10 Best Toilets For Small Bathroom – Huge Comfort From The Tiniest Models

There’s nothing wrong with having a small bathroom. As long as you have all of the components you need, a small bathroom can be an enjoyable space to get ready for the day or unwind and get ready for bed. However, if your bathroom is on the cozy side, it’s important to pick the right equipment to make the most of your space.

In this article, we are going to take a close look at the topic of the best toilets for small bathrooms. What makes a toilet a good fit, or the wrong choice, for a small bathroom? Why would you pick one toilet model over another? You might be tempted to think that all the toilets are pretty much the same, but that is certainly not the case. By educating yourself using this guide, you can make an informed buying decision that will serve you well for years to come.

As you shop, remember that every buying decision is a matter of weighing pros and cons to settle on the product that is the best fit for your situation. Rarely is there a product which is perfect in every way for your needs – you’ll probably need to sacrifice on something. With that in mind, we have included a list of pros and cons along with each toilet listing, so you can quickly get an idea of which model may be right for you.

Overview Table

To make your life as a buyer as easy as possible, we have taken the time to compile the chart below. Take a moment to review the information displayed in this table and you can start to narrow down your toilet options. Following the table, we have provided a detailed look at ten strong contenders for your choice of a toilet to install in your small bathroom.


Editor choice 1 KOHLER K-4026-0 Karing
KOHLER K-4026-0 Karing
(Best Modern Toilet for Small Bathroom)

The KOHLER K-4026-0 is a high-tech toilet that is perfect for a small bathroom featuring a modern design. If you love to be on the cutting edge of technology with all that you do, it will be hard to pass up this toilet model.

(Best Dual Flush Toilet for Small Bathroom)

If you would like to add a dual flush capability to your small bathroom, and you also want a compact design to free up space, carefully consider the GALBA Small Toilet.

3 Saniflo 023
Saniflo 023
(Best Tankless Toilet for Small Bathroom)

For bathrooms that are truly short on space, the Saniflo 023 eliminates the need to make room for a tank. Despite its tankless design, this model still flushes effectively and efficiently.

4 American Standard Cadet 3
American Standard Cadet 3
(Best Corner Toilet for Small Bathroom)

Corner toilets are not traditional, but they can be highly useful in the right situation. The American Standard 270BD001.020 is an excellent pick for those needing a corner model.

5 TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia
TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia
(Best Wall-Hung Toilet for Small Bathroom)

Want to make a bold design statement in your new bathroom? Hide the tank and go with the TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung toilet – it’s sure to be the talk of every party!

(Best Quiet Toilet for Small Bathroom)

Those in the market for a truly small toilet will struggle to do better than the HOROW HWMT-8733. An attractive toilet with a compact design, this model will fit nicely in a tight space.

7 KOHLER K-4007-0 San Souci
KOHLER K-4007-0 San Souci
(Best Low-Profile Toilet for Small Bathroom)

It’s always exciting when form and function come together, and that’s the case with the low-profile KOHLER San Souci toilet.

Best value 8 American Standard 2887218.020
American Standard 2887218.020
(Best High-Efficiency Toilet for Small Bathroom)

To use less than a gallon of water for a single flush, pay close attention to the American Standard 2887218.020 as you shop for a new toilet.

9 TOTO Eco Ultramax
TOTO Eco Ultramax
(Best E-Max Flush Toilet for Small Bathrooms)

The TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet does a great job of keeping noise to a minimum while also operating efficiently to save water.

10 Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V
Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V
(Best Toilet for Small RV Bathroom)

The Aqua-Magic V is a leading RV toilet model that features plastic construction and an easy-to-wash surface.



1 Editor choice

KOHLER K-4026-0 Karing – Best Modern Toilet for Small Bathroom


  • Integrated bidet
  • Personalized settings for two users
  • Air dryer
  • Deodorizing filter
  • Heated seat
  • LED night light
  • 1.28 gallons per flush
  • One-piece design

Simply put, this is one of the best toilets available for a small bathroom. If you are getting ready to make a purchase, put this one on your shortlist.

