10 Best Mattresses For Teenagers – Great Comfort Against Growing Pains

During the transitional years or teenhood, adolescents go through quite a lot of changes. As their bodies mature and exit childhood, they experience growth spurts, shifts in their hormonal balance, and just a hodge-podge of adjustments that affect their physical, mental, and emotional state. This metamorphosis can have them feeling a little more tired than usual.

Studies have found that teenagers can experience sleeplessness and body pain as a result of the transformative process of maturation. You’ve probably noticed that change in your teen, and you’re here in search of a solution. The best mattress for teenagers can be instrumental in your teen’s ability to cope with the changes of adolescence.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done the research to help out with your teenager’s insomnia and discomfort.


Editor choice 1 Happsy
(Best Organic Mattress for Teenager)

Fully organic and free of harmful toxic chemicals, the Happsy Organic Mattress is a premium investment that was designed to give your sensitive teen the sleep experience of a lifetime.

(Best Full Size Mattress for Teenager)

The revolutionary TUFT & NEEDLE Original Mattress brings sublime comfort with its proprietary T&N Adaptive foam layer that provides a cushy, comfortable feel that eliminates pressure points.

Best seller 3 Linenspa
(Best Hybrid Mattress for Teenager)

Showcasing the perfect marriage of stability and comfort, the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress aims to give your teen maximum support, providing full-body contact even as he moves and shifts about in bed.

Best value 4 Sunrising Bedding
Sunrising Bedding
(Best Soft Latex Mattress for Teenager)

Made from eco-friendly, organic, odor-free Talalay latex, the Sunrising Bedding Soft Latex Mattress brings highly responsive performance that’s easy on sensitive teens. Great for back and stomach sleepers.

5 Best Price Mattress
Best Price Mattress
(Best Memory Foam Mattress for Teenager)

The synergistic, patented construction of the Best Price Mattress combines three layers of premium foam. With its plush memory foam surface supported by PU in varying densities, your teen is sure to experience deeper sleep with zero pressure points.

(Best Ventilated Mattress for Teenager)

No more sweaty nights with LUCID’S memory foam mattress. Designed to dissipate heat and keep moisture at bay, this mattress makes the perfect solution for teens with overactive sweat glands.

7 Signature Sleep
Signature Sleep
(Best Non-Toxic Mattress for Teenager)

Doing away with all those nasty, toxic chemicals, the Signature Sleep Memoir mattress is premium memory foam minus the smell. Perfect for teens with unique sensitivities, this mattress offers cushy comfort that’s easy on the nose.

8 Modway Jenna
Modway Jenna
(Best Pressure-Relieving Mattress for Teenager)

Effortlessly contouring to the shape of your weight, the Modway Jenna mattress relieves pressure points, letting your teen wake up refreshed and without achy localized discomfort.

9 Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture
(Best Plush Mattress for Teenager)

The no-maintenance Ashley Furniture mattress is our best hypoallergenic mattress for teens. Resisting all sorts of allergens, this design should keep your teen from going through an allergic flare-up in the middle of the night.

Best price 10 Classic Brands Cool Gel
Classic Brands Cool Gel
(Best Budget Mattress for Teenager)

Don’t let its price fool you – the Classic Brands mattress brings luxurious comfort despite its budget-conscious cost. Compact and lightweight, this simplified mattress can give your teen cooling comfort without putting too much of a dent on your wallet.



1 Editor choice

Happsy – Best Organic Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: Organic wool, organic latex, organic cotton, steel coils
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Sleep trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US certified, GOTS-certified, GOLS-certified

Fresh, plush, and undeniably comfortable, the Happsy Organic Mattress tops our list as the best mattress for teenagers. This exceptionally designed bed uses nothing but the finest materials, reducing your sensitive teen’s exposure to harsh chemicals, adhesives, fumes, and other potentially irritating substances that most mattresses incorporate. This means you can pop the Happsy mattress out of the pack and lay it out in your teen’s bed frame with no time to lose.

