10 Best Projection Alarm Clocks – Advanced Convenience

Regular alarm clocks are now a thing of the past, choose one that does more than just tell time!

The best projection alarm clocks are the way to go these days, by just looking at the wall or the ceiling you can tell what time and day it is. Add to that a radio and you can tune in to the latest news, the weather report or your favorite show as well.

A lot of projection alarm clocks also come with novelty features and gimmicks that make them attractive and fun to use. However, since there are a large number of products out there, it can often be difficult to pick the right one.

To help you in this regard, we’ve compiled this guide with reviews of the 10 best projection alarm clocks.

Let’s begin!

Overview Table

The following table will help you get an idea of each model’s pros. Then you can look into each of these 10 projection alarm clocks in a bit more detail. We have covered the features and pros and cons of each device to help you pick the best projection alarm clock.

Editor choice 1 Magnasonic
(Best Reliable Projection Alarm Clock)

Has a comfortable 3.6-inch blue LCD which makes it easy on the eyes. Plus, it comes with advanced SeltSet technology to restore settings.

2 Mesqool
(Best Projection Dual Alarm Clock)

Has a sleek classic design and comes in a polished black finish. It also lets you select from 20 radio stations.

3 Dr. Prepare
Dr. Prepare
(Best Projection Alarm Clock with Outdoor Temperature)

The clock has an adjustable projection. It comes with a large backlit LCD screen that can display indoor and outdoor temperatures.

4 Electrohome EAAC475W
Electrohome EAAC475W
(Best Projection Alarm Clock for Phone Charging)

Adjustable volume with the option to set two different alarms, accuracy guaranteed. Plus, you can use it to charge your mobile devices.

5 Oregon Scientific PROJI
Oregon Scientific PROJI
(Best Mini Projection Alarm Clock)

This compact machine can be great for travelers. It gives indoor temperature and is quite durable.

6 Ambient Weather RC-8419
Ambient Weather RC-8419
(Best Atomic Projection Alarm Clock for Travelling)

Comes with advanced SelfSet feature, date and time is synced with the US Atomic Clock.

7 Mpow
(Best Curved Screen Projection Alarm Clock)

Has a 5-inch 4 option dimmable sleek curved screen. Plus, you can choose from 15 radio stations.

8 Light Biz
Light Biz
(Best Projection Alarm Clock for Wide Screen)

Features a huge 7-inch borderless curved screen that is dimmable. Plus, it has a dual alarm function with a reliable snooze feature.

(Best Easy-to-Set-Up Projection Alarm Clock)

You can preset up to 15 FM stations. Plus, it has a USB output port that can charge small devices.

(Best Functional Projection Alarm Clock)

Modern day timepiece that can project up to 10’ on walls. The screen has a dimmer. Plus, it even lets you tune into your favorite radio channels.


1 Editor choice

Magnasonic – Best Reliable Projection Alarm Clock


  • 3.6-inch blue LCD display screen with adjustable brightness
  • 180-degree swivel
  • Automatic daylight savings
  • Dual alarm
  • 3.5 AUX input available
  • Projection range: up to 10 feet
  • SelfSet Technology

With the Magnasonic EAAC601W alarm clock radio you are clearly able to view the time, date and temperature on the 3.6 inches clear blue LCD display, not only that but you can easily adjust the brightness to your preference. However, since it’s a projection clock, you must be interested in knowing how it projects.

The clock can be seen on your ceiling or walls so you are always in full view, it’s 180-degree swivel projection means you won’t have to turn over to view the time ever again. Additionally, it features an automatic adjust function which enables it to follow daylight saving time. Hence, no worries about having to do the work manually.

Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock -1

Plus, this one can be quite fun as well. You can listen to your favorite songs via your iOS or Android or even your MP3 devices through its 3.5 MM Aux input or by using the digital tuning on the AM/FM radio function.

Power outages can be a bother, and adjusting your projection clock can be irritating – the Magnasonic EAAC601W comes with advanced SelfSet technology that will automatically display the correct time and date and restore the alarm setting after.

