10 Best Toto Toilets – TOTOlly Comfortable

Whether you’re hustling through a total bathroom remodel or if you’re replacing that old piece of porcelain that’s been begging to be retired, the best Toto toilet can be a smart home investment. Toto toilets have a history that spans over a century, and the brand is dedicated to changing the way that you enjoy your bathroom. And for the most part, they succeed.

Their best-in-class line of premier toilets boasts sublime ergonomics, excellent water efficiency, and intuitive intelligence features that put Japanese ceramic sanitary-ware at the forefront of the toilet industry. So, if you were hoping to upgrade your bathroom and perhaps even improve your home’s value, a Toto toilet would be a total no-brainer.

These days, the Toto toilet line-up has expanded pretty significantly, with over 200 unique toilet models available for you to browse and buy. Taking those numbers into account, you might say you’ve got quite a huge load lot to consider. And that’s where we come in.

After conducting thorough research on the Toto toilets that are presently circulating in the market, we’ve narrowed down the list to just 10 of their best models. Are you ready to unravel the most marvelous toilets under the Toto brand? Let’s get started.

Overview table

Floor-mounted, wall-mounted, deodorizing, dual-flush, high-efficiency, LED lighting, and even remote control? They weren’t kidding when they said that Toto toilets were the cream of the crappers. But don’t assume that each model is one-size-fits-all. On the contrary, the range of options that Toto offers just goes to prove how varied the user preference can be.

To help bring you a reliable list of the best 10, we paid closer attention to some of the most important features of premium ceramic sanitary-ware. Those include water efficiency, comfort, convenience, ease of use, ease of maintenance, flushing power, and overall value to give you a definitive selection that really showcases Toto’s impressive innovation.

And here are the ones that flushed out the competition to take the top 10 positions.


Editor choice 1 TOTO Neorest 550H
TOTO Neorest 550H
(Best Smart Toto Toilet)

Here’s a toilet that goes the extra mile to prep the seat for your next use. The Neorest 550H combines comfort with water efficiency and intelligent design to bring you an effortless experience with its Cyclone flush, EWATER+ functionality, and more.

2 TOTO Neorest 700H
TOTO Neorest 700H
(Best Dual Flush Toto Toilet)

The 700H is an intelligent toilet that knows exactly what you need. From the customizable Washlet settings, an automatic lid, a heated seat, and more, this toilet was designed to reimagine the simple toilet.

3 TOTO Ultramax II
TOTO Ultramax II
(Best One-Piece Toto Toilet)

At a glance, the Ultramax II might look a lot like the toilet you have at home. But this modest design delivers serious best-in-class performance that relieves the ease for maintenance and the need for a double flush.

4 TOTO Washlet G400
TOTO Washlet G400
(Best Toto Toilet for Convenience)

Whether you’re looking for a lavish intimate toilet experience or if you’re hoping to make the bathroom a little more accessible to anyone and everyone, the Washlet G400 delivers. Just sit, spray, and walk away – the toilet does the rest.

Best seller 5 TOTO Aquia CST412MF.01
TOTO Aquia CST412MF.01
(Best Basic Toto Toilet)

The Aquia CST412MF.01 is a relatively basic toilet that doesn’t come with all those fancy bells and whistles. But for its price, you get a piece of sanitary-ware that promises to outperform any previous toilet you might have struggled with in the past.

6 TOTO Drake II
(Best Toto Toilet for Comfort)

The slightly raised seat on the Drake II can be the perfect solution for users who don’t appreciate the feeling of having to bend forward too far to use the toilet. But more than that, the Drake II brings excellent flushing power that might just put your plunger into retirement.

Best value 7 TOTO Aquia CT418F01
TOTO Aquia CT418F01
(Best Wall-hung Toto Toilet)

Don’t let its killer good looks fool you, the Aquia CT418F01 is here to champion budget-friendly toilets. The affordable design is contemporary, sleek, easy to clean, and efficient, boasting a butt load of features that can give your toilet a run for its money.

