10 Best Portable Blenders – Health Care On the Go

Many individuals are on the move because of their work schedules. Given the everyday movement that characterizes the lives of many individuals, it became imperative to have a portable blender for making juices and smoothies while on the move. So, if you’ve been wondering about the best way to make your favorite drink while at work, you needn’t bother much because a portable blender is there to serve that purpose.

Although there are many variations in the market that tend to meet your needs, it could be a herculean task to choose a portable blender that tally with the amount you’re willing to spare. You’re not alone if your thought goes along the line of getting a cheap portable blender. This article highlights some of the affordable portable blenders you can get below $40.

Portable blenders give you the needed convenience to make smoothies even in the office. The portability is one of the many reasons why buyers don’t hesitate to get their hands on it. In addition to the budget-friendly rates, you wouldn’t want to take the back seat when it comes to choosing a portable blender.

best portable blenders review

It might interest you to know that the workings of a portable blender do not only stop at blending smoothies. Most times, they go out of the way to chop vegetables. They are also powerful enough to blend nuts, frozen foods, and ice. Now, it is evident that a portable blender is a great tool that you can’t afford to miss having in your kitchen cabinet.

We understand the pain of many buyers who find it hard to pick the best machine from the varied types in the market. That is why we drew up this guide to help you make an informed decision about some of the best and functional portable blenders in the market. To save you the headache of tossing over many machines before settling for one, we offer you a review that highlights the best machines you can get in the market.

It’s worth mentioning that these blenders are not only for home use. Their portability empowers you to pack them into your bag when going to the workplace or embarking on a trip.

So, let’s get started with the best portable blenders you can get at the fraction of the cost.

Overview Table

There’s no doubt that there are many portable blenders out there in the market. Many more would flood the market as soon as the manufacturers are through with them. Each of these comes with varied specifications that could make the task of choosing one difficult. But not to worry, we care about you and intend to make your purchase easier. Below is an overview of the top ten portable blenders you can buy with the assurance of getting value for your money.

Editor choice 1 PopBabies P1001W
PopBabies P1001W
(Versatile and Detachable Portable Blender)

Comes with a wide range of features that combine to make it the best for processing food. Whether you’re looking at blending frozen food or making quick smoothies, you’re sure that it would serve the purpose any time.

2 Kacsoo S610
Kacsoo S610
(Best Multifunctional Blender)

A choice for people wanting to make an immediate smoothie. Coming with multifunctional features, you can use to make smoothies and a wide range of shakes.

3 Kacsoo Macaron M620 Mini
Kacsoo Macaron M620 Mini
(Best Portable Blender for Smoothies and Shakes)

A rechargeable USB portable blender that has the capacity to blend green smoothies, protein shakes, and milkshakes.

4 Vitamer Personal Blender
Vitamer Personal Blender
(Best Portable Blender under $40)

If you’re a smoothie lover that cannot do without taking many glasses of your favorite drink each day, you may want to go for this one. Plus, it has the capacity to process many drinks such as soymilk, and fruit puree.

5 Cozibot Travel Personal Blender
Cozibot Travel Personal Blender
(Best Portable Blender for Vacation)

If you don’t want to be placed on limits as obtainable with traditional blenders, you may want to try your hands on this model, which enhances smooth movement from one place to another.

6 The Nicewell USB Rechargeable Portable Blender
The Nicewell USB Rechargeable Portable Blender
(Best Portable Blender with LCD display)

The many buyers’ choice because of its innovative display that makes the contents to be clear.

7 JUSCHEF USB Travel Blender
JUSCHEF USB Travel Blender
(Portable Blender for Outdoor Uses)

Not only a budget-friendly portable blender but also has the capacity to make multiple nutritive drinks. It also has a detachable cup that you can use to consume your drink.

8 Petolar Portable Blender
Petolar Portable Blender
(Best Portable Blender with Power Bank)

Find it tiring to clean up the blender after using it? That is not the case with this one. It has a detachable cup and bottle for easy cleaning after use.