  • Has a reliable in-built lithium battery
  • Very easy to use
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Clear projection
  • 20 radio station memory
  • Plays music from your devices
  • The warranty does not work in Canada or the continental US
  • Radio settings can get a bit technical

Mesqool – Best Projection Dual Alarm Clock


  • Over 20 preset AM/FM radio stations
  • Sleep timer
  • Dual alarm
  • Ultra-clear projection with 180-degree adjustable angle
  • Large 7-inch LED display
  • 15 adjustable alarm volumes
  • Projection range: up to 10 feet

The Mesqool Projection alarm clock comes with 20 preset AM/FM radio channels, AM radio frequency is between 520 – 1710 kHz while FM radio frequency is between 87.5 – 108 MHZ. This means you will have access to a wide variety of radio channels. You can also preset 10 AM and 10 FM radio stations with the sleep timer to a preset listening duration.

Plus, it has a 180-degree swivel projector with a non-obstructive projection that guarantees a clear view. Rotating the projection is quite easy. Other than this, the white LED display is quite big. You can pick from 3 dimming levels by pressing the designated dimmer button.

While these are some basic features, this beauty earns brownie points for a USB port that you can use to charge small devices such as mobile phones. Plug your mobile to the clock and wake up with a fully-charged battery. The easy is unmatched.

With the dual alarm feature, you can select different alarms for yourself and your partner. This feature allows you to predefine alarms to a buzzer or radio sound between a Level 1 – Level 15 volume preference. The loudest is 80 dB. Hence, no more late mornings.

\Mesqool has included a 1-year replacement guarantee with a 3 months full refund guarantee. All in all, this clock can be a good pick for those who want reliability. It can project up to 10 feet without any difficulty.

  • Excellent, 24-hour customer support
  • Very versatile – can play radio and charge devices
  • Sleek look
  • Comes with a detailed user guide
  • You can return the item if it does not work
  • USB port for phone charging
  • The LCD screen is not very impressive
  • The projection may not be very clear in lit rooms

Dr. Prepare – Best Projection Alarm Clock with Outdoor Temperature


  • A large colorful backlit LCD screen
  • Fully adjustable projection with 2 level brightness
  • Dual alarms
  • Displays outdoor/indoor temperatures
  • Snooze capability
  • Auto settings
  • Projection range: 3.3 to 10 feet

The Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock has a large backlit LCD screen that displays both outdoor/indoor temperatures. It also includes a humidity monitor and has four levels of screen brightness for comfortable viewing. No more going blind after looking at the screen!

Its projector clock is adjustable and has a 2-level inbuilt brightness. There is also a 180-degree reverse projection feature for maximum clarity. Additionally, it offers a dual alarm and snooze system, which means you are able to set 2 separate alarms. Plus, you can set a schedule in advance so that you do not have to get up and set an alarm every day.

The built-in snooze system can be helpful for users who want to sleep for a few more minutes. But, don’t worry about being late, all alarms last for 2 minutes with an increasing volume option.
With a DC adapter of 5V by 1.5A, which is included you can take advantage of full options this projection alarm clock has to offer. In case you want to carry it, you will have to get a 3V CR2032 battery.

  • Displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Has a wireless remote sensor that covers up to 200 feet
  • Easy to choose the right time zone
  • Lightweight at just 1.05 pounds
  • Does not come with a battery
  • May not offer all the functions when running on battery

Electrohome EAAC475W – Best Projection Alarm Clock for Phone Charging


  • High-speed USB charging port
  • 1.2 inches white display
  • SelfSet Technology
  • 20 programmable radio stations
  • Swiveling projector

The Electrohome EAAC475W comes with a high-speed USB charging port that is compatible with all smartphones and small devices including your tablets and MP3 players.

It has a vibrant 1.2 inches LED that displays in white. Hence, you will have no difficulty in reading the screen even in a dark room. Plus, you can adjust brightness as per your needs.

Thanks to SelfSet technology, no worries about manual work. The clock will automatically note and correct the date and time. While it is a great clock, its most defining feature is the WakeUp battery backup that will ring the alarm even during a power loss.

