12 Best Speaker Stands – Enjoy Music to the Full

Are you keeping your speakers on stools or a shelf? If so, you’re not getting the best experience you could out of your speakers!

If you’ve spent money on speakers, you probably want to be able to get the best sound possible from them. To do this, you’ll need to use speaker stands. Using speaker stands does a number of things to benefit your listening experience which we’ll discuss a bit later.

Today, we want to share with you the 12 best speaker stands on the market right now. After taking a look at our in-depth reviews and buyer’s guide, you’ll be one step closer to finding a perfect product that doesn’t break the bank!

Overview table

We understand that finding the best speakers can be hard. There are a lot of factors to consider and that is why we have done the research – so you don’t have to! Read our guide – 15 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200.  Before you know it, you may find the speaker stands that work great in your space in our list below. The product you end up with is your choice, but we thought we’d highlight which ones we think are the best available right now!


Editor choice 1 Bose FS-1
Bose FS-1
(Best Brand Speaker Stands)

Adjustable bookshelf speakers from a trusted name in the industry. Lightweight and standing 24 inches off the ground make for a great speaker stand.

2 Pyle Sonos
Pyle Sonos
(Best Universal Speaker Stands)

These speaker stands are not only able to hold up to 90 pounds but they also have anti-slip feet to keep everything sturdy.

3 Atlantic
(Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands)

These stands are durable and made of steel. They can hold up to 20 pounds and be adjusted up to 45 degrees.

4 VIVO Premium
VIVO Premium
(Best Non-Adjustable Speaker Stands)

At just 18 inches from floor to shelf, these aluminum speaker stands pack quite the punch. With dual pillars, you don’t have to worry about them falling over.

5 Atlantic Satellite
Atlantic Satellite
(Best Surround Sound Speaker Stands)

These cast iron stands have a 3-sided base for stability and can be adjusted from 27 inches, all the way up to 48 inches.

6 Pyle Universal
Pyle Universal
(Best Heavy-Duty Speaker Stand)

The heavy-duty speaker stand can be adjusted from 40 inches up to 71 inches. They have a tripod-like appearance and are great for professional use!

7 Sanus VuePoint HTBS
Sanus VuePoint HTBS
(Best Lightweight Speaker Stands)

These steal speaker stands can be adjusted from 28 inches to 38 inches. They are great for your home computer or surround sound system.

(Best Mounting Speaker Stands)

These speaker stands can hold up to 8 pounds and are adjustable from 30 inches up to 45 inches. There are three mounting options available.

9 Mount-It! MI-58SLVR
Mount-It! MI-58SLVR
(Best Colour Speaker Stands)

Made out of aluminum alloy, these stands can hold up to 22 pounds. There is a tempered glass shelf, giving the stands a sleek design.

10 VideoSecu MS07B
VideoSecu MS07B
(Best Home Theater Speaker Stands)

While being able to hold 30 pounds each is a great feature, these speakers can also pan up to 180 degrees and the mounts can be tilted 10 degrees one way or the other!

11 Monoprice
(Best Mono Speaker Stand)

Easy to install and mount speakers on the Monoprice stands. Plus, they can be adjusted from 26.8 inches to 44.3 inches tall.

12 Audioengine DS2
Audioengine DS2
(Best Computer Speaker Stands)

Made from silicone rubber to reduce vibration, these speaker stands are just 5 inches wide and 7 ¾ inches long. They have a 15-degree angle to give you the best speaker audio.



1 Editor choice

Bose FS-1 – Best Brand Speaker Stands


  • Dimensions: 24.7 x 14.3 x 3.7 inches
  • Sold as a pair
  • 24 inches tall
  • Adjustable from bookshelf to floor speakers
  • Relatively lightweight

Taking the top spot for the best speaker stands on the market have to go to the Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands. You may not be surprised that a company like Bose takes the top spot and that’s for good reason – they make incredible equipment. You’ll be able to get direct and reflected sound using these stands.

The top and bottom of each stand are a matte black while the pole is a silver color, blending in easily to any home or venue. They are sturdy and durable and look modern and minimalist in just about any room. You’ll be able to hear a noticeable difference once you start using these stands.

If you already own Bose speakers, these stands are a must to change the way you experience what you’re hearing out of your high-quality speakers. One of the best features is that they are easy to put together and takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. They only sit 24 inches off the ground so you won’t experience an eyesore of tall speaker stands in the middle of your living room or entertainment area.