What’s so great? For starters, it has the compact dimensions needed in a small bathroom, along with a sleek design that adds visual appeal. Also, you get the confidence that comes with buying a product from a trusted brand like KOHLER (for more Kohler toilets check our guide – 8 Best Kohler Toilets).

One of the standout features included in this model is the integrated bidet. This feature includes a deodorizing filter, self-cleaning wand, and precision air dryer, providing the user with a luxurious experience.

To top it all off, the toilet has an LED light to make it easier to use at night without turning on the bathroom light. And, it’s even motion-activated, meaning you can use it hands-free to limit the spread of germs.

This is a recommended product for those who love sleek, minimalist style blended with modern technology.

  • Hands-free function with a motion-activated lid
  • Convenience of multi-function bidet design
  • Adjustable settings
  • Powerful flush
  • Attractive design
  • Efficient deodorizer
  • Higher end of the price range for toilets
  • Potentially complex set up

GALBA MU133 – Best Dual Flush Toilet for Small Bathroom


  • Small dimensions as compared to standard toilets
  • One-piece design
  • Self-cleaning surface
  • Quick disconnect toilet seat
  • Dual flush design uses 1.6 or 0.8 GPF
  • 12-inch rough-in / 16.5 inches high

Some small toilets require the buyer to sacrifice on features in order to save space, but that’s not the case with the GALBA Small Toilet.

To get started, we can make it perfectly clear that this toilet lives up to its name – it’s small! But, in this case, that is a good thing. For a small bathroom application, a toilet design that is actually going to save you space is perfect. With dimensions of just 24.5’’ x 14’’ x 27’’, you won’t be wasting any of the precious space available in your bathroom.

In addition to its compact design, one of the great selling points on this model is the dual flush system. With a dual flush design, this toilet gives you the option of using less water when only a light flush is required, or more water when it’s necessary. This is a feature that isn’t offered on many full-size toilets, let alone on small models. Just to keep up with all the smart flushing features a modern toilet could have read our another top 9 Best Flushing Toilets review.

It’s easy to recommend this toilet as a good option for small bathrooms because it excels at what it does. As a space saver that includes a useful water-saving feature like the dual flush system, you are likely to be impressed with this product.

  • Save space in a tight bathroom
  • Makes room for the bathroom door to open freely
  • Water efficiency improvement thanks to the dual flush capability
  • Great looking finish stands the test of time
  • Stylish looks suitable for bathroom remodel project
  • Comes with a seat
  • Does not include a bidet
  • Smaller seat than larger toilets

Saniflo 023 – Best Tankless Toilet for Small Bathroom


  • Each flush requires just 1 gallon of water
  • Dual flush option
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Can be connected to a sink water supply
  • Viable option for many small spaces in a home
  • Includes a macerating pump to process each flush
  • ~ 16.5 inches high

On a traditional toilet, it is the tank that takes up much of the space needed for the unit. Of course, that tank plays an important role in the operation of the toilet, as it provides the water that flushes the toilet and sends the waste on its way. But what if you don’t have room for a tank? The Saniflo 023 offers a great solution for that situation.

This toilet doesn’t include a tank, so it is able to save considerable space over standard models. In fact, the dimensions for the unit are just 18.2’’ x 14.5’’ x 15.8’’, which is an extremely compact design. Once connected to a water supply, just a gallon of water will run through the toilet when the button is pressed for a flush.


While the standard bathrooms in your home will likely have space for a toilet with a tank, that might not be true if you are adding a new half bath in a small area. For the convenience of a toilet without the space-eating nature of a traditional design, it’s hard to beat the tankless approach.

Our recommendation for this model is based on the significant amount of space it can save when designing a bathroom. If you have been crunching the numbers trying to figure out how to squeeze a toilet into your new or rebuilt bathroom, the Saniflo 023 may be just the solution you have been looking for.

