8 Best Sewing Machines Under $200 – You CAN Afford This Hobby

Sewing is one of those things that people tend to think is harder than it actually is. That’s why many of us turn to retail to find clothes, never even considering the thought that maybe we could sew our own garments and home essentials. But for as complex as stitching up your own garments and pieces might seem, the skill is easily acquirable with just a little practice and of course, the right stuff for the job.

Whether you’re interested in sewing for household, or if you want to become your own bespoke clothing brand, the best sewing machine under 200 can be a major investment. Sewing machines make the process of creating, repairing, and altering garments and decorative household pieces that much easier, minimizing the effort required from you while ensuring proper, durable, lasting stitches that might just help you achieve that store-bought look and feel.

You might be thinking, sure my own sewing machine would be great, but those things are expensive, I’ll never find a good one for $200! Well, that’s not entirely true. There are some pretty impressive models out there that pack all the features for seamless performance – minus the hefty price tag. Don’t believe it? We’ve put together a list of the 8 best sewing machines under 200 to help you find a cost-effective choice that can satisfy your penchant for sewing.

Overview table

Even just a basic internet search will show you just how many affordable sewing machines are at your disposal. And while the sheer number of choices can somehow make it obvious that there’s bound to be one out there just for you, the task of sifting through the available options can be nothing short of overwhelming. So, we’ve gone ahead and done that for you.

We researched and reviewed each sewing machine under a $200 price limit and ranked each one based on their performance. Our criteria for ranking included ease of use, versatility, motor specifications, noise level, type of operation, and of course, warranties and the availability of replacement parts. And with all of these factors considered, we found these 8 sewing machines to be seamless choices despite their inviting prices.


Editor choice 1 Brother CS6000i
Brother CS6000i
(Best Versatile Sewing Machine Under 200)

Fully computerized, the CS6000i from Brother is a reliable all-around sewing machine for all types of projects – from garments to decorative household pieces. Convenient and equipped with a powerful motor, the machine delivers excellent results on all types of fabric with its extensive stitching selection and functionality.

2 SINGER 7258
(Best Compact Sewing Machine Under 200)

Small yet efficient, the SINGER 7258 brings you all the essentials and more. With its tiny footprint, this sewing machine can fit any space, but also delivers all the features you need to work on projects both big and small.

3 Brother HC1850
Brother HC1850
(Best Sewing Machine for Stitches Settings)

The H1850 expands the humble hobbyist’s horizons with 130 different stitch types that explore functional, decorative, and heirloom stitch styles for a variety of projects. Fully computerized and fitted with a range of convenience features, this machine can be the ideal companion for a diverse range of sewing tasks from garments to decorative household essentials

4 SINGER 4411
(Best Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine Under 200)

Designed for heavy-duty performance, the SINGER 4411 is a machine that can survive hours of speedy stitching, letting you work on large projects that call for basic, functional stitch work. Robust and reinforced, the 4411 makes the ideal companion for no-nonsense projects that need lengths of reliable, secure sewing.

5 Janome Arctic Crystal
Janome Arctic Crystal
(Best Beginner Sewing Machine Under 200)

Don’t let its adorable aesthetic fool you – this sewing machine is more than just for display. This beginner’s sewing machine comes equipped with all the basics and more, helping you improve your skill one stitch at a time.

6 SINGER Talent 3323
SINGER Talent 3323
( Best Sewing Machine for Clothes)

The Singer Talent 3323 can help you release your creativity and eye for fashion, delivering all the essentials for effortless garment construction. Incorporating features that are especially helpful for making your own clothing, the 3323 model can be perfect for the budding fashion designer.

7 Brother XM2701
Brother XM2701
(Best Budget Sewing Machine Under 200)

At under half our maximum price point for this list, the XM2701 from the Brother brand wows with its complete features at an incredibly low price. The cost-effective machine delivers suitable performance for both beginners and advanced hobbyists looking for a machine they can take wherever they want.

8 Singer 3232
Singer 3232
(Best Sewing Machine for Decorative Stitch Work)

Slow and steady wins the race, but in this case, it wins the crown for decorative stitch work. The Singer 3232 comes with a gentler motor that allows slower speeds, letting you achieve more intricate stitches with greater precision.