8 TOTO Eco Soiree
TOTO Eco Soiree
(Best Silent Toto Toilet)

Never have to leave the signs of nighttime toilet use unflushed with the Eco Soiree. This silent toilet uses Toto’s signature Cyclone flush system – evacuating your bowl entirely without making so much as a peep.

9 TOTO Supreme MS864114#12
TOTO Supreme MS864114#12
(Best Low-Profile Toto Toilet)

With a tank that reaches just 24 inches from the ground, the Supreme MS8464114#12 is a low-profile toilet that combines elegant design with robust functionality, perfect for heavy, daily abuse.

Best price 10 TOTO Drake
TOTO Drake
(Best High-Profile Toto Toilet)

Using Toto’s flagship flush system, the Drake is a toilet you can rely on. With higher seating and a traditional silhouette, this premium Toto toilet brings you the upgraded basics for an improved bathroom space.

1 Editor choice

TOTO Neorest 550H – Best Smart Toto Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.0 GPF / 0.8 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: Yes
  • Washlet equipped: Yes
  • Other features: EWATER+, Cyclone flush, SanaGloss ceramic glaze, heated seat, nightlight

Vying for the spot of the ultimate best Toto toilet, the Neorest 550H is hygienic, comfortable, convenient, and every good thing that you would ever want out of a toilet. The dual-flush design is impeccably efficient, using just 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF) with its half-flush function. And while that might be impressive enough, it’s worth noting that the design uses only 1.0 GPF with each full flush – up to 0.28 gallons less than other toilets that are designed for water efficiency.

The entire bowl surface is treated with Toto’s signature SanaGloss finish that creates an ultra-smooth bowl texture designed to resist the cling of residue. The Cyclone siphon jet flushing system delivers water through strategically positioned nozzles, creating a cyclone of water that covers every inch of the bowl for a complete rinse and a vigorous flush that leaves no residue behind.

After each use, the Toto Neorest 550H mists the bowl with electrolyzed water. This helps to improve the glide of waste material off of the bowl surface and to disinfect the toilet after every flush. The result? Cleaner, fresher toilet that’s prepped and ready for the next onslaught. Too bad the Neorest 550H pushes the budget barrier high. But then again, its world-class functions do deserve a premium price tag.

  • Aggressive Cyclone flushing system ensures total waste cleansing with minimal water use
  • Convenient remote control
  • SanaGloss ceramic glaze allows effortless rinsing that keeps the bowl fresh and clean for longer
  • Water-efficient flush uses a maximum of 1.0 GPF – significantly less than even the most eco-conscious toilets
  • Skirted toilet silhouette minimizes nooks and crannies for a seamless body that resists mold and mildew
  • Comfortable ergonomic seat design and toilet height allow maximum comfort across a range of body types
  • Not exactly a budget-friendly model
  • Needs power outlet

TOTO Neorest 700H – Best Dual Flush Toto Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.0 GPF / 0.8 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: Yes
  • Washlet equipped: Yes
  • Other features: EWATER+, Cyclone hands free flush, CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, automatic lid, heated seat, air deodorizer, LED nightlight

The Neorest 700H is a premium dual-flush toilet that uses Toto’s revolutionary tech to challenge the way you’ve come to know the humble toilet. This dual-flush design uses a modest 0.8 or 1.0 gallons of water for every half or full flush. But despite the minimal water consumption, the 700H guarantees excellent bowl clearing with its Tornado flush system. Two intuitively positioned jets release water at a rapid pace, creating a cyclone that rinses the entire bowl surface for a deep clean that’s both efficient and silent.

TOTO Neorest 700H-11

For added convenience, the 700H incorporates a bunch of smart features that manage your toilet before, during, and after use. The EWATER+ function gives the entire bowl a glaze of treated water before use, permitting the effortless glide of waste material for an even cleaner toilet. A versatile Washlet feature lets you set up to two different user profiles that save specific bidet functions to match your preferences with a single button press.

