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Every household or business generates a lot of trash on a daily basis. Dealing with it can be a little exhausting. Most of us stuff our trash into trash bags. However, it isn’t an effective means of handling waste. For starters, the volume of the trash sometimes makes it difficult to even stuff it into bags. Secondly, it occupies a large space too. So, how to deal with trash then? A trash compactor offers a viable solution. The best trash compactor is an efficient and effective waste management tool. It can decrease the size of the trash to manageable pieces. This smaller size makes it easy to move the waste. Moreover, compacted trash doesn’t take up a lot of space too.

The trash we produce is usually sent to landfills. These landfills contribute to land pollution. Trash compactors can decrease the need for new landfills. Using them ensures that more waste can be dumped at a single landfill. This can reduce pollution. Thus, trash compactors can play a role in saving the environment.

What’s stopping you from buying one then?

best trash compactors review

It often comes down to the initial cost. Trash compactors don’t come cheap. You need to pay a premium price to get one. You might be afraid to spend money on a trash compactor that isn’t right for you. So, it is important to know which trash compactor best suits your needs. Knowing this would make the investment worthwhile. Finding the ideal trash compactor for your home or business isn’t that difficult. All it needs is a bit of critical thinking and diligence.

Overview table

To make this task easier for you, we have selected the top trash compactors. We have reviewed their features, strengths, and weaknesses for your benefit. You can surely find a trash compactor among them that meets your specific requirements.

Before moving to a thorough reading, have a look at the table below and get the general idea of each product on the list.

Editor choice 1 Krushr K012 12” Trash Compactor
Krushr K012 12” Trash Compactor
(Best Reliable Trash Compactor)

Providing an 85% compaction ratio, this trash compactor can compress trash to small blocks. Its reliability means that you can rely on it to do its job no matter how much trash is produced.

2 Gladiator GACP15XXMG
Gladiator GACP15XXMG
(Best Heavy-duty Trash Compactor)

Being portable, this automatic trash compactor can be used for compacting trash anywhere in the home. Its durability ensures that you can use it for years to come.

3 Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor

Available for an affordable price, this is the best manual trash compactor one can buy nowadays. It saves you money on electricity and trash bags.

4 GE Profile UCG1680LSS 15”
GE Profile UCG1680LSS 15”
(Best Sleek Trash Compactor)

Stylishly designed, this automatic trash compactor looks good and can compress trash to 1/4th its original size. Its large capacity means you can store a week’s worth of trash in it with ease.

5 Whirlpool GX900QPP Undercounter
Whirlpool GX900QPP Undercounter
(Best Quiet Trash Compactor)

Despite being an automatic trash compactor, it operates noiselessly. It can compress trash without you even noticing it working.

6 Halo Easy Trash Compactor
Halo Easy Trash Compactor
(Best Capable Trash Compactor)

Having ample trash storage capacity, this manual trash compactor is very easy to use. Its carbon filters and odor-absorbing deodorizers keep the smell of rotting trash contained.

7 The Step N Sort 959586
The Step N Sort 959586
(Best 40-liter Trash Compactor)

Offering affordability and ease of use, this manual trash compactor can store up to 40 liters of trash. Due to its fingerprint-proof finish, it hardly gets dirty.

8 Joseph Joseph 30030
Joseph Joseph 30030
(Best 30-liter Trash Compactor)

Offering a 10-year warranty, the durability of this manual trash compactor is its biggest draw. Its design allows for easy compaction of trash.

9 Joseph Joseph 30037
Joseph Joseph 30037
(Best 20-liter Trash Compactor)

With 20-liter trash storage capacity, this manual trash compactor can compress regular trash easily. Its replaceable carbon filters control odor effectively.


1 Editor choice

Krushr K012 12” Trash Compactor – Best Reliable Trash Compactor


  • Narrow width
  • Hyper crush mode for energy-efficient compaction
  • 85% compaction ratio
  • Quiet operation
  • Multiple settings available for trash compaction
  • Child protection key lock

Ever wished of having a trash compactor that does the hard labor on its own? Krushr K012 does that and more. Being an automatic trash compactor, it doesn’t need you to compact the waste. You just need to fill it up and then press a button. This trash compactor can compress the trash by 85%, allowing you to reuse a trash bag many times over. However, the compaction ratio depends on the materials you put inside. It can easily compact tins, cans, paper, card, and plastic.

Krushr K012 has a narrow width and can fit snugly into a small space. It can thus, free up ample room in your kitchen. Its hyper crush mode doesn’t require much energy to compact trash. So, no rising electricity bill. Moreover, it does its work silently. Additional features include a child protection key lock and multiple settings for trash compaction.

Its reliability and great features make it an ideal purchase if you aren’t strapped for cash.