1 Editor choice

Brother CS6000i – Best Versatile Sewing Machine Under 200


  • Maximum sewing speed: 850 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length: 5mm
  • Stitch types: 60
  • Built-in free arm
  • 8 sewing and quilting feet included

Coming in at the top of our list is the Brother CS6000i. Fully computerized, the CS6000i is a versatile, durable, and convenient choice that combines a range of features to let you work on virtually any type of project. Its spacious, oversized table was designed to accommodate even the thickest of fabrics, letting you work on everything from the humble dress to the most ambitious of quilts.

Being that it is a computerized machine, the CS6000i comes equipped with an LCD display that lets you customize settings with incredible ease. Selector switches that work with the screen allow you to choose a stitch and designate its length and width for truly effortless preparations. A sewing speed slide just underneath the LCD screen makes for easier speed setting adjustments, letting you fine-tune your tempo and achieve the ideal pace for your project.

Brother CS6000i

The silent hum of the CS6000i is perhaps one of its most impressive features. The digitized operation allows especially quiet sewing that makes it a dream to use even in the dead of night. On top of all that, you can expect the machine to feature all the basics you would expect – an automatic needle threader, work area lighting, a built-in free arm, and effortless threading to get you started in no time. The only problem? Adjusting the tension might take a little experimentation and calculation, but once you get it right, it’s smooth stitching from there.

  • Computerized operation allows effortless setting adjustments
  • Silent motor lets you stitch and sew well in the wee hours without disrupting the household
  • Large work area allows you to maneuver thick, bulky fabrics with ease
  • Intuitive controls use switches, buttons, and sliders so you can adjust your settings at a glance
  • Lightweight machine works well for both beginner and intermediate projects
  • Tension adjustment might take some getting used to

SINGER 7258 – Best Compact Sewing Machine Under 200


  • Maximum sewing speed: 750 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length: 3mm
  • Stitch types: 100
  • Drop-in bobbin with clear cover
  • 6 built-in 1-step button hole types

Compact and computerized, the SINGER 7258 boasts a tiny footprint that packs powerful performance. Dubbed the ‘Quantum Stylist’, this machine was made for all sorts of projects but does best with garment stitching. Capable of up to 100 different stitch types, the machine offers versatility and ease of use with a range of convenience features that make sewing a seamless experience.

The computerized model features a small LCD screen that lets you adjust your settings with intuitive controls. Upon selecting a stitch type, the machine automatically determines the optimal length and width but gives you the option to set your own desired specifics by way of its control panel. In the same way, the screen also lets you make speed adjustments with the push of a button, saving you time and allowing a more precise pace.

Singer 7258 -1

Some other features that make it especially convenient include its easy-to-load bobbin system, its 6 different 1-step automatic buttonhole feature, and its snap-on presser feet that let you set-up your machine in no time – all fitted onto a tiny, compact machine.

If not for its relatively short cord pedal at just 4 feet, the machine would have been much closer to perfection.

  • Compact footprint easily fits even the smallest of workshops and hobby spaces
  • Various types of stitches allow you to tackle different kinds of products for both functional and decorative work
  • Clear cover on the bobbin system lets you see exactly how much thread you have throughout your project
  • Intuitive control panel lets you adjust your settings with greater ease
  • Computerized operation enables fine-tuned, precision adjustments that are more accurate than manual machines
  • Short pedal cable at just 4 feet in length

Brother HC1850 – Best Sewing Machine for Stitches Settings


  • Maximum sewing speed: 850 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length: 5mm
  • Stitch types: 130
  • 170 stitch functions
  • Detachable wide table included

With an extensive 130 stitch types, the Brother HC1850 is especially versatile, giving you the opportunity to discover a range of functional and decorative stitches that can expand your horizons and help you unlock even more sewing projects. And to make it even easier for you to work on larger tasks like quilts, blankets, and curtains, the machine comes with a detachable wide table and a spring action quilting foot that promise to ease the task of working with thicker, larger pieces of cloth.

As a computerized machine, the HC1850 showcases a simple LCD display that shows you all the details of your current settings. From stitch width and length, to stitch type and speed, this compact screen allows effortless setting adjustments that precisely determine the performance of your machine. Of course, what really makes the HC1850 particularly special is its wide array of available stitches. With 130 different stitch types, the machine even includes a built-in monogram font that lets you stitch letters directly to your projects with the utmost ease.