Inside the design, individually wrapped coils line the entire base to produce a solid structural foundation for the comfort foam on top. These coils are made and secured in place with zero drops of glue and adhesives and are individually pocketed to minimize movement disturbance while your teen snoozes off into dreamland. On top of the base is a layer of organic latex, which is then topped off by a blanket of wool. Together, these materials provide the plush, cushy feel on the bed’s surface, embracing your teen with moderate give while reducing pressure points and keeping the spine in proper alignment.

Designed to breathe, the Happsy mattress gives you yet another reason to make a purchase. Doing away with heat-trapping materials, this design draws heat away from the body and dissipates it through the breathable coil layer just beneath the latex. So, does it have any kinks? Not that it’s a deal-breaker, but the latex paired with the coils makes the initial collapse into the bed a little too bouncy. Secondly, edge support isn’t the best, which means you’d have to look for somewhere else to sit when you visit your teen’s room for a talk.

  • All-organic construction limits your teen’s exposure to harmful chemicals and substances
  • Soft latex comfort foam doesn’t require off-gassing, doing away with the factory smell that comes with typical foam mattresses
  • Organic wool layers add extra plush comfort that makes the mattress more pleasant against the skin
  • Individually pocketed coil springs evenly distribute weight and isolate movement for minimized motion disturbance
  • Materials don’t trap heat, allowing a comfortably cool sleep experience even during the summer
  • Latex and springs combine to create an extra bouncy response
  • Lacking in edge support
  • A bit expensive

TUFT & NEEDLE – Best Full Size Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: T&N Adaptive foam, high-density polyurethane
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Firmness: Medium plush
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US certified, Greenguard Gold certified

TUFT & NEEDLE’S Original Mattress is a design that is said to have disrupted the entire mattress industry. The plush construction uses the T&N Adaptive pressure-relieving foam – a material that’s unique to the brand and designed to contour readily to your body weight. Working with a thick base of high-density foam, the surface layers provide maximum comfort that relieves stress on some of the most vulnerable parts of the body.

If your teen sweats a little more than average, you’ll be happy to know that the surface foam incorporates sweat-wicking graphite that manages moisture to keep sleeping conditions cool and dry. Infused with specialized gel, the T&N Adaptive foam also works to dissipate heat and prevent the environment from getting too hot and heavy during sleep. And to complete the triad, a plush covering conceals the entire construction, working not only to permit unrestricted airflow but also to add a touch of cushy goodness to your mattress’ surface feel.

One of the things that we did notice about the mattress is that the rebound isn’t too fast. What that means is that the foam will stay depressed for a few seconds before returning to its original shape. If your teen moves around a lot during sleep, that could mean there will be times when his body won’t be in full contact with the mattress’s surface. Other than that, heavier teens might actually be able to feel the firm high-density PU base since there isn’t a transition layer.

  • T&N Adaptive foam layer does the job, contouring to your teen’s body for a comfortable, cradle-like feel
  • High-density PU base provides stable support and structural integrity that retains the shape of your mattress over extended use
  • Infused with graphite and specialized gel, the Adaptive foam layer dissipates heat and keeps odors at bay
  • Breathable cover is designed to add an extra layer of plush comfort from underneath your bed sheets
  • Pressure-relieving design reduces tension on bony body parts to alleviate growing pains
  • Slow rebound means the depressed foam will take a few seconds to reinflate after being subject to weight
  • Heavier teenagers might find the mattress a little firm due to the lack of a transitional layer
3 Best seller

Linenspa – Best Hybrid Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: Memory foam, steel coils
  • Thickness: 8 inches
  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Sleep trial: None
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US certified

Another formidable mattress manufacturer, Linenspa enters our list with their 8-inch hybrid. Bringing together the unrivaled support of innerspring construction and the body-conforming softness of memory foam, the Linenspa mattress doesn’t cut corners on its plight to achieve perfect comfort. And to further improve your teen’s sleep experience, a transitional comfort layer sits sandwiched between the surface foam and coils, working to marry the firm base and the soft top’s qualities.