  • Offers dimensions that simply can’t be matched by traditional toilet designs
  • Saves water to benefit the environment and cut down on utility costs
  • Attractive design includes chrome hinges
  • Simple installation process
  • Pump makes noise when flushing
  • May lack the flushing power of a traditional unit

American Standard Cadet 3 – Best Corner Toilet for Small Bathroom


  • Two-piece toilet
  • Triangle tank shape to fit into a corner location
  • Oversized flush valve
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Easy-to-clean design and material
  • Tall seat height
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • 12-inch rough-in / ~ 17.5 inches high

Most toilets are positioned along a flat section of a wall. And, to match, the tank is designed with a flat back, so the toilet can be installed as close to the wall as possible. This arrangement works well in most situations, but what if you need to put your toilet in the corner of a small bathroom? For that circumstance, consider the American Standard Cadet 3.

This model is what’s known as a triangle toilet. Take one look at the toilet and you’ll know where that name comes from – the tank features a triangle shape to fit nicely into a corner. In a small space, fitting your toilet into the corner can open up the room and make floor space available that would have been used up by the usual toilet otherwise.

American Standard Cadet 3 -1

Your main concern in shopping for this toilet will be the corner design, but it also comes with another handy feature – a higher-than-normal toilet seat height. That makes the seat easier to get up and down from for people with mobility issues, or for taller individuals.

If you choose this toilet from American Standard, be sure to note that it does not come with a seat, so you will need to purchase one separately.

This toilet is our recommended model for those with a bathroom that is plumbed for a corner toilet installation. You’ll save space by choosing this design, yet you won’t give up any of the basic features that you expect to see in a quality toilet.

  • Efficient way to save space in a particularly small bathroom
  • Solid construction from respected American Standard brand
  • Resist the spread of germs with antimicrobial finish
  • Comfortable for taller people
  • Does not include a seat
  • No dual flush function for water savings

TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia – Best Wall-Hung Toilet for Small Bathroom


  • Mounts to the wall
  • Needs: in-wall tank system and actuator for installation
  • Dual flush design: 0.9/1.6 GPF
  • Universal height
  • Compliant with CalGreen standards

An innovative way to save space in your small bathroom is to hang the toilet on the wall, rather than placing it on the floor. You may not have known that approach was a possibility, but you can do it with the TOTO Aquia. To use this design, you will need to pair the toilet with an in-wall tank system.

The dimensions of this toilet immediately highlight the advantage of going with a wall-hung model. This toilet measures only 21’’ x 14.2’’ x 15’’ once installed. Along with the space savings, this design gives you an incredibly modern, sleek look that may compliment your other design choices in the bathroom and the rest of the house.

From a performance perspective, the toilet includes a dual flush feature to allow the user to decide how much water to send down through the bowl. A full flush will use 1.6 gallons, while the lighter flush option uses just 0.9 gallons.

Our recommendation for this toilet comes from the fact that you can open up space in your bathroom while also adding an attractive design element at the same time. It’s hard to find products that bring both function and style to any space, but that’s what is offered here with the TOTO Aquia.

  • Saves space by moving the toilet off the floor and onto the wall
  • Save water with two flushing options
  • Visually appealing design
  • Modest price tag compared to other models
  • Seat not included
  • Need to install in-wall tank system and flush actuator to use this toilet

HOROW HWMT-8733 – Best Quiet Toilet for Small Bathroom


  • Narrow, elongated bowl design
  • One-piece construction
  • 2’’ trap way
  • Chrome-plated flush buttons
  • Soft-close toilet seat and cover
  • Bolt covers
  • Self-cleaning surface

What can be better for a small bathroom than a small toilet? This model certainly fits that bill, as it features a narrow, elongated bowl that will fit nicely in small spaces that can’t accommodate a traditional toilet comfortably. If you’d like to save space without sacrificing performance, consider the HOROW HWMT-8733.

This floor-mounted model includes many of the modern features seen on quality toilets today. That list starts with a dual flushing feature that allows the user to save water when only a light flush is required. The toilet’s water usage comes in at 1.28 gallons for a light flush and 1.6 gallons for a full flush.

Although the toilet is able to generate a strong flush when the full 1.6 gallons are used, it still operates extremely quietly. If you are as worried about aesthetics as you are about performance, you’ll be pleased with the look of the one-piece design and the simple flush button on top of the tank.

