displacement.

  • Cools body off due to its gel-infused top layer
  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Breathable and supportive
  • Covered by a 10-year warranty for worry-free shopping
  • May help with spinal alignment yet soft and snuggly
  • May be too firm for some people

Buyer’s Guide

Before you settle on a mattress for your Murphy bed, there are a few important things you should consider. Do not just buy because you are impressed by design. Interrogate all the essential elements before you make a decision. Here is what to look out for.

Key Features to consider when choosing a suitable mattress for a Murphy bed

Dimensions and size

It’s no brainer that if you purchase a mattress which is bigger than your bed you will be quite uncomfortable. The first step to getting enough and quality sleep starts with the right size of mattress for your bed.

Various manufacturers have different kinds and sizes of murphy bed mattresses. Have the measurements and dimensions of your bed as you head to the shop.

12 Best Mattresses for Murphy Beds


Have you ever wondered why many of us are into this craze of buying hard surface mattresses? Durability. Simply because it will give you time before you get to the shop for another mattress doesn’t mean that you should purchase it.

You should know that the firmer or plusher the mattress is, the more likely you’re to develop backaches. So, generally, it is advisable to go for the mattress with medium firmness, unless some other firmness is prescribed due to your special health requirements. Some mattresses combine functionality and stability by using a dense base and a soft layer. A good example is the Early Bird Murphy bed mattress coming sixth in our list. The mattress has four layers to provide the necessary comfort without compromising on stability and durability.

Support type

If you often toss, getting a bed with subtle edge support would be a good idea. At least, you can turn for all you care without having to worry about falling off. A good example of good technologies is the Signature Sleep mattress which utilizes the Waterfall edge design that ensures you stay on the bed despite tosses and turns.


The functionality of any mattress will depend on the material used for making it. Let’s look at three types of materials commonly used;

Memory Foam

It is the most common and best material used in making comfortable mattresses. More than being cozy, it can also adapt to one’s body. It is convenient for those people with varying sleeping styles.

Classic Brands -3


It makes mattresses more durable than any other material. The only problem is its nature. It’s not breathable, which can be a turn-off or health concern for some people. Also, it is not suitable for a murphy bed due to its properties.

Latex, Memory Foam and springs

This one is better known as the hybrid mattress. Additionally, they have air pockets to make the mattresses more comfortable. They are flexible and durable. However, spring mattresses are not suitable for Murphy beds. Why? Read on to find out.

Type of mattress

Are innerspring mattresses appropriate for Murphy beds? Murphy beds are convenient because you can fold them up any time. Folding them up, in this case, refers to both the bed and the mattress. The innerspring makes it hard to fold a mattress. Plus, as the mattresses are mostly vertically stored, heavier innerspring mattresses tend to deform. So, the answer is no.

Due to their nature, the best mattresses for Murphy beds are foam mattresses. Slumping is less common due to the solid state of the material allowing one to sleep comfortably through the night.

Whichever choice you make on your murphy mattress, make sure it gives you the required comfort.

Additional Features

Some mattresses come with additional features like a lavender scent or charcoal gel. Check out what these additional features are and what are their benefits;

Early Bird -2

Lavender Mattress

This mattress is a life-saver for those tired of chemical smells some new mattresses give off. The scent is calming and great therapy for those suffering from headaches.

Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress

This luxurious and therapeutic memory foam helps you relieve pressure point pain.


  • It can support lower back, thus allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position.
  • The infused bamboo charcoal that regulates moisture, temperature, and odor.

Cool Gel Bamboo Mattresses

It is highly recommended for side sleepers. It has layers that are designed to offer more significant pressure relief. However, it may not be recommended for those with a lot of weight.


Due to the depth of Murphy beds, the maximum thickness one can ever have is 12 inches. The models we reviewed range from 8-12 inches in thickness.


Any quality mattress must have a warranty. A Murphy bed mattress with high durability will probably have a more extended warranty. Guarantee, in a way, is a sign that the manufacturers are confident in their products.



No need to look for a custom Murphy bed mattress. Most murphy beds can fit a 10” or 12” mattress with no fuss. You can open and close the bed with little effort as there is an industry-standard sizing. However, we do not recommend buying innerspring mattresses as they are heavy and can deform when stored vertically.

Since Murphy beds use either 10-inch or 12-inch mattresses, you will get a good night’s sleep as you would in a conventional bed. The mattress isn’t small or thin as some futons, for instance. The Murphy bed is just like any other bed and you will not have problems sleeping if that is a concern. It only saves place when the wall bed is not in use.

If you have ever owned a sleeper sofa, you know the challenges one faces trying to change the bedding. A Murphy bed, on the other hand, comes with a strap that keeps the bedding in place. You simply pull down the bed when you need to use it. Your Murphy bed can be ready to use with all the beddings set in place.


When it comes to sleep, we all should take it seriously. A lack or disruption of sleep has many detrimental effects. A bad mattress can mean constant back pain, grogginess during the day, or allergy flare-ups. You may also consistently wake up sore, tossing and turning all night or your mattress begins to have lumps or sag. If you have experienced any of these signs, it could be time for you to go shopping for a new mattress.

One can survive without food for 3 weeks, water for 3 days and 11 days without sleep. If you ask us, sleep is the third most important thing after water and food. We, therefore, take this seriously and hope you do too. To get the most out of your murphy bed, we have created a list of the best mattresses. We hope you found a reliable product that results in the most satisfying sleep experience. If you haven’t, check out our top review on the BedStory model which is the best mattress for Murphy bed in our opinion. We love that it features breathable foam (which is made using natural materials instead of petroleum) for freshness.

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