Brother HC1850-6

Equipped with an LED light, an automatic needle threader, a quick-set bobbin system, and a stitch directory flip chart installed right into the machine’s side, the HC1850 lets you take control of every aspect of your project.

Watch out though – for as impressive as the HC1850 might seem, its needle does jump when working on thicker, folded corners on tougher fabrics like denim.

  • Extensive selection of stitch types and functions let you work on virtually any type of project
  • Detachable wide table and spring action quilting foot make for effortless quilt-work
  • Computerized operation makes it easier to adjust settings for a fine-tuned performance.
  • Built-in monogram font paves the way for customized projects
  • Stitch type and function flip chart on the machine’s side lets you choose the right settings without having to pull out a manual
  • Needle tends to jump when working on thicker, folded fabric corners. Work slowly to minimize the risk.

SINGER 4411 – Best Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine Under 200


  • Maximum sewing speed: 1100 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length: 6mm
  • Stitch types: 11
  • Ultra-heavy-duty design
  • 60% stronger motor

If you’re looking to work on more demanding projects that call for hours of sewing machine use on heavy, dense fabrics, there’s no better companion than the SINGER 4411. Designed to be especially heavy-duty, this machine boasts a robust metal interior frame, a stainless-steel bedplate, and a supremely powerful motor that delivers relatively faster sewing rates for jobs that require lots of straight lines of stitch work like curtains, blankets, and other larger pieces.

The powerful 4411 was designed to be your reliable workhorse for projects that don’t require too many intricate stitches. And that’s why it only comes with 11 built-in stitch styles including 1 built-in button hole style since the machine was engineered specifically for functional sewing instead of decorative work. And to make it even easier to get loads of essential stitching done faster, the machine revs it up to up to 1100 stitches per minute.

SINGER 4411 -4

As a manual sewing machine, the 4411 uses controls that require that you turn knobs and make adjustments yourself with a range of knobs, buttons, and switches located all over the machine’s body. Dedicated controls for stitch width, length, and reverse let you fine-tune operations to match your needs. Plus, using the SINGER Sewing Assistant app with the machine helps to maximize what you can do, offering you loads of tips and information for a more fruitful sewing experience.

Powerful and robust, the only limitation with the 4411 is that it might not be ideal for those who are interested in decorative, heirloom projects. The model does deliver the fast-paced, reliable basic performance that can help you sew and repair a range of garments and household pieces, but with such a limited range of stitch types and included feet, it might not be ideal for some hobbyists.

  • Reinforced body and internal mechanism improve the sewing machine’s lifespan
  • Capable of faster sewing speeds at up to 1100 stitches per minute
  • Excellent performance with no-nonsense stitch work
  • Works effortlessly on thicker, denser fabrics without a hitch
  • Easy controls let you accurately adjust settings with intuitive knobs, switches, and buttons
  • Basic stitch types and a modest number of included feet might limit the possibility for intricate decorative work

Janome Arctic Crystal – Best Beginner Sewing Machine Under 200


  • Maximum sewing speed: 800 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length: 4mm
  • Stitch types: 15
  • Front-loading bobbin
  • Removable free arm with hidden storage compartment

We all need to start somewhere, and the Janome Arctic Crystal sewing machine can be the best way to set you off on the right foot. It’s inviting seafoam green body, the Janome Arctic Crystal machine dazzles at a glance, making it even more inviting to take a seat and learn the ropes – or the threads – of sewing. But once you get past its adorable exterior, the Janome sewing machine brings a wealth of functional features that make it the ideal companion for novices.

Janome Arctic Crystal -2

Easy to use and exceedingly convenient, the Arctic Crystal was specifically designed to make it easier to become a self-taught sewing extraordinaire. The machine comes with 15 built-in basic and fashion stitches and 1 button hole style – just enough to get you started off on your brand-new hobby. Its 3-piece food dog system is particularly easy to manage, letting you push your fabric into the machine without a hitch which can make it possible to perfect the dexterity needed for the job.

Some other things that might make the Janome Arctic Crystal a good pick for beginners are the fact that the body itself features plastered instructions that teach you how to work each part of the machine. The removable free arm attachment doubles as a storage compartment, adding a convenient touch that expands the machine’s versatility. The only downside is that it comes equipped with a front-loading bobbin that’s difficult to work with.

