10 Best Shower Systems – Your Bathroom is a Sanctuary, Your New Shower System is its Shrine

If you could imagine the technology and features of your bathroom being able to hold a conversation with you, what would you be saying back and forth to each other? Which one of these perplexing, often overlooked systems of health and hygiene would be offering you the greatest benefit from this enigmatic conversation? The shower system perhaps?

If you’ve ever taken the time to think about your daily health and hygiene routine, your shower system is more than likely the most integral, and intimate piece of technology that your bathroom is equipped with. It only takes a quick internet search on the history of shower invention and technology to see the curious works of humankind and our continuous obsession with improving our shrine of hygiene and the technologies within it.

With the ever-increasing improvement and adaptability of advance technology and design for the modern-day shower system, it appears that many others are still thinking of, and obsessing over those same improvements to this day.

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive, affordable, and technologically advanced shower systems that you can now add to your sanctuary of hygiene.

Overview table

No one said it would be an easy task finding your perfect shower system. In fact, anything in life worth having will be associated with some type of cost. That’s not to say, without getting too philosophical, that you don’t have plenty of help on your side to assist you with your decision.

Your comprehensive quick list of the best shower systems of 2019 and beyond is just below. And yes, they have been carefully ordered from one to ten, outlining the features, technology, and value for you. So, look no further, and please take all the time you need.


(Best all-in-one shower system)

Moen is known for its industry standard-setting bathroom products and technology, and this shower system is no exception. This shower kit, with its four body sprayers, vertical hand shower, and shower-head, won’t leave any location unwashed. Its digital controller will add precision temperature and spray control at your fingertips.

Editor choice 2 Blue Ocean SPA392M
Blue Ocean SPA392M
(Best affordable shower system)

A game-changer among the shower tower technologies. This aluminum alloy tower is equipped with eight adjustable water massage nozzles, and an added LED temperature display. It sports an appealing rainfall shower-head and handheld shower wand as well. All functions work independently for complete control of your shower experience.

3 Moen TS3304TB
Moen TS3304TB
(Best high-tech shower system)

Are you surprised to see Moen again? That’s because this piece of technology has changed the future of showering capabilities for good. An app-driven digital shower controller with remote voice and phone capabilities, and control over four outlets, and that’s just to start. How about an easy to read LCD screen and WI-fi connectivity?

4 ONLT HM-850005
ONLT HM-850005
(Best rainfall shower system)

Maybe one of the most high-tech systems of the group. This system has a separate touch screen digital display, embedded rainfall ceiling shower head, and hand shower head. Not to mention its high flow shower head capabilities at 14-18L per minute, and its anti-rust coated fixtures for added longevity and endurance under continued, daily use.

5 Charmingwater
(Best non-electric shower system)

An elegantly designed luxury system with LED digital display that is activated by water flow. No electricity or batteries needed for this system. Is that not incredible? Includes a noise reduction shower head with improved rainwater valve design that performs even under low pressure, and has a check valve to stop dripping water when off.

6 KOHLER K-527-0 DTV
(Best shower-improving system)

This is a unique, highly adaptable digital shower interface with an LCD display and raised button controls. This interface is designed to handle single or dual outlets, which can include both your bath and shower. It also comes in four different colors to match a wide array of bathroom color and fixture schemes. A simple and elegant controller solution.

(Best shower panel)

Another heavy-weight contender in the shower tower systems. This one is all stainless steel with an LED overhead shower and temperature display. You can choose between rainfall, waterfall, a handheld shower, dual setting massage jets, or a tub spout, and control two at the same time. All of this with a 2-year parts warranty from the date of purchase.

8 Acefy ATF18006
Acefy ATF18006
(Best solid shower system)

Another complete, all-in-one, modern design shower system composed of durable, high functioning, all-metal components. It comes with a 12-inch rainfall style shower head above you; a handheld shower wand, and a faucet. All of these components are pre-embedded with a pressure balance valve system. Not to mention a 5-year warranty.

