12 Best Reading Pillows – Devour Books With Extra Convenience

Could there be anything more relaxing than unwinding at the end of the day with a good book? Snuggling in bed with your latest read can be a wonderful way to enjoy the rest that an evening brings. But as you devour those first few pages, you might notice your back getting a little too achy for comfort.

The fact remains – beds weren’t made for long bouts of sitting. Lacking the proper structure to keep your spine supported during the seated posture, beds can cause all sorts of body aches and pains. That’s when the best reading pillow becomes an obvious necessity.

Of course, alternately you can sit in a chair or sofa instead of being in bed. However, reading in a chair just doesn’t have the same appeal as relaxing in bed with a book.
Seeing how poor support can totally spoil your evening of reading, we’ve done the research to give you a little extra comfort as you enjoy your nightly routine. Here’s everything you need to know about how to choose the best reading pillow, and the 12 top picks that fit the bill.

Our Top 12 Best Reading Pillows

Comfort is a subjective experience. So, what’s comfortable for someone else might not be comfortable for you. That said, it should come as no question that reading pillows aren’t one-size-fits-all. Some designs will make that evening of relaxation even more satisfying, and others might make you repeat the buying process all over again.

To save you from the expensive episode of buyer’s remorse, we’ve taken the time to check out the reading pillow market. We used our own set of criteria to review each of the top performing picks presently available.

Pillows were analyzed based on overall comfort, ease of maintenance, convenience, versatility, durability, and overall value, and were ranked according to how well they performed versus our standards.

Here are the 12 designs that came out as the best of the best:

Editor choice 1 Husband Pillow Aspen Edition
Husband Pillow Aspen Edition
(Best Reading Pillow with Removable Cover)

Plush, comfortable, and intuitively designed, this pillow gives you all the features you need for supreme comfort. Stuffed with premium memory foam, this responsive yet structured pillow comes with a removable, double-sided cover for easy maintenance.

2 Avana Comfort System
Avana Comfort System
(Best Reading Pillow for Back Pain)

Sold as a system, this design from Avana uses 4 pieces of memory foam-slash-PU pillows to give you structured support that you can mix and match anyway to meet your unique comfort needs.

Best value 3 Xtra-Comfort
(Best Ergonomic Reading Pillow with Arms)

The ergonomic Xtra-Comfort Reading Pillow lets you adapt the design to meet your needs for comfort. With a wealth of pockets and a supportive memory foam filling, you might never want to get off of this cushy choice.

4 Nestl Bedding
Nestl Bedding
(Best Reading Pillow for Neck Pain)

The reading pillow from Nestl Bedding comes in three different sizes, and reaches just underneath the back of the head, supporting the neck to reduce stress on your cervical spine and relieve pain for easy, effortless nighttime reading.

5 MittaGonG
(Best Reading Pillow for Couch)

Well-structured and compact, the mittaGonG can easily fit on your sofa to give you that bit of supportive comfort your lower back needs while you lounge about, read, and watch TV as you unwind on your couch.

Best price 6 Milliard
(Best Classic Reading Pillow)

The Milliard reading pillow brings you the essentials for comfort. Whether you’re looking for firm support or butter-soft cushy goodness, this simplified pillow promises to deliver.

(Best Cotton-Filled Reading Pillow)

Designed with an oversized silhouette, this pick from ZOEMO is hypoallergenic and comfortable, providing a delicately responsive feel that won’t trigger an allergic reaction.

(Best Breathable Reading Pillow)

Encased in premium fabric made from a blend of bamboo rayon and velour, this breathable pillow from MALOUF Z promises to keep you comfortably cool through that late night book binge.

9 Animal Adventure
Animal Adventure
(Best Reading Pillow for Kids)

These cuddly soft pillows from Animal Adventure are as comfortable as they are adorable. Give your child sound support for bedtime reading through these ultra-cute yet impressively functional pillows.

10 Contour Products Genie
Contour Products Genie
(Best Reading Pillow for Bed)

The Contour Products Genie is a full-sized air pillow that can inflate and deflate for instant elevation adjustment. Use it for bedtime reading or for a range of conditions that might require unique positioning.

