10 Best Water Coolers – Drink Healthy

A watercooler is more than just a necessity. You need one to ensure you always have access to hot and chilled drinking water.

Water may be tasteless, but there’s no denying the fact that chilled water is better for some unknown reasons. It can be troublesome to walk to the refrigerator and take out water bottles when you’re thirsty.

Water coolers offer great ease, which is why you will see them everywhere, from homes to offices. Moreover, today’s water coolers do more than just control the temperature of your water. They are powerful and can play an important role in keeping your water clean and drinkable. Yes, some water coolers come with filters and other such features.

You do not have to spend money on bottled water or filters when you can opt for an advanced water cooler. However, due to the huge number of options out there, it can often be difficult to pick the right one.

To help you in this regard, we have picked some of the best options out there and reviewed them for you. This guide will explain all that you need to know about water coolers so you can pick the right one.

Now without much ado, let’s get started:

Overview table

This table has been compiled with you in mind and covers all the important features you need to keep in mind when picking a water cooler. You can use it to compare different models and pick the one that suits you the best:


Editor choice 1 Avalon Premium
Avalon Premium
(Best Water Cooler for Homes with Children)

Offering both hot and cold water spouts, this top loading dispenser is quick and stylish. Plus, at just 30 pounds, it is quite mobile and easy to handle.

2 Primo
(Best Certified Water Cooler)

Featuring hot and cold water spouts, this unit conceals bottles inside the cabinet and is quite easy to use at just 35 pounds.

3 Avalon A5
Avalon A5
(Best Quality Water Cooler)

This unit does not require bottles as it uses tap water. You can get cold and hot water without having to wait since it works quickly. However, at 44 pounds it can be a bit heavy for some users.

4 Avalon A8
Avalon A8
(Best Countertop Water Cooler)

This unit offers great variety and works without a bottle as it uses tap water. Plus, it only weighs 30 pounds and hence is easy to move.

5 Nutrichef
(Best Budget Water Cooler)

This countertop dispenser proves chilled water in a jiffy and can also produce piping hot water. It only weighs 15 pounds and is easy to maintain.

6 Avalon A1
Avalon A1
(Best Designed Water Cooler)

This top loading unit offers not just hot but also really cold water. It weighs only 20 pounds and is Energy Star approved.

7 Giantex
(Best Water Cooler for Temperature Control)

This unit with storage cabinet is perfect for hot and cold water. It conceals bottles inside the cabinet and is quite easy to use at just 35 pounds.

8 Primo
(Best Water Cooler for Easy Maintenance)

This ceramic water dispenser cannot provide hot or cold liquids but is easy to use thanks to a push tab mechanism. It weighs just 10.9 pounds and is easy to move.

9 Sansone SA0015-1L
Sansone SA0015-1L
(Best Versatile Water Cooler)

This stainless-steel water dispenser cannot provide hot or cold drinks but is easy to use thanks to a simple spigot. Alternately, it can hold any liquid and is non-toxic.

10 Comfee
(Best Mini Water Cooler)

Offering only chilled water, this unit comes with a filter and offers 3 dispensing volumes. Plus, at about 17 pounds, it is very small and quite easy to maintain and use.



1 Editor choice

Avalon Premium – Best Water Cooler for Homes with Children


  • Hot and cold water spout
  • Energy Star approved
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Press-paddle spouts
  • Child safety feature
  • 1-year limited warranty

Avalon water cooler dispenser can be a good pick if you have children in the house. This beauty has a child safety feature that ensures children cannot use the hot water spout.

This dispenser is quite easy to use. Since it is top-loading, you will always be able to identify water levels so that you can change the bottle before it runs out. In addition to this, thanks to its compact size (13 x 12 x 19 inches), it will easily fit into small spaces. Plus, it even looks good and will blend well with the environment.

Avalon Premium-4

The unit is excellent at producing hot water (185 °F). Hence, you will never have trouble preparing hot beverages such as tea and coffee. In fact, cold water is also quite chilled at 47°F, removing the need to count on ice cubes. Plus, it is also affordable to use as it is Energy Star approved and does not use a lot of power.

Go for this one if you want a unit that creates no mess and is easy to maintain.

However, remember that it will not filter water so make sure to choose the right bottle.

