9 Best Soft Toilet Seats – Additional Comfort That You Deserve

More often than not, soft toilet seats don’t cross our minds until the one we own gets cold, uncomfortable, damaged or simply cracks. You may also find yourself with a seat that keeps getting loose and all wonky shortly after tightening the nuts. The problem can keep reoccurring until you decide to replace it with a new one. To avoid such misgivings, getting the best soft toilet seat that offers durability, comfort, and affordability without compromising on functionality is the perfect solution.

If you feel like we just said a mouthful, you understand that the combination above is what makes a good soft toilet seat. But with so many models and brands on the market, how can you find the best option for your needs? You can easily get overwhelmed with the variety of products available.

We’re here to make your selection process a bit easier. Our experts have put together a list of the best soft toilet seats out there, followed by an in-depth buying guide to help you learn more about soft seats and what to look for before taking the plunge.

Overview Table

Since one size doesn’t fit all, finding the perfect match for your toilet and bathroom décor, in general, is no easy task. A lot of factors come into play, such as the shape, fabric used, the amount of padding, ease of installation, and more. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the digging and came up with the options below. With the number of man-hours we’ve put in compiling this list, you are sure to find the perfect soft toilet seat to suit your needs.

Here’s a brief overview of our top picks;


Editor choice 1 Mayfair 113CP
Mayfair 113CP
(Best Quality Soft Toilet Seat)

Quality toilet seat with a wooden core that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed even when sitting for extended periods.

2 Ginsey 01536 Seat
Ginsey 01536 Seat
(Best Designed Soft Toilet Seat)

A well-designed toilet seat that comes in many different colors from merlot to chocolate, grey to mineral, and more.

3 Bath Décor 6F1E2-00CH
Bath Décor 6F1E2-00CH
(Best Solid Soft Toilet Seat)

Premium toilet seat that supports larger weights and fits most standard bowls.

4 Dorigan Home Service Premium
Dorigan Home Service Premium
(Best Elongated Soft Toilet Seat)

A comfortable elongated seat with an odor stain guard.

Best value 5 Achim Home Furnishings TOVYSTBU04
Achim Home Furnishings TOVYSTBU04
( Best Value Soft Toilet Seat)

Covers all the basics of a soft elongated toilet seat in a durable, user-friendly package.

Best price 6 Ginsey Home Solutions A1865
Ginsey Home Solutions A1865
(Best Budget Soft Toilet Seat)

A soft rounded seat that can enhance your comfort in the bathroom and comes with an attractive price tag.

7 PCP 7018
PCP 7018
(Best Thick Soft Toilet Seat Cushion)

Features a 2-inch foam that adds comfort, support while relieving pressure.

8 Kindax Gel MTD-01
Kindax Gel MTD-01
(Best Gel Soft Toilet Seat Cushions)

Uniquely designed to enhance your bathroom visit experience.

9 Warm-n-Comfy COMINHKR039272
Warm-n-Comfy COMINHKR039272
(Best Soft Toilet Seat Cover)

A great toilet seat cover to keep you warm and comfortable during winter.



1 Editor choice

Mayfair 113CP – Best Quality Soft Toilet Seat


  • Elongated and round options
  • Colored-matched bumpers
  • Metal hinge
  • Chrome hinge accents
  • Cushioned vinyl seat with a wooden core
  • Fits most manufacturers bowls
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 18.5L × 14.13W × 3.31H

A good toilet seat doesn’t have to come with a plethora of features. The best ones are well made, easy to install, use, and very convenient. The Mayfair 113CP fits the bill perfectly. Installing the toilet seat is a relatively straightforward task. You don’t need a handyman, plumber, or any special tools for the installation.

Unlike most soft toilet seats on the market, its hinges are made of metal. This makes the seat very sturdy and durable. The chrome accents on the hinges not only have an attractive finish but also prevent rust, which can occur due to moisture in bathrooms. The hinges are also super easy to clean.

The best thing about this toilet seat is probably its compatibility with all standard elongated and round bowls. The underside of the seat has two bumpers that hold it firmly to prevent shifting. The color-matched bumpers also provide a decorative finish to accentuate your bathroom.

For optimum comfort, it’s constructed with cushioned vinyl and durable wood core. The surface feels gentle and warm to touch. What’s more, it doesn’t get too warm or too cold when the temperature changes.

While soft toilet seats tend to be a little harder to clean because of the tiny little pores to breathe, this particular model is a breeze to clean. You just wipe it with a soft, damp cloth, mild soap, water, and your seat is good to go.