9 Derpras DPS008
Derpras DPS008
(Best feature-rich shower system)

Another match-up in the modern-day all in one systems category. Equipped with an LED display for the temperature control you desire for needed comfort. With a display powered by water flow, there is no need for electrical wiring or batteries. You are fully covered by a 10-inch rainfall shower head and a 5-year warranty. Free drain plug included.

10 KOHLER K-9245-CP
(Best unique shower feature)

This one is simply for those of you who can’t live without the sound of music while you shower, or maybe are in need of some natural environmental sounds to sooth. This shower head has a built-in wireless speaker, which is also removable, and rechargeable by micro USB cable. It will run for 7 hours on one charge and syncs with Bluetooth devices.




Moen KSPIO-HSB-TS297CR – Best all-in-one shower system


  • ioDigital valve and trim
  • The kit includes: Shower head, arm, flange, hand shower, and 4 body sprayers
  • Chrome finish for matching many decorative styles
  • LCD Screen Display
  • 3/4” connection size

This shower-head is your all-in-one choice for a balanced selection of feature-rich components and durable and stylish design. With a little help, this unit can be installed by either a professional or a handy homeowner. With a standard 3/4” connector size, it should effortlessly connect to the existing plumbing behind the wall of your shower space.

The water efficiency is ideal. It is rated at 2.5 gallons per minute, and shouldn’t run up your water bill unless you enjoy staying in the shower longer because of it. You will be hard up to find a better system with all that’s included, at this price on the market today.

This shower system also comes with an ioDigital valve and trim for ultimate flow control, and an LCD screen display to see exactly what it is you are controlling in the first place. This may include temperature, flow, and presets for components.

Topping it all off with a highly mirrored chrome finish and you’ve got nothing but something beautiful to look at. With the added four-piece body spray system, you’ll be feeling just as good too.

  • Water consumption: 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Control both temperature and flow with built-in controller
  • Well lit, bright LCD screen for easy visibility
  • Chrome finish will match almost any style bathroom
  • Kit is shipped in just one package
  • Will require professional installation in most scenarios
2 Editor choice

Blue Ocean SPA392M – Best affordable shower system


  • Made of sturdy aluminum alloy
  • 8 adjustable water massage nozzles
  • Built in temperature display
  • Rainfall and handheld shower-head
  • All functions work independently

In terms of shower panel systems that offer a selection of the most desired features, control, and functionality, the Blue Ocean 52” Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower is it. It has been well tested among a large consumer base and qualifies under ISO-9001 standards. All these already make it a product that, you know, will last, whether you’re the first user or the one-millionth one.

Water efficiency won’t be a problem with this system and with its high-quality aluminum alloy design, you can rest assured that it will not only look beautiful in your bathroom but will stand up to the daily use you will require from it.

Blue Ocean SPA392M -2

The installation has been a breeze for many new customers and the unit comes standard with a 1/2” plumbing connection and installation guide. Remember, you should never hesitate to hire professional help if a project becomes too complicated or demanding. This is supposed to be a system of pleasure, not one of household destruction.

All the systems on this shower panel were designed to operate independently, offering you precise control over your showering experience. But don’t forget the AA battery to power the built-in temperature display, too.

  • High-ranking user reviews
  • Aluminum alloy material will resist corrosion and mildew
  • 9V battery for temperature display is easily accessible
  • Choose Fahrenheit or Celsius for your temperature display
  • Item ships and arrives in one single package
  • Can only use one feature at a time
  • Needs batteries to operate

Moen TS3304TB – Best high-tech shower system


  • Control your shower by voice, phone, or controller
  • Remotely activated with U by Moen App, or Amazon Alexa
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Control your showers power, temperature, and presets
  • Pairs with shower-heads, rainfalls, hand showers, and body sprayers

Now to tell you all about the Moen TS3304TB U digital shower controller. Imagine this, a fully hands-free digital showering experience. Feel free to take full advantage of this highly admirable piece of bathroom and shower technology. Control up to four different outlets and components with any compatible shower valve system by Moen.

The controller capabilities and functions of this unit are next to none. You can use voice control, smartphone control with the U by Moen smartphone app, or just the buttons on the controller yourself. If you haven’t been paying attention, this controller is Amazon Alexa compatible as well. With an easy to read LCD screen that is outlet powered and Wi-fi ready, what else do you need?

