16 Best Pillows For Combination Sleepers – One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

We often associate tossing and turning with sleeplessness, but what many don’t realize is that moving around in bed can actually be pretty normal. While a few might reposition their arms, legs, and head, there are those who shift sides all the time. Individuals who switch between back, side, and stomach sleeping positions throughout the night are called combination sleepers.

Faced with unique comfort needs, these people require distinct sleep products. For instance, the best pillow for combination sleepers can provide support and comfort throughout the evening, regardless of sleeping positions. Designed to accommodate back, stomach, and side sleepers, these pillows work to mitigate morning aches and stiffness and aim to provide better quality sleep.

While there’s no question about the importance of a proper pillow, the challenge is in finding the right one. And that’s probably why you’re here. We’ve put together a list of the 16 best pillows just for you so you can skip the lengthy research and find a suitable pick in no time.

Our Top 16 Best Pillows For Combination Sleepers

What exactly makes a good pillow for combination sleepers? Well, there are lots of factors that come into play. To bring you a definitive list, we compared and scrutinized the top-performing pillows based on their qualities and verified user reviews. We looked into factors including firmness, size, shape, make and material, ease of maintenance, certification, and overall value to bring you nothing short of the best pillows for combination sleepers.

Here are the ones that came out as the dreamiest of all:

Editor choice 1 Snuggle-Pedic
(Best Universal Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Soft, plush, and incredibly versatile, the hypoallergenic Snuggle-Pedic takes every angle of the sleep process in mind to bring you a companion that molds to match you.

2 Continental Bedding
Continental Bedding
(Best White Goose Down Pillow)

Who doesn’t love a soft down pillow? Incredibly forgiving, these hotel-grade pillows can give you that 5-star sleep experience you’ve been longing for – whether you prefer sleeping on your back, sides, or your stomach.

Best seller 3 Coop Home Goods
Coop Home Goods
(Best Foam Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

The Coop Home Goods Pillow combines memory foam and microfiber fill, all encased in a premium bamboo-derived rayon cover for exceptional softness that conforms to your body in any position.

(Best Contoured Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Sculpted to match your anatomy, the EPABO Contoured Pillow provides reliable support that can keep your head, neck, and shoulders properly aligned as you toss and turn throughout the night.

5 Xtreme Comforts
Xtreme Comforts
(Best Organic Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Made from all organic bamboo from fabric to filling, the Xtreme Comforts pillow takes sleep to the next level by offering a solution that takes your sensitivities into account.

6 Organic Textiles
Organic Textiles
(Best Latex Pillow for Combinations Sleepers)

A fresh take on latex, the Organic Textiles Latex Pillow is responsive, resilient, and breathable, bringing a refreshing night’s sleep to the table with its long-lasting design.

7 Beans72
(Best Buckwheat Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Incorporating traditional Japanese comfort concepts, the Beans72 Buckwheat Pillow is proof that soft and fluffy isn’t the only way to go. Filled with the husks of buckwheat seeds, this therapeutic pillow offers relieving sleep in a small package.

Best value 8 WonderSleep
(Best Hotel-Grade Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Filled with a combination of memory foam and polyester fiberfill, the WonderSleep pillows almost exactly replicate that 5-star hotel dreamy sleep experience.

9 Milemont
(Best Dual Sided Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Comfortably cool or warm and cozy? Whatever you prefer, the Milemont pillow can provide the perfect sleeping conditions to keep temperatures perfectly regulated any time of the year.

10 Coisum
(Best Orthopedic Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Designed by the pros, the Coisum memory foam pillow is chiseled to perfection – taking every angle of your body into account for a premium sleep experience that’s geared towards pain relief.

11 Mediflow
(Best Water Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

It doesn’t get quite as responsive as this. Moving and changing to match your contours the moment you shift in bed, the Mediflow pillow uses a layer of water to drown you in comfort.

12 Classic Brands
Classic Brands
(Best Cooling Gel Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Keep cool and stay comfortable through the night with Classic Brands’ Cooling Gel pillow. Incorporating a gel pad layer, this design works to dissipate heat so you can enjoy a cool evening.

13 OXA
(Best Innerspring Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Supportive and durable, the OXA Innerspring Pillow brings you the reliable structure of innerspring coils to maintain proper spinal alignment regardless of your sleeping position.

Best price 14 DreamRite
(Best Budget Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Affordable yet luxuriously comfortable, the DreamRite pillow is proof that price doesn’t determine quality. Soft, smooth, and irresistibly dreamy, this pillow can cradle your head in a cloud of comfort that can ease pressure on your most vulnerable points.