11 Xtra-Comfort Wedge
Xtra-Comfort Wedge
(Best Wedge Reading Pillow)

The spacious Xtra-Comfort Wedge pillow provides ample space and versatile positioning for all sorts of applications. Sit up high or recline low with this premium foam pick.

(Best Full Length Reading Pillow)

Spanning your bed’s length, the WOWMAX reading pillow can be a suitable choice for couples. The pillow also makes a sound pick if you’re looking for a headboard replacement or a daybed pillow that’s just the right size.



1 Editor choice

Husband Pillow Aspen Edition – Best Reading Pillow with Removable Cover


  • Stuffing: shredded memory foam
  • Cover material: microplush/microsuede
  • Removable cover: Yes
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Other features: sewn-in pockets, removable neck roll, adjustable loft
  • Available in 25 different colors

Designed for both comfort and convenience, the Husband Pillow Aspen Edition is our pick for the best reading pillow – and for good reasons. Firstly, this ultra-comfortable design uses premium shredded memory foam that’s cushy, soft, and adaptive, able to contour to the shape of your body for a custom feel that’s easy on the back.

Husband Pillow Aspen Edition -2

Despite the readily responsive construction, the structured pillow can hold its shape well against your weight, providing the resistance you need to stay seated without stressing out your spine.
The intuitive removable cover can be taken off to reveal the stuffing compartment, letting you remove or add material to achieve your desired density. The manufacturer includes 2 extra packs of stuffing so you can fine-tune firmness to match your specific preferences. The clever cover is also reversible, using two different materials on either side. This enables you to choose between a microsuede or microplush exterior which are also both safe for machine washing.

Equipped with a side and back pocket, an adjustable loft, and a detachable neck roll, the Husband Pillow gives you everything you need to calibrate the experience for maximum comfort. Sure, the memory foam may let off a factory smell for about a week, and the neck roll might be troublesome to position without flopping around. But if you can forgive those minor flaws, then the pillow makes a sound investment.

  • Shredded memory foam material provides excellent comfort a supremely responsive, cushy feel
  • Structured design holds its shape well against your weight even without pressing it against a headboard or wall
  • Adjustable loft lets you fine-tune the pillow’s slope for a higher or more relaxed recline
  • Two free bags of filling come with the pillow so you can adjust its density
  • Removable, double-sided cover lets you switch cover textures and permits easy maintenance
  • May take up to a week to fully air out the factory smell typical of memory foam
  • Neck roll can be difficult to get into the ideal position without flopping around

Avana Comfort System – Best Reading Pillow for Back Pain


  • Stuffing: memory foam and PU base
  • Cover material: bamboo fiber
  • Removable cover: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Other features: antimicrobial treatment

The four-piece Avana Comfort System brings you adjustable therapeutic cushions that can give you maximum support no matter how you want to sit in bed. The system includes a back scoop, scoop cradle, headrest, and a knee rest, all of which can be adapted to create the perfect comfort conditions for your reading session. The back scoop is what makes direct contact with your back, and the cradle is what lets you adjust the scoop’s recline.

Avana Comfort System -3

The separate headrest sits on the surface of the scoop and can be moved around to match your height or be removed all together. The knee rest is designed to provide support for your legs, cradling your knees at a slight angle to minimize stress on your lower back. Altogether, these four different components allow a customized experience that you can move and adapt to your unique needs at any time.

Each pillow in the system uses a PU base and a memory foam top layer, upholstered in bamboo fabric. That said, you should expect that it won’t mold and contour as significantly because of its high-density base. It’s also a little warmer to rest on, so sweat-prone users might not be able to max out its comfort.

