10 Best Vacuums for Long Hair – Shedding is No longer a Problem

Vacuum cleaners are gradually turning out to be an integral part of daily human life. Cleanliness is critical to a healthy lifestyle, and that is where the vacuum cleaners come in handy. Just like any other purchase, there are vital factors to put into consideration before buying an item.

For instance, when choosing the best vacuum for long hair, there are factors that you need to bear in mind so that you don’t end up making any mistakes. Moreover, large purchases like this one can turn out to be costly, and you’ll end up with a gadget you regret buying.

In a world where technology is a personal assistant to everybody, you need to choose which one you will exactly serve your needs. Why should you get the best vacuum for long hair? Well, for one, it will serve you efficiently on top of lasting longer. And don’t forget that the quality that always tops over every other factor.

Overview table

Here is a table showing you a few factors, at a glance, that you need to put in mind when selecting the best vacuum for long hair. We are concerned about you as our reader and have simplified everything so that you don’t find any challenge comparing the products.

  1. Editor choice 1 Hoover Linx
    Hoover Linx
    (Best cordless vacuum)

    The Hoover Linx is a vacuum for those who want to clean multiple areas and have difficulty reaching some points. It not only aids you with the recline handle but also provides you with multi-floor cleaning.

    2 Bissell pet hair eraser
    Bissell pet hair eraser
    (Best vacuum for pet owners)

    The Bissell pet hair eraser is a vacuum for pet owners since it has functions that are adapted to cleaning pet homes and spaces.

    3 Bissell clean view
    Bissell clean view
    ( Best portable vacuum)

    The Bissell clean view is recommended to homeowners who want a light option for easy mobility while cleaning.

    4 Shark rotator
    Shark rotator
    (Best vacuum for allergic users)

    The Shark rotator is recommended to anyone who has pets and also those who may have allergic reactions while cleaning. The cleaner gets rid of pet hairs and also does an excellent job at trapping dust particles.

    5 Eureka mighty mite
    Eureka mighty mite
    (Best bagged vacuum)

    The Eureka mighty mite is ideal for those who don’t have a massive cleaning space and want a simple device to help them out with the cleaning exercise.

    Best price 6 Eureka natural clean
    Eureka natural clean
    (Best budget vacuum)

    The Eureka natural clean is ideal for those with vehicles as it is designed to clean the interior of your car, leaving it sparkling.

    7 Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E

    The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E is recommended to homeowners who have large spaces and are looking for corded devices that are easy to maneuver with.

    8 Shark ION
    Shark ION
    (Best robot vacuum)

    The Shark ION is recommended to those who want to clean their houses without the hustle of moving around. Let the machine do everything for you.

    9 Shark APEX
    Shark APEX
    (Best vacuum for hair removal)

    The Shark APEX can be recommended due to its high efficiency in cleaning and hair removal ability.

    Best value 10 Shark Navigator
    Shark Navigator
    (Best upright vacuum)

    The Shark Navigator is recommended to those who want a well-functioning upright vacuum cleaner.


1 Editor choice

Hoover Linx – Best cordless vacuum


  • Hoover wind tunnel technology
  • Cyclonic filtration capability
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Wind tunnel technology
  • Recline handle
  • Low Profile Base
  • Lightweight (at under 10 pounds)
  • Multi floor cleaning

This is a sleek and handy vacuum cleaner that you can transform your life with. Its performance is upright and versatile together with the fact that it provides fade-free battery power. This is the kind of vacuum cleaner you’ll need to have that sparkly effect in your space.

One important feature of this cleaner is the Hoover wind tunnel technology and its cyclonic filtration capability. It allows this vacuum to function without an outlet, a feature that is exclusive to this stick vacuum cleaner and not any other.

The vacuum cleaner has interchangeable batteries that enable natural movement around cleaning spots since it is cordless. Furthermore, the wind tunnel technology creates a sort of suction that lifts and gets rid of any dirt on surfaces. It will embed the dirt for you so that you have a clean and sparkling area.

The vacuum cleaner has a bottom cup used to harvest all the dirt while cleaning. The cup works efficiently through a single press, and you clear all the debris. The cleaner isn’t fussy as it cleans most, if not all, floor surfaces. This makes it easy to move from hard floors to carpets without any change in performance.

An in-built gauge indicates how much battery power is left so that you time your cleaning. In addition to all these, the vacuum cleaner has a recline handle, which allows to access points right below your furniture so that you don’t have to keep transferring items when cleaning.