15 Sweetnight
(Best Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

The Sweetnight pillow uses top-quality gel-infused memory foam to bring you a comfortably cool evening on a cushy sleep surface that matches your body’s contours – no matter how much you move.

16 Pancake Pillow
Pancake Pillow
(Best Adjustable Pillow for Combination Sleepers)

Here’s a pillow that’s designed to match you. The Pancake Pillow uses a number of thin pillow inserts that let you adjust with little fuss – take out or add a layer to satisfy your comfort needs in a snap.

1 Editor choice

Snuggle-Pedic – Best Universal Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: shredded memory foam
  • Cover: bamboo, polyester, lycra blend
  • Hypoallergenic: yes
  • Machine washer safe: yes
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes

Topping our list as the ultimate pillow for combination sleepers, the Snuggle-Pedic pillow is a hypoallergenic design that’s proudly made in the U.S. This luxury sleep product is stuffed with premium shredded memory foam that promises to retain its density for a pillow that never goes flat.

The exterior is an ultra-soft micro-vented bamboo cover that’s easy on the skin and cool to the touch. Together, these materials create a hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, machine-washable sleep surface that can support your head, neck, and back, no matter what sleeping position you’re in.

Using nothing short of the finest foams and fabrics, the Snuggle-Pedic pillow comes with a convenient 120-night sleep trial to guarantee your satisfaction. Its robust 20-year warranty can also add a layer of consumer confidence, in case you run into any manufacturer mishaps.

If there’s any downside worth mentioning, it’s that the cover tends to stain yellow with exposure to sweat. Other than that, you may not be able to use it straight out of the package since the manufacturer recommends that you perform a preliminary wash to get rid of the factory smell.

  • Plush shredded memory foam is especially effective at retaining density so you never have to deal with an un-fluffy pillow
  • Soft bamboo cover is easy on the skin and cool to touch
  • Removable exterior can be machine washed for ease of maintenance
  • Pillow itself can be tossed into a washing machine to maintain cleanliness and remove odor without a fuss
  • Hypoallergenic materials resist contaminants, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens that might trigger sensitivities
  • Stains yellow with exposure to sweat
  • Requires preliminary washing prior to use – don’t expect to be able to use it straight out of the packaging

Continental Bedding – Best White Goose Down Pillow


  • Filling: white goose down
  • Cover: Egyptian cotton
  • Hypoallergenic: yes
  • Machine washer safe: yes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes

Down is essentially a special kind of feather taken from ducks or geese, and unlike typical feathers, they’re clustered and are thus softer. When stuffed into a pillowcase, down can feel incredibly comfortable and conforming, and may even be rejuvenated and recased to breathe new life into a tired pillow.

For that reason, we’ve chosen the Continental Bedding White Goose Down Pillow as our runner-up. This premium sleep product boasts a slow response texture that gently molds to the shape of your body for a hotel-like sleep experience.

The down is encased in a luxurious Egyptian cotton cover that makes the pillow even more comfortable against the skin. Plus, because the pillows are machine washable, maintaining their fresh, clean, plush feel and fragrance can be an absolute dream.

Do be careful to wash them with a gentle cycle since some users have reported a small amount of down escaping during the wash. You might also notice a mild smell coming off the pillow as you first unpack it. Air it out or give it a wash to get rid of the odor, and it should be just fine.

  • Ultra-soft down filling is premium quality and free from quills that can poke you through the fabric
  • Egyptian cotton cover is smooth and luxurious, lending added comfort and a softer surface feel
  • Stuffing can be rejuvenated repeatedly and recased to refresh your pillow throughout the years
  • Hotel-like texture and firmness mimics what you would find in 5-star accommodations
  • Hypoallergenic material promises to keep sensitivities at bay
  • Tends to release some down during the washing process
  • May require initial washing to get rid of a faint odor
3 Best seller

Coop Home Goods – Best Foam Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: shredded memory foam, microfiber fill
  • Cover: polyester, bamboo-derived rayon
  • Hypoallergenic: yes
  • Machine washer safe: yes, both a pillow and a cover
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Available in Queen and King sizes

Offering you the ability to adjust your pillow’s loft, the Coop Home Goods pillow is a premium sleep solution that takes pride in its intelligent design. Encased in a soft, smooth, breathable bamboo-derived rayon cover, the pillow’s stuffing uses the perfect blend of shredded memory foam and microfiber fill to produce a plush, cushy medium-firm feel that’s perfect for all sleeping positions.

Understanding the varied preferences of its consumers, the Coop Home Goods brand also gives you the opportunity to adjust the firmness by adding to or taking from the stuffing inside. To make that even easier, the brand delivers a pack of extra filling with each pillow purchase.