Its automatic open and close lid, LED night light, heated seat, and air deodorizer make the 700H a top-notch toilet that delivers a sublime spa-like experience. But with the promise to take your bathroom and turn it into an oasis, you can expect that the 700H from Toto comes at a pretty steep price – and it does. We admit that this top-of-the-line toilet is as expensive as they get.

  • Features an intelligent seat that maintains comfortable temperatures to prevent that initial cold-seat shock
  • Customizable Washlet settings allow two different user profiles to match your preferences
  • Water-efficient flush system uses the least amount of water possible without compromising cleanliness or waste removal
  • LED nightlight and auto open and close lid add another face of ease, ideal for uniquely-abled users
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Streamlined silhouette and skirted seat use treated ceramic to limit the development of mold, mildew, fungus, and other contaminants
  • Very expensive
  • Needs power outlet

TOTO Ultramax II – Best One-Piece Toto Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.28 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: Yes
  • Washlet equipped: No
  • Other features: CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, SoftClose lid, Tornado Flush

What’s a one-piece toilet, you ask? Most toilets are sold as a separate bowl and tank – seat not included. But one-piece toilets offer the complete package either because the seat serves a unique purpose, or to streamline the silhouette for a cleaner exterior. The Ultramax II from Toto comes into our list as the best one-piece Toto toilet and for good reason. This Toto toilet isn’t quite as sophisticated as the 700H, but its classic silhouette incorporates a wealth of features that make it feel familiar yet updated.

The simplified body looks like any contemporary toilet but uses CEFIONTECT ceramic treatment. This signature glaze from the Toto brand makes the entire toilet impeccably smooth, preventing the cling of waste residue. And to make it even harder for grime and filth to find a place to stay, the Ultramax II joins the tank and Bowl into one continuous piece, removing the gap and creating a streamlined one-piece body without any nooks and crannies. If a one-piece toilet is your number one toilet design read our guide – 10 Best One-Piece Toilets.

With a built-in SoftClose lid, a hole-free rim, and two high-power water jet nozzles that deliver vigorous water to achieve Toto’s signature Tornado flush, the Ultramax II is almost like your toilet – only better. The only real issue you might run into with this Toto toilet doesn’t even involve performance, but installation. The Ultramax II requires a special connection fitting not mentioned in most of their listings. So, try to look into that to eliminate the installation roadblock.

  • One-piece body features a continuous tank and bowl to allow easier maintenance and reduce the risk for leakage
  • Vigorous Tornado flush eliminates all waste from the bowl without the need for double flushes
  • Comes with Toto’s CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze that effectively prevents the adherence of waste particles
  • Universal toilet height allows exceptional comfort for most users and body types
  • Simple, contemporary aesthetic can match any bathroom interior
  • Requires a special connection fitting for installation that might not be easy to find

TOTO Washlet G400 – Best Toto Toilet for Convenience


  • Gallons per flush: 1.28 GPF / 0.9 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: Yes
  • Washlet equipped: Yes
  • Other features: Heated seat, auto open and close lid, self-washing Washlet, water temperature control, CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, 3D Tornado Flush

The Washlet G400 from Toto is more than just a sleek, modern piece of ceramic sanitary-ware. It’s a revolutionary innovation that was designed for users with high standards, or for those who are uniquely abled. This toilet makes each visit to the bathroom easy and effortless, showcasing its intuitive capabilities from the moment you walk into its view.

The intelligent toilet uses a smart sensor that detects an approaching user, triggering the lid to open automatically. This doesn’t only create a welcoming ambiance but also helps to limit the transfer of germs and bacteria. The Washlet wand built-into the toilet features three different wash settings, with adjustable pressure intensity and position. And to make it even easier for you, the wand boasts self-cleaning capabilities that sterilize the extension after every use.

Equipped with a heated seat, water temperature controls, 3D Tornado flush, and an auto energy-saving feature that dials down electricity consumption on stand-by, the Washlet G400 can turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat, or a well-adapted room for all types of users of all levels of ability. If you can forgive its slightly over-sensitive auto lid sensor and its somewhat complicated controls, then it might make the perfect bathroom addition.

