12 Best Mattresses Under $500 – Moderate Price For Decent Quality

According to studies, about 7 % of sleep problems are associated with an uncomfortable mattress. A bad mattress can contribute to poor quality of sleep and even cause physical discomfort. On the other hand, a mattress that comes with ergonomic standards can go a long way in improving your quality of sleep.

Unfortunately, the best mattresses don’t come cheap. They cost thousands of dollars. But does this mean you can’t get a good mattress if you are on a budget? To answer this question, we decided to research the best mattresses under 500. We spent over 72 hours examining dozens of mattresses to determine the options with the best value for your money.

Our experts went through customer reviews and the features that users find important when buying a mattress, then we tested the selected models to see the unbiased results.

We discovered that while a good mattress is a worthwhile investment for your well-being, you don’t have to empty your bank account. There are so many options out there that are comfortable and supportive but don’t cost a fortune.

We have created a table that helps you make the right choice in a few minutes. This is followed by a more detailed product description that delves deeper into the features of each mattress. If you don’t know what to look for in a mattress, our buying guide will help you understand the key features you should consider in a mattress. We have also taken the time to answer some of the frequently asked questions on mattresses under $500.

Read on to make the right choice.

Our Top 12 Best Mattresses Under $500

We care about you and the precious time you wouldn’t like to waste. To make it a bit easier to choose the best mattress, we created the following summary table. It’s aimed to help you create the right first impression.

Some of the options in the list are made of memory foam while others are hybrid both having their pros and cons. You can go through this list to make the right choice of a mattress in less than 30 minutes.


Editor choice 1 Classic Brands
Classic Brands
(Best gel memory foam mattress under 500)

This 14-inch mattress is a comfortable medium plush option, coming with 2 pillows. Its 3.5” thick memory foam ensures amazing heat distribution and reduces pressure points.

2 LUCID Hybrid
LUCID Hybrid
(Best hybrid mattress under 500)

An outstanding mattress foam layers of which are infused with charcoal and aloe vera for odor elimination. It stays fresh and prevents bacteria built-up, while its’ 5.5” coils do not let it sag.

3 Classic Brands Mercer
Classic Brands Mercer
(Best pillow top mattress under 500)

This moderately-firm mattress features an additional cool gel ventilated layer for optimal airflow. Its individually wrapped coils prevent motion transfer and produce the perfect-bounce effect.

Best seller 4 Zinus Green Tea 
Zinus Green Tea 
(Best bio foam mattress under 500)

This California King mattress is a soft, cozy and very supportive model. The moment you sit on it, all your discomfort and pain will melt away into the mattress. It is a great choice for all sleeper types. It stays fresh much longer.

5 Sweetnight SMN-THCD-12-Q
Sweetnight SMN-THCD-12-Q
(Best mattress for heavy people)

This mattress offers good value for your money. It provides maximum support for your body. Not only does it offer the perfect spinal alignment but you will enjoy maximum comfort from head to toe.

6 Sweetnight SN-M004-F 
Sweetnight SN-M004-F 
(Best full mattress under 500)

If you are searching for a perfect gel mattress that is also versatile, the Sweetnight 10-inch full-size mattress is a great choice. It is double-sided, so you can choose between firm and soft sides.

Best price 7 Olee Sleep Galaxy
Olee Sleep Galaxy
(Best firm mattress under 500)

The Olee Sleep 13-inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Mattress is durable, comfortable and will enhance your overall health. It will relieve your back pain by ensuring that your body remains straight when asleep.

8 Live & Sleep Resort
Live & Sleep Resort
(Best Twin XL mattress under 500)

One of the most breathable mattresses featuring premium open-cell memory foam technology. It’s certified non-toxic and comes with the longest warranty of 20 years.

9 LUCID Foam and Latex
LUCID Foam and Latex
(Best thick mattress under 500)

Its open cell technology conforms under your body weight to help alleviate the pressure points and enhance durability. Its latex combined with memory cover can naturally resist dust mites and allergens.

10 DynastyMattress New 
DynastyMattress New 
(Best RV mattress under 500)

The mattress is a good choice for people who are searching for a nice firm mattress for their RVs. However, we recommend that you buy it with a nice mattress pad.

(Best Twin mattress under 500)

No matter the type of sleeper you are, the Tuff & Needle Twin Mattress is a good choice. The mattress contains some cooling gel in the comfort layer to ensure that the heat doesn’t get trapped in the foam.

12 Signature Sleep
Signature Sleep
(Best firm mattress with topper)

The Signature Sleep Queen Mattress offers great support even though it isn’t too hard, thanks to its top foam layers. It doesn’t trap heat and there is a good choice for sleeping cool.



1 Editor choice

Classic Brands – Best gel memory foam mattress under 500


  • Queen size
  • Thickness of 14 inches
  • 3 layers: 3.5” gel-infused memory foam, 2” gel polyfoam, 8.5” HD foam
  • Medium plush feel
  • Comes with 2 memory foam pillows
  • Stretch knit fabric
  • CertiPUR-US certified

The majority of big persons often complain that they find it hard to get a foam mattress that is firm enough to support them. If you are such a person, then the Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-inch mattress is a choice that is worth considering. This is because it contains layers of memory foam that helps to relieve pressure points between the neck, shoulders, and back.

Gel memory foam provides a plush and comfortable surface ensuring a good quality of sleep. It also adjusts automatically to your temperature and body weight as the cool gel helps to regulate temperature. The mattress is also a good choice for preventing allergies, bacteria, and mold built-up.