9 USB Juicer Cup by Huatop
USB Juicer Cup by Huatop
(The Best Portable Blender for Household Use)

Has 6 blades for effective chopping and mixing of fruits and smoothies. Besides, it has a smooth precision that cuts down the noise.

10 Little bees Juicer Cup
Little bees Juicer Cup
(Best High Capacity Portable Blender)

Has a powerful motor for quick processing. Never wait too long!


1 Editor choice

PopBabies P1001W – Versatile and Detachable Portable Blender


  • Versatile enough to blend a wide range of food, including salad dressings, smoothies, and protein shakers
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 20 seconds blend time
  • Easy precision that prevents mess and waste
  • 7oz bottle size
  • Lithium battery USB 5V power supply with the volume of 4000 mAh
  • 304 stainless steel and built-in four blades
  • Lightweight and handy

PopBabies P1001W Portable Blender is a portable blender you can’t afford to miss. Most times, we tend to be on the move and therefore, find it hard to make that favorite drink. With this blender, you needn’t bother anymore because you’re only a few minutes away from relishing the tasty components of your favorite drink.

It’s worth noting that PopBabies, the manufacturer of this portable blender has been in the business of making fascinating machines that meet the users’ needs for 30 years. Interestingly, the company took the game further by offering amazing features on this portable blender.

Weighing only 1.9 pounds, the machine is certainly easy to move about. In addition, it is powered by a 4000 mAh Lithium battery, which gets extra support from USB rechargeable functionality. These combine to chop your nuts, frozen food, and vegetable in 20 seconds.

PopBabies P1001W Portable Blender has other remarkable features such as preventing waste, facilitating cleaning, and dishwasher safe. So pay attention to our review of the Best Dishwashers Under $300.

The portability empowers you to replenish your nutrients while on the move – it doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, at home, or camping. It fits into a wide range of scenarios. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on one to enjoy the fine chopping of your nut and frozen foods that would thrill your taste buds. Above all, this machine has proven to be efficient and handy for everyday use. That is why we recommend it above other portable blenders.

  • Large capacity that features 17oz bottle size
  • Easy to use
  • Can blend while charging
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • You have to give up hot liquid when blending because the blender doesn’t support it
  • There are limits to the number of fruits you can blend at a go

Kacsoo S610 – Best Multifunctional Blender


  • One button start
  • Reaches a speed of 16500rpm that processes food under 20 seconds
  • Fit into car cup holders
  • Long lasting battery
  • Uses a Vortex Stack Up technique to deliver a powerful blending
  • Supports up to 15 cups

The Kacsoo S610 Personal Glass Smoothie Blender is a good pick for travelers and busy people that don’t wish to miss their favorite juices and smoothies. This machine has a high precision that chops your fruits within 20 seconds. This is possible because of the 4 blades that utilize 304 stainless-steel to deliver an efficient chopping of items placed into the blender.

Are you wondering about how to recharge the machine? You needn’t bother because the blender has a 5200mAh battery capacity that is sure to keep the blender running for a week after a single charge. In the event of being out of town or not being close to a power supply unit, you can use a power bank or through a USB connectivity to your laptop to refill the blender’s power.

The power supply has an amazing twist with the push-start technique that sets the machine in motion in 3 seconds. Interestingly, it has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 16500rpm, which is powerful enough to crush a wide variety of foods, including seeds and crushed ice.

The Kacsoo S610 Personal Glass Smoothie Blender is recommended because of the innovative features it has, which include a high borosilicate glass material, hassle-free cleaning, standby power, and powerful blending.