Recommended or not, why?

This cleaner is highly recommended to those who want to clean multiple areas and have difficulty reaching some points. It not only aids you with the recline handle but also provides you with multi-floor cleaning.

  • Battery gauge to show battery levels
  • Well-positioned power controls
  • Wind tunnel technology for easier and faster cleaning
  • Dirt cup for harvesting debris
  • Edge cleaning bristles for finer touches
  • Able to clean larger surface areas
  • The brush roller is not easily detachable
  • Limited global shipping

Bissell pet hair eraser – Best vacuum for pet owners


  • Plastic/Metal
  • Tangle-free brush roll
  • Smart seal allergen system
  • Cyclonic spooling system
  • Swivel steering
  • Edge to edge cleaning with suction channel technology
  • 30ft. cord

You can argue that the actual test of a vacuum cleaner is a home with pets. Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum was created with pets in mind and was developed by pet owners. Cleaning after pets through this vacuum cleaner is a breeze, in the simplest terms possible.

With the tangle-free brush roll, you can quickly get rid of hair wraps that are mostly annoying when cleaning. This will also help you to remove embedded hair together with other specialized tools on the cleaner. The smart seal allergen system is yet another handy feature to alleviate odors and grasp allergens.

The cyclonic spooling system, under patent, is a feature of this cleaner that helps the user to empty the tank without using their hands. The device also has additional tools to help you achieve success in the cleaning exercise.

Recommended or not, why?

This vacuum cleaner is recommended to pet owners since it has functions that are adapted to cleaning pet homes and spaces.

  • Tangle-free brush roll
  • Cyclonic pet hair spooling system
  • Turbo eraser tool for pet debris
  • Smart seal allergen system
  • Additional specialized tools for finer cleaning
  • Febreze pet odor eliminator
  • Swivel steering to maneuver through furniture and items quickly
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • Suction channel technology that enables the user to clean from edge to edge
  • LED lighting for easy visibility in tight places
  • Soft dusting brush that cleans delicate areas
  • The warranty does not cover its brush roller assembly
  • The cleaner is not easy to use for surfaces below furniture and items

Bissell clean view – Best portable vacuum


  • Hose Length: 6 inch
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Washable foam filter
  • Easy to empty dirt tank
  • Powerful suction
  • Innovative brush design
  • TurboBrush tool for stairs, furniture, upholstery, and more

One thing that you will first notice with this vacuum cleaner is the lightweight nature. This is a feature useful if you are cleaning several areas within the house, especially if the house is large. The maintenance of the cleaner is easy thanks to the washable foam filter and an easy to empty dirt tank. There are equally other attachments that make the entire cleaning process fruitful at the end.

The cleaner has a powerful suction ability and a creative brush design that cleans out most of the debris in one pass, hence the one pass technology. The cleaning process is fast and easy to save you time. The cleaner has a cyclonic system ideal for powerful suction and a long-lasting shine on the cleaned surface.

The dirt tank of the cleaner is equally easy to empty and doesn’t take much time either.

It is recommended that you read the user manual attached to the machine for you to understand how it works and how to install all the parts. The manual can also help you in troubleshooting problems from the cleaner.

best vacuum for laminate 2

Recommended or not, why?

This vacuum cleaner is a recommended option for homeowners who want a light option for easy mobility while cleaning.

  • Multi-cyclonic system that provides powerful suction
  • Separates dirt and debris to keep the filter cleaner
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Turbo brush tool that makes cleaning easier
  • Comfortable to empty dirt tank
  • Washable filter
  • The 25-feet power cord to reach more areas while cleaning
  • Crevice tool to remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas
  • Dusting brush to brush away hair and dirt
  • Extension wand to reach high places while cleaning
  • Extension wand doesn’t stretch high enough to reach the AC vents or ceiling
  • The vacuum cleaner has some annoying noise while working

Shark rotator – Best vacuum for allergic users


  • Power lift-away technology
  • Steering swivel
  • LED lights
  • Motorized brush
  • HEPA filter (99% of the dust)
  • Fingertip controls

This vacuum cleaner is portable and ideal for cleaning places where movement is critical. Its controls are easy to use and it transits quickly to whatever mode of cleaning you want.

The cleaner uses power lift-away technology that enables you as the user to lift a canister from one point to the other. Besides, technology equally aids in reaching areas where you usually would have a hard time cleaning.