  • Automatic compaction
  • High compaction ratio
  • Saves up kitchen space
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Requires installation
  • Lacks portability
  • A bit expensive

Gladiator GACP15XXMG – Best Heavy-duty Trash Compactor


  • 75% compaction ratio
  • Powerful motor capable of crushing anything
  • Rubber casters for easy movement
  • Automatic anti-jam feature
  • Rugged look and modern design
  • Touch-toe pad for hands-free opening

Trash compactors in homes are mostly used in the kitchen. What if you have trash in the garage that needs to be compacted? Gladiator GACP15XXMG is your answer. It is a portable trash compactor that can be wheeled from one part of the home to the other. Thanks to rubber casters fitted to its legs, moving it isn’t an issue. Also, there isn’t much that this automatic trash compactor can’t crush down. It has a 1/3-HP motor which can minimize the garbage volume by about 75%.

Gladiator GACP15XXMG sports a rugged look. It has a modern design that doesn’t compromise on durability. You can open it by touching a foot pedal at its bottom. There is an automatic anti-jam feature which ensures smooth performance. It is operated by a control key located at the top of the unit.

Owing to its portability and heavy-duty compacting ability, it can be a good choice for owners of large homes.

  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Smooth performance
  • Dodgy customer service
  • Casters need to be assembled

  • Patented manual compaction system
  • Stainless steel body with resists smudges
  • Locking mechanism for securing trash bags
  • Soft pedal for easily opening the lid
  • Easy-to-clean compaction device

Don’t have an unlimited budget for purchasing a trash compactor. Don’t worry. The Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor by Household Essentials has you covered. This manual trash compactor looks like an ordinary trash can but does the work of a compactor. It has a patented compaction mechanism installed in it which doesn’t need electricity to work. You can push down the lid of the compactor with your hand to manually compact your trash. Simple, isn’t it?

To make the best use of this trash compactor, let it fill up before compacting the trash. You will be able to stuff more waste into a single trash bag this way.

Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor comes at a pocket-friendly price. However, you can judge that from its looks. This trash compactor has a stainless steel body with a smudge-resistant finish. It ensures its shiny look. You won’t have to hide it in your kitchen.

It can be a good purchase for you if you want to save money on trash bags and don’t mind doing some physical labor.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Doesn’t need electricity
  • Finger-print proof finish
  • Low-power magnets on crusher
  • Requires a lot of effort

GE Profile UCG1680LSS 15” – Best Sleek Trash Compactor


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Hidden controls
  • Powerful motor for compacting trash
  • 75% compaction ratio
  • Removable key lock for safety purposes

Looking for a compactor that blends in seamlessly with your Kitchen’s décor? GE Profile UCG1680LSS might be just what you need. This is an automatic trash compactor that has plenty of space for dumping your waste. Despite its high storage capacity, it can easily fit into a kitchen counter along with the cabinets. Since its controls are hidden inside the door, it doesn’t look like a compactor from the outside. The finish on the stainless steel door gives it an upscale appearance.

best trash compactors2

GE Profile UCG1680LSS isn’t just eye candy. It has a 1/3-HP motor which is powerful enough to compact any kind of waste. This automatic trash compactor has an average compaction ratio of 75%. There is a removable key lock provided which ensures that the drawer doesn’t open during operation. You can open the drawer using a toe pedal located at the foot of the unit.

However, the foot pedal on board the GE Profile UCG1680LSS is a bit too short. Also, this compactor isn’t that silent and makes noise during operation.

If you want a trash compactor that doesn’t look like a trash compactor then it can be the ideal purchase for you.

  • Upscale appearance
  • Ample waste storage capacity
  • Noisy
  • Small foot/toe pedal
  • Expensive

Whirlpool GX900QPP Undercounter – Best Quiet Trash Compactor


  • 75% compaction ratio
  • Powerful motor for compacting trash
  • Large waste storage capacity
  • QuietPack sound conditioning for noise control
  • CleanTouch console that’s easy to clean

Most automatic trash compactors are quite loud but not the Whirlpool GX900QPP. It is one of the quietest trash compactors you will find. It comes with QuietPack sound conditioning which keeps the noise level down. So, you won’t hear the powerful 1/3-HP motor of this trash compactor working when you turn it on. The 1.4 cubic feet waste capacity of this model by Whirlpool is also on par with the best trash compactors. It can easily hold a week’s worth of trash for a small home.

Being an automatic trash compactor, the Whirlpool GX900QPP requires electricity to function. Operating it isn’t an issue, though. It has a CleanTouch console that houses all the controls. You can start or stop the compactors using this console. It can be easily swiped after use to keep it squeaky clean.

The design of the TouchToe pad isn’t up to par on this unit. You might have to get it repaired multiple times or even get a redesigned version of it installed to solve the issue.