Electrohome EAAC475W

The projector has a swiveling function which means it can be tilted to a full 180 degrees. This will allow you to project the time virtually anywhere. Moreover, you can turn off this feature if needed.
It has a daily dual alarm option and also a weekend cancellation feature so you can sleep peacefully on Sundays.

Now, the fun part. With this clock, you will not have to worry about the music. It boasts up to 20 programmable radio stations. However, some users may not like the small size of the screen. But its compact size can be good if you have little space.

  • You can use it to charge small devices
  • The LED screen is better than the LCD screen found on most clocks
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Battery backup
  • Looks very good
  • Small screen (only 1.2 inches)

Oregon Scientific PROJI – Best Mini Projection Alarm Clock


  • Backlit LED
  • Displays indoor temperature
  • Continuous projection
  • Dual alarm
  • Swivel function

Get your hands on the Oregon Scientific PROJI clock if you want a clock that has a classy touch to it. This looks like a watch from the ‘60s but with a modern twist thanks to a projector display with a swivel function.

You can use it to display time over the ceiling or your walls, as desired. It allows you to adjust the angle so that you do not have to face any trouble when you want to see the time. You can also enjoy the ease of atomic time and set two different alarm times for two different days of the week.

Oregon Scientific PROJI -2

Never worry about keeping up with daylight savings with Oregon, it does that all by itself. Plus, it displays the current temperature, so you know just how warm or cold your room is at any given time.

If you want to project constantly then count on the AC adapter it comes with. Plug it in, and let the clock do its job.

  • Made from hard plastic hence is durable
  • Can read temperatures between 23F to 122F
  • Looks very good
  • Comes with a battery
  • Compact
  • Comes in different colors
  • Some features are missing
  • The snooze button may not always work

Ambient Weather RC-8419 – Best Atomic Projection Alarm Clock for Travelling


  • Adjustable arm and reverse projection
  • Radio-controlled clock
  • Backlit LED
  • Displays time, date, and day
  • Indoor temperature
  • Alarm with a snooze option

This Ambient Weather projection alarm clock is small and compact at only 5 inches wide. It features an atomic clock which makes it easier to use as the time is automatically set via a radio-controlled signal that is in sync with the US atomic clock. This offers increased accuracy and makes the clock highly reliable.

This projection alarm clock is battery powered, hence can be a good option if you are looking for a clock that is portable. An AC adapter is included which can be used when you are at home. So, do not worry about having to buy a new battery every now and then.

The screen features a ClearView projection clock and includes a focus adjustment dial for crisp and crystal-clear projection. Additionally, you can reverse the projection to 180 degrees for optimal viewing all across your room.

In addition to this, it has some basic features such as a snooze button. However, it is only suitable for one person since it doesn’t let you set dual alarms.

  • Is small, hence easy to travel with
  • Displays temperature in both Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Comes with an AC adapter for constant running
  • Very reliable as it will set time automatically
  • Does not have a dual alarm function
  • Has a small LED screen

Mpow – Best Curved Screen Projection Alarm Clock


  • 4 point projection brightness
  • Dimmable screen
  • 120-degree projection angel
  • Dual alarms
  • Snooze feature
  • Radio enabled
  • 5V by 1.2A USB output interface

This clock from Mpow is among the most attractive clocks due to its curved screen. It looks quite impressive sitting on a table. Plus, it has all that you expect from a reliable clock including an adjustable projector that lets you tilt it to 120 degrees.

The projector features four brightness options including:

  • Bright
  • Medium
  • Off

The display screen is 5 inches and also has a 6-level adjustable LED brightness function, this allows you to set the display as per your own convenience. The brighter the screen, the quicker the battery will drain. Hence, be careful when picking brightness.


It has a maximum reach of 10 feet but it may not be suitable for less than 7 feet, which may be a bit of trouble for some users. However, one of the coolest features is the ability to flip projection and view it 180-degree upside down.

In addition to this, you can set two separate alarms. Hence, it can be great for couples. Plus, with the snooze feature, you can catch up to 9 minutes of extra sleep. The alarm is in ascending order hence little to no risk of missing your next meeting. You will have to shut off the alarm by long-pressing the menu button, which is great as you’d be fully awake when you switch it off.