Moen TS3304TB -5

If the features and design of the controller don’t have you convinced that this is a piece of technology to consider, then take a look at the fact that it is backed by Moen’s limited lifetime warranty. You really have no reason not to buy this controller unless it just isn’t compatible with your shower system at all.

You should further consider that with a simple valve change to your plumbing, you may be able to adapt the controller to your pre-existing shower system.

  • Device is outlet powered
  • Equipped with the capability to control 4 shower valves
  • Compatible with Wi-fi
  • Controller includes a set of soft-touch buttons for comfort
  • Pairs with any U by Moen bathroom shower fixtures
  • Slight learning curve while learning to program shower system

ONLT HM-850005 – Best rainfall shower system


  • Touch screen LED digital temperature control
  • Rainfall, SPA Mist, Handheld, and embedded ceiling shower-heads
  • High-flow shower valve rated at 13-14 liters per minute
  • Stops flow of water exceeding 50 degrees, in order to prevent burn
  • Provides LED chromotherapy lighting from ceiling shower-head

This shower system may leave you wondering how you’ve kept living with the current shower system that you have right now. The all-in-one shower system that is the ONLT HM-850005 is worth taking a closer look at.

You might notice the absolute elegance and simplicity in the design of this system. Don’t let that feature of the product fool you into thinking that it is not packed full of high-end technology features. It boasts a touch screen LED digital temperature and component controller made of smartphone screen technology, to start.

ONLT HM-850005 -4

The above head, embedded rainfall shower has color-changing LED lights built-in for chromotherapy and as a visual temperature indicator. The lights change according to the temperature range of the water you are using. It may not be the most efficient system on display here, but it will perform under most any condition with a high-flow shower valve.

Its electroplated components will almost never allow rust to form, and with a 10-year warranty included, will you ever need to consider another all-in-one shower system again?

  • LED lights change according to the temperature range of the water
  • Electroplated for anti-rust and corrosion resistance
  • Includes a 10-year warranty
  • LED display will flash a red high temperature alarm if necessary
  • You can time your showers with the LED display, in order to save on water consumption
  • Your water bill might surprise you the next month after installation

Charmingwater – Best non-electric shower system


  • LED digital display
  • Improved shower valve for quieter, noise reduced functioning
  • Air Energy Technology provides powerful water pressure
  • Check valve shower head stops the dripping of water once turned off
  • Includes brass male threaded spigot to block tub water outlet

This shower system is yet another well rounded and beautiful all-in-one choice for reaching the desired balance between beauty and functionality within a shower system. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the great number of features hiding behind this simply beautiful piece of shower technology

The 10-inch rainfall shower head needs no explanation. Larger than most other systems, it will really feel like a relaxing rain shower. That is the goal, right? You will also get a no-drip valve design that stops water flow immediately after the unit is shut off. No annoying drips.

Maybe the most impressive piece of high-tech but discreet technology with this shower system is hidden in the LED display valve. It is powered by the shower water you are using. Yes, a water-powered electronic display run by flowing water with no batteries or direct electrical hookups.

The features and technology of this system are incredible, and only put you in further control of how you want to elevate your daily shower and hygiene routine. With stainless steel components finished in a brushed nickel pattern, you won’t mind looking at this shower system every day either.

  • Control both temperature and shower time with a display unit
  • Control display requires no electricity or batteries, it is hydro-powered
  • Stainless steel construction ensures corrosion and mildew resistance
  • One single valve control handles all three shower functions
  • Item is shipped in one single package
  • Built for new construction or remodeling only

KOHLER K-527-0 DTV – Best shower-improving system


  • LCD display with raised touch buttons
  • Comes in four finish options to match most bathroom styles
  • Control one, or two shower system components
  • Offers up to 13 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Completely water-proof

Ready for another shower system controller? Maybe one that is a little more within a budget-friendly price point? Then keep reading to find out more about the KOHLER K-527-0 DTV Prompt Digital Shower Interface.