Dust-mite resistant, hypoallergenic, and completely customizable, the Coop Home Goods pillow might just be the perfect pick. All of that said however, we do need to mention that the pillow may require routine fluffing to bring it back to its original density and feel. Also, expect a strong chemical smell to come with the mattress after unpacking.

  • Combination of memory foam and microfiber allows exceptional contouring properties that meet your body’s curves without a moment to lose
  • Soft bamboo-derived rayon is gently stretchable and soft against the skin
  • Completely machine washable to ease the process of maintenance and odor control
  • Customizable firmness lets you decide the feel and loft that you prefer
  • Comes with an extra pack of filling to help you achieve your own brand of comfort
  • Memory foam seems to have a really good memory since it retains body indents after use (routine fluffing may be required)
  • Strong chemical smell comes off of the pillow, thanks to the inclusion of memory foam

EPABO – Best Contoured Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: memory foam
  • Cover: rayon-polyester blend
  • Hypoallergenic: case only
  • Machine washer safe: case only
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Available in Standard and Queen sizes / soft and firm options

The very reason why we use pillows is that our shoulders, head, and neck need special support that the flat surface of a mattress can’t provide. So, what if you used a pillow that was specifically molded to keep your upper body in perfect alignment – no matter how you lie down?

Say hello to the EPABO contoured pillow. This firm design uses contoured slabs of memory foam that are shaped to cradle your head, shoulders, and neck. The result is perfectly resilient support that doesn’t sink, dip, or change its shape underneath the weight of your body.

With two zippers protecting the foam inside, the pillow gives you the option to alter the loft by taking out pieces of the foam. The removable cover, on the other hand, can be tossed into a washing machine for routine maintenance – perfect if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your pillow fresh and clean.

We do need to mention, however, that the pillow’s proportions change depending on its size. Some users have reported that the king-sized variation might have a deeper head cavity, changing the pillow’s ergonomic benefits all together. We also noticed that the foam tends to trap heat – a typical quality you can expect from shaped memory foam.

  • Contoured memory foam slabs retain their shape to provide excellent support all night
  • Removable rayon-polyester cover is easy to clean and get rid of stains
  • Hypoallergenic cover material keeps sensitivities at bay
  • Adjustable height lets you achieve the right support and loft for your preferences
  • Ergonomic design aims to relieve pain and discomfort regardless of sleeping position
  • Tends to trap heat
  • Pillow proportions may change as you graduate upwards the size levels

Xtreme Comforts – Best Organic Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: viscose bamboo
  • Cover: viscose bamboo
  • Hypoallergenic: yes
  • Machine washer safe: case only
  • Warranty: 6 years
  • Available in Queen and King sizes

If you’re especially sensitive to the chemicals in some pillows, then achieving that restful evening might be a little more of a challenge. Fortunately, the Xtreme Comforts pillow was designed with those sensitivities in mind. This best-in-class pillow is our pick for the best organic pillow for combination sleepers, and for good reasons.

Made from bamboo through and through, this all-natural pillow boasts a design that guarantees restful, healthy sleep each and every night. The hypoallergenic materials resist everything from mold to dust mites and promise to keep your allergies and sensitivities at bay.

Aside from being all organic, this pillow also boasts an adjustable design. Just access the stuffing by unzipping the cover, and add or remove material to match your density and loft preferences. For maintenance, simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine – it’s really that simple.

On a side note, the pillow tends to ‘lose’ stuffing if your head is maintained over a single surface throughout the night. Refluffing the pillow can remove indents and restore its original shape. Other than that, the material tends to clump into layers that may take away from the ultra-soft feel that the pillow aims for.

  • Made from all organic materials that promise to keep you safe from allergens and other contaminants that may impact your health
  • Soft bamboo cover improves overall comfort by adding a touch of smooth, soft skin feel to the pillow’s exterior
  • Removable cover can be washed in a standard washing machine for easy stain removal and maintenance
  • Absolutely no smell upon unpacking – just take it out of the bag and go to sleep
  • Adjustable loft and density let you adapt the pillow to match your unique preferences
  • Has a tendency to indent where the weight of your head is positioned most often, requiring refluffing
  • Viscose bamboo fibers clump together and form layers which may take away from the plush, cushy feel

Organic Textiles – Best Latex Pillow for Combinations Sleepers


  • Filling: 100% natural latex
  • Cover: organic cotton
  • Hypoallergenic: yes
  • Machine washer safe: case only
  • Warranty: none
  • Available in Standard, Queen, King, and Travel sizes
  • Soft, Firm and Extra Firm options

Latex has made a pretty big comeback in the sleep products market. Previously thought of as too dense and firm for mattresses and pillows, recent improvements to the qualities of latex have made it a trendy choice of material.