If you’re ever bored, you can use the device’s built-in 33-inch antenna to enjoy your favorite radio FM stations. The clock, sadly, does not offer AM stations. It can save up to 15 FM radio channels. However, this and some other features can be quite complicated to use.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 45-day refund if you are not happy with the product
  • Sound quality is excellent
  • You can use the USB port to charge small devices
  • Quite affordable despite all the amazing features
  • Does not have focus adjustment
  • Has small projection fonts
  • No AM radio function

Light Biz – Best Projection Alarm Clock for Wide Screen


  • 120 degree adjustable projector
  • Dual alarm
  • 7-inch curved screen
  • 4-level brightness adjustment
  • Snooze feature
  • Radio enabled
  • USB Output interface

This model from Light Biz features an elegantly curved 7-inch borderless large LED screen that offers a premium visual experience. It has a 4-level brightness adjuster so you can easily choose the one that suits you the best.

Its 180-degree swivel allows you to project on your room ceiling or walls easily. The projection is enabled with a 3-level brightness adjuster. This ensures you can read what’s being projected even if the room is lit.

This model features dual alarms with snooze function. Together, they will allow you to sleep peacefully without any worries. Plus, you can snooze the alarm to enjoy a few more minutes of sleep. However, be careful as this clock offers up to 60 minutes of snooze time.

You can wake up at your desired time, either to your preferred radio station or buzzer. Moreover, you can use the company’s popular sleep timer function to sleep while listening to your favorite radio station.

Light Biz Projection Alarm Clock can be preset to 15 FM radio stations. Its powerful speakers ensure the sound is clear. Plus, it has a reliable 33-inch antenna built-in for strong signals.
This model has a USB charging port that can charge your phones and other smart devices around your house. The outlet is 5V by 1.2A and is built at the back of the clock. Plug in your phone while sleeping and wake up to a fully charged mobile phone.

With so many features, the battery can drain quickly. But, worry not. The device comes with an AC adapter to ensure it gets constant power. The battery, however, can come in handy during power outages. But, on the downside, projection display is known to blur out at times.

  • Very easy to set up
  • Comes with a 5 feet long USB cable
  • The borderless carved screen looks very good
  • Can help you fall asleep with radio timer
  • Does not come with batteries (you need to purchase 2 AAA batteries)
  • Doesn’t tune into AM channels

ELEGIANT – Best Easy-to-Set-Up Projection Alarm Clock


  • Large LED screen
  • Dual alarm
  • Snooze function
  • Radio enabled
  • USB output port

The ELEGIANT Projection Alarm Clock comes with a large LED screen, its advanced design means you can rotate the projector to 180 degrees and project the time and other information to your room ceiling or walls. It has an optimal distance range of between 2 to 3 meters and an adjustable screen display.

Its dual alarm function allows you to set two separate alarms so that you do not have to wake up early on weekends. Plus, it’s is designed with two alarm sounds, you can either set it to your preferred FM radio station or keep the standard music option. You can snooze it up to 12 times with 5-minute intervals.

Featuring only FM stations, it can remember up to 15 preset radio stations. The 33-inch in-built antenna ensures clear reception. FM signals depend on where you are, so put the antenna to use if you are unable to catch a clear signal without it.

Included is a USB output port attached at the back which allows you to easily recharge your phones and other smart devices around the house. It comes with a backup battery, so no need to reset it if you change its location or move it to another room in your house.

  • Comes with an 18-month warranty
  • Excellent customer support
  • Memory feature ensures you do not have to manually set the alarm every time
  • Pretty fast at charging phones
  • Cannot tune into AM radio stations
  • The manual is poorly written

SHANLONYI – Best Functional Projection Alarm Clock


  • 180° swivel
  • Radio enabled
  • Dimmable screen
  • USB charging port
  • Battery backup
  • 12-hour time format

This modern-day timepiece can project on your room ceiling – up to 10 feet. Its 180-degree swivel function ensures you get great results.

You can listen to various radio channels as it supports both AM and FM radio settings. There is also a timer and sleep function so you can tune into your favorite show and sleep peacefully. The buzzer has 10 preset options and the auto off sleep time will last anywhere between 10 to 90 minutes.