These stands are absolutely recommended as they do come in at the number one spot. They look great in any room while providing you with better sound quality than you had before using them.

Though these Bose stands are relatively short, you’ll still have space under the stands to give you more room to decorate your home. Lastly, you can’t go wrong here since they already come as a pair!

  • Sold as a pair
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • They don’t take up too much space
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Work best with Bose speaker systems

Pyle Sonos – Best Universal Speaker Stands


  • Height Adjustment: 26 – 52 inches
  • Square platform to set speakers on
  • Three-point triangle foot keeps stands sturdy
  • Anti-Slip grip pad keeps stands in place
  • Can hold up to 90 pounds per stand

The Pyle Pro Audio Monitor Speaker Stands take our number two spot. If you’re looking for incredibly durable stands that can handle a lot of weight and stay put in any type of weather outdoors, these stands are a great option. They can hold up to 90 pounds each and have a three-point triangular base floor spikes with an anti-slip grip that keeps these stands from moving or falling over.

The mount has a universal design that allows you to use these for a wide range of speakers, including computer speakers, surround sound speakers or even DJ speakers for events. There are cable clips to keep chords from getting tangled and the stands can be adjusted from 26 inches all the way up to 52 inches tall. You can easily adjust the height with the easy to use the knob.

Whether you’re using these speaker stands for your home movie theater or you need them to speak at events like weddings or seminars, they will provide you with better sound quality with plenty of height adjustment. These Pylo Sonos speaker stands are recommended for home or professional use and can hold just about any type of speakers.

  • Adjustable
  • Foot grips keep stands in place
  • Universal speaker mount
  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable and rugged
  • Can hold more weight than many other stands
  • Can take a while to assemble

Atlantic – Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands


  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 30 inches
  • Hollow pole for hidden wires
  • 45-degree adjustable mount
  • Sturdy and made of steel
  • Hold up to 20 pounds

Another great option for choosing one of the best speaker stands is the Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker Set. You’ll get a pair of speaker stands that have mounts that adjust up to 45 degrees. There is a hole in the mount so you can hide your speaker wires within the hollow poles provided.

The speaker plate is large enough to hold bigger speakers and has a surface of 6 inches by 6 inches. You get the option of using the adhesive strips provided or the spike studs to keep your speakers in place. The feet on these stands are non-marring and can hold up to 20 pounds of weight.

These Atlantic stands are made out of steel and will last you for years of use. They’re easy to assemble and look great next to any television or computer.

Though the stands themselves don’t adjust to different heights, the mounts are adjustable.

These speakers are recommended because they’re relatively inexpensive while still maintaining features of higher end speakers. You can hide your wires within the hollow poles and adjust the mounts how you like. The surface area is large enough to hold most speakers and you can’t go wrong with a product that’s easy to put together!

  • You can easily hide wires
  • Large surface area
  • 45-degree adjustable mounts
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Come as a set
  • Plate can be slippery

VIVO Premium – Best Non-Adjustable Speaker Stands


  • 23 inches tall from floor to shelf
  • Durable and made from aluminum
  • Carry weights up to 22 lbs
  • Carpet spikes to help stands stay in place
  • Wires stay hidden within poles

If you’re looking for a sleek looking stand, the VIVO Premium Universal speaker stands are a perfect fit. They are made with aluminum with a glossy black finish and the shelf the speakers sit on is made out of glass. You get two stands in this set and they both are 23 inches tall from the floor to the top shelf.

The poles hide your cords and wires for a clean set up. Each speaker stand can hold up to 22 pounds and the bases have carpet spikes to keep your speakers on a sturdy foundation, without fear of slipping around. VIVO stands can hold any speaker you have, as long as it’s not too heavy.

Note that these speakers are not adjustable like some of the other stands on this list.

The shelf the speakers sit on is 10 inches by 8 inches while the base is 12 inches by 10 inches. For an extra charge you can get these delivered already set up for you, but that’s not necessary as they’re fairly easy to assemble for most users.

These speaker stands are recommended because they’re sold at a reasonable price while still looking incredible sleek in any home theater environment. If you’re looking to upgrade your living room with speaker stands, these VIVO stands are a great pick.