  • Highly adaptable 4-piece system can be easily adjusted to match your comfort needs
  • Structured design holds well on its own even without a back wall or headboard to hold it in place
  • Dense PU base layer maintains the shape of the pillows over time to retain its original density
  • Removable covers are machine washable for easy maintenance and stain removal
  • Antimicrobial treatment prevents the development of foul odors to keep your pillows fresh for longer
  • Not quite as responsive because of the dense PU base
  • Breathability might be a little less than ideal
3 Best value

Xtra-Comfort – Best Ergonomic Reading Pillow with Arms


  • Stuffing: shredded memory foam
  • Cover material: cotton
  • Removable cover: Yes
  • Warranty: 60-day money back guarantee only
  • Other features: sewn-in pockets, removable neck roll, adjustable loft

The plush, cotton exterior that covers the Xtra-Comfort Reading Pillow makes it an inviting comfort solution for reading or relaxing. Filled with dense, shredded memory foam, the firm pillow contours ever so gently with the application of weight. As you sit back and apply pressure on the pillow’s surface, its body-conforming responsiveness slowly reacts to your weight, settling into the perfect cushy contour to accommodate the curves of your body.


The ergonomic design comes with a removable bolster that works as a neck or headrest, or as a knee rest, allowing a wealth of various positions to keep you comfortable whether you’re working in bed, reading, or relaxing. Several pockets provide storage for your most essential items, relieving the need to keep standing up or to look for scattered items on your bed or sofa.

Removing the machine washable cotton cover reveals an interior zipper that gives access to the pillow’s loft adjustment, enabling you to fine-tune the backrest angle for more customized support. All together, the pillow’s intuitive combination of features makes it a convenient choice for comfort.

Do note that it is relatively heavy which may pose a hassle during maintenance. That, and the pillow can take a full week to completely decompress after being unpacked, which some buyers might find a little too long to wait.

  • Structured design can freely stand without the need for a back wall or headboard
  • Conforming memory foam filling gently contours to match your body shape with just the right amount of resistance
  • Lots of pockets for gadgets, water bottles, and other essentials for convenient bedtime reading
  • Removable cotton cover is washing machine safe for easy maintenance
  • Adjustable loft enables users to calibrate the backrest angle to support various sitting positions
  • Heavy design can be taxing to handle during maintenance
  • Takes a while to fully decompress after being taken out of the box

Nestl Bedding – Best Reading Pillow for Neck Pain


  • Stuffing: shredded memory foam
  • Cover material: velour
  • Removable cover: Yes
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Other features: sewn-in pockets, removable neck roll, adjustable loft,
  • Available in 12 colors and 3 sizes

The average human head can weigh as much as 11 pounds. Holding up that weight against gravity easily puts a load of stress on your neck, which is why sitting up in bed without any support on this vital area can become the foundation of pain. If you can’t sit for long in bed without your neck acting up on you, then the Nestl Bedding Reading Pillow can be a sound choice. This pillow is available in three different sizes and was designed with added height, allowing the cylindrical neck support pillow to rest just underneath the back of your head. The result is maximum neck support that cradles your head to reduce the weight bearing stress on your cervical spine.

Nestl Bedding -2

The rest of the oversized pillow acts the same way, cushioning your body against its plush, shredded memory foam filling that effectively maintains the pillow’s structure to keep you upright and supported no matter how far back you lean. For an even more customized experience, the inner shell features a loft adjustment feature to change the angle of the backrest depending on your needs.

All things considered, there were a few drawbacks we did find with this pick from Nestl Bedding. The first is the overwhelming odor that comes with the memory foam material. The manufacturer itself recommends washing the covers as soon as you receive your package in the mail. The second is that you will have to re-fluff the pillow after each use since it tends to retain indentations after long periods of sitting.