Linenspa’s memory foam layer is particularly responsive, contouring instantly to the shape of applied weight. For your teen, this means immediate responsiveness that provides full surface area contact as he moves and shifts during the night. It’s this feature that puts the Linenspa hybrid mattress a cut above the rest, precise spinal alignment to support your growing teen.

Relatively affordable despite being well-built, the Linenspa mattress makes a practical teen mattress. While most of the Linenspa hybrid’s features are all well and good, there are a few issues we found. Firstly, the mattress has been known to fall at least an inch short of its supposed size. Secondly, it will come with that chemical smell out of the package, so a few days up to 2 weeks of airing it out might be necessary.

  • Hybrid construction brings your teen the best of both worlds, offering memory foam softness and innerspring support
  • Transitional comfort layer balances out the textures of the surface and base layers for even weight distribution and reduced pressure points
  • Durable coils provide excellent structure, keeping the mattress its original size and density even after years of use
  • Innerspring construction permits substantial airflow to keep all layers of the mattress cool
  • Specialized soft knit cover features a thin sheet of quilted memory foam for an added plush feel
  • Doesn’t always expand to the size indicated by the manufacturer – expect your mattress to be about an inch thinner
  • Strong adhesive smell accompanies the mattress as you take it out of the pack
4 Best value

Sunrising Bedding – Best Soft Latex Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: Talalay latex, steel coils
  • Thickness: 8 inches
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Sleep trial: 120 days
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Certification: OeKo-Tex Standard 100 Certified, CertiPUR-US certified

The organic Sunrising Bedding Soft Latex Mattress uses the latest technology in latex mattress manufacturing to achieve its incredible rebound. Their material undergoes the Talalay process, which produces comfortable, responsive, breathable, eco-friendly latex that’s odor-free. So, teens who are particularly sensitive to strong chemical smells and other potential irritants can sleep soundly on the Sunrising Bedding without disturbance.

Underneath the revolutionary latex material, there are individually pocketed coil springs that provide stability, support, and structure. At the center of the mattress, thicker coils aim to hold the lumbar spine in proper alignment, with the manufacturer claiming that the subtle design feature also promotes healthy blood circulation. But despite the discrepancy in firmness between the borders and the center, we found edge support on this mattress to be stellar, reducing the risk of rolling off in the middle of the night.

One of the things you need to know about Talalay latex is that it tends to be far bouncier than the older Dunlop latex. It will feel a little extra responsive as your teen shifts about.
Another thing worth knowing is that side sleepers might not get that soft, cushy feel to accommodate their shoulders and hips since latex has a little more resistance than foam. Nonetheless, the mattress works wonders for both back and stomach sleepers.

  • Organic construction uses premium materials with zero odor, eliminating the need for off-gassing
  • Breathable latex is perforated, allowing air to pass freely through the mattress for effective cooling
  • Thicker central innerspring coils improve lumbar spine support and allegedly enhance blood circulation
  • Stellar edge support lets your teen sleep or sit anywhere on the bed without rolling off
  • Free from harsh chemicals and substances that might trigger sensitive teens
  • A lot bouncier than most of us would prefer
  • Doesn’t depress enough to accommodate the shoulders and hips of side sleepers

Best Price Mattress – Best Memory Foam Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: memory foam, polyurethane
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Sleep trial: None
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Specifically engineered to relieve pressure points, the Best Price Mattress 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress stands as a reminder of why memory foam remains a heavyweight in the sleep products market. The patented construction combines 3 inches of memory foam, a transitional 2-inch pressure foam comfort layer, and a 5-inch high-density PU base. Together, these three layers synergize to relieve pressure points and help your teen sleep without waking up to an achy body.

As you sink into the top surface, the memory foam cradles your frame into a cushy embrace. The transitional layer adds slight resistance, preventing your weight from being consumed into the mattress. It also works to dissipate heat, using its porous construction to encourage air to flow freely through all the various layers. At the bottom, the 5-inch layer of high-density PU provides excellent stability, ensuring that all the layers are supported and retain their density over time.