Everyone nowadays is looking for a toilet that helps to save on your water bill and provides you with a better bathroom experience. Stop searching we’ve alredy found your ideal options with the best flushing performance! Read our another guide of the 9 Best Flushing Toilets and you would never flush twice again.

It is the narrow nature of this toilet that makes it our recommendation for a small toilet that needs to fit into a tight spot. Only 13.4’’ wide, this model can make it possible to place a toilet where a standard model simply wouldn’t fit.

Along with a compact design, you’ll also appreciate the quality construction, powerful flush, and modern look of this HOROW model.

  • Looks at-home in a small bathroom
  • Dual flush saves water while still offering powerful flush when needed
  • Quiet operation includes flushing action and soft-close lid
  • Mounts on the floor on standard 12’’ rough in
  • Comes with a seat
  • May not look appropriate in a larger bathroom
  • Could be too long for some locations

KOHLER K-4007-0 San Souci – Best Low-Profile Toilet for Small Bathroom


  • Aqua Piston canister flushing system
  • Low-profile and one-piece design
  • Leak-free performance
  • Quiet-Close lid and seat
  • Grip-Tight rubber bumpers
  • 1.28 gallons-per-flush

When selecting a toilet for your small bathroom, you need to blend the needs of the space with your design tastes – and you can’t forget about performance. It’s not easy to bring all three of those issues together into a single package, but the KOHLER San Souci does a great job. This model has a low-profile design, a rounded front, and the compact size necessary for small spaces.

While the exterior appearance is sure to draw the attention of anyone who walks into the bathroom, it may be what’s on the inside that is even more impressive. The KOHLER Aqua Piston canister mechanism provides water to the bowl from 360 degrees, meaning the flushing action is powerful and consistent. If you are tired of clogs in your previous small toilet, the San Souci may be the product you need to eliminate that headache.

The rounded front of this toilet is also worth mentioning, as it makes for efficient use of space in a small bathroom setting. Rather than trying to awkwardly squeeze around the front of a standard toilet, users will be more easily able to get around to the sink and out the door.

One other benefit of this toilet’s design worth mentioning is the easy cleaning nature of a single-piece design. The bowl section of the toilet blends cleanly into the tank, taking away many of the small spaces that make standard toilets so hard to get clean.

We can easily recommend the KOHLER San Souci as a strong contender for your business when you need to choose a low-profile toilet with a small footprint. Also, read our review about the best toilets money can buy – 8 Best Kohler Toilets.

  • Attractive design
  • Easy-to-clean shape
  • Efficient use of water
  • Save space in a compact bathroom
  • No dual flush option
  • Low-profile design might not be comfortable for all
  • Not so powerful flush for larger wastes
8 Best value

American Standard 2887218.020 – Best High-Efficiency Toilet for Small Bathroom


  • Low-consumption, dual-flush design
  • PowerWash rim
  • Siphon Jet Bowl technology
  • EverClean surface
  • 16.5 inches high
  • Size, style and color options

By their very nature, toilets have to use water to operate. That’s just how it goes, but steps can be taken to limit how much water is wasted on each flush. With this toilet model from American Standard, you can cut down on your water usage while still enjoying a reliable, comfortable, high-quality toilet.

There are two flush options included in this model. The lighter flush option uses only 0.92 gallons of water, and even the stronger flush limits water use to 1.28 gallons. This is a WaterSense Certified model, giving the buyer peace of mind that the purchase of this toilet will do the environment a favor.

American Standard 2887218.020 -1-min

Efficiency is great, but it isn’t going to do you any good if the toilet doesn’t fit in the space you have available. The dimensions for this model come in at 29.8’’ x 15’’ x 30’’. Those measurements don’t make it the smallest toilet on the market today, to be sure, but it should work nicely in a variety of small bathroom settings.

If efficient use of water is high on your priority list, we recommend this toilet as one to place on your shortlist. Along with its efficiency, it offers a traditional design, strong flush, and easy to clean surface.