  • Three different sizes can accommodate both children and adults
  • Removable velour covers are soft to touch and easy to clean and are also available as a separate purchase
  • Pillow comes with 2 cylindrical support pillows – one for your neck and another for your knees
  • Plush memory foam material contours readily to the shape of your body for maximum support
  • Adjustable loft feature enables users to change the backrest angle to support various applications
  • Strong odor of adhesive may be overwhelming for sensitive users and might require initial washing to be fully resolved
  • Pillow tends to retain body indentations after long bouts of use – re-fluff to restore its original shape

MittaGonG – Best Reading Pillow for Couch


  • Stuffing: shredded memory foam
  • Cover material: velour
  • Removable cover: Yes
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Other features: sewn-in pockets
  • Available in 3 colors

Sleek and structured, the reading pillow from mittaGonG makes the ideal choice for adding a touch of support to your sofa. The structured pillow’s sloping backrest makes full contact with the lumbar spine, allowing better lower back support that most sofas are unable to provide. The velour-covered, shredded memory foam-filled pillow is also relatively small, able to fit on the limited seating surface of a typical of a couch.


Equipped with a carrying handle, sewn-in pockets, and a removable, machine washable, zippered cover, the mittaGonG reading pillow is well-structured and stable. The freestanding pillow works well to retain its shape against your weight, returning to its original, plush size after each use. The breathable material can also be especially cool to sit on, permitting unrestricted airflow for a comfortable climate that reduces sweat production and dissipates heat.

What we found to be slightly unsatisfactory about the design is its limited size. Standing at just 21 inches and with a width of just 12 inches, the design might only be ideal for petite users. It’s also worth noting that the filling arrives all clumped together, requiring that you spend quite some time and effort breaking up the material to achieve the cushy feel that the manufacturer promises.

  • Firm support holds well against heavy weight, maintaining the pillow’s shape and size
  • Soft velour cover is easy on the skin and impressively breathable to reduce heat accumulation and sweating
  • Small footprint allows users to place the pillow easily on limited sofa seating surfaces
  • Responsive shredded memory foam filling gently contours against your body for full contact across your back
  • Exaggerated lumbar support maintains proper spinal alignment during use
  • Small backrest surface is just 21 inches in height and 12 inches in width which might only be suitable for small users
  • Clumped up memory foam needs to be broken up to achieve the ideal cushy comfort
6 Best price

Milliard – Best Classic Reading Pillow


  • Stuffing: shredded memory foam
  • Cover material: velour
  • Removable cover: Yes
  • Warranty: 30-day return only
  • Other features: CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Available in 3 sizes

Simplified and stripped of all those complicated features, the Milliard reading pillow is especially popular among buyers who want something that just gets the job done. The design comes in three different sizes, accommodating everyone from kids to adults, providing the cushy comfort of shredded memory foam along the way. The pillow is stuffed with premium high-density viscoelastic material, offering firm support to keep your back in place.

Milliard -3

For those who prefer to sink into their pillow, the design also offers an easy-access foam compartment that lets you take from or add to the stuffing to match your firmness preferences. The Milliard brand sells the stuffing as a separate purchase as well, so you can easily get your hands on the added filling.

For added comfort, the velour exterior cover provides a surface that’s ultra-soft to touch to top off the lavish experience. It’s also conveniently removable for easy washing and stain removal. A few things we noticed about the Milliard is that it doesn’t stand quite as reliably without a wall or headrest behind it. A firm pillow to go behind the design can help keep it from slumping against your weight. Other than that, it’s also slightly on the small side. So if you’re upwards of 5’8”, even their largest size might not have enough surface area to comfortably fit your frame.

  • Velour cover provides soft-to-touch, adding a layer of comfort that’s easy on the skin
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam material is supportive and quick to rebound, returning to its initial size and shape after useAdjustable firmness allows users to fine-tune density to meet their unique needs for comfort and support
  • Machine washable cover is especially easy to rid of stains and stink
  • Basic design gets the job done
  • Small pillow size might not be able to accommodate users upwards of 5’8”
  • Works best with a sturdy backrest to keep the pillow from slouching too much

ZOEMO – Best Cotton-Filled Reading Pillow


  • Stuffing: organic cotton
  • Cover material: velour
  • Removable cover: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Other features: sewn-in pockets, oversized silhouette
  • Available in 2 colors

The ZOEMO Reading Pillow features an oversized structure that’s perfect for larger users. Made with premium cotton filling enveloped in a velour exterior, the pillow is especially soft and responsive, contouring effortlessly to your body shape.