Upholstered in a premium comfort poly Jacquard fabric, the Best Price Mattress feels soft to touch and easy on the skin. Keep in mind though that even if the cover comes with a zipper and the instructions indicate that it can be machine washed, removing it will release a storm of fiberglass that many buyers have experienced. Other than that, it also takes a few nights before it fully breaks in which means your teen will have to take the initial brunt of an extra firm mattress before he gets any relief.

  • Premium memory foam depresses readily to accommodate the contours of your body for optimal spinal alignment in any position
  • Transitional layer provides the necessary resistance to keep you from sinking all the way into the surface layer
  • Breathable central layer permits unrestricted airflow for a cooler mattress no matter the season
  • High-density polyurethane base does its job by keeping all the other layers stable and by lending durability to the construction as a whole
  • Soft comfort Jacquard upholstery creates a comfy, plush sleep surface that’s pleasant on the skin
  • Removable machine washable cover releases thousands of tiny fiberglass shards that can make a mess in your space
  • Takes a few nights to break in and reach that cushy, comfy firmness that the brand promises

LUCID – Best Ventilated Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: memory foam, high-density polyurethane
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Sleep trial: None
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

If your teen complains of waking up all hot and sweaty, we’ve found the perfect mattress for the job. LUCID’s 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress delivers stellar ventilation, creating an atmosphere of cooling comfort that should keep your teen sweat-free throughout the night.

The premium design uses a combination of breathable foams and odor-neutralizing components to keep the bed dry, cool, and free from odor-causing bacteria. The LUCID mattress welcomes its user with a 3-inch, ventilated, gel-infused memory foam layer that’s engineered to draw heat away from the body and release it from the material. Underneath, a 1-inch odor-neutralizing bamboo charcoal memory foam support sheet provides a transitional layer that resists your weight to add some bounce and support to the structure. At the base, an 8-inch PU layer maintains the mattress’ shape and lends durability.

On top of the layers is a TENCEL Lyocell blend cover that wicks away moisture, managing sweat so it stays off of your teen’s skin, and doesn’t penetrate the foam layers beneath. Just make sure you buy the proper flat-support bed box for the mattress since it might feel uneven when placed on any surface that isn’t completely flat. Other than that, you should be ready for the smell of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which is pretty strong with this one.

  • Ventilated, gel-infused memory foam layer allows excellent airflow to keep the bed cool
  • Bamboo charcoal transition layer resists bacterial growth to prevent moisture and other contaminants from causing foul odors
  • Robust 8-inch base layer is especially effective against deformation, helping the top layers resist lasting body impressions
  • Soft fabric cover wicks away moisture and improves the overall comfort of the sleep experience
  • Extra-plush feel moves instantly against weight and accommodates hips and shoulders for side sleepers
  • May require a flatbed box to prevent lumping and uneven surface problems
  • Strong factory smell may call for a day or two of airing out

Signature Sleep – Best Non-Toxic Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: memory foam, high-density polyurethane
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Sleep trial: None
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US Certified

Want the benefits of memory foam for your teen, minus the potentially irritating VOCs? Signature Sleep’s Memoir mattress is made with your safety in mind. The premium memory foam mattress is free from flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, heavy metals, lead, and a range of other potentially harmful chemicals. The low VOC emission mattress doesn’t let off a strong stench out of the bag and maintains the safety and quality of your indoor air even if you don’t off-gas.

But despite all of these exclusions, the mattress uses true-blue memory foam, offering that same signature softness and cushy feel that conforms against the weight for full body contact. Underneath the comfort memory foam layer is a high-density PU support layer that delivers reliable edge-to-edge stability so your teen can sleep anywhere on the surface without rolling off of the borders.

Inexpensive and comfortable, there’s a lot to love about this Signature Sleep mattress. But we do have to mention that the bed is rather sensitive to its frame. Choose a high-quality box spring to get the best comfort out of the mattress. Another thing, it comes with a measly 1-year warranty which might be a little brow-raising for some buyers.

