9 Best White Noise Machines For Sleeping

Struggling with sleep? Nights of tossing and turning can have a negative effect on your productivity, motivation, mood, and even your health. And because no one wants to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, anything that helps improve the quality of sleep should be a wonderful bedroom investment. And that’s why the humble white noise machine has become an invaluable sleep solution.

The best white noise machine should calm your senses and block out disruptive stimuli to optimize your sleep environment. But even if all of these machines work toward the same end goal, it doesn’t mean they all offer the same performance. Find out which white noise machine emerges as the best of the best with our comprehensive review and buying guide.

Our Top 9 Best White Noise Machines For Sleeping              

You’d be surprised just how immensely vast the white noise machine market can be. From smart speakers to simplified machines with internal fans, there are tons of different ways that a device can produce white noise. And these variations in function also result in different user experiences.

To clear the haze and help you find the best machine for the job, we scoured the web and short-listed the top-performing white noise machines for sleeping based on verified user reviews. We then looked into the most important considerations for a white noise machine including sound quality, volume, sound mechanism, noise variations, versatility, ease of use, convenience features, and overall value.

Here are the machines that came out as the dreamiest of all:


Editor choice 1 LectroFan
(Best White Noise Machine for Sleeping)

With various fan sounds and ambient noise from brown to pink and white, the LectroFan white noise machine is a nifty sleep and work solution that’s easy yet versatile.

(Best White Noise Machine for Tinnitus)

The SNOOZE device is a sleek, nifty little gadget that incorporates a moving fan, moving at the right frequency to drown out the noise of tinnitus and other auditory disturbances.

Best value 3 Echo Dot
Echo Dot
(Best White Noise Machine for Apartments)

Designed to help you optimize your space entirely, the Echo Dot is an intelligent smart home speaker that adds white noise functionality with its range of other features.

4 Hatch Baby Rest

Developed to help parents and children establish healthy bedtime habits, the Hatch Baby Rest is a device that works as a nightlight, a sound machine, and a wake-up signal all in one.

5 Yogasleep Dohm Classic
Yogasleep Dohm Classic
(Best White Noise Machine for Snoring)

Having been around for decades, the Yogasleep Dohm Classic has been tried, tested, and trusted by generations of sleepers across the globe.

6 Douni
(Best White Noise Machine for Office)

Sleek and stylish, the Doumi white noise machine marries faux-wood aesthetics with the effortless performance for a disturbance-free office space.

Best seller 7 Big Red Rooster
Big Red Rooster
(Best Battery Operated White Noise Machine)

The utilitarian Big Red Rooster is a straightforward machine that makes operation as easy as possible – and it runs on batteries, too.

8 SleepyMe
(Best White Noise Machine for Toddler)

Soothing and sweet, the SleepyMe nightlight and white noise machine can easily help any toddler establish a healthy sleep routine.

Best price 9 MyBaby SoundSpa
MyBaby SoundSpa
(Best Portable White Noise Machine for Sleeping)

Experience sleep support wherever you go with the MyBaby SoundSpa that works for both infants and grown-ups.



1 Editor choice

LectroFan – Best White Noise Machine for Sleeping


  • Power source: Outlet, laptop, or USB power
  • Sound mechanism: Pre-recorded
  • Sound options: Fan, white, brown, or pink noise
  • Connectivity: None
  • Other features: Timer

LectroFan is hailed as the market’s hottest white noise machine, and for good reasons. This multifunctional machine touts a range of sounds, from white to pink to brown noise, and also offers ten different fan noises. With 20 different settings to choose from, the LectroFan offers a diverse range of sounds for every situation, including sleep, work, and relaxation.

The machine’s range of sounds come from a digital speaker, with no moving parts or mechanical fans. With a long playback, each sound loops seamlessly from end to end, offering a hitch-free audio experience that won’t disrupt your activity. Controls are placed squarely on the machine’s front panel and are exceedingly intuitive for easy operation at a glance. These include everything from volume, to sound selection, to timer settings that gradually decrease volume until the machine shuts off.

Straightforward and easy yet versatile and expansive, the LectroFan white noise machine delivers performance for all sorts of users. We would have loved to see a more solid material used for the encasement of the machine. Other than that, we also found its power cable to be a little less than durable, so the device itself might outlive the cord.