After unpacking the mattress, it will feel extremely soft. But its firmness will keep increasing for the next 72 hours. It will become very firm, making it a good choice for people with lower back problems. This is because a gel memory foam mattress can support the different parts of the body individually and evenly It is truly a 14-inch mattress offering maximum breathability. The mattress also comes with two well-made pillows.
The mattress is a good choice for use in an adjustable base, offering additional health and lifestyle benefits. It will maintain its durability and flexibility even when used in an adjustable base. It meets the CertiPUR standards for durability, performance, and emissions. The manufacturer backs its quality with a warranty of 10 years. Therefore, the Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

Our verdict

If you sweat at night, this mattress is a good choice as compared to your traditional mattresses. While it is still warm, you will not have to wake up hot and dripping in sweat. The good thing about this mattress is that it conforms well to your body. It feels better than the latex mattresses that are too firm. It feels like a high-end memory foam mattress. While it has its cons, it is worth the money considering that there are other mattresses with the same features that are worth over a thousand bucks.

  • Doesn’t take long to inflate to full size
  • Offers added comfort especially for people who sleep on their back
  • Made of quality and durable material
  • Soft cover
  • Smart packaging that reduces the carbon footprint
  • Cool gel helps to regulate temperature
  • Fast shipping
  • Produces a memory foam smell and needs time to gas off
  • Hard to unpack due to its fast decompressing

LUCID Hybrid – Best hybrid mattress under 500


  • King size
  • Thickness of 10 inches
  • 5 layers: 1.5” charcoal memory foam, 1” transition foam, 1” support foam, 5.5” coils, 1” support foam
  • Transition layer infused with aloe vera for freshness
  • Medium-plush
  • 6.5’’ Pocket coil system
  • Edge support
  • CertiPUR-US certified

There are many benefits of memory foam mattresses. One of them is that they can provide a certain level of support and pressure point relief as compared to the traditional spring mattress. However, memory foam mattresses aren’t for everyone. You may think they are too soft for you. So, what is the way forward?

There is a huge surge in the popularity of hybrid mattresses as they provide the benefits of two worlds. The mattresses are made of a memory foam layer combined with an innerspring system. With a hybrid mattress, you can enjoy the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam while maintaining the great feeling of a supportive innerspring mattress.
Therefore, if you feel that memory foam mattress isn’t for you, one of the options that are worth considering is the Lucid 10-inch King Hybrid Mattress. Since this is a hybrid mattress, it contains springs in the base layer instead of foam.

It is well-made for the price. While it appears fully inflated in 6 hours, it reaches its full size after around 48 hours. It produces a slight foam smell that disappears with time. This isn’t off-gassing but just the normal foam smell. The mattress is softer as compared to other foam mattresses but this is due to specific construction and coils. It also works perfectly well with adjustable bases. With its affordable price, it can be a good upgrade from your traditional spring mattress. It is also a better option for the premium foam mattresses. It is infused with bamboo charcoal that helps to get rid of the odor and absorb moisture from the skin. This helps to prevent an allergic reaction. The foam is also filled with Aloe Vera to enhance freshness and therefore, provide a better quality of sleep.

The mattress has three layers of shielded foam that are supported with individually encased steel coils of 5.5 inches. This ensures that you enjoy a soft mattress that can withstand harsh conditions. The mattress is shipped while rolled rather than folded and this means you will not find any creases when you open it. This makes it easier to unpack and set up.
While the manufacturer term it to be of medium-plush, it is still considerably firm. As proof of its superior quality, the manufacturer backs the mattress with a ten-year warranty. It also comes with 100 nights of risk-free trial. If you’re unsatisfied after the trial period, you will get a full refund.

Our verdict

Considering the price of the mattress, this is an outstanding option. It is especially good for stomach sleepers. Its foam, however, doesn’t conform well to your body like other denser foam mattresses and this makes it a bit less comfortable for side sleepers.

  • Affordable price for a king-size mattress
  • Multiple layers ensure comfort and durability
  • A soft mattress that is suitable who sleep on their stomach
  • Little off-gassing
  • Well-packaged to fit through staircases and hallways
  • Foam on the sides to enhance edge support
  • Heavy (weighs 96 pounds)
  • It’s not as soft or plush as marketed
  • Very little support on the edges
  • A bit soft for people who need firmness

Classic Brands Mercer – Best pillow top mattress under 500


  • King size
  • Thickness of 12 inches
  • 5 layers: 1.5” gel memory foam, 2 layers of polyfoam, 8” coils, HD foam
  • Unique cooling technology
  • Medium-firm
  • Quilted pillow top cover
  • Corded edges
  • CertiPUR-US certified

One of the downsides of softer mattresses is that they don’t have the support needed for your back. The Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Hybrid Mattress is a medium-firm hybrid mattress that provides good support. This king size model from Classic Brands has the support that consists of individual coils that are wrapped in a fabric that has been designed to enhance support and minimize friction.

While some users still find it too firm and not plush enough, this is a matter of personal preference. The mattress has a mild sink as a result of its memory foam top cushioning.
The memory foam is infused with gel and a layer of sleeping surface combined with orthopedic support foam. Gel memory foam is porous as compared to the traditional foam interconnecting the cells. This offers more breathability, keeping you cool throughout the night.

The mattress has an additional 0.75-inch layer of foam and a support layer of 8 inches of wrapped coils. This ensures that it contours to your body adding to the comfort. The memory foam is hypoallergenic and thus helps to protect you from bacteria, dust mites, molds, and other allergens. With pocket coils and good quality memory foam, this is a great hybrid mattress. Not only is it supportive but it is also very comfortable. It doesn’t take long to inflate to its full size. However, it is advisable to wait for the recommended time days before you can sleep on it. The foam is CertiPUR certified, a certification in the United States that checks for performance, durability, and content.

The mattress is shipped smartly in a box while well rolled and compressed. It is advisable to go through the installation manual before use. The mattress will often expand in a period of 48 to 72 hours. However, if some instances, the decompression time may take up to a week due to factors such as cold weather. If you wait, you are sure to get an optimal sleep experience.
The mattress comes with 100-nights of a free trial. This means if you are unsatisfied with the mattress during the first 100 days, you are entitled to a full refund. On top of that, it has a warranty period of 10 years.

Our verdict

For its price of under 500, the Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Hybrid 12” Mattress is a decent option. This mattress can be particularly helpful for people searching for a medium-firm mattress.