  • Come as a pair
  • Attractive appearance
  • Hidden wire mechanism
  • Tempered glass shelf
  • Felt pads avoid floors getting scratched up
  • May be a little short for some buyers
  • Not the best choice for hardwood floors

Atlantic Satellite – Best Surround Sound Speaker Stands


  • Made out of cast iron making them incredibly durable
  • Cables and wires are hidden within poles
  • Adjustable from 27 inches to 48 inches
  • 3-sided base provides stability
  • Feet are non-marring

To get better sound, you can put your speakers on Atlantic’s Satellite Speaker Stands! You can easily adjust the height from 27 inches to 48 inches tall. Each stand is made from cast iron and if taken care of right, can easily last a lifetime. You’re able to easily hide any speakers’ wires or cables in the poles to get a cleaner, sleek set up.

The base on these stands is 3 sided so you won’t have to worry about them tipping over or slipping. Perfect for desktop speakers or lightweight surround sound speakers, these stands hold up to 2 ½ pounds each. You will get a pair of speaker stands when you buy this set, saving you money.

These speaker stands are minimalistic and a great addition to any home office or entertainment room. If you’re looking for stands that can support your lightweight speakers, while still concealing wires and looking sleek and clean, the Atlantic Satellite Speaker Stands are a great option for just that.

They’re recommended because of how well they support speakers, the look they have and the price point can’t be beaten! They’re easy to assemble and can be moved from room to room with no issues since they’re incredibly lightweight, weighing about five pounds each.

  • You can easily conceal wires and cables
  • Each stand is around five pounds
  • Easy assembly
  • Inexpensive compared to other stands
  • Can only hold up to 2 ½ pounds on each stand

Pyle Universal – Best Heavy-Duty Speaker Stand


  • Can be adjusted from 40 inches to 71 inches tall
  • 35mm compatible
  • Tension locking mechanism keeps speakers in place
  • Non-slip feet keep a stand sturdy
  • Single stand

Whether you need a speaker stand for your music venue or for your next seminar, these Pyle Universal Tripod Speaker Stands are incredibly heavy study. One stand holds up to 132 pounds and can get up to six foot tall. Even though it can handle a lot of weight, the stand itself is pretty lightweight.

It doesn’t matter which speaker you have, this stand will hold one with ease. You can conveniently fold this stand up which makes it easy to travel with. It has a glossy black finish and you’re able to easily hide cables and wires within the hollow tubing of the stand.

There is a locking safety pin that keeps everything in place once you’ve adjusted the stand to your liking. The feet are that of a tripod, which keeps everything easily balanced and sturdy with non-slip feet.

This speaker stand is recommended because of how heavy duty it is. You can use it indoors, outdoors or on stage. You’re able to easily fold the stand up when you’re traveling and it’s light enough to carry from vehicle to venue. If you’re looking for a stand that can support a lot of weight or be adjusted to a max height of six foot, this is the stand for you!

  • Holds up to 132 pounds
  • Can be adjusted up to six feet tall
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Tripod legs with non-slip feet for sturdy support
  • Only comes with one
  • There isn’t a travel bag (which could be an additional cost)

Sanus VuePoint HTBS – Best Lightweight Speaker Stands


  • Holds up to 3 ½ pound speakers
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Come as a pair
  • Adjustable from 28 inches to 38 inches
  • L-shaped bracket with keyhole mounts to keep speakers in place

Another great option for smaller speakers is the SANUS VuePoint HTBS satellite speaker stands. You’ll be able to adjust these stands from 28 inches all the way up to 38 inches. They have a very minimalistic design and practically hide in any room you put them in. Each stand can hold up to 3 ½ pound speakers.

They are easy to set up within a few minutes using a screwdriver. The pillars are made out of heavy-duty steel which offsets what you hear to give you the best audio you’ve experienced out of the speakers you place on these stands. Even though the poles are quite a thing, you are still able to hide all wires and cables to give a clean appearance.

There is a top plate that has an L-shaped bracket and keyhole mount to fit almost any small satellite speaker and keep it in place. These stands do come with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. These are recommended because they can hold any small satellite speaker at an inexpensive cost with the features of most expensive units.

You’re able to adjust the stands and keep speakers sturdy thanks to the bracket and mount. If you’re looking for stands for your desktop speakers or for your lighter surround sound speakers, these stands will work great!