With a simple, clean, and modern design, this controller was made to be easy to use and uncomplicated. It is ready to control up to two different shower system outlets within your bathroom, as long as they have the K-528-K digital thermostatic valves in place. Remember this, because it won’t work any other way.


With it’s easy to read LCD display screen, and raised one-touch buttons, it will be hard not to control exactly what you need to. With an integrated, programmable diverter, you can control the flow of both your bath and shower, your shower only, or bath only.

The valve of the system that is needed in order to communicate with the controller includes the necessary components and cables for quick and easy installation, and can even be extended with the simple purchase of a standard RJ-11 phone cable.

If you’ve been looking for your entry point into the world of digitally controlled shower experiences, then look no further.

  • Clean, modern style and design
  • Completely eliminates the need to use shower handles and knobs
  • Includes valve components and cable for complete installation
  • Compatible with standard RJ-11 phone cable for added installation capabilities
  • One touch power operation
  • Will only work with K-528-K digital thermostatic valves only

ELLO & ALLO – Best shower panel


  • Highly stylish, stainless steel nickel-brushed finish
  • Built-in, overhead LED shower head and temperature display
  • Multi-switch system to control multiple water effects at once
  • Waterfall, rainfall, handheld shower head, dual massage jets, and tub spout built in
  • 1/2” FIP connection type

This shower panel system offers a little less in regards to the number of available features, control, and functionality of the previous model discussed, but that does not make it just as exceptional in its own right. If anything, the beautiful stainless-steel components with brush nickel finish, and a 2-year parts warranty should keep everyone happy.

The installation on this unit has also been easy for many new customers and the unit comes standard with a 1/2” plumbing connection and installation guide, just like the previous panel model discussed. Again, don’t be afraid to hire professional help if a project becomes too complicated or demanding.

A highly unique feature built into this shower panel system is its ability to operate components simultaneously, versus independently with the previous model. With control over two different components at once, offering you greater flexibility to control and create a more unique showering experience.

  • Capable of controlling two shower panel features at one time
  • Limited 2-year parts warranty included
  • Handheld shower features include 3 different settings
  • Massage jets are capable of 2 different settings
  • Ships in just one package only
  • A higher price point for a panel system

Acefy ATF18006 – Best solid shower system


  • All metal shower system components with chrome finish
  • Includes all brass valves for necessary wall-in installation
  • 2.5 gallons per minute water flow with pressure balancing valve system
  • Three-way styled switch for increased control
  • Comes with rainfall, arm and hand shower, tub spout, and body jet

The Acefy ATF18006 is a complete all-metal shower system at an affordable entry point price. An elegant and modern design with a high-quality ten-layer chrome finish over its steel components. No need to worry about rust or corrosion with a layered finish like that.

The extra-large 12-inch square rainfall shower head will not leave you feeling dissatisfied or unclean, and you can always pick up the included handheld shower-arm for the harder to reach places (for more handheld shower heads read our guide – 10 Best Handheld Shower Heads with Slide Bars). It also sports four additional body jet massage units, so again, you’re fully covered.

Acefy ATF18006

This unit may not boast the higher-tech displays and controls of other units, but if you take a closer look behind the scenes, there is more than meets the eye. With a concealed shower mixing valve system, you receive balanced pressure to all components, right from the beginning. Not a bad way to start, right?

Maybe the simplest design on the list for you to consider, but certainly far from being maybe one of the most durable, and beautifully simple systems available. There is a 5-year warranty included if you had any further doubts.

  • Solid and durable parts
  • Includes a 5-year parts replacement warranty
  • Extra-large 12-inch rainfall shower-head for added coverage
  • 10-layer chrome finish adds extra corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation with American standard NPT 1/2” connector
  • A higher price point

Derpras DPS008 – Best feature-rich shower system


  • LED digital display with temperature and time control
  • Air Energy Technology for pressurized showers under low water pressure
  • Includes rainfall, handheld shower, tub spout, and shower mixer valve controller
  • A modern-day, unique, and luxurious styled design
  • Rainfall shower-head is capable of rotating upwards of 15 degrees

Another shower system hiding high-tech features under a beautiful, simple, all-in-one design. Are you ready to build a second full-size bathroom yet? Either way, keep reading for a more in-depth look at the great number of features included under the surface of the deceptively simple-looking system.

