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ScholarshipPick Advisor team is testing and reviewing the best products for home use in order to help any customer to find the most useful item from a wide range of goods in a particular category. The selected products are always of decent quality, high value and versatile to meet the requirements of various groups of people.


We are now pleased to announce the Pick Advisor Scholarship Award! Understanding the hardships lots of students face, including the financial issues, we launch this program to help you cover the costs of education.

Our team is looking for young people, studying in the areas of Business, Marketing, Journalism and Communications. If you are full of ideas and want to contribute to the sphere of Internet Marketing with an eye to make it more customer-friendly, helpful and valuable, share your thoughts, prove them to be fruitful and we encourage your development in the sphere. High School seniors planning to study those spheres and enter US Universities or Collages are also welcomed to participate.

Terms of Participation

Pick Advisor™ is offering this scholarship to students or high school graduates in the US, who create a 1000-3500-word piece of content on one of the suggested topics (see “How to Apply” section).

If you submit the article, you accept the following terms:

  • You transfer all Intellectual Property Rights in the article to Pick Advisor™.
  • The article will be the sole and exclusive property of Pick Advisor™.
  • The article can be displayed on the Pick Advisor website with/without the indication of the author on our discretion.

The 3 winners will be selected by July 10, 2020. Each winner will get $2000 which can be utilized for education resources.

Eligibility and Creativity

You are eligible for the scholarship if you are:

  • A high school senior planning to study Business, Marketing, Journalism or Communications after graduation;
  • A student of any college, trade school or university in the United States.

Important: The piece of content you will be submitting must be 100% unique.

Our experts will take note of several factors including creativity, the value of the provided information, argumentation and a few others.


How to Apply

Write an article of 1000-3500 words on one of the following topics:

  1. What household good will be in the highest demand in 2021
  2. Trends of consumer behavior in 2021
  3. 5 key trends and impending changes in consumer behavior
  4. Key changes in market demand in 2021
  5. The image of consumer 2021: trends of tomorrow shopping

Support all your statements with arguments, examples or statistic data (provide links to credible sources). You may conduct your own research or survey and show the results in your article.

You are free to choose any format for your article.

When you are ready to submit your article, email us at [email protected] with all of the details listed below and attach Word document.

  • Personal details (Your full name, Phone number, and Address)
  • Name of an educational institution
  • Area of study
  • Any document which can proof that you are a student


The final date for submission is May 31, 2020. The 3 winners will be selected by July 10, 2020, and the checks will be e-mailed out by July 15, 2020. A $2,000 check will be sent directly to your college or university.

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