  • Hot, cold and cool water
  • Safe for children
  • Suitable for both 3- and 5-gallon bottles
  • The dispensing area has a height of 7 inches; hence it can fit most bottles and cup
  • Has a removable drip tray to catch spills
  • Does not filter water
  • May not be suitable for a big family

Primo – Best Certified Water Cooler


  • Hot and cold water spout
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Child safety feature
  • Bottom-loading
  • Energy Star rated
  • 1-year limited warranty

If you are looking for a water cooler dispenser that is good at filtering water then your search ends here. This certified unit uses ozone to sanitize water so that you can get access to clean drinking water without having to work for it.

The 4-stop Reverse Osmosis process is known to be reliable and safe. Plus, the unit is also capable of reducing waste by allowing you to refill bottles. In addition to this, it comes equipped with different filters and uses UV sterilization that kills harmful contaminants and also improves taste, according to the makers.

You will not have to wait to get access to hot or cold water as the unit is quick to work. Plus, the push option means you will not have to put a lot of effort to get water out of the dispenser. However, do not let it worry you since the hot water comes with a safety feature making it safe for children.

Primo -7

The unit is overall easy to manage and does not require heavy maintenance. There is also a stainless-steel drip tray to catch spills, hence you will not have to worry about cleaning. Plus, the tray is dishwasher safe.

Another feature is the bottom loading option that removes the need to lift and flip bottles. You can conceal the bottles inside the cabinet without needing the help of a professional. This is one of the major reasons why it looks so good.

Go for this one if you want a unit that has commendable filters. This one is certified and known to be reliable. However, do not expect the water to taste different.

  • Sleek design
  • Easy to maintain with bottom loading
  • The filters are quite effective
  • Fully empties the water bottle, hence no wastage
  • Suitable for both 3- and 5-gallon bottles
  • Does not really increase the taste
  • Hot water may not be very hot

Avalon A5 – Best Quality Water Cooler


  • Three water settings
  • Bottleless system
  • Energy Star approved
  • Child safety feature
  • Self-cleaning

This may sound surprising to some people, but there are water dispensers that work without a water bottle. The concept is simple. This unit comes with a filter that makes your tap water drinkable.

This is a great feature because bottles are quite expensive and can add to the budget. Plus, they can be a nuisance to deal with as you have to pick them up and place in the right manner.
With this beauty, you will not have to worry about hard work. Other than this, you will get to access three temperature settings including:

  • Crisp Cool
  • Cool
  • Piping Hot

This is great for people who do not enjoy very cold water. They will not have to worry about mixing hot and cold water to get the right feel.

Avalon A5-4

Other than this, it has a nightlight that ensures you can see even when it’s dark. Moreover, the unit is quite easy to maintain. You will not have difficulty in cleaning it. Plus, it has a filter indicator light that’ll let you know when it is time to replace the filter. In most cases, the filter will be good for about six months.

So, go for this one if you want a big and attractive unit that does not require bottles. However, it may not be suitable if your tap water is very dirty or smells.

  • Offers three water settings
  • The nightlight ensures you can see in the dark
  • The filter indicator makes it easy to use
  • Easy to manage as it’s a self-cleaning unit
  • No need to buy water in bottles
  • Can be a little complicated to install
  • A little bulky at 44 pounds

Avalon A8 – Best Countertop Water Cooler


  • Hot and cold water spout
  • Bottleless system
  • Energy Star approved
  • Child safety feature
  • Self-cleaning
  • 1-year limited warranty

Another beauty from Avalon deserves to be on the list due to how amazing it is. This is also a bottleless water cooler, but it is quite different from the previous model as it is much smaller and better looking.

A lot of other features as similar as it also has the nightlight feature so that you can see even water in the dark. However, unlike the previous option, this one is made of plastic and weighs just 30 pounds. Hence, it is a lot easier to move around.

Avalon A8-4

With this tool, you will not have to worry about safety as it is quite effective at killing germs and keeping your family safe. The filter can remove rust, lead, bacteria, and chlorine. Plus, there’s no risk even if you have children as it has a safety lock.

You will notice that it is, overall, quite easy to manage. Plus, the filter light will illuminate when it is time to replace the filter. The two filters that come pre-installed will run for about six months. Hence, do not worry about having to replace it too often.