The swivel steering on this vacuum is advanced to help you maneuver around your space conveniently. Moreover, the device has LED lights on the handheld cleaner and its nozzle to help you see what you’re cleaning clearly. This way you don’t take away useful stuff that might have dropped down.

With this vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about which floor you can use it on. The cleaner works perfectly on most flooring including hardwood floors and carpets. Even if you have a bare floor, this cleaner will ensure you have it sparkling.

For pet owners, the exact pet motorized brush is handy when dealing with pet hair cleaning. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about allergens in case you are allergic to dust. This is due to the presence of a HEPA filter on the device that traps 99% of the dust and allergens located in the vacuum.

Recommended or not, why?

We recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone who has pets and also those who may have allergic reactions while cleaning. The cleaner gets rid of pet hairs and also does an excellent job at trapping dust particles.

10 Best Vacuums for Long Hair - Shedding is No longer a Problem

  • LED lights to maneuver dark places
  • Advanced swivel steering to move around quickly
  • Fingertip controls
  • Motorized brush for cleaning pet hairs
  • Provision for above-floor cleaning
  • Works on multiple floors
  • Power lift-away technology
  • Upright mode for easy mobility
  • Limited global shipping
  • Quite costly

Eureka mighty mite – Best bagged vacuum


  • Sleek and compact
  • Weighs less than 9 pounds
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Dusting brush, bare floor nozzle, and crevice tool
  • Triple filtration bagged system
  • Easy-to-use fingertip controls

This is a sleek and compact vacuum cleaner that makes it easy for you to clean bare floors. With a weight that is less than 9 pounds, the cleaner is light in weight and portable around your cleaning area. When cleaning a huge house, a light vacuum cleaner comes more in handy.

Auto shut off is one feature that makes this vacuum cleaner so advanced since it prevents it from overheating. Again the controls are just at the fingertip for easy access when cleaning. The cleaner is designed to get the job done efficiently and quickly, hence the powerful suction ability.

With the cleaner, getting rid of dirt in hard to reach areas has never been easier. This is made possible with the additional tools that include the dusting brush, bare floor nozzle and crevice tool among many others. The icing on the cake is the triple filtration bagged system that the device has, which makes dirt collection more convenient.

Recommended or not, why?

The cleaner is ideal for those who don’t have a massive cleaning space and want a simple device to help them out with the cleaning exercise.

  • Lightweight/portable
  • Extension wand to reach high areas
  • Long cord of around 20 feet to enable easy cleaning and movement
  • Dust bag that is easy to empty without a mess
  • Blower port for debris
  • The cord wounds properly allowing convenient and compact storage
  • Auto shut off feature to prevent overheating
  • Fingertip controls
  • Not for all flooring/limited use
  • Small in size and thus not ideal for large cleaning spaces
6 Best price

Eureka natural clean – Best budget vacuum


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Powerful suction technology
  • Two motors, one for the brush and one for suction
  • Motorized brush with on/off switch for thorough cleaning of carpets
  • 20-foot cord

A hand-held vacuum cleaner is useful for cleaning small spaces, and that is why it is made portable and lightweight. Weighing less than 5 pounds, this device is easy to move around with while carrying out your cleaning jobs.

A powerful suction technology makes this device useful even if its size is small. It enables the vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt and other particles quickly and conveniently. The cleaner also has a motorized brush that has an on and off switch for detailed cleaning of carpeted areas.

The machine has a long cord of around 20 feet that makes it easy to clean up hard to reach areas. Whatever the flooring you have, this handheld cleaner will do the magic for you. It is ideal for hardwood, laminate, tiles, vinyl and carpeted floors among many others.

Recommended or not, why?

Eureka handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for those with vehicles as it is designed to clean the interior of your car, leaving it sparkling.

  • Lightweight/portable
  • Powerful suction technology
  • The riser visor system makes it easy to clean vertical upholstery
  • Ideal for multiple floor cleaning
  • Equipped with a crevice tool for cleaning tight places
  • Perfect for vehicles
  • One year warranty present with a money-back guarantee
  • Small and may be limited in usage application
  • Limited global shipping

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E – Best corded vacuum


  • Complete seal technology
  • HEPA filter (traps 99% of dust)
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • 30-foot cord
  • Pre-Motor Foam Filter
  • Pre-Motor Felt Filter
  • Pet Power Brush

The name lift-away comes from the cleaner’s ability to lift the canister away thus cleaning reaching the areas that were rather hard to reach.