  • Light water usage can save money and benefit the environment
  • Classic look
  • Surface cleans easily for a sanitary bathroom space
  • Attractive chrome buttons on top of the tank
  • Does not include seat
  • Not as small as other options

TOTO Eco Ultramax – Best E-Max Flush Toilet for Small Bathrooms


  • E-Max Flushing System
  • Modest water usage as 1.28 GPF
  • Rounded front design
  • SoftClose seat technology
  • Quiet performance

It’s good to be discreet when using the restroom. You don’t want to draw a lot of attention in this part of the house – you just want to use the toilet and be on your way. Some of the features included in the TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet are perfectly designed to support this type of discreet use.

Notably, this model offers a relatively quiet flush, thanks to the E-Max siphon jet flushing system. While using just 1.28 gallons for each flush, this toilet is able to move waste away effectively – and not make too much noise while doing it. Another quiet feature is the SoftClose seat which utilizes an innovative hinge system that brings the lid down at an appropriate speed to avoid any slamming action.

We’ve established that this toilet can mind its manners and be quiet, but we should also make it clear that this model is compact enough for tight bathroom spaces. Its measurements are just 16.5’’ x 16.5’’ x 27.1’’, making it suitable for areas where a standard size toilet would not be such a good choice.

Despite being WaterSense Certified thanks to its minimal water use, this toilet manages to get rid of waste reliably flush after flush. That capability is thanks to the wide flush valve that measures three inches across. If you’ve previously used or purchased an efficient toilet that wasn’t so effective in terms of clearing out waste, the TOTO Eco Ultramax will be a nice upgrade.

For buyers who are focused on quiet performance while also accommodating the needs of a small space, we recommend the TOTO Eco Ultramax as a good possibility.

  • Use the restroom discreetly with this quiet toilet
  • Preserve natural resources through efficient flushing
  • Avoid slamming the seat and lid thanks to SoftClose hinge
  • Traditional design looks appropriate in many settings
  • Only one flush option
  • May be too large for some small bathrooms
  • Frequent shipping problems

Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V – Best Toilet for Small RV Bathroom


  • Textured lid to limit scuffing
  • Plastic construction keeps weight down and is easy to clean
  • Single-hand flush mechanism
  • High profile design makes it easier to sit down and stand up
  • Hand sprayer included for manual cleaning, when necessary

By definition, any bathroom in an RV is going to be a small bathroom. Recreational vehicles are limited in size by certain practicalities, meaning their bathrooms are never going to measure up to what would be found in a traditional house. So, if you need to outfit your RV bathroom with a new toilet, you’ll want to turn to a compact model like the Aqua-Magic V Toilet (for more RV toilets read our guide – 10 Best RV Toilets).

Everything about the design of this toilet has been created with the RV lifestyle in mind. For instance, this model’s plastic construction keeps its weight to a minimum, so that it weighs in at less than 10 pounds. And, of course, there is a compact design that also makes it suitable for RV use.

On an RV, water-saving is an important topic. When not hooked up to a water supply, an RV is limited by the water that is held in the onboard tanks. So, each flush needs to be efficient, which is the case with this model. It even includes a hand sprayer to clean the bowl manually while using as little water as possible.

As it is designed appropriately for this specific application, it is easy for us to endorse the Aqua-Magic V as a great pick for your RV toilet needs. This lightweight, affordable, durable product will fit nicely in most RV bathrooms.

  • Compact design perfect for tight RV bathrooms
  • Limited water requirements make good use of resources onboard
  • Comfortable seat
  • Affordable price tag
  • Full bowl flush coverage helps to move waste away
  • Plastic material doesn’t feel as solid as traditional toilet
  • Flush may not always clear all waste

Buyer’s Guide

The funny thing about buying a toilet is it’s a task you don’t often take on in life. Most toilets last for many years, so you can easily go a decade or more without making this kind of purchase. Of course, when you do need to buy a toilet, you’ll want to make the right choice on the first try, so you don’t have to go back and spend even more money to replace the toilet you just installed.