  • Certified for its quality and standards
  • Comes with cooling technology
  • Made in the USA
  • Pillow top is beautifully made
  • Inflates very fast
  • Small pillow sizes
  • Top layer memory foam gets hot
  • Weight of 68 pounds is on the higher side
4 Best seller

Zinus Green Tea  – Best bio foam mattress under 500


  • California King size
  • Thickness of 12 inches
  • 4 layers: 3” memory foam, 2” comfort foam, 2 3.5” layers of HD foam
  • Medium firm
  • Infused with natural Green tea
  • Knitted Jacquard cover
  • CertiPUR certified

A common problem with memory foam mattresses is off-gassing. The Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress has been created to deal with this challenge. The mattress contains a product extracted from green tea to neutralize odor and add to the freshness. This means that there is little off-gassing. When you buy this mattress, you will notice that it has a nice smell as compared to your typical foam mattress. However, you will still smell some of the memory foam chemicals. Yet the smell of green tea continues to linger in the mattress even when it is has stopped off-gassing. Plus, green tea is considered a secure antioxidant.

The memory foam is also infused with ActivCharcoal, tiny particles of purified charcoal that helps to absorb moisture and therefore reduce the agents that cause odor. The three inches of memory foam conforms to the joints and bones allowing them to sink into the softness of the mattress. The mattress contains two inches of comfort foam that helps to relieve pressure and enhance efficiency by getting rid of pressure points. It also has three and a half inches of Airflow high-density foam. This ensures that any forms of pains and aches are eliminated. The mattress is made of CertiPUR-US certified foam, meaning it meets the strict guidelines for durability, emissions, and content.

Little maintenance is required for the mattress. Whether you have a platform bed frame, box spring, slatted base, adjustable bed frame or Bunkie board, all these will work well. However, the manufacturer recommends that you use a flat surface so that the mattress can have extra support. Setting up the mattress is easy. It comes rolled up in a box. As soon as you remove the plastic, the mattress begins to expand fast. It becomes fully expanded within a couple of hours.

The mattress is on the firmer end but some users find it to be medium-firm. It is versatile and absorbs motion perfectly well. The manufacturer recommends that the mattress should be opened within 72 hours after receipt. You should then allow it to sit for 48 hours to inflate.

Our verdict

While the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress doesn’t overheat, it can feel a bit overly firm. The manufacturer would have done better by including a pillow top encasement, mattress protector and a pad. But overall, the quality of the mattress is good considering its price. If you would like to use it in a bunker bed, you should consider a thinner mattress. There isn’t a lot of room between the top bunk and the lower mattress.

  • Super easy to unpack and remove the mattress
  • Great support
  • Less chemical smell
  • Expands first
  • Sleeps firm
  • Most affordable Cal-King-sized option
  • Still has a slight memory foam odor
  • Corners take long to expand
  • Quite heavy to move by yourself

Sweetnight SMN-THCD-12-Q – Best mattress for heavy people


  • Queen size
  • Thickness of 12 inches
  • 4 layers: air-flow HD foam, gel memory foam, air-flow HD foam, pocketed coils
  • Firm
  • Quilted knit pillow top
  • Breathable cotton cover
  • CertiPUR-US certified

If you like the idea of a mattress in a box, one option that is worth considering is the Sweetnight Queen Plush Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress. According to the manufacturer, the mattress has been made with 775 coils of innerspring and Gel memory foam to ensure that it provides the maximum support and pressure relief for people who suffer from discomfort and back pain. When you get the mattress, the first thing you will discover is how heavy it is. It will be delivered to you while compressed in a small box. But after unrolling the mattress, it will start to decompress pretty fast. The mattress is a good hybrid mix of spring and memory foam. You will also notice the top-quality fabric on top of the mattress that it is soft, comfortable and sturdy. The mattress comes with a skin-friendly quilted knit pillow.

The mattress has a movement isolator that is meant to prevent motion transfer between partners and therefore ensure undisturbed sleep. This is an advantage particularly for people who wake up at night to visit the restroom as they do not want to wake up their partners.
The mattress is made using adaptive memory foam that adjusts to your body allowing you to sleep in any position comfortably. It has a medium-firm feel and ensures there is no rolling off or sagging.

It has a 3-Zone pocket spring that has been contoured to provide maximum support. The goal of this feature is to ensure the even distribution of your weight from head to toe. This also serves to provide the necessary back support for your body. To ensure the mattress adjusts slowly to body temperature and weight, it has a layer that is made of gel memory foam. This provides optimum comfort as it acts as a buffer between your body and the coils.

To ensure your optimum health there are no harmful substances used in the manufacture of the mattress as the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. To prevent deformation and rust, its innerspring layer is made of top-notch carbon steel spring coils.

The mattress comes with a warranty period of 10 years. It is shipped while compressed and rolled. This makes it easy to set up. You will need to wait for a period of 72 hours for the mattress to get back to its original shape. However, after a period of 48 hours, the mattress will inflate to its full size of 12 inches.

Our verdict

For its price and features, the Sweetnight Queen Mattress in a Box is an option that is worth giving a try. It is soft to touch and also lay on. It offers a good level of support and will keep your body level without sinking. It will rebound first without living a permanent body shape pit.

  • Little off-gassing
  • Moderately firm level of comfort
  • Fast shipping time
  • Adjust to your weight and temperature
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good fit and finishes
  • Made of good quality materials
  • Targeted support
  • A bit soft edge
  • A bit heavy when moving

Sweetnight SN-M004-F  – Best full mattress under 500


  • Full size
  • Thickness of 10 inches
  • 3 layers: 1.79” gel-infused memory foam, 3.94” open-cell foam, 3.94” HD foam
  • Medium plush
  • Dual-sided (soft and firm sides)
  • Cotton cover
  • CertiPUR-US certified

If you have ever searched for a firm mattress, you know how difficult it can be to find one that will remain firm even in high temperatures. The good news is that you can count on the Sweetnight 10-inch full-size mattress. The mattress has no springs and offers a great reduction in radiation particularly for children.