Complete seal technology that is present in this vacuum cleaner is an anti-allergen feature that contains a HEPA filter to trap 99% of the dust and allergens that are located in the vacuum. As lightweight as it may seem, the shark navigator vacuum is powerful and versatile.

With a cord length of around 30 feet, it is a perfect match for large spaces that require vast movements. It is also a good option for multiple flooring use.

Washing the pre-motor foam and felt filters should be done every three months when you are continually using the machine. This is meant to boost the performance and prevent any damages to the cleaner.

Recommended or not, why?

This vacuum cleaner is recommended to homeowners who have large spaces and are looking for corded devices that are easy to maneuver with.

best vacuum for long hair 4

  • Works with multiple flooring
  • Lightweight/portable
  • Complete seal technology guarding against allergens and dust
  • Long cord of about 30 feet to reach a wide area
  • Lift-away technology to lift the canister while cleaning
  • Requires a bit of maintenance practices regularly
  • Not ideal for cleaning tight places

Shark ION – Best robot vacuum


  • Voice control
  • Self-cleaning brush
  • Smart sensor navigation
  • Dual spinning side brushes
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery (an hour without stopping)

Cleaning your house gets on another level if you’re seated and the job still gets done. That is what you get by using this robotic vacuum cleaner. It works with voice control and does everything automatically. Everything, in this case, means docking, recharging, and cleaning.

You can easily give your vacuum cleaner instructions through the Alexa enabled devices (sold separately) and get it to do the job for you effectively. The self-cleaning brush roll gets the short hairs, long ones, dust, and other debris together and prevents allergens from increasing in your home.

Smart sensor navigation helps the device to maneuver through every floor and carpet without getting stuck at any point. The device also has proximity sensors to detect any obstacles. The brushes are located on the sides and are dual spinning to pull dirt and debris from all areas. When it comes to battery life, the device can clean for over an hour without stopping, thanks to its powerful lithium-ion battery.

Recommended or not, why?

This device is recommended to those who want to clean their houses without the hustle of moving around. Let the machine do everything for you.

  • Dual brush edge cleaning
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Smart sensor for navigation
  • Low in height thus quickly navigating below furniture and items
  • Made with high tensile bristles for proper cleaning
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery
  • Cordless and thus can move without having to rely on the power source
  • Easy to empty
  • The range of Wi-Fi usage is limited
  • It needs charging after the battery goes down when cleaning

Shark APEX – Best vacuum for hair removal


  • Upright vacuum
  • Duo clean technology
  • Lift away technology
  • Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll
  • Handle and nozzle with LED lights
  • Complete seal
  • HEPA filter

This upright vacuum offers you the desired cleaning experience that you need from a cleaner. Shark is known for manufacturing devices that stand the test of time, and this is no exception.

Shark duo clean technology, used in this device, ensures that it grabs large particles and put them in piles. The lift away technology additionally helps in cleaning under items and over the flooring. It also has a zero-M self-cleaning brush roll that is ideal for continuous hair removal. The technology gets rid of pet hair, short hair and long hair from the brush roll for better performance and cleaning experience.

The handle and nozzle have LED lights for clear vision in dark areas. Moreover, the device has a complete seal that ensures allergens are contained inside the vacuum instead of being released to the air. The HEPA filter equally helps in allergen control.

Recommended or not, why?

This device is recommended due to its high efficiency in cleaning and hair removal ability.

  • Shark duo clean technology
  • Ideal for hair removal
  • LED lights for clear visibility
  • Powered lift away
  • Different modes of cleaning for different areas
  • Quite costly
  • Limited global shipping
10 Best value

Shark Navigator – Best upright vacuum


  • Lightweight upright vacuum
  • Lift-away technology
  • Complete seal technology
  • HEPA filter
  • Swivel steering
  • 30 feet cord

This is a lightweight upright vacuum that has several features suitable for cleaning exercises. It also has additional parts that get the job done correctly.

The lift-away technology of the device makes it easy to clean above-floor areas and hard-to-reach regions. It also has a complete seal technology to guard against allergens and dust particles that may escape and lead to allergic reactions. The HEPA filter does a great job of containing the particles and allergens within the cleaner.

A swivel steering helps in easy movement and maneuvering within your space and also facilitates multi-floor cleaning. The length of the cord is around 30 feet allowing a wider area of cleaning.

Recommended or not, why?