The neck roll that comes attached to the backrest is filled with a slightly firmer material called cluster ball fiber. This provides the cradle-like comfort of an efficient neck support to relieve stress on your cervical spine. Thanks to its organic cotton filling, the ZOEMO pillow makes a suitable choice for users with unique sensitivities. The hypoallergenic material is easy on individuals with allergies, providing a delicate, odor-free experience that won’t trigger a reaction. An internal zipper gives you access to the cotton inside, providing the opportunity for firmness adjustment or for stuffing replacement.

With its larger silhouette and premium cotton filling, the ZOEMO brings unique benefits to the table. Do keep in mind though that because it’s stuffed with organic cotton, it may flatten out with time. We also found it to sit a little warmer than other choices, so if you deal with lots of sweating, it might not be for you.

  • Extra-large pillow size can easily fit larger users without compromising comfort or support
  • Soft velour cover is pleasant on the skin and removable for easy maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic filling makes the perfect choice for users with unique sensitivities
  • Easy access stuffing compartment lets you add to, take away from, or completely replace the filling
  • Cluster ball fiber-filled neck roll provides slightly firmer support to relieve stress on your neck
  • Not quite as breathable as memory foam filled pillows
  • Tends to flatten with time, requiring routine cotton refills or replacement

MALOUF Z – Best Breathable Reading Pillow


  • Stuffing: shredded memory foam
  • Cover material: velour and bamboo fiber
  • Removable cover: no
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Other features: wide backrest

It doesn’t matter how soft, cushy, and responsive a pillow’s stuffing is – if it traps heat, it’s going to be uncomfortable. Material that prevents the dissipation of heat can cause loads of sweating, making you feel hot and sticky on top of the risk of odor development.

Fortunately, choices like that from MALOUF Z aim to rectify that. This breathable pillow uses premium shredded memory foam encased in a breathable cover made from a blend of bamboo fiber and velour. All together, these materials aim to release trapped heat and wick away moisture for a comfortable cool that lasts.


The spacious pillow surface frees the head and neck, allowing air to flow freely across your exposed skin for improved heat management. The dark grey cover – both stylish and durable – can easily complement your furniture for added decorative appeal. What’s more, the pillow itself is impressively lightweight which makes the transfer, storage, and maintenance all the more hassle-free.

As you probably already knew, the MALOUF Z reading pillow isn’t without its fair share of flaws. One thing that really stuck out to us was that the cover isn’t removable. The manufacturer recommends spot treatment for stains, but that might limit the extent of cleaning you can do with the design. Another thing we need to mention is the kind of memory foam it uses. The material does have a tendency to retain body indentations. Constant fluffing might be necessary to keep it in shape.

  • Premium breathable bamboo and velour cover provides a cool, moisture-free feel against the skin
  • Responsive memory foam immediately responds to your weight to match your body curves
  • Dark grey cover is stylish and durable, fitting nicely with your interior decor
  • Lightweight design allows easy transport, storage, and maintenance
  • Spacious pillow width allows a comfortable fit for users of all sizes
  • Cover isn’t removable
  • Constant fluffing necessary to maintain the foam’s density and shape

Animal Adventure – Best Reading Pillow for Kids


  • Stuffing: polyester
  • Cover material: cotton
  • Removable cover: no
  • Warranty: 90 day returns only
  • Other features: sewn-in pockets
  • Available in 13 designs

Kids that like to wind down in bed with their tablet or a good book need just as much comfort and support as you do. So if you’ve got a child who likes to sit up and wait for sleepiness to settle in, the Animal Adventure reading pillow should make a suitable purchase.

These adorable pillows come in a wide array of designs featuring some of your kid’s favorite food, animals, or cartoon characters, making them especially fun to use and keep on display. Their soft cotton covers are fuzzy and plush, offering cuddle-worthy comfort that’s guaranteed to keep your child cozy and calm for hours.