Lastly, it produces very hot (185° F) and very cold water (47° F) within a few seconds. Hence, you can go for this one if you want a unit that is quick to perform the job. However, remember that it can be a little noisy at times.

  • Does not take long to produce results
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Powerful filtration system
  • Looks very good
  • Compact
  • Can be a bit noisy
  • The six feet cord may be too short for some users

Nutrichef – Best Budget Water Cooler


  • Hot and cold water spout
  • Energy Star approved
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Press-paddle spouts
  • Child safety feature

If you are looking for a unit you can place on the table then consider this countertop water cooler dispenser.

It does not have some of the fancy features that other units come with, but it does a pretty decent job given its specs. It’s quite affordable and takes very little space, making it suitable for smaller homes and offices.


A major reason why this unit is so affordable is due to a lack of a compressor. It chills water by using the air. This may not be the most suitable option but, according to the makers, the water is in the range of 40° F, which is pretty decent. Hot water, on the other hand, hits about 175° F, which is good enough to make tea, coffee, and other hot beverages.

However, you may notice a distinct plastic taste and smell when you use it for the first time. You’ll need to drain some water to get rid of this. Hence, be careful if you choose this one.

  • Affordable
  • Works quietly
  • Compact
  • Very light at about 10 pounds
  • Does not use a lot of energy
  • Plastic taste and smell may be evident for the first few days of use
  • The unit may leak after a long period of use

Avalon A1 – Best Designed Water Cooler


  • Hot and cold water spout
  • Energy Star approved
  • Stainless-steel tank
  • Press-paddle spouts
  • Child safety feature
  • 1-year limited warranty

Avalon is back on the list for all the right reasons. This Avalon dispenser has all the features that the company is known for and some more.

This top-loading unit is a breeze to use. You will not have to put a lot of effort to place the bottles. Plus, you will always know when it’s time to replace it. This model also has the safety lock feature Avalon is popular for. Do not worry if you have children in the house, they will not be able to operate the hot water spout due to this feature.

Avalon A1-3

The unit is excellent at producing hot water (185 °F). So, you will never have trouble preparing hot beverages such as tea and coffee. In fact, cold water is also quite chilled at 47°F, removing the need to count on ice cubes. Plus, it is also affordable to use as it is Energy Star approved and does not use a lot of power.

It is made using high quality stainless steel. You will not have to worry about the durability factor. Go for this one if you want a unit that looks attractive and comes with a warranty, but remember that it may take a while for the glass to fill.

  • Suitable for both 3- and 5-gallon bottles
  • Convenient height
  • High-quality materials
  • Produce room temperature water when not running
  • Comes with a bottle peg
  • Does not filter water
  • The water flow is very slow when dispensing

Giantex – Best Water Cooler for Temperature Control


  • Hot and cold water spout
  • Storage cabinet
  • Switches to control heating and cooling
  • Child safety feature
  • Anti-dust mite water barrel seat

We love this dispenser for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is made for family homes as it comes with a child lock. You do not have to worry about your children sustaining injuries thanks to this feature.

Other than this, it also has among the few dispensers on the list that offer the user great control. You will find two switches on the back of the unit that control heating or cooling. You can switch it off when you want to stop the unit from working. This prevents the unit from reheating and recooling wanted to ensure you get access to healthy drinking water.

Giantex -5

Additionally, it is also quite safe thanks to the anti-dust mite water barrel seat that is easy to detach, disassemble, and clean. The unique design of the seat ensures you get access to safe water.
If this isn’t enough, then pay attention to the storage cabinet where you can keep disposable plastic cups and other such small items. This makes it suitable for offices and public places as well, such as restaurants and libraries. And image how great it is to have an additional cabinet in the kitchen. Your space won’t be wasted.

Do not worry about the size of the bottles as it can fit variable sizes – from 2 to 5 gallons. Go for this one if you like a unit that can cater to a large number of people due to its big size. However, you may have to change bottles several times a day.

  • The unit is very durable
  • Convenient storage space
  • Temperature control
  • Can fit different places thanks to its narrow design
  • Quite lightweight at 20 lbs
  • Very affordable
  • A little slow at dispensing water
  • Does not come with a warranty

Primo – Best Water Cooler for Easy Maintenance


  • Ceramic body
  • Push tab control
  • No-electricity design
  • Lead-free
  • BPA free
  • 1-year limited warranty

If you want a unit that is easy to maintain and clean then get your hands on this incredible water cooler from Primo. Its ceramic body looks unique and is very easy to clean.