  • Heavy base keeping speakers sturdy
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Versatile speaker options
  • Wires are easily hidden
  • Some speaker wires may not fit through the hole
  • Felt padding is time consuSanus VuePoint HTBSming to apply

PERLESMITH PSSS1 – Best Mounting Speaker Stands


  • Adjustable from 30 inches to 45 inches tall
  • Sturdy triangle base with knob footing
  • Concealed cables and wires
  • Can handle up to 8-pound speakers
  • Three mounting options
  • Easy to use and set up

The Perlesmith adjustable height speaker stands are a great option for middle ground speakers. They can hold up to eight pounds each and can be adjusted from 30 inches to 45 inches high. They come with three different mounting bracket options that fit just about any speakers you may have.

Perlesmith upgraded its 2018 design to this new and improved design for 2019. The bases on these speaker stands are heavy-duty and you won’t have to worry about them tipping over easily. Like many other speaker stands on this list, you’re able to hide and conceal and wires or cables your speakers may have for a mess-free look.

You’ll be able to set these speaker stands up in just three simple steps, saving you time and effort. If you plan on traveling with these stands, they’re relatively lightweight coming in at about six pounds each. These speakers are recommended because they are up-to-date with Perlesmith’s latest design. They can easily be adjusted, come with multiple mounting options and are incredibly easy to set up.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Upgraded from Perlesmith’s previous speaker stands
  • Easily adjusted
  • Holds up to 8 pounds
  • Due to the base design, must be put on a completely flat surface
  • Can be hard to feed wires through the pole

Mount-It! MI-58SLVR – Best Colour Speaker Stands


  • Available in two colors
  • Tempered glass top shelf
  • Can hold up to 22 pounds per stand
  • Made from aluminum alloy
  • Hollow center pole
  • Contemporary and modern design

Mount-It provides a great option when it comes to bookshelf speaker stands. You’re able to choose from two color options: white and black. Both have a gloss finish and glass top shelves for your speakers to sit on.

The shelves are 8 inches by 8 inches and the height of the stand from floor to shelf is 23 inches. Each stand can hold up to 22 pounds and you’re not able to adjust the height. These stands work with all types of speakers, as long as they’re under the weight limit.

The stands are made out of steel, making them durable and long-lasting. You’re able to easily hide cords and wires within the hollow pole or fill the hollow pole with sand to increase the stability if you’re using them outdoors. Putting your speakers on these stands will increase the performance of the speaker and will have minimal floor distortion.

The bases come with spikes for carpet or the option of rubber padding to use on hardwood floors. These Mount-It speaker stands are recommended due to all the features they have. You can use them on multiple surface types relying on their sturdiness and durability.

You’re able to fill the hollow pole with sand to keep the stands even more sturdy if you’re using outdoors on a windy day. Though they can’t be adjusted, these are an amazing pick for one of the best speaker stands on the market right now!

  • Two color options (white and black)
  • Base options for carpet and hardwood floors
  • Handles up to 22 pounds
  • Easy to put together
  • They look clean and modern
  • Steel body is durable
  • Sharp edges
  • Hight is not adjustable

VideoSecu MS07B – Best Home Theater Speaker Stands


  • Holds up to 30 pounds of weight
  • Adjustable from 26 ½ inches to 47 inches
  • Top plate pans 180 degrees and tilts 10 degrees
  • Adjustable feet
  • Concealed wire management

Do you have surround sound speakers that you wish you could get more out of? These VideoSecu 2 Satellite Speaker Stands are incredible for just that! Not only can these stands hold up to 30 pounds each, you’re able to adjust the height from just 26 ½ inches, all the way up to 47 inches tall.

The top plate is also adjustable as it can pan up to 180 degrees and can tilt 10 degrees in either direction. This makes it perfect for surround sound. The cables can be concealed in the central hole of the stand.

You get two of the best speaker stands when you buy this set. They come in a black finish and work well with most speaker brands. These stands are easy to set up and should only take you a few minutes per stand.

They’re recommended for the amount of things you can adjust. If you’re looking for a couple of speaker stands to add to your home theater, these are a perfect option to give you the best sound available!

  • Easily hide cords and cables
  • Come as a pair
  • Feet work on carpet or hardwood flooring
  • Max weight of 30 pounds
  • Top plate is adjustable
  • Screws must be kept tight for stability
  • Neck is made of plastic

Monoprice – Best Mono Speaker Stand


  • Available in two color options
  • Adjustable from 26.8 inches to 44.3 inches tall
  • Lightweight stands
  • Speakers are easily mounted
  • Sleek and slim glossy finish

Our penultimate choice when it comes to the best speaker stands available has to go to the Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stands. If you’re wanting an adjustable, minimalistic look for your lightweight speakers, these are a solid choice.