Animal Adventure -3

Inside the fun pillow is a blend of polyester fibers that give the design that signature stuffed animal softness. The material is breathable and responsive, molding ever so slightly to your child’s weight. Despite that, the pillow brings a gentle rebound that restores the pillow back to its original shape and density after every use. The combination of materials also makes it so that the pillow isn’t too heavy, letting your child carry and transport the design with little effort.

On the downside, you’ve got a pillow with covers that can’t be removed. While spot treatment can get rid of minor stains, major cleaning may require tedious hand washing. Other than that, the pillow doesn’t hold well without a structured wall or headrest behind it, limiting the applications that it might have in and around your home.

  • Polyester stuffing holds up well against frequent use, providing breathable comfort that lasts
  • Adorable designs can easily find a place in your kid’s room
  • Fluffy cotton cover adds a touch of cuddly comfort
  • Lightweight construction is easy to move, transport, and store even for smaller kids
  • Comes with a large pocket for your child’s books, tablet, and other bedtime essentials
  • Non-removable cover may require hand washing for a complete clean
  • May require a back wall or headrest to prop up against especially when used by bigger kids

Contour Products Genie – Best Reading Pillow for Bed


  • Stuffing: inflatable
  • Cover material: PVC vinyl
  • Removable cover: no
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Other features: remote control, immediate adjustment
  • Available in 4 sizes

Here’s a convenient pick that doesn’t always have to be splayed across your bed when you don’t need it. The Contour Products Genie reading pillow is a full-length inflatable air pillow that wedges behind your existing pillows to elevate and give you that added support during bedtime reading. The adjustable design can be inflated to just the right height so you can enjoy a customized comfort experience for a variety of activities and preferences.

Contour Products Genie

For added convenience, the air pillow can be kept just underneath your bedroom pillows when deflated. Using the air pump that comes with the design, you can instantly achieve your desired elevation without the added hassle of set-up. In that way, the pillow also makes an affordable alternative to an adjustable mattress, letting you achieve the same effect with the bed you already have.

Elevating your pillows up to 40 degrees, the Contour Products Genie is convenient, versatile, and effortless. We did notice however that the surface of the inflatable pillow might cause some slippage against the fabric covers of a mattress or a pillow. Covering it with non-skid material can help keep it in place through the night. Aside from that, the medium elevation might not work out too well if there’s just one person on the pillow, causing air to displace in areas where there isn’t any weight on the design.

  • Standby solution can be deflated for a flat bed surface or inflated to achieve fine-tuned elevation for a variety of activities
  • Durable PVC vinyl material is highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Remote controlled operations let you make necessary adjustments without hopping out of bed
  • Discreet design can be completely hidden when deflated
  • Full bed length provides elevation benefits for all sleepers
  • PVC tends to slip against pillows and bedsheets, which may call for a non-skid cover
  • Applying uneven weight on the design can displace air and cause uneven elevation across the surface

Xtra-Comfort Wedge – Best Wedge Reading Pillow


  • Stuffing: memory foam
  • Cover material: polyester
  • Removable cover: yes
  • Warranty: 60 day returns only
  • Other features: folding design

The Xtra-Comfort Wedge pillow is a versatile memory foam design that uses a slab of material instead of the more common shredded foam. This makes it more structured compared to other choices, providing stable, resistant comfort that doesn’t sink like quicksand. The design incorporates two foam segments that can be folded in or laid out to achieve a variety of sitting positions in bed.

Xtra-Comfort Wedge -2

Versatile and convenient, the large wedge can be positioned for a high recline or a gentle elevation to suit a range of preferences. Covered in a breathable, removable polyester cover, the pillow allows easy maintenance with its machine washable exterior that zips right off.

Because it uses a slab of foam, do expect that it traps quite a bit of heat over extended periods of use. Some buyers have also complained that the pillow might be a little too firm, which makes it particularly uncomfortable for users who suffer from pressure points.