However, it is different from other units as it does not use electricity to operate. Hence, it will not offer you hot or cold water as your only option is to enjoy room temperature water.

The dispenser is mainly designed to use Primo water bottles since the company is known to produce high-quality water that is safe and pure. Moreover, some people also believe that Primo water comes in enhanced taste. However, the good thing is that you can buy bottles from any company as they will all fit the dispenser. But we suggest that you try Primo water as well, especially since the unit comes with special coupons that you can redeem at the Primo store to get free goods.


It is also perfect for users who are cautious about health and want to completely eliminate the risk of BPA and lead, which can be found in drinking water due to poor quality water coolers.

This unit is great and comes ready to use. You will not have to worry about keeping it anywhere as it comes with a wooden stand that looks very neat and perfectly fits the dispenser.

Also, the dispenser and stand are quite sturdy and can easily handle the weight of 3- to 5-gallon bottles. However, this dispenser water cooler is only suitable for individuals who are happy with water at room temperature. Look elsewhere if you want a unit that can produce hot or cold water.

  • Comes with a wooden stand
  • Does not use electricity
  • The push-tab mechanism is easy
  • High-quality materials
  • Modern design
  • No hot or cold water options

Sansone SA0015-1L – Best Versatile Water Cooler


  • Stainless steel body
  • Removable stainless-steel spigot
  • Convenient handles
  • 15 liters
  • Butter welded

This Sansone water dispenser is unique because, according to the makers, it is suitable for all types of liquids including water, vinegar, juice, tea, cocktails, and olive oil. In addition to this, they say, you can even use it at parties to serve alcohol.

However, remember that this one does not have the ability to chill your drinks. It will only dispense what’s inside at room temperature. However, due to its stainless-steel body, hot beverages may remain hot for an extended period of time and cold beverages may remain cold for a good few hours.

The spigot is quite easy to use. You will not have to put in much effort to dispense water. Plus, liquids come out at a pretty good speed, hence bid adieu to standing and waiting for your glass to fill up.

Another great plus is the design and easy maintenance. Despite simple colors, the dispenser looks very neat and is even NSF accredited. You will not notice uneven surfaces or other such issues as the dispenser has gone through a process called ‘pickling’ to ensure there is no rust or impurities and you get access to clean liquids.

This option is only suitable for users who want a water cooler to dispense water in a safe and quick manner.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Can handle almost all types of liquids
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Does not use electricity
  • Does not produce hot liquids
  • Does not chill liquids

Comfee – Best Mini Water Cooler


  • Room temperature and cold water
  • Bottleless design
  • Reliable filter reminders
  • Water purification system
  • Feather touch control

Key Features:

  • Room temperature and cold water
  • Bottleless design
  • Reliable filter reminders
  • Water purification system
  • Feather touch control

If you enjoy chilled drinks or do not want to use ice, then this may be a good option for you. The unit offers water in two temperature settings:

  • Room Temperature
  • Chilled

With this beauty, you will not need to use a refrigerator as you will get constant access to safe and drinking water. The unit is quite capable and can chill water to <50 °F. It can provide up to 41 OZ cold water.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about safety as it comes equipped with two filters PP and Carbon Filter that work together to clean water by eliminating bad odors and cleaning it. In fact, you may also notice improvements in the taste of water.


It is also UL certified, which proves its worth. You will not have to waste money buying bottles as the unit connects to your tap and filters water. The filter is quite reliable and will be good for about 3,000L of water. Do not worry about having to count how much water you have utilized. It has a reminder that’ll let you know when it is time to change the filter.

One of the biggest benefits of this unit is its small size, due to which it can fit every corner. Its attractive design makes sure you can place it in your room or office without concerns.
However, go for it only if you want a unit that can produce chilled water at a quick rate. This one will not offer you hot liquids.

  • Smart-touch button makes it easy to use
  • Compact
  • UL certified
  • Multi-layer composite filter
  • The filter is easy to install and remove
  • Does not offer hot water
  • Only suitable for up to 5 people

Buyer’s Guide

Can’t make a choice?