  • Simple controls and straightforward operation, letting you optimize sleep conditions in no time
  • Extensive selection of sounds includes 20 different options to match your needs
  • Excellent sound quality is crisp, clear, and free of disturbances
  • Functionality supports sleep, productivity, and relaxation
  • Comes with a 1,000-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Build quality could have used an upgrade
  • Power cable is flimsy and prone to wear and tear

SNOOZ – Best White Noise Machine for Tinnitus


  • Power source: Outlet
  • Sound mechanism: Fan
  • Sound options: Fan
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Other features: Mobile application control, scheduler

The SNOOZ white noise machine touts classic functionality that’s blended together with modern controls and contemporary design. Inside the little device is a motor and a fan that work to create the ambient noise that’s interestingly variable. The machine can hum with the sound of a small desk fan or roar with the intensity of an airplane cabin. Designed to either stir up deafening silence or drown out the noise of the neighbor’s dog, the SNOOZ device can be an intuitive little addition to your bedroom space.

Controls for the little machine are relatively easy. Simply twist the outer shell to adapt the sound of the fan to your liking, or press the buttons on the sleek touch surface to increase the machine’s volume.

If you were hoping to operate the machine remotely, its dedicated mobile application can let you do just that. With complete options to manage your SNOOZ device from its intuitive mobile interface, the application can be a great way to set the sleeping mood for kids, pets, and other members of the family.

While we do enjoy the SNOOZ machine’s performance, there are a few issues in its design and functionality that could use some tightening. For starters, despite being compatible with remote mobile control, you can’t link it to any other software than its SNOOZ app. For those with a smart-equipped home, that can be a downside.

Another thing is that the application itself can be pretty buggy, making most users turn to manual operation instead.

  • Intuitive fan mechanism can adapt various white noise sounds for both sleep and work
  • Can be controlled remotely through the dedicated SNOOZ mobile application
  • Portable, compact design ideal for travel
  • Ten volume settings can dissolve stillness or drown out ambient noise
  • Sleek, contemporary aesthetic can blend in with most interiors
  • Not compatible with any other software
  • Mobile application is buggy and may sometimes struggle to locate the device
3 Best value

Echo Dot – Best White Noise Machine for Apartments


  • Power source: Outlet
  • Sound mechanism: Pre-recorded, audio files, streaming
  • Sound options: Anything available online or in your device memory
  • Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Other features: Smart functionality

The Echo Dot is Amazon’s most compact smart speaker to date, offering functionality that’s perfect for small spaces. The device is compatible with Alexa and may be used to control various features of your home – from smart locks to lights, and everything in between.

Of course, the Echo Dot also functions as an audio speaker, delivering crisp sound quality that you can stream from a variety of sources. And with a wealth of white noise and other ambient sounds on different platforms, the Echo Dot’s horizons are near limitless.

The smart Echo Dot is a multifunctional device that can help out with almost every aspect of your day-to-day life. As a white noise machine, the device can play your choice of audio at just the right volume to drown out auditory disturbance or fizzle out deafening silence. So, if you were hoping to find a device that does more than just help with sleep, the Echo Dot is an ultra-versatile pick that can aid the everyday living.

On the downside, the Echo Dot might seem like a little too much for those who need just the white noise function. While it can function without Alexa, it would be more practical to buy a Bluetooth speaker instead. And of course, because it does extend as a smart device, set-up isn’t exactly plug-and-play.

  • Works as more than just a white noise machine, offering speaker functions and smart home connectivity
  • Extensive selection of white noise and ambient audio, depending on what you find on the web
  • Wide volume range can reach greater highs and lows than the average machine
  • Offers remote control through your mobile phone
  • Works with a range of other smart devices to help establish healthy sleeping routines
  • Might be a little too complicated for those who want a true-blue white noise machine
  • Set-up may require more time and effort

  • Power source: Outlet
  • Sound mechanism: Pre-recorded
  • Sound options: Ambient, white noise, lullaby melody
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Other features: Mobile application, nightlight, wake-up program

Studies have found that white noise can help a fussy baby fall asleep, working to establish a stable circadian rhythm. The Hatch Baby Rest was designed specifically for children, providing gentle ambient noise to optimize their sleep environment. Combining the function of a nightlight and a white noise machine, the gentle device creates the ideal atmosphere to support your child’s needs throughout the years.