  • Ultra-convenient and intelligent design lets you do your business with minimal effort
  • Temperature controls for both the seat and the water make it possible to achieve the greatest comfort any time of day
  • Adjustable Washlet settings allow a truly customized experience for your intimate care
  • Seamless exterior treated with CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze prevents staining and particle adherence
  • Powerful 3D Tornado Flush uses not 2 but 3 water jet nozzles to create a vigorous cyclone of water
  • Not quite as intuitive as other more sophisticated Toto models. Expect a little confusion when you first take it for a spin
  • Auto lid sensor can be a little on the sensitive side, triggering the toilet even without an approaching user
5 Best seller

TOTO Aquia CST412MF.01 – Best Basic Toto Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.6 GPF / 0.9 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: No
  • Washlet equipped: No
  • Other features: CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, Dual-Max Flush, skirted silhouette, dual flush for better water economy
  • Available in 5 colors

Maybe you’re not interested in all those fancy features, and you’re just looking for something that won’t clog on a routine schedule. If that’s the case, the Aquia CST412MF.01 might be your best bet. Simple, relatively basic, and familiar, this toilet feels just like home but aims to permanently end the need for a plunger. Its compact, modern aesthetic blends in well with any bathroom.

Aside from the dual chrome buttons on the top-side of the tank, the toilet is essentially seamless. A tapered skirt creates a beautiful contemporary appearance, and the universal seat height provides comfort for users across all body types and sizes. Equipped with a dual flush function, the Aquia CST412MF.01 is a water-efficient model, allowing reduced water consumption when a full flush isn’t necessary. But aside from all that, what makes the Aquia CST412MF.01 better than those run-of-the-mill toilets is the fact that it uses the brand’s Dual-Max flushing system.

This tech uses a combination of vigorous directional waterflow and optimized waste passages to make sure you never have to deal with a clog again. Why didn’t it rank higher? For starters, you need to remove the entire toilet to make a part replacement in case of damage since the skirt doesn’t have panels. Secondly, there’s no rough-in visibility during installation so you’re just going to have to hope for the best and for a perfect fit.

  • Smooth exterior with minimal nooks for reduced bacteria build-up and staining
  • Dual flush system lets you dial down water usage for better economy and conservation
  • Simplified silhouette is basic yet contemporary, boasting a beautiful aesthetic that can match any bathroom interior
  • Dual-Max flush system ensures total bowl evacuation with powerful waterflow and optimized passageway size and shape
  • Universal toilet seat height promises comfort and proper body mechanics for people of all body types
  • Taxing repairs process requires total toilet removal
  • Zero rough in visibility during installation adds a touch of guesswork to the process
  • Doesn’t come with a seat

TOTO Drake II – Best Toto Toilet for Comfort


  • Gallons per flush: 1.28 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: No
  • Washlet equipped: No
  • Other features: CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, Tornado flush, raised seat
  • Available in 4 colors

With it’s slightly raised seat, the Drake II relieves tension on the legs, hips, and knees, allowing a more relaxed posture for excellent weight-bearing as you go about your business. The design features a two-piece build that separates the tank from the bowl, making repairs and replacements far easier.

TOTO Drake II-00

Unlike its predecessor, the Drake II uses an upgraded Tornado flush system. This is what most Toto toilets use, featuring double nozzles that release water vigorously to create a cyclone that covers every inch of the bowl for a total rinse. The aggressive gush of water then pushes the contents of the bowl down and into the polished trapway for easy, single-flush evacuation.