If you are looking for a well-made seat that can enhance your bathroom visit experience, look no further than the Mayfair 113CP. The unit is proudly made right here in the United States and backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Superbly comfortable
  • Installation and cleaning are effortless
  • Very sturdy
  • Metal hinges
  • Durable wooden core
  • Only two bumpers
  • Can crack under much weight

Ginsey 01536 Seat – Best Designed Soft Toilet Seat


  • Round size
  • Cushy vinyl surface
  • Available in 12 designs
  • Adjustable plastic hinges
  • Fits all standard round toilet seats
  • Includes nuts and bolts for installation
  • 17.5L × 14.5W × 2.9H

Ginsey may not be as popular as Mayfair when it comes to toilet seats, but the 01536 is a superb elegantly designed model that would be perfect for any bathroom. It’s arguably one of the best designed soft toilet seats on the market today.

Unlike most seats here, this rounded product from Ginsey is available in a variety of colors to perfectly complement your bathroom. This particular model, featured above, is merlot. It’s such a beautiful, warm, and powerful color that looks great anywhere. But you can always select the color that appeals to you most.

Besides the wide range of colors, this seat is made of sturdy and comfortable materials. The soft vinyl provides an inviting, cushy seating area. It also fits snugly onto all standard round toilet seats and won’t slide or shift.

The vinyl material is super easy to clean. You can wipe most stains by simply using a damp cloth. It also dries as soon as you wipe. The manufacturer provides a user manual plus some basic tools for installation. Fitting the toilet seat is an easy DIY project. It only takes a few minutes.

Overall, Ginsey 01536 is an excellent product for the price. It also comes in a wide range of colors, making it easy to find the right look for your bathroom.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Easy to fit
  • Tools for installation are included in the package
  • Wipes off very easily
  • Feels a bit flimsy

Bath Décor 6F1E2-00CH – Best Solid Soft Toilet Seat


  • Elongated and round options
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Soft vinyl with wood cores
  • Chrome-plated metal hinges
  • Corrosion proof, self-aligning hardware
  • Odor stain guard
  • Color-coordinated hinges and bumpers
  • Simple to install
  • 1-year warranty

Plumbing Technologies LLC is one of the most recognized names in the toilet industry. For more than 50 years, the company has been providing exceptional products with enhanced durability. So, the inclusion of the Bath Décor 6F1E2-00CH on our list should come as no surprise. This closed front toilet sear has an elongated shape that measures about 19.5 inches in length (round option – 17.5 inches). This can fit most standard seats with the same design.

This model is thoughtfully designed with comfort and durability in mind. Its ergonomically contoured construction elevates the experience of comfort you are looking for. It has firm padding that doesn’t deflate easily, even when used by heavier people. It can serve you well for a long time thanks to the combination of cushioned heavy-duty vinyl and wood core.

To fight the growth of odor caused by bacteria, an OSG agent is added to the vinyl. This is a superb addition to the soft, durable seat. It also features a UV additive to maintain the original seat color. Plus, the seat comes with non-corrosive chrome-plated metal hinges for long service life. The hinges and pumpers are color coordinated for a streamlined look.

If you like to be surrounded by colors, then you will love this seat. It offers a wide selection of attractive colors, and you can choose anything from white to claret to forest green.
Installing the seat is an easy DIY project that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. You only need a wrench or pliers to get the job done. Cleaning the seat is just as easy.

  • Heavy-duty vinyl
  • Corrosion proof hinges
  • Odor stain guard
  • UV treated material
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • Solid and comfortable
  • A bit expensive

Dorigan Home Service Premium – Best Elongated Soft Toilet Seat


  • Antimicrobial and UV protection
  • Heavy-duty embossed vinyl with the wood core
  • Adjustable top mount hinges
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel screws, corrosion-proof self-aligning hardware
  • Color matching plastic hinges
  • Four bumpers
  • Non-skid rubberized pads
  • Bone beige color

While it’s not the only elongated toilet seat on the list, the Dorigan Home Service Premium is by far the best you can buy. The elongated design has gained popularity over the years because the longer front supports more of the thigh and has a slightly larger opening.

The unit features 4 tight grip bumpers that eliminate any side to side movement. This improved stability makes it an excellent option for kids, the elderly, and the disabled. These non-skid rubberized bumpers also play a role in extending the life of the toilet seat. The constant shifting can cause the hinges to break.