Since it has a sound conditioning mechanism, this silent worker can be a good option for you if you can’t stand the noise.

  • Makes no noise
  • Very easy to clean and use
  • Heavy-duty compaction
  • Ill-designed TouchToe pad

Halo Easy Trash Compactor – Best Capable Trash Compactor


  • Odor-Absorbing Deodorizer
  • Carbon filters for deodorizing the trash compactor
  • Large waste storage capacity
  • Touch-free lid for easy opening
  • Foldable rod used as a plunger for compressing trash

Leaving trash inside the trash compactor for a week can result in foul odor. That’s not the case with Halo Easy Trash Compactor Trash Can. The reason is the Odor-Absorbing Deodorizer and Carbon Filters that deodorize the compactor’s waste storage bin. So, you won’t be needing a mask when the time comes to empty this manual trash compactor. This isn’t all, you can store up to 49 litres of waste in this unit. Since you can compact trash too, the actual amount of waste it can hold up is even higher.

Halo Easy Trash Compactor has a touch-free lid. It opens instantly when you simply move your hand above it. The compaction mechanism is different from other manual compactors too. It features a foldable rod which needs to be rammed inside like a plunger to compress the trash.

Its high waste storage capacity means that it can be a good option for larger families that produce a lot of trash in a day’s time.

  • Doesn’t smell too much
  • Opens with just hand movements
  • Doesn’t use electricity
  • Requires a lot of manual force
  • Doesn’t compress trash enough

The Step N Sort 959586 – Best 40-liter Trash Compactor


  • Stainless steel body and a fingerprint-proof finish
  • 40 liters of waste storage capacity
  • Removable inner bucket
  • Lid with a handle for compressing the trash
  • Slow-close lid which is operated by step pedals

Manual trash compactors can cost up to $100 but not the Step N Sort 959586 Compacting Trash Can. This affordable trash compactor has all the features of a usual manual trash compactor but a fraction of its price. It has a considerable waste storage capacity of 40 liters which is more than enough for most households. The trash compaction mechanism features a lid with a handle. You have to press down the handle to compress the trash. The inner bucket of the unit is removable and can be easily cleaned.

The Step N Sort 959586 can be opened by step pedals. You can find them at the foot of the unit. Pressing the step pedals opens the lid which closes slowly on its own. To keep the lid open, you need to open it at 90 degrees. This manual trash compactor is made of stainless steel and has a fingerprint-proof finish. So, it can maintain its shine and luster no matter how often it is used.

Due to its affordable price and lots of handy features, this manual trash compactor can be a good purchase for any household.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable
  • Pedals are hard to press
  • It’s a bit heavy

Joseph Joseph 30030 – Best 30-liter Trash Compactor


  • Sturdy design with stainless steel coating
  • 66% compaction of waste
  • Replaceable carbon filters for odor control
  • Large waste storage capacity of 30 liters
  • 10-year warranty

Durability is among the most sought-after feature in a trash compactor. Joseph Joseph 30030 is just that. It is a durable manual trash compactor. It comes with a 10-year warranty, meaning you can use it for years to come. This unit’s durability comes from its rugged design and stainless steel coating. It has a waste storage capacity of 30 liters. After compaction the capacity of the unit to store waste increases to almost 90 liters.

Joseph Joseph 30030 features a unique compaction system. You can use it to reduce the trash volume by up to 66%. This manual trash compactor comes with an odor filter compartment too which can hold replaceable carbon filters. You can use any trash bag in this compactor. Its anti-tear design will ensure that the bag doesn’t tear up during compaction.

If you want to get the most out of this manual trash compactor, you should only use it for compacting paper and plastic. It can’t compact tins and cans.

The Joseph Joseph 30030 might be a good option for you if durability is something you desire in a trash compactor.

  • Durability
  • Compacts plastic and paper easily
  • Anti-tear design doesn’t harm trash bags
  • Can’t compact cans and tins
  • Excessive force needed to compress trash

Joseph Joseph 30037 – Best 20-liter Trash Compactor


  • Sturdy design with stainless steel coating
  • 66% compaction of waste
  • Replaceable carbon filters for odor control
  • Large waste storage capacity of 20 liters
  • 10-year warranty

If you want a sleek and slender trash compactor for our kitchen then look no further than the Joseph Joseph 30037. It is identical in features to the Joseph Joseph 30030 but has a smaller waste storage capacity. This manual trash compactor can hold up to 20 litters of un-compacted and 60 litters of compacted trash. Like the 30030, this trash compactor comes with a 10-year warranty. You can safely use it for many years without requiring any service. This unit’s anti-tear design protects trash bags and doesn’t let the bag tear up when the trash is compacted.

best trash compactors3

The manual compaction system used in the Joseph Joseph 30037 compactor is easy to use. You only have to press down a handle to compact the trash inside the can. It has an odor filter compartment located under its lid. You can place a replaceable carbon filter in it to reduce the smell.