  • Versatile design uses two foam segments for a wide array of positioning possibilities
  • Durable foam material holds well against constant use without losing density
  • Removable, machine washable covers make it easy to keep the pillow clean and fresh
  • Spacious surface accommodates users of all sizes
  • Solid memory foam interior keeps you from sinking into the material
  • Might be too firm for people who suffer from pressure points
  • Lacking in breathability

WOWMAX – Best Full Length Reading Pillow


  • Stuffing: memory foam
  • Cover material: corduroy
  • Removable cover: yes
  • Warranty: 30 day returns only
  • Other features: full length
  • Available in 11 colors and 8 sizes

If you and your partner both prefer that gentle recline when you’re in bed, there’s the WOWMAX reading pillow. This full-length design spans the entire width of your bed, providing a consistent recline no matter where you lie down. Two surfaces of the pillow can be used to achieve your desired height, with one offering a higher elevation and another closer to the bed’s surface. Available in all bed sizes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your mattress – or for your day bed.


Filled with shredded memory foam, the WOWMAX pillow is responsive yet dense, providing ample support that doesn’t consume you into the material as you rest your weight. The exterior is covered in a premium corduroy material that resists slipping, letting you rest against the pillow without having to readjust every so often.

On the downside, the extra-large pillow can be tough to move around. The weighty design takes quite a bit of elbow grease to position and clean because of its extra length. Other than that, the buttons that depress the foam might not hold up too well against daily use. Other than that, it makes a suitable choice for your bed or sofa.

  • Full-length design covers the width of your bed for consistent elevation across the entire surface
  • Two different elevation settings to match your needs and activity
  • Durable corduroy covers are resistant to wear and tear, removable, and machine washable
  • High-density memory foam filling provides plush comfort that’s responsive and supportive
  • Works as an alternative headboard or daybed pillow
  • Buttons may come undone with frequent use
  • Particularly heavy and difficult to move

Buyer’s Guide

Give your selection a quick scan and you’ll find that no two pillows are ever the same. Needless to say, the wide array of choices can make the entire process of choosing a reading pillow a tad overwhelming. So how would you know whether a pillow would be right for you if you don’t have the chance to try it out before buying it?

Here are some of the factors and features you might want to consider to guarantee your satisfaction.

Best Reading Pillows-2

Make and Material

Manufacturers can use a range of different materials to serve as covers and filling for their pillows. As you might have guessed, all of these varieties bring different types of comfort that may or may not meet your preferences. Knowing how each material performs should help you get a better understanding of which pillow would best suit your standards.


  • Shredded memory foam – Literally made from shredded chunks of memory foam, these pillows leverage the soft, plush texture of viscoelastic material. The difference is that they’re not as dense resulting in a more responsive, forgiving feel that depresses more dramatically against your weight. These pillows are often best for those who appreciate the cushy texture of fluffy pillows.
  • Memory foam – A contoured slab of memory foam creates a dense wall of material that’s slower to respond compared to shredded memory foam. Like the Xtra-Comfort Wedge, these pillows do offer more support which makes them ideal for users who might experience lower back and neck pain without proper spinal alignment.
  • Polyester – Polyester fiberfill is what you’d typically find stuffed inside a typical pillow. Large clumps of the material create a breathable meshwork of plush filling. However, they are prone to long-term body indentations. Fluffing up the pillow can restore density after use. The kid’s pillow from Animal Adventure makes the perfect example.
  • Air – Inflatable designs such as the Contour Products Genie that wedge behind your pillow can be a great way to create the perfect reading conditions in bed. Although they cost a little more, an air pillow can be a space-saving, portable option that allows easier storage.


  • Cotton – Manufactured without pesticide treatments and harsh chemicals, cotton has become the golden standard for sleep product covers. They’re soft on the skin, breathable, and easy to maintain, making them a suitable choice for a variety of users.
  • Microfiber – Durable and inexpensive, microfiber is prized for its ability to withstand constant, daily use without breaking down or tearing. Ideal for applications that entail lots of abuse, microfiber upholstery or covers on reading pillows can be especially long-wearing.
  • Velour – Extra smooth and slightly fuzzy, velour mimics velvet in terms of feel. The main difference is that velour gives a bit of a stretch, allowing it to contour more readily to your weight to match your body’s curves.
  • Bamboo fiber – Beloved for its breathability and antimicrobial properties, bamboo fiber can make maintenance just that much easier while providing you a climate-controlled comfort experience. The MALOUF Z maximizes the use of bamboo rayon, which lends incredible heat dissipation.