The 10-inch rainfall shower head is a bit smaller than the previous models listed, but it includes the capability of adjusting to a 15-degree angle. That could be a nice change. You will also get a handheld shower head and a wall-mounted tub spout (to experience extra flexibility during your bath experience read our review and choose your Best Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar). Read ahead to discover the incredible technology of the three-function shower valve control.

Derpras DPS003 -1

Yet again, we run into one of the most impressive pieces of high-tech but discreet technology included in this list of shower systems, and it is hidden in the LED display valve. The LED display valve is powered by the shower water you are using. Yes, another hydroelectric powered shower system display with no need for batteries or direct electrical hookups required.

The features and technology of this system are yet another display of the advancement in bathroom and shower technology. Feel rest assured in your purchase with an included 5-year warranty.

  • Includes a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty
  • Control display requires no electricity or batteries, it is water-powered
  • LED control display will show you the temperature of the water and time of use
  • Rainfall shower head includes 15 degrees of added pivoting capability
  • Includes all parts for do-it-yourself installation
  • Water valves for controller can experience sediment buildup under hard water circumstances

KOHLER K-9245-CP – Best unique shower feature


  • Shower-head, wireless speaker, and micro USB charging cable included
  • Water resistant speaker design
  • Syncs with smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, and laptops within 32 feet
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ION battery with 7 hours of running time
  • Allows for up to 2.5 gallons per minute of water flow

And last but not least, a fun little shower system product that may very well be a standard part of the future of bathroom design. For now, though, see it as a luxury upgrade to enhance your showering experience with the gift of music and sound.

Yes, a fully functioning shower head with a removable water-resistant speaker. Not to mention the shower head still providing from 2 to 2.5 gallons per minute of water flow with the sound of music right above your head. With Bluetooth connectivity and 7 hours of battery life on one charge, you can take this portable speaker with you when you finish your shower too.

If you were at all worried about the capability for the speaker to perform during your shower, you can rest assured that with a 1-year warranty, Kohler is confident you will not experience disappointment.

  • Removable and portable speaker that you can bring anywhere
  • Capable of Bluetooth connectivity
  • 7 hours of battery life on one charge
  • Batteries are included
  • 1-year limited warranty is included
  • Does not include shower-arm and flange with package

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the right shower system, there will always be a number of practical considerations to keep in mind on your purchasing journey. What you will find below is a detailed exploration of facts, statistics, and practical advice to ponder while you determine which shower system is right for your bathroom and hygiene needs.

Water Consumption, Flow, and Pressure Capabilities

Maybe some of the most practical thoughts for consideration when your deciding on purchasing a shower system are in the water efficiency, style of flow, and pressure capability of a shower system. All three points need careful consideration before making any sound judgment on moving forward with narrowing down and locating your perfect shower system.

The consumption of water, otherwise known as water efficiency is an absolute must to consider if you plan on conserving water, saving on the cost of your water bill, or live in a location where water is regulated part of the year, or experiences occasional drought. This information can often be found in how many gallons, or liters, per minute that a system is designed to release.

The style of flow. More of a luxury and personal preference than anything else, and a fun one to ponder over. How do you want to enjoy the water coming out of your shower? A light rainfall, or waterfall? How about massage jets, or vertical body sprayers? A standard shower-head with adjustable stream patterns? How about all of them in one system? You couldn’t possibly choose just one, could you?

Before getting carried away in the flow, remember that it takes pressure to get there in the first place. You need to look into how shower systems are designed to handle the types of water pressure available to your bathroom location. Many designs offer increased pressure at the shower head’s release point, with specially designed valves, even if your overall water pressure to your shower location is less than ideal already.

Take a look at the ONLT HM-850005 Shower System for a better idea of how water efficiency and flow can be balanced and regulated through an all-in-one system display controller.

10 Best Shower Systems

Choosing an Independent Controller for Your Existing System

Your decision to purchase and install a completely new system may not be needed right away, especially if you have a magnificent one already in use. You can add extra control to your existing shower system by adding a shower controller. Not to mention the time, money, and potential labor you would save in the process.