To get the best sound using these stands, place them a foot or two away from the wall.

You’ll be able to easily adjust the height from 26.8 inches, up to 44.3 inches. Each stand weighs around five pounds and comes in a black or white gloss finish. You’ll be able to easily keep your speakers sturdy with the standard or keyhole mount. Additionally, you can keep wires at bay, hiding them in the stand tubes.

These stands will improve the amount of bass you’ll be able to hear out of your speakers. Whether you’re using them in your living room, in your office or on your deck, these Monoprice speakers have plenty of features for the price. Plus, you have two different colors to choose from.

  • Weighted for stability
  • Comes in just two pieces
  • Lightweight stands
  • Hardware is included
  • Easy to set up
  • Speaker wire hole may be too small for some wires
  • Some pieces are made of plastic

Audioengine DS2 – Best Computer Speaker Stands


  • 15-degree angle
  • Easy to set up
  • 5 inches wide and 7 ¾ inches long
  • Silicone rubber reduces vibration
  • Come in a pair

Last but not least are the Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands. To get the best performance out of your speakers, you can use these stands! They have a 15-degree angle to increase sound quality. There is silicone rubber on this stand to reduce any vibration you may get on your desktop when using these stands.

They’re incredibly easy to set up and can be done in just seconds! They won’t take up too much space on your desk as they’re only 7 ¾ inches long and 5 inches wide. Each speaker stand weighs about 7 ounces and can easily be transported from one desk to another.

These last set of speakers are recommended because they’re small but pack a punch. You’ll be able to get better sound quality since they’re angled to point at ear level. They’re relatively small and lightweight. You also don’t have to worry about any bass vibration when using these stands.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy for most small speakers
  • Won’t take up too much space
  • Pricey for the material
  • Not adjustable

Buyer’s Guide

How not to get lost in various characteristics of speaker stands?

Follow our buying tips in the guide below and you’ll find the best option for your speakers.

We understand that there are a lot of features to keep in mind when searching for the best speaker stand for you. Below we’ve broken down some of the main key features to look out for when you’re shopping. Using what’s listed in this section will help you pick out the perfect speaker stand for you, without breaking the bank.


One of the main things you should be looking for is a speaker stand that can support the weight of your speaker. If you don’t pay attention to this, you are more likely to purchase one that won’t support your speakers. This is especially important if you have larger speakers. Another thing to keep in mind is how much the speaker stands weight themselves.

If you’re planning on traveling often with the stands, you’ll want something that’s lightweight and compact like the Pyle Universal Speaker Stand we reviewed that can not only hold up to 90 pounds but can be easily folded for portable use.

12 Best Speaker Stands – Enjoy the music to the full-2


Something that plays a part in just about anything you purchase is the price. There are speaker stands at just about any price point you can think of. Thankfully, spending more money isn’t necessarily a requirement when buying speaker stands. There are plenty of options out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg while still giving you a high-quality product.

A lot of the price as to do with the brand which we’ll get into more next. Feel free to compare prices to products along with which features they have. You’re likely to find something that fits your budget and works with the speakers you have. Read our Best Bookshelf Speakers guide and find those that will deliver you the best listening experience!


High-quality brands like Bose and Sonos provide not only great speakers, but the speaker stands as well. We’ve included well-known brands in this list, along with some you may not have heard of before. A brand can play a part in things like price and quality.

Though it’s merely a preference for most, the brand can be important to some buyers. Check out the Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands and Pyle Sonos Speaker Stand Pair of Sound Play 1 and 3 Holder if the brand name is an important feature for you!


While most speaker stands come in a matte or gloss black, there are stands that come in other colors. If you are particular about the aesthetic of the room you’ll be using the speakers in, the color can play an important role. Above are a couple of options that do come in both white and black like the Mount-It! 23″ Tall Bookshelf Speaker Stands or the Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stand.

Top Plate

The top plate is the shelf that holds your speaker. Not all of the stands above have top plates, as some of them have mounts to hold up your speakers. There are options to get top plates that are adjustable to give you even more control of the sound you get, like the VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand Mount which can be adjusted up to 180 degrees.

Some top plates are made of tempered glass. This gives the stand a more modern look overall. The glass being tempered helps to avoid any breaking under the weight of a speaker. The Mount-It! 23″ Tall Bookshelf Speaker Stands are a great example of high-quality glass top plate speaker stands.