Go on reading and find out what makes a great water cooler.

Now we have covered some of the best water coolers out there. Still, it is important that you know all the features to consider when selecting a water cooler.

Let’s have a look at some features to pay attention to so that you can get your hands on the best water cooler:


You will find water coolers in different materials including stainless steel, plastics, and ceramic. Each material has its own pros and cons. Plastic, for example, can be easy to maintain but it isn’t very durable. Plus, can be unsafe as well. On the other hand, ceramics is safe but it may be too heavy. Stainless steel, specially coated, is considered the best option as it is durable and safe at the same time.

Avalon Premium-3


If you do not intend to buy filtered water then make sure to opt for a unit that comes with filters so that you can get constant access to clean and filtered water.

Some have one filter and some may have two or more. There are different types of filters, each doing a specific job. Some remove big particles and some can remove very small particles as well.

If you do not use bottled water then it is important that you choose a dispenser that has a reliable and long-lasting filter, like in Avalon A8.

Temperature Settings

Be clear about how hot or cold the water you will get. This is important if you want to use the dispenser to prepare tea, coffee, or other hot drinks. The water should be hot enough to dissolve sugar so you can enjoy your beverage.

Most reliable units are able to hit the 175° F mark, but some may be more powerful. Similarly, they should be able to produce chilled water for you to enjoy cold beverages. Most good units can hit the 45° F mark, but some may be stronger.

In addition to this, look if the unit can offer water at room temperature as well. This can be important when you want to enjoy normal water. The other option is to mix both cold and hot water in a glass to get your desired temperature.

If water temperature is the key point why you want to buy a water cooler, consider Giantex EP22276 as it offers the best temperature control. Alternatively, think of buying Avalon A5, which features three temperature settings: crisp cool, cool and piping hot.

Avalon A1-2


Safety has to be paid attention to when you deal with hot and cold items. Make sure the dispenser is strong enough to handle the weight of the bottle. Plus, it should come with a safety lock for the hot tap, like one Avalon Premium has so that children cannot operate it.

Very hot water can cause burns and other injuries; hence this feature is of huge importance for homes with kids


Make sure to keep your budget in mind when buying a water cooler. You can find some under $100 but most cheap units are not very reliable and also come with limited features.

Plus, be careful about additional costs, such as the cost of electricity, water, filters, etc. Some units are energy efficient and use less power, hence do not cause a major surge in your bill. Also, filters can be very expensive. Most will run for about six months but some can be less reliable, so pay attention to this factor as well.

10 Best Water Coolers

Tap Mechanism

You can go for a unit that offers the latest smart, touch system but that may not be the most durable option. Other choices include press-paddle spouts, push tab system, etc. Technically speaking, they are all very easy but if you have a specific preference then pay attention to this feature.

Size and Weight

A very good thing about a water dispenser is the fact that you can place it anywhere and not just your kitchen. Most are small and very attractive. Plus, they are considered mobile as they are not very heavy, however, some units can be cumbersome to deal with. Hence, pay attention to this feature. If you want to place a unit in a specific location then make sure it fits.

Some companies make countertop water coolers that you can even place on countertops for easy access, like the smallest Comfee 1436 or compact Avalon A8.

10 Best Water Coolers-1

Bottleless or Bottled

There are two types of filters, bottleless and bottled.

Bottleless coolers connect to your tap water. They may be a good option for people who have clean water in the tap. However, it may not be suitable if your tap water is very dirty or if it stinks. Most bottleless filters can filter water and remove contaminants and smell, but not all may be effective. Check out Avalon A5, if you don’t plan to buy bottles.

On the other hand, bottled filters require a bottle to be placed. They do not always come with a filter since you can choose filtered water. Additionally, they can be more expensive in the long-run since you have to add the cost of bottles as well. If you enjoy water from a particular seller, you can buy Avalon Premium and it’ll make it even better.

Different units require different bottle methods of bottle placement with the top being one of the most popular.

Also, since bottles are available in different sizes, make sure to pick a unit that is versatile so you can pick any bottle size that suits you.

10 Best Water Coolers-2

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Water coolers are designed to make your life easier, hence make sure to pick a unit that is simple to use and maintain. Some units like Avalon A5 offer self-cleaning that makes it easier to clean the unit. Plus, look for a drip tray so that you don’t have to clean the nearby area again and again.