The Organic Textiles Latex Pillow is a prime example of the quality of latex and proves that this once outdated material can actually be the answer to your combination sleeper needs.

The all-natural latex used in Organic Textiles pillow is free from harmful chemicals and is potentially the most density-retaining choice on our list. The resilient material can hold its shape exceptionally well through the years, but even then, its porous structure permits excellent airflow.

On the downside, because most of us don’t typically sleep on latex pillows, the unique rebound that this design offers may take some getting used to. Other than that, the air channels throughout the pillow’s surface give it an almost ‘lumpy’ texture which may be of some annoyance if you like hugging your pillow as you sleep.

  • All-natural latex is free from harsh chemicals and contaminants and is thus completely odor-free right out of the package
  • Breathable design permits air to flow freely from the latex through the soft, ultra-thin cotton cover
  • Highly structured and resilient design promises to retain its shape and density up to 5 years after the first use
  • Lofty yet responsive, allowing just enough give for your head, neck, and shoulders to sink into the material
  • Hydrophilic material wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and dry throughout the night
  • Resistive, bouncy feel may take some getting used to
  • Large air channels can fit your fingers and may give the pillow’s surface a ‘lumpy’ feel

Beans72 – Best Buckwheat Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: buckwheat husks
  • Cover: organic cotton
  • Hypoallergenic: no
  • Machine washer safe: case only
  • Warranty: none
  • Japanese size

Apparently common in Japan, the buckwheat pillow is the sleep solution of choice for those who need extra support and comfort during nighttime hours. Filled with the hulls of buckwheat seeds, these pillows are designed to accommodate your head without collapsing under its weight. What you get is the perfect, resilient support that moves and changes to match your position.

Allegedly effective at relieving a host of comfort problems including stiffness, tension, muscle pain, and headaches, these pillows can provide release through its interesting design. Encased in a premium cotton cover, the Beans72 pillow offers a responsive texture underneath a smooth, soft sleep surface.

We do need to mention however that the Beans72 buckwheat pillow can be pretty heavy since the stuffing isn’t light or airy. And because of that, the design does have a tendency to trap heat over extended periods of use.

  • All-natural materials promise zero chemicals and no foul odors upon unpacking
  • Resistive material gives just enough to accommodate the weight of your body without causing it to sink to the stuffing
  • Soft unbleached cotton cover improves surface texture for a feel that’s easy on the skin
  • Adjustable design lets you access the stuffing compartment to add or remove material based on your preferences
  • Works to relieve aches and stiffness for a restful evening of uninterrupted sleep
  • Especially heavy despite being loads smaller than a standard-sized pillow
  • Lacks breathability
  • Can make a slight noise as you move
8 Best value

WonderSleep – Best Hotel-Grade Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: shredded memory foam and polyester fiberfill
  • Cover: bamboo-derived rayon and polyester blend
  • Hypoallergenic: yes
  • Machine washer safe: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes

Designed to mimic the sleep experience in a 5-star hotel, the WonderSleep pillow bundle brings you not one, but two premium hotel-grade pillows for an incredibly attainable price.

Stuffed with shredded memory foam, these hypoallergenic pillows use a luxurious bamboo-polyester cover that stretches softly to let the pillow mold to your weight. Inside, high-grade memory foam bits cluster with polyester fiberfill to create the ideal surface for sleep, contouring with moderate resistance to provide both comfort and support.

Much like most of the other adjustable pillows on our list, this pick from Wondersleep lets you adapt loft to match your preferences by taking out or adding to the stuffing inside.

What we didn’t completely appreciate about the pillows were their covers. Prone to pilling, the fabric can look and feel worn after a few nights of sleep. Using a pillowcase can help prevent the problem. And if you’re particularly sensitive to smells, this pillow comes as the one on our list with the strongest plastic odor. Air it out or wash it to get rid of the initial stink.

  • Polyester fiber fills out the spaces between the memory foam chunks to produce a smoother, more consistent texture and feel
  • Gently resists your weight to provide just enough give for a contoured sleep surface
  • Hypoallergenic materials effectively work to reduce contaminants and limit the risk of allergic reactions
  • Adjustable loft permits a customized experience that matches your comfort preferences
  • Removable bamboo cover resists dust for a clean sleep environment
  • Fabric cover may pill with friction – use a separate pillowcase
  • Strong plastic odor comes off of the stuffing

Milemont – Best Dual Sided Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: memory foam
  • Cover: cool side – ice fabric and polyester, warm side – polyester and Tencel
  • Hypoallergenic: no
  • Machine washer safe: covers only
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Standard size

Sure, comfortably cool can be a great way to enjoy the night. But warm and cozy can be a totally relaxing experience, too. With that in mind, the Milemont brand comes out with their Ventilated Memory Foam pillow.