  • Free from a host of chemicals typically found in memory foam mattresses, effectively reducing the design’s factory smell
  • Breathable knit cover and fire-retardant barrier top the memory foam to provide extra protection against potential damage
  • Four inches of memory foam offers a responsive comfort layer that moves with your weight and embraces your body for full contact
  • Base layer provides excellent spinal support, keeping your body in proper alignment and preventing you from sinking into the mattress
  • Optimizes weight distribution to relieve pressure points against bony body parts
  • Material may rest unevenly if placed on a frame with slats
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty that’s short considering its price

Modway Jenna – Best Pressure-Relieving Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: polyurethane, steel coils
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Sleep trial: None
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Prominent shoulder blades, hip bones, and other bony protrusions can make your teen avoid certain positions as he or she sleeps. The result is a stiff, achy body with localized pain in vulnerable areas. If this sounds familiar, then the Modway Jenna mattress might just be able to help. Using a combination of responsive, textured foam and coils, this mattress aims to distribute weight evenly across the surface, depressing readily in areas where cradling is especially necessary.

The mattress features a quilted polyester tight-top cover followed by a 1-inch layer of responsive PU foam. This comfort layer is what accommodates the body, contouring to the shape to make way for bony parts. Underneath, an egg-crate textured foam layer measuring just 0.9 inches permits airflow through its channels which is then dissipated through the underlying felt layer. At the very bottom, 7.2 inches of innerspring coils lend bounce, rebound, and support, providing just enough resistance to maintain proper spinal posture.

What we did notice about the mattress though is that it tends to sink a little more if you’re on the heavier side. Teens who weight slightly more than average might feel like they’re being consumed by foam. With that, it’s also no surprise that the mattress does tend to lose some density after several months of use since the top foam is relatively soft.

  • Responsive foam layers easily adapt to your teen’s weight, depressing more where it’s necessary to clear the way for bony bdy parts
  • Quilted polyester tight top cover makes the mattress soft to touch and improves the feel of bed sheets
  • Egg-crate textured internal layer resists trapping heat, cooling off all foam layers for a sweat-free evening
  • Robust innerspring coils provide structural integrity and durability
  • Effective motion isolation prevents movement from traveling across the bed surface
  • Pillow-top surface tends to sink significantly under the weight of heavier users
  • May lose some top layer density after several months of nightly use

Ashley Furniture – Best Plush Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: memory foam, polyurethane
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Sleep trial: 30 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Most mattresses act like a sponge, absorbing a broad range of contaminants from their immediate environment. These can include pollen, mold, and pet dander, which are all known to trigger allergies in sensitive individuals. If your teen has been struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of allergies, the Ashley Furniture mattress should be your best bet. Hypoallergenic and maintenance-free, this premium plush mattress resists all sorts of allergens, staying clean and fresh to quell your teen’s irritations.

But aside from being effective at keeping contaminants at bay, the Ashley Furniture mattress brings dependable comfort with its memory foam and polyurethane layers. On the surface, the bed lets you melt right into its body-conforming comfort layer made of memory foam. This is then supported by a mildly resistive transition layer that sits right on top of a thick slab of 8-inch PU. The graduated firmness creates the perfect balance of comfort and support so the mattress doesn’t feel like a pool of quicksand.

However, as with all mattresses, this pick from Ashley Furniture does come with a few kinks. Given that it does use a layer of memory foam, it does release that expected chemical smell. What’s more, all of its dense layers of foam don’t incorporate any countermeasures against heat, so hot sleepers might feel a little sweaty on its surface.

  • Hypoallergenic construction keeps allergies at bay and reduces the need for frequent cleaning
  • High-grade memory foam top layer feels soft and responsive against the body, contouring instantly to provide full-body contact
  • Transitional foam layer adds minimal resistance without feeling too hard beneath the memory foam
  • Support layer made of high-density PU protects against long-lasting surface impressions
  • Adaptable design works with all types of bed frames
  • Strong chemical smell sticks around for up to several weeks
  • Sleeps slightly hotter than other picks
10 Best price

Classic Brands Cool Gel – Best Budget Mattress for Teenager


  • Make and material: gel-infused memory foam, polyurethane
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Sleep trial: None
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US

Last, but definitely not the least, and costing much less than others, we have the Classic Brands 6-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. At an incredibly attractive price, this budget-conscious mattress doesn’t cut back on comfort, using high-grade memory foam and polyurethane to create that quintessential foam mattress feel.