The device was designed to help parents establish healthy sleep routines for children, allowing various adjustments for light color and intensity to set the proper mood. The range of sounds it offers is also quite impressive, allowing everything from crickets, rain showers, standard static white noise, chirping birds, ocean waves, rippling water, and three different lullaby melodies.

Controlled from a mobile application, the device can also be set to different schedules, making the bedtime and wake-up program easier for both parent and child.

What we’re not particularly wild about it is that the device can only be controlled via one mobile device at a time. This can be a downside if two parents decide to adjust the settings at the same time.

Another issue is that the device can only be controlled via Bluetooth. If you were hoping to manage the Rest while away from home, then you should consider a smart device that links to your WiFi.

  • Offers a wealth of sound options to match your child’s unique preferences
  • Works as a nightlight with the option to change brightness and color to achieve the ideal sleep scenario
  • Makes establishing a healthy sleep schedule easy for both parents and children
  • Comes with a time-to-rise feature to train toddlers and older children
  • Simplified design can seamlessly blend in with the rest of your nursery
  • Can only be controlled from one mobile phone at a time
  • Only allows Bluetooth connectivity which may be limited for when you’re not at home to see your kids to bed

Yogasleep Dohm Classic – Best White Noise Machine for Snoring


  • Power source: Outlet
  • Sound mechanism: Fan
  • Sound options: Fan
  • Connectivity: None
  • Other features: Tone adjustment

With a loud snorer sharing your bed, a rude awakening shouldn’t be too far behind. Fortunately, there are machines like the Yogasleep Dohm Classic. Having been around for decades, this machine offers streamlined, simplified functionality that makes setting up the sleep environment easy and hassle-free. Its basic controls system lets you adjust volume with the press of a button, and lets you shuffle through sound options by twisting its cap and collar.

The Yogasleep Dohm Classic can be adjusted to two different volume settings for its signature sound which is the calming, soothing rush of wind. Both the tone and speed of the sound can be adjusted to match your unique preferences, helping you rustle up silence or mask the sounds of snores and other auditory disturbances.

With a design that’s been perfected over 50 plus years of development, the Dohm Classic promises premium natural white noise that adapts to your needs.

If there’s anything we didn’t find particularly stellar, it’s the lack of volume options. With only a high and low volume setting, the machine doesn’t offer such an expansive range.

We also noticed that the Yogasleep doesn’t mask loud thudding noises too well, similar to the sound of an upstairs neighbor clunking around in a pair of heavy boots. Other than that, it works wonders on more distant, less forceful noise.

  • Ultra-simple operation lets you work with your white noise machine straight out of the box
  • Non-looping, all-natural sound is soothing and high-quality, minus all the little auditory inconsistencies
  • Effective at eliminating snoring noises from sleep partners, as well as outdoor disruptions like barking dogs and passing cars
  • Rugged design feels heavy and durable in the hand
  • Simple silhouette unobtrusively matches any space and comes in a wide range of color choices
  • Volume range isn’t as customizable as other machines
  • Doesn’t completely mask loud thudding noises

Douni – Best White Noise Machine for Office


  • Power source: Outlet
  • Sound mechanism: Pre-recorded
  • Sound options: Fan, white, ambient
  • Connectivity: None
  • Other features: Timer

At a glance, the Douni white noise machine might definitely leave every other design in the dust, touting a faux-wood exterior that gives the machine organic, contemporary warmth.

Atop the cylindrical base, a gray speaker mesh releases the ambient noise which can be set to 24 different pre-recorded options. These looping sounds include 7 variations of fan sounds, 7 varieties of white noise, and 10 ambient sounds ranging from ocean waves to a ticking clock.

Simple and straight to the point, the Douni white noise machine packs a few extra features to make the experience even more pleasant for you. These include a timer that can be set to 30, 60, or 90 minutes and a headphone jack. This is what makes the machine particularly ideal for office use, letting you enjoy your ambient noise without the hustle and bustle of your office space overpowering its effects.