If your trash compaction needs aren’t that extensive then this manual trash compactor can be a good purchase for you.

  • Durability
  • Easily compacts paper and plastic
  • Anti-tear design protects trash bags
  • Can’t compact tins and cans
  • Needs excessive manual force to work

Buyer’s Guide

Do you worry about buying an inappropriate trash compactor?

Keep calm and read our informative buying guide, which helps you at any stage of purchasing the best trash compactor.

What to Look for When Buying a Trash Compactor?

Buying a trash compactor is a considerable investment. So, this decision needs to be taken carefully. There are various aspects that you need to look for in a trash compactor before buying it.

Waste Storage Capacity: Perhaps the most crucial aspect of a trash compactor is its storage capacity. If you have a large household, you are likely to generate a lot of waste. You would need a sizable trash compactor to manage it. So, it is a good idea to choose a trash compactor with a high waste storage capacity. Conversely, for smaller households, a trash compactor with a lower capacity of up to 20 liters might be more than enough.    

Operating Mechanism: Trash compactors are available in two main categories, automatic and manual. The automatic trash compactors need electricity to run while the manual ones can be operated by hand. You would be better off using an automatic trash compactor if you don’t like doing physical labor. However, if manual work isn’t an issue for you then a manual trash compactor might be a good option too.    

Compaction Ratio: Compaction ratio is the percentage by which the trash compactor can reduce the waste volume. For instance, a compaction ratio of 75% means that the trash would be reduced to 1/3rd of its original volume. Automatic trash compactors have powerful motors driving their compaction systems. Thus, their compaction ratio is generally higher than those of manual trash compactors. So, if you want to compact your waste as much as possible then you would have to invest in an automatic trash compactor.

Type of Trash: The type of trash you generate should have a significant impact on your choice of trash compactor too. Not all trash compactors are able to handle all types of waste material. For instance, most manual compactors aren’t able to compress soda cans and food tins. So, if your trash mostly consists of these waste items then manual compactors won’t be enough for you. You would need an automatic trash compactor to manage your trash.

Available Space: Trash compactors come in all shapes and sizes. You have to decide which among them is most suitable for your home. This requires measuring the space you have available in your home or kitchen for the trash compactor. You would also need to decide whether you want the trash compactor to be fitted under the counter or not. It is a good idea to look for a free-standing trash compactor as it can be easily placed anywhere in the home.

What Features to Look for When Choosing a Trash Compactor?

Trash compactors have a wide range of features. These features decide how advantageous the trash compactor is for your home. You need to look out for these features when choosing a trash compactor.

Ease of Use: Trash compactors need to be used often. They should be easy to use for anyone in the family. You can get an idea of the ease of use of a trash compactor by looking at its toe/foot pedal. This pedal allows you to open the drawer of the trash compactor without using your hands. Make sure that this pedal is large enough and positioned at the bottom of the unit. For automatic trash compactors, touch controls can be a nice addition.

Noise Reduction: It’s no secret that automatic trash compactors make noise. You can hear them from far away when they are trying to compact your garbage. This noise can become an issue if you can’t stand loud noises and don’t want to disturb the other family members. Automatic trash compactors with noise reduction offer a solution to this issue. They can muffle the noise and ensure that the trash compactor performs its job silently. And don’t forget the manual ones, they are noiseless!   

Portability: Kitchen is mostly where trash is accumulated in a home. However, if you want to compact the trash in your garage, you would need a trash compactor that is portable. Such units can be wheeled to any part of the home including your garage. Portable trash compactors allow you to use them anywhere in the home. Make sure that the casters provided on the legs of the trash compactor are easy to assemble.  

Deodorization: Trash compactors are known to smell a lot more than regular trash cans. They hold waste for a longer duration which is the main reason for the smell. Trash compactors that have odor deodorization feature combat this problem. They have carbon filters that deodorize the trash compactor. Such units don’t smell at all no matter long the trash is stored in them.

Removable key for safety: Safety is a bit of a concern with automatic trash compactors. You don’t want the door of the compactor to open during its operation. Having a removable key ensures that such an accident can’t happen. This feature also prevents kids and pets to accidentally open the trash compactor too.

best trash compactors review

All in all, trash compactors save money on trash bags and are good for the environment. They can limit your trips to the dumpster and drastically minimize your trash bag usage. If you want to avail of these advantages then it makes sense to invest in the best trash compactor that fits your needs. The Krushr K012 12” Trash Compactor can be just what you need for managing your waste. Combining numerous best features and durable construction, it is definitely worth buying!

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