The mattress has been made to address common sleeping problems such as overheating, back pain, tossing & turning, disturbance by your partner movement and more. The manufacturer suggests that the memory foam on the mattress can ensure cool sleeping and resist roll-off problems and sagging. It can adjust to the bodyweight and therefore help with back pain. Plus, it can be of help to partners who make frequent movements.

You can flip the mattress and use either the firm and the plush side or the soft one. Gel-infused memory foam has been used on the top layer. This 1.97 memory foam infused with Gel adjusts to your body temperature and weight. This is followed by a layer of 3.94 inches of supportive foam. The bottom is made of a 3.94 inches of support foam that prevents sagging and ensures durability. This means the mattress contains around 7 inches of comfort supportive foam. This is unlike many other mattresses that consist of 3 or 4 inches of comfort foam. According to the manufacturer, the foam from the mattress is made without harmful chemicals such as mercury, formaldehyde and other metals. The mattress has a cover that is hypo-allergenic, breathable and removable. It can resist the growth of bacteria and mites. You may not be aware that one of the causes of bad odor or stains on your mattress is bacterial growth. The cover is not only a quality one but is made of a very soft material.

For a gel memory foam mattress, the mattress offers good value for money. It feels fine on the edges as it maintains its shape perfectly well. The edge support for both the firm and the soft side is the same. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, the mattress offers a great alignment.

Like many memory foam mattresses, it gives off a considerable amount of the plastic smell after unpacking. This is mostly because it was packaged immediately after it’s been produced, compressed and vacuum-sealed. To ensure your safety, it is made with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam which is also hypoallergenic.

When you buy this mattress, you can enjoy ten inches of thick but medium-firm foam mattress that is breathable, comfortable and supportive. The mattress will support your entire body relieving the pressure. You will relax your whole body from head to toes. The mattress comes with 30 days of free-return policy and a 10-year limited warranty.

Our verdict

The Sweetnight 10-inch full-size mattress is a comfortable mattress that is made of soft memory foam. Apart from the mattress getting warm, it is worth the money. This is particularly the case when you consider that it cost less than 500.

  • Made of environmentally-friendly gel foam
  • Grows to full thickness quickly
  • Effective in addressing various sleeping issues
  • Suitable for sleeping on both sides
  • Suitable for people who suffer from various allergies
  • Strong chemical smell immediately after unpacking (needs time to gas off)
  • Heavy for one person to move around
  • Warmer than the traditional mattress
7 Best price

Olee Sleep Galaxy – Best firm mattress under 500


  • King size
  • Thickness 13 inches
  • 5 layers: HD foam, gel foam, HD foam, pocketed springs, HD foam
  • Jacquard cover and fiber padding
  • Firm
  • CertiPUR-US certified

Are you searching for a mattress that has the best balanced-support of innerspring and gel memory foam top? You should consider the Olee Sleep 13-inch Galaxy Hybrid King Mattress. While the mattress is on the firmer side, it has a well-designed top layer that offers the comfortable feeling of sleeping on a cool gel memory foam mattress.

The majority of mattresses have an inflation period of two to three days. However, with the Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid, you can expect the mattress to fully inflate within a few hours. When fully expanded, it reaches about nine inches. However, we would recommend that you wait for at least 48 hours before you can start using the mattress. It is easy to unpack the mattress and this is something you can do alone. The mattress feels firm and at the same time plush. It has been made to provide contoured support of the spine when sleeping. It combines gel-infused memory foam with high-quality pocket springs to provide an optimal level of bounce. The gel foam in the mattress helps to regulate temperature and keep you cool.

It doesn’t have a lot of side support when sitting on the edges. However, it can handle up to 450 pounds if you lay (better not to sit on its sides) while providing the highest level of comfort. No matter your kind of bed frame, this mattress will adjust accordingly.

It is made with materials that are certified to be safe for use. It is also a good choice for couples. This is because it has coils that are independently-encased to reduce motion transfer. You will not feel any disturbance when your partner moves when asleep.

If you suffer from back pain, this mattress can be a good option for relieving it. This is because it has been designed to provide equal distributing. To support the user’s body, the mattress has 1.5 inches of good quality memory foam at the top. And to disperse the user’s weight, it has 2 inches of high-density foam. The total thickness of the mattress is 13 inches and this helps to provide the optimum comfort.

The mattress has a durable quilted fabric cover that doesn’t get dirty easily. This fabric also ensures that there is a free flow of air into the mattress.

Our verdict

The Olee Sleep 13-inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Mattress is a good choice for relieving pressure points along the hips, back, neck and shoulders. While it has a strong smell when new, this should disappear if you air it as recommended. Overall, it is a good quality mattress, especially in its price and size range.

  • Easy to unpack and set up
  • Comfortable for all kinds of sleepers
  • Conform to the contours of the body
  • Firm with soft fiber padding
  • Breathable and efficient in heat reduction
  • Produces a strong odor when new
  • May not inflate to the full 13 inches for a long time

Live & Sleep Resort – Best Twin XL mattress under 500


  • Twin XL size
  • Thickness of 10 inches
  • 2 layers: 2.5” memory foam, 7.5” HD foam
  • Stretch knit cover
  • Medium firm
  • Air Flow Technology
  • Comes with a pillow
  • CertiPUR-US certified

A common challenge with the majority of memory foam mattresses is that they tend to get hot at night. If you are searching for a memory foam mattress that will keep you cool, you should consider the Live & Sleep Classic Twin XL Mattress. Plus, the mattress combines memory foam with HD foam to help relieve pressure and the correct support. It is a suitable option for all kinds of sleepers.

This twin mattress is covered in Flex linen, a soft breathable cover that is removable and washable. The material offers you the maximum comfort for relaxing and cooling your body. It has 2.5 inches of premium memory foam that ensure relief for your pressure points. Beneath it is gel-infused memory foam that adds to the pressure relief and ensures maximum relaxation. At the bottom is a core support base of 8.5 inches.