Shower controllers are discreet, highly advanced and programmable technology units designed to help control your shower system. Many controllers are designed to manage multiple outlets, while simultaneously allowing you to control the power, temperature, and advanced pre-set selections for shower head capabilities.

From Wi-Fi connectivity to smartphone app-driven voice and phone control capabilities, your shower system will never be the same, or, maybe you will never be the same. Either way, you need to make sure that the controller you are looking to purchase is compatible with your existing system, and if it’s not, keep reading.

If there is a controller that is not compatible with your existing system, and you are not in the market for purchasing a controller with a brand-new system yet, consider looking into additional, smaller parts and upgrades first. In some cases, a simple change in the style of the valve in your existing system will allow you to change over to the controller-based system that you desire.

For a better idea of just how much control is possible, take a look at the Moen TS3304TB independent controller system. For simpler control and design look at the KOHLER K-527-0 DTV Prompt Digital Shower Interface model.

10 Best Shower Systems -1

Shower Towers vs. Independent Shower Feature Systems

When choosing between a tower or panel system and a shower system with independent features, both systems will have a great number of available features and controls. Whether everything is built into a single panel or not, shouldn’t limit the capabilities and experience of your showering habits and routines.

Oftentimes a panel system can be integrated into existing plumbing fixtures and offer a huge advantage to those who do not want heavy construction or remodeling done to accommodate new bathroom features. However, you will be limited to the location of your fixtures with a panel, because they are all located on the panel itself.

That said, having an all in one system with the option of independent features allows you the freedom and ability to place the fixtures in the most ideal locations of your shower bay. Oftentimes this may require heavier remodeling or plumbing work to accommodate the design you are looking to incorporate. A great choice for the new home builder, or serious remodeling project.

Whichever design you choose, know that they will both provide you with the many features of modern, contemporary shower system design and functionality. The biggest factors still being the size of your shower location, your budget, and whether you are building or remodeling your bathroom, or simply looking to replace your existing shower system.

The Blue Ocean SPA392M Shower Panel Tower has fully independent operating features to ensure that you receive the right amount of water through each component.

10 Best Shower Systems -3

Power Options for Complete Shower Systems and Controllers

Power options cannot be ignored when it comes to your all-in-one shower system or controller for a new or existing shower system. Let’s take a short detour through the most common, and the most innovative power features of modern-day shower systems and controllers available to you. First, let’s consider the power option available for the independent shower system controllers.

There is a need for these controllers to be adaptable to multiple different shower systems, and the highly sensitive electronics and digital interfaces they contain, only allow for battery-powered, or outlet contained power options. With this in mind though, you are basically free to install your controller almost anywhere. With controllers having smartphone app, voice, and Wi-fi connectivity, you can also control them from just about anywhere.

The LED and LCD displays embedded within your all in one shower system will likely consist of two different types of control systems. These will be battery-powered for added safety and convenience, or water-powered. Yes, water-powered. A controller that utilizes the flow of water through your shower system to power it’s a built-in controller.

A hydro-powered LED controller like the one included with the Derpras Luxury Shower System will light up simultaneously as you turn on the water for your shower. Allowing you to start controlling the various controls of your all-in-one shower system.

With no electricity or battery power required, it is one of the most technologically advanced, and safest forms of controller power available. Keep in mind that if you have sediment heavy water, you will want to regularly inspect the valve bodies of the controller, to ensure continuous, uninterrupted use. Take a look at the same feature in the Charmingwater Shower System as well.

10 Best Shower Systems -5

Warranty Options for New Shower Systems and Controllers

Yes, the warranty, a viable and necessary consideration when purchasing any good, lasting product from a reputable company. It should be easy to understand why the factory warranty on parts for anything exists. Especially a product that receives as much use as a shower system. Not to mention the fact that the system handles the flow of water continuously. That is a whole lot of interaction to deal with on a regular basis.