The relatively slim 1-inch gel-infused memory foam top layer might not be as thick as what other mattresses bring to the table, but it definitely doesn’t feel that way. Together with the 5-inch high-density polyurethane base, the memory foam surface offers a plush sleep environment that combines comfort and support to maintain your teen’s spine in proper alignment. And because it’s gel-infused, the mattress also works well to dissipate heat, keeping you comfortably cool and sweat-free throughout the night.

If anything, we would have appreciated the addition of a transitional layer. Even one or two extra inches of moderately firm foam before the high-density PU would have made a world of difference in terms of responsiveness and comfort. That said, if your teen is on the heavier side, expect the Classic Brands mattress to feel a little firmer than they might prefer.

  • Lightweight construction at just 6 inches thick, making it easier to maneuver and to replace its sheets
  • Thin 1-inch memory foam sheet provides comfort without the overwhelming chemical smell, thanks to its reduced density
  • Structured polyurethane base maintains the mattress’ shape and thickness against nightly use
  • Gel-infused layer keeps the mattress cool to minimize sweat production
  • Attractive price makes it an attainable choice for any household
  • Would have performed better with a transitional layer considering its modest thickness
  • Feels firm for heavier users

How to Choose a Mattress for Teens

Just like teens that tend to be confusing and difficult to decode, so are their mattresses a bit of a mystery. What exactly makes a good mattress for teenage users? End the guesswork and step into the mattress market with confidence by taking time to consider these important factors.


Comfort is highly subjective, experienced differently by each person. Despite that, there are a few features you can look into to find a comfortable mattress for your growing teen. Understanding how these qualities can impact the sleep experience should help you select a design that fits their specific preferences, offering the best conditions to support restful, satisfying sleep.

Best Mattresses For Teenagers-3

  • Temperature regulation – Studies have found that hormonal changes during puberty cause the sweat glands to produce more moisture than they typically would. As a result, teenagers tend to sweat more, even as they sleep. Mattresses that are designed to draw heat away from the body can help keep your teen feeling cool during the night. The foam material that releases this pent-up heat through airflow channels – like those found within the Modway Jenna mattress – can also be significantly more comfortable to sleep on. In the market of mattresses, gel-infused memory foam is often the go-to for hot sleepers who want something that can regulate temperatures efficiently. Choices like those from Classic Brands or LUCID make suitable options. On that note, you might want to steer clear of mattresses that use a single layer of high-density polyurethane which isn’t always the best at temperature regulation.
  • Firmness – Firmness pertains to the amount of give that a mattress allows when you apply pressure to its surface. Softer mattresses like Modway Jenna will depress significantly under the weight of its user. These are often best for side-sleepers since the softness accommodates the curves at the hips and shoulders to maintain proper spinal alignment. Medium firm mattresses fall somewhere in the middle. Their material will depress just enough when subjected to pressure. They’re typically the mattress of choice for back-sleepers as they contour moderately to support the lumbar spine. Finally, there are firm mattresses. With barely any give, these models work best for stomach sleepers who need the extra support to keep the spine straight and prevent hyperextending the lower back.
  • Pressure relief – With the bane of growing pains bearing down on your teen’s body, the last thing you’d want would be the added stress of pressure points. A mattress that evenly distributes its users’ weight can provide a smooth, lump-free surface that’s easy on the bony parts of the body. Mattresses will typically use soft comfort layers near the surface and a support base that’s made of stiffer foam material. But to allow your weight to sink more evenly across the bed, some mattresses incorporate a transitional layer similar to what you’ll find in the Linenspa mattress. This marries the textures of the topmost and bottom material to relieve pressure on vulnerable parts of the body.

Best Mattresses For Teenagers-4

Ease of Maintenance

Most teens care little for keeping things neat and tidy. Often described as messy and unruly, a teen can easily soil a perfectly clean mattress over a few months of use. With that in mind, you’ll want an option that can stay relatively clean despite the daily abuse.