The mattress uses the latest Air Flow Technology to complement the foam at the base. This helps to enhance the contouring and provide a cooler sleeping material. Memory foam is usually more porous as compared to the traditional foam. Unlike closed-cell foam, the cells are interconnected enhancing their breathability and comfort. It is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

The mattress is adjustable-base-friendly meaning that you can easily use it on any brand-new base rather than the normal bed frame. This will offer more health and lifestyle benefits. The mattress is also durable and flexible that it maintains its integrity and support when you bend your adjustable base. It is also a good choice for college dorms as it’s resistant to wear and tear.

The twin mattress is made of safe and environmental-friendly material. It is shipped very fast after ordering and it is easy to set up. The materials used to make the mattress are soft and plush to provide the optimum comfort for relaxing and cooling your body. Some users find the mattress to be too firm for them. However, this can be solved by adding a mattress topper. When you buy the mattress, it comes with a warranty period of 20 years. This is above the industry average of 10 years. On top of this, you get a free trial period of 30 days.

Our verdict

The Live & Sleep Resort Classic Twin XL Mattress is a good deal for its price, which is well-balanced for all kinds of sleepers. By far the greatest option for tall teenagers and students.

  • The top cover is made of fresh and breathable material
  • Premium open-cell foam
  • Certified to be safe and durable
  • Free pillow
  • A warranty period of 20 years
  • Easy to set up
  • Some users find it to be too firm
  • Still gets a bit warm as compared to a spring mattress

LUCID Foam and Latex – Best thick mattress under 500


  • Queen size
  • Thickness of 16 inches
  • 4 layers: 1” memory foam, 3” gel memory foam, 2” natural latex foam, 10” HD foam
  • Memory foam infused with charcoal
  • Open cell technology
  • TENCEL blend cover
  • Plush
  • CertiPUR-US certified

The LUCID Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress is a 16-inch mattress with four layers that ensures maximum comfort for your sleeping position. To enhance your comfort, the top is made of a soft and Tenel blend cover quilted with one inch of bamboo charcoal memory foam to create a breathable layer at the surface of the mattress. Bamboo charcoal offers better thermal regulation and is a good choice for sensitive skin.

Below the top layer is a 3-inch layer that is made of lighter and softer memory foam ventilated to provide comfort and the best breathability. A 2-inch layer made of natural latex is underneath. When latex is combined with memory foam, it gives better firmness for the body, providing the right orthopedic support and relief from neck, shoulder and back pain. Memory foam will often sink a little bit. However, when combined with latex, it has a little more push back. To ensure that the memory foam doesn’t make you sweat, open-cell memory foam is used.

The mattress is really the best choice for warm sleepers. It absorbs a good amount of body heat even though it doesn’t get hot. While it has a mild memory foam smell, this is not overwhelming. You can only smell it by putting your nose in the mattress. When you lay on it, you will sink a little bit but your entire body will be supported. The manufacturer recommends that you should let it sit for about 48 hours. However, after 8 hours, it will have expanded to around 90%. It will expand to 100% after about 30 hours. With a thickness of 16 inches, this is one of the thickest mattresses you will ever come across. The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. When you order the mattress, you will receive it vacuum sealed. This is a quality model that you will enjoy using for several years. With its comfort level, you will sleep like a king.

Our verdict

While the LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Queen Mattress is soft, it isn’t too plush for a memory foam mattress. When you lay on it, you will sink a little bit but it will support your whole body. Overall, it is a comfortable mattress that is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side, you will be supported in all positions. It is advisable to aerate the mattress for two or three days before you can sleep on it.

  • Soft and breathable cover
  • Easy to set up
  • Very mild off-gassing
  • Conform to curves
  • Offers orthopedic support
  • Some users find it too soft
  • Poor edge support

DynastyMattress New  – Best RV mattress under 500


  • RV Queen Size
  • Thickness of 10 inches
  • 2 layers: 2.5” gel foam, 7.5” Cool air HD foam
  • Open Cell Memory Foam
  • Sleep Cool Technology Foam
  • Medium firm
  • CertiPUR-US certified

If you are an avid RV driver who is on the heavier side, you will want a mattress that provides you with a good amount of support for on-the-road sleep. A good option that is worth considering is Dynasty Mattress New 10-inch mattress. This mattress has a good amount of support. What is even better is that the support is evenly distributed.

The mattress has four layers. The first layer consists of 2.5 inches of gel foam. Beneath it is 7.5 inches of Cool Air Foam Support. This is followed by density foam that enhances support. The memory foam is infused with gel beads to provide the necessary support for pressure relief. This also enhances the flow of air for a cooler night in your camper.

The mattress is denser than the normal mattress. It is medium soft and conforms to the contours of your body. While the mattress is quite comfortable, it, however, can get hot when the weather is extreme. It produces an odor but this will reduce over time. On its outside is a fire-resistant fabric cover. It has a nice soft and zippered cover making it easier to remove and wash. The mattress has a warranty period of 30 years, with a free 120 days trial period. This is a great mattress for providing you with ample rest.

We find the mattress to be on the firmer side. You will hardly sink when sleeping on it. It expands to full size within about 4 hours. If you have a back problem, you will like it. If you sleep on the side, this may not be the right option for you as you may wake up with pain in the arms and shoulders.

Our verdict

The mattress is a good choice for people who are searching for a nice firm mattress for their RVs. However, we recommend that you buy it with a nice mattress pad.

  • Made of durable layers
  • Easy to clean as you only need to unzip the cover and remove it
  • A good amount of memory foam contour
  • Inflates to full size fast
  • Supportive enough for people of all weight groups
  • Not so efficient in cooling
  • Has an odor that dissipates with time

TUFT & NEEDLE MAT-TN-01-T – Best Twin mattress under 500


  • Twin size
  • Thickness of 10 inches
  • 2 layers: adaptive foam, HD foam
  • T & N foam is infused with cool gel and graphite
  • Medium firm
  • Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified

If you need a twin mattress that combines support and softness, you should consider the Tuft & Needle Twin Mattress. Made with T & N adaptive foam, the mattress provides a bouncy and supportive feel for various sleeping positions. It contours to the shape of your body meaning that it can be helpful for people with back pain. The top-quality foam also ensures cold nights of sleep, is comfortable and is a great pressure reliever.