  • Picture instructions on different parts of the machine let you figure out the operation at a glance
  • Basic functionality simplifies the process of sewing machine operation to ease the learning curve
  • 3-piece dog feed system allows easier fabric feeding to help you nail the required dexterity for machine sewing
  • Spacious work area accommodates larger fabrics and quilts
  • Simplified controls allow intuitive adjustment for beginners
  • Front-loading bobbing might be a little fickle to work with

SINGER Talent 3323 – Best Sewing Machine for Clothes


  • Maximum sewing speed: 800 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length: 4mm
  • Stitch types: 23
  • Variable needle positions
  • Bonus fashion attachments

Fashion your own clothes from scratch with the SINGER Talent 3323. This machine incorporates a number of features that make it especially helpful for sewing clothes, including a detachable free arm cover that lets you work on tighter clothing areas like sleeves and pant hems without having to lift the machine to accommodate the closed fabric. But there’s a whole lot more to the Talent 3323 than that.

The machine can accommodate variable needle positions that let you shift the angle and height of the needle to target clothing projects with greater precision. This, in combination with the even feed foot, allow effortless construction on a range of different fabrics and textures. The machine is capable of 23 different built-in stitch styles, and one automatic 1-step button hole style that can be more than enough for a range of clothing patterns and projects.

SINGER Talent 3323-3

With four bonus fashion attachments that are specifically intended to expand the possibilities for garment construction, the SINGER Talent 3323 helps to unleash the stylist in you with its well-executed design. Keep in mind though that it is pretty lightweight which sheds light on just how many metal parts it has. Being that the majority of the accessories and the machine’s exterior uses plastic, you might want to be particularly careful when handling it.

  • Large workspace to handle bigger clothing garments
  • Removable free arm cover lets you work on sleeves and other tighter clothing parts without lifting the machine
  • 23 stitch styles can be more than enough to create a range of garment styles and designs
  • Four bonus fashion attachments further expand your horizons and open up opportunities for different pieces of clothing
  • Variable needle positions enable more precise stitching on intricate pieces
  • Made mainly from plastic pieces that might make it feel a little flimsy

Brother XM2701 – Best Budget Sewing Machine Under 200


  • Maximum sewing speed: 800 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length: 4mm
  • Stitch types: 27
  • Less than $100
  • Lightweight, portable build

As the most affordable sewing machine on our list, the Brother XM2701 comes in at less than half of our $200 price limit, making it especially attractive for those who want to spend the least while still getting the most. Lightweight and user-friendly, the XM2701 was developed for beginners who are interested in learning the basics, or for more advanced users who might be interested in a machine they can take with them on the go (if portability and efficiency are the optimal criteria for you, you can also read our review about 9 Best Mini Sewing Machines).

The XM2701 has 27 built-in stitches for functional and decorative work. As you might expect, it comes with the standard automatic needle threader, stitch selector, and adjustment controls that make it especially easy to operate. The top-load bobbin, despite being a little on the fickle side, boasts a jam-proof system that promises to keep your thread knot-free throughout use. On top of all of that, the machine also comes equipped with a 1-step button hole style, an LED brightened work area, and an instructional DVD to help you get the hang of your new machine right off the bat.

Brother XM2701 -2

Efficient and straightforward, this budget-friendly option brings you almost everything you could want in a sewing machine.

The only con? The compact design might not accommodate larger fabrics for more extensive projects. So, if you’re working on quilts, blankets, or curtains, it might not be the easiest to feed.

  • Significantly lower cost compared to other models on our list
  • 27 built-in stitches provide an extensive selection for a variety of project types
  • Easy stitch selector uses a dial to let you decide on the proper style for your piece without a hitch
  • Lightweight build makes it a suitable pick for those in search of a portable machine
  • Intuitive design makes operation hassle-free
  • Small workspace might make it tough to work on larger projects like quilts and blankets

Singer 3232 – Best Sewing Machine for Decorative Stitch Work


  • Maximum sewing speed: 750 stitches per minute
  • Maximum stitch length: 5mm
  • Stitch types: 32
  • Extra-high presser foot
  • Simplified adjustment controls

The Singer 3232 comes with a modest maximum speed of just 750 stitches per minute. With its slower motor and gentler operation, the machine makes the ideal choice for those who want to work more intricately, creating patterns and decorative stitching on clothing and household pieces with a reliable machine.