Compact and stylish, the Doumi white noise machine can be a smart desktop addition to any work area or office desk. What we weren’t particularly crazy about is its limited timer options that don’t extend beyond 1.5 hours. Also, if you were planning to use the Doumi machine in a dimly lit bedroom, its small control buttons and lack of backlighting might make it a challenge.

  • Equipped with 24 different sounds, this machine offers a wide range of pre-recorded audio to match your situation
  • Sleek, faux-wood exterior adds a decorative touch for all sorts of spaces
  • Accessible headphone jack makes it easier to appreciate the ambient noise in workspaces and offices
  • Compact, portable design easily fits small desk spaces without cluttering your area
  • Extensive volume levels with 32 different options, and a maximum of 82dB
  • Limited timer settings don’t let you set the sounds for more than 1.5 hours
  • Lack of backlighting makes it difficult to operate the machine in dark, dimly lit areas
7 Best seller

Big Red Rooster – Best Battery Operated White Noise Machine


  • Power source: Outlet, battery
  • Sound mechanism: Pre-recorded
  • Sound options: Rain, brook, ocean, thunder, summer night, and white noise
  • Connectivity: None
  • Other features: Timer

Albeit its utilitarian aesthetic, the Big Red Rooster device can be a smart new addition to your sleep routine. Its multifunctional performance brings you 6 different sleep sounds – rain, brook, ocean, thunder, summer night, and white noise – that you can adjust to various volume levels to suit your liking. What’s particularly intuitive about the machine is that each unique ambient noise comes with its own dedicated button. So there’s no need to shuffle through the whole roster to find your pick.

Although it doesn’t exactly come with the Doumi’s ultra-stylish enclosure, the Big Red Rooster makes up for it with seamless ease of use. The machine’s simplified control panel serves all the functions you need through its intuitive layout that leaves no room for guesswork. And the best part is that the machine can run on batteries, letting you utilize its benefits wherever you go.

On the downside, the machine doesn’t offer a timer setting any longer than an hour. So if you were hoping to have it shut-off on its own once you’ve fallen asleep, the available preset options might not give you enough time to be fully asleep when the machine shuts off.

Another is that the Big Red Rooster’s buttons sound off with a rather loud clicking noise when pushed. Thus turning the machine off once your kids are sleeping might very well wake them up all over again.

  • Easy operation showcases one button for each available ambient sound and white noise
  • Large speaker surface delivers a well-distributed sound that’s cast over a large space
  • Can operate with batteries for use in areas where a wall outlet might not be available
  • Durable design is weighty and sturdy, with a build that’s not likely to be easily broken
  • Wide volume range for application in various types of environment
  • Not enough timer options, capping the maximum timer at just 1 hour
  • Buttons give off a loud clicking noise

SleepyMe – Best White Noise Machine for Toddler


  • Power source: Battery
  • Sound mechanism: Pre-recorded
  • Sound options: White noise, mama’s heartbeat, nature sounds, and lullabies
  • Connectivity: None
  • Other features: Timer, color-changing nightlight

The adorable SleepyMe white noise machine was designed to be the perfect bedtime companion for your toddler. The machine doubles as a nightlight, projecting countless little stars on your child’s ceiling to help create the perfect atmosphere for sleep.

To help with the auditory experience, the device comes with 10 different pre-recorded sounds. These include white noise, a gentle heartbeat, and several nature sounds of lullaby melodies.

The battery-operated device claims to help your child sleep in just 30 minutes. Its soft-touch buttons and playful design make it especially safe for toddlers, using BPA-free material and a 100% cordless design. Powered by 4 double A batteries, the SleepyMe machine can be taken anywhere in your home, helping your child establish healthy nap time and bedtime routines.

On the downside, the SleepyMe nightlight and white noise machine doesn’t offer any variations to the timer. Preset to run 30 minutes, you don’t really get the option to adjust the timer to your preferred length. So if your baby takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, resetting the device can disrupt whatever sleepiness your little one might have achieved.

Another thing we noticed is that it doesn’t offer any attachments that let you hang it on a crib or cot which would have been a convenient addition in some situations.