When it comes to comfort, this model can enhance your experience instantly. This soft and comfy toilet seat features a wood core covered with heavy-duty embossed vinyl. The padding is also antimicrobial and UV protection treated for long-lasting durability.

Another great thing about this toilet is the fully adjustable top mount hinges. So, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting your toilet. The adjustability provides the perfect bowl fit for all standard size fixtures.

Installation wise, it’s pretty easy. Even if you have very limited DIY skills, you can still finish the job in minutes, fifteen max. The stainless-steel fasteners are also a great addition considering their excellent corrosion-resistant properties.

The Dorigan Home Service Premium does a pretty good job of keeping you comfortable. The fact that it has a secure grip makes it ideal for everyone and more so the elderly and kids.

  • Comfortable and secure
  • Incredibly simple to fit
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Treated with an antimicrobial agent
  • Plastic hinges
5 Best value

Achim Home Furnishings TOVYSTBU04 – Best Value Soft Toilet Seat


  • Cushioned vinyl
  • Available in 11 colors
  • Fits all standard size fixtures
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Nylon screws
  • Nuts and bolts included
  • 17L × 15W × 2.75H

A soft padded toilet seat doesn’t have to put a dent in your wallet. There are still decent budget-friendly seats that have plenty to offer. The Achim Home Furnishings TOVYSTBU04 is among the best options that provide excellent value for money.

Fitting of the seat is very basic, so this model is easy to install. For your convenience, plastic nuts and bolts are included in the package. The lid and rim are made of tough plastic and covered with vinyl and foam cushioning for comfort. When you need to clean the toilet seat, simply wipe it down with mild soap and water.

The seat is designed to fit all standard toilets. And the adjustable hinges ensure that perfect precision. This model from Achim Home Furnishings comes in different colors ranging from chocolate and burgundy to tea rose and light green as well as neutral colors like bone, white, black, or silver. Burgundy is our color of choice because its serene, idyllic, and can pair well with most colors. While it costs almost half as much as the expensive option here, the TOVYSTBU04 is decently designed and constructed.

Note that this product is not suitable for use in California as it contains some unapproved chemicals.

  • Easy to care for
  • Affordable price tag
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Not safe for use in California
6 Best price

Ginsey Home Solutions A1865 – Best Budget Soft Toilet Seat


  • Fits all standard size fixtures
  • Nuts and bolts included
  • Polyurethane foam cushioning
  • Plastic hinges
  • Plastic core
  • 15.5L × 14.5W

Featuring a soft padded design, the Ginsey Home Solutions A1865 eliminates the uncomfortableness associated with sitting on a cold, hard toilet seat. It’s decently constructed for its price and will serve you well for some years to come if properly taken care of.

Speaking of care, this seat requires very little maintenance. Using the bathroom regularly also means regular cleaning of the seat. But the good thing is that cleaning is the easiest part. All you need is a mild detergent like dish soap, sponge, or cloth, and water. Wipe it down, rinse, and your seat is ready for use.

You’ll also appreciate the cushioning of the seat considering the price. The density of the foam plus the quality of the vinyl provides a nice cushy softness that’s comfortable to sit in.

When it comes installation, it’s just as easy as cleaning. No special plumbing skills are required. All you need is a screwdriver. Besides, nuts and bolts are included in your new seat’s box for secure attachment. Like most inexpensive units here, the hinges are made of plastic with a white finish.

The seat can fit both standard round and elongated toilet bowls. But if you want to be extra sure, it won’t hurt to measure your current toilet bowl. If all you want is an affordable soft toilet seat to serve as a source of comfort to your family, the Ginsey Home Solutions A1865 is a good choice.

  • Affordable
  • Great cushioning
  • Fit all standard sized toilet bowls
  • Various color options
  • Plastic hinges feel flimsy

PCP 7018 – Best Thick Soft Toilet Seat Cushion


  • 2-inch foam padding
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Covered with Naugahyde
  • Easy replacement
  • Hook and loop fastening straps
  • Cut out front
  • Easy cleaning

The PCP 7018 takes comfort to a whole new level. Unlike the above models, 7018 is a portable toilet seat cushion. Spending time in the toilet doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. We all know the feeling when you’ve been sitting in the toilet for long periods of time, and your legs go numb. This seat cushion relieves the pressure during your extended stays in the bathroom and keeps you comfortable.

This model from PCP features the perfect amount of cushioning. With a 2-inch loft, this cushion has the ability to transform your toilet seat completely. If you enjoy spending time in the bathroom for some reason, this is a fantastic option to consider. The added height also provides comfortable seating for the elderly, handicapped, and those recovering from injury.