This unique design incorporates Aircell Gel-Infused technology that keeps one side of the pillow cool and the other warm. With that, you can choose to stay warm and toasty in the winter or comfortably cool in the summer.

Since it does use a single slab of gel-infused memory foam, the pillow incorporates a number of other layers to improve surface feel. The ultra-soft outer cover joins forces with a jersey cotton inner cover to produce cushy goodness that’s easy on the skin.

It’s important to know though that the pillow’s cushion releases a strong ‘fresh foam’ smell which may take a few days to air out. Plus, if you’re the kind of sleeper who likes hugging your pillow, the Milemont pillow might not be plush enough for it.

  • Dual-sided design provides a comfortable sleep experience in both cold and warm conditions
  • Breathable foam and cover permit unrestricted airflow to optimize temperature regulation
  • Ultra-soft cover and jersey lining add a dimension of cushy softness and comfort
  • Excellent durability allowing years of use without loss of density
  • Optimal loft keeps the spine in proper alignment during back, side, and stomach sleeping
  • Fresh foam odor may take days to fully clear out
  • Not quite plush enough for side sleepers who like hugging their pillow

Coisum – Best Orthopedic Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: CertiPUR-US-certified memory foam
  • Cover: polyester
  • Hypoallergenic: covers only
  • Machine washer safe: covers only
  • Warranty: 1 year

Designed with the sound advice of orthopedic specialists, the Coisum Orthopedic Pillow features a structured silhouette that makes it look like it popped out of a sci-fi fantasy film. But there’s a lot more to this peculiar-looking pillow than its eye-popping looks.

The various cut-outs and indents that decorate its exterior and give it its unique appearance are intended to cradle your head, clear your shoulders, and reduce pressure on the bony areas of your upper body.

Made from a single, sculpted piece of slow-rebound memory foam, the Coisum pillow promises long-wearing durability that can see you through many nights of moving in bed.

Unfortunately, even with its soft breathable cover, the Coisum pillow falls short in terms of breathability. We also felt that its firm feel might take a little getting used to, especially if you’re coming from down or shredded foam pillows.

  • Contoured single memory foam piece perfectly accommodates the various parts of the head, neck, and shoulders to relieve pressure points
  • Soft polyester cover readily stretches for a pleasant sleep surface feel
  • Durable design holds its shape and density well against nightly use
  • Slow-rebound material gently contours to match your body shape
  • Two different sides let you achieve the ideal loft for your comfort needs
  • May feel a little too firm, especially if you’re coming from long-term use of down or shredded memory foam pillows
  • Tends to trap heat
  • Not designed for stomach sleepers

Mediflow – Best Water Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: sealed water pouch, polyester fiber
  • Cover: cotton
  • Hypoallergenic: covers only
  • Machine washer safe: covers only
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Standard size

Yes, water pillows are a thing. Well, at least now they are. Dubbed the ‘first and original’ Water Pillow, Mediflow’s sleep solution incorporates the fluid properties of water to provide dynamic support that changes as you move.

An internal layer of water gives the pillow more fluid responsiveness that meets your body’s needs the moment that you shift in bed. The water layer also lets you adapt loft by adding water or draining some out.

To give that cushy feel that pillows are loved for, the Mediflow design uses a layer of polyester fiberfill that sits on top of the sealed water pouch. The entire construction is then encased in a hypoallergenic cotton shell to give it that quintessential pillow shape and feel.

On the downside, getting rid of the air pocket inside the water pouch during set-up can be tough, resulting in a distinct sloshing sound that can be annoying at best. You might also want to consider the aspect of maintenance. Getting rid of old water and the slick film it leaves inside the pouch can be a major chore.

  • Water layer gives immediate response to pressure changes on the pillow’s surface for no-lag response time
  • Adjustable loft lets you change the height of the pillow by adding or draining water
  • Polyester fiber layer adds a touch of comfort for a cushy surface feel
  • Removable cotton covers resist all sorts of allergens and can be machine washed for easy maintenance
  • Effectively reduces neck pain regardless of your preferred sleeping position
  • Air pocket in the water pouch can be hard to completely release, resulting in an audible sloshing noise
  • Replacing water and cleaning the pouch can be a chore

Classic Brands – Best Cooling Gel Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: memory foam, a gel pad layer
  • Cover: polyester mesh
  • Hypoallergenic: covers only
  • Machine washer safe: covers only
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Standard medium plush model

The constant weight of your head pressing against a pillow can obstruct airflow and trap heat. Not to mention the fact that combination sleepers are more likely to breathe hot air into their pillows as they toss, turn, and change positions throughout the night. If you’re having trouble with a pillow that’s too warm for comfort, then Classic Brands’ Cooling Gel pillow might be the answer.