Available at a reasonable price, the Drake II is what you might call the perfect mid-priced Toto toilet, providing just the right features at a cost that many can afford. Be advised though – it’s definitely not the most silent Toto toilet out there. Plus, because the siphon jet heads are visible, they do take away from the design’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Modestly raised seat relieves tension on the lower extremities for better blood circulation and comfort during use
  • Vigorous dual Tornado flush system provides a powerful jet of water that cleans the whole bowl from rim to trapway
  • Two-piece design allows easier repairs and replacements in case the need arises
  • Mid-priced model is relatively affordable, but still delivers quintessential Toto quality
  • Variable flush can be made possible by holding the lever down a little longer for an even more aggressive swirl
  • Makes quite a bit of noise
  • The appearance of the jets along the rim take away from its aesthetic appeal
  • Doesn’t come with a seat
7 Best value

TOTO Aquia CT418F01 – Best Wall-hung Toto Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.6 GPF / 0.9 GPF
  • Mount type: Wall-mounted
  • One-piece design: Yes
  • Washlet equipped: No
  • Other features: CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, Dual-Max Flush

Budget-conscious buyers, rejoice! The Aquia CT418F01 is here. This wall-mounted toilet is the cheapest on our list. Stripped down and sleek, this ultra-simple floating toilet mounts directly to your bathroom wall, exuding a totally sophisticated aesthetic that can bump up your bathroom’s allover appeal.

The streamlined body is especially easy to clean, free from crevices and cracks for grime, bacteria, and sludge to hide and fester. For its flush, you get the quintessential Dual Max flushing system that allows half and full flush choices to evacuate your toilet without spending too much water. But despite being relatively water-efficient, you can rely on the Aquia CT418F01 to completely clear out your bowl’s contents, thanks to its vigorous water release and its large, polished trapway. All these flushing systems and water consumption levels sometimes can be difficult to figure out, but don’t worry about it, we’ve done it for you! Read our another review of the 9 Best Flushing Toilets and pick your best water-efficient toilet.

TOTO Aquia CT418F01-111

Other than its efficient flush and its appealing silhouette, the Aquia CT418F01 is essentially an upgraded version of the toilet you already have – with the distinction that you probably won’t be able to clog this one. Keep in mind though that the half flush can be weak at times, leaving a bit of an odor behind. And unlike other Toto toilets, this one seems to be a little more prone to water stains.
Note that you’ll need to purchase a carrier frame with a tank, an actuator, and a seat separately.

  • Wall-mounted design is modern and sophisticated, exuding a classy appeal that can upgrade any bathroom
  • Comfortable elongated seat accommodates different users of varying body types up to 700 pounds in weight
  • Dual-Max flush system lets you manage water usage without compromising bowl evacuation
  • Sleek, streamlined body is effortless to clean, reducing the number of crevices that will call for your elbow grease
  • Affordable
  • Half-flush may leave a bit of smell behind
  • Bowl surface seems a little prone to water stains
  • Requires additional purchases
  • A bit complicated to install even for professionals

TOTO Eco Soiree – Best Silent Toto Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.28 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: Yes
  • Washlet equipped: No
  • Other features: CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, Cyclone flush, ultra-silent operation, SoftClose lid

Some people leave the remnants of their nighttime bathroom use floating aimlessly in the bowl until daybreak. Then there are others who invest in a toilet that’s quiet enough to flush and use without waking up the household. The Eco Soiree is one of them. This ultra-silent Toto toilet is one of the most discreet models on their list, featuring a Dual Cyclone flush that’s both vigorous and silent.

Not unlike other Toto toilets that leverage the Dual Cyclone, the Eco Soiree comes equipped with two strategically positioned nozzles that propel water aggressively to create a violent cyclone of water that covers every inch of the bowl for a complete rinse. The powerful spin then evacuates the bowl with the same supreme power, ensuring that every last particle is flushed away. But despite the seemingly robust system, the Eco Soiree is almost silent.

Of course, you can also expect a bunch of other qualities that might make it a smart pick. Skirted, seamless, and beautifully designed, this one-piece toilet lets you get your clean on without having to spend too much time scrubbing away at grime and mold (you can also check our review about the best one-piece toilets). The factory fill valve could use some improvement, however, and the default water level might be a little too low for comfort. But other than that, it’s pretty much perfect.