Additional Features

Some additional features to look for include a long cord so that you can easily connect the unit to a power source, an additional cabinet like in Giantex EP22276, that can hold small items such as cups, a small refrigerator


Still have questions regarding water coolers? Check out our FAQ section.

Q: Can I keep dispensers in the kitchen?

A: Technically speaking, yes you can, for as long as you have enough space in the kitchen. We suggest that you opt for a countertop unit so that you do not have to struggle to find a place.

However, make sure to keep it away from heat/stove and ensure there is proper ventilation as the unit may get too hot and sustain damage.

Q: Can they catch rust?

A: Most materials used in the manufacturing of water coolers do not catch rust. Hence, there will be no such risks. However, some units may come with iron handles and other iron parts that may rust.

Q: How can I avail warranty?

A: Depends on the manufacturer. In most cases, you will have to get in touch with an authorized service provider who will guide you with the process. Make sure to keep the invoice and other relevant documents handy as you may be asked to submit proof of purchase when you go out to avail warranty.

Also, some companies require that you register the product after you purchase it, otherwise your warranty may not be valid. Hence, pay special attention to this point.

Q: How long do they last?

A: This depends on how you use the product and how reliable it is. All the units mentioned above are made to last for a good few years and most even come with a 1-year warranty.

Q: What if the water is too hot or too cold?

A: Some expensive units may allow you to choose your desired temperature, but if that is not an option then you can mix hot and cold water to get what you need.

Q: How many dispensers do I need for a family of 5?

A: The average person should drink 2L of water a day. This means one unit will be enough for a family of five and a 5-gallon bottle or tank will last an entire day.

However, pay attention to how much hot or cold water a dispenser can provide at any given time.

10 Best Water Coolers-3


These were some of the best water coolers out there. All these products are great and come with their own pros and cons. Our personal favorite is Avalon Premium. It comes with a warranty, is reliable, offers great results, and even looks good. You will, however, need a bottle for this to work.

If you are looking for a bottleless unit then consider Avalon A5. This water dispenser is known for impressive filters and will take care of all your needs.

If these two aren’t good enough or if you need a cheaper option then consider Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler with child safety lock. It is among the most affordable water coolers and works like a charm.

At the end of the day, pick a unit that suits you the best.

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  1. I was really excited when eventually got my Primo water cooler just because it has an easy bottom loading design, so you don’t need to tip a heavy water jug over at the top. I like the hot button has a child- resistant safety feature, because my 6 year old son likes to fill up his bottle to school. It is very quiet and is very attractive. Highly recommend!

  2. Does the Avalon Premium have a water filter or the water should be already filtered?

    • Thank you for your question, Robert! The Avalon Premium uses already filtered water you need to buy separately. The water cooler does not filter water itself. The water bottle is not included in the set. You can call a water service that deliveres the bottles. Let us know if we can answer any other quetion.

  3. I like to start my morning with a cup of fresh coffee, so I’m looking for a water cooler with a hot water includied. I like the design and the size of Comfee water cooler. The ideal variant for my small kitchen. Does it have a hot water button?

    • Thank you for your question, Anthony! The Comfee is a compact, easy to install water cooler. It has two temperature selections: Cold and Room. Unfortunatelly, the hot water tap is not includied. But as a variant you can pay attention to Avalon A8 which is compact as well and has both hot and cold water spouts.

  4. I wonder whether the Avalon A8 has an in-built water filter and where does the bottle install? I can’t see where is the water bottle on photos. The water filter looks quite compact and easy-to-use.

    • Thank you for your question, Karen! The Avalon A8 water cooler doesn’t have a bottle, but it has a NSF certified activated carbon filter and a sediment filter with a water line. All you need is to attach the water line to your water source from which the water will be taken and filtered through the filter and then through the machine’s hot and hot and cold water tanks. The filter prevents you from drinking a tap water with chlorine, lead, rust and bacteria.

  5. Thank you for the article! Photos and videos help to gain an insight about the coolers and choose the one, that suits you best! I fixed my eyes on NutriChef water cooler. Very quiet and stays cool and hot at all times. Especially it will be perfect for an office because it’s quite, compact and fits every corner. A great product at a great price!

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