  • Soft, BPA-free machine is made with safety in mind, doing away with loose parts and cables
  • Doubles as a nightlight, casting a brilliant sky-full of colorful stars that soothe and calm a fussy baby
  • Various sounds to choose from including white noise and ambient audio that mimics nature
  • Battery operated device lets you use it anywhere in and out of the house
  • Durable, high-quality build and materials won’t easily break even under the use of a toddler
  • Lacks variation to its timer settings, restricting users to just a 30-minute countdown
  • Doesn’t have any attachments that let you mount the device to a crib or cot
9 Best price

MyBaby SoundSpa – Best Portable White Noise Machine for Sleeping


  • Power source: Battery
  • Sound mechanism: Pre-recorded
  • Sound options: White noise, heartbeat, ocean waves, lullaby
  • Connectivity: None
  • Other features: Timer

Whether for you or for your baby, the MyBaby SoundSpa On-the-Go Portable white noise machine delivers. The ultra-compact device runs on battery power, using just 3 triple A batteries to operate. Made of BPA-free plastic, the nifty gadget is entirely safe for babies and toddlers. Plus, it also features a locking hook to let you clasp the device securely against a crib, a bag, a stroller, and various other travel essentials.

For your sleeping convenience, the device offers four different sound options. These include white noise, ocean waves, heartbeat, and lullaby. And while many of these might work well for babies and toddlers, the white noise option can be perfect for adults who might need the extra sleep support on-the-go.

Designed for traveling and car rides, the MyBaby white noise machine promises effortless operation with its intuitive interface and self-standing design that can support itself on any flat surface.

We would have loved to see the option to further increase the gadget’s volume since the maximum might still be a little too soft for certain situations. We also found that the sound quality might be on the budget-side. But all things considered, it’s still a decent machine that gets the job done.

  • Battery-powered operation lets you use the device anywhere, on-the-go, and especially during travel
  • Nifty hook design securely hangs your device on various items like cribs and bags for maximum portability
  • Four different sounds to choose from, offering a range of options that can suit most sleep situations
  • Built-in stand gets the device to hold its own on any flat surface – no propping up required
  • Easy operation lets you use the machine straight out of the box
  • Not the loudest device
  • Sound quality could use some improvement

Buyer’s Guide

No one wants to go through the tedious process of returns and exchanges, so it helps to be careful when making a purchase. White noise machines come in all shapes and sizes, and their functions can vary so greatly that it can be tough to be sure whether you’re buying the right one or not.

Do away with the guess-work and make a purchase that you can be certain of. Pack these considerations with you when you scour the market for the right white noise machine to skip that episode of buyer’s remorse.

9 Best White 9 Best White Noise Machines For SleepingNoise Machines For Sleeping

Sound Mechanism

White noise can be produced in a number of different ways. These include:

  • Natural White Noise

This refers to white noise that’s produced from a physical mechanism, most typically a fan. Machines that produce natural white noise like the Yogasleep Dohm Classic do not have speakers and generate their sound by the movement of an internal appliance.

Sounds from natural white noise machines can’t be varied since the mechanism can only produce one specific sound. They will allow volume adjustment, however, by increasing the speed of the mechanism’s movement.

In most cases, these machines operate best in smaller spaces for the lack of substantial volume. It’s also worth noting that some machines using fans can also produce a gentle breeze, which may or may not be to your liking.

  • Recorded White Noise

Other machines extend versatility by using speakers to deliver pre-recorded white noise. These can be the sound of crashing waves, wind rustling through trees, or water flowing gently through a stream. A perfect example would be the LecrtoFan.

These machines can be ideal if you’re interested in ambient noise that mimics a particular environment. It’s worth knowing however that if the recorded sound loops, then it may disrupt the listening experience. That said, machines with longer recordings that loop seamlessly together can be more conducive for sleep.

  • Smart or Bluetooth Devices

A smart or Bluetooth speaker can play audio that you find yourself. Streaming ambient sounds from popular platforms, a device like this offers the most extensive selection of white noise. The Echo Dot is essentially a smart speaker that can function as a white noise machine when supplied with the right audio.

While they are significantly more versatile in that they can be used for more than just white noise, they are more expensive. And for buyers who were hoping for just a night time assistant, these devices can prove to be overflowing with features that might not be necessary.