Featuring a USB charging port, it makes it easier even so for you to charge your smartphone. Its 7-inch LED display has a 3-level brightness setting with a choice of bright, medium, and low.

Included in the design is a battery back-up which can be useful in case of a power failure.

  • The dual wake up snooze function can be good for some users
  • A large number of radio channels to listen to
  • Projection is very neat and clear
  • The sound is pretty loud
  • USB port for charging small devices
  • The only available time format is 12 HRS

Buyer’s Guide

These were the ten best projection alarm clocks available on the market. However, it is important that you select one that suits your needs. For this, it is vital to know what to consider when buying a projection alarm clock.

We’ve compiled the most important features in this section to help you make an informed decision, let’s take a look:

Atomic Time

Any projection alarm clock is basically a clock, so it should tell the time correctly, but power outages or dead batteries can lead to problems. To be on the safe side, settle on a watch that offers atomic time so that your clock always displays the correct time.
The Dr. Prepare alarm clock featured in the product review does just that. It syncs with the US atomic clock and ensures you have nothing to worry about.

10 Best Projection Alarm Clocks -3


Since you are going for a projection clock, this feature should be one of your top priorities. We suggest you go for a clock that offers 180-degree swivel or more so you can enjoy projection the way you want it.

Other than this, consider brightness settings and how far it can project and if the time is readable or not.

Display and Backlight

The display and backlight should be comfortable on your eyes, especially at night when you are setting it for the next day. A good example of this is the Light Biz projection alarm clock which offers four different levels of adjustable screen backlight.

Alarm Tone

To have a proper and early start to the day you should be able to wake up from a good night’s sleep peacefully. Pick a projection clock that has an alarm buzzer option in ascending order so that you never go late. Some clocks come with snooze feature that can be good as some people like to enjoy a little more sleep. Lastly, ensure the speaker is loud enough. Not all clocks are loud, hence they may not be effective.

If we had to pick a loud clock, we’d go with Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock. With 80dB of sound, this one is a powerhouse.

10 Best Projection Alarm Clocks -4

Product Design

Go for a clock that looks good so that you can show it off. We’ve reviewed both classic and conventional options, for instance, the Oregon Scientific PROJI has a classy look and will attract attention. Similarly, the Mpow Projection Alarm clock has a curved screen that looks pretty good.

Power Options

Projection alarm clocks are usually electric or battery-powered, choose one that suits your everyday needs. Battery-powered ones are portable, while clocks that are only electric-powered via an adapter can be placed indoors mostly.

We’ve also reviewed a couple of options that are electric powered but come with battery back-up as well. For instance, the SHANLONYI has a battery back-up included, which makes it portable and reliable.

Other Features

As mentioned earlier, today’s projection clocks are more than just clocks. Some like Electrohome EAAC475W come with USB ports that are suitable for charging mobile devices. This feature can be very useful if you want to keep the phone next to you while it charges. Other than this, most modern clocks also include radio function so you can listen to songs. In fact, some may even allow you to connect your phone via a jack and play whatever you want to play on the speaker.

10 Best Projection Alarm Clocks


Since projection alarm clocks are not very common, customers usually have a list of questions before investing in one. To help you in this regard, we have covered some of the most commonly asked questions related to projection alarm clocks:

Q: Can projection clocks give you a headache?

A: No, they are not associated with a headache. However, displaying the time incorrectly can cause you to bend your neck which may result in muscle pain and headaches. Hence, make sure to set the clock correctly.

Q: What kind of alarm do they use?

A: Most projection clocks use a gradual alarm system. It starts slowly and gets louder with time. Plus, some units may also offer the snooze feature.

Q: Can I use the clock to display time throughout the day?

A: A battery-powered clock may not be able to run for 24 hours. You will be able to project time throughout the day if you use the power from a socket. However, it’s not recommended since using the clock without giving it a break can cause it to malfunction.

Q: What is an atomic clock?

A: An atomic clock is said to be the most accurate timepiece as it uses vibrations within atoms to measure time.