With an entire surface covered in a unique gel pad, this pillow promises to keep your head cool through the warmest of nights.

The pillow itself is made from high-grade medium firm memory foam that offers a 5-inch loft to keep your neck and shoulders properly supported as you sleep. The other side is free from the cooling gel pad, giving it a warmer feel for cooler nights.

As expected, the solid slab of memory foam comes with a strong chemical smell that might require a few days of airing out. Other than that, its included pillowcase can be a fickle little thing. With an opening that’s smaller than the pillow itself, you’d have to squish the pillow to fit it back into the case, causing the gel to lump together.

  • Cooling gel pad works effectively to regulate and dissipate
  • Medium-firm memory foam material retains its shape well, maintaining density through years of use
  • Soft mesh cover adds another facet of comfort, making the pillow easier on the skin
  • Gentle responsiveness accommodates the indents of your head and shoulders without sacrificing support
  • Hypoallergenic covers prevent contaminants from seeping into your pillow and causing health issues
  • Strong smell of VOCs may require days of airing out
  • Removing and putting back the external cover can be a hassle

OXA – Best Innerspring Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: individually pocketed innerspring coils, polyester fiberfill
  • Cover: cotton
  • Hypoallergenic: no
  • Machine washer safe: no
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Medium-high

We often associate innerspring construction with mattresses, but these days, even pillows boast the supportive design. Say hello to the OXA Innerspring Pillow – an ultra-durable pick that incorporates 40 individually pocketed coil springs to bring you unprecedented comfort and support that responds instantly to positional changes throughout the night.

Designed for sleeping in any position, the OXA banks on its robust structure to support your neck and head and maintain proper spinal alignment – no matter how you like to sleep.

All around the coils is a soft polyester fiberfill that gives the pillow that soft, cushy feel. Encasing the construction is a 3D spacer mesh fabric that improves airflow and provides a soft skin feel that’s smooth and non-irritating.

On that note, however, the cover seems a little too smooth. That is, you might find yourself slipping off the pillow due to a lack of traction, but that’s something a pillowcase can fix. Also, because of the pillow’s construction, you might have to get creative with cleaning it.

  • Structured design holds well against wear and tear, retaining its shape through years of use
  • Innerspring coils respond instantly to changes in your position so you’re never without support
  • Cushy polyester fiberfill provides that plush, satisfying sink
  • Breathable 3D mesh cotton cover lets air pass freely through to release heat
  • Perfect for larger sleepers, with a weight capacity of 200 pounds
  • Slippery outer cover can cause your head to slide out of place
  • No dry cleaning, no machine washing, no handwashing
14 Best price

DreamRite – Best Budget Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: memory foam, polyester fiberfill
  • Cover: bamboo-derived rayon and polyester blend
  • Hypoallergenic: yes
  • Machine washer safe: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Queen size

Lavish comfort doesn’t have to come at a steep cost – and the DreamRite pillow proves that. This budget-friendly pillow is completely hypoallergenic, using premium shredded memory foam blended together with polyester fiberfill for cloudy comfort that’s easy on the skin and the joints.

The combination of material ensures that the gaps between the chunks of memory foam are filled out to make the pillow feel fuller and far less lumpy than those without the filler material.

It’s soft bamboo-derived rayon and polyester blend cover is removable, stretchable, smooth, and incredibly pleasant against the skin, permitting unrestricted airflow to keep your pillow cool all night long.

Some of the reasons why it ranked a little lower on our list include the fact that the memory foam shreds tend to clump. Routine fluffing should help restore the pillow to its original density and get rid of body indents. Another is that even with its breathable case, the material itself has a tendency to trap heat.

  • Ultra-soft blend of memory foam chunks and polyester fiberfill creates a consistent texture that’s plush and easy on the skin
  • Bamboo rayon and polyester cover is particularly smooth and pleasant against the body
  • Responsive material readily accommodates your body contours to relieve pressure points on the head and shoulders in any position
  • Completely washable to ease the process of stain removal and maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic design means you won’t have to worry about allergens seeping into the material and triggering your sensitivities
  • Routine fluffing may be necessary to restore the pillow’s shape and density
  • Memory foam material has a tendency to trap heat

Sweetnight – Best Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: CertiPUR-US-certified shredded memory foam
  • Cover: rayon cotton blend
  • Hypoallergenic: no
  • Machine washer safe: manufacturer recommends hand washing the cover; both cover and pillow should be air dried
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes

Memory foam has gained notoriety for being a relatively hot material, trapping heat and causing thermal discomfort enough to wake up a sensitive sleeper. That’s why gel-infused memory foam has become such a revolutionary material.