  • Silent use and lid allow confident use any time of the day
  • One-piece body has minimal nooks, crannies, and crevices, limiting the opportunity for bacteria and grime to thrive
  • Aggressive Cyclone flush system vigorously evacuates the toilet’s contents without leaving any remnants behind
  • Comfortable universal height design provides a comfortable, ergonomic seat for every kind of user
  • Beautifully designed toilet is a step above others in its segment
  • Default water level is pretty low
  • Flimsy fill valve might need replacing straight out of the box

TOTO Supreme MS864114#12 – Best Low-Profile Toto Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.6 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: Yes
  • Washlet equipped: No
  • Other features: CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, Power Gravity flush, SoftClose lid

Low-profile toilets make a suitable choice for buyers who might struggle with difficult stool, or who might have elderly users or children in the house. These toilets are designed with shorter silhouettes, allowing an altered posture and better accessibility for some family members. The Supreme MS864114#12 is our pick for the best low-profile Toto toilet, featuring a basic yet contemporary body that’s well-suited for most bathroom aesthetics.

The elegant, one-piece design uses Toto’s Power Gravity flushing system which uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush to vigorously empty the bowl without making too much noise (if the one-piece design is the one that attracts you read our review – 10 Best One-Piece toilets).

Now, while it does feature Toto’s signature SoftClose lid, it also comes with an engineered toilet seat and lid combo that use high-impact plastic fitted with molded bumpers to eliminate that annoying toilet seat slam.

Robust yet posh, the Supreme MS8464114#12 upgrades all of the basic features of the humble toilet, giving you better comfort, convenience and improved intimate experience all around. If there’s anything we’d improve, it would be the flush that requires you to hold down the lever to empty out the tank. That, and the factory toilet seat might be a little less than comfortable for long-time sitting.

  • Low-profile design features a shorter tank height and lower toilet seat for increased accessibility for smaller, shorter users
  • Power Gravity flush system uses 1.6 GPF and eliminates waste material with a vigorous yet silent gush of water
  • High-impact plastic seat with molded rubber bumpers add another layer of protection against seat slam
  • SoftClose lid gently lowers down the seat for a sound-free experience
  • One-piece construction features a continuous seat and tank design for smooth and effortless cleaning
  • Flush lever needs to be held down to evacuate all the bowl’s contents
  • Toilet seat isn’t quite as comfortable as other built-in Toto seats
10 Best price

TOTO Drake – Best High-Profile Toto Toilet


  • Gallons per flush: 1.6 GPF
  • Mount type: Floor-mounted
  • One-piece design: No
  • Washlet equipped: No
  • Other features: CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, G-Mac flush
  • Available in 5 colors

Looking for something a little taller? The Drake 2-Piece Toilet complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, featuring a silhouette that’s designed for ergonomics and comfort – no matter who’s taking a seat. The standard toilet silhouette looks familiar and traditional so finding a place for its stripped-down aesthetic shouldn’t be a challenge.

Using Toto’s G-Max flushing system, the Drake toilet features an extra-large flush valve and trapway to ensure the complete removal of waste from the bowl with each powerful flush. This, in combination with the CEFIONTECT glaze, works wonders to keep your toilet smelling fresh and looking clean for weeks without cleaning. To learn more about the smart flushing options read our review of the 9 Best Flushing Toilets. They save water and therefore take care of the environment.

For a little added variety, the Drake toilet is available either as an elongated or a round seat. The company also makes it available in an E-Max variant for buyers in states that require a maximum GPF of 1.28 gallons.

What’s not to love about the Drake? Unfortunately, even compatible toilet seats tend to wiggle a little when installed on the Drake. On top of that, the tank lid slopes quite a lot forward towards the bowl, thus if you were hoping to use it as a functional space, you can toss that idea down the drain.

  • Higher seating relieves pressure on the hips and knees for taller and uniquely abled users
  • Simplified silhouette also takes up a smaller space in your bathroom with its compact footprint
  • Powerful G-Max flush system completely removes waste material with a single push of the flush lever
  • Signature Toto ceramic glaze creates a sublime smoothness that’s effortless to clean
  • Standard aesthetic is uncomplicated, traditional, and compatible with any bathroom style
  • Most of the Toto seats that fit the model will wiggle around the bowl
  • Forward sloping tank lid eliminates any sort of functional use for the space

Buyer’s Guide

Bet you didn’t think there was technical knowledge to be learned when choosing a toilet. But because the Toto selection can be far more sophisticated than the rest, knowing what you’re buying into should keep you from tossing your precious dollars down the drain.