  • Has an eco-friendly ABS base
  • Multifunctional enough to blend a wide variety of foods, including vegetables, and frozen fruits
  • No noise
  • Compact size
  • Can be charged by car, laptop, and power bank
  • Can’t blend ice cubes
  • Doesn’t support hot liquid

Kacsoo Macaron M620 Mini – Best Portable Blender for Smoothies and Shakes


  • Ultralight with a weight of 18oz
  • Has a speed/rotation of 16500rpm that can crush baby food and blend a wide variety of foods, including crushed ice and vegetables
  • Dishwasher safe jar
  • Supports up to 15 cups
  • Always-on feature thanks to the 5200mAh battery capacity

The Kacsoo Macaron M620 Mini Blender is perfect for traveling. With a wide range of portable blenders in the market, this machine was designed specifically for making smoothies and shakes. Because of this landmark disposition, you’re sure of getting a swift precision when using the blender to make your favorite drinks.

Do you have a busy lifestyle or you’re tied down by work? It could be frustrating when there seems to be no end in sight for making a smoothie while at work. Thanks to this machine, that barrier is broken. With a wireless functionality, you can blend your drink in less than 30 seconds. This does not interfere with your work because the blender is programmed to stop after chopping the fruits, which usually takes 20 seconds. You only have to hold the start button for 2 seconds, turn the blender upside down, and shake thoroughly to achieve an efficient mixture of the contents.

There are no hassles in cleaning the machine because it is dishwasher safe (make the cleaning of your blender much easier with one of our Best Dishwashers Under $ 300). While it uses a Baby Food-Grade TRITAN material to ensure smooth functionality, the machine also operates in an eco-friendly manner to achieve a seamless blending of a wide range of items, including baby food supplements and a green smoothie.

We recommend the Kacsoo Macaron M620 Mini Blender because it packs relevant features for the easy precision of fruits.

  • Lasts up to a week after a single charge
  • Blends in less than 30 seconds
  • Cordless with USB connectivity
  • Uses a built-in 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • The machine tends to be smaller than it appears
  • Doesn’t chop semi-hard fruits and peanuts

Vitamer Personal Blender – Best Portable Blender under $40


  • 4000mAh battery capacity
  • Bottle capacity of 500ml
  • Weight of 565g
  • Blends fruits in 20 seconds
  • Full charge in 3 hours
  • 20000rmp chopping speed

The Vitamer Personal Blender comes in handy when you want to make smoothies at the office, while on vacation or simply when resting at home. The machine has a chopping motor of 20000rmp that is capable of blending your fruits in 20 seconds.

Coming to the battery, the blender has a battery capacity of 4000mAh, which is powered by two Lithium-ion batteries. It’s interesting to note that you can upgrade this to 240000. You’re sure of getting a week usage after a three-hour full charge. In addition, fully charging the machine empowers you to blend 30 cups of smoothies and shakes at an average blend time of 20 seconds per cup.

The blender is safe to use because it is non-toxic and utilizes a Baby Food-Grade Materials. Besides, the 4-leaf cutter head powered by 304 stainless-steel doesn’t cause harm. You only to allow the blades to stop rotating before you start disassembling the machine.

Don’t hesitate to take our recommendation of the Vitamer Personal Blender as you’re sure of getting value for money.

  • The 4-leaf rotary stainless steel blade doesn’t cause any damage to the body
  • Portable enough to be tucked away in a travel bag
  • Processes a wide range of fruits/foods, including soymilk, fruit puree, and rice paste
  • Does not support the use of hot water when cleaning – this is because hot water deforms he juice cap

Cozibot Travel Personal Blender – Best Portable Blender for Vacation


  • Weighs 1.09 lbs
  • Blend time of 30 seconds
  • Grade A 5C Lithium battery that has a capacity of 2000mAh
  • Has a high precision characterized by a processing speed of 18000rpm
  • A bottle size of 13oz

The Cozibot Personal Blender readily comes to mind anytime you’re looking for the best portable blender to take along with you when traveling. The machine has a sufficient power supply that is powered by a 2000mAh lithium battery. This has the capacity to blend fruits and process foods up to 25 times at an average blending time of 30 seconds per item.