The Sweetnight Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow uses shredded gel-infused memory foam to combine the comfort benefits of memory foam with the heat-dissipating properties of the gel. The result is a comfortable, cushy sleep surface that won’t cause you to sweat even on the hottest of nights.

With a customizable loft, the Sweetnight pillow sets itself apart by guaranteeing a lump-free design. This means you won’t have to fluff the pillow to get rid of clumps throughout the stuffing.

What stuck out to us though is that maintenance-wise, it’s not the easiest pillow to care for. The manufacturer recommends air drying both the cover and the pillow itself, since tumbling, spinning, and heat drying can cause damage to the material. On top of that, the cover itself has a tendency to pill if you’re washing it in a machine.

  • Cushy soft material instantly moves to match your body shape and contour
  • Gel-infused memory foam keeps cool without sacrificing comfort and support
  • Soft rayon cover brings a satisfying skin feel that’s pleasantly smooth
  • Foam is designed not to clump – no fluffing necessary!
  • Washable pillow and cover let you get rid of stains and odors
  • Covers have a tendency to pill if you wash in a machine
  • Both the pillow and cover can only be air dried

Pancake Pillow – Best Adjustable Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Filling: microfiber
  • Cover: 100% cotton
  • Hypoallergenic: yes
  • Machine washer safe: yes
  • Queen size

Exactly as its name suggests, the Pancake Pillow incorporates several thin pillow layers that stack together to meet your comfort preferences. The 6 stackable layers sit on top of one another and fit into a single exterior case to produce a customizable pillow.

To adjust the loft, simply take out a ‘pancake’, zip up the case, and you’re ready to go. Each individual pillow is filled with microfiber and encased in a cotton cover that adds an extra facet of comfort.

The clever concept definitely makes it easier to adjust the pillow’s loft without spilling its stuffing everywhere. Plus, the materials are especially easy to wash.

If anything, we would have liked to see variations in the firmness and feel of each pancake inside as opposed to a single consistency across all 6 inserts. It would have also been nice to incorporate some sort of cooling system since the number of covers and layers make it easier for the pillow to trap heat.

  • Convenient concept makes loft adjustment mess-free and easy
  • Pillow layers make maintenance far less taxing, especially if you’re working with a smaller washing machine
  • Soft microfiber fill mimics down and produces an ultra-soft and plush sleep surface
  • Smooth cotton covers are easy on the skin and naturally antimicrobial
  • Cushy texture prevents pressure points on the most vulnerable areas of the body
  • Lacks a variation of layer firmness, limiting the pillow’s adaptability
  • Doesn’t incorporate a cooling system to get rid of trapped heat

Buyer’s Guide

You probably already know by now – not all pillows are created equal. That said, you’ll find that as a combination sleeper, certain pillows might be better at supporting your sleep than others. But that begs the question – what is it about a pillow that makes it a good choice for a combination sleeper?

Here are some of the most important factors you might want to consider during your search for the ideal sleep companion.

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Back and side sleepers are often best served by a pillow with ample firmness. This should help to keep the neck in proper alignment, keeping the weight of the head from sinking too deep into the material.

On the other hand, stomach sleepers often find the best comfort on softer pillows. With the sides of the face pressed against the pillow surface, material that conforms more readily to the weight of the head can create clearance for breathing. On top of that, a pillow that depresses to accommodate the head during stomach sleeping can also keep the neck from overextending.

Two things contribute to firmness, and those are stuffing density and material. Firmer choices, like memory foam pillows made from a single slab of material, are more resistive to weight and retain their shape more reliably. An example would be the Milemont pillow that uses just one piece of material. On the other hand, those that use shredded memory foam, microfiber, and down are more likely to move with the contours of your body.

Altering the stuffing density is often a possibility, as long as you’ve got an adjustable pillow. Some choices – like the pillow from Coop Home Goods – let you add or remove stuffing to achieve the firmness, density, and loft that you prefer. The more you stuff your pillow, the higher your head will rest as you lie down on its surface. In the same light, a pillow with more stuffing will be more resistive against your weight and is unlikely to cause you to sink into the material.

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Pillows come in a range of sizes, from the smaller standard size to the largest king size. Then there are those that push the envelope even further with full-body sized pillows. Of course, while the size of your bed should be a consideration, your sleeping preferences should be your main concern. For instance, some people like sleeping with just their head on the pillow. Others – especially side sleepers – might choose to use their pillow vertically, placing their head on its surface while the rest of its length is embraced with the arms and legs.