Since buying a toilet is not something you do frequently, it might be tricky at first to know what you are looking for. Compare this to a purchase that you make frequently, such as a new article of clothing. When shopping for clothes, you already know what size you are, what materials you like, what brands fit you best, etc. It’s a pretty easy task because it’s one you take on regularly.

That’s not the case with a toilet. You may have never thought of the size of this unit before purchased a toilet, and even if you have, it’s probably been a while. Things have changed in this market over recent years, so it’s a good idea to educate yourself on toilet options before you spend your money.

In this section, we are going to walk through some of the main characteristics you should look at when picking out a toilet. There isn’t a right or wrong here – it’s just about picking the proper model for your needs. And, since we are talking specifically about toilets for small bathrooms, you’ll want to make sure compact design is somewhere near the top of your list.

American Standard 2887218.020 -3-min

Flushing Mechanism

All toilets need to flush. That goes without saying – what good would a toilet be if it couldn’t flush away the waste in the bowl? However, there has been a recent change in the toilet market with regard to flushing, as many models now include two different types of flushes. One flush uses less water and is meant for liquid waste, while the other is a stronger flush, using more water, and meant for solid waste.

The purpose of this design is to make the toilet more efficient. Using a full flush when the bowl only contains liquid waste is excessive, and it can drive up your utility bills. Also, using all that excess water is wasteful for the environment as a whole, as the flushing can add up quickly when you consider how many residents across a city are using the restroom several times a day.

So, should you make sure to buy a toilet with a dual flush system? That depends on your priorities, but it certainly is a feature to keep in mind. If you do go with a single flush toilet, make sure it is a model that uses a modest amount of water with each flush. For a quality dual flush toilet that doesn’t take up more than its share of space, consider the GALBA Small Toilet, which is featured in the second spot on our list.

It can be said without a doubt that the water consumption topic is one of the most vital today. Therefore people create new technologies to reduce excessive water consumption and preserve the environment. We support this motion as well and that’s why we created the list of toilets that give you the best flushing performance. Read our another review of the 9 Best Flushing Toilets and be ready to save on your water bill. 


Visual Element

Most people don’t think of toilets as something that is used for design purposes. We all need to use them each day, so they are functional above all else. However, if you are rebuilding a bathroom and trying to achieve a certain design aesthetic, you can use the toilet to take that design in the right direction.

For instance, if you are going for a classic look, you will probably want a toilet that uses a traditional shape, with a tall tank separate from the bowl section. On the other hand, those seeking a modern look in their bathroom will prefer clean lines and simplicity. Many of the one-piece models on the market are great for this purpose, as they step away from the standard toilet design and clean it up significantly. A great example of modern design in a compact package is the KOHLER San Souci toilet we have included at number seven on our list.

In addition to the design of the toilet, its dimensions will have a lot to do with how it looks in the space. You may want to fit in the largest toilet you can manage in order to make a bold statement, or you might want a diminutive model to allow the focus to remain on other features. Part of the challenge of picking the right toilet comes down to selecting one with the right dimensions for the bathroom in question.

10 Best Toilets For Small Bathroom – Huge Comfort From The Tiniest Models

Add Some Technology?

That’s right, you can even add technology into your life when you step inside the bathroom. Although most of the toilets on our list have very traditional features – with the exception of the growing popularity of the dual flush system – there are some that step things up from a technology perspective.

The obvious example of this point is the KOHLER K-4026-0, which we listed as our top pick for a small bathroom. Some of the many high-tech features included in this model are LED night-lights, a motion-activated and hands-free cover, an advanced bidet, a heated seat, and more. This is truly a toilet for the smartphone era and one that any tech-savvy individual is sure to love.

Which Dimension is Restricted?

It’s not enough to say that you need a small toilet for your small bathroom – you need to identify which dimension it is that needs to be compact. Most likely, it’s not going to be the height of the toilet. Unless your bathroom has a rather odd configuration, the height of any available toilet shouldn’t be an issue. Rather, what we are talking about here are width and length.

The length of a toilet is the distance from the back to the front. In other words, from the back of the tank (if it has one) to the front edge of the bowl or seat. Narrow bathrooms may be restricted in how long the toilet can be, as a model that is too long might make it impossible to walk by, or even to sit down. Also, a long toilet could be an issue in terms of the bathroom door opening and closing properly.