No doubt, the Toto selection is truly world-class. But understanding how all of their different features come into play and how they work to improve your private moments can bump up your bathroom’s value ten-fold.

TOTO SW3056#01 S550e -3

Water Efficiency

Toilets that are over a decade old will typically require anywhere from 5 to 7 gallons of water just to guzzle down its contents. But these days, some toilets will use as little as 0.8 gallons per flush, helping you save up to $4,000 in water expenses annually.

Toilets with dual flushing capabilities can be ideal if you’re hoping to further your water-saving efforts. These toilets will require just 0.8 gallons on a half-flush, clearing away urine and giving your bowl a well-deserved rinse along the way. A full flush will usually require anywhere from 1.0 to 1.6 GPF to completely empty the bowl’s contents and replace its stagnant water.

Flushing System

The mechanism that a toilet uses to flush away waste will play a role in noise level, ease of maintenance, and water efficiency. The Toto toilet brand boasts a pretty wide range of flushing systems, giving you a wealth of options to meet your preferences.

G-Max – Toto’s flagship flushing system, G-Max toilets – like the Drake – use a 3-inch flush valve, a fully-glazed trapway, and siphon jet action to rid your toilet of waste. Each flush requires around 1.6 GPF.

E-Max – Exactly like the G-Max, except that it uses less water at just 1.28 GPF to meet certain regulations enacted in specific US states.

Dual-Max – This is Toto’s dual flushing system, and offers users the opportunity to choose between a 0.8-0.9 GPF half flush or a 1.6 GPF full flush for optimal water efficiency. The Aquia CT418F01 is a prime example of a Dual-Max Toto toilet.

DynaMax – These toilets use an aggressive water release that pushes the water out of two separate jets to vigorously rid the contents of the bowl. All DynaMax toilets use just 1.28 GPF of water to ensure compliance in all US states.

Tornado/Cyclone – The Tornado or Cyclone flushing system from Toto is its most popular, and places two or three different water jets around the borders of the bowl to efficiently and effectively clear away waste material. This system also does away with the upper toilet bowl rim to reduce the accumulation of bacteria and germs in hard to reach areas.

Power Gravity – Gravity-assisted toilets are often considered obsolete because they use more water and aren’t effective at clearing out the bowl. To address that, Toto developed their own Power Gravity flushing system – found on the Supreme MS864114#12 – that incorporates a 125% larger flush valve and a computer-engineered trapway that guarantees excellent flushing without the need for excess water or added pressure.

Now you’ve learned more about the smart flushing options a toilet can have. Therefore, start managing the amount of water you use to keep your water bills low. Read our review of the 9 Best Flushing Toilets and pick your ideal option for a better bathroom experience. 

TOTO Eco Ultramax -4-min

Toilets that foster proper posture and body mechanics during use are often far better for long periods of sitting because they reduce pressure on the thighs and lower back. High-profile toilets similar to the Drake are basically taller, keeping your hips and ankles at a 90-degree angle or less. In most cases, high-profile toilets are best for households with elderly users or with individuals who might suffer from back pain and related problems.

Low-profile toilets like the Supreme MS864114#12, on the other hand, are much shorter, some measuring less than a foot from floor to seat. While they might not be comfortable for long bouts of sitting, their height makes them ideal for households with children who might struggle to climb on a high-profile design. They’re also a good choice for those who might struggle with passing stool, since keeping the knees higher than the hips while sitting has been found to help with difficult stool.

Mount Type

Toilets can either be wall-mounted or floor-mounted. This simply indicates where the toilet is fixed via its bolts, but the minor variation can change the way you enjoy your bathroom all together. Most homes use the floor-mounted design, with the trapway emptying into a tube that travels from the base of the toilet to the sewage system below.