More than its speed, the Singer 3232 also expands the possibilities with its 32 built-in stitches that include 6 basic, 6 decorative, and 19 stretch styles that let you achieve different outcomes with a single device.

Singer 3232-1

As expected from the Singer brand, the 3232 model also comes equipped with a range of convenience features including a free arm, a 1-step button hole function, easy-to-operate adjustment knobs, and an extra-high presser foot setting that lets you feed thicker fabrics underneath your needle to work on layers of material at a single time.

Reliable and durable, the slightly heavier machine isn’t without its fair share of flaws. For the most part, the biggest issue is that the button hole feature can be a little temperamental, so it will take some time getting used to if you want to use the feature without any hassle.

  • Straightforward controls let you make the necessary adjustments without too much guesswork
  • Extra-high presser foot accommodates thicker fabrics for larger or layered projects
  • 32 stitch styles can provide lots of opportunity for a variety of construction and repair jobs
  • Slow motor permits more intricate stitch work
  • Durable construction promises a longer lifespan
  • Button hole feature can be a chore to get used to

Buyer’s Guide

Sure, our list of sewing machines might serve some of the most affordable picks on the market, but that doesn’t mean you can settle on a decision all willy-nilly. It helps to know what you’re getting yourself into before you settle on a purchase to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money and to prevent the hassle of having to go through the return process.

With a sewing machine, there are quite a few features worth considering. Taking these factors into account can help you better understand what you need and thus which model will work best to meet or even exceed your standards.

Janome Arctic Crystal -5

Stitch Styles

You’ll often encounter stitch styles as one of the most commonly considered factors for sewing machines. These are essentially a range of types of stitches that you can use to work on your projects. Stitch styles are often categorized into essential stitches, decorative stitches, and stretch stitches. Depending on the projects you want to work on, it would be vital that you take a look into the types of stitches that a machine can produce.

The essential stitches are the most commonly used and they’re usually what you would find inside a clothing garment. They’re usually hidden from view, discreet and simplified, with the purpose of holding folds and fabrics together. Decorative stitches, as you might expect, add a touch of aesthetic to a project. They’re usually used for borders or even for embroidery on a variety of pieces. The stretch stitches are those that are used on more elastic fabrics. They accommodate the stretch of the material without snapping under the tension.

Knowing what you want to work on with your machine should tell you what kind of stitches you should be on the lookout for. If you’re hoping to experiment and push the envelope of what your sewing machine can do, choices like the Brother HC1850 can deliver versatile results. If you need just the bare essentials, the SINGER 4411 offers just 8 of the most important stitch styles.

SINGER 4411 -1

Manual vs Computerized

The main difference between a manual and a computerized machine would be their ease of use. In a lot of ways, those with digital LCD screens accompany by buttons, switches, and knobs can make adjusting settings easier and more precise. On the other hand, manual models are often cheaper, and of course, they give off that more traditional sewing machine thrum that might be a satisfying plus point for some users.

Another distinction is noise. Most manual sewing machines like the Janome Arctic Crystal might give off a bit more vibration and noise, while computerized versions like the SINGER 7258 tend to be far more silent. At the end of the day, there is no better option between these two varieties, just a better fit for your unique preferences.

Janome Arctic Crystal -4

Stitch Adjustment Limitations

Stitch length and width pertain to the qualities of the stitch that the machine will produce. The shorter the length, the more stitches you get in a given span of material. For instance, the shortest length on most machines is 2.5mm. Within a 1-inch length of material, that stitch length might give you around 10-12 stitches. The width, on the other hand, pertains to how far the stitch will reach on either side of its midline.

Again, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to this specific factor. What you really need to consider is the type of use you’re hoping to achieve with your machine. But if you were hoping for a larger span for both length and width, the SINGER 4411 still comes out as the best choice, letting you achieve bigger spaces between stitches compared to others on our list.

8 Best Sewing Machines Under 200

Motor Speed

Slower, steady motors that run at a less aggressive pace – like the SINGER 3232 – are best suited for intricate types of projects that require greater precision. So, they’re typically used for decorative stitch work that’s best achieved with a slow, steady pace. On the other hand, faster motors like that found in the SINGER 4411 with its 1100 stitch per minute pace are best for large bulks of stitching, like for mass production of the same designs or for large pieces of fabric like curtains.