This device is recommended to those who want a well-functioning upright vacuum cleaner.

best vacuum for long hair 5

  • Offers non-stop hair removal
  • Both upright and lift-away mode for different cleaning experiences
  • Light in design thus making it easy to carry around when cleaning
  • Effective deep cleaning
  • Complete seal technology to ward off allergens
  • Not entirely flexible to reach all areas
  • Limited global shipping

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the Best Vacuum for Long Hair?

Start with the main characteristics of a good vacuum cleaner.

Suction power

This is the cleaning ability of the vacuum device. The average range is 280-500 W for a well-functioning cleaner. A good suction power will ensure that your cleaning experience is worthwhile and fulfilling.

Power consumption

The best vacuum cleaner needs to be effective in saving power. On average, vacuum cleaners consume 1300-2500 watts of power, and anything above this would be too high and uneconomical. Also, it shouldn’t be too low as this would mean that the machine is not functioning properly.


A good vacuum cleaner has a perfect filtration system that ensures the dust particles and allergens are maintained within the device. An advanced filter that is fitted on contemporary vacuum cleaners is the HEPA filter. It can grasp up to 99% of allergens for a standard cleaner, and this helps to protect those who have allergic reactions. The HEPA filter was first used in the nuclear industry before being adopted for domestic use.HEPA filters

Noise pollution

When you are cleaning your space, you wouldn’t appreciate it if there’s constant noise throughout the exercise. Contrary to popular belief that the best vacuum cleaner is one that produces the most noise, the truth is that this is nothing but a fallacy. Thanks to technology, vacuum cleaners are today being made to perform without much noise interruption to the user. In most cases, they have noise levels of around 71-91 decibels, which is acceptable in the industry.

The tools present

Again the tools that accompany the vacuum cleaner matter a lot when it comes to how good the job gets done. These tools include the crevice tool, extension wands, act. All of these tools make cleaning much easier and make the difference between a good vacuum and the best one.

What to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner

Weight of the vacuum cleaner

Depending on where you want to use the vacuum cleaner, the weight is important. There are points in your house where you would find it hard reaching if you have a heavy vacuum cleaner. At this point, the need to get a lighter variant becomes inevitable. Again the lighter the vacuum cleaner, the easier the work for you since you don’t have to use a lot of energy and strength. 

On the other hand, if your cleaning area is limited, then even a heavy cleaner wouldn’t pose much trouble to you. Just be sure that it is not too heavy to move around with. To move easily with your cleaner from one room to another read our review about the Best Portable Carpet Cleaners!

Price point

The importance of this factor cannot be overlooked. Your budget is critical to choosing the best vacuum cleaner. There are different vacuum devices in the market with different prices attached to them. It is often a challenge for many picking the right one out of the many available options. Thanks to a review like this one, you can easily decide your best pick.

Generally, an expensive cleaner doesn’t necessarily mean great quality just as a cheap one doesn’t always imply poor quality. There are other parameters to consider, and you can still get the best machine with your budget.

Power source

The power source refers to what powers the cleaner, a cord or battery? Today, there are different brands, and all of them have a distinct design. But, one thing is certain, and that is they must have a power source. Some use lithium-ion batteries while others need to connect to an electric socket for power.

The choice of which one to select solely depends on the user since it is a matter of preference. However, when choosing either, there are things to consider. For instance, when picking a corded vacuum cleaner, you need to consider the length of the cable as it needs to be long enough to get to the power source when cleaning a wide area. On the other hand, battery life is important when picking a battery-powered device. The battery life should last you through the cleaning exercise with minimal breakings for a charge.

Dirt collection

Where the vacuum cleaner stores the dirt and debris collected is equally a matter of concern. You don’t want to pick a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t collect the dirt or one that spills it after cleaning. A user has the freedom to choose between a bagged vacuum cleaner and a bagless variant.

For a bagless variant, you don’t have to keep on purchasing bags regularly that you use in the cleaning process. This is because the machine has its way of picking and collecting the dust and debris into one place.


What is your floor type? And can the vacuum cleaner you choose clean it? This is what you need to consider before picking the cleaner. The best vacuum cleaner is one that cleans multiple flooring and doesn’t discriminate on some floors. However, if you don’t want a cleaner that takes care of all floors, maybe because you only have a one-floor type, then you can check the specs first so that you confirm the vacuum cleaner can handle your floor type.