Don’t let the length of the warranty be the sole deciding factor on whether you choose one shower system over the other. Oftentimes a shorter warranty simply means that the system you are purchasing was well tested and designed with high-quality materials, under strict specifications, such as the ELLO & ALLO Shower Panel. The company is confident in the system’s ability to handle exactly what it needs to while having the customer support and experience to back it up.

Sometimes, a longer warranty stands in for the uncertainty that a company may have about their product because they are testing new materials and systems. This does not mean that the product is inferior or any more superior. What it means, is that there may be a greater chance that something could go wrong. Without the extended testing or customer experience to understand the full length of the product’s capabilities and limits, a longer warranty can ensure peace of mind for both parties.

10 Best Shower Systems -2

Material Type, Durability, and Design Aesthetic

The type of materials used in the construction of your shower system will ultimately determine its durability, along with its final look. Many shower systems will also come with a special finish coating over the base materials to add further durability, beauty, and corrosion resistance. Any added finish that can prevent rust, corrosion or the buildup of minerals from hard water sources should be welcomed with excitement.

Most of the behind the scenes plumbing, tubing, and piping will be standard for the many water-related products and systems that are out there. At least for the components that will be hooking up directly to your existing plumbing, in order to provide water to the shower system you just purchased. You will still want to make sure to check the size of the connection fittings for the shower system you are looking to purchase, in order to ensure that it syncs properly with your pre-existing plumbing.

So, you’ve stumbled across a shower system that you just can’t live without, but the connectors don’t match your home’s pre-existing shower fitting. No worries, there may be a solution. In many cases, plumbing adapters can be purchased from your local hardware and home improvement store to compensate for different sized connectors and the plumbing that they are being connected to.

The design, aesthetic beauty, and overall eye appeal of a shower system should be considered as a critical point in your decision-making process, right along with the rest of them. After all, you may see your shower system more times throughout the day than most of your own family members. Make sure it’s something that brings you relaxation and pleasure on a daily basis, both in functionality and the way that it compliments your overall bathroom’s design.

For a great example of an all-around great shower system, take another look at the Moen KSPIO-HSB-TS297CR all-in-one system.

10 Best Shower Systems -4

The Benefits of Added Features, Functions, and Technology

Are you ready for the more subjective considerations of your shower system? The added features and functions of a new shower system are only going to enhance your overall showering experience for the better. How can they not? Have some fun with this one, and open your mind to the possibilities of enhancing the bliss you could experience with a well-equipped shower system.

The great thing about features and functions is that they won’t be limited by the system you choose. Granted, a panel system is all-inclusive, while a system composed of individual items will allow more customization, they both can be feature-rich. From rainwater and waterfall shower heads with LED lighting to massage jets with multiple spray functions, you may want to set a timer somewhere in your bathroom to remind yourself to get out of your shower, eventually. To experience extra flexibility also read our review and choose your Best Handheld Shower Head With Slide Bar.

How about the capability of placing body sprayers throughout different locations of your shower’s interior and controlling how they function? Yes, you can do this too with individual feature systems like the Acefy ATF18006 Shower System offers. Don’t start to become overwhelmed by certain functions and technologies available to you. Just take a look at the KOHLER K-9245-CP Shower-head and Wireless Speaker if you want to see just how intricate things can get.

Instead, you can look at them as a future investment in your health. Something you can learn to enjoy over time, and learn as you go.

Moen TS3304TB -10

Final Thoughts

The deciding factor that brings you to your final decision in choosing the right shower system for your bathroom sanctuary will come down to a number of key functional and design features you both desire and require. From the functional aspects of water consumption to the durability, longevity, and overall quality of the materials presented.

You can’t leave out the overall look, feel, and general aesthetic of the system you choose, either. After all, this is a shower system that you will regularly be looking at and using on a daily basis. Don’t settle for something that is any less than near perfect for your particular bathroom’s design and feel. That is why the Blue Ocean SPA392M is the top recommendation within this guide. It offers the greatest flexibility in design, function, and general eye appeal.

As you continue to consult over all aspects of both the functionality and design of your next shower system, continue to use this guide on your journey to help you find the balance you’ve been looking for within your very own shrine of hygiene. A luxury ideal that everyone with a bathroom seeks to conquer and achieve, eventually.

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