One of the selling points of the mattress is the proprietary foam. This adaptive foam is meant to be comfortable and provide relief from pressure without being too soft. Below the comfort layer is a thick and supportive base. This layer is made of 7 inches high-density foam and is responsible for providing the mattress with a sturdy shape. But since the mattress is made of two layers, heavy people can easily sink in it.

The cover of the mattress is made of polyester. The thin fabric allows the flow of air through the mattress ensuring proper regulation of temperature. Not only is Polyester soft but it easily retains the shape and durability. The mattress comes in a relatively small box that will fit through doors and staircases making it easier to go through corridors as compared to the normal mattress. It produces a mild smell immediately after opening but this dissipates quickly. When you sit on the mattress, you will not sink in it like it is the case with the normal memory foam mattress.
After cutting the plastic wrapping, the mattress will expand quickly. According to the manufacturer, you should wait for 72 hours before lying on the mattress. This will allow the fumes to dissipate. On the flip side, it tends to get a bit warm especially for the hot sleepers. It has a mild smell that goes away after some time.

Its polyfoam responds quickly to pressure meaning you can move easily when lying on the mattress. Therefore, this is a universally comfortable mattress that fits the size, shape and comfort preference of various sleepers. The model is compactable with various frames, box springs, and foundations.

Our verdict

The Tuff & Needle Twin Mattress is a good choice for individual sleepers or children. It is a good choice for people who sleep on their back, side or stomach. While it may not have a lot of bell and whistles, it offers good value for money.

  • Easy to set up quickly
  • Breathable cover
  • Suitable for all type of sleepers
  • 100 nights of trial
  • Offer great pressure relief
  • Certified by third parties to be free of harmful chemicals
  • Some users find the mattress to be too firm
  • Not suitable for heavier people

Signature Sleep – Best firm mattress with topper


  • Queen size
  • Thickness of 13 inches
  • 9 layers: plush foam topper, PU foam, fire redundant barrier, 4 layers of HD foam, insulator pad, 10” coils
  • Bamboo fabric cover
  • Medium plush
  • CertiPUR-US certified

One of the leading manufacturers of mattresses and beddings in the world is the Signature Sleep. The company offers a wide range of products in this niche. One of its most popular products is the Signature Sleep 13″ Hybrid Coil Mattress. The coil spring mattress consists of three layers that ensure your ultimate rest. The base layer consists of 10-inch coil springs which are encased individually to ensure proper absorption and distribution of weight. It also helps to conform to your body weight and shape.

On top of the spring layer is a three-zone memory foam pillow tops each measuring one inch. This layer aims to provide comfort to the upper body while providing a firmer lower body that supports the hips and back. On top of this is a bamboo fabric cover made from high-quality rayon material. The material is breathable, moisture-wicking and has a drying effect.

The mattress is made of top quality and certified materials. Due to its 3 layers of foam, this option has a soft and bouncy feel. This is despite the supportive and firm impact of the coil spring layer. On the other hand, the encased coil can cause the buildup of dust mites and allergens on the bed especially if it remains dirty for a long time.

To ensure that there is no movement disturbance, the mattress consists of encased coils that have been designed to minimize motion transfer. However, there is no evidence that the coil springs will not malfunction with prolonged use. When subjected to heavyweight, the mattress has been found to produce a squeaking sound.

There is little off-gassing from the mattress. However, the manufacturer recommends that the mattress should be allowed to sit for 48 hours to aerate it. To enhance the edge support, the mattress requires a sturdy and stable bed frame or foundation. If you do not have a good platform or base, you should avoid sleeping or sitting on the edge as you might easily fall. The mattress comes with a warranty of one year. This is not very good considering we have other brands in this list that have warranties of over 10 years.

Our verdict

With the Signature Sleep 13″ Hybrid Coil Mattress you will enjoy a good night of sleep. The coil spring layer makes it a good choice for both heavy and lightweight people. However, the user’s weight will affect the durability of the mattress. We would rate the mattress as medium-firm. However, if you are heavy, you better consider another option on this list.

  • Inflates quickly
  • Sleeps cool
  • Provides comfort for the whole body
  • Little off-gassing
  • Good in minimizing motion
  • Doesn’t sink in
  • Unsuitable for overweight persons as the coils may not endure heavyweight
  • It is not possible to remove the cover for washing
  • Creaking sound can be heard after sometime

Buyer’s Guide

With the wide range of mattresses under $500, it can be hard making the right choice in a few clicks. There are many options you can choose from and these aren’t created equal. By understanding what you should look for, you can avoid buying a mattress that is made from poor or harmful materials. To help you make the right choice, here are factors that you need to consider when making the right choice.

Factors to consider when searching for the best mattresses under $500

Firmness level

This is a common consideration that most shoppers make. When considering the level of firmness, you will come across words such as firm, plush (soft) or medium. Even though this can provide you with an idea of the level of firmness, there are other things you should be on the lookout. Consider the indentation load deflection. In most cases, the manufacturer will simply list this as ILD. A mattress with a higher ILD will be firmer.

12 Best Mattresses under $500-6

How do manufacturers get those numbers?

There is a certain test procedure that let them indicate precise ILD. A piece of a mattress measuring 15 by 15 by 4 inches is compressed to 25 percent of the thickness using a circular indenter of 50 square inches. The force required to accomplish this will decide the product’s ILD.

As a rule, an ILD of 12 will be soft while 50 will be very firm. An ILD of 30 will be medium firm. Bear in mind that the manufacturer will not always list the ILD, so you may need to contact their customer care to get this number.