9 Best White Noise Machines For Sleeping-2

Sound Quality

What you want is clear, masking noise that can create a homogeneous environment that’s free of auditory disturbance that can disrupt sleep. Poor sound quality can make it difficult to achieve that calming sleep environment you’re looking for, so be careful to buy machines with disruptive noise like crackling, humming, or buzzing.

While natural white noise from fans and other similar mechanisms are often consistent in sound quality, they’re rarely loud enough for applications like barking dogs or passing trucks. On the other hand, electronic devices that play recorded audio through a speaker can achieve much louder ambient sound, albeit risking some sound quality.

Controls and Ease of Use

A white noise machine will only be put to use for as long as you find it convenient. Some machines use nothing more than a simple button interface, giving you the option to browse through sounds and adjust volume settings to your liking. Our hot pick for convenience has to be the Big Red Rooster machine that touts a straightforward interface with dedicated buttons per sound. Then there are others that have dedicated mobile applications that come hand in hand with the device itself, just like SNOOZ.

Understanding what you define as ‘convenient’ will help you find a machine that truly matches your preferences. If you’re looking for something that’s straight to the point, a basic white noise machine can be a better choice. But if you feel that being able to control your machine remotely through your mobile phone is most convenient, a smart or Bluetooth device should be right up your alley.

Added Features

A white noise machine can be far more than just a device for masking unwanted ambient noise. Although certain added features might not add to the machine’s ultimate function, it doesn’t hurt to consider how these can improve your user experience.

A machine with an alarm will cease the ambient noise and trigger a wake-up call to help you get up on time after an evening of restful sleep. The Hatch Baby Rest uses this feature to help your child establish healthy sleep-wake cycles. Others use a timer to shut-off the machine entirely after a designated period of time. This can help save battery or energy, putting the machine to rest once you drift off into dreamland.

One of the features that are becoming more and more popular among white noise machines is the addition of other variations such as pink and brown noise, like that offered by our top pick, LectroFan. According to studies, pink noise can be instrumental in improving productivity, especially in a workspace. Brown noise, on the other hand, is used to improve focus and memory, and in some cases, may assist in sleep engagement as well.

Then, of course, there are the smart devices that let you use your machine in a multitude of ways. For instance, the Echo Dot wasn’t exactly made to be a white noise machine, but it does offer functionality that lets you use it as such.

9 Best White Noise Machines For Sleeping-3


That really depends. For instance, a college student living in a dorm just below a noisy upstairs neighbor might have to crank up the volume to mask the sounds coming from the floor above. On the other hand, a baby sleeping in a room that’s a little too quiet may need a gentle thrum in the background to optimize the sleep environment.

In general, your machine should be set to just the right volume to mask the noises from around you. According to experts, that can be anywhere from 50 to 65 dB. But again, that number isn’t set in stone.

Studies have found that situating your white noise machine too close to your bed might actually hinder sleep. The strength of the sounds can turn into a distraction, keeping you awake rather than helping you fall asleep.

What you want is a distant hum that soothes the mind and cradles the body into a sleepy disposition. To achieve that, your white noise machine should be around 4 to 5 feet away from your head. In the case of babies, a white noise machine should be a minimum of 7 feet away.

Aside from helping you and your family fall asleep without distractions, a white noise machine can also be helpful in drowning out ambient noise for those moments when you need to concentrate. Machines that offer variations such as pink and brown noise can also be instrumental in enhancing your attention span.

For households with pets, a white noise machine can soothe an anxious dog or cat, drowning out the unknown sounds that come from the environment. In many cases, a white noise machine may be necessary to help a newly adopted pet acclimate to your home without the added distress.

What is The Best White Noise Machine?

We searched the market and did the research, and the results are in. The LectroFan white noise machine takes the cake as the most valuable pick. This versatile, yet easy device offers everything you might look for in the best white noise machine for sleeping. Its range of noise options and simplified function makes it effortless to enjoy the benefits of the device for a hitch-free evening.

Not quite up your alley? We get it – everyone has their own preferences. If our LectroFan pick just doesn’t hit the right notes, we’ve got 8 other choices to suit your standards. Check out our vetted white noise machine choices and discover the perfect sleep companion to help you snooze on through the night.

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