Special requirements

Sometimes you may have pets or hair around your home and are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is specially designed to clean this. Well, the good news is that there are cleaners that can get this done for you. They have dedicated designs and special tools to handle specific situations such as these. Get rid of those annoying pet hairs and long hairs using a vacuum cleaner adapted to that particular job.Special tools for vacuums

Also, some homeowners don’t want to do the job by themselves and thus prefer a robotic vacuum cleaner that is controlled through commands.

Advantages and functionalities of vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is an electric device that uses air pumps to suction dust and debris from spaces or surfaces. The vacuum cleaner you need depends on how you perform your cleaning, and there is a myriad of options to choose from. Different vacuum cleaners have different specifications and tools, and this may influence your choice of which to buy.

Vacuum cleaners, just like any other machine that makes work easier, have many advantages to the user:

Saves energy

Just imagine how tedious it is cleaning a bungalow all alone. The process would take much of your energy and drain you a lot, of course. That is the reason why machines are present, to make work easier for all of us. You will save a lot of energy by getting a vacuum cleaner to help you out with cleaning in the house.

Reduces time spent during cleaning

You can impressively reduce how much time you spend cleaning your space by utilizing a vacuum cleaner. Not only does it save your energy, but it also makes cleaning faster and shorter. This way you can get done with cleaning as soon as possible and get to handle other things.

Gets rid of allergens

Through the use of seals and filters, vacuum cleaners prevent the spread of dust and allergens within your building. HEPA filters, for example, grasp up to 99% of dust particles and allergens in your space and contain them within the cleaner.

Gets rid of pet hair

We all love pets, but not their hairs around the house. Sometimes cleaning out these hairs becomes a challenge, especially if you are doing it without the help of a vacuum cleaner. A device like this makes the work convenient and fast.

They clean the house even when you are away

Robotic vacuum cleaners have specs that make them work even without you being present in the house. All you need to do is to program it and give instructions on where to clean and what time it should be done. Again, some advanced ones can even take commands from you wherever you are and still get the job done perfectly.

Presence of sophisticated features

Contemporary vacuum cleaners have a myriad of amazing features meant to help you when cleaning. Some of these features help you to clean hard-to-reach areas and even go under items to remove debris and dirt. Features such as filtration systems protect those who have allergic reactions from suffering the effects of the cleaning process. Some vacuum cleaners have features that prevent overheating and destruction of property while you are cleaning your space.


Q: Is it a must for me to get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter in-built?

A: Well, yes it is. A HEPA filter protects you from the effects of allergens and dust particles that may affect your health. Modern cleaners are being made with this in mind, especially for allergic people.

Q: Do I need a vacuum cleaner with a bag or not?

A: This relies on what you want to achieve. With a bagless variant, you don’t have to keep purchasing the bags all the time like is the case using bagged vacuum cleaners.

Q: Corded or cordless vacuum cleaners, which one is better?

A: If you are looking to use the vacuum cleaner over a large area, then cordless vacuum cleaners would be the best idea. However, there are equally models of cleaners that are corded but have long cords, which can equally reach a wide area.


Wrapping up, you have seen and learned a lot about choosing the best vacuum for long hair. There is a vast variety of brands in the market making vacuum cleaners, but the ones above are a representation of the best in the industry. So, instead of working all alone and straining your back and entire body cleaning your house, why don’t you consider the options above and choose a vacuum cleaner that meets you at your point of need. There is something for everyone as the cleaners have distinct features that are appropriate for different groups of individuals. Also, you have seen what you need to consider when choosing the best vacuum for long hair. So, give it a shot and witness how convenient it will make your life to be.

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  1. The Bissell pet hair eraser is quite an attractive machine for me. Does it’s cord wind up or is it retracted?

    • Great question! The cord wraps on the back of the vacuum. It is 30 foot long. With this vacuum you’ ll get light up crevice tool, turbo brush, and a dusting brush.

      Hope it helps. Let us know if we can answer any other of your questions.

  2. Does the Eureka natural clean vacuum is good for cleaning inside the car?

    • Great question! This machine is good for cleaning in the car. You can detach the hose and get in between the seats. This vacuum can also be used for kitchen, living room, bedroom etc.

  3. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about the Shark Navigator. This model is good at removing pet hair, but what about long human hair? Who knows?

    • Thanks for the question. This machine is good with human hair too. It has a good suction and the cleaning brushroll delivers nonstop hair removal.

      Let us know if we can answer any other of your questions.

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