The padding is covered with Naugahyde, which not only gives it a classy look but makes it durable. The application also prevents stains and makes cleaning easier. It also features a cut-out front design that allows easy personal cleaning for improved hygiene.

It comes with hook and loop straps to secure the unit to the toilet seat. The easy attachment plus portability adds extra convenience as you can bring it along when traveling. Plus, it fits most standard toilet seats with its universal shape.

The PCP 7018 is a quality toilet seat cushion that can get the most out of your experience in the bathroom. Its soft 2-inch padded cushion adds height and comfort to your existing toilet or commode, making it an ideal option for disabled, seniors, and those with lower back pain issues.

  • A breeze to clean
  • Medical grade material
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Superior comfort
  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Can be a bit narrow for some toilet seats

Kindax Gel MTD-01 – Best Gel Soft Toilet Seat Cushions


  • Self-adhesive design
  • Medical-grade gel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex and silicone-free
  • Washable and reusable
  • Waterproof
  • 14.4L × 6.6W (One Part)

Just like the PCP 7018, the Kindax Gel MTD-01 is a portable toilet seat cushion that can be used on almost any toilet. But unlike its counterpart, it’s made of gel. If you find foam toilet seats a bit squishy or regular cushioning isn’t for you, then consider this gel toilet seat.

The best thing about this seat is the fact that it doesn’t sink or crack easily. Furthermore, the gel won’t deform even with prolonged use and always returns to its shape. You also don’t have to worry about it leaking even if the cushion is punctured.

In addition to durability, the Kindax Gel Cushion is skin safe. It’s made from hypoallergenic, latex and silicone-free material. It also has a medical-grade gel, which makes the cushion smoother by decreasing pressure points. This makes it extremely comfortable when sitting on it for an extended period of time.

Another great feature is the self-adhesive design. It uses an adhesive to stick to the toilet seat. This means the cushion will not shift or slip during use, even with aggressive movement. This makes it a very reliable option. When it comes to cleaning, the cushion conveniently detaches from the seat, making the cleaning hassle-free.

Although it’s a universal type, it might not fit all toilet seats. Hence, it’s wise to know your toilet seat dimensions to ensure it fits before buying. Keep in mind this product comes in 2 split parts.
Overall, this is one of the best gel toilet seat cushions on the market. It’s not only comfortable, durable, and reusable but also harmless to the skin.

  • Safe to use
  • Smooth and warm to sit on
  • Washable and reusable
  • Does not deform
  • Stays in place
  • Might not fit all toilet seats
  • No

Warm-n-Comfy COMINHKR039272 – Best Soft Toilet Seat Cover


  • Machine washable
  • Recyclable polypropylene material
  • Elastic and eco-friendly
  • Can be used on both round and elongated toilet seats
  • Available in 8 colors

If you’re looking for a basic option to shelter your bare bottom from your toilet set when it dropped below freezing outside, the Warm-n-Comfy COMINHKR039272 is an ideal choice. This is a toilet seat cover that will not only keep the seat warm and toasty but also provides added cushioning. It features a soft elastic material that allows for a snug fit. The hooks, on the other hand, ensure the cover stays put with inner toilet rim. Its elasticity also means it can fit most standard toilet seats, whether it’s round or oval

What’s more, the fabric is eco-friendly, reusable, and feels great on the skin. When the cover gets a little grimy, just toss it in the washing machine for a quick wash. Available in multiple color options, you can choose on that best matches your bathroom décor.

If you’re looking to add warmth, comfort, and color to your bathroom, this toilet seat cover can do precisely that. It can change the feel of your uncomfortably cold seat and make your daily visits to the restroom a pleasant experience.

  • Affordable
  • Elastic edges
  • Machine washable
  • Available in various color
  • Adds warmth and cushioning
  • Some users might find it challenging to install

Buyer’s Guide

Like almost everything else on the market today, soft toilet seats are not all created alike. Some have standard cushioning; others are extra padded. While toilet seats are designed to fit standard elongated or round toilet bowls, they don’t come in the same size. Some might fit with ease, while others can be a hassle. Prices and materials used also vary to some degree.

This clearly shows why buying a soft toilet shouldn’t be a guessing game. There are some factors you need to weigh to find the perfect fit for your needs. Let’s discuss the factors in detail and learn why they are crucial.