Cooling Features

Ever flip a pillow to get the cold side? With the right kind of pillow, you might not have to do that again. Premium designs will incorporate features that make them much better at dissipating heat, letting you enjoy a comfortable coolness throughout the night. The Classic Brands pillow incorporates a robust cooling system, with a cool gel layer covering the entire surface of the design. This helps to draw heat away from the body and prevents it from being trapped in the material.

Others keep cool by way of their cover. Intuitive cover materials, like bamboo and cotton, are more inclined to release heat that passes into the material. The Coop Home Goods pillow is a prime example of the perfect breathable fabric cover, using bamboo-derived rayon and polyester that doesn’t only improve surface feel but also works to release heat.

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Ease of Maintenance

In a lot of ways, a pillow can be compared to a sponge. Its porous, absorbent material can trap all sorts of contaminants both from your body and from the environment. Over time, the hodgepodge of bacteria, microbes, and other contaminants can cause foul odors, and may even trigger an allergic response. That’s why a pillow that can be easily cleaned can be a major long-term investment.

Removable covers can be the ideal first-step towards maintaining the sanitation of your pillow. Machine washable fabrics make it incredibly easy to get rid of stains, spills, and other signs of filth on the external covers. The Coisum pillow features a removable, machine washable cover that lets you get rid of stains with little effort.

Then there are pillows that go the extra mile, with the entire pillow itself safe for cleaning in a household washing machine, like the Snuggle-Pedic model. More often than not, the designs that can be popped into a washer are often those that use shredded material and fiber filling. Thicker single-piece pillows are typically best cleaned by spot treatment.

Warranties and Sleep Trials

While a pillow won’t come with a warranty that’s as robust as that of a mattress, there are manufacturers out there that really put their money where their mouth is. Choices like the Snuggle-Pedic pillow come not only with a 120-night sleep trial, but a rugged 20-year warranty that protects your purchase versus manufacturer damages and defects.

Looking into these benefits can help you safeguard the amount you spend on your pillow. A sleep trial should let you claim the full amount you paid regardless of whether the pillow is defective or not, as long as you issue the return request within the trial period. It’s essentially a test-run that lets you see whether or not the pillow will actually meet your unique comfort needs and preferences.

Once the sleep trial has passed and your pillow shows signs of defective performance, then you can take out a claim with the warranty. The coverage will replace or repair your pillow during the period that it’s valid. Some pillows can have warranties that cover just the first few months, then there are those that can extend for years. In essence, the longer a warranty is, the more confident the manufacturer is in the quality and durability of their product.

Pillows For Combination Sleepers


There have been claims that say a pillow should be replaced every 1-2 years, but there are more factors at play than simply determine the length of time you’ve been sleeping on it. Pillows that still retain their shape, density, and loft regardless of how long they’ve been around can still be kept and used. A better gauge of when to replace a pillow would be to consider the quality of sleep that it gives you.

Do you feel tired, stiff, and achy in the morning? Another thing to keep in mind is the sanitation of the pillow. Those that are stained and damaged beyond repair should be replaced to maintain clean, sanitary sleep conditions.

That all depends on your preferences. There are some people who prefer sleeping with two pillows – one for their head, and another to hug. Then there are others who do just fine with just one pillow. The rule of thumb, however, is to shave down the number of pillows to the amount that you need for optimal comfort. The fewer the number of pillows on your bed, the more space you have to move without obstructions – an important factor for combination sleepers who tend to shift positions a lot. With pillows, less is always more.

If you didn’t know it yet, the memory foam material is notorious for the kind of smell that it comes with. Pillows that use this type of foam are likely to reek of chemicals out of the bag, and that’s mostly because of the volatile organic compounds that are present in the foam itself.

To get rid of the smell, off-gassing the pillow for a few hours or days after opening its packaging should minimize the odor. Choose a well-ventilated space, preferably outdoors, where you can air out the pillow. You can also try to gently vacuum the pillow to encourage increased airflow. Be cautious – some online sources will tell you to sprinkle a variety of chemicals or household cleaning agents on your pillow. But anything that leaves significant staining might void your warranty.


Tossing and turning at night isn’t always caused by discomfort – combination sleepers just like to move around. But if you’re not using the right pillow, that can make you feel achy and stiff with each new morning. Based on our research, the Snuggle-Pedic Pillow comes out on top as the best pillow for combination sleepers, offering excellent support and comfort that can cradle you perfectly no matter what position you’re in.

Make sure you give it a look if you’re interested in supporting your combination sleep behavior. And while you’re at it, check out our 15 other picks to help you discover the best of the best pillows for sleepers that naturally toss and turn at night

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