12 Best Speaker Stands – Enjoy the music to the full-1


One feature that can be incredibly important and crucial to many users is the height of the speaker stand. One of the main reasons to get stands is to raise your speakers off the ground. The VIVO Premium Universal 18″ Floor Speaker Stands Dual Pillar is a great example of a quality speaker stand that doesn’t adjust. It sits at 18 inches off the floor which provides great sound quality.

Plenty of the other speaker stands can adjust from a variety of heights like the Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stand. It’s more of a preference than a necessity when it comes to height. It’s also advised that if you’ll be talking to a larger audience, you may want taller speaker stands.


No one likes to spend more time than they have to put furniture or equipment together. Having a speaker stand that’s easy to set up can be key to a lot of people. Not everyone has the time to spend assembling something they’re unfamiliar with.

While most speaker stands will just take a few minutes to set up, others can take longer. All of the best speaker stands we reviewed come with the hardware needed, you usually will just need a screwdriver. There are plenty of tutorials online to help make the assembly process as easy as possible.


While it may not be important to everyone, what the speaker stand is made of can be a key feature for some users. Speaker stands range from a number of materials, including plastic, steel, cast iron, and even aluminum alloy. Things like steel, aluminum, and cast iron will last you much longer than a speaker stand made out of plastic.

Not all speaker stands are made out of just one material either. Some have necks made of plastic while the body is made from steel. Others have aluminum bodies and glass top shelves. Another thing to keep in mind is the surface you’re putting the stand on. We talk more in detail about the base and feet later but the material can affect your flooring. Make sure to read the base section below for more information on this!

Wire Management

While there are many ways to hide wires around your home, hiding ones from speakers can be quite difficult. All of the products listed above have the ability to hide wires and cables within the hollow pole. While this is a great feature for speaker stands to have, not all cords and wires fit through all holes. If hiding wires is important to you, make sure your speaker wires will be able to fit properly and be relatively easy to feed through the pole.

Having the wires of the speakers hidden gives a really slick and clean look. You won’t have a pile of tangled wiring near your computer or television when choosing a stand that has hide them easily. When you are feeding through the wires, be cautious so there aren’t any unforeseen rips or tears in the wiring.

12 Best Speaker Stands – Enjoy the music to the full


Some speaker stands like the Pyle Sonos Speaker Stand Pair of Sound Play 1 and 3 Holder come with a warranty. Warranties can be important if a product breaks or isn’t quite what you expected. They aren’t necessary by any means but can save you money down the road. If you’re planning to buy more expensive speaker stands, consider looking to see if there is a warranty available.


One feature that can be crucial to many users is how adjustable the speaker stand is. You read a bit about the height and weight of a speaker stand and those aspects definitely play a part in how adjustable it is. There are speaker stands available that can adjust how much they can tilt and pan as well like the VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand Mount.

This can be a great feature if you’re buying speaking stands specifically for surround sound. Being able to adjust the stand in multiple ways gives you more control overall so you can get the most out of your speakers.


The base of a speaker stand is where the floor meets the stand. There are a ton of different types of speaker stand bases on the market. Some stands have feet on them that are spiked. These spikes are meant to dig into a carpet to keep the stand as sturdy as possible. If you’re not planning on using the stands on a carpet, some come with removable spikes. Another option is adhesive strips that keep the stand sturdy on the ground, especially hardwood or vinyl flooring.

There are speaker stands that have a non-slip grip on them to avoid any tipping or falling off the stand. One of the best speaker stands with non-slip grip is the Pyle Universal Speaker Stand Mount Holder. Whether you’re using it outside on concrete or gravel or inside on hardwood or tiled floors, if it has a non-slip grip you’ll be safe from any unwanted movement.

Final Words

With all of the products available to purchase, it can be a lot to take in and decide which is the stand you’re looking for. The in-depth reviews you read are just a glimpse at 12 of the best speaker stands available. If you didn’t find something you liked, there’s plenty more out there.

The Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands are easily the top pick out of the 12. These speakers come as a pair as well as stand two feet off the ground, hide your wires, won’t break the bank and take just 15 minutes to set up. Keep in mind all of the features you read about in the buyer’s guide before spending any of your hard-earned money.

Things that may be important to you such as how high the stands can be adjusted to and the material they’re made out of. There are more crucial aspects to consider like the weight a speaker stand can hold and which type of feet they come with. You are now much more educated on which speaker stand will work best for you! Happy shopping!

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