Floor-mounted toilets are easier to install and cost much less. On the downside, these toilets do have far more surface area, nooks, and crannies that invite the accumulation of bacteria. In effect, you will have to spend more time and effort trying to clean a floor-mounted toilet.

On the other hand, there are wall-mounted toilets like the Aquia CT418F01. The beauty of these designs is that you can adjust their height by choosing how high or low on the wall you want them installed. They’re also much easier to clean compared to their floor-mounted counterparts. The downside is that wall-mounted toilets require very specific conditions to be met for safe and proper installation. Plus, they cost significantly more than floor-mounted models.

TOTO SW3056#01 S550e -1
Ease of Maintenance

One of the primary reasons that people choose to replace an old toilet is to take advantage of the maintenance features that newer models offer. The Toto brand boasts a range of toilets that incorporate smart functionality that helps keep them cleaner for longer, letting you enjoy a toilet that doesn’t beg to be cleaned too often.
Some of the Toto toilet features worth looking into if you’re interested in a model that’s easy to maintain include:

Air Deodorizer – This feature works to absorb foul odors from the bowl to keep it smelling fresh and clean after each use. It also prevents those odors from wafting through the air, perfect for households that see lots of guests.

Warm Air Dryer – The Warm Air Dryer feature releases warm air through the seat, directed towards the bowl. The purpose of the feature is to dry excess moisture to prevent the build-up of bacteria, and to disinfect the surfaces to maintain sanitation for longer.

EWATER+ – By pre-moistening the toilet bowl surface with a mist of tap, the EWATER+ system makes it easier for waste material to slide off and move towards the bottom of the bowl. Higher-end models like the Neorest 550H and 700H come equipped with this unique hygiene feature.

Aside from these intelligent features, considering the mere silhouette of your toilet can change the way you clean it. Streamlined toilets with minimal nooks and crannies can be far easier to maintain, relieving the need to reach into difficult areas that might not be accessible with traditional cleaning materials.

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Q: Does Toto have any pressure-assisted toilet?

A: No. The brand is dedicated to streamlining toilet performance, and that means efficient flushing that doesn’t produce a lot of noise. All of Toto’s toilets are gravity-assisted, using varied water jet placement to provide a unique flush that gets the job done – without the need for noise generating pressure tanks.

Q: What does it mean when a toilet is ‘skirted’?

A: A skirted toilet is a toilet that features a smooth ‘skirt’ of porcelain that covers its trap and bolts. This creates a smoother, sleeker silhouette that’s not just more aesthetically pleasing, but is also easier to clean since it doesn’t have as many nooks and crannies. The skirt itself should have panels that can be removed to reveal the bolts in case the need arises.

Q: What’s the best way to clean a Toto toilet?

A: That depends. Some Toto toilets have specially treated bowl surfaces that help to resist the cling of waste. For instance, their SanaGloss toilets feature a specialized coating that’s baked into the porcelain material. This makes the surface smoother and less prone to staining.

To prevent damaging the coating, Toto recommends that users choose a non-abrasive cleaning pad to gently scrub the bowl’s surface. It might also be ideal to avoid using a liquid cleaner instead of powders that might scratch the coating and limit its effects.

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Toto toilets are the best of the best, boasting supreme functionality that exceeds that of any other toilet manufacturer on the market. So there really is no wondering why these premium toilets have earned world-class recognition despite their eye-popping price tags.

No doubt, spending your hard-earned cash on a Toto toilet can be a smart way to invest your home. Featuring the streamlined, efficient, and intelligent capabilities of Japanese engineering, a Toto toilet can take your bathroom from tired to renewed, turning it into a space that you can truly be proud of.

While every Toto toilet brings something unique to the table, we believe the Neorest 550H meets – and exceeds – the needs of most homeowners. Saving water, staying clean, and offering a wealth of functions through its intuitive controls, this toilet is nothing short of the finest piece of porcelain sanitary-ware your money can buy.

But don’t just take our word for it. Browse our selection of the best Toto toilets and discover your bathroom’s next crowning glory.

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