The manufacturer takes safety seriously, and that is the reason why the blender has a wide range of security features. For instance, a safety double click switch prevents accidents when starting the machine and a beep sound that stops the motor from running when the motor base is detached.

The precision is superb, especially with the 304 stainless steel material that uses two blades to chop fruits and foods into liquid. The motor has the capacity to attain a speed of 18000rmp, which leads to a fine chopping of items placed in the blender.

We recommend the Cozibot Personal Blender because of the precision, lower power consumption, and all-around durability. You would also love the double-click to start and magnetic safety switch design that keeps you at alert it the face of danger.

  • Has a sharing cup lid that you can use to share your smoothie and shakes with others
  • Leakage-proof protection
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean and doesn’t have color staining
  • Multiple charging methods, including car charger, power bank, and 5V adapter
  • A long-lasting battery that allows you to blend up to 25 times after a four-hour full charge
  • The price is a bit high compared to other portable blenders

The Nicewell USB Rechargeable Portable Blender – Best Portable Blender with LCD display


  • 6 stainless-steel blades
  • The processing time takes 25 seconds
  • 180W motor for powerful blending
  • A 14oz blender cup with a lid
  • Lightweight with an average weight of 1.3 lbs

The Nicewell USB Rechargeable Portable Blender is one of the many machines coming from the stables of Nicewell. The company has been in the field for long and successfully carved a niche for itself as a viable manufacturer for portable blenders.

This machine has many features that stand it out of the crowd. First, it is lightweight and weighs only 1.3 lbs. This makes it easy to carry the blender about without hassles.

Featuring a detachable blender cup with a lid that weighs 14oz, the machine uses a 180W motor to achieve an immediate mixing of items. In addition, fruits and foods processed at an average blending timeframe of 25 seconds.

The power capacity of this machine is another point of interest. After a full charge that takes between 3-4 hours, it tends to be running for a week if used efficiently.

In view of the above and many other features like the ones highlighted below, we recommend the Nicewell USB Rechargeable Portable Blender to help you in making smoothies and shakes without hassles.

  • Usable for a wide variety of fruits and foods, such as detox juice cleanse and single servings of juice
  • The LCD displays the remaining amount of power
  • One-touch blending
  • Wireless
  • Doesn’t work when charging
  • Blends smaller frozen fruits faster

JUSCHEF USB Travel Blender – Portable Blender for Outdoor Uses


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Rechargeable
  • Cordless
  • 30 seconds blend time
  • Weighs 1.7 pounds

Made by JUSCHEF, this portable blender is suitable for outdoor uses, such as in the office and vacationing. The manufacturer is a leading company in the field of making efficient personal blenders and the one boasting of the products’ convenience.

The machine has an average processing time of 30 seconds, during which the USB-powered 17,500-rpm motor sets in to offer rapid precisions.

The blender has many security features such as restrictions of the blade from working when the cup and base are not correctly attached.

JUSCHEF USB Travel Blender is multifunctional as it blends a wide variation of items, ranging from baby food to vegetable juice.

Take the cue and get your hands on one to enjoy the remarkable blending capabilities it has to offer.

  • The built-in USB rechargeable batteries are capable of holding a charge for about 20 minutes after a power outage
  • One-touch operation and powerful blending
  • You need to keep an eye on the ingredients to prevent them from exceeding the recommended maximum level

Petolar Portable Blender – Best Portable Blender with Power Bank


  • 450ml bottle capacity
  • Blending time of 30 seconds
  • Weighs 2.05 pounds
  • 3800mAh battery

The Petolar Portable Blender is a deal breaker for busy professionals and other individuals who tend to be on the move all day. The machine allows you to make smoothies and shakes in a matter of 30 seconds. The portability and long lasting battery also make it easier to enjoy the huge privileges to the optimum.

This mini-sized blender is a perfect pick for travels and can suffice when camping and for home use. Just give it a full charge and enjoy over 25 cups of blended fruits anytime you want it.