Going the other way, it’s also possible that you will need to carefully manage the width of the toilet you select. This is typically the case when there is minimal room between the vanity and the tub/shower. In such a situation, picking a toilet that is too wide might mean you are unable to install it at all. And, even if you do get it in, it might be rather awkward and uncomfortable to use.

As you are in the planning stages for your new bathroom project, be sure to carefully consider the dimensions that you are looking for in your new toilet. It’s easy to get distracted by other features, but the dimensions are key points that should be at the top of the list. Avoid getting a toilet that is too long or too wide, so you can keep your project on track.

HOROW HWMT-8733 -1-min

Matter of the Tank

To flush away waste, toilets typically use water that is held in a tank. In a traditional toilet design, that tank sits back slightly away from the bowl, while modern one-piece toilets create a look that connects the bowl and tank sections seamlessly. Either design can work nicely, so you need to decide which you like best.

One point to think about is the matter of cleaning around the toilet from time to time. There are fewer small spaces to deal with when you have a one-piece toilet, so you may find that such a model is easier to keep clean. Also, since there isn’t that space between the bowl and the tank, some one-piece models have smaller dimensions that are well-suited to small bathrooms.

It’s worth mentioning that you can take your toilet tank out of the room altogether if you go for a wall-hung toilet model like the TOTO Aquia. In this case, the tank will be installed in the wall, so space is saved within the bathroom itself. Along with saving space, the visual appeal of simply hanging a toilet bowl on the wall with no tank in sight is something that some buyers can’t resist.

Don’t Worry About the Seat

One other thing you will notice when shopping for a toilet is that some models come with a seat and lid, while others do not. Our advice on this point is not to worry about it. Sure, you need to make note of it, of course, so you can order the necessary parts and be ready for installation. However, toilet seats and lids are relatively affordable in the scope of this type of job, so don’t let the inclusion or exclusion of a seat strongly influence your decision one way or the other.

If you do buy a toilet that doesn’t include a seat, be sure to check the size requirements for your seat and lid before you order any parts. Since those sizes are relatively standard across the industry, it should be pretty easy to find a perfect seat for the toilet that you have selected. If you need some help here take a look at our list of the best toilet seats.

Best Toilet Seats-1

Q: What is GPF?

A: In the world of toilets, GPF stands for gallons per flush. In other words, it’s a measurement of how many gallons of water are used each time the toilet is flushed. Using more water typically leads to a more powerful flush but is obviously more wasteful of resources. Many new models include two flush options, so the user can decide how much water to send down the bowl.

Q: What is a comfort height toilet?

A: Some toilet models are available in a ‘comfort height’ design, which is just a way of saying that the seat sits higher off the ground than a traditional toilet seat. That elevated height may make it easier for some individuals to get on and off the toilet.

Q: What is a soft close hinge?

A: A soft close hinge on a toilet will prevent the seat and lid from slamming down onto the bowl, even if it is dropped. If you have ever accidentally dropped the seat when trying to lower it, you know how much noise that mistake can make. With a soft close hinge in place, this will not be an issue.



If you are shopping for a toilet to fit nicely in your small bathroom, the good news is this – there are plenty of strong contenders for your business on the market today. As you can see from the 10 toilets we listed in this buying guide, there is a model for just about every need. Once you identify what it is you want in a toilet, and how much space you have available, it shouldn’t take long to track down the right product.

Some of the best features to look for in a new toilet for your small bathroom include dual flushing options, a soft close seat, a one-piece design, and an easy to clean surface. Of course, the exact features you decide to prioritize will be your own choice, as everyone has slightly different tastes. For one of the leading toilets on the market today, be sure to head back to the top of our list and take a close look at the KOHLER K-4026-0 (for more Kohler toilets read our guide – 8 Bets Kohler Toilets).

Thank you for taking the time to visit our buying guide on the best toilet for small bathrooms. We hope one of the products we have identified in this article will prove to be the perfect match for your project. Good luck!

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