Q: What to do if the projection is fuzzy?

A: Try changing the angle by rotating the focus ring given on the device. If there is no focus ring, then change the distance of the clock from the wall. If this doesn’t work then go through the manual or get in touch with the manufacturer.

Q: Is it safe to use a projection clock to charge mobile phones?

A: It is generally considered safe to use a projection clock to charge mobile phones. However, they may not be able to produce clean energy.

Q: How to know if your projection alarm clock needs charging?

A: Since most projection alarm clocks feature a Li-ion battery, they come with a battery indicator light which flashes as soon as the battery level goes down. It is important to keep the battery charges as dead batteries can lead to problems including calibration issues.

Moreover, some projection alarm clocks do not come with low battery indicators which might cause inconvenience. Hence, make sure to look out for small features like these.

Q: How to ensure durability and sturdiness?

A: Projection alarm clocks are usually constructed using plastic. They are not made to handle falls; hence, you need to be careful about using them. Also, pick a product that is made from durable plastic so that the risk is minimized.

Q: Where should I place the best projection alarm clock?

A: We suggest that you place it at a height and at the right distance from your target wall. Most clocks come with limitations in terms of the area they can cover. If you place it too close to the wall, then the font may not be readable and if you place it too far then it may not be very clear.

Q: Can projection clocks be hacked?

A: According to reports, projection clocks that are connected to the internet can be hacked. However, there aren’t many known cases.

Q: How can I avail of the product warranty?

A: If your product comes with a warranty then it’s best to read the terms and conditions to be sure of the process. However, in most cases, you will be required to get in touch with the company if you ever need to avail of the warranty.

They will ask you to mail the device or bring it to the nearest service center.

Q: Do they work during the day?

A: Technically speaking, projection alarm clocks work 24/7. However, a poor-quality clock will not be able to display a readable font if the room is too light or dark. It may be a good idea to choose a unit that allows you to customize brightness settings so that you can easily read what’s being displayed.

Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock -2


That’s almost all you need to know before you get your very own projection alarm clock. To make sure you get only the best projection alarm clock, make sure to keep our buying guide in mind.

If we were to pick one, we’d say the Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock is a pretty well-rounded option. It is easy to set up and is quite durable as well.

It displays time in both 12 HRS and 24 HRS formats. Other than this, it displays temperature and allows you to adjust projection as desired.

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  1. I like Light Biz’s soft white display, which is much less harsh then the usual red or green. It has a convenient built-in USB port to charge a smartphone and I was pleasantly surprised seeing a USB cord in the package. Nice clock with a modern design. Like it.

  2. I like two alarm clocks, but I haven’t found any information about whether I can set a radio alarm clock on Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock? And can I charge my Android phone with the Electrohome device?

    • Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock has a convenient dual alarm. You can easily set a Wake To Buzzer alarm function or a Wake to Radio function and every morning wake with your favourite radio station.
      Electrohome alarm clock is equipped with the USB charging port that allows you to charge different brands of smartphones, music players and tablets. To charge your smartphone just plug a charging cable into your clock’s USB port on the back panel of the alarm clock and every morning your device will be fully charged.But unfortunatelly, this model doesn’t come with the USB cord.

  3. I was super excited when I finally got my Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock. I’ve always dreamed about a nice and easy to see alarm clock that projects time on the wall and now I have one in my bedroom. One of my favourite features this clock has is the ability to charge a smartphone using the USB plug on the back. I can’t play music of my phone, but I get used to use my portable speaker with a better sound for that. The clock was quite affordable and costed me for about 28$.

  4. Got SHANLONYI as a gift from my friend and I can say that this is the best alarm clock I’ve ever had, because it has a projection feature, which turned out to be very convenient! It looks good on the shelf at my bedside and I don’t need to turn my head everytime I want to look at the time. I am happy with the clock!

  5. We’re going on a cruise with my husband and I’d like to know whether the Dr. Prepare’s projection wiil work if I use the batteries as a power source?

    • The projection shuts off when you use the batteries as a power source. All you need to do is to plug in the alarm clock for full functions. Batteries are not includied.

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