Replacement Parts and Warranties

The repetitive use of a sewing machine can result to wear and tear over time. Choosing a model that comes from a reputable brand can help make it easier on your end to find replacement parts and repair assistance when it’s necessary. For the most part, the choices on our list all come from reliable names in the industry. On average, these machines offer up to 25 years of warranty coverage, with many of their parts widely available on the market in case you run into any damages.

8 Best Sewing Machines Under 200 -1


Q: How often should I have my sewing machine serviced and cleaned?

A: That ultimately depends on two factors – how often you use your machine and what kinds of materials you use. Cotton fabrics and threads will produce lint which can hide and accumulate throughout the internal workings of your machine. To play it safe, have it cleaned once a month if you use your machine more than once a week. For less frequent usage, servicing the machine three to four times a year may be more than enough.

Q: Why does my machine feel ‘heavy’ during operation?

A: Sewing machine motors need a lubricant to run smoothly. If your machine has seen quite a bit of use, or if you’ve kept it in storage for a while, then you might have to bring it to a shop to have the motor greased up. There are some machines and manufacturers that let you do the job on your own, but be wary especially if you’re a beginner.

Q: Why do my needles keep breaking?

A: Needles will break if the fabric being worked on is too thick for the specific type of needle. Larger, thicker needles work better for more demanding material like denim.

Other reasons for broken needles include improper insertion and pulling on the fabric as you work. Let the feed move the fabric through and simply guide the material throughout the stitch. Avoid pulling too hard on the material to prevent applying pressure on the needle during use.

8 Best Sewing Machines Under 200 -2


Sewing can be a highly productive hobby that might even open up the doors to a brand-new business. So, investing in a sewing machine – even if it’s under $200 – can be a great way to kick off your new-found pastime. Our bet for the best sewing machine under 200 has to be the Brother CS6000i. Fully computerized, this machine serves up the seamless performance that’s versatile, reliable, and exceedingly effortless.

But if it’s just not your cup of tea, there are loads of other picks. Make sure to check out our top-rated recommendations to find the ideal model for your needs, and discover just what you can do with some thread, some fabric, and a reliable sewing machine in your arsenal.

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  1. Can the Brother CS6000i sewing machine be suggested for a beginner? Is this easy to use? I’m a complete beginner. I don’t even know how to thread the machine.

    • Thank you for your question, Barbara! Yes, it can. This machine is perfect for a beginner!

      It’s simple to use and has an automatic needle threader that pushes thread through the needle, so you shouldn’t worry about how to thread your machine, because it’ll be easy. The speed is also adjustable and so you can sew as fast or as slow as you want. The work area is bright; the oversized table will give you extra space for larger projects.

      Hope it hepls! We’ll be happy to answer any other of your questions.

  2. Does the Singer 4411 heavy-duty sewing machine sew through the leather? I want to rapair my leather jacket with it…

    • Thank you for your question, David! We wouldn’t recommend you to use this machine with thick leather fabric. You need to buy an additional leather needle with a higher presser foot to take softer leather and denim as well. If your jacket is made of a soft leather you can try it out.

      Hope it hepls! We really appreciate your feed-back. Let us know if we can answer any other of your questions.

  3. Does the Singer 3232 machine have a cover? What brand of thread would you suggest for this sewing machine?

    • Thank you for your questions, Sharon! Yes it does. The Singer 3232 sewing machine has a soft dust cover.

      This machine can be used with all-purpose threads. For example polyester, rayon, topstitching thread and etc. There are many different brands of threads we can recommend but first you should remember about the type of fabric you use to choose the thread you need. The thicker the fabric, the thicker the needle. The machine’s manual has a recommendation chart concerning the fabric, needle and thread for your convenience.

      Hope it hepls! We will be happy to answer any other of your questions.

  4. I want to buy a sewing machine for my daughter who is 10 years old. So it will be her first sewing machine. I found your review quite attractive and stopped at Janome Arctic Crystal that was mentioned as the “Best Beginner Sewing Machine”. I like that this model has different colours, what will be interesting for a child. The manual is easy- to -follow what’s once again simplifies the work. So, I hope I made the right choice and this machine will inspire us for beautiful works!

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