The Petolar Portable Blender is recommended because of the powerful blending and detachability that make the task of cleaning it easier.

  • Use a beep sound and green indicator to notify you that it is ready for use
  • Portable for outdoor uses
  • A red indicator means that it is charging and sends signals that it is full when it stops flashing
  • The juice cup doesn’t work when charging
  • Doesn’t support fruits/ingredients that are bigger than 2 inches

USB Juicer Cup by Huatop – The Best Portable Blender for Household Use


  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery
  • 380ml bottle capacity
  • Weighs 530g
  • Blending time of 1-3 minutes

This blender may not be so fast as others but it makes up for this with the eco-friendly PP & ABS material that supplies fresh and tasty juice after blending. Powered by a 2000mAh battery and using 6 blades in 3d for effective mixing, the blender has the capacity to pulverize ice, chunks of fruits, and vegetables into smoothies.

best portable blenders2

The multifunctional nature helps it to process many fruits into baby food, smoothie, and a milkshake. This is just as it utilizes a bottle capacity of 380ml to accommodate many fruits and foods meant for processing.

The highlights of the USB Juicer Cup by Huatop are the detachability and the ability to hold nutrients of pulverized fruits for long. On that note, we recommend it for home use.

  • Doesn’t make noise
  • Doesn’t leave chunks of fruits/foods behind after processing
  • Rechargeable by many outlets, including power bank and USB devices
  • Fruit particles tend to splash out if the lid is open while the motor is running
  • Needs to be charged for 3 hours before first use

Little bees Juicer Cup – Best High Capacity Portable Blender


  • 4000mAh built-in batteries
  • 14.3oz bottle capacity
  • 20 seconds of blending time
  • 1.85 lbs weight capacity

Little bees Juicer Cup is a lovely portable blender you wouldn’t want to miss. Aside from being affordable, it has remarkable features that make it the favorite of buyers.

Featuring plastic and BPA-Free materials, the machine has the capacity to hold liquid contents to the tune of 420ml. In addition, it uses 304 stainless-steel blades with 6 super strong blades to chop fruits into a fine liquid. You’re sure of getting your smoothie or protein shake in a matter of seconds as the blender processes fruits under 20 seconds.

The 3D-enabled blending makes it possible to blend a wide variety of fruits and foods, including vegetable salad and juices.

The 2x2000mAh batteries that supply a total power of 4000mAh empower you to blend up to 20 times after attaining full charge.

Our recommendation of Little beesUSB Juicer Cup is hinged on the fact that it has sufficient precision to chop fruits with a chopping speed of 16,000rpm. It is also safe for making different types of drinks in a hygienic and safe environment.

  • Fast blending
  • Small and lightweight
  • Features silicone that prevents liquid from leaking from the cup
  • It may not be able to handle a considerable amount of creamy peanut butter
  • You may need to remove the little rubber circles to clean the machine
  • Fruits and vegetables larger than 3”x3” tend to get stuck on the blade, thereby, preventing it from functioning properly

Buyer’s Guide

Are you at a loss what portable blender suits you better?

Go on reading and you’ll find out the criteria to base your choice upon plus the variety of meals you can cook with it.

Now that we’ve looked at the best ten portable blenders you can buy, you may be wondering about which of them to go for. As we rightly pointed out, the PopBabies P1001W Portable Blender has amazing features that place it above others in the list. Despite this, you may have fallen in love with the Kacsoo S610 Personal Glass Smoothie USB Rechargeable Blender or even the JUSCHEF USB Travel Blender.

In this state of a quagmire, you may be at the risk of making a mistake by going for a portable blender that doesn’t tally with your needs. Hence, we have decided to help you once more by creating this buying guide as an effective tool in determining the right blender that matches your expectations.

What can I make with a Portable Blender?