9 Best Soft Toilet Seats -33

Important Things to Consider When Buying the Best Soft Toilet Seat

Type of Toilet Seat

As it’s evident in our top pick, there are different types of soft toilet seats. So, to find the best option for your needs, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of what they entail as well as the benefits and downsides of each type.

Soft or padded toilet seats are basically categorized into standard padding, extra thick, and gel toilet seats. Standard or regular cushioning is the most common. Most of our options come with regular cushioning. These toilet seats are typically made of plastic or wood with padding on the surface for extra comfort and warmth. On the flip side, they tend to flatten and crack over time.

As the name suggests, extra-thick toilet seats have a decent amount of padding. These options are especially useful for individuals with lower back issues, recovering from surgery and the elderly. Some like the PCP 7018 include 2 inches of foam to keep you as comfortable as possible. Cleaning and maintaining the seat is just as easy as standard options.

Gel-filled cushions are perfect in providing maximum pressure relief. These products don’t use Velcro but have a sticky surface that adheres well to the toilet seat, just like the Kindax Gel MTD-01. There are also some options that have rubber bottoms to make the cover stay in place on the seat. Unlike the two other options, the gel doesn’t flatten easily even after prolonged usage.

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Core Material

As briefly mentioned above, toilet seats are made of either wood or plastic. Both are great options but differ a bit in terms of durability and adaptability. Plastic is very durable and more scratch-resistant. While toilet seats made of wood is more susceptible to breakage and damage, but they add a rustic eco touch to your bathroom décor, when they are not padded. Most seats on the list have plastic cores, but if you prefer wooden seats, consider Mayfair 113CP.


You probably know this by now but, toilet seats often come in round and elongated shapes. The shape of your toilet bowl is exceptionally crucial when buying a toilet seat. The first step is determining the shape of your toilet. This will help you find the seat that fits properly.

Round toilet seats are common in older homes, while elongated shapes are mostly associated with modern bathroom designs. Elongated shapes usually measure about 18.8 inches long while round toilets come in at around 16.5 inches.

While most of our recommendations above are designed to fit almost all standard round and elongated toilets, it’s important to measure the length of your toilet first. With correct measurements, it will be easier to get a toilet seat that fits.

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Ease of Installation

Installing a new toilet seat can be an easy three-minute job, or it can take more than ten minutes. Naturally, you’d want a soft toilet seat that’s easy to install.

Installing most, if not all, of our favorite options is quite easy. With the exception of toilet seat cushions like the PCP 7018 and Kindax Gel MTD-01, a standard screwdriver or wrench is all that is needed when replacing the seats. Usually, you’ll find removing the old seat to be more challenging than fixing the new one. Old bolts tend to get stuck, but applying a little elbow oil can sort out the mess.

Be sure to read the instructions included in your toilet seat’s box prior to installing any product.


If you’re into colored toilet seats, then you need to consider options that offer a comprehensive selection of colors. With the Ginsey 01536, Warm-n-Comfy COMINHKR039272, and Achim Home Furnishings TOVYSTBU04 rich color options, you’ll definitely find your perfect match.

9 Best Soft Toilet Seats


Q: How do I find out my toilet seat type?

A: The best way is to measure your toilet seat. Using tape, start at the center of the mounting holes and pull out the tape until you get to the very front of the toilet bowl. If the bowl is 18.5-19 inches, then your seat is elongated. If it measures 16.5-17 inches, it’s round.

Q: Is it possible to use any toilet seat on any toilet bowl?

A: Toilet seats are designed to either fit elongated toilets and round toilets. Some elongated models can fit selected round fixtures and vice versa. The most important factor is to know your toilet’s measurements

Q: What is the best cleaner for cleaning my toilet seat?

A: Soft toilet seats do not require special cleaners. Use a soft washcloth or sponge, mild soap and water to clean your toilet seat. Some disinfectants, detergents, and powders can damage the seat’s finish. Be on the lookout.

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At this point, you should have a thorough understanding of what a soft toilet seat is and everything in between. While our top picks and buying guide might not answer all of your questions, it should help you narrow down your options and point you in the right direction.

It’s evident that soft toilet seats offer a number of benefits over a regular toilet seat. These seats come in handy if you’re suffering from injuries or recovering from surgery. They are also an ideal option for senior citizens. With these toilet seats, you can enjoy sitting comfortably when you visit the bathroom.

On that note, the Mayfair 113CP takes our top spot for the best soft toilet seat primarily due to its superior comfort, quality materials, and sturdiness. When it comes to toilet seat cushions, the versatile Kindax Gel MTD-01 is the best of the best and be a great addition to your bathroom.

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