Best Reading Pillows-1


Playing a major role in the comfort experience, firmness tells you how much resistance a pillow will have versus your weight. Firm pillows that use high-density foam will provide very little give, feeling more like a sturdy backrest, like the Avana Comfort System. These are best for those who appreciate the stable support of more structured design.

Moderate firm pillows are slightly more cushy, letting your weight sink into the material for a body-conforming feel. Often, memory foam pillows will provide this kind of experience, whether their full slabs or shredded pieces.

Lastly, there are the soft pillows. Typically filled with polyester fiberfill, these pillows will let your body melt right into the material and will sink relatively more as you use them. They’re best for those who enjoy the plush feel of soft padding regardless of the support they provide.

Breathability and Odor Control

Having your back against a pillow for hours can generate lots of heat and cause uncomfortable sweating. Plus, pillows that tend to absorb moisture and lack the proper ventilation can easily lose density over time. Not to mention the smell that they’re likely to develop.

Treated materials that use odor-eliminating infusions can help keep foul smells at bay. Breathable polyester fiberfill or shredded memory foam can allow greater ventilation than solid slabs of foam, allowing unrestricted airflow to dissipate heat and manage sweat production.

Best Reading Pillows

Added Features

If you’re looking for a reading pillow that’s simple and straightforward, then a basic pillow should get the job done. But, there are more complicated designs that incorporate a broad range of other features that make them more versatile and convenient for their users.

  • Pockets – Sewn into the upholstery or covers, pockets can be used for all sorts of items like smartphones, headsets, USB reading lights, and magazines or pamphlets.
  • Removable covers – Aside from allowing easier maintenance, removable covers will sometimes open up the possibility of pillow adjustment. These designs may give you access to the stuffing compartment where you can add or remove material to meet your desired firmness.
  • Adjustable loft – Pillows like the Husband Pillow Aspen Edition will let you adjust height or loft to achieve the kind of comfort you need. This can let you adapt your pillow to your present situation, letting you access different kinds of comfort with a single pillow design.


Both polyester and shredded memory foam-filled pillows can be washed in a conventional washing machine, given that the manufacturer doesn’t explicitly discourage it on the care label. Solid memory foam reading pillows, on the other hand, should only be given spot treatment to maintain their cleanliness.

In all cases where machine washing is permissible, use warm to cool water in a gentle cycle and do not use heat to dry the pillows. Tumble dry to get rid of excess moisture and hang dry to completely dry out the material.

If you’ve purchased a vacuum sealed memory foam reading pillow, then it may take up to 48 hours to reach its maximum size. Polyester pillows tend to expand within minutes of being taken out of the bag. If you notice that your pillow doesn’t meet the size specified in the listing, you can reach out to the manufacturer to get a replacement.

That depends on the specific design. Most pillows are designed with the structure they need to stand freely anywhere you place them. Then there are others that require the structure of a headboard to serve their purpose as a reading pillow. If you’re looking for a pillow that can stand without the need for a wall behind it, choose solid memory foam since these are more likely to stand without the need for added structure.

What’s the Best Reading Pillow then?

After everything’s been said and done, the Husband Pillow Aspen Edition comes out as the ultimate reading pillow. Versatile, durable, and exceptionally comfortable, this premium pillow design promises to give you the support you need throughout the night. Plus, all of its convenience features make it a total no-brainer if you were hoping to achieve a hitch-free evening of reading and relaxing.

But if for some reason, the Husband Pillow just doesn’t meet your preferences, we’ve got 11 other picks that just might. Read through our vetted picks and find your best reading pillow from a pool of choices that are guaranteed to satisfy based on our strict standards.

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