Mattresses like that from LUCID which are treated for odor control can help reduce the development of odor-causing bacteria. Options that incorporate copper, graphite, or bamboo charcoal are usually ideal if you’re keen on keeping bad smells at bay. Other mattresses use naturally antimicrobial materials that resist odor-causing bacteria to keep the bed fresher for longer.

Removable covers are another feature to look into if you’re keen on keeping things clean. Zippered, machine-washable slipcovers make it easier to remove stains and air out the mattress foam itself so you can keep the bed feeling and smelling fresh.

Durability and Value

Most mattresses will last a decade under careful, reasonable use. But if you’ve got a rowdy, growing teen that crashes into bed with complete reckless abandon, then you might expect your mattress of choice to wear out a little sooner.

Investing in a design that uses premium materials can help a mattress hold up against the rugged use of a teen. High-density polyurethane offers a stable base of support that works to maintain a mattress’ shape and density versus daily abuse.

Innerspring mattresses that have highly structured interiors can be some of the most long-wearing you’ll find. With steel coils inside, these mattresses are best-in-class when it comes to durability. On our list, choices like Happsy, Linenspa, and Sunrising Beddings come out on top as the best mattresses with innerspring construction.

On the other hand, it’s equally important that you think about value. Buying a high-end luxury mattress for a teen who probably won’t exert the effort to care for it might be a little impractical. Most teens will outgrow their mattress after those first few years of use, so buying something that will soon be replaced might not be the best decision value-wise.

Best Mattresses For Teenagers-1

Warranty and Sleep Trial

Fickle teens can be hard to shop for. If you’ve got an indecisive adolescent on your hands, then a mattress that offers a sleep trial might be your best bet. Letting you try out a mattress before settling on a final decision, a sleep trial period protects the money you pay.

If during the sleep trial period, your teen finds that the mattress doesn’t meet expectations or standards, you can return the mattress and get a full refund – no questions asked. Similarly, you should be interested in a mattress that offers a suitable warranty.

In the event that you’re given a defective mattress, the warranty should protect your purchase. Manufacturers will honor all sorts of factors defects like sagging, broken coils, misshapen foam, and improper stitching. And because some of these issues don’t show up until after some time, brands offer coverage that lasts anywhere from a few years to a few decades. Some have such high confidence in their products that they provide lifetime warranties.

FAQs for Mattresses for Teenagers

If you’re buying a mattress to replace an old one and you’re not sure how to get rid of it, try asking your chosen manufacturer. More often than not, companies offer pick-up services when you make a purchase to remove your old mattress regardless of its brand. They’ll dispose of or recycle it themselves.

Other brands offer to take a mattress off of your hands given that they manufactured it. If you’re not having any luck with mattress manufacturers, you can take the mattress to a charity where they’ll gladly take it in and find a home for it.

Mattresses with removable covers are always easier to clean. But if you’ve got an upholstered mattress, then stain removal might be a little more challenging. Use a soft piece of non-abrasive cloth and moisten the target area.

Use mild soap to rub the stain, but don’t expect to get it all off if it’s been there for a while. Repeat spot treatment can help fade the stain with time. If you’re dealing with bigger stains that cover most of the mattress’s surface area, then professional cleaning might be the most useful.

Not quite. But a mattress’ foam can harbor allergens that can irritate a teen. If your teen is especially sensitive, try to choose a mattress that uses hypoallergenic, antimicrobial material. These treatments should lessen the risk of irritation and keep your teen sleeping soundly through the night.

Which Mattress is Best for Your Teen?

That really depends, but based on our careful research, the chances of going wrong with the Happsy mattress are incredibly slim.

This premium investment can provide your teen with the comfort, support, and relaxation they need to experience quality sleep even at this time of overwhelming change. Plus, with its supreme construction and quality materials, the Happsy mattress can easily grow with your adolescent, providing countless years of comfortable use.

But that’s just us. If you’ve got something else in mind, then we encourage you to check out our 9 other vetted choices. Find the best mattress for teenagers through our carefully researched designs, and invest in a pick that can provide a comfortable sleep environment for this delicate period of growth.

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