Understanding the size will help you determine if the product will meet your needs. Some of the mattresses available feature the following sizes: Full, Twin, Queen, King and many more. The majority of mattresses that are in the market today have a thickness that ranges from 6 to 12 inches. Twin is usually the smallest size and is approximately 39 inches by 74 inches. This is a great choice for one person.

Taller people who sleep alone should choose the Twin XL mattress which is usually 39 inches by 80 inches wide. This offers them more space. An example of an extra-long Twin mattress in this list is the Tuft & Needle Twin XL Mattress.

Some of the bigger mattresses that are suitable for couples are the Full bed (54 inches wide by 74 inches long), Queen bed (80 inches long by 60 inches wide), King bed (80 inches long by 76 inches wide) and the California King bed (84 inches long by 72 inches wide).

If you already have a wonderful bed and just need to buy the right mattress for it, make sure you measure it and order a mattress of just the right size to ensure the snug fit.

12 Best Mattresses under $500-2


If a mattress is thinner, mostly between 6 and 8 inches, it will use fewer materials and will therefore not cost more. The downside of such mattresses is that they often provide very poor support. Even when they are made of good quality materials, they are still unsuitable for sleepers who prefer soft mattresses, especially for heavy sleepers, side sleepers and those who suffer from neck, back, or joint pain. The good news is that you can find thick mattresses that cost below $500.

The thickest mattress in the list above is the LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Queen Mattress.

Sleeping position

What kind of sleeper are you? As a rule, the way you sleep can help you determine the firmness that ensures comfort for the position you prefer. If you are a back sleeper, you should choose a soft or medium mattress. If you are a side sleeper, you should choose a firm or medium mattress. Finally, if you are a stomach sleeper, you should go for a medium or firm mattress.

Types of mattresses and their layers

Before you can make a buying decision, you want to consider the type of bed you would like to buy. There are different types of beds all with distinct qualities. These may include polyfoam, latex, memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and much more.

12 Best Mattresses under $500-5


Innerspring mattresses are the oldest. These mattresses have metal support coils in its core and this is how it derives its name. These mattresses have lost popularity in the recent past as many people consider them to be too firm and less durable.

Foam layers and comfort level

If you decide to follow the common trend and go for a foam mattress, you may want to examine the different types of foams before making your final choice. Each of these types has its unique features and benefits. Some of the common options available are:

  • Polyfoam

Mattresses made from polyfoam are often relatively soft and cheaper than other options. However, customers often complain that these mattresses tend to sag over time. They are also not supportive and not made for heavy weights. Additionally, they may have excessive off-gassing. If durability is not your concern and you are instead looking for a short-term solution, you can consider polyfoam.

  • Convoluted foam

This type of foam looks like egg cartons. The product is low cost and has good qualities in heat dispersion. The uneven surface allows good airflow so that you’re less likely to sweat during sleep. This foam has a simplistic manufacturing process, which is less expensive, thus the final product is cheaper as well. This makes the option popular among people on a budget.

When used in the short term, convoluted foam offers a great spinal alignment. It is easy to pack and also move around. However, this option isn’t so long-lasting.

  • Latex foam

If you are searching for a durable but relatively affordable option (not as cheap as the above-mentioned types of foam), consider a mattress that is made of latex. A good quality latex foam is made using organic materials and therefore is environmentally friendly. It also transfers heat well enough and does not emit chemicals. Ideally, choose between Dunlop and Talalay latex as these are the names of the best manufacturing processes.

The LUCID Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Queen Mattress is a 16-inch mattress is an example of a mattress with a latex foam layer.

  • Memory foam

This material is usually more expensive compared to the other options. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot get a good memory foam mattress under $500. These mattresses are popular as they offer a sinking feeling and plush yet supportive effect. They are a great choice for people who love the hug provided by these mattresses.

When buying memory foam mattresses, you need to choose the right kind of foam. If you don’t mind the hot temperature, you can select the traditional memory foam mattress. If you sleep cool, consider the gel memory foam as it enables the flow of air, keeping you cool throughout the night. If you aren’t allergic to latex, you can choose this natural material. Latex memory foam is environmentally friendly and offers perfect support.

12 Best Mattresses under $500-1


These mattresses feature different layers of foam above the innerspring core for those looking for optimal bounce and support while laying on plush top. They are usually heavier, but is it worth it? Go on reading to find out.

Foam mattress vs Hybrid mattress

You now have an idea of some of the benefits of memory foam mattresses such as the layers adjusting to your body shape. This means that the materials will fill around problem areas such as the lower back and therefore providing relief. If you find yourself struggling with good posture either during the day or night, you should try a memory foam mattress as it can help to optimize your spinal alignment. This is because the foam will fill the gap areas around the body keeping your body straight.

If your spouse tends to toss and turn at night, memory foam is a good option as it doesn’t have much bounce. Memory foam has also been noted to reduce snoring because a nighttime posture that is well-aligned can impact breathing.

If you are prone to allergies, you should consider memory foam as well as it is resistant to dust and relatively easy to clean as compared to the normal mattresses. But on the flip side, these mattresses can run very hot and you sould, therefore, consider a mattress with a cooling gel infusion.

A hybrid mattress, on the other hand, offers you an option that will hug you to sleep while getting the innerspring bounce. Generally, a hybrid mattress has a wider range of firmness as compared to the memory foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses also tend to breathe better. Therefore, if you tend to get hot at night when trying to sleep, this can be a good option for you.

12 Best Mattresses under $500-3

A common downside of innerspring mattresses is that you can sometimes feel those coils inside, thus it can be hard for you to fall asleep. This problem has been solved when it comes to the newer hybrid models as the coils of such options are usually tucked away under the layers of the soft memory foam. This enables the mattress to feel consistent and uniform.

Hybrid mattresses also have better support on the edges, meaning that there is better structural integrity at the mattress’ perimeter. This is an area where memory foam mattresses struggle in.