It’s true that a portable blender changes the way you travel by offering you the opportunity to make smoothies, protein shakes, and many other drinks that tickle your fancy while on the go. However, you need to personalize it to discover the relevance of the blender in solving your immediate needs. That brings us to the question, “What can I do with a Portable Blender?”

Many people would be quick to cite smoothies but that is not the only thing you can make using a portable blender. Read further to discover a wide variation of drinkable foods you can make when you have a portable blender at your disposal.


Contrary to the widespread notion that smoothies and protein shakes are the major drinks made using a portable blender, you can actually make your favorite soup using the same machine. The rule is to add the puree in batches and to leave some opening at the top of the blender for some heat to escape during the blending process.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are sure to be on the list because they are one of the easiest things to make using a portable blender. You can choose to try your hands on peanut butter or go along with protein powder to make the recipe.


Given the proliferation of smoothies such as banana peach green smoothie and blueberry spinach smoothie, you have the assurance of pulling off a tasty smoothie from your portable blender.

best portable blenders review

Salad Dressings

Have you been wondering about the prospects of applying a Do-It-Yourself method to make dressings for your next salad? Look no further because you can pull this off provided you have an idea of the ingredients to use.


Many people think that the process of making butter is hard. The truth is that if you have an understanding of the ingredients and the procedure, you can easily separate milk from one another to make a DIY home.


You needn’t have a milkshake maker to achieve this. A portable blender would do! Just gather you whipped cream, crumbled cookies, ice cream flavors, and chocolates.

So, these are some of the things you can make out of your portable blender. With this in mind, you may order your PopBabies P1001W Portable Blender to start relishing the unique tastes that come from the drinkable foods listed above.

Types of Portable Blenders

When making a choice of a portable blender, you need to decide on the type that is suitable not just for your needs but also for your comfort. Below are some of the types of portable blenders you can find in the market:

Single Serve Blenders

This type of blenders is easy to store away. In addition, they can facilitate your cooking and have the capacity to hold a sufficient amount of fruits and foods. Generally, people love them because they are easy to wash and allow you to make amazing smoothies. 

Immersion Blenders

Also called “handheld” and “stick blenders”, immersion blenders offer a flexible hold because of the long and thin structure they have. One of the amazing features is the ability to hold hot liquids. Immersion blenders also blend a wide range of blender drinks, including fruits, smoothies, and vegetables

Battery-Powered Blenders

As the name signifies, batteries power blenders in this category. 

Battery-powered blenders offer you value for money because they tend to work with electricity and continue working with the recharged battery when you cannot power supply.

Things to Check Out Before Buying a Portable Blender

It could turn out to be a bad buying decision if you choose to go for a portable blender because of the processing speed without giving thoughts to other important features. Thus, we present to you some other features that are relevant in influencing your decision to buy a portable blender.

best portable blenders review


The money you have in mind to spare should always prevail over your decision of a portable blender. With this in mind, you can then look for the blender that fits into the budget. Luckily, the ones we have on the list, especially the PopBabies P1001W Portable Blender are affordable. People who have a tight budget and a strong desire to purchase a blender we’ve prepared a special review – 10 Best Blenders Under $100

Design of the Blender

It’s true that portable blenders are meant to be flexible for use in the right sense of the word. Yet, you need to choose between the countertop and immersion or handheld designs. While many buyers prefer the countertop because of the versatility and jar capacity, others prefer to go for the immersion/handheld version because of the convenience.

The Jar

This is where the ingredients would go into before the blender processes them. This can literally be seen as “the heart of the blender”. Also called the “pitcher”, the jar allows the blender to funnel food and fruits down before the mixing.

Most jars have stainless steel blades while others have polycarbonate and glass materials. Although stainless steel is not transparent, it doesn’t break. Glass materials have lesser resistance to scratches and are heavier than polycarbonate blenders. Despite that, glass blenders are healthier, safer and more durable. So, keep in mind these distinct advantages and read our guide – 7 Best Blenders with Glass Jars

Blending Power

The motor speed of the blender is also important because it helps in the determination of a powerful blender. For instance, a blender with a chopping speed of 17,000rpw tends to process foods/fruits faster than another blender with a speed of 12,000rpw.