So, which of the two options should you choose? If you need a cushy sleeping experience, memory foam mattresses can be a good choice. You can also consider it if you are suffering from back issues. If you sleep on your back or have an unquiet partner, go for memory foam. However, you will want to ensure that you don’t mind the struggles of sinking into the mattresses. If you are the kind person who wakes up sweaty at night, this may not be a good choice for you, if the foam is not infused with the cool gel.

On the other hand, if you are a side sleeper who needs a little bounce or a firmer foundation, you may want to buy a hybrid mattress. If you sweat a lot at night, this is also the right mattress for you.

No matter the choice you make, you will realize that memory foam and hybrid mattresses are a good upgrade from the typical inner coil mattresses.

Materials used

Many manufacturers often claim to make the most affordable memory foam mattresses. However, in the real sense, they often contain a one-inch layer of memory foam and the rest of layers can be made of the cheapest PU or latex. You should always check what layers each manufacturer offers, otherwise, you can buy a mattress made of filler layers that only add to the thickness without any other value

Motion transfer

The ability of a mattress to reduce vibration is a factor you need to consider when deciding between two mattresses. If your partner regularly turns when asleep or rises earlier than you, this can end up waking you up if your mattress shakes beneath you. The foam mattress is better at reducing motion as compared to the innerspring models. The Sweetnight SMN-THCD-12-Q Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress is a good choice for reducing motion transfer.

Sweetnight SMN-THCD-12-Q -2

Special features

Certain features in a mattress will increase its price. When searching for the best mattresses under $500, consider what special features you need and if you are ready to pay more for them. For instance, if you need an organic mattress or one that is infused with lavender oil for fresh and soothing effects, you might need to pay more for them. However, for $500, you are unlikely to get such features.

If there are chances of your mattress getting subjected to muddy pew paws and spills, consider one with a removable cover. One of the mattresses that come with a removable cover is Dynasty New 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. This makes it easy to clean.


Consider whether the material used on the mattress has been certified by independent third-party organizations. This will ensure that the mattress contains no harmful substances. Some of the certifications to consider are CertiPUR-US and USDA.

The CertiPUR-US certification is a voluntary, analysis, testing and certification program for a flexible polyurethane foam that is commonly used in cushioning materials in furniture at home. These include upholstered furniture, mattresses and crib mats.

Warranty offered

Does the company provide a risk-free trial? If the answer is yes, this is a sign that the manufacturer stands behind the quality of the mattress. Consider the warranty period of the mattress and sleep trial possibility. Ideally, the manufacturer should provide a 70 to 120-night sleep trial. This will provide you with an idea of how good the mattress is.

The warranty period offered by the company can get you an idea of how long the mattress will serve you. You don’t want a mattress that will not last beyond a few months. Some models have a warranty of one year while others offer a period of over 20 years. By buying a durable mattress, you will save yourself the headache of having to keep shopping for another one.

The mattress with the longest warranty on this list is the Live & Sleep Classic Mattress.

12 Best Mattresses under $500


Memory foam is the best option. This is a great choice for side sleepers and people with pain issues such as shoulder, hip and back pain.

How durable a mattress is will depend on the quality of the material used in the production. Other factors that determine the lifespan of a mattress is how you use it. When a mattress is used with a lot of care, this will increase its lifespan. Generally, mattresses will last for ten years. Many of the mattresses will start getting damaged from a period of 5-8 years.

If you purchase a top-notch mattress, it will last for a longer period. Using a topper can also help to increase the lifespan of the mattress? You should also keep the airflow going in your bedroom to prevent any damage to the mattress. Wash the cover of the mattress regularly to keep it clean and neat.

When people hear the word “cheap” they often get the notion of a poorly-made mattress. This is mostly because they bought a product at a low price that didn’t last for long. When searching for a cheap mattress, it is advisable to consider not only the price but other factors such as comfort and durability.

To enjoy a good night of sleep, you will need to take good care of your mattress. Some of the things to do include:

Provide good support for the mattress. Ensure that you use a sturdy bed frame that comes with enough center support to prevent breakages and bowing.
Ensure that the mattress is rotated every 6 months. By sleeping on the different sides of the mattress, you will even out the pressure.

Allow the mattress to aerate. Ensure that your room remains ventilated. It is advisable to use the support of a slated bed base to provide the support instead of the box spring or full plank that facilitates breathability.

If the mattress has a removable cover, wash it. To clean the core of the mattress, use a damp piece of cloth and rub lightly. Avoid exposing the core of the mattress to the sun or UV rays. When you find it hard to wash the mattress core, you should consider vacuum cleaning. It is advisable to go through the mattress label or warranty for special instructions on how to maintain it.

If the mattress doesn’t come with a removable cover, consider buying a mattress protector.

You can get an amazing deal on a mattress on a black Friday. But it’s worth noting that most of the discounted products are old models or the poorly selling items. So, why wait, if you can get a decent mattress now?


So, which is the best mattress under $500? With each of the above options coming with unique features, it can be hard answering this question. This is on top of the fact that the kind of mattress you choose will depend on the kind of sleeper you are and your individual preferences.

Our pick for the best mattress under $500 would be the Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0 14-inch Mattress. Of all the mattresses we have reviewed, this is the most well-made durable model coming with 2 pillows.

The mattress has an HD foam core that adds to the firmness of the mattress. Additionally, there are 2 layers of cool gel foam that are porous and bouncy. This makes the mattress to be a great choice for relieving pain in pressure point areas. This has also solved one of the common problems with memory foam mattresses; excessive sweating at night.

The Classic Brands mattress is a good choice for all kinds of sleepers. No matter your body type, this mattress conforms well increasing its versatility. If you sleep with your partner, you can be assured that it provides a high level of motion isolation. The manufacturer backs this product with a good warranty and sleep trial.

Again, we are all unique and will make a buying decision depending on our personal preference. However, you will not lack the best mattress under 500 that meets your individual needs. By following this review and buying guide, you will be in a position to make a good buying decision.

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