It’s worth noting that portable blenders (and any other blender) cannot function properly without blades. These blades can range from 2-6 pronged blades. Their job is to chop the fruits/ingredients into a fine liquid. You can choose between an integrated and detached blade. Most buyers prefer the detachable blade because it allows them to have ease-of-access when cleaning the blender.

Cleaning Method

The ease of cleaning is another factor you need to focus on when choosing a portable blender. Although it often demands the removal of the blades for an effective wash after use, you may go for a blender that has a different approach. One of such features to look out for is the tendency of using lukewarm water to flush out fruits stuck in the blade.


Q: If I have a Food Processor, do I need a Portable Blender?

A: Although food processors and portable blenders have the capacity to cut and dice fruits and vegetables, blenders are more efficient because they also mix the ingredients. So, you need a portable blender!

Q: Is there a Difference between a Juicer and a Blender?

A: Yes, there is! Juicers only extract the juice but blenders combine the juice and the rest of the vegetable/fruit to create a thicker liquid. If you’re looking for juicer then read our guide – 7 Best Juicers for Celery and contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

Q: How do I Maintain a Portable Blender?

A: The rule of the thumb is to avoid immersing the motor and base of the blender in water. Also, ensure that you wash and dry the unit after use.

Q: Does a Portable Blender blend Protein Powder?

A: Yes, it does! It also blends them smoothly without leaving a residue at the bottom.


A portable blender allows you to catch up with your favorite homemade smoothie and protein shakes even when you’re on the move. With this at your disposal, it wouldn’t be a task to make your favorite drinkable liquid in the office and when on vacation.

Irrespective of your immediate need to get one, ensure that you take the buying guide seriously as that would help you to pick the right portable blender that matches your needs.

Above all, we encourage you to go for the PopBabies P1001W Portable Blender because it has more features when compared to other portable blenders under the same price. We hope you found the review helpful and you would take a decision to get a portable blender soon.

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  1. I really enjoy making smoothies during my lunch time at work. They definitely refresh your everyday routine. My blender has broken down again, so I need the new one. Does the PopBabies portable blender pulverize a small whole apple or need I slice it up in small pieces before putting into machine?

    • I use this model for about 6 month. I make my morning smoothies with it. Works perfectly, very convenient in use. You should definitely slice the apples before putting them into machine.

  2. Bought the Kacsoo S610 portable blender on Amazon. Very satisfied with its quality. Want to make a vegetable smoothie with nuts. Can I mix them to make it? How long should I charge the blender?

    • Thank you for your question. Yes, you can mix vegetables with nuts. The motor is quite powerful to cope with it. The blender needs 3-5 hours to get fully charged. It can blend about 13-15 times once you need to charge it. Use a universal 2.0. USB port for charging. Hope it hepls.

  3. Probably I already know the answer, but can a portable blender blend meat?

    • Thank for your feedback! These blenders are quite light duty machines, so they can’t blend meat, only something not hard – fruits, vegetables, nuts, probably you can try to blend small piece of lean meat, but surely not the tough one. Hope it helps.

  4. Interested in the Ordergo USB Juicer Cup. How long does its battery last?

    • Usually the total use is about 25-30 minutes. Never timed it, but can say that the time varies for sure. Sometimes fruits blend quickly, sometimes it takes more time to blend.

  5. Hope the answer to my quiestion will be negative and I’ll finally buy this little beauty! Is the TTLIFE blender loud enough to wake up my roommate in the morning?

    • Hi, I have one and can say that it’s not too loud. If your roommate is a heavy sleeper, go for it! But generally the sound of the machine is determened by the type and number of items you put in it . The